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25 Jul
Pimsleur Course Manager App

Posted by Simon & Schuster in Travel & Local | July 25, 2016 | 69 Comments

Apk file size: 37.0 MB

The Pimsleur Course Manager App

The best way to learn a foreign language just got better, with this App designed to organize all of the audio files that make up a Pimsleur Language Programs Course into one seamless program that lets you focus on learning a language, not juggling digital downloads.

The Free App is for customers of that have previously purchased a downloadable course, and does not come with any Pimsleur lessons when you download it. You enter your user-id and password from the website into the App, and all courses in your account will be available for transfer to the App.

The Pimsleur Method is a scientifically proven method that works very well if you follow the recommended approach of listening to one 30 minute lesson a day in order. With the Pimsleur Course App you don’t have to worry about what lesson you are on, the App keeps track for you. Imagine not having to remember where in the middle of a lesson you had to stop unexpectedly.

The App greets you each time you turn it on with what lesson you should do next, or exactly where you stopped if it was mid-lesson, and a button that starts the audio at exactly the right place. No more fumbling with print-outs of the reading booklets – the App brings up the right page on your screen while playing the audio at the same time.

In addition, if you are in an area with weak Wi-Fi, the App can download as little of the course as you need for that day, or you can download it all at once if reception isn’t an issue. Best of all if you lose your connection, or have to stop downloading midway, the App will keep what you already downloaded. You start where you left off.

Whats new

    Improved Facebook Login feature.

Simon & Schuster part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update July 25, 2016. Google play rating is 70.3619. Current verison is 2.2.22. Actual size 37.0 MB.

Download pimsleur-course-manager-app.apk 37.0 MB


Wayne Harrison

Great app! I didn't realize you could download straight to your phone. I had been downloading to my computer then uploading to my phone. I had been buying 5 lessons at the a time but finally bought the entire Spanish 2 all at once. It's a lot less hassle. I listen to it in the car while driving to and from work.

Hannah Farrant-Jayet

Could be great... ...but all my units have been queued for hours and nothing has downloaded.

antonio espinoza

Very useful

Olivier Serres

A good way to learn As per the description, this app is used to play the Pimsleur lessons that you have already purchased. I am using to learn korean so that's what I will review. The lessons are very well made and use audio only (no note taking, no booklet to use with the lesson, etc). This is actually really great, perfect to learn during your daily commute. I am not good with learning foreign languages but I like the pace and it really focuses on sentences that you need. So basically the lessons are great and I feel that I am really learning. I have two issues with the app: 1. it's slow, especially to start 2. (the main issue for me, -1 star) the volume is very low forcing you to crank up the volume of your phone. All the other apps (gps, etc...) will be screaming loud. They really need to normalize their audio files to have a correct volume.

Dwight Grissom

Slowest app Slowest app I've seen. I understand that they use it to control their course materials but it is difficult to use this app while driving to restart a study recording.

Robin Wynn

Doesn't work with Bluetooth I bought French 1 and 2 to listen to in the car. The lessons themselves are great, but I can't use the app because it won't play over Bluetooth. Galaxy Note 3.

Dotty Storer

Found way to refresh courses To refresh your course list after a course purchase, go to Account in the app menu and log out. Then log back in and your new course will be there. Great course (Latin Am Spanish), easy to use except refresh course link in menu doesn't work. I like being able to go back 10 sec to hear something again.

Shantel Bowman

Love this app I was leary at first ,but by lesson 5 I was totally getting it . I love the explanations and the interactive conversations and repetitions.

Tom Mikolajczyk

Pretty good but not fully hashed out App doesn't update course list per specifications upon purchase of new lessons

Leo Zank

Totally useless If you don't have cources previously bought you cannot use this app - it's just empty

Thao Nguyen

Seriously, I cant use it on my tablet >.<

Nurse Keisa

Very effective Im actually understanding Haitian creole!!! This is like having a whole new world open up for me.

Claire Lin

I don't have an account. How do I create one? It doesn't have an option

Taya Wiggins

Great Great help in learning a foreign language

Leanne Smeda

Great So easy to use

Paulos Paulos

Please allow SD storage access.

Scot Wilcoxon

Nice concept, needs improvement The app apparently does not truncate the account password to 10 digits, while the web interface does. If you have a long password, you have to discover that you should only type the first 10 characters into this app. Problems when downloading also need to emit error messages, so we can figure out what the problems might be.

Mark Hepperle

Brilliant idea, poor execution App crashes upon login with Galaxy S4. Pimsluer let's you download all your coursework as mp3 audio, however. So just do that and use your phone's music player.


Great way to keep my library organized To listen on screen off, go to the app and then go to actions, click on settings and unchecked "pause audio when app enters background" good luck!!!

Rochelle F

Nice start, but needs fixes. It works okay, but feels incomplete since it can't run when screen is off or in the background. It's frustrating that the app won't run when screen sleeps.

Leslie Hancock

Not All Bad I find the app useful. True, when I added a new thirty-day course to my Pimsleur library I had to uninstall the app from my Android tablet, reinstall it and log in again before it would display the new course. Obviously it should refresh when you click "Refresh Course List." But you can't expect too much.

Aaditya Bhatia

Can't download without WiFi I don't have a WiFi connection, and this app won't let me download ANYTHING over my high speed 4G network. I'm extremely disappointed.

David Peters

Fail So... you can't listen to the lessons and have the screen off? That's just silly. Fail

Ben Manning

Needs to be redone Wow this app is bad. I can't play anything with the screen off or without this app being on the screen? What a waste of what could have been a good program, guess I'll look elsewhere for language learning tools. Only good thing is that I received the language for free.

Jordan Nelson

Great seamless app Could use a more visually stimulating design

Gina Miller

Easy to use and fun!

Derry Minor

App doesn't work This app doesn't work, I have an account I can login on my computer and bought the lessons. My login works on the computer but not this app. It doesn't recognize my login. I also tried it on my iPad and iPhone, the app doesn't work on them either. I will have to manually transfer my lessons. Don't waste your time with a app that doesn't work.

Techani Macedon

Good, but.. Pros.. + jump to where you left it. + add comments on specific times. +playback option in settings Cons.. - you rolled out update without telling us What's new! Not cool.

Jade Jenkins

Screen It would be nice to be able to close my screen off

Frank Rogers

Can't login Like other who reviewed, I am able to login through through website but not with app

Sameh Arsene

What account ? What account? I was asked for account and i dunno how to create one or where ?

Caitlin Gauthier

Account Issues Good idea, however: I have an account and can log in on the web, but the app doesn't recognize my account; I cannot access my purchased material!

April Chagnon

I can't even create an account

Alex Linden

Accounts don't create themselves! I can't get anywhere until I log into my account. I don't have one. I will probably raise the rating to at least 3 stars when the updated app provides a way to create an account.

Akram Ahmed

Stuck in the 80s. Need to look at dualingo to get ideas. The course as a CD and book are good but there are new effective ways of learning languages and this app does not help

Mischa Po

Nothink It is not free (

Amira Ihsan Hurst

Great experience Great way to learn a language's basics and sound like a native. My Russian is coming along great and I plan on getting their Spanish and French. Because you are memorizing and using the repetitive techniques, all of a sudden you realize you are speaking and comprehending the language. It doesn't leave your head! Daily practice is the best way to utilize it. Consistency of any kind is a plus. I always play it on long drives, long lines and while cleaning.

EverettTracy Brooks

This is a great app that allows you to download, manage and play your Pimsleur MP3 lessons directly to your phone without even having to connect to your computer! I particularly like the Bookmark features and how the reading lessons display right within the app.

Logan Jackson

Good app, slow connection It does as it says, but it is unintuitive and very slow. Needs improvement.

Linda Applewhite

Horrible customer service Carmen hung up on me. When I called back, I was on hold for a very long time. I still do not have an answer to my question.

shaina mae pueblo

how to create account here?

Kameron Hardin

Nice course but the app crashes over time not really a problem for me but trying to use the tiny scroll to go back and forth is bad should be bigger with pop or something.

Clint Clarneau

Didn't function Logged in on my facebook. It recognized my name and then said it didn't recognize the account and sent me back to the log in screen. If I can't log in and use it it's of no use.

Stian Haug

Good course bad app! The courses are excellent. However the app might be the most horrible one I have tried to date... Would be 5 stars if the app wasn't horrible slow and unresponsive. (galaxy s4)

Robert Rose

Love app but Giving one star because each time I try to download a file, it says I do not have enough space when I have 3 gbs available of internal storage and a brand new 32 GB Sim card, what gives?

Brittany Bradley

Won't let me sign in Whenever I try to type in my password, it never lets me type the full thing so I can't get in.

Jim deJonge

Bogged Down? Slow? Frozen? It didn't work. Fifteen minutes of my life wasted.

eric sears

Almost Perfect I love this app for my work commute or for running, but it is so quiet you can barely hear it if a car passes you while running. Wish there was a was I could make it at least as loud as my music.

grzegorz szamel

Course manager Nexis 4 running Android 5.1.1. The new version (installed Sept. 28, 2015) crashes every minute or so! Bring the old version back and never break something that works!!!

Corey Johnson

Great App - Works on my Tab & phone This is a pretty handy app and a great way to learn on the go. No issues here.

Ryan J. Di Giorgio

Best conversational program available! I started with Russian, and am now working on Dutch. This program really gets you remembering and speaking PROPERLY unlike many others on the market. You really get an understanding of how the sentences or formatted and what each phrase actually means, literally. I would highly recommend this program. If you get a "no WiFi " issue, turn your phone on Airplane Mode, then turn on WiFi. Download what you need to and then resume regular phone data usage.

Mike Schouder

Malfunctioning app and TERRIBLE customer service. I downloaded the app and attempted to download the lessons only to get an error message saying my wifi wasn't on - which it was. I reset phone, uninstalled app and tried again..."wifi not enables, turn on data to download over cellular" I emailed tech support only to get a BS reply and advised me to download over my data network - 1.5GB - on MY data plan. I again tried to unistall, restart phone and download. Nadda. I emailed tech support - same BS message - download over your data plan. I had to trick the app by turning OFF my data and then download. It finally worked. What a piece of crap and useless off-shore customer support.

Robert Ficcaglia

Won't work on 2 different Android devices Says not connected to WiFi but it is and all other apps and chrome on these devices can use internet...and using it side by side on an iPad which is working.

Dave Johnson

Complete Garbage Won't connect to wi-find or 4G. Others have stated the same. FIX IT PLEASE!!

Tom Steinmetz

very buggy It often freezes after hitting pause and then play. Sometimes it stops playing if I hit a bump in the road and it jolts my phone. I love Pimsleur, but not this app.

Kameron Hardin

Scrolling on phone Nice course but the app crashes over time not really a problem for me but trying to use the tiny scroll to go back and forth is bad should be bigger with pop or something.

Lee Howes

Very slow to load, must consume a lot of memory for android to kill it as often as it does. Overall does a simple task very badly.

John Faux

Yep. Useless. Unable to create an account... Using my own Facebook account! Waste of time.

Stian Haug

Good course bad app! The courses are excellent. However the app might be the most horrible one I have tried to date... Would be 5 stars if the app wasn't horrible slow and unresponsive. (galaxy s4) Edit: Has been improved but still not worth 5 stars.

Maria Saenz

Account I've seen lots of post about not having an account . . . Pimsleur app is free, the courses are not. You have to go on the website & buy your course, then you will have an account. . . . Anyways, pimsleur is way better than Rosetta Stone & a lot of other language apps. 5 stars.

Mofo Jackson

Love it but needs some cleaning on app side So as far as using Pimsleur for learning, I'm currently working my way through Brazilian Portuguese, and it's absolutely great! And I'm giving it 5 stars for this reason! If you're considering it for learning, I really do not think you'll be disappointed as I really love the entire approach and method to learning! Just get it, they'll 'polish the bugs in time I'm sure!' But the app itself definitely needs some TLC, upgrades and work! It's a bit unstable and seems to crash at least once during study. (Unless it's also from the Operating System on my Nextbook, I'm not sure!) But the other reviews were right, it takes too long to load for an app, and this is a bit inconvenient because I like to switch out to google translate and have it spell the words I'm learning as well. I've been having to use two devices, my Nextbook for the app, and my phone for google translate. But this is less than ideal operating. Also, I really do not like apps that are 'one sided', to where when you lay down your device on it's side the screen stays oriented to the vertical layout, meaning it's sideways! This is inconvenient because my Nextbook is made to stand itself up in 'landscape' and not portrait!

Present forever

Fix it Always repeat long boring sentence end with "All right reserved" after each lesson ? this is extremely annoying ?

Jovan Nikic

Acc How to create acc people?

Jessica Solberg

Come on Pimsleur Content of Pimsleur is very strong. But this app is really awful. Constantly freezing...have to restart. Slow to respond. Slow to load. Pimsleur should buy a clue about what customers in 2016 really want. Yes the process works if you stick with it. BUT people want visual learning too. So it would behoove Pimsleur to invest in both the visual aspect as well as the app!

Michael Woods

Audio problems It's not loud enough when playing through a car stereo. The splash screen lasts way too long, very annoying.

Michael McKenzie

I have my car stereo and phone turned all the way up just to hear it when it's quiet. If if there is any other background noise it is very difficult to listen to.

Floyd McNutt

German Definitely helped me to get started in the German language.

Angst Bane

Poor app, great teaching The app hangs very easily. Pausing may cause it to hang. Or, touching the progress dot, or the backward or forward icons. I'm usually walking briskly while using it and I must stop to end and restart the app. I wish I could rip the files and use something else to listen. And that's important - the lessons are excellent! Fix the app!! I've use Pimsleur for 4 levels of Spanish, French, and now Japanese.

Ingrida Corekci

The worst I had tried before, can't log in using my Facebook account always show error

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