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2 Aug
Pimp My Rom (Beta)

Posted by in Personalization | Aug. 2, 2013 | 83 Comments

Apk file size: 23.0 MB

----------- TWEAKS -----------

***Network & Internet***

- Wifi Scan interval
- TCP Congestion Algorithm
- Media streaming tweaks
- Use Google DNS
- Enable/Disable HSUPA
- Protect against SYN attacks
- Avoid Time-Wait state
- Block all redirects & source-routing
- Various IPv4 tweaks


- 3 presets of OOM Groupings & Minfree
- 2 presets of zRam compression
- Adjust Dalvik & kernel to new values
- Renice low priority processes

***Dalvik VM***

- Heap Size selection
- Heap Growth-limit selection
- Heap Start Size selection
- Optimization Flags selection
- Enable/Disable JIT
- Enable/Disable JNI Error Checking
- Enable/Disable bytecode verification for Dalvik


- Governor tweaks
- I/O Scheduler tweaks
- Disabling I/O stats
- Enable/Disable Vsync
- Disable Normalized/NewFair/GentleFair Sleepers

***Toggle Android Features***

- Hardware Acceleration
- Force GPU rendering
- Surface Dithering
- Purgeable Assets
- 16bit Transparency
- Kernel JNI Error Checking
- Android Logger
- Locking launcher in memory


- Call Ring Delay
- Proximity Sensor delay
- In-Call amount of volume steps
- SMS & MMS retry timer if failed sending
- SMS & MMS amount of retries if failed sending
- Enable/Disable AMR Wideband

***Touchscreen & Display***

- Amount of fingers recognized by the screen (multitouch)
- Minimum amount of time between 2 touch events (Pointer Duration)
- Maximum amount of events per second WindowsManager can handle
- SurfaceFlinger's minimum velocity
- SurfaceFlinger's maximum velocity
- Enable/Disable FPS Capping


- Optimize sqlite3 databases at each boot
- I/O Tweaks for ext4 file-systems
- Internal & External sdcard tweaks
- Zipalign all apks at each boot
- Various battery saving tweaks
- Various camera quality tweaks
- Raising jpg quality to 100%
- Enable quickpoweron

----------- TOOLS -----------

***Rescue Package***
This tool allows you to completely safely pimp your rom.
It will backup all your original system files and create a flashable zip containing them. This way, if some tweak cause problems, simply flash your Rescue Package to remove all modifications made by Pimp My Rom

***Universal Init.d Support***
Enable init.d support with absolutely ANY kernel.
This tool is the first completely universal method for granting init.d support, for the simple reason that [B]everything[/B] happens on the app side.

***Pimp My CPU***
Take full control over your processor :
- Minimum & maximum CPU frequencies management
- Overclocking if your kernel supports it
- Governors management
- Schedulers management
- Voltage control

***Density Changer***
Safely modify your display's density in 3 easy steps.

***Entropy Generator***
A graphical user interface for the Random Number Generator Daemon (RNGD) binary.
Independently set :

- Feed Interval
- Feed Timeout
- Amount of Random bytes
- Fill-watermark
- Kernel random read/write wakeup threshold

***Dual Bootanimations***
Allows you to have 2 different bootanimations which will alternatively be displayed, one boot each.

***Lock Apps in Memory***
Bypass Android's built-in task killer by locking any installed application in memory, including system apps!

***Navigation Bar Toggle***
Self-explanatory, toggle the navigation bar on & off

***Gps Configuration***
Choose between 79 countries + 5 continents of gps.conf files:

***Device Hidden Menu***
Access your device's hidden settings without having to dial weird and hard to remember codes

----------- APPS & MODS -----------
Download & install some popular mods without flashing anything!

***Pimp My Beats***
A full-blown audio mod containing :

- Modified DSPManager
- Beats Audio binaries, libs, framework & other assets
- Dolby Mobile binaries, libs, framework & other assets
- SRS binaries, libs, framework & other assets

# Bravia Engine 2

# xLoud & ClearAudio+

# Sony Album

# OpenVPN Support

Whats new

    Sorry for the inconvenience. part of our Personalization and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 2, 2013. Google play rating is 79.0528. Current verison is beta. Actual size 23.0 MB.

Download pimp-my-rom-beta.apk 23.0 MB


Muhammad Hazman

Hello. Many thing FC like dual boot, entropy generator, and summore. I hope you can fix this. But nice work btw even it doesn't work well Galaxy y user

Parker Guilbeau

Bugs There are allot of bugs to he worked out. Its a great app overall, however the app constantly crashes when I tap a "?" For help on what something is...and then for "Apps & Mods" I can "Install" the beats mod, yet I cannot download stays at 0/100 until I hit back or foreclose the application. This applies to the Bravia Engine and VPN mod as well...Please fix this and I will gladly give 5 stars! :)

A Google User

Confusing .. I think this app is great but when I install and reboot BEATS© It got boot loop ? I reflash stock and reflashed my from again and try not to install this app again !! Plus explain why that happened? Please. Need your reply ASAP

Jordan Burkett

If you have problem You didn't do your research like we were all taught in elementary. Check compatibility with your phone and it. They say it doesn't work for all phones but most. You must also remember this isn't the finalized build. If you have problems with other things research to fix it and don't complain it fucked your phone cause you don't know how to use Google like a normal human. The only problem I have is that I don't know what I did but now I can't use voice input anywhere. It forces closes every time.

yang kai koh

Beta I know it is still in beta but the download for the mods and apps does not work. The percentage it always stuck at 1. Other than that keep up the good job

Ernesto Gonzalez

Galaxy reverb Dpi didnt work, gps fix didnt work either, now my phone wont last 1 minute before it reboots, can only use my phone on safe mode, cant even enter app to apply the reacue package. Wtf am i supposed to do? Factory reset the whole Fing phone and lose my data? Cant use any app i have downloaded like titanium back up

Barak Bo

awesome app did whatever it states it does device running a lot smoother and faster slight bug in the dpi change(didnt take) a must have thing that isnt present in the app is kernel scaling (cpu xxx\gpu xxx\ddr xxx) and hdmi output options (1920 1080p 60hz 1920 1080p 50hz etc...) all and all amazing app

B Mitch

Okay, but... »»Apps won't download. »»GPS country code should indicate if selection has stuck, or not. »»Please make option to have phone vibrate on boot like old CM rooms. »»Sticky kill cell radio (as in hidden menu) that survives reboot. »»Compared to Alpha, int.d implementation/testing is cumbersome. Bottom line is IT'S FREE AND HELPFUL so the least you can do is be patient and provide meaningful feedback.

Aayush Sharma

OMG, i'm in love!!! :) Some features are buggy or don't work at all but this is in beta. So... But most features work without a hitch! Made my stock rom > cyanogenmod :D And what's more this is completely free! A must-have for those less popular androids with no custom ROM's.

Momen Khawaja

Thanks but Nth of "apps and mods" download And when doing reboot it doesn't keef activities(improvement) I mean that in notification bar it just make reboot with nth to do I have to make full reboot but that in notification bar don't work ..also it freezes "has stopped" too many specially when I wana read the information beside the action button like (faster DNS...)and if it doesn't freeze it opens another thing 10.2 galaxy s2

Erickson Asis

How to get my Device back to normal running smooth. Because this app. Just made my device more Lag

peter parker

bricked my phone huawei honor u8860 After installing it, I installed Sony xloud and clear+ and after reboot my phones mobile network is gone and I'm not able to make any or receive any calls as there is no network. when I press call app phone hangs for 5s and nothing comes. Only wifi is working. Volume buttons not working. When I press volume buttons, phone restarts. There is no sound. Anything related to sound is not working. music also not playing. So I uninstalled the app. i did factory reset. But still same problem. And after that tried to flash my stock rom, but its not upgrading. I have dload folder in my SD card but my when I press software upgrade button nothing happens. I have even tried power + vol + - But its not upgrading my firmware. And now my phone is stuck at boot screen, i can't even upgrade my firmware using force upgrade.

Dominic Nickel

Bravia and xloud don't work! This app is great, and everything works well except for the bravia engine and clear audio/xloud. I try to download them but it simply won't work. Stuck on downloading assets 0/100

mark orr

So far so good Droid RAZR Maxx running CM11. Seems to work alright, no major issues, some settings seem to revert after a reboot. I do hope this continues to get updates.

Izaak Pugh

Stopped working I used to use this app all the time then I stopped for awhile using different phones and different roms now I cone back to find downloads aren't working :(

Daego Suigetsuba

Love This This app is awesome, and your hidden bonus got me so excited I was "shaking".

Tim Kowalsky

Could be just me, but... I installed this on my Asus Transformer Infinity, rebooted, and that's all she wrote. I couldn't reboot into anything but recovery. I had to install a fresh ROM.

Don Merrigan

The only must have for rooted droids Easy to use and crammed with options to get the most out of your rooted android device. A And best of all its free! You can't go wrong!

John stanbrook

Okay Just wondering what devices all these were tested on and whether they are compatible with my nexus 4?

Ash Tak

Great idea but doesent work I cant get tweaks or mods to work i hAve busy box and i dont want to have to reflash i dont have an unlocked bootloader

Mick Collingwood

Some bugs Unfortunately the beta has more bugs than the Alfa. Frequently get fc's. I'm sticking with the alpha until the issues are resolved.

Chase Cruz

Wonderful Root tool This was an interesting app that provided a lot of different tools to enhance my phone the only thing I had a problem with was viewing the help information it kept force closing on me

Lucas Rendell

Cool Beans, you dropped some though. Cool stuff, was not applied correctly. You need to fix the freezing when switched through categories and clicking things. There is no reason for it. Also, my Add-ons/mods won't install. I click download and it is frozen at 0%. I would enjoy the features if I could acually use them.

Cal Iconian

Interesting but crashes like there's no tomorrow... it sounds like a joke but it's like playing bomber... you never know when it's gonna go boom. This deserves to be in a controlled lab and not in the wild. Recommended to dummy testing aficionados and danger loving Android hobbyists. Average Joes better stay away from this. EDIT: this evil app broke my GPS. it deleted my gps.config but didn't install the new "improved" one! just realized and had to reflash the ROM. this app is a joke LOL

Tony Scarborough

How does an upgrade downgrade? Alpha worked for me, however beta force closes on open every single time. Can't seem to get help or support from the developers. Oh well, back to ROM toolbox I suppose. Wish I could give zero stars. Kinda funny this review got posted way down because it wasn't rated helpful enough.

Ivan Lara Mainar

Awesome Awesome options, if you take some care you'll be able to achieve an amazing snappy experience on your device. What an amazing work!

Raj Vansh Varma

Does not helps in apps n mods Everything works except apps and mods like pimp my beats, bravia engine, xloud Everytime it doesn't download or install and then its always at 0% downloaded and zero percent installed Just make this thing fine and it will be one of the best apps for audio and video enhancement and please make it for unrooted device also as we are afraid of rooting our phone.....

angelo lopez

Really good tweaks The apps and the tweaks work fine . I ran into a few boot loops . I guess that is normal. After installed the tweaks , the settings has disappears. Other than that, everything is fine .

Alaric Mayo

Update Mofo Update this app. It has potential, but not when it's being neglected

Harsh Arutla

As others said, ignore the others. They don't know what they're saying. This app does what it says and does it well. For everyone having problems, its a beta, not the official release.

Shawn Eastman

Awesome Job, I love you, you don't even know I have an awesome tablet, and a bad tablet, and a dead tablet. I killed the dead one, hard bricked, the another one is an asus tranfromer infinity (my main one) and then I have a generic chinese one. This app made my asus sing, and greatly boosted the epically slow chinese one to a barely tolerable speed. The i/o tweaks were excellent for the asus (they used a crap flash chip//) and it is mega speedier, good job!

Dragon Knight

Good ! But it does seem to freeze up my phone while using this app, so i use the one u flash in recovery mainly..

Martin Villegas

Boot loop Tried installing the Bravia Engine 2 on my Xperia Acro S and got stuck in a bootloop. 10 minutes and flashing the firmware and rerooting I'm back up and running. Kinda disappointed.

Saloman A.

Help Yo, I like the PMR UI a lot. Its cool, fast, and easy. Only thing is, for some odd reason, I can't download the rescue package or the Sony Album or the OpenVPN things. Nothing seems to download. I haven't rebooted yet, but idk. I really want the sound clarity thing as well, but it just doesn't download. It stays at 0/100% Pls reply. Thanks and good work :)

Steven Diaz

have a problem with the pimp my beats. sir can you tell me how to remove the tweaks,!? the option of unpimp my rom work on me. tnx for the app. waiting for the reply and tnx in advance

Oskar Kalata

Small bugs here and there None of the downloadable mods work. Other than that they all work. No problem, its beta

Kas Logan

Thank you :)))) Seriously developer thank you so much. It's about time someone made an app where most common root options are avaliable. I think the in-app transitions should be removed though.The app does use quite a bit of memory I have seen RAM usage well over 80mb. All in all though great idea and overall good app. Definitely one for the books. Some more features would be nice though such as , 3rd data cap removal option for faster Internet. Options to allow access to hidden menus such as engineer ext. . Thanks guys:)

Bagus Virganda

Good tweak app If you want easy way for tweak your phone, you must have this app. But beware, some of tweak maybe didnt compatible with your phone so use it with caution n please dont blame dev because of this :)

Duncan Penny

Beats I know this works for most so I won't mark it down, but beats will not download for me? Its just stuck on the loading screen so please can someone help me?

Jacob Martin

LOVE this app but... I have vwz galaxy S 3 and I have flashed this app before and had fantastic results! the issue I am having is that none of the downloads for apps are downloading and I am having the same problem downloading the rescue package.And with those downloads not working I am not sure if other mods will work or not. Also, the frequently asked questions sometimes looks as though it is dimmed almost as if the slides have a screen over them. I was running stock when I flash the aroma/alpha version but I am running synergy rom but from what I understand that should not make a difference. I want use the alpha version so I can take advantage of updates and a better user interface.

Михаил Лящук

Download apps don't work Please, fix bugs in download apps & mods

Евгений Поплевский

*not so* stable Looking forward to RC

Владимир Иванов

Downloading of pimp my beats, xloud and other dont work. Stuck on start 0/100

николай Городецкий

Don't work "Lock apps in memory" Please, make this tweak available. But also, the programe is PERFECT, it includes almost all useful tweaks.

Сергей Мохань

Rockchip RK3066 Does not work installing the CPU frequency. Throws an error on closing. Device — Pipo M1 (Rockchip RK3066 1.6GHz, Cortex A9 dual core)

Дмитрий Быков

Awesome app,but App's n mods are not downloadable:-( where I may download it?sorry 4 my bad English, I'm Russian)

Nuke Dukem

ß Entropy generator not working - getting force close, opposed to alpha, where it ran fine. Pimp my Beats doesn't work either, after manually installed through recovery, and never worked, also in alpha. Menu looking blurred, in comparison to £. Anyway, it's not my negative rating, just a substantial feedback. One of the best tweakers! Waiting for RC.

Keoni Nzmu

Good but buggy I tested out the dpi changer and then noticed after reboot that the program doesn't allow you to set itthe dpi over 300, my phone's default dpi is 442 so problems arose quickly.

Michael Pullen

Awsome app Its crammed full of amazing tweaks and custom mods pomp my apps and paranoid android are abosolutly amazing

Ro Atkinson

This one is a no brainer A lot of tweaking apps can be really difficult to understand without considerable mental effort; this app is so well explained there is no real problem. Even if there is still difficulty there is an extra tab just given over to help; whether the help is good I wouldn't know as it has never been needed. There are a couple of tweaks on this, such as the sony bravia which just makes your device better without even thinking about it. This has to be one of the first apps to get on any device.

Mitchell Taylor

Rescue? Trying to set up a rescue and all I get is " something went wrong, try again later " app looks cool but unfortunately I can't try it out.

Daryl Keightley

Beta : Good For a beta this coming along really well. Of course there is a few bugs here and there, appears to be compatible with my s6 on 5.0.2 so for me it is all good. But the pimp my beats looks like a function in which I have to pick at. This has a great design and really can't wait for the final/out of beta release. Thumbs up Dev. All around good application.

Mike 777

So many options! Pimp My ROM provides all kinds of tweaks for my rooted device. There is even a rescue feature in case I change something I shouldn't, although that probably won't happen, as PMR describes each setting change pretty well. Definitely a useful and unique app. The only issue I had was I am unable to lock any app with the Lock In RAM feature. Fails every time. Maybe my tablet is to blame? I really like the idea of being able to keep an app from being closed. Wish it worked for me.

David Griffiths

Huge range of tweaking options Phone runs noticeably faster & smoother - thanks! Tweaks are mostly explained but some knowledge/care needed & backup recommended. Was unable to download any of the apps so am looking forward to trying those later (download window opened but no progress). Bear in mind this is a beta app & that it's free - it's a powerful package that enables your phone to perform at it's best. Already a great app & it's early days!

Seneeki Kaant

ok used this app since alpha, alpha version worked better imo. key word being "worked". no longer able to download the mods like bravia and beats. used to be able to install from the zips via recovery, which is handy since applying a new cm nightly resets all the settings for this app. now I can't get the most out of my rom, however still wouldn't go without it. bravia, xloud and clear and beats are a must since I've had them before!

Daniel Cash

Absolutely Amazing The best root app out there by far! By tweaking the Davlik Settings my kindle fire hd is sooooo much faster than before and even though it said it would use a lot more ram it dosen't really! One dissapointment though is that the beta is slower than the alpha version. But otherwise Amazing! KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK!

shane cambre

Well I'll be a son of a bitss Pimpin since been pimpin since been pimpin. The pimp my beats didn't download (Nome of em) but everything I wanted besides this.I clicked and they all seem to work. Audio mods probably wouldn't have left this old brick boot up anyway!! Damm fine job. I even have two bar of service now (an I got sprint so you know that's pimpin right there!!) Used to barely have one out here!

Luke Hamilton

HELP I used this and my HTC One won't even boot up anymore. I don't know what to do. I hold in the power button, I see the HTC Logo like regular, then the screen just goes to black. I'm writing this from my PC. What I edited was whether I wanted the Nexus Android Navigation bar at the bottom, and I restarted by pressing power button in and pressing restart. What can I do? This isn't working. Do I need to do a factory reset? Also, it is the ROM that comes with it.

James Thompson

Keeps going to play store I loved this on my old phone but haven't been able to use it on my new one yet. Even though i have SuperSU installed and granted permission, it keeps bringing me to the play store page for Superuser and asking if i have root permissions. I would prefer to use SuperSU over Superuser.

J Magister Audet

Clean and Easy To Use A very clean and easy to use all in one rom tweaking tool. It may not contain all the options others have but, the options it DOES have are excellent. Kernel and i/o tweaking are nice. I don't have any issues using this and it's been one of the best thus far.

Ken Ndaru

No current state detection The app nearly bricked my phone. I accidentally change the settings that I have tweaked using another app. What has been turned on (such as 2D to gpu functions) was detected as off. And when I turned that on, the app only toggled the flag. Effectively turning off the said gpu functions.

AutoAtomik Official

Improved my overall quality of life I highly advise nobody uses the DPI settings unless you want to render you're phone completely useless. Aside from that and a few other bugs. This app has everything I have ever wanted for my ROMs. I mean WOW! Thank you devs.


Very Useful! If you're into custom roms and Android tweaks, this app is for you! For the moment there's a lot of FC's but still offers quite a bit. It simplifies the process of editing system files and gives backup options in case something goes wrong. Great app

Mark Elijohn Pascual

Please Help me w/ this I cannot open now games and gallery an posting in instagram..Please help me reply with the better settings for my gingerbread2.3.6.. I dont know ...its just my 3d games with high graphics wont open.. The root checker says my phone is so [email protected]

Scott King

Pretty handy Pretty good feature rich rom customizer. I have an issue though. The apps/mods section in the app dosent seem to work, the Sony Gallery, Bravia Engine2, Xloud and Beats assets don't download when the button to download them are tapped.

Hayden Bickerton

Constant crashes I can't even open any of the tweaking menus because they crash immediately. This didn't happen until you guys put in all the fancy 3D appearances. The old style looked better(less cheesy), and it worked. Please go back :/

Sohail Karan

Help section help 1. FCs in the help section. 2. Unnecessary animations (least you can disable them) 3. Text too thin and tiny on my galaxy tab 2 7.0 Other than that app works great, main features working perfectly.

Pierre dawn

Dope dude Awsome tweak all in one apps make more easy to write, tweak, or modify whatever i want, but please tell me how to download bravia, sony enhance, and another supporting apps like this? Cause when i download it, just stuck on 0/100, please fix it <3

Danilo Padrigano

Stuck in a Boot loop When I used Pimp My ROM and checked 'zipalign apk', my phone was not able to boot again. I tried clearing cache partition and factory reset but still, I'm stuck at my phone's logo. Can't even install :( Don't know what to do anymore.

Miodrag Škilja

Busybox?!? I HAVE one. I think it's working. Not sure cause I'm getting "missing busybox", even after installing recommend one and even when I bought one?!? What's with that? Great options though. Would give all stars but the message keep popping out. I tried db optimization and zipalign, looks to me that they did the job.

Abhilaksh Lalwani

lovely, but can't seem to install apps? Hi, the app looks awesome and seems like a brilliant idea, however, the pimp my beats app doesn't appear on my tab (Nexus 7 2013) after install. Am I missing something?

Wil Post

Cool features. Beta! That being said it worked pretty good. Crashed multiple times on my wife's gs3 and my HTC Inc when trying to set entropy. Beats, indeed none,of the addons install or download. Everything else is amazing, and people should try it.

The Unaverage Joe

Terms and conditions? I wanted to get my camera better quality but it says I have to go to the play store and accept terms and conditions, I can't find terms and conditions! Someone help me. Then I will rate 5 stars.

Travis Mayne

Great features many bugs Many great tweaks! Best tweaker application for Android, hands down. However it never recognizes that I have busy box installed and crashes when I want to read the help section for each tweak.

Agames 12

Problem or not? When I press reboot button it just doesn't work .I tried waiting 4 minutes and it still didn't work. Is there any solution? I will give more stars if you reply!!!

Cee Chavez

disappointed! animations may be good.. but not as user friendly as alpha.. rescue package sucks coz' i can't flash it via recovery.. sorry but i'm just tellin' the truth.. (i9505 stock deodexed/TWRP)

Gary Kennedy

No sound. After rebooting your tweaks I lost all sound on my phone. EDIT: Read another review- DONT INSTALL PIMP MY BEATS. ...Had to nandroid recovery, fortunate I made a backup...

Phill Takiya

Awesome App Some tweaks works like a charm like the touch screen tweaks but some others froce close,pimp my beats and other mods/tweaks that require download is not downloading,when I clicked download,it remains at 0%,maybe the download link is dead or somthin.Please,i really like the audio mod to be working on my device!,, But most off all its FREE!! n easy to use.Please fix the downloadable content in the next update,overall,its a best root app!! Thx alot,nice job!! ;)

Michael Lavoie

Fix the app downloads If you fix the app downloads and the FC when selecting XLoud, I'll put it up a couple of stars until then I really can't try anything else. Anyone else having connectivity issues?

Chris King

Beta Can not get beats download on vwz s3 running plasma says downloading but stays at 0/100 This is beta things might not work right thus the purpose of beta. Instead of saying this app sucks be as descriptive as you can. Great idea dev thanks

Jeremy Pierce

Just as expected... App force closed and generally freaked out while using it. First full reboot gave a boot loop, had to flash rom again... I'd prefer the flashable zip. Seems to work better. (though it doesn't work in its current state, either) scared to try this again, work tomorrow...

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