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26 May
PillFill Medication Manager

Posted by Apothesource, Inc. in Health & Fitness | May 26, 2015 | 36 Comments

Apk file size: 6.0 MB

Ever used Then you'll be perfectly at home with PillFill. Import your health information automatically from your existing pharmacy & insurance accounts quickly and easily into your PillFill profile. Not only will it keep you organized, you'll also receive alerts about important issues for each of your medications:

→ Has the medication been recalled? (Nearly 250 FDA recalls in the past 60 days)
→ Is the medication on shortage? (Over 1000+ drugs currently)
→ Are you taking too much of a particular ingredient? (e.g. Up to 78,000 acetaminophen overdoses/year in the US)
→ Does the drug interact with your other medications? (There are 10K+ known drug interactions causing 100K+ deaths/year)

Don't waste your time and risk your family's health by doing everything manually or using a simplistic pill 'reminder' app. In as little as 30 seconds, PillFill can import your prescriptions, doctors, and pharmacies all automatically updated and organized for you. Better yet, PillFill monitors your medications to assist you in making smart decisions.

The best part? Privacy! No obnoxious ads and all of your sensitive information is in your own encrypted user profile available across all of your devices.

PillFill is an ambitious effort from Apothesource Inc- a small 3-person startup based in South Carolina. We're trying lots of new ideas and concepts and we thrive on feedback. If you run into any problems, please contact us at the support link in the sidebar- we love to help and normally respond within 12 hours!


Automatic Import and Notifications- Imports pharmacy/insurance information automatically and notifies you about potential drug interactions, potential duplication, recalls, shortages, and lower-cost options

Secure Cloud Sync- Syncs to an client-encrypted cloud health profile (only accessible by you) and accessible on all of your devices.

Reliable Drug Information- Recommendations and pricing information from Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs. FDA data about your specific drug and manufacturer is linked to each of your medications. Also includes general information from MedLine Plus and active ingredient data from the National Institute of Health.

And much more!

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please contact us at [email protected]!

Curious about the permissions required for this app? Please see this post for a breakdown of permission usage:


Health Account Support:

Pharmacy Accounts: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart*, RiteAid*, Target*, Bi-Lo*, Winn-Dixie*
Insurance Accounts: Caremark, Medco/Express Scripts, Catamaran, EnvisionRx*

(* Limited support due to these accounts providing insufficient information to cover all PillFill functions. Linking of prescriber, medication details, etc. may not fully/correctly work.)

The Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs™ (CRBBD) content is provided under license by Consumers Union of United States, Inc. PillFill & Apothesource, Inc. are not affiliated, endorsed, or licensed by any of the above pharmacy or insurance companies.

PillFill is an application designed to help you understand your medications and improve your discussions with your healthcare providers- It is not a replacement for the specific advice you receive from your doctor or pharmacist. Please note that PillFill provides information based on the available information from your accounts and the FDA, NIH, and other governmental data sources on a best effort basis. PillFill & Apothesource make no guarantees about the accuracy or applicability of the information- always consult your doctor or pharmacist before making any changes to your medication regime.

Acetaminophen Overdose Information:
FDA Recalls:

Whats new

    1.4.4- Fixes issues with drug database downloads, Walgreens extraction, and network-related bugs Image caching improvements Fixes Walgreens connector, improves searching, adds manual drug DB reload option - Minor fixes to improve image loading - Fixes an error when adding new accounts. - Fixes issues with password resets, improves Rx barcode scanning, improved UI on setup & add med screen

Apothesource, Inc. part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update May 26, 2015. Google play rating is 72.963. Current verison is Actual size 6.0 MB.

Download pillfill-medication-manager.apk 6.0 MB


Dennis Groves

Great Team Previously I had a problem searching for medication, the developers contacted me and traced the issue to a rare edge case in the code. They were polite, professional and had a strong user satisfaction focus. The issue was promptly resolved and within 24 hours google play had the update to help everyone... ***For their customer service they deserve 5 stars.*** The app however, when fixed and running was nothing short of amazing, however I require far more sophisticated 'medication reminders' than I was able to create in this app. I have some medication taken X times a day for Y days followed by skipping Z days. This is a requirement for the main medication I take, and it would be really awesome if I could track doses as well, so I know when to order a refill. Because it is compounded it is not found off the shelf but compounded for me; and thus my pharmacy and doctor are not found in the databases. Thus many of the features of the application while *VERY* cool this application does not really fit my particular needs. :( I was able to find my dentist, and my periodontist and some common drugs like ibuprofen and Tylenol and set up more traditional reminders as well as my pharmacies for my dental prescription after surgery. For these common situations the application is very cool and I would recommend that you install it and see if it will work for you if you have standard insurance based medical needs.

Christopher Thomas

1. Fails to update from Target. 2. Crashes repeatedly.

User Top

Super With this app you can easy manage your drugs) don't worry just use this app)

Brenika Owens

Hmmmn this is a pretty handy app!

Rossi I

Wow. Very impressed. This app is amazing! Great design, very intuitive and easy navigation. Easy to store and access medication/pharmacy/care provider data. Easy to designate active and inactive medication. Best of all - easy to set reminders for each medication. This app is great for anyone, but would be of particular benefit to those who (unfortunately) need to take multiple medications per day. Also gives the option to export the data to email or online storage.

Kristi Pawlowicz

Impressive App Very impressive app and easy to use! It is a very extensive application-- you get all the information about your meds and large list of pharmacies. Great way to stay organized.

Jonna Pantelis

Doesn't work ** EDITED ** it works now! At first nothing worked for me, I was contacted by support after giving a 2 star review (which is REALLY impressive to me) and was able to add my information that I was having problems with before. I'm not sure what caused the issue, but it looks to be resolved now, and I appreciate the support team contacting me. After adding my pharmacy, most everything else filled in automatically. This is a VERY handy app to have and I'm very impressed with the way that I can track all of my doctors, my medications and such.

Dave Raymond

Does Not Create Account! Tell it to create an account, but it only asks for a password and not a user name (even though to RElogin, you also need a User Name). When you go into the Settings and put your info in, it still says "Anonymous" on the Main Screen. Tap "Reload" and then it erases what you typed into the Settings screen (Name, etc.).

Mark Conklin

Come On Please represrnt the south better. I've tried 5 times to register, site does not let me enter master passwordd. The app would be very useful if your site allowed me to register.

Sandie Yeaman

Could not get it to work

Vickie Madden

Can't find meds Can't find my meds that I put in and it won't let me add any thing

Bob Chen

Good app Great app for tracking medications

Christopher Truman

Great medicine app Love the ui! Really great tool for those trying to keep track of their meds

Wade Benninger

Terrific app! PillFill is great for having a great advisor to guide you to your medical needs etc... Amazing what technology has allowed us to make! If you haven't already I would highly recommend you download now!

Ben Brosius

Great start Great concept and great start. Can't wait to see what else you guys are working on.

stephanie elizabeth

I had problems with this app the first time I downloaded it, but I contacted the developer, and it was fixed within an hour or so! Very impressed by their professionalism. The app itself now works great- I can see all of my prescriptions and read about their side effects and interactions. I am going to have my grandma download this onto her phone- I think it'd be really helpful for her!

Jacie Cully

Amazing App! This is an amazing app. I use a Military/Hospital Pharmacy, which is not listed and is probably harder to access than most retail pharmacies. If your retail pharmacy is not listed so you can download your medications, I suggest putting in the NDC# from your RX bottle vs. the name of the drug. It brings it right up. If you put in the name of your drug, one has to look thru the list for the mnf of the drug, which is time consuming. (I never realized that so many companies made generic versions of the same drugs.) This app has many features that I love. I realize it is in Beta right now but so far, I think it has many amazing possibilities

Elizabeth Golding

Not perfect yet The developer listens to feedback and takes action. Still a few things I would like to see added and he is working on them. Keep up the great work and you will earn that 5th star.

Hall Jackson

Visually appealing mature looking app Glad to have found the program to manage refills for prescription and OTC drugs. Slightly buggy when adding pharmacy info to existing prescriptions, but like interaction cards and click to research. Look forward to seeing how it develops. My gosh, logged out to see how the login process worked and none of my prescriptions saved ?

Barbara -

Love the Features! Especially the ability to catch overdoses. I pressed the glass to search for meds and checked out Tylenol extra strength. turns out that I was taking four, four times a day. Not good,and I got a big warning on the main screen saying so. Also loving the pharmacy download feature and the great information on various medicines. Very easy to use and handy!

john clark

Buggy Inaccurate on search after entering meds app crashed erased all but one. Galaxy s4. Better off just using basic memo app to keep track of your meds and search web md

Ryan Lemire

Love the download from pharmacy feature! I can't pronounce most meds let alone type them in, love that this app lets you connect right to your pharmacy!

Dayna Clifford

Wow tons of great stuff! This app is amazing. Great info on medications, wonderful list of pharmacies, and super easy to use. Very impressed!

Steven M

Great all in one spot for your medications I installed the app 45 minutes ago and plugged in all of my mothers medications. All of a sudden a notification came up about one of them. Super impressed. Thank you for creating a great app!

Michael Worsham

Excellent medical info on tap So quick and easy to use. Keep track of current meds and past ones as well. Can even alert for medication interactions.

Phillip King

Does not work

Tressi Pierce

Opened itself automatically This app kept blinking when I tried to use it and when I would close it it would randomly open itself...very Very annoying...I had it no more than 5 minutes before I uninstalled it

Keith Tucci

Great app This is a really great app.

Dave Raymond

Does Not Create Account! 1st couldn't create acct. Now, months later, created it, but it doesn't actually save any info! Added everything 3 times, exited, ran again, etc., etc.. I'm done! Great idea, but you're obviously not going to put the time into it and it's just going to keep wasting users' time, so do us all a favor and either retire this app, or transfer it to someone who won't take months to do a half-a-fix!

Warden Cam

Good app Very useful app. A must have app

Richard Harris

Nice Great tool for keeping track of medications. Surprised this doesn't have more downloads, I love it.

Rondalene Brandon

No place to add Dr, if not already in system The app looked great, but when I would try to add the Dr, he was not in the system so it would cancel all the info I had already put in, also need option to add own pharmacies

Rebecca Corvello

Freezes Gets to "master password" and freezes. Every. Single. Time. I have uninstalled and reinstalled half a dozen times. Same problem.

Billy Brown

Had Care Team, but are gone I added some providers to my care team and now are gone. I tried adding them again and nothing is added. Uninstalling. Maybe if this fixed I will try again.

Jon Gilvar

Untrustworthy source Given the information you are expected to input into this application and the permissions listed, I would NOT feal comfortable with my information being decimated to unknown sources. I see no legal mention of HIPAA or legal rights concerning your information inputted in this application, basically any and all information you input into this application can be used or sold without your consent, why trust your private information to an untrustworthy source?

Hall Jackson

Visually appealing mature looking app Glad to have found the program to manage refills for prescription and OTC drugs. Slightly buggy when adding pharmacy info to existing prescriptions, but like interaction cards and click to research. Look forward to seeing how it develops. My gosh, logged out to see how the login process worked and none of my prescriptions saved ?

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