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25 Jul
Picross Wall ( Puzzle )

Posted by GREENTREE in Puzzle | July 25, 2016 | 100 Comments

Apk file size: 45.0 MB

This is the puzzle that colors the consecutive squares matching vertical and horizontal numbers.


- All Free

- Providing more than 3000 puzzles

- Providing various puzzle sizes: From 5X5 to 30X30

- Providing keypad and touch screen controller

- Big one picture puzzles

- Providing useful hints

# Game Type : picross, nonogram, griddlers

Whats new

    - miner bug fixes.

GREENTREE part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 25, 2016. Google play rating is 81.1322. Current verison is 5.4.0. Actual size 45.0 MB.

Download picross-wall-puzzle.apk 45.0 MB


Julia Hall

Freezes and crashes The game itself is great, lots of different puzzles including some fun more difficult ones. But the ads cause the game to freeze and crash my whole phone which ruins it.

Shawn Ratashak

Great game but freezes up This is a very good nonogram game freezes up frequently causing a loss of progess on the puzzle.

Erica DeMers

Awesome! Great aesthetic, one of my all time favorite genres of puzzle games. Just started scratching the surface of this one, but so far it's pretty satisfying. Thanks for the great game!

Ana cdp

Amazing!!! Great game and amazing design. It is the best of its kind yet. LOVE and highly recommend it. It runs smoothly and it is just perfect!!!

petra Ark

Lagtastic It lagged way too much it was hard to mark squares. I would have to tap several times to mark a single square. Marking several at once was easy. I uninstalled quickly.


M|issing Features Unfortunately, there are puzzles that cannot be solved logically. I also do not like that the app automatically tells us which squares are right and wrong; sometimes, the wrong square gets tapped and I would prefer to be able to undo the mistap. Additionally, there are two identical clues in the same row or column, I find that the game gives away which one is correctly solved, giving away the puzzle too easily. A nice idea for an app, but these are critical mistakes that need correcting.

Gabrielle Klein

Love this app, except the constant freezing.. Sometimes it freezes my whole phone.

Cindy Macknowsky

Game was great until it lost all progress I had made. I

dolce cadence

Nice work Love this game with cute sound and nice theme.

Leighton Jones

Very nice. Looks good and the numbers are easy to see.

Ariane C

Love it! I had played picross for DS when it first came out and I was really happy to see it for android. The sheer amount of puzzles to do in this game is insane, I don't think I could ever run out!

Honey Koh

Good but.... How do i turn off the sound/music?

Chris Coleman

Liked now Love They just added new features & more puzzles. ALL FOR FREE! Thanks!

Leslie Lyons

Would give it 5⭐ if it would quit closing.

Natasha Sardesai-Grant

Good, but should have an option to pay to remove ads Good, but should have an option to pay to remove ads

J Gif

Too many steps Not much fun. Need to keep changing from "move" to not move, and from check ☑ to X. Crossme is a way better game.

Teigra Kefira

Great Easy to use and the puzzles are fun, as well as beautiful when completed. Still complicated enough to keep you frustrated at times, yet a definite feel of accomplishment when completed.

Kathy Marshall

My 'Go-to'Game I absolutely love this game. The art wall is great, it's fun to see artwork in a puzzle. Thanks for lots of fun!

Krystofer Dublinski-Milton

Nice app! I like the art puzzles the best. Please add more soon. The only improvement that needs to be made, is to fix the locking up in the middle of solving a puzzle.

Seth Harper

Long Time It's been awhile since I've played a picross game, they are so fun to get into, and this app does it just so.

Charles Carr

Tons of fun Especially USA, found in set 6 of the 15x15. Pretty sure that's Africa you silly people.

Kathleen Whitcomb

Gorgeous Fun and relaxing. A way to save before completion would be nice. The art wall is beautifully done, and not as complex as other color picross games.

Kat I

Awesome Easy to pick up, beautiful art and not over run with ads like most games. Absolutely lovely. Anyone interested in a fun puzzle type game should pick this up, I'm sure you'll love it too!

Rahera Nicol

Good game I absolutely love this game. My only problem and reason why I've only given it 4 stars is that if you're doing a puzzle and exit the app, you lose your work on that particular puzzle. Which can be really annoying, especially when you're on one of the bigger and harder puzzles.

Alexander Ploquin

Puzzles are poorly designed. There are too many puzzles that technically have multiple solutions

Sarah L

Love it I looooove the art history tie to it. Makes picross 100 times more addictive for art nerds like me! Love the recent art additions!!!! Keep it up!

Matthew Iverson

I like it, But it occasionally freezes in the middle of puzzle.

Ray Coy

Ty the game is getting better and better every time

Chris Stainsby

Great game but... Love this process game. Real fun and easy to play. Difficult to play with a small screen phone on the larger puzzles. Any chance of a zoom type function? My biggest complaint is that it has reset my progress twice.

Paula Ireland

Great game. Love the simple design of how to move in the picross. Just started will update if there is a problem.

Shannon Werry

My new favorite Picross!! So great to see such an entertaining Picross game that is also 100% free. I have zero complaints. Some more music tracks would be a nice touch but the default one is nice and relaxing. If you like Picross games, this is definitely worth the download .

Michael Weisensel

Fun Logic Game This is a fun game to play and easy to learn how to play. There is a score being kept but I do not know how the scores are awarded except by completing the board. The game gives you 6 lives. It does not reduce your score if you lose a life and you lose one for every mistake you make. I enjoy logic games and have other of this type. I think this would be a good app to start these type of games. The learning curve is very small and the game has an excellent tutorial to get you started.

Arlo Clark-Foos

Love these puzzles I filled out paper and pencil versions of these back in the 80s and 90s with my Dad. This is by far the best app rendition of these puzzles. There are TONS of puzzles, all free, and some great Art Wall pics. Any chance at a custom art wall using our own uploaded images?

Ben S

Very good Solid picross that doesn't really do anything wrong, aside from forcing you to guess sometimes


Fun puzzles, no bugs, and even the ads aren't too annoying. Definitely recommended for pixel puzzle fans.

Charon Robert

Enjoying this app! Deserves more than 5 stars! Thank you, I am enjoying your game. Great job!! I have a request though.... could you make it so we can zoom in? Update: thank you for a zoom option and for adding new puzzles! Wonderful! I wish I could give more than 5 stars :)

Thomas Morris

Awesome Very good game, very addictive.

Ronald Lance Teel Byers

Ugh This game allows for video apps with sound regardless if the game sound is turned off or not. This would be a good game if you would give me a paid version. Uninstalled.

Elliot Pace

Good Lots of puzzles. Has a weird bug where after a few puzzles, the text gets blocked out.

Charmaine Taylor

Good Nice, increasingly complex, waste of time. Good game.

ezreena nabilah redzwan

It is good I like this game so much.. You should install it and try to play yourself..

Debbie Tedder

My kind of game, I love it!

Dana Ward

Love it Really fun and challenging as you get to higher levels.

Vanisha Govender

Excellent Picross App This is one of the best free range of picross games I've seen in the store. The interface and easy playability make this an excellent app. Well done, I will be trying all of the apps.

Jose Higuera

Works great, interesting pictures as well. Keep up the great work.

Alexis Raetz

freeze and crash have not been very successful at completing puzzles on this game since it crashes just like your other game, please fix

Thomy Green

There are better version of this game I have place games like this before and love them but this is the most dumbed down version I've ever played it automatically pick what colors go and there's more so if your looking more for a young child then this would be ok... also a tone of ads

Jeff Deaton

Compared to other picross games, the puzzles are simple and some can only be solved by guessing and not complete logic.

Michelle Wike

Addicted I love this game!! It is very addictive. Lots of different puzzles keep me from getting bored!

Bernice So Chua

Great game but too many ads. Would give higher rating if they lessened the ads

iris tziova

Awesome!! Can you include statistics?for example 10 puzzles left in each package?

Mhairi Crolla

Gone Logged on this morning and found that all the pictures I had done were gone. ?

Drake Strahl

Fantastic This game is a 10/10 i play it all the time.

Michal Ostrowski

No unique solutions You have to solve some puzzles by blindly guessing, not actually thinking amd solving. Otherwise enjoyable.

Jacob Adili

Too easy and repetitive You can turn off all but one of the guiding hint features, but even that one is still too much. I'd like to be able to turn off the feature where a line goes white when it is filled in correctly. Also, as you get to the larger puzzles, almost all of them have borders or huge solid areas, which makes it too easy. It becomes less of a puzzle and more of a paint-by-numbers, but with one color.

Katrina Gonzalez

Great! I could do this for hours.

Margaret Boucher

Very playable, but Some puzzles don't have one unique solution, then your left using guess power to complete.

Rachael Bran

Loved this but... Love this game but now no Greentree games seem to open anymore :-(

Tammy-Marie Moran

Great for passing time Fan little game that gets you thinking and passes time easily

Jack Buxton

Innovative A great fresh new puzzle game

rebecca carter lindsay

Love it much better than colour cross

Sarah Rodriguez

Bad instructions and cheesy pictures

Rose Gerboth

Not good on small screens

David Wallace

Lots of puzzles; several problems Lots of nonograms in various sizes. Screen often blanks out - switching modes can fix. Many puzzles lack unique solutions. Most not very attractive. Some color artwork can be revealed by solving puzzles. Frequent ads.

Hillary Williams

Great game Love Picross and this one is great! I just started so I haven't encountered anything too difficult yet. My one question is, what is up with the car honking and then traveling across the screen? Is it a boost? Is it a timer? Honestly if it doesn't help it's more annoying than anything. But I'm still giving a 5 star because the game overall is wonderful :-)

Emma Kayla

I wish there was an option to buy no ads. This game has a really nice art style and is relaxing to play but the ads are really jarring and take away from the experience. I would gladly pay a money to not have an ad

Laura Nurminen

At least on my phone it's very easy to make mistakes by accident, which yhen reduces your hearts, and some of the pictures look quite clumsy.

Sam Huang

Works very well, hard controls The game works well, it has so many puzzles it will likely take you an extremely long timr before you complete them all, and the painting pieces thing is really nice. A strong negative about the app is how bad the controls are. It's extremely difficult and annoying to play 20x20 and above. Once you press a square, no way to undo it, which really sucks in a life based system. Spend 30 mins in a puzzle only to lose all progress when you make one mistake.

Aelita Gwen

Really nice, would like to be able to support so i can get rid of ads but even then the ads arent that often. Lovely artstyle

Noelia Cotto

Lots of sizes to pick from I played the 2nd one first and loved it, so I decided to try this one too. I didn't like it as much, even though it had more variety in terms of sizes. But most of the puzzles are very centered, in that whatever you do on the right side of the puzzle you do on the left too, gets boring.

Sarah Hoffman

The music! As much as I love the games I find myself taking longer and longer because I love listening to the background music!!! I have to ask is there a name to it or can I purchase it somewhere? I would love to be able to download it!!!

Re Maloney

I absolutely love this game!!! It is very challenging, and there are so many puzzles to complete. It is a great brain workout. I love the autosave feature when you are working on a challenging puzzle. I also love that there aren't a lot of puzzles where there is no logical answer. I have found very few that you have to guess on. Most rely on pure logic.

Sean Frisbey

Decent, but unremovable ads The app is a decent implementation of Picross. The controls are a little hindering, and unfortunately, there is no way to buy away the ads. I would gladly pay for the game if it meant no ads.

Alex Wood

The puzzles are bad! The app is ok, it is a bit slow, but the interface is ok. The problem is the puzzles. Lots of them have multiple valid solutions, but the app only accepts the one it is expecting. This means you will often find you have solved the puzzle, but the app doesn't register it until you find the solution it is expecting. This is a bug in my opinion, and should be fixed.

Steven Yanoska

Great game Can't stop playing. I do have a suggestion. Often I will try to mark empty spaces with X before I fill in the puzzle. Maybe in an update, you can have an option for auto fill for those who like to mark empty spaces first. Like an "all or nothing" option. If it's wrong you lose, if it's right, well, you win

Barb K

Best picross After a lot of searching I can still say that Greentree picross has the best game controls. No other can match it

Genevieve Yew

Incredibly addictive! Only thing is that I accidentally click squares a lot of times, and takes a while to get used to navigation in zoom mode.

Merrilee Bradfield

Love it but I found an opssie. On the 15x15 in group 6 three is a puzzle named candy. It's a candycane there is a white square that needs to be "colored in" for it to finish. It does nothing for the picture but it's there. It doesn't make it hard, it just doesn't need to be there. Sorry if I sound critical :(

Travis Rhoden

this is a good picross game. lots of puzzles. the only downside is that there are ads on it. i wish there was a way to get rid of them. they get annoying

me63 K

Please please please better sound effects

Rox Ann Gallagher

I love these kind of puzzles

Lee Monday

Addictive Peaceful to play

Amy Lim

Fun puzzles and nice music I like how there are a good variety of puzzles and even includes a section for solving a portion of art. Not all the puzzles can be solved by logic so you might have to guess sometimes. The music is very soothing and nice. I end up playing more than I should because I that piano is oddly calming for me.

April Chumley

Great UI is sensitive so you get errors you had no intention of making. But it's great

LadyEmily E

Okay So far very simplistic. But I would assume that if someone was new to the game it would be a good learning tool or a good puzzle for children.

Doan Trung Hieu

The colors of the large pictures are so so so dark. Sometimes I think I'm playing in b&w pictures.

Tyler Spooner

Loved this game I've put a lot of time into this game (65%+ complete), but it randomly deleted all of my progress.

Bruno Or Ma

Good game This is a great app. i won all the puzzles but just got 30/45 achievememts on google play games, and i dont know how to unlock the other 15.

Jessilyn Yacko

BUGS It's very bland and basic, as well as freezes up frequently.

Mitch Dorrell

Some bugs. Frustrating ads. I enjoy the puzzles a lot. I accidentally click the ads at the bottom of the screen far too often, and the full-screen ads (after finishing puzzles) are very annoying. It would be awesome if there was a shortcut to the next puzzle, skipping the "Success" animation. There's a bug that causes it to freeze sometimes after switching apps. Finally, I finished every puzzle (even the art ones), and I'm still missing several achievements. How can I possibly get them?

Brianna Rodriguez

Love it!! Can't figure out how to erase a mistake... A pencil comes up and shows you to erase it but I dont know how.. Lol anyways love the game so far!!

Dusty Partition

Damn near perfect! Only thing I can say to add anything would be an X auto fill when you finish a line.

Michael Finn

Lost my progress! Launched the app today, it had two login options where before it was just "Start" and it would have a button to go to my last worked - on page. Now it shows nothing completed.

Chris Swiney

An easier version of a popular game trope.

Sandy Paper

Picross Wall Another easy game to keep me occupied!

Mia Guzman

I like it but... I like, great time passer but the ads and the lives i don't think there should be lives. Like the game keep it up.

Cheryl Langsjoen

Ads! I love the game but the frequent ads drive me nuts. I will be uninstalling it.

Cristina Badilla

Cool It would be awesome if there were no ads

Anthony McNamara

Funny I like it a little

Mhairi Crolla

Gone Logged on this morning and found that all the pictures I had done were gone. ?

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