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2 Apr
Picross D - Nonogram

Posted by Durinsoft in Puzzle | April 2, 2016 | 77 Comments

Apk file size: 24.0 MB

A masterpiece of logic games, Picross, also called Illustration Logic, Nonogram, Griddlers, Hanjie.
Nonogram' goal is to fill some of the puzzle's squares depending on the numbers on the left and above the puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved, you will see a drawing that will reward you for the long minutes of thinking! This game will put your logic sense and your thinking abilities to the test!

** Game Rules
1. You have blocks to find continuously as many as the numbers on the row and column.
2. If there are more than two numbers on one line, you should find blanks as many as the numbers, and there are more than one bomb between the numbers.

Features :
- Small Mode(10X10 ~ 30X30)
- Big Mode(10X10 ~ 30X30 )
- Touch & Keypad control
- Black & White and colored puzzle
- Auto fill line with'X' when you mark last number
- Hints
- Undo / Redo
- Save game
- Tablet support

Whats new

    Fix bug ( freeze )

Durinsoft part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 2, 2016. Google play rating is 75.8173. Current verison is 1.8.1. Actual size 24.0 MB.

Download picross-d-nonogram.apk 24.0 MB


Doreen Tetreault

Keeps freezing on me. Frustrating. Unless fixed shortly, I will uninstall. Next day reinstall still freezes. Froze my tablet, had to kill it by pressing button off. Light green and silver is impossible to se when marked off. Very frustrating. Ps fix. Can't open it. Black screen. Not freezing on me anymore. Totally enjoying Picross D. Challenging enough and lots of fun. Recommend to everyone who enjoys these. Thanx for fixing... I have been playing this for a while, best I have played. I'm getting better at harder ones because of these. Thank you very much and ps make more.

Sergio Gastelum

Would really like it if u could put them in order by how many grids ive completed and how many their r in total so tht i wont lose the puzzle ive started

Stephanie Zickefoose

Good, but could be better I loved the 10x10 puzzles. However, the rest of the puzzles were way to small to play on my phone. The app didn't have any way to zoom in or out or to make the puzzle full screen so that the bigger puzzles were possible to play. Could definitely be better.

Eric Cason

Works great! Works great, tons of puzzles, tons of fun!

Jackson Karow

Each control style is good for certain sizes of puzzles, and the pictures are all rather nice and fairly unguessable. One of the best picross apps on the store!

Juniper Jupiter

New complaint: sorry but since your new update, I can't see the completed number at all on the green background. It blends in too well. Please fix, thanks! Re:Boss! Thanks! <3

Amanda Resha

Too dark I love this game. I have played for a long while. However, since the last update, when you complete a number in a row and it dims you can't see it on the rows that are darker. That really messes with the clues and looks like there is no number there.

Ori Preis

Great game, but... This a great picross game, but it really cumbersome to play large levels on the phone...

karen swanson

Much fun! Love it as a new logic game!

Tracey Foresha

HATE the new skin!!!!!!!! Love the game but the update changed the skin. While pretty, it is much too light - white numbers on tan back, not enough difference between completed numbers and still unsolved numbers, and the size went strange on my 12 inch tablet. Worked perfectly prior to this change, now I can't play it at all. Please roll back the skin or give us the option to roll it back ourselves. The game itself is 5 stars, however this update drops it to less than one as I can no longer play the game. :( :( :(

wendy baxter

Skin to bright. No invite friends

Jonathan Humbert

Favorite nonogram This works very smoothly and it's loaded with puzzles. Thanks for changing the skin back to a dark board! Now it is awesome again!

Katie Moore

DEATH BY UPDATE!!!!! Fantastic-Awesome-Long Time Favorite Game

Jennifer Kaifesh

Best one out there Love this app..... not getting 5 stars though because the skin changed overnight, and I don't like it at all......please change it back!

Kasey Breunig

love it! I would give 5 stars but there are WAY too many ads!!!!

Dannielle Swope

Freezes I would love this game if it didn't freeze so much. Also, a little too many ads. I think its the ads actually that make it freeze sometimes, especially the snapdragon ad.

Matthew Thibault

Fun game Great version of Picross! And the developer's contact is fantastic!

Laurie Whiteley

Not bad Fun and easy to use. I like how it changes the colors on its own!

Arie Seardon

Usually good, but... Why lower the life rating? I liked the way it was before. Otherwise it's all good. Keeping making more!

Chrissie Hedges

Really good

Mysti Murray

LOVE IT!! I love the complex yet solvable nature of this game! It's a superb example of Picross games done right! I have been playing Picross games since GameBoy had one back in the 90s and have been looking for another game that was just as awesome as that first game. This is definitely a phenomenal replacement so, I definitely recommend this game to everyone who enjoys playing Picross games!

Audra S.

Pretty good My only complaint is that you can't save the puzzle you're currently working on and come back to it later. Other than that, I'm happy with this game.

Brett Campbell

Love it, but... I really like the interface and enjoy this implementation of the puzzles. But i really wish there was a way to pay to turn off the ads. I enjoy this app enough that i don't want to be interrupted.

Craig Elliott

Great picross game! I really like the color modes as most games treat color in a more difficult way. The multiple select sliders make filling in cells even easier. The new interface is much better looking too.

Amy G

I would give a five star if I didn't have to use the bars one the sides to select the boxes that need to be shaded. It'd be easier to just select with a swipe of the finger. Good game overall.

Kathie Hamblen

Can't change settings? When I installed the new version, chose the full screen view for the large puzzles- wanted to see how that worked...not so well. The grid is so small, I can barely even see the boxes, and no chance that I can click the ones I want. But there is no way I can find to change the settings. Am I missing it? I really like this game.

SuzyD Reviewer

Great game, very nice quality puzzles. This is one of the best of its kind, with some very sophisticated puzzles -- great art design, with something for everyone ("big mode" rocks!). Every once in a while there's a puzzle which logic can't help, there simply isn't enough information, and one must guess, but usually that's not the case. Even though I'm leaving a 5-star review, I've a couple of suggestions for the developer. 1. Please consider a casual mode, where the "lives" don't matter, some puzzles I've needed to screencap and restart repeatedly to solve, because there wasn't enough data. (And it wouldn't hurt to recognize a long swipe of several mistakes to be an error in button selection, rather than logic, and not count those against the lives.) 2. Please save a game in progress (even manual saves would be a help, but on exit would be ideal), and/or add an optional confirmation for the "exit" button, as it's incredibly easy to accidentally hit, losing all your progress. 3. The "full view" mode is great, I love not needing to scroll, but two features were in the section view that I miss; could you please add the squares-left-to-solve countdown and dimensions of the puzzle? Great work, thanks much!

Justin Collier

Bad controls. The controls in this game are terrible, especially for those who use a stylus. Griddlers Plus is the best nonogram app. Period.

Pamela Harrison

Love it Gr8 game very challanging and colorful also

Treva Grubbs

Love it Finally a piccross I can play on my phone and enjoy.

Katie Walker

Love this game

Tiffany F

Love it except.. Can't play offline

Angelica Cunningham

Awesome. Always adding new puzzles. Easy to use. Beautiful colors. Simply amazing.

Jess Mocahbee

Awesome I've played a lot of these games and this one is the best by far

Kathy Smallwood

Great game This is the best game of its kind I've played so far. I love that the colors are automatically blended as opposed to other sites / games where the color placements are confusing.

Michael Thajer

A wild swastika appears The game is fun if you get to play between all the ads. The swastika on Set 15 (I think) is a little reminder of WW2. I did nazi that comming

Nathan Day

Ads Too many ads other than that a fun time killer

ForcedBy Playstore

Good I like version of the game only thing is get rid of the pop-up ads, already have onscreen ones. The pop-up ones and the ones you have to wait to close are awful. I will never purchase anything they advertise solely because of how annoying they are. Or have a cheap as free version. If it wasn't for that you'd get 5 stars. Completely ruins the experience.

Maggie Wade

Hate update! Liked the old version. Lost all previous progress. New puzzles suck, graphics are horrible. Never should of changed like they did. Give us back the old format with new puzzles with the old graphics that actually look like something. And bring the colors back!!!!

Angelica Lawrence

New update Smaller grid size, bad graphics, lost progress, glitchy. Need the old format back with new puzzles. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

Lima November

GLITCHY way to glitchy. My progress does not get saved. Game is always crashing.

Mary Buchanan

Really wished i wouldn't have updated.... I really loved this game....but i made the dumb mistake of updating it...honestly i wish i could undo that decision and get the old layout back. I almost want to delete this game now which is really depressing.


Recent update - BIG MISTAKE All the pics I did GONE! And I don't like the new look. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. What was wrong with the old one?

Sang M. Lim

So much better now! Love it. Need more big puzzles!

Rebecca Becker

Go back Thus game was wonderful until the update last night. It won't let me select a game to play anymore. I am about to remove it.

Anna Huggins

Hate it I loved this game, played it daily, now I can't stand it, the new version sucks, all my progress, GONE, so disappointed. You can tell what is check and what isn't. The new graphics are horrible. Bring back the older version.

Michelle Leckenby

Last update Used to love this game and played it a lot now I don't like it at all, hate the new look of it

Davalynn Towell

Garbage It used to be nice, but not anymore. It was much better before

Sophia D

Latest update This game was one I was eager to complete. I like that there are new levels, however the game is no longer one I will use as the new layout is terrible. Not happy at all! Please change it back.

Dani Cohen

Bad update The new layout is horrible. The game was better before.

Cleo Mouri

Terrible update. This is usually my go to game when I have trouble sleeping. Not Anymore! The latest update is horrific! The color scheme is atrocious and makes it incredibly difficult to tell what's been checked and what's not. The previous interface was simple and clean and easy to use. On top of this they also reduced they number of mistakes you can make before that frame closes. Also competition mode gone;though it never worked anyway. PLEASE put it back the way it was. I can't play it with this terrible UI.

Kira Stahl

I hate the new version It's more strict I don't like the layout and I don't like being told I'm a failure

Cheri Griffin

This game was a blast until you changed it. I would have given it 5 stars until you screwed with it. Now it's almost two stars. If there were a 1 1/2 stars that's the true rating.

Tiffany Perzee

Please go back to other set up. I'm not impressed with the update, at all. This was my favorite game and now it's not. Please fix this. Not happy at all.

Lisa-Jayne Smith

New update has ruined app Please go back to the old set up. This new update is ugly and harder to use! I HATE IT!! Going to stop using this app now. ?

Camille Sta. Ana

Hate d update! Cant play with out interent connection! I used to play for hours every day! Haaaay... uninstall

Khalik Dorsett

Game crashes after update This was my favorite game before the update. But now it tends to crash and freeze most of the time. At best, I can play two puzzles before it fails and I have to restart the app. It's ridiculous.

Maria Tsaur

New look is awful Please go back....I hate hate hate this....argh. I can't play my favorite game :(

Virginia Martinez

Horrible update! This was my favorite game until the recent update. Now I can't stand it and if it doesn't change back soon I am going to delete the game from my system. Very sad about this new change.

Alison Dickson

Used to be the best Have gone from 5 stars to 2 stars. Give us back the old interface this is confusing so much harder to play return it to what we had and I will give 5 stars again

Kaia Mac

I hate it now This game was my favorite until your update... I like the old version better

Mandy Delaforce

Doesn't work without Internet. What did you do? ?! I don't have Internet on my tablet and if something doesn't work without it - out it goes. Fix it Pronto.

Shannon Schroeter

Cruddy now!! please go back to before this update!!

Mary Vanston

Picross D Update was awfully. Game crashes all the time.

Adam Lesniak

New version terrible Used to love this game, mainly for the clear layout and design. Hate the new version. Why change something that was already good? New design is confusing and makes it more difficult to see filled in lines. Rubbish. Can I get the old version back please??

Cassandra O'Mara

Terrible update I love this game but the new update is terrible. It's now overly complicated and I can't actuality get the puzzles to load properly. I wish I could install the old version. Please fix this soon or I'll just have to delete it.

Joanie St. Laurent

Wish I could uninstall the upgrade! This game was great until you updated it!!! It's way over complicated now.

Linda Helser

I used to love this app. Now it sucks. I can't make it work. It looks terrible and is way too confusing for me. I want the old version back.


I rated it 5 before It used to have a much better and clearer design. You could see where you were working toward and unlocked bits as you went. Now it isn't as asthetically pleasing or fun. And the first try there was a 5 3 line and it said I was wrong and left only enough space for 5 2 ... If there's a way to backdate to the old version imma do that now

Kat simkins

Used to be the best picross app around the new update has ruined it for me can't even play it anymore

Samsung Tablet

Competition mode Can't connect to server, it says "disconnected server, restart" Haven't been able to play since June '15. Should be removed, from google appstore. Deleting, they won't fix it . I've sent emails to the engineer, and the owner.

Steven-paul Strawhorn

Useless No point downloading, ads at bottom of game play cover the buttons which you need to switch between a good square and a cross

Abigail Le

I don't like that it says FAILURE when you don't pass it

Jess Edwards

Great game. Very addictive.

Ethan List

Most addicting game ever Never before has a game consumed so many hours of my life (in a good way). Most people who see me play it don't understand what I find enjoyable about it, and I honestly can't put my finger on it either. All I know is that they have crafted the perfect game and I enjoy playing it so much!

Sang M. Lim

More puzzles! When are you gonna add more big puzzles!

Lisa-Jayne Smith

New update has ruined app Please go back to the old set up. This new update is ugly and harder to use! I HATE IT!! Going to stop using this app now. ?

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