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9 Jun
Pico Pets - Monster Battle

Posted by Tapps - Top Apps and Games in Role Playing | June 9, 2016 | 137 Comments

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Become the greatest monster tamer of all times in Pico Pets! Build your team of monsters and go on an adventure to battle, capture and tame all the wild creatures of a world full of magic and surprises.

In a world where people and fantastic creatures live together, only one person is destined to be the great master of the Pico Pets. Search through every continent of Pico Planet capturing all the species and revealing them to the world.

Face and battle monsters of Earth, Fire, Plant, Water and Ice in a quest across four continents and the final Challenge Tower. Think your strategy and evolve your battle tactics to beat and collect all the Pico Pets.

Build up the best team you can to finally capture all five legendary Pico Pets -- the elemental beasts -- and become the great Pico Pets master.

• Over 50 unique monsters plus their SHINY species to battle and collect
• 5 LEGENDARY Pico Pets
• Four continents and the final Challenge Tower to EXPLORE
• Simple yet exciting and addictive gameplay
• An awesome revision of the monster-collecting RPG genre

An epic journey awaits you in Pico Pets. Are you up to the challenge?

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Tapps - Top Apps and Games part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 9, 2016. Google play rating is 81.9313. Current verison is 1.0.5. Actual size 28.0 MB.

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Rylan Diaz

Its so hard and I want more Really nice game but its so hard to defeat and to capture pets and I wish I could feed them please fix it before I uninstall it ...ty

Lindsey Price

AWESOME I love this game soooooo much!!! You should definitely get this game it is perfect for waisting extra time and is a great boredom busters. I hope you enjoyed this game as well. Thank you for your time. :)

star fire R

Kawaii OK so u look at the cover of this game like wow this must be like Pokemon ...lame but..when u really install it it's so fun and cut like when u get the snail he's a lollipop ! WHO CAN SAY NO TO CANDY SNAILS !!!

Kimcy Kim

Best best rpg game This is a cute masterpiece definitely worth 5 stars. I also have suggestions for a update, I think the game should have a arena where you can verse other people around the world and limited event islands where you can fight and catch rare and new monsters.

Pablo Taffanelli

Love it The animals are the cutest thing ever! And I just love that snowy owl:)

Autumn Stokes

Rate I love this game when I get bored I just tap this game and suddenly I'm not even bored anymore?????

Laksmi Manaol

Great So fun,I wish they create games like these it's real fun play it I suggest it will be great if it has an evolve function pleeeeese it will be more fun

William Vogt Jr.

.....awesome! Man this is the best game ever I played I love battle monster games it's so cool you can get new monster by tapping the coin button when you want to capture when other games you have to hope you catch it so awesome

Howl Loud/ Kaylie

FIGHTS I really wasn't in to games like poèkemon and other games like that but now I love them -------------------------------- oh yeah veiwers play this game plz

Jordan Renee

I love this app but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the coins are for. Can anyone tell me??

John Tabin

Fun and enjoyable if you're looking for a casual yet exciting game to play, I highly recommend this one.

Gummy Puss

LOVE I love this game it is awesome. I love how cute the animals are even though not very experienced I still love it.

Malena Baffo

Omg so Kawaii I said to myself "if i don't get this game my life will not be complete!" Good job

Benjie Vianzon

Ads I would give you 5 stars but many ads pops every time I play

Jade Blackmore

Amazing! I got this game on my kindle last night and couldn't get off it, so I decided to install it on my phone. I do highly suggest the is game because it's so fun :-)

Sara Putnam

GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The battles are awesome so many monsters that are so cute and great cartoon graphics

fero escabas

To lissete crowder (the one who hates pico pets) Its very easy and I am level ten in the forest

Angie Martinez

OMG awesome This game is kind of like pokemon lol but it's really cute and the quality is AWESOME.

Con Mega Mewtwo Mega Lucario

Good game... Awesome game, but if you would make it a 50-50% chance to catch one of em pets I would give 1 star... Why you ask? ........... Because, 5 stars from before + 1 extra star, makes,.... A Total of 6 stars... He he.....

Alliyah Sample

Cute and fun It is adorable animals going against each other. So fun

Steve Rolt

Great game Cool battles and monsters but I wish there was less ads. :)~

Kaleah Felan

Omg!! Can't stop playing!! I wanted a pokemon game but I couldent find one and now! These r like pokemon but cuter!!!!!!!

Katherine Jones

Pico pets Omg soooo much fun. Got to get really exited to defeat my enemies and say YES I GOT IT!!!

Christopher Kane

Cutest game ever So cute thats all im saying

Shawn Hiscox

Pico PETS is DA best GAM ever do like these pets are so ******* cute

Jessica Powell

get it this game is the best so stop reading this and GET IT

Ginger #PixelPig

Awsome! This game is addicting and is also like pokemon

Spirit the Nature dragon

So cute and awesome! The art style is so cute and the gameplay is really fun!

Nicoleen Tedja

REALLY AMAZING The characters are really cute and they when they figh, they move in a cute way. BUT PLEASE LOWER THE PRICES DOWN PLEASE !!!!!!!!

Chai Elfin

Good But it will be more fun if the creatures can be evolved and become stronger...

kayode ibrahim

Its OK Its an OK game nice graphics and gameplay ain't bad

TheRobots Willdeystroyusall

Best game ever!!!!!! I LOVED IT. It has so many good things about it

Carla Jimenez

So kawaii! ? It is amazing the graphics are great I recommend you anyone who is a sucker for Pokemon. ↖(^ω^)↗

Ann and Ella Kennedy

Love it Cute pets, but obviously another of the few hundred copies of Pokemon. Still cool!

mohdfazrul azlan

Super cute game! Love it! Though Im waste up my time for this game ??

carlos popoca

Ok but The creatures should gain experience with every battle won but they don't they stay with the exact same attack power so I wouln't recommend this game... uninstalled

joy andres

too cute so cute the best game ever....... the best game forever and eveeeeeeeerrrrrrr

Claira Taylor

Awesome It's worth the room. get it now.

Johenz Hernandez

Awsome Please in the next update let the evolve plsss...

Daniel Banks

Good This is one of my favorite time wasters.

Sim The Panda

Wow I was like cool game and didn't even need internet then I couldn't even upgrade my monsters or beat 1 level so ugh

Red Sparkfly

Love It Cute Game And Cute Monsters But Please Upgrade The Place Where We Adventure Its A Little Dull But AWESOME GAME

Nhagel Padolina

Awesome Awesome game and no data and cute little pets and suppose. excellent game,fun game,exciting game and greatest game in the whole world

Anna Smith

Best game ever! Love it! It was awesome and super cute.

Gerry Gahr

Very fun! I've never been good at Pokemon but I can actually play this game! I recommend this game to smaller children but even though I'm 15, I still love this game!

Emer O Donovan

Omg I love this game its awesome i have been looking for a good pokèmon game for WEEKS and now i think I've found it. Whenever im looking for a certain game Tapps games have it you guys are awesome your games are always nice and cartoony once again you guys delivered if google made it so you could follow developers and get sent a notification you guys would be the first people i would follow?

Felicity Roach

It's like pokemon LOL! Just like POKEMON!!! =-O #I actually haven't played it yet I will in a few minutes overall just like Pokemon. LOL!

Tara Lee

This is a really good game I love how you can collect monsters and battle them. I chose frosbit as my starter and I caught budily and fyro. I also love the idea of shinies. I have shiny fyro, frosbit, roundino, terruga, guaraneye, hornoo, cactur and artsee. How many other shinies are there? Also do you have to buy the ledgendaries or can you catch them. And as for the people who want to know what coins are for, at the end of a battle you use them to increase your chances of catching a monster

rayden côté-barnwell

loved it has adorable monsters that can fight. BEST GAME EVER!!!

Jennifer English

MY DAUGHTER LOVES IT but................. MY DAUGHTER LOVES this game but... I payed 1.99 for my daughter to continue a battle to save the pets she captured and then she exit out of the game went back in a couple minutes later and the pets were GONE!!!!!! Total rip off. But other than that it's a great game.

Jared Reeves

It's really cute When I First started I was like omg

Rita R

So cute All the animals are super cute #you can get shiny pets!!;)

ashley wang

Tough game there. This game is great. (And lag.) But it's extremely hard in my opinion. Reviving costs 20 gems and capture rate is very low. This game is strategy rather than "tap and repeat"....Very good anyway.

Miguel Weir

Loved it Automatic three stars this reminds me of pokemon!

Tan Ken Lok

Bland Imagine pokemon without levels or different move powers but just plain stats.Now take away All of the RNG aspects of the game.You get this add filled game. The monsters are cute tho.

jaidalee t

adorably deadly thay r so adorable i just want to squeeze them and there deadly to witch make this the perfict game for me!

Renz Capili

Best game! This game is best.If only the monsters could evolve that would be awesome.

muhd azhar

Advanture and action game that can spend my time and for me, it is the best of offline game

Theresa Friolo

Josh love games It is realy fun , the gane does not need wifi and it is good for kids and adults

Carla Rene Patacsil

Super cute and easy to play.. hope someday that my pets can get level up... =3,

one kid world 333

I heard great comments for the game. To bad I can't play right now. Hehe

John Zander Remillete

Super easy It's just super easy to play but there are many cute monster

Kaitlyn Liepert

So awesome I LOVE this game so cute and like Pokémon but better

Ryann Kaplan

Omg cuties! Such cute monsters I love them all!

Kylee Cannon

Awsome kawaiiness Super cute do not underestimate this game ITS AWSOME

Charlie Shacklefoot

Almost I think it would be better if you could evolve them please think about it

Kimsirc Maning

I dont know what the gems are for What are gems are for

David Peachey

Why Coins? In this game there are absolutely no reason for coins and gems! But this game is a really good game and the best game I could make is the blank screen game where you just stare at a black screen!

Sean Lyone Tiong

Awesome Even Tho Its Short Its Still Amazing

Jacob Ritchhart

Pico pets-monster battle It is a cool game

Kylle Adrianne Llaneta

So Kawaii!! I really love it! It's really cute and easy to play. I hope that someday my pets will get an evolution.

Angel Galvan

Its fun Just make the teams be bigger like 4 or 5

Moises Trujillo

Ideas for a update Have Armor For pets like dis to agree

Milena Rodrigues

I'm starting it I hope its cute and fighting

ghostly shadow

To good to be true I fell like I'm alive again and this is a want no a need for this game so get and love it like I did

A Google User

lol so good and cute please update

erika ramirez

Game lover My tipe of game


I love these type of games

Adrin Nunley

Wow This a total game of awesomeness thanks ???????

Asuna yukki

This game is fun :)

Heena Kanakia

Pico pets It was a fun game and very easy to play u shd download its nice

Francisco De La Cruz

It's a good game

Megan Moran

I love this game.

Luis Piodo

Keep it up! I like this game.It's fun.So keep it up ok!

Isaac Lopez

The best????? This game is fun ???. The first minuet I played it I got ubsest

albert abero

Pick pets It is so cool and cute

Kylee Cannon

Awsome kawaiiness Super cute do not underestimate this game ITS AWSOME... although it would be nice to add evolutions to the pets...

Kimberly Garza

Grandkids love! Just wish we could read a little bit about each monster

Saint Jay

Oversimplified. Makes for a great childs game but not much more

Gaby Christianita

Hi I'm Gaby I love it so much I love it it's so cute

jookheng Ker

Like pokemon but more like a guessing game You have to pick a starter pico pet and you have to guess the order of the opponents special at, df and charge.

ojni ojni

It'll be awesome if it had also pvp Pvp hope for next update keeps crashing fix it

Thundertail SoR

Collect, trai-... Wait. Okay, there IS collecting, but where does the training come in? The creatures are cute, but I can't find it addicting. I love the battle system, though! 3 stars for visual appeal and mechanics, but also for lack of replay value.

Julia Halsey

Adorable! This game is sooooooo cute!

Syahir Amirul

Add more I hope that u can add many monsters and make them have evolving stages

Mila Abundo

Love So adorable especially the winter owl. Please update like for example we can take care of pets to be ready for battle and add more worlds if you can. I love it

Rainbow Bob

Really cool It's super awesome but maybe evolutions would be cool?

Chris Dixson

Fun Its simple and very addictive!!

Kajalben Nariya

Nice but Nice but we can't evolve pico monsters it is my problem i'm requesting update evolve system .

Mae Patricia

Nice It was very fun and challnging!!??

Garrett Dyer

Won't let me play. It freezes in the opening, I haven't even actually played, it looks cute though!

Ben Leighton

The best game ever ! It is the best game ever ! but , where is other pets on the Game?

Angelina Vasquez

COOL Awesome Sauce

Katelyn Boyette

So cute These animals are so cute!

Thomas Valdez

Cute and fun game.

Paris Coman

So cute I love pokemon and it's like that

Carlos pompa

Great I absolutely love this game

Aaron Jensen

Great Fun at all times

Alaina Holman

Awsome Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aiste Jonaityte

Loved it!!!? Really good but I really need a guide on what each enemy does in their go. But other than that it's great!!! If you add an guide app for the enemies I'll give you 5 stars! Thx✌

Rachel Suss

Add more to it? It's good but add a bit of like taking care of the pets or something

BruGaming Bru

Love it The game is fun and relaxing. Offline and has a good fighting system. Must download this game

Tristan Morente

Cute monsters I like this game.. I like the way they fight. The reason why i didn't give it a 5 star because, as i play it and play.. It seems to be boring.

Rovey Yumang

Cooooooool and cute. It's really cute and fun and also a good time killer.

Shafiq Anwar

What the heck ? It's fine without no evolving and it's adorable but the snow owl's name is changed in the replay it said frost owl but in my game it says Glaci owl. How?

Mila Abundo

Well... At first I thought it was fun but not that it's getting harder it gets soooooo boring so I'm going to uninstall it now sorry :(

Rachel Ivers

Awesome game!!!! It's sooooooo great. A total time waster and super fun but you need to have strategy??

Andres Guerrero

Cute This game has lots of cute and adorable pets

sabinah rosun

IT SUPER AWESOME!!!!but add legendary and the monster evoling evolutions

Cecilia Rucker

AWESOME Download the game its sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun

Mister Tfm

Just awesome <3

Peter Lee 7744

Pico pet Very fun

Denisse Garcia

Denisse This game is fun and cute

Antonio Williams

I love ice and water types I think this wolves I think this thing tastes like a penguin advice

Mettaton Neo And W.D Gaster

Pico PAWESOMENESS!! This is a really ? cool ? game i ? love it! Tapps make a Pico Pets 2!!

Nina Dooka


Phoenix Flyer

The popularity My family plays it a lot and they say it's amazing. The reason I didn't give 5 stars is because after you play all the way through it gets boring

Cutely challenging Sooooooooo cute the animals are cute and the fights are challenging it makes it a good game i give it five stars

nadia iswara

IS SO HARD AND SO CUTE i almost get the rare one but is hard but all the monster so cute...leave 5 star ok peace out

Matthew Gavillet

Cute and fun This game is pretty fun and the cute monsters make it derpy and funny

Miss Parker

SO KIWAI Love game among feed breed battle love game

Lahz Generoso

Love I loved this game

philip lawlor

Great game It is an awesome game so GET IT !!!! ?

Cool.....but Tooooooo many addddddddssssss


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