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31 Mar

Posted by Digital Property Buyers LLC in Simulation | March 31, 2016 | 151 Comments

Apk file size: 20.0 MB

Pickaxe is a free mining game where you have to keep mining until your fingers numb out, tapping your screen in a exciting quest to find the most rare and expensive elements in the universe. All you have to do is just keep tapping your fingers and go deeper and deeper into the rocks. But it’s not just to test your fingers but the actual purpose of this mining is even bigger than what Gold diggers die for. You’ll find some of the rarest and most exciting elements of this whole universe. So expect something that you can’t imagine or define exactly.

It’s obvious that the more power you put in, the more will be the damage. But a lot depends upon your tool as well. If your pickaxe isn’t strong enough or has a blunt edge, how can you expect it to break the hardest materials in a single shot! As you dig deep into the stones, you’ll find coins and diamonds. You can use these coins to upgrade your tools. You can forge new tools using the resources such as Blacksmith and the more coins you have, the better is the Blacksmith to carve out more powerful tools. You can use these coins to upgrade your Perfect Forge Probability as well. There are many more upgrades available in the shop and they determine the distance you’ll travel below the surface of Earth.

Pixel Art has been used to design the graphics for this game. Though it doesn’t match the sharpness and High Definition finishing of the present age games, it’s a unique experience when you play such an adventurous game on an old platform. So in this case, the wine is new but the glasses are old and it tastes better this way.

Pickaxe is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.

You have to download and play because:

- It's Free
- This game is really easy to play, you can control the entire game using only one finger.
- Support 4 languages (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese).
- Extremely addictive and easy to pick-up gameplay.
- Lots of hours of fun.
- Yes, it's free!
- Pixel art graphics and friendly user interface.
- Dynamic sound and music.
- Mine different ores and gems and be a blacksmith to forge perfect pickaxes.
- Trophys: Rock, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.
- You can craft 50+ types of pickaxes.
- The best part? It’s completely free!

Yes, it’s easy to play, just tap your phone to mine the rocks in the search of the most exciting elements in the universe. Accumulate resources and use them wisely in other to acquire more efficient tools.

Will you become the greatest virtual miner in this galaxy? Prove yourself and start playing Pickaxe.

Whats new

    - Bugs fixed.

Digital Property Buyers LLC part of our Simulation and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update March 31, 2016. Google play rating is 85.4918. Current verison is 3.2.1. Actual size 20.0 MB.

Download pickaxe.apk 20.0 MB



Great game Beautiful graphics great gameplay loads of fun if you enjoy clickerupgrade games

Nathan Whittemore

Amazing I loved it. Not a single flaw in sight. I love it especially when I get a HUGE increase in the power.

Ben H.

Ok, but you ran outta videos to get diampnds I would give 5 stars otherwise.

Juan Pagan

To many ads and not enough videos Hate ads just pop up while tapping the game.

Lucas McIver

Good game It is so boring but fun

Zac Ibbeson

Fun Love the game adds always pop up in the middle of tapping though please sort that out soon but except for that minor problem its EPIC :-)

Chance Moriniti

AMAZING This game is perfect You don't need internet so you can play anywhere. And each time you mine a ore in the game you get a new one. In my opinion next gen cookie clicker.

Anthony Blair

Awesome but why can't it find a ad for me diamonds

Mitchell Simons

Good game but... I hate how when you tap for awhile an add pops up in the middle of the screen

Jadon Martin

I don't under stand it goes to hard to easy because glass is easy to mine and a rock is hard.

Azariah Halley

NOW THAT I RATED I cant open fix please

Caleb Stephenson

Its pretty good The only bad part is u need diamonds and diamonds are hard to get

Eugene Allen Atienza

How would you cut an atom and a blackhole??

Jacob Coffee

Pretty good But you should be able to see how powerful each upgrade is

Michai G

Awsome Amazing but plz make hold controls and I'll r8 5

Keifer Moses

Adictive It is so fun

Aj Hambley

Nice I like it I very much like it

Christopher Espinoza

Best game ever I think this is the best game ever because it actually puts together a clicker game and a mining game!!!:)

Jaxon Tarver

IT Is Fine This Game is pretty k

Rodrigo Pompa

Why No Diemonds Dammit Why

Vic Flores

Loved the types of picks

dylan crockett

It is quite fun It is quite fun if you enjoy games like it

aj olivas


Sebastian Fortuno

It saved Awsome every day i ran out of vids tomardow there are available vids thx

Cameron Brown

Good but... Good but need to earn diamonds easyer plz

Clonep Pro

Okay Don't show how to make good pick

Lalo Rangel

Did for the pick only

Alberto Placencia Lopez

Pickaxe This game is vary fun and I can play it where I have time or when it is alowed

Zachary Wand

Lol awesome This is ultra awesome but not better then pickcrafter

Никита Казанцев

$uper! Very interesting game! I spend 2 weeks for play!

TehEpicViper Will

Better than Cookie Clicker! I love gems,rocks, and ores plus cookie clicker. When I found this game it was sooo much fun! If you want a fun cokie clicker-like game, take it from this 14 year-old!

Giovanni Herrara

Awesome game! Even though I've only been playing this for like 10 min I still love it!

levi parker

Pickaxe This good is better than clicker but not better than minecraft

Ryan G

Cookie clicker is way better This is fun but Cookie clicker is better. I do not know how its good graphics

Haydyn Poquette

Better Then Cookie Clicker And Make it Rain 2

Adam Cyr

1 star for now Ads are crazy, I'll be clicking and the add pops up so fast that I keep clicking it that's dumb. You just want extra money fix that and you will get 5 stars! Besides that I love the game!

Mari tza

Awsome I did not know you can craft:)

Mark Rybakov

Fun Its fun for a while when your waiting for something. Some things don't make sense like mining stone but not glass?

Connor Johnson

Great game Even when i first saw it i thought it was good

Matt Leonard

Pretty good. Only good for if you have time to spare

kyle carr

Cool It's like idle mine but better!

Diosbel Hernandez

No Fair Deleates my progress every once of a while

jamie crispe

Fun game Very good time waster

Andrea Blowers

Epic bge Best game ever Better than cookie clicker

Donovan Sanders

Wtf?!! Bro i was literally playing 2 hours ago and when i play again? ALL MY STUFF GETS RESET! WHAT??? bs for real!

Eliyahu Beyo

Who hoo This is awsome


I KEEP GETTING BAD FORGES!!!!! Every time I forge something it gives me a bad one!!!

Connor Johnson

wow so addictive if you could add a enchant that gives you a more chance to get diamonds that will be great

James Seifert

I don't know how to switch between pickaxes Some one please tell me how to switch pickaxes

Aaron perez

I can't even open the game It looks so cool but I can't play

C Richard

Good game Good game but WAY too many ads.

Cory Neal

Day 1 was perfect. day 2 it reset it self. :(

Max Pearson

I can't even open the game It looks like a amazing game but I can't open it I'll give it a 5 star rating once you fix it


LOVE IT!!!!!! Its awesome! I wish there could be enchants on whatever pick you have

Ryan Dutcher

Nice Great game when you know how to play

Ao Oni

Black screen of death screen is just a black screen when I have a 16 Gigabits tablet

Maxim Zghibart

Same...can't open the game

Blake Bengtson

5 star if there were less ads

Vedran Marinovic

Order doesnt make sense Like how is glass harder than anything before it, stone and rock is the same thing btw. And there are a lot more problems in the order. Plz fix it

Jane Del Bosque

Great game Very fun.

francisco hernandez

Pickaxe I like how hard I mine

Jordan .Williams

Needs better chances. It's really good but it needs better chances for better picks.

Chase Baker

Super awesome

Jimmy Marteney

Pixaxe Its the best

Mangle The Kawaii Gamer Pirate FoxTM

Pretty Great Actually Fun.

Nicole Crissey

so cool awsome

Jodi Toebe

Good Awsome

Austin Manley

Needs It needs a lazer picax

J Jay

ads ads ads would give negative stars if possible, you are tapping away theen an add pops up and forces you to open it. they should remove this app at once

Casluim Aquino

Great. Update: Bug fix = game fix. 5 stars for fixing those fatal flaw bugs.


Its good and better I like this and its well made and like a game called mine clicker check that out its a great game.

Tony mcaleney

Great Awesssssommmmeee

Jack Butterface The Brony

Addicting This game is fun, it can be a bit hard at times, but then it gets easy, this game was well thought out too...

Dejvid Maksimovski

Great game This is the best game you should play it!


Good game This is a good game u should get it

colton bryant

Addicting The game itself is very addicting. When I first saw it I was like, "Oh. Another ripoff game. Let's try it!" First 5 minutes and I was hooked on it. Definitely a game to pass the time with.

theamazingminer 6075

Cool game just one thing... This is an awsome game, one of the best games to do with money I've ever played on but to make it not so hard I would make an update where there is an upgrade for an offline earner. Just so you don't need to tap for money ALL the time... just a suggestion! :D

Darren Maggs

Good idea poorly executed I have played a lot of tap games. This one has promise but it's missing a lot of useful features like offline clicking and more descriptive upgrades. Also the ads are obnoxious and exploitative.

BE Francis

Good Good game great upgrade system but the power system make it better plz

Jake Martin

Ads The game itself it repetitive and boring, and to top it all off, they is an ad, every 5min (atleast) that pops up in the middle of your screen while tapping. I advise people to not even bother with this game, as the creators only care about the money they gain.

Rob S

Has potential Not bad but for some reason my games don't save. I've had the game for about a day and when I load it after not playing for a few hours, im back to the beginning. The game isnt saving my progress. Im not clearing the cache or data or anything that would cause it to restart.

Mark C Lucas

Spend time clicking adds Silly game design. Clicking gets you to click on adds. One of the few games I regret downloaded. Save your time, nothing good about this game, unless you want to spend time clicking adds while playing game.

Chris Macolley

I would love the game and five star it, if you would remove the pop up ads that I swear pop-up every five minutes which is very annoying , if this is changed I will definitely be happy

Maxmilian Arya Purwacaraka

Yeah Great time spender... add features like offline mining please so that we can mine without opening the app...

the darths

It's awesome I've been playing for about 20 minates and I can't seem to get many dimonds

Dave Gard

To many advertisements I like how the game is set up but I click the ores fast and a ad pops up and I click it and pops up to many times. Also it crashes on my RCA tablet.

Ania Morejon

Ugh I like its just that each time i do lt like 14 times the craft pickaxe i with my diamonds it isn't. Working so i can mine stone

Gareth Smith

Fun game But the stupid adds always load up when you're tapping so you always click on them and it makes my phone lag or crash :/

Trent Kadelak

I made it to brick lvl 2 I played this game for two days just to find that the 75 resource was brick lvl 2, I was hoping to see diamond but it just practically reset by adding a lvl 2 to everything and I asume once u get through all 74 of those there will be a lvl 3 brick. Basically they could have been more creative as to what happens next.

Blake Aupouri-Ferrier

This is the greatest taping game I have ever found its great but the only thing is that it takes along long long long time I've been playing this game for 6 months and I just got pass antimatter hole that's where I got to so makes some upgrades with less coins and diamonds plz please

XxOtaku GamerxX

Its really addictive I cant stop playing it

Cameron Blaisure

Amazing I love the fact that my brother and I can see who can get the farther the fastest.

Dylan Gallop

Awsome Its an awsome game but needs to get rid of some glitches like the blackness apering and the diamond ad not loading


Its ok Eh I hate how when u upgrade ur pick there is a rare chance of it upgrading

ThePandiestAndOnly `

Really amazing I tried it for an hour and it is really awesome and really amazing. I recommend this to people who love tapping constantly, but if you want a break, let the auto tapper take control.

Daniel Gil

Addicting and time wasting It's a good game to keep you occupied when you're bored

Shadow Wolf

Not bad Not bad but the chance of getting diamonds are really low :(

Maxim Zghibart

update please not bad at graphics...but,i wish there can be an update please about getting 5 diamonds instead of 3 because im not very lucky at getting better pickaxes.

Raddek Armitage

Epic I am getting to the top on the is so chilling.I do like 10bil d

Bayley Merritt

Really!?!? Pop up ads in a clicker game? just have a ad banner or something this is just stupid.

Blake Bailey

My first day of playing the game and I got a pic with 296 power from my first dimond

lolybitch Fernandez

Its epic There are a lot of ores.But I'm only up to alien stone.BUT THIS GAME IS F****** AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


Cant reset game I made a mistake and i couldnt undo it so i tried reseting the game but it didnt work

Benjamin Mailloux

Addictive Really fun and addiction

Heath Raga

Interesting Very interesting, fun, addictive. Good work

Kaur kööbi

Norm Only cause of tht pickax

Hunter Arnould

Awesome Awesome if you like clicker games

Alex Hammond

I LOVE THIS GAME Do more awesome games plzzz!!


Great game It's a fun time killer, takes time to build up. Fun when your bored


Soooo funnnnnn This game is best lol eZ

Donald Forbes

Full screen pop up ads ruin A standard clicker game. For something like this banner ads would have been more suitable.

Joanne Hughes

It was fun Its nt thebest clicker game ever but I liked it if u like ths game then try out pick crafter and adventure capitalist there really fun games with money adventure capitalist u can get over septillion and vigintlion

Edi m

PickAxe Good game. Please remove ads. :-)

X Pimpin

GREATEST GAME You can burn some time playing this

Venonouse Bullet

Fun Pretty fun game, but a tutorial would've been nice.. Also, I don't see how the game is challenging! You tap the screen in the same spot over and over again ... That's not challenging!! Also, ads just pop up! At least make them come up when we stop tapping, please

Samuel Perez

Pretty good but a major problem This game is amazing as it is simple and addicting but the problem is there is so many ads and it drives me nuts but beside that it is an amazing game

Ben Fairly

Fun Really good to play if bored or get addicted quick


Best clicker 10/10 Ever since i played campaign clicker ive been playin other clickers i came across a game called pickaxe and decided to play it was the best game yet


It's just an added gimik Constantly puts full screen ads over a game that requires rapid tapping. Otherwise would rate higher

Callim Palliser

:) yey the update you did it Thank you for the awesome game and the update. I cant beleve you took the time and effort to make this game

Josh Ville

Good but repitive It's a good game and pretty addictive but it can get very boring and repitive

Paul Hance

Interesting Its very interesting the way you get pickaxes and diamonds. I hope there will be an update where there's other ores needed.


Too many pop-ups Its a fun game, but it's ruined by the ads that will pop up while you are tapping.

Liam L

All progress deleted I must have spent hours on this game and I just opened it and all my progress was gone. No way I'm doing all that again

peter cetner

You must turn WiFi off If you don't the ads pop up so fast when you are tapping that you tap the ads

Dus Tin

Poor ad placement Ads pop up in the middle of tapping making it take the tap on the ad and open it's link.

Maxim Zghibart

update please not bad at graphics...but,i wish there can be an update please about getting 5 diamonds instead of 3 because im not very lucky at getting better pickaxes.but wtf i lost all my add some sounds.oh there were sounds i forgot i just mute the gameXD.


Good so far Ill place a better rating when I get farther

the best of the best

So asome This is so cool because I got so many picaxe

Kole Azevedo

Ads! Every few minutes an ad pops up and takes me to the app store stopping my game play.

spenser vance

It's good but It's very fun and addicting but when you fabricate new picks if you have a legendary one and it has only 56 power but 75 dmg to the rock it could get replaced by another 56 with only 35 dmg. That part needs to be fixed or take out pick power all together and just leave damage

Daniel Mcintosh

Great game Only downside is the annoying ads that keep popping up every so often and can ruin the game as you end up tapping the ad and it takes you away from the game so if you can switch on flight mode before you play no ads should popup (works on my s4)...overall it is a good game to keep you occupied for hours, just sort out those ads and you will find more people will complain less.

Gabe W

Y IS THIS GAME SO COOL AND ADDICTING? This game is so cool and addicting. Anyone who rated this game under 4 stars is weird. I love it. BTW if you rated under 4 stars because it won't work for you for some reason, you're not weird. Lolz.

Jacob Seabolt

Way too many ads You are just tapping away on this app, then Boom an ad pops up but you cant stop your finger from tapping fast enough so you go to the ad unwillingly. This happens every 5 minutes. Plz do not add more ads

Sam Ruggerio

Pretty good Overall good app, diamond rates can get pretty slow at times. Small annoyance is that you start tapping so fast, then an ad pops up and you click on it. Small spelling error: For copper pickaxe, it was spelled as cooper pickaxe. Be careful.

Tyler Rolfe

It looked good but It reset everything when I came out of the app I hade bought the perfect pick and removed ads and half an hour later I went back on and they had gone I want this fixed and my stuff back then it will be 4 to 5 star

Leanne Messenger

Good game Right now I'm addicted to clicker games and this is a very good one. A tutorial would be nice But still it's quite an easy game to get used to. It's hard to get diamonds and it's pretty repetitive.

Andrew Chisum

Ads too often I'd be fine with banner ads, but no, this game uses full screen ads randomly while you play, did I mention it's a tapping game? So those ads make the gameplay choppy and sometimes result in you accidentally clicking the ad, making you leave the game

Stationary X

Game is meh but what really annoyed me Is the fact that these devs put adds that randomly pop up on a game thats made for clicking really fast... just shady and greedy, it really ruined the game.

Matthew Payne

Good game But its stupid that i am tapping,then an ad pops up and i tap it even though i dont want to.fix that and make more upgrades then i will rate it 5 star.


Wow love it All I think you need is diamond's are super rare and you need money to upgrade your pickaxe to make it mine quicker and youll waste your money on upgrading your pick so i suggest you make diamonds less rare because I've been playing it for 3 days and I'm only on windStone Thank You

Dakoda Burow

Was okay Started playing the game and was super fun at first. I paid to remove ads which clearly Devs made them pop up at most annoying times which is pretty money hungry but that is not why i stopped playing. All of my upgrades are at lvl 30 and i just spend a good 1000 Diamonds to get new pickaxe and every single one failed. And then i started to just try every 100 and still failed. Its a okay game but bored and annoyed easy especially if you do not want to pay for ads removed.

Nicholas Satterfield

Pretty fun twist on the clicker genre. I haven't reached any ending, but so far it has been a refreshing take on a stale genre. I'm only rating four stars however because of ads tending to appear as you are tapping and before you know it you've tapped on it.

Joshua Devoil

Not sure if this is a good way to pass the time I am so bored of it but there is nothing else to get that is to my liking

JanforBailey H

Nice game, but... Its a great game, but ads keep popping up while I'm clicking and it sends me to the app store mid game. Please do something to fix this if possible.

Toby Nicholson

It's fun to be played with.. and it is my stressed reliever when i get tired, bored and stress in school ..

Margi Cautherey

If you are not an offer to help you will have the same thing as too we have So the game kept bothering me to rait it so woohoo ya 5 stars lolol

Gamer 4321

The ad placement The ad placement is right were you need to tap and to make a ton of the currency in the game you need to tap a LOT I've already tap well over 2000 times and im still close to the starting stone this is the first time I've ever complained about ads in a game so that's saying you need to move the ad placement or at least something

the captive crew

Almost perfect! Its a bit glitchy, and if I try to upgrade my pickaxe, it wont let me and it eats my diamonds!

Gage R

Addictibg great game. Kinda repetative acter like an hour.

Richard Samwell

It's good You don't get diamonds all the time but I still like it ☺?????

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