Download Physics Land, The New Sandbox apk 2.9.6 free for Android smartphone

16 Dec
Physics Land, The New Sandbox

Posted by GlomCo in Casual | Dec. 16, 2013 | 40 Comments

Apk file size: 713.0 KB

This sandbox game is meant for the experts! In physics land you may build towering objects and such! The only limit is your imaginative capacity.

To move an object drag it around with your finger! Millions of combinations!
Made by Ben Kreger

Whats new

    -ported to mobile-
    1.Background block
    2.Block selection tool(Big black thing next to the down button)

GlomCo part of our Casual and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 16, 2013. Google play rating is 50.9091. Current verison is 2.9.6. Actual size 713.0 KB.

Download physics-land-the-new-sandbox.apk 713.0 KB


Vaughn Yankovic

Read this. And dont download! Let me get a few things clear about this game. There are no physics, the textures look like a 2 year old made them on paint, the "blocks" are static little rectangles that float, the game is 2D, and the developer made some fake accounts to rate his game 5 stars. If you want to read more: there are no oceans, the controls are terrible, the word "down" is spelled "doun", the developer replies to most comments like an angry 7 year old, and the game is terrible overall. I would write more but I ranOutOfRoom.

Martyn Britton

Garbage And haha. The dev made fake Google accounts just to give 5 stars to his app. This is how terrible it is. I'm gonna give 1 star on 100 accounts unless you u pay me

rock278 -

You may think 'What kind of a retard to rate this 5 *s?" Let me tell ye.. EDIT It's my pleasure to rant Glomco :) Okay, first of all, FAKE GOOGLE ACCOUNTS? Don't be stupid, this game was made for fun, yes it is a Gold star for effort game I agree but quit being a jerk about it, hate the game? Go away, as much as I love laughing at them you put a lot of effort into that 6 word post and its wasted, how would you feel if people criticized your game like 'grafics r horibl sound mixd st0ln frm gemes loks leik made by 4 yr oldd'? And some of your gramer is awful, so stop wasting minutes of your precious time reading this.

Mike Picard

The flow of emotion I apprehended this game with a bitter taste but as soon as I started exploring these wonderful landscape I could just think. Think about life life in its very simple form. All of the sudden I felt and shed a tear as of how this game was awesome. I surprised myself solving mysterious missing cargo flying in a sky ship that would make Skywalker jealous I even ended in what for my opinion is the most beautiful town ever made ''Ben town'' I wasted long hour gazing at the building for the top of the Ben empire building but its only at that moment that I realize : this is only a game... I felt sadness not a simple sadness but one of the kind that make you wanna burn your heart and peal your eyeball with a rusted knife I knew at that particular moment that I will never see the real definition of beauty... this game has changed me and it will change you swell this game deserve to be honored with the most distinguish honor a man could ,make this game is god

Glenn Asuncion

Uh.. what? (sorry for hating) what is this stuff? 1: the terrain looks like it's from Minecraft. 2: character's hat looks like Grunkle Stan's hat from Gravity Falls but no fez. 3: the art looks like it was made by some 2, 3 or a 4 year old. 4: WHY DO YOU HAVE DECOY ACCOUNTS TO RATE 5 STARS? seqw v (Clash Of Clans) signing off. P.S: Please do not say "DO NOT DOWNLOAD". He's just started Play Store life. P.S Update: Just Don't download. OK? P.S.S: SHUT UP STAN (smith), PLANT DUDE AND OTHER PEOPLE! YOU ALL SUCK EXCEPT HIS FAKE ACCOUNTS! IT'S HIS FIRST GAME! oh come on everyone! geez. don't download, and that's about that.

RSK - F2R2

LOVED IT This kind of RETARD. LOVE it . Its me the dev spamming to make a good rate :) No update til the next Armageddon

Nicholas Custer

Burn this game in hell Terrible graphics,unresponsive controls,and just plain bad! Did this take you 20 minutes to make!? Do NOT download this app! Umm.. Too late gleen. Makes a great baby game though....

Fred Smith

Is this supposed to be a joke bad design bad controls and all the 5 stars are fake accounts aren't they

Jon Cross

So fun Now the new version lets me add bricks. So fun. At first I thought this was limited...then I was able to build worlds, and explore other worlds. I might get fired from my job I use this so much.

Nils Gravelsins

Come on. ITS terrible. The graphics look like it was made by a four year. If you are gonna make a game don't make terrible graphics and don't use decoy accounts to rate it 5 star. (By the way their are such things as a decoy account)

Nick Camilo

Holy Sh!t I don't think I could design a more terrible game if I tried. I... honestly... how did y- did you pay your friends to leave positive comments? My mind is absolutely blown. I can't decide which is worse, the graphics... or the controls. Oh, or maybe the programming. Really- Wow.

tyler greenham

This... exists. The idea isn't bad, but everything else...

saphire angel

Lol soo much lies :P I just looked at the game descrption when i seen that the game needs 700 KB to download just impossible xD

graham bradley

Great app. It's fun and I recommend it to all of you.

Elainey Ordonez

Lame So small and the character looks like an alien. Also there are not any phsyics in this so called game.

abandoned by disney the human

Lol XD Lol I love this game XD its so funny

Spencer Bicknel

How can you hate this? Im not even a bot. Its just that good.

Bruce Vigouroux

Cancer this application gives me cancer, aids, herpes, h1n1, vomit and horrible diarrhea with nightmares, please don't download unless you want to have free brain damage

Sheryl Dizon

Awezome Awesome needed adobe air though

Matthias Lamm

Wtf is this the dev made other acc to rate his own goddamn noob app

maya kreger

The greatest app ever My sister's moose ginger and Mandy love this app! They believe it is the greatest thing ever! It brings me to tears every time I play it.

chris leuck

Booooo This game sucks

Chrisnelson Vos

I'm testing this

Mikhail Perez

0_o Weird but fun.

Mary MH

Don't install!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need two flicking apps to install this one its odobe air stupid game

Whitney Ellie

What can I say... Installed for a laugh, thats what I got!

Quentin Christensen

Uses adobe air

trang do


Howard Kreger

Better and better The new version adds lots of objects to play with. The staircase is actually 20 or so objects, I made a fun maze and kept rearranging... Not for the goal oriented but very distracting and fun

Daniel Gallup

Amazing!!! A brilliant name for a brilliant game!!! This game has limitless possibilities!!! Even the ground is movable!!! When I am bored or have extra time on my hands exploring this game is a great way to pass the time!!! This has so many great pieces and things you can do!!! (Not to mention the T.A.R.D.I.S)

Ashton Way

No. I hate this. First of all, I have to download unneccesary crap. It also looks like a 5 yr old designed it on ms paint

Thranduil Greenleaf

Trash You have t install other just useless junk and it looks like it was made by a 5 year old

Yosef Cruz

Wwwwoooooonnnnnnnntttttttttt. Ddddddddddooooooooooowwwwwwwwnnnnnnnlllllllllllllooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd That's all

anthony romano

Wat... What is this nonsence? And the textures look like thermade on paint. What is this shiz!

Oskar Hart

Reeeeetard Is this game for like... Retards.. Or something?


A Life-Changing Masterpeice. A beautifully created Android game which graphics rival those of Crysis 3 and Battlefield. One of the best story line I have seen, it puts Mass Effect to shame. Download now you won't regret it.

Shadow Party

bull. not installing adobe air for this paint game.

Joe Gorab

Best The start of creation

Bjork Ftljakl

Time waster I enjoyed This was super first I did not know what to do. Play with it for a while.I can't put it down.

Zak Barclay

It's ok i guess, and guys, i am not the dev. It just needs more work, like placing blocks and driving vehicles.

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