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14 Jan
PetraVis Lite

Posted by Andre Dotcom in Arcade | Jan. 14, 2013 | 63 Comments

Apk file size: 3.0 MB

PetraVis (previously called Steinkraft) is a game that places the player into a world made of unit sized cubes. Cubes can be removed and new cubes can be placed nearby other cubes (block extrusion). New worlds can be generated and are automatically saved. It is inspired by BlockWorld and Minebuilder. Two other great games by hobbyist developers like me. Check them out!

NOTE: Loading worlds is deactivated in the LITE version. You can load worlds saved with the LITE version when installing the full paid version (PetraVis) on the same device.

Default Input & Opposed Input: (can be selected in the settings menu)
- Use the two virtual analog joysticks to move around and rotate your view.
- Press the circle on the top right to switch between dig- and put-mode.
Alternative Input: (can be selected in the settings menu)
- Use the joystick on the bottom left to move around.
- Drag across the screen to rotate.
- Tap&release very quick to add a new block.
- Tap&wait and then release to remove a block.
For any input method:
- Tap the circle showing a jumping stick figure to jump.
- Press the button centered on top to go back to the menu (progess gets saved).
- Tap the texture on the top left to show the texture selection overlay.

In settings press twice on ALT so it says "ALT xPAD" to enable standard controls again.

The game is also available for desktop. Go to the developer website for download links.

Double tap the jump button quickly to toggle fly mode.
Detonate explosives (TNT) by placing fire (block left to it) near it.

Currently implemented features include:
- Procedurally generated terrain.
- Flat, sphere, pyramid terrain.
- Simple lighting and shadows.
- Removing and placing new cubes.
- World saving/loading. (only in paid version!)
- Settings saving/loading. (only in paid version!)
- Explosives (TNT)
- Torches and ladders.
- Little aliens.
- Transparent glass.
- Space flowers.
- Mushrooms.
- Rails and minecarts.

Whats new

    - Added texture pack selection screen.

Andre Dotcom part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Jan. 14, 2013. Google play rating is 70.8054. Current verison is 0.6.32. Actual size 3.0 MB.

Download petravis-lite.apk 3.0 MB


Ethan Salinas

Good substitute for Minecraft. This game is a good substitute for Minecraft PE for people who don't have powerful devices. Don't listen to the idiot reviewers like Sean Javi. This is totally worth the download, and the full version is worth the 99 cents.

Nico Raneses

Almost perfect A really good substitute for minecraft pocket edition since i only have samsung galaxy pocket. Everything is good, the railroad crap, the animals etc. But i hope you guys can let us save our game even if its just a lite version, i'd give 5 stars if you guys did that. :))

Simpson kiddos

Awesome Awesome I've been looking for a minecraft app for ages because my phone isn't compatible with the version but I like this one better I think I'm gonna buy this y Thin. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Mariya Rasaili

HELP!!! Why doesn't this game download this game looks so fun but if I try to download it it doesn't download help!!! Please and I will rate 5 stars

Jordan Bradley

Its great Im only alowed free games and I really wanted a minecraft type game and this is the best free game like it I can find all you lot who hate this game probs sit at home playing games or you play games most of the time no effence but this game is good stop hateing it I bet you lot cant MAKE a game like this on your OWN. :)

The Adventures of Cupcakes_n_cream

How to get to my inventory Good game!!! Ever since mojang gave minecraft to Microsoft..... they took out minecraft pe! 2nd best replacement!!!! First best is exploration lite!!!!!!!!!!

Jaiden Sanchez

Oh my god this is really poor for the people how got full they wasted money on that peace of garbage can't even connect to any body‼‼‼ Pôooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrr

Carl Wright

Great. BUT It is so annoying please ad save to this every time you pause or go off screen you start again grrrrrr please ad save to this and you get 5 stars from me

kenia mimi

u csn bild and spawn pigs this is annoying to dowloud it but still fun :D

Sophie taylor

CRAP Exactly copied from minecraft but worse you should check out minecraft its really good oh yeah this is CRAP CRAP CRAP !!!! If I could it would rate it 0

Jessica Haynes

Cool awesome This is one of the best games in world.

Jalal Mosa

Good but tnt is sooo lame You should make a free call of duty it will be sooooo populer and a call of duty zombies lame lame lame tnt

Khadijah Salacop

It won't even work!!! 0 stars if I press classic or the other two cuz it will just automatically exit to my home screen!!!!! If you might fix THIS and I will play it and it could work I might rate this 5 stars...

Elisabeth Delacuesta

um this sucks i cant choose anyother blocks then a stupid dirt block nothing good to do and so mony boring maps but only the sphere and the terrain are good maps

Musa Nymphix

Cool but not good smetime I love it please save one world only ill rate it 5 if your not 4 to 3 stars

Mikey Lund

Blummin annoying I click on new world and its asks me conservative or performance. On either it tells me to connect to a client. I dont even sse a glimpse of 1 block. Dont buy it until its fixed itscan outrage

Richard Bristow

Sucks It exits at the texture packs. POS. The oldeer version is way better when y'all going tto fix

A Google User

Thank you for having this fun games I would like to downlode minebuilder but this game need money so pls have this games be downloded free pls

Elizabeth Healy

Great game but... This game is awesome, i play it every time i am on my phone. It has good graphics and i like space version. Anyone who does not know how you access space version please read this. Go to textures. Figure it out from there. BUT... please make animals more realistic. I also would like to access saving. It makes me really unhappy when I make something cool and I have to erase it. COME ON! BlockWorld lite has saving. You DO want to compete with them right? Also, please make more home accessories like beds.

Keith Wall

H E L P When i started the game, im only up to choosing if "high def, classic or space", when i click one of the game, it exits the game. Please fix. Last time i installed this, it didnt do that at all. My brother is experiencing this probably not phone problem.

Brigido Vasquez

Its awesome but Can you add some blocks and some spawners like cactus and signs to build some traps and spawn pigs, cows, etc. Plz. And thnks

Sam Dagger

very good game i have bene looking for a mine craft game for ages i have onley a samsung galixy mini 1 just fix the tnt

Brooke Jackson

Amazing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! My only problem with is you cannot swim. :( oh well other than that it's awesome install it install it!

Alexandra Lyn Alvarez

Best Example of Minecraft I was amaze when i download this game. It just like Minecraft :) Download it. I dont see the water

A Google User

replica of mine craft amazing just like mine craft wish ther were tools enimes weppons and dig realy far down

Diamond Freeman

Bad It took me back to home screen.... dyin to play. Fix and I will give a better review please fix.BUG!?

Isaac Towne

Good. But Needs Less Lag... This game is fun. But, needs less lag and world saving. Please fix then I will rate it 5 stars. :)

Alicia Gould

Nice minecraft like game Like minecraft but no multiplayer.that would make it so much better. Also make it so you can make uphill/downhill minecart tracks. You ppl who hate it cuz its based off minecraft: GUESS WHAT! THIS APP WAS BASED OFF MINECRAFT SO PEOPLE WHO CANT GET MINECRAFT PE CAN PLAY A MINECRAFT LIKE GAME.


How to build a portal Game not good 2 more days have your game crash and i fix by rebooting dont get it

glynna curry

Original one. MINECRAFT PEOPLE HAVE NO NOSES. And the game picture looks like a creepy George Lopez. And you totally are nothing like sky. You wish you can copy sky's funny main screen sayings

Rafael Bungay

Recieved Description: almost at minecraft pe but make more hotbars also thanks have a nice day 5 Stars

Wei Jie Ang

Best game so far I rate it a 4 star because there is no flowing water nor lava ,hope the creator can add it in.

A Google User

Pls make some updates Pls make some updates.. new textures plz i very like this game than minecraft plzz..ill rate it 5 stars later if u update this game.

Tina Pelera

Dude Dude awesome when I placed a block thats red and yellow everything just started to disappear like crazy. I rate a 5.its to awesome to rate a 1 2 3 or 4.oh just mak full version free please t would be awesome. Thanks. ♥♡♥♡♥.oh and please add more blocks that would be cool too.but can't play on survival

Amarreon Morris

Boooriiing This thing is riged or something because every time I click classic or something it goes back to my home screen

Kerriann Harvey

Stupid game It will never let me go any farther then were you go after pressing screen to start i hate tyis stupid crapy game!!!!!

A Google User

Please give me the full version this is the best game I have play but I cant save it because I have pnly lite version pleas free the full version

Donald Lewis

Me and my brother loved it We really loved it rather than the exploration lite it cannot save your gamr but this you can save it i rally love it

Ashton Reinhardt

Excellent Excellent game its like minecraft acept alittle bit dumber but still really good game!!!!!;):)Get it!!!

Markie Hewitt

Sucks I wish u could rate 0 stars and the graphics sucked wind. Minecraft terraria and 7 days to die are definitely better.And there's no weapons!!!! Worst game ever don't spend your precious time to download this quite stupid 'thing' they call a game. AWFUL!!!!!!!!! Don't get this game!!!!

kayak the human

Sux badly Theres nothing good wont u leave the play store. game is soooooooooooo crappy 1 star is 0 in my opinion.

Joe C

Worst game ever!!!!!! The reason why I didn't give it full stars because when it starts, it always shus my tab, phone including my windows phone you shouldn't install this crap game

Brian Vazquez

Not playable anymore What happend?Before i updated this game it was playable but when i updated it takes me to the menu and then when i click Classic it just exits me out!When you fix this then ill give you 5 stars!Please Fix it!! >:(

Anthony Egos

Super like it Who said this is so weak hahahahaha. This is so awsome But please give me a free save .

Lola Alarapon

Crashes... I really want to play this game but every time I pick a texture pack it just crashes. Please fix this!

Jamaludin Sammuri

Do not download this game! It laggy!:-| Warning:Do not download this game! Is very laggy and it sucks I rate this game as 1 star.Minecraft is better than this game! This Person need to quit! And it is slow and not fun

Hiya Muwa

Not good at all So wat happen was wen was tryin to play. It it jst took me home fix plzz imma give y'all only one star

Analea Rocha

Somthings wrong Its a cool game just fix the TNT it dosent even explode. I will give this five stars if you fix it but I will give you four stars.

Maica Senal

Its not almost perfect Dahil pag nasa select texture na its did not open classic space and high definition and its close automatically

Gabriel Arinto

Excellent but If I could save my game and if you could add zombies!!!! I'll give you 5 stars if you do that.. please... :))

Emily Hoselton

Please fix :( When I try to load it it go's back to my home screen but I love the words in the corner lol please make it useable for LG android touch :3 thx :) till then I rate 1 if u fix I rate 5 and tell all of my bffs oh and ppl download block story lite its better then the full version :)

Ashley Vasquez

Not fun at all Its not fun. What do you do? I dont get it. Theres no tools, and its like your in creative all the time. Its just not fun.

Ally Osena

Great but boring and lonely Wish u would add worldwide multiplayer like world of cubes or worldcraft its more fun that way....


Bit laggy but... It is good but they could make it a little better for rails to go up things

Mac Didas

hey i man thanks for this game but man you just need to fix it put that can be saved i almost say that this game is the worst ever

Kayot Patrimonio

The railroad glitch Why the railroad was glitch it the if i sit to the minecart then if i move the minecart then its glitch but i will rate 5 stars :-)

Not so good If we can save the worlds i will give you a 5 star and tell all my friends!!

Kylie Boswell

Stinks like Poo! I just played the game honestly i thought it would be fun be i accidently pressed home and no save ugh!!!!! And it lags ALOT!!!!!!! FOR THIS ONE STAR!!!

brayden hartley

its fun but not letin me play I'm sorry but I'm givin this 2 stars until fixed but the tnt is cool and pls respawn to this p.s plz add m,o animals

Kirk Suanino

Make da full version free Make it free man da full version and add guns enemies u can kill add gore everything man i only give u four starz and no ramps for rolercoasters and no water

Jet Pielago

Cool,i made a house Guys,its awesome!I did not know u can build a house!But i built one.But.Can you make a save pls?

Leo Kitainik

Ok Alright but there are no saves so that's quite bad. 5 *s if u could save ur game. Graphics are quite good 3 mb so that's Cool

Mar D

Needs action I am friggin bored of it always on creative I want adventure minecraft pe demo is better With survival and creative

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