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27 Mar
Pesternote Mobile

Posted by TwangDev in Social | March 27, 2013 | 87 Comments

Apk file size: 9.1 MB

Pesternote - the world's first all Homestuck social network - wherever you go!
>>Now including the world's largest interactive shipping wall!
Ship any Homestuck character, or your friends! Download now and sign up for Pesternote to start shipping!

With almost 20,000 Pests and thousands of members, Pesternote is another unnecessary way to sell your soul to Andrew Hussie, anywhere you go!

-Note: It is recommended that you create an account with before using this app!

*Warning* Pesternote Mobile is not responsible for the content posted by users.

##In response to users having issues signing up:##
Currently, please visit on a computer or other device, until Pesternote 0.0.8 is released. Sorry for your troubles!

Pesternote is not responsible for content posted by members, including images, audio content, text posts, outgoing links, and files. Pesternote is not responsible for content posted on the shipping wall. We reserve the right to remove any content posted at any time on Pesternote, unless specified by an advertising agreement.

Inappropriate content may be displayed on the Create forums.

Whats new

    -Version 0.0.7:
    *Added back button functionality throughout app.

TwangDev part of our Social and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update March 27, 2013. Google play rating is 43.5887. Current verison is 0.0.7. Actual size 9.1 MB.

Download pesternote-mobile.apk 9.1 MB


kitty kat

Needs a update This app needs a lot of work but is still pretty good. In the shipping wall I hate how you press ship it it brings you to the top and have to scroll back down to your place but over all it's really good.

Candice DiDomizio

Well idk if its just my phone or not Well its keep saying there and error when i sign up. Whay should i do?

Tyson Harrell

Help I forgot my password and I can't get the email thing to work it just sends me to a fatal error page instead of sending me my password

Sneaky Spades

Doesn't Work I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, and whenever I go to opwn the app, it says "Error, Pesternote has stopped working." What's wrong?

Brandon Vantas

Pretty cool Sadly though, I typed in my email wrong when signing up without even noticing and when I tried to log in after signing up, it tells me either the email or password are wrong and there's no way for me to figure out what the typo was on the email. What's even worse is that I really liked my username. :c My username is kawaiiGuillotine. SAVE MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quinn Alice

Meh On my tablet it runs slowly. My shipping wall is a pain to update as it often doesn't register I pressed 'ship it' and when it does it takes a long time for it to comply with the request. Navigation is clunky and somewhat confusing at times. But hey, its Homestuck!

Justin Cocke

Needs an update I don't know what the deal is, but whenever I try to open the app, it immediately crashes on my S4.

Meg Freer

Okay so... I'm five staring and I plan on donating and all, I was really excited to use this app....But...It won't even open for me ; ^;

brittaney carson

Welp ..I'd really like to use this soon but when making my account it said "fatal error ".so I closed out then reopened the app and it said "er 404" please fix. I love homestuck and would love having my own pesterchum(handle.)

Gracie Floyd

I love it but it needs more I would love to have colored letters and more properties like the homestuck pesterchum. It really has I way to go but so far, I love it. Please update it asp because everyone really wants the pestering expirence that the session players had.

Forever Jnyxed

Won't Work I love Homestuck. I thought this would be cool, but unfortunately it doesn't work. It keeps crashing the minute I open it. I hate this app...I'm sorry

Bella Moslander

Screen freeze?? Uhh its not a certain page in particular. My app just crashes and just freezes on a blank page :( I have to keep reinstalling to get it working. Any chance someone know why this happens??

destiny dram

You need help Okay people who are asking if your screens white wait for a bit furgot password go on website how to change picture website so don't get mad if you can't do stuff on here you just need to go to the website -greenkitty469

Soul Evans

White screens??? Unless the white text guy took over my screen and wrote all over it, all I'm getting is a blank screen. Help?? .-.

Daniel Nguyen

Still needs improvement. This app is made from scratch since it's powered by the Sharetronix network but the app is a good way to meet other Homestuck fans, except menu navigation is clunky and you might have posts from other Sharetronix powered networks. When making a post, it does not have landscape orientation support for 'slide-keyboard' users so please have neck insurance ready. Too much? No worries, here's a simplified review: Pros +Perfect MSPA social network +Shipping included +Does work like Twitter +TRADING CARDS! OH BOY! Cons -Complicated registering experience -Poor menu navigation -Shows posts not from Pesternote in the 'everybody' activity page -Feels like Internet Explorer

A Weber

Kitkat compatibility issue? My Galaxy S4 Mini recently updated to Kitkat, and now it immediately crashes, but before that, the app worked perfectly well. Perfect besides that!

Cyan Sungsun

This sucks!! Dx I really thought this was going to be awesome but it won't even open! I even tried it on 2 different phones!

Allyson Greene

I just downloaded it th I morning and when I tried to open it, it crashed and continued doing it when I tried to open again

nai shiro

Please fix I tried to launch the app but it says it has stopped working. (Note: I have a Galaxy S6) Please fix this problem. Thank you.

A Google User

I'm sure it has many excellent features but they're all fundamentally inaccessible. The sign up feature takes forever to load, is difficult to use, and frequently crashes. After I finally successfully completed the sign up form, upon attempting to submit it, I was met with an error message indicating the script for sending the form referenced an undefined identifier. If I have any better luck on the PC I should be pleased to modify my review.

Ildri Black

I was hopeful I recently got into Homestuck and was thrilled to see this. I downloaded immediately. And when I try to open it? It says "Unfortunately Pesternote has stopped" Very disappointed but gave 3 stars cause Homestuck chat.

Katie Thrasher

Doesnt Open Everytime i try to open the app it says "unfortunately Pesternote has stopped" and exits the app and i would love if i could open this so yeah

Sidney Ellis

Crash Will not open at all. I tap the icon and it crashes immediately. Haven't been able to even use it at all. I was really looking forward to this. Pretty sure it's not my phone, since it's a Droid Turbo. Either that or the app can't handle the phone.

Sydney Thomas

I have hopes for this app, and I think it'll be great, but it won't open for me so... ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Katie Murphy

I wish it would load on my moto X This app looks so cool.... It would be even cooler if it would work.

Heather Evans

I WONT OPEN!!!! I keep trying to open it but it wont work. I have installed and uninstalled this app like 7 times. I really want to use it but i won't work!!! Please some one fix this app so i can us it.

Fortuitous Dee

Can't even open it My first time downloading it and when i try to open it says, unfortunately, pesternote has stopped. I really hope it will get fixed soon.

Yoshi Guy

Won't work No matter what I do, I can't enter in the image code. Could you fix or disable this function?

astrid lathrop

Won't work at all Maybe just my phone (Nexis 4) but it won't even load the app

Venus Vantas

It doesn't work I can download it but then I cant open the app. FIX IT!!

The Abstracted Whisperer

New phone I have a new phone (galaxy avant) and it the app doesn't work. I used to have the galaxy s 3.

Hana Yamamoto

Do3sn't work 3v3ry tim3 I tri3d to op3n it, it said "unfortunately, pesternote has stopped working".

Hail H.

DOES NOT WORK ON ANDROID DEVICE I don't know how it works for anything else but it doesn't even launch on my phone.

emmalees nacho pizza

I can't open it. If i could open it maybe it would be cool but it errors everytime

The March Hare

:::::::;( I was really looking forward to using this app, however it is not allowing me to open the app. I have tried to restart the app and uninstall and reinstall the app many times! Please fix this!!!!!!!!

Chloe Grams

Can't open it ;^; Really really wanted to use this app I was so excited and I downloaded it only to find that it won't open ;-;

Mikasa Ackerman

It won't open... ;-; This app is in major need of an update... it doesn't work for me.

Rose Thomas

Will not open When I found this app I was really excited, but after trying several times it will not even open.

The Saturday Thing

Won't open Every time I try to open it, on my Galaxy S III, an error message pops up.

Владимир Твардовский

Crashing on opening Galaxy S4, Android 4.4.2. Rooted. Fix this.

Chantel Sutcliffe

I can't even open it I click the app and it acts like it's gonna open then it goes back to the top screen and says there was an error, c'mon

Lydia Slade

Won't open :'( Well I was super excited about this app but as soon as I clicked the Pesterchum shortcut on my home screen, it says 'Unfortunately, Pesterchum has stopped working' please fix, I'd love to see what this app contains!!

Rainbow Factory

Ram issue???? I can't open this because of my ram???? How much ram does this take???? I will change my tone when I can use the app.

Billy Avotins

Would love to use this app but it won't open it crashes every time I open it before anything happens

Arctic merricup

Ugh I really wanted to use this app because: home stuck, but whenever I try to open it it crashes. I've seen that other people have had this problem so it would be great if you could fix it.

Cecilia Phantomhive

Won't Load Every time I try to open the app, my phone just says that the app has stopped. I've been going through apps on my phone and deleting them to get it to function, but nothing is working. I'm going to keep trying, though, cuz I was really excited for this... :(

Natalya Lucas

It won't open Every time I click on the app, it says it has stopped working. I have restarted my phone, deleted apps, and even deleted and reinstalled this app multiple times. Please fix this, I would love to use this app.

Elizabeth Midlford

WON'T OPEN! !! This app won't open! I keep on trying but it still doesn't work. You can either fix it or do something to make it work.PLEASE.I was very excited for this.

terezi pyrope

Would give better rating I try to open app but won't work I have a Motorola G please fix this

April Moon

Help I can't get in it doesn't work. It crashed instantly.

Chyna Russell

Had high hopes Everytime I open the app it immediately locks me out or tells me that the app is not working and it stopped

Diana Jennings

Why won't it open?? I had used this before long ago... I have been trying to reinstall this app many times before. I uninstall other apps, restart my phone and many other things. But it won't open. It just turns my screen black and force closes. sometimes it says that an error occurred and other times if I have another thing open, it will just reload and open that instead. I really really want to use this app. I enjoyed it from my past experiences.

QuidditchStuck 1Chocolate

It won't open. Please help. It won't freaking open! Every time I try to open the app it crashes and fails to load. I can't do anything about it and it really sucks because... Homestuck. Duh... Fix it. Please.

Chat's Hair

I can't open it Every time I try to open the app, it closes saying "Pesternote failed to open" i did sign up online, but now I cant get on the app.

Crispy Gaming

Crashes on note II I have a Verizon galaxy note II, and upon startup I get the "this app stopped working" popuo. help >:?

karkles Vantas

It won't work.. I really wanted to use this app but whenever i do my phone says its stopped working,can you fix that

Jena MacMillan

IT *DOESN'T WORK* I have downloaded and uninstalled it COUNTLESS times!!! AND TO NO AVAIL! THIS WAS A HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT! I was looking forward to it and what do I attempt to open it to? "Unfortunately pesternote has stopped." UNBELIEVABLE! MAYBE IT'S AN ISSUE WITH IT NOT BEING COMPATIBLE WITH MY DEVICE: Samsung Galaxy S4 . But whatever you do ADDRESS THIS ISSUE! SCROLLING THROUGH YOUR REVIEWS, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE HAVE COMPLAINED ABOUT THE SAME ISSUE!? FIX. IT. It's a SERIOUS issue.

Eliz Wonder

?? I was so exited to finally have an app like pesterchum. But it takes up a lot of space and won't even open!!! Please fix this

Leo Zodiac

"Magnificent" The app didn't work at all. It kept saying error and that it stopped working. Fix this plo8lem. It would 8e nice. I was excited for nothing.

A Google User

I'm sure it has many excellent features but they're all fundamentally inaccessible. The sign up feature takes forever to load, is difficult to use, and frequently crashes. After I finally successfully completed the sign up form, upon attempting to submit it, I was met with an error message indicating the script for sending the form referenced an undefined identifier. If I have any better luck on the PC I should be pleased to modify my review.

Katharine Fairweather

Refuses to open. I've tried several times, removed a load of other apps to make room for it on this ridiculously small SD card but it still refuses to load. Also, realised that it is unavailable for my tablet; it would be good if I could use it there.

Scar LongWhale

Doesn't work Everytime I try to open the app it says something like having trouble opening app please try again later or some stuff

destiny dram

You need help Okay people who are asking if your screens white wait for a bit. forgot password go on website how to change picture website. so don't get mad if you can't do stuff on here you just need to go to the website -greenkitty469

Jazmine Bishop

Doesn't work!? Every time I open the app it crashes!! And I really wanted this app to!

Aoba Miksune

It doesn't really work with Samsung phones. Not to say it's bad or anything.

Keisha Nacino

It's not OPENING !!!! Sorry for my rude and triggering title,but this app in particular won't even open. I feel very cheated and sad.... To the creators of this app,you may want to fix this bug to get more customer satisfaction. Especially from the people who has the same problem as I have here....

Tyler Flory

Can't even get into it! I was shocked and surprised when i found out that there was a real pesternote! I just recently gotten into homestuck and i jumped at the thought of learning more about the fandom. So i installed it and everything, but when i go into it, all of a sudden right as i go into it, it says "unfortunately, Pesternotes has stopped running". Is this only happening to me, or is this some random glitch? Either way, i'd like to let you know so that you can somehow fix it. Thank you, and have a nice day.


Crashes? I have been told to download this but it crashed before it even opens. Please fix this asap. I'm looking forward to using this app once it have been fixed.

Arctic merricup

Ugh I really wanted to use this app because: homestuck, but whenever I try to open it it crashes. I've seen that other people have had this problem so it would be great if you could fix it.

Misty I Guess :?

D: Pesternote has unfortunately stopped working Every time I try to open the app, it crashes! I would really like to use it...

Genesis Fulton

It won't open. If this were fixed I'd give it a better rating. Unfortunately, its taking up space on my phone and it won't work, so I'm uninstalling it. Which ducks because I love Homestuck.

Liz Delapaz

Can't even Everytime I try to open it, it crashes without warning. I really think you can make something out of this that lots of people will enjoy, but these bugs will never make that happen.

Hannah Røse

Keeps crashing Whenever I open it, it crashes. Idk if it's my phone or what. (I have a Samsung galaxy s4 active)

Marena McCollough

I CANT OPEN IT! I downloaded it with the promise of being able to chat with my friends on pester chum but when I try to open it it says pesterchum is unresponsive. I tried this with 2 other smart phones and none of them worked for me. Is this an error on the app or do I just have terrible luck? ;-;

Sam Glover

It simply doesn't function. When I open the app, it says "PesterNote has Stopped". You know, the app crashing thing. LG G2, Android 5.0.

Ravyn Grundvig

Ugh Every time I try and open the app, it says that there was an error and automatically closes itself. It would be nice if it didn't do that and I actualy got to try out the app, but alas. That won't happen until this is fixed.

Lance R5

Looks great, but can't open. It should be easy to make. Just a texting app, that let's you customize your; 1: text color. 2: name. 3: nick name. 4: avatar. 5: way of pestering someone. (Example, trolling/pestering).

Alexandra Ferretti

It looks amazingly awesome but ... Eveytime I try to go into the app , it just stops working !~Please fix. I MUST be a part of the worlds largest shipping wall !~

Nobody 0920

EVERYTHING It was brought to my attention, that this app does not seem compatible with Samsung/android phones. I gave it 2 stars, due to the fact that I worked for some and that the idea to make this app was amazing. I don't understand as to why this app is only compatible to certain phone types and politely ask of the maker of this app so see to this problem thank you XD tried to sound like rose xP

Alexes Nickole

Why man It wont open.....still ive redownloaded this several times and nothing. This is a let down for me. Please. Help me.

Payne Roby

Can't access. It did work, in fact, it worked really well. But after an update is just says it has stopped. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, But to come to no avail since.

James Aleksandr

Crashes I can't even open it, which kind of sucks, because I want to use it. It seems pretty cool, but every time I try to go on it, it says "Pesterchum is not responding."


Pretty bad.. The app won't even open... yes I un-installed and installed over and over and it still doesn't work.

Victoria Aguilar

it instantly crashed. I really like to try this thing because of Homestuck but...I really hope you guys can find whatever this thing has. I'd really like to try it. please fix it soon. ;_;

Solomon Jackson

Stupid as hell It won't let even in the game at all its so stupid

Mage of Doom 2.0

Won't even open It keeps saying there was an error whenever I try to open it. And here I thought it'd be pretty cool.

moneygrl 55

Why? Why tease me so? The app doesn't even open. I was so excited to get this. :( fix and maybe the rating will be better

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