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3 Apr
Personality Trait Test

Posted by Aaditya Prakash in Lifestyle | April 3, 2016 | 107 Comments

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Our Personality Type indicates how we are likely to deal with different situations that life presents, and in which environments we are most comfortable.Learning about our Personality Type helps us to understand why certain areas in life come easily to us, and others are more of a struggle. Learning about other peoples Personality Types help us to understand the most effective way to communicate with them, and how they function best

There are 16 Personality trait according to the intensive research work of Myers & Isabel Briggs and Carl Jung.
So what are you waiting for..
Lets find out what is yours.

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Samantha Leon

SIMPLY GREAT!!!! Amazing how accurately your very traits are pin pointed after just a couple questions.Very informative and educational. You can learn a lot about yourself, your spouse, your friends, etc. Lots of fun!!

Richard James Dennell

WOW!!! Totally Amazing & Factually Cited. I was totally blown away by this app. I just did it for kicks and I did answer completely honest. My result was the exact same as when I was given an MMPI2 and Psychoanalysis after recovery from a disabling Traumatic Brain Injury. KUDOS TO THE CREATOR who took a lot of time to not only make this App, but actually cite and reference REAL Psychological tests & journals. Wow, this could put some Doctors out of work if certain Employers could use this as a screening tool indtead, lol.

Sonar Blind

Just great. I only suggest to add some kind of function to see how different personalities interact, makes them get on well and what gives them problems socializing. Loved it, it's really worth the download.

Becky Edington

Excellent! By far one of the most accurate assessments I have taken. You will be amazed at how the results parallel your inner thoughts and feelings. With each test taken by my friends and me the careers that were listed were actual choices that had been made in every instance! Try this out! You're going to love it!

Jenny Chan

ITS INCREDIBLE. Brilliant, fantastic and accurate. Not some phony app that asks useless questions. Its a really psychological and also logical app. It really opens out to the inner you or the real you. It made me realize whats my weakness and strengths are..its kinda scary. LOL You should try it. You will be amazed and shocked by the results. :D

Shalissa Newsome

AHH MAAAZZING!!! So detailed in every trait you tested in! The test was ridiculously easy comfortable and short. Most personality tests have 100+ redundant questions and the results aren't anywhere near as good as these in this app!!! Love it!!!!!

Michelle Zen Chua

Samsung Galaxy S4 & Grand Juz downloaded it,so i'll rate it 3?s 1st..If it's reali lyk wt most of other users rated, reviews dey wrote,n it's accurate,den i will rate tis app a full ?s..✌

Kunnat Kobaib

Very impressive I've done so many personality tests on different websites and my personality remains the same in every website. I've also did the personality test in your app and it also answers ME the same however there are very different questions shown from one another.

Amber Love

Great app for personality traits The test questions and results are spot on. Of course, with any type of grouping, it does not completely describe something as complicated as a personality; yet the test does was it says it will, and I am extremely happy that a free app can give such detailed results. The descriptions are great, and the information provided is really helpful.

Neisha Mccalpin

Excellent This app gave an excellent outline of my personality. I understand myself better now

The Carpenters

Lost results I finally got my wife to agree to this. Spent an hour going through it. Went to submit at the end and it said that I "must complete other sections". We had completed all sections! No easy to save progress, so all is lost. This app is broken. Actually hurt my relationship with my wife.

Gabrielle Russo

Highly recommend I downloaded this just to kill some t ime, I was NOT disappointed! I appreciate the detail of information (which could always be more), but it's not one of those apps that gives a shallow and unsatisfactory definition. Awsome!

AGo Jhgfuyhv

Test is good but needs a back feature Kept hitting the wrong answer accidentally and had to start over twice. Way too many ads!

Meddie Kawem

Just good Am an organisational psychologist, I found this test worthy downloading thanks to the developers. But more data is required.

Matt White

An insightfully useful tool. I've taken two short assessments and one long one. All together they are forming a comprehensive and cohesive picture from which I gather personal insights, especially from shortcomings. I'm weirdly analytical though.


Download For The Heck Of It I like that it has so many details of all the different types & its sectioned out nicely, easy to read. But the actual tests are hard because the symbols beside the three different answers cover part of the answer leaving you to guess what the beginning of the choice says. Otherwise, it seems pretty much accurate.

W.Michael DePeel

Take my money! Great app! I've been waiting for an app that I could recommend to friends and family.

Ain Mesri

Loved it Forced a friend to take the test bcz he confuses me. Naturally, im an INTP and he's an ISFJ.

Ryan Adelson

Doesn't function After completing the test and hitting get results it always tells me I need to finish answering the questions first although they are already answered Sony Xperia z1

Daniel Beldeen

It's really Amazing!! Apart from all other applications I really loved this one...Great job!! I found myself as the healer (INFP) happy to know.. :-D

Kevin Tangi

EXCELLENT Some ads show up.. but thats expected as its a free app.. facts are accurate!

Aquielleoz Jon Godinez

Great! Just what i wanted haha however, some polishing wouldn't hurt ^^

Hani El masri

Really accurate It's great to find out more about myself I give it a 5

Stacy Danielle S. Casinillo

Very useful :) Although can we have the option to clear the user list?

Jay Rowell

Great app Didn expect much when i downloaded this, but boy wasvi wrong. Thing did know me better than i did lol

navin mittal

Its good to know your personality Helps to know more about your strength and weakness. Helps a lot. Must try it really suprises you . As this app . Knows more about me. Than any other person.....

Brady Gallegos

Yep I love these tests cause it's my life I am INFP love this test I am a healer and I looked on YouTube hand marks and I think that if you have a line that starts at the very bottom of both hands and goes under your thumb then its healer hands I just found out what I could do with my life

Teresa Olsen

Spot ON! I have taken the actually full test and was pleasantly surprised to see how accurate these results are. Wish there was some kind of option to print the results our or forward it to an email.

Gerard Taylor

Borders on pop psychology If the subject responds to the items honestly, the interpretative results are fairly accurate, though lacking depth that is required in the clinical setting. The purpose of a psychological test is to assist in the development of a Tx plan. This test comes up short. The lay person may find it interesting.

Smash Lee

MOST Accurate personality quiz Very accurate, & interesting too!

juan delgado

Surprisingly accurate I enjoyed reading the results, kept me engaged, ads weren't excessive, fun app. Results should be accurate as long as user is honest when taking test. A way to improve the app might be by including other languages.

Shannon Linquist

Surprised about the results I've taken the Jung/Meyers personality test online a few times. When I started this app I was very skeptical due to the layout of the questions (only three choices per question). The official test gives 5 choices. However I was surprised and pleased to the accuracy of the results. Very well done!

Erick Redwood

Accurate and well done . It consistently came out with what I knew to be my type. the descriptions in each section were quite good. I would buy it to get rid of the ads.

lynette Charrier

Good This app told me I'm an estj. I'm an estp who typically scores 93% perceiving over judging. I like at the end how it gives you information on the type you scored. P vs j needs work tho.

Khanaja Scott Productions

It says I'm the Devils advocate but I'm strongly Christian I'm confused. Fix? Besides that I think it's really amazing, of course theres a few things I might like to argue. I got 2 diff groups but their similar from the quick and full tests otherwise it gives me a good sense of myself and I how I am seen by others which I think is awesome and it gives you so much in formation! Gives you many scenarios to compare yourself too and so much information on how you interact mentally and with others. great app ?

Leslie-Abaham Baptiste

Wow It was so exact it knew exactly who i was and what i do with reasonable questions

Ila Gautam

It was awesome Result were somehow very accurate. Each and every line seems like Yaaa its true. How come this app know it. The design is also amazing. Share with Facebook was missing...

Kelyn Crandall

Doesn't work After completing all questions for full test, would not give results.

kayla bezio

Great I love it! The full test is very accurate, while the shorter one was a little more off, all in all it was really insightful.

Sohaib Ahmed

Awesomest Psych app ever!!!! You gotta admit... This test surely knows you better than you yourself do... Many thanks to the developer. May God bless you.

Greg Jankowski

Very Accurate, Very Personalised 1st test result: ENTP. Seemed very accurate, but my unrest for possible error motivated me to review similar traits. At first I felt that the very similar ENFP trait was more self definitive. Further comparison and a total of 1 quick + 2 full tests all resulting in the former, the result was astonishingly accurate, helping reveal overlooked weaknesses in behavior.

Aaron Vacalares

Inaccurate. Bad. Tested it on me and my girlfriend, both didnt show what we were Really bad. I dont think its good where you only have 2 choices and one neutral choice. It limits the answer and always end up getting the personality type thats wrong.

Michelle O. K.

Waste of my time - 3 times! Very Frustrated! I did the "full test" 3 times and it told me "complete all 3 sections", which I had completed all (3) times I took this particular test(s) . . .And guess what? NO SAVED ANSWERS FROM ANY OF THE 3 TIMES FROM ANY OF THE 3 SECTIONS! I give up and UNINSTALLED this App. I hope it does get fixed, so I can reinstall. I did just read some other reviews that had same problems! I liked the "quick test" so I was looking forward to the full test...VERY DISAPPOINTED! :-(

Tan Zhi Kai

Please add way to edit records of users. Everything is fine just please add way to edit the user records so I can delete some test repeats.

Michelle Calvert

Won't give me answers!;-/ It says finish other sections, after I had finished all of them!!!!!!!!! I'm mad, I was looking forward to what the results were

Thomas Tyrell

Love it I have already tajen the MBTI and had the same profile #INTP

John McFadden

Great app Love this app. Results are accurate and the large amount of information provided notches this app a solid 5 stars.

sigma avila

Awesome Awesome app, jolly good. I tried it out for myself and I have to say it was spectacular, it truly describes me. Although not perfectly in some aspect but about 85% of it was correct. Awesome job

Ahmed T

Some points are empty. It's a very good application but the last point is empty in more than one result screen.

Ryan Engle

Fun and useful! This app is very true to the established Myers Briggs test. As someone who has difficulties with emotions and relationships, this makes it easy and fun for me to get to know my friends better!

Kaitlyn R

The one thing was... When trying to check the 16 personality traits, it would annouce to me that, unfortunately, Personality Traits has stopped working. Great app though, I very much recommend this. But until the problem has been solved, 4 stars it is.

Patrick Bundalian

Accurate Accurate, but not precise. More options, better. And the typos, at least fix those. The user interface is decent; but, improve it by adding "back button" so that the user can return to the previous window - very tedious to press the actual back button of my device. Once I see improvements in the next update, I shall add one star and recommend this application to my social sites ?

adelle mains

Excellent Great app! Very accurate on the long test. Re took the test using the short test came up with a less accurate result. Used this on not just myself but my spouse and teenager worked great! Gives positive results of ur unique personality and how ur personality works in the work place or career suggestions also elightens you on how you are in a relationship (compatability) parenthood. Enlightening thank you very helpful.

Jacca Gwithyas

Great Helped me find my flaws, and as soon as I found those flaws my friendships and relationship grew better. Although I still over crowd people a bit. Would recommend because I found it very accurate and enjoyable!

Sierra Ptak

It's really accurate! I took the full test and it was extremely true. Although I will say the quick one was a bit off so I'd go with the long one.

sandeep kushwaha

Good efforts... Almost accurate, but accuracy depends on our own answer... Sometimes questions are confusing and difficult which affects the end result...

Mary Margaux Rosadia

Inaccurate at times Some of the personality traits I received were correct, but some were far from ever happening to me, even though I answered very honestly.

Senka Sudella

SPOT ON!!! Got me 110% correct. Do the full test. It is completely worth your time. I was so impressed it knew me to a tea. Even hadn't career choice right that I picked when I was a child and have pursued since knowing it was right in my heart. This made me feel proud of myself. Thank you!!!


INFP The first time I did this app (note: I do the complete test each time) I got INFP, now, each time I retake I get different results. I don't really feel like I made drastic changes to the answers I gave the test to alter my first result. It's almost like I can look at almost all of them and relate to my own feelings.


Wow! I find this app to be perfect, it actually knows more about me than me! If you read this, install the app and find out the real you.

Jaiden Scott

Spot on [Inspector] Maybe add a voice reader, reading all the text was really long. I don't like reading. But other than that, this is great!

Christian H.

Spot on, with minor issue. I find this personality test to be quite accurate, but there is one small problem. I'm wondering if the blank spaces on several personality type summaries can be removed, though, so that I can enjoy it more, thanks.

Marisol Monarrez

Spot on! I am amazed how accurate this is, not just for me but my friends too.

Louis Hartley

To test it I put the most extroverted things in It's still came up with intp/intj. Load of rubbish.

Rick Mac Gillis

Got close to what I am. The test got most of my characteristics correct, though it missed a couple and painted me as a traditional type who doesn't value intimacy. I'm an ENTJ, not an ENSJ. It's funny as I'm often the most eccentric person whom people have ever met.

Eli Philpott

Great test! I love this personality test because it provides a ton of fact based information/data about each of the personality types. Most tests just give you a brief paragraph or just give a silly bar graph. I highly recommend this!

Eli Philpott

Great test! I love this personality test because it provides a ton of fact based information/data about each of the personality types. Most tests just give you a brief paragraph or just give a silly bar graph. I highly recommend this! However, a recent update deleted all my previous results I had. And now I can't take the complete test without purchasing it. Never should have updated...

John Yyc

Can't use the full test without paying ..what were the devs thinking?! Another greedy dev.

Leah the dwarfgal

Disappointed This WAS the best most accurate personality test that my friends and i could use for free but with new update I HAVE TO PAY FOR FULL VERSION?? what are you thinking? it was beautiful and now nobody wants it cause it cost money now so disappointing

Victor Loeza

Update If you update you no longer have access to the longer test unless you pay to unlock that feature.

A Google User

Unlock Problems The app is great. But the free version lacks more questions. So I tried to unlock a one time trial for the complete test (on premium). Says it should install an app. But the problem is, it says right 'before you click install it will unlock' YET it does not do what it says right away. The creators should improve this for users that have an old version of Play Store like me. And when you clean the app history of your phone, it forgets to unlock the trial for premium test.

Terry Dillon

Free Premium upgrade doesn't remove ads States free upgrade for trying a free app. In the app it even has the Premium image shown on the selection to get the full test free. But it's NOT the premium version, it still has advertisements. Is this a bug or is it false advertising?

Ivana Winter

Not thrilled I've previously done the test on the 16 personalities page multiple times and gotten very accurate results. I've installed this just for the sake of it but it was highly inaccurate, considering the fact that I'm an INTP, and it kept labeling me as an ISTJ. I appreciate the idea, but making people buy the full version for a complete test is not very smart when you can do the real and complete test on the official page for free.

Kervin H

Great app For the future, I wonder if if the developers can develop a application about Shadow psychology. Or another way to put it psychology based on Shadows meaning our unwanted and disliked parts of ourselves which form into a shadow that we ignore.

Alaa Yasser

This version sucks How is INFP and ISFJ have the same personality. Their description and every letter is the same! Like copy abd paste. I used to love this.

Nova King

Surprisingly thorough and detailed.

Bernhard Müller

Removed my data I had done alot of tests with the older version and now I can't do complete tests anymore and all my results were deleted

Izzati Khalid

Interesting Most facts are accurate! Just dissapointed that I've to pay to take the full test because there was no need to do that before. Glad I've taken the full test before tho. Short test have me different results :/

gewgleplus whyigottachangemyname

Accurate but First off, this is based on the MYER BRIGGS personality tests, considered one of the most accurate personality tests to exist, so the Creators don't get full credit, but props to them for putting it in a convenient mobile version. My main issue with this is the crapload of typos and one section that is suppose to be ISTP said INTP so it makes me question the validity and accuracy of certain sections if the wrong things were copied and pasted. I will willingly pay for the full version when this is fixed.


Broken I could take the full test then the app would reset. This would happen as soon as I unlock the full test, and after I take the full test. The app is broken. I added two stars from my first review because I learned a little something about my personality type and the results were pretty accurate!

Lena Bitare

In the older version, I got INFP when I took the short and long quiz. When I took both using the updated one, I got different result. Some questions were the same. But I do appreciate some added info and the new look.

Potstew and Ldog! hi

Eh It's okay I'm only 10 so I don't really like these questions but I am a mastermind!!!

Crimson Monk

I liked it It gives a pretty solid profile of my character and even answered some questions i've been wondering about myself.

hrishi kumar

Now Complete Test is free after completing offers Improved Layout, alot more details of every trait, worth upgrading. Only drawbacks is that few options are PAID. Request developers to add more ads offers in other paid options too

Md Zishan Shoaib

Awesome Design worth upgrading Very accurate results and tons of description of all traits. Finally Updated with material design.

Hamza Ahmad

Very accurate

Ila Gautam

Worth upgrading Result is so..accurate . I just loved this app .The upgrade is very beautiful with detailing description . However I have to pay for this upgrade but worth it ..!! Thanks Dev

Gilles Bolland

Upgraded then uninstalled. You'll lose every recordings and all the nice features if you install latest upgrade !

Leah the dwarfgal

Disappointed This WAS the best most accurate personality test that my friends and i could use for free but with new update I HAVE TO PAY FOR FULL VERSION?? what are you thinking? it was beautiful and now nobody wants it cause it cost money now so disappointing Uninstalled

Ramkumar Ponnuraj

Stupid guy made full test for cost Previously before upgrade the full test is free but these stupid guys made it for money... don't upgrade or Don't download and don't use premium mode... Let's oppose this cunning fellows mentality and his app...

Old Man Jed

Update attempts to force paid version It wasn't as good as all that, developer. ... Uninstalled.

Sylvain Mg

It includes malware I kept getting advertisement after installing this app, even without using it...

Adrian Siaril

Developers listened Can now run full test by completing offers

Stonefish Hugger

EXCELLENT APP! Even the short test gives accurate results. I was expecting the answer on the short test to be way off & only did it for a laugh to see how far wrong it would be - but I got INFJ first go, just like always!! Nice work dev :)

Abigail Short

It's not as good as it used to be True, this app is accurate enough but the fact that you have to pay for a "full version" now is what irks me. The paying part caught me off guard because it doesn't say "in app purchases" which makes it very misleading. ( Besides the fact that I had the app before you had to pay for it.) While I think that that's the biggest problem with it, there's still loads wrong. There's typos; some types have literally the same description as others. Very disappointing and the only good thing is graphics :(

Sahil Asrani

Why premium The short test of 15 question gave me the result INTP while in the previous version in which the full test was free, it gave me INTJ. So now I got really confused about which one I am.

Erik Axente

Superficial work Not accurate. First I've got INTJ, then INTP, then again ISTP and INFJ. I've seen better tests that were free.

Joelle S Mukaya

Le app Loved it. Super accurate and very helpful

ella mac

I really like this app. Only, the full test is locked. This app is a lot of fun, but there is room for improvement. The test results aren't always totally accurate, but I can still find someone's personality by looking at the different personality profiles. Also, there is a problem with the ISTP profile, its strength and weaknesses are the same. There's no difference.


Great app! Very informative and useful esp when considering a career change.

Robert Dmitri

Can't use the full test without paying ..what were the devs thinking?! Another greedy dev.

Kimiyo Matthews

Terrible customer service and app premium version wasn't good because there were many duplicate questions. I contacted them for refund. They said they'd give refund if they can't fix by the end of the deadline day they gave themselves. They didn't fix the problem so I asked for refund then they asked me for some kind of # they gave when I purchased the app. I asked them to check thru my name & email because I don't have it. Since then they never got back to me. It pathetic that they can't give me $1.99

Chris Alesandrini

Amazing. This app is great and really gives insanely accurate results if you answer honestly. I would like an option to delete some of the saved results from the list though. And I'm a bit disappointed that now you have to pay to take the full test.. But other than that I love it.

Propa Playa ATL.

Was ok but... Wanted the longer more personalized version...said I could get free for downloading an app which I did and it didn't unlock!!! Disappointed!!!?

Good for mbti newbies, clear and functional design, amazing app!

Kezza Cumming

Great app, knows me to a t.

Pavneet Kaur

Accurate to some extent!

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