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26 May
Persist - A Tale of Redemption

Posted by Adventure Islands in Arcade | May 26, 2014 | 94 Comments

Apk file size: 8.3 MB

Persist is the tale of a small spirit trying to reach a mysterious Goddess to seek for forgiveness for his past sins, so he can move on to the higher plane of existence. Unfortunately, the Goddess is trying her hardest to stop him, stealing parts of his body and various skills with them, making his quest more and more dangerous the further he travels.

Can you reach salvation? Or are you doomed to lose all hope, and your whole existence, in the Goddess' deep and dark sanctuary?

- Completely free game, no ads, no in-app purchases
- 10 levels of sweet platforming action.
- Simple run and jump controls.
- Retro pixel art graphics.
- Touching story

Whats new

    1.4 - Changed scale mode, the previous one was not working properly on some devices, leaving the movement buttons partially off screen.
    1.3 - Wide screen support and better performance.
    1.2 - Huge performance fix. The game should play much smoother now on all platforms.
    1.1 - Fixed scaling bug that caused weird lines appear next to certain tiles.
    1.0 - Release.

Adventure Islands part of our Arcade and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update May 26, 2014. Google play rating is 83.8967. Current verison is 1.4. Actual size 8.3 MB.

Download persist-a-tale-of-redemption.apk 8.3 MB

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John Smith

Beautiful game The gameplay is solid... and while short i understand its normal for a Ludum Dare project... the graphics are simple but they work with the story and atmosphere... works great on my Note ... I would love to see this developed into a full fledged game... id certainly pay for it :) Great job :D

Joe D

Amazing Short Game A really good enjoyable game. The graphics are really neat and the music is captivating. The story is really interesting, and the twist at the end is very touching and really makes this game a memorable experience. Overall a good game that while short, ends just right.

Ryan O

Nice Good philosophical game. There's one bug where the character will be stuck moving left at the beginning of a level and also this game needs immersive mode badly.

mickey mouse

Amazing. Quick, fun, unique app created in under 48 hours. Defiantly a nice change of pace from apps like angry birds and kingdom rush.

Zackariah Ausgotharp

Beautiful. Great art and smoooooooth animation and controls. It's fluid. I love it, fun beautiful and leaves me wanting more.

Aidan Kennedy

The best mobile game I have ever played. The music is amazing, and the overall nature of the game just works.

Ryan Lim

Awesome retro-ish game! Love it! One of the good, if not great, games out there! But beware, u gotta finish it in a sitting. I had to close it to do smthin else. I had to start all over again. Lol

Dom C

Charming, brief, memorable. Glad I found this. Good story, nice mechanics.

Simon Savitt

one of my favorite web games Great art, great story, meaningful gameplay. Thanks for making an android version!

Louis Fortunato

Fun game, no permissions Played this game online and thought it was really fun. Minimalistic and cool. thought it'd be fun to try mobile. Its fun, free, and does not request any permissions so I say there's no reason not to play it

pedro Maldonado

LOVELY What cute little game with a touching story... I amazed that this only was 48hours of work! I love it


Amazing Great concept. Sadly I wasn't able to see the end, though, because I kept dying at the invisible level.

Antonio Tinello

Awesome! PRETTY GRAPHICS, NICE GAMEPLAY AND A GREAT STORY. Please make a longer game.

Max De Benedetti

Great free game Oh the feels! Solid platformer.

Nathan kalmbach

Just great Cool graphics are unique and it's just different! great game!

King Sniper

It was sad. Dude that was sad. That goddess was mean to him. Then he f*cking dies!?

Dave Curtis

Nice concept, presentation and design, it's a super short game but fun while it lasted.

Tom Hahn

Great fun Its short and sweet very well designed

Corrie Sherman

Awesome Very short, but an awesome concept.

Tyler White

Only bad ratings are from preteen girls

Jennico N

Short and sweet

Brandon Ortega

Pretty fun mini adventure

amanda winter

Game sucks. Cant save levels and its not very long

Jordan Encee

Great story This game has a great story I really enjoyed my time playing it. I will be playing this game for a long time.

Indra Juanda

Excellent This game reached me, spiritually, by such a simple way.

Karen Homsher

I'm used to posting this about games... I have an LG Intuition and cannot see much of the game! It seems fun, I just cannot see much of it lol. I will email you a screenshot of the gameplay. I'll be glad to change my rating if you guys can fix it please!

M Faustino

Great! Short but lovely story.

Forbe 的遊戲實況頻道

Well done! It's a really great game and i love it very much.Also i think the main story is meaningful and moving.The music of the game was so great too.The controls was smooth when i play it

Pierre Gagne

Great game The storyline is good, the gameplay is sweet. Only bad comment: this game is way too short.. I'd like a sequel or a similar game.

Drew Zaslavsky

Absurdly short Played it, beat it in less than 15 minutes. The only level that was any kind of challenge was the water one. I get it, it was made in 48 hours, and the concept of losing abilities instead of gaining them is somewhat novel. If you like platformers or retro-style, its a neat little distraction, but no point in keeping a 10MB app you'll only use once.

Christopher Constant

Looks like a casual game, isn't really. This game is borderline twitch style. It's extremely tedious to die on the same level (mind you the levels are no more than say 10 seconds long) 15 times. ESPECIALLY when the levels are so simple. Not everyone is a Super Meat Boy machine. Please alter your game to be slightly less tedious to us non-pro-gamers.

Edgar Castro

Fun little game Liked the graphics, and narrative. The only thing I didn't like was how the character's momentum causes him to continue forward for a significant distance, even after I stop moving. This causes me to move back too much in order to platform correctly. It just needs to be toned down a bit. Like the whole losing abilities thing though.

Villedo Valle

Great short game I really enjoyed this game. Mainly for the depth it has for such game. It actually is very inspirational as a game, something that is lacking clearly from most games today. We are human beings and I feel that our technological advances have seprtayed from each other more and also from ourselves and from traditional emotional growth. Too many unconnected to our core as humans from our digital interfaces, including games. This is one I would let my young daughters play as it imparts human empathy. A+

hamish seymour

Superb, dreamlike game I love the mysterious, timeless feel of this game - the music and graphics are beautiful in their simplicity, and the gameplay is excellent. HOWEVER, I am experiencing a lot of lag and juddery slowdown during play. I'm using a Nexus 5. Please fix!

Andy Clapham

Nice short ludum dare entry Well balanced jump and run with a nice back-story, and a couple of interesting gameplay mechanics. Yes it's sort but it was a ludum dare entry coded in 48h. My only complaint is the controls are rather uncomfortable on a 7" tablet, making one of the levels more frustrating than difficult.

Pasha Diko

Good I like it a lot, thank you!

Andrés Hughes

Dullish This game is like 5 minutes long, the controls are floaty, the story is pretentious, and the gameplay is boring, however, it's not the worst thing in the world.

Acacia N.

Nice I liked some of the game music too. :)

Obi Con Knowme

F#cking Amazing The first time I played this game, I cryed, and I had been kinda sad after that, and ever since, I've been trying to find out if there were secrets, so I've Completed the game in under 5 Mins though haven't completed without dieing, and I wanted to know if there was any secrets, or something that I've missed, please, reply to this, Love - Obi Con Knowme

Liam S

Oh my god This game is amazing. I felt really sad at the end, and being short is better. YOU can make a back story for this so easily. I don't wanna spoil this but when u finish write a story about the back story in the review/comments

Yerbulan Akhmetov

Drop everything and play this now, thank me later I don't usually write reviews, but This. This is 15 minutes of pure platforming magnificence. And yes, it lasts about 10 to 20 minutes.

Bartholomew Peter

Great stuff. The game hits home with its platforming and story.I encountered a bug where our character runs to the left automatically ,but it's easy to break and you die. Also a few of my jumps didn't register ,but the game is perfectly playable. It's a short, but sweet game and I couldn't and I highly recommend it to anyone really.

Heavens Wrath

Storyline and gameplay unbeatable Too bad its only worth 10 mins of fun and enjoyment....I understand it was only meant to be a joke how fast u can make a game just take it for what it is, 10 mins of enjoyment and uninstall. Im sure there will be no updating...

sonicparty 101

Amazing This game was very fun. It's fast, it controls well, it has a nice story, and it's over all just very fun. My one complaint is that it's a little on the short side, with me being able to beat it in under 10 minutes on my first run. Even with the lack of content, I still definitely recommend this.

Lucas Ludueña-Segre

Amazing experience This short game was very enjoyable to play. There were a few minor bugs like being stuck going left when holding a button after you died or not having immersive mode, but I didn't mind. Even though it was short, it was very well-done. The retro graphics were gorgeous, the controls were smooth and easy and the level design was excellent. Best 20 minutes I've had in a while.

Alonso Mancini

It's a really good game Not too long, it is actually pretty short... But good, the story is the best you can get with that playtime. The music is good and I love the graphics, the controls are good too... Umm... I think the worst thing about this game is the length, but apart from that, you don't lose anything trying it, so give it a chance, it won't disappoint you

Thomas Gomes

Nice story and adventure shadowed by a few bugs This game is a great app for the minimalistic theme. It has a nice story of the ultimate redemption, and a fair amount of levels for a game that can't save your progress. But it does have a few bugs: player keeps going left if he/she dies, and the next cutscene not coming up after finishing 3 levels or so. But either way, it's a great game.

Joshua Wright

Simple platforming, touchy movement Given the protagonist's movement speed, I found myself tapping the back button as often as the forward button while doing the simplest of jumps in order to avoid hazards. This became tedious and irritating very quickly.

Jamie Darnell

Loved it. Game is so simplistic and beautiful. Loved it, never slowed down playing it. The only con was it's short, but this was done in just 48 hours, so this is fantastic. Worth playing through at least once!

Leo Brais

Tease Third Adventure Islands game I've played and third time I've felt happy, but jipped. Only jipped by the length though. I understand this particular game is meant to be a short story and by that standard, I truly enjoyed it. But I always feel teased. Always such solid controls and fun gameplay only to finish it in one sitting. Been searching for good platformers so it sucks to be done in an instant and be back searching for another. Time to try Adventure Islands' fourth game. Fingers crossed.

Luis Escobar

Jump Button This game rocks. It's really enjoyable to play. However, the jump button will not work many times

Giuseppe Gulotta

Must play! This game is like a little candy, doesn't last long but it's pretty enjoyable. Every Android dev should learn from this simple platformer, cured style and responsive controls!

Denilson Sá

Platform games on touch controls are usually a bad combination. By keeping the levels short and with the challenge "just right", this game manages to be a good one! The controls are not perfect (after dying, it keeps moving left for no reason; sometimes the jump does not work), but the game is still enjoyable and can be completed quite quickly.

Anne Peters

Short and sweet This game is beautifully done. I love the simple style, and the story is great. I think it could be a bit longer though.

McKayla Henneigh

Short but... While I beat this game in five minutes, it was one of the best games I've played on mobile. The story, while short, was beautiful. And the graphics, while simple, were extremely effective. Do not leave the app store without playing this.

Gary Oak

Wonderful Great small game, touching storyline, smooth gameplay. Good job.

Charles .Firebird97

There go my arms... Directly to my tears. Persist is a pretty simple platformer. That is what it looks like at first glance. However playing it shows there is more to it than just platforming. Persist is a game with a story that can bring tears to some players although I wasn't one of them (because I am so manly.) It is a story that is a bit cryptic at first. It makes you wonder what is the true motive to your hero, and who is this goddess that is ever present throughout the game. The #1 reason to get this game is for the ending. GG Adventure Isles

Drew Kennedy

I like it Decently a challenge I gace five stars but every once in awhile your guy runs backwords

Calum Duncan

Pitifully short I finished this game in, quite literally, five or ten minutes. That said, it wasn't a bad game. Worth downloading, but it won't stay on your device for long.

Chiang EH

Great little platformer Beautiful storyline, normal difficulty, short. Great replay value. Could have am extended story, too.

Jesus Sandoval

Best game ever played Sad story. Callenging and fun

Angel Kennedy

Patients is a virtue This game is adorable while frustrating but keep playing great music surprising story!!

Andrew Reed

Fun game Really fun 10 minute platformer, kind of didn't like the story though. That ending, without context, seems like a fairly opaque attempt to make people feel like it was deep. But high quality stuff for a gamejam game.

Cale Firgren

An excellent, well-done game jam submission. Well-designed, short levels that challenge the player but not annoyingly difficult. One point to mention though, I found the ending dialogue a bit disconnected from the rest of the game, the game's context was a bit too far away from the ending. It's a shame others who gave negative reviews did not bother to read the credits or the description.

Oskar Schlangengift

48 hours well invested An incredible feat for someone to create a game from the span of 48 hours. Don't miss out on this experience.

Song Vang

Very good game Can you guys make a game kinda like this one?

Noah Hood

Pro: Great game. Con: Short. Persist - A Tale of Redemption, is a creative platformer. It's short but if you're a fan of platformer games you won't regret playing this one.

Rainbow Bae

IT'S PERFECT Is it possible for you guys to make a sequel?

Mallory Hall

Absolutely Amazing Persist has such a wonderful storyline and the game itself was more of a journey then just a 2D platformer. The background sounds made you feel nostagic, which fit in perfectly with the theme. The invisible levels were challenging, but it made it much more worthwhile accomplishing it. I am so happy to have come across this amazing game. If I could rate it higher, I would. ♡

Rooster Feathers

A Tiny Delight Since I was very young, I've sought after games that I could have and emotional connection with. Seeing that this was a project of yours with some sort of end, I see and feel the end you've met. I wish that in the future I'll see more little throw-backs like this. Bittersweet short story.

Justin Paul

Perfect A touching story of a girl being attacked and the attacker regretting his actions and tries to redeem himself by sacrificing his own life for hers. In a tale of few would know, I think that he must of attacked himself in the same way to get to her and redeem himself. Touching and sad but perfect game play and great use and style of retro controls in a game.

Michael Hooper

Incredible In under 48 hours, these beautiful people made a game that tells an amazing story about persisting death.

Henry Winkleman

Mystery created under 48 hours. Thus dark platformer leaves the gamer intrigued with the underlying plot of the protagonists actions. It also ecemplafies it's theme, minimalism.

Elijah Kite

I loved the game, but... ...can you make the game longer? I was expecting a longer game than this.

Jared Stapleton

Controls stop working A few levels in, jump stopped working, then character got stuck running left. Exited the game, and of course, it started me completely over. May try back if updated, but highly unrewarding as is.


A display of excellence in game design This game has everything a great game needs: a good concept, tight controls and gameplay, great music, and a likeable main character. My only criticism is that it could do with about 1/3 as much dialog...that part felt a bit cheesy/ham-handed. Still, this game stands out as one of the best I've played. 5/5.

Bartholomew Peter

Great stuff. The game hits home with its platforming and story. I encountered a bug where our character runs to the left automatically ,but it's easy to break if you die. Also a few of my jumps didn't register ,but the game is perfectly playable. It's a short, but sweet game and I highly recommend it to anyone really.

Chris Riels

Was ok Too short, felt robbed it was so easy, needs a full game release. Would pay for more levels, should have to gain your body parts back, would increase play time, harder levels

Evanescence Star

Excellent potential, but controls need improvement I liked the story that went on here, and I'd like to see another game elaborating on it. The loss of body parts truly added a bit of challenge to this game and freshened the platformer genre. This was much shorter than I expected, but that's fine considering this was made in 2 days. The only issue that I have with this game is that the controls aren't always as responsive as they should be; sometimes I head into the opposite direction I press or the jump button is delayed. Aside from that, well done!

Matthew Sitzes

interesting storytelling Normally I don't write reviews, but I felt like this game deserved one. The level design is, for the most part, fantastic. For example, the opening level has a gap with water just big enough to be impassable, and to show that you can swim when you fall in. There was a section dedicated to just waiting for platforms to become visible, but other than that the stages work really well. The story and the way it's presented also really comes off as having a fairy-tale like vibe, though I won't spoil how.

Rage Quitter

A hidden gem I don't know how I stumbled across this game but I'm soooooo glad I did, it's like a throwback to the 80's spectrum style! Great story line, no silly permissions required to play, excellent game albeit rather short. Thanks adventure island, top dev/s

Abel Philips

Adequately Made This game was fun for sure but it definitely needed more work. I got a bug sometimes where I would auto run left and another where the jump button wouldn't work, but not often. Not being able to save my progress was my biggest gripe. Improve on these things and the next game will be grand.

Matty Boy

Great little game Yes it only takes 10 minutes to complete but it is such a nice little game. I did have a couple of bugs, one being it starts running left on its own. The other being the jump button didn't work at the start of the levels I figured to tap it a few times then it worked. Otherwise I enjoyed this game. Good job.

King Of Nothing

Small issue When I would fail a room occasionally during the second phase (trying to be cagey in description cause there should be no spoilers), I would lose control of the character when it reloaded. It would run as if my finger were held on the left button and wouldn't regain control for a few seconds. But barring this, I have to say this was a wonderful bite sized experience and you're very talented. Look forward to playing more from you :D

Lilly Hughes

True so true... Very good story which can be skipped by tapping screen but then you kind of miss the point. Same as most everybody when sprite dies and returns most of the time it is running left. With quick tap on left button it stops but also watch the first jump. Maybe someday there will be no reason for sprite to go through that. PEACE-LOVE-HOPE & KINDNESS!!!!!!

Beau McGuigan

Seemed great at first Started off so promising, a lovely platformer with responsive controls. Unfortunately turned into 5 minutes of boring. Could be great if it were fledged out into a longer game with the story actually matching the action.

Nick the Gaming God

I absolutely adored it It's amazing that this game was created in under 48 hours... I absolutely loved the story. It's about a man who committed a mysterious sin, and he tries to get redeemed. He is incredibly determined to do it, and I love how the game progresses. I just... best mobile platformer. Period.

jacob pacheco

Meh Good idea, i understand the concept of minimalism, and the symbolism behind the story. That being said, it's more of an art piece or an expression than a game. If i'd known you could beat the game in 6 minutes i wouldn't have downloaded it.

Kyle Evans

Good until... After each section you lose a piece of your body. After the third section you lose all of your body, leaving you to do tricky platforming with an invisible character. I fumbled around for about 10 minutes before I gave up.

Сергей Белов

Great concept bur short game Make more games, I am really fan of your games. Finished both dangerous dungeons and this game. Waiting for news from you!

The Marionette

Its great but The lag is bulls**t!! I can't do anything cause the lag! Especially the water levels when u lose your arms :/


Shortest masterpeice With only a few bugs the really surpassed all my expectation.

James Jonesy

Great game Would love to see a sequel of sorts or some kind of expansion to it. Slight glitch where you go left instead of right when at the beginning of a level.

Jonathan Yergan

Persist Awesome little gem. Tricky platforming, but the progressive limitations actually keep the game fresh and enjoyable. Charming graphics and level design, kept simple in a retro-style way through a short, but sweet duration. All in all, a very worthwhile addition to any gamer's collection.

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