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20 Mar
PenSupremacy for Tablets

Posted by ApkIng in Productivity | March 20, 2012 | 64 Comments

Apk file size: 3.5 MB

PenSupremacy wield the might of your pen.
Google Plus:
PenSupremacy is the best handwriting app for android tablets. It is based on the best selling iPad app penultimate.(It is however not from the same developer and has no connection to penultimate). It feels just like taking handwritten notes on real paper. Take notes, save sketches and share your ideas with PenSupremacy.

1. SIMPLICITY : The user interface has been designed to keep it simple and intuitive to give you fast access to all the essential tools.
2. POWER : PenSupremacy gives you the power to enhance your productivity. You can easily convert your notes to PDF and email them or share them with other apps like Evernote. You can share your sketches easily with Facbook, Picasa, PicSay etc. Update: Import pictures from gallery, and use voice recognition ( Siri in iPhone slang) to take dictation.
3. STYLE : You get the coolest UI that looks second to a real notebook. You can change page design on the fly. Change the pen color by picking it from a cool color wheel.
Works on Honeycomb tablets such as galaxy tab and motorola xoom.
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Whats new

    Added wake lock to avoid device from sleeping while taking notes.
    Added Widget ( must have 300W/400H of space)
    Added option to include background while sending notes.
    Import pictures from gallery (+picasa images)
    Use Voice recognition to take dictation. smoother lines
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    So put on your reviewer hat and start rating Pensupremacy.

ApkIng part of our Productivity and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update March 20, 2012. Google play rating is 67.9501. Current verison is 1.7.1. Actual size 3.5 MB.

Download pensupremacy-for-tablets.apk 3.5 MB


A Google User

Doesn't work in Google Nexus 7 Don't buy it if you own a Google Nexus 7. Even though it says it is compatible, there is a bug that once you add a page to a notebook, you can't open the notebook again, wait until the developer fix it.

Terry Bradshaw

Almost a good app. I have been using this on my Transformer Infinity for a couple days now. As far as taking hand written notes see concerned, this app works quite well. However, whenever I try to add a second page to my notebook, the app kicks me back out to the home page and my notebook becomes corrupt. This is a great app if you only want 1 page notebooks, otherwise wait for an update to fix this issue.

Antony Kitson

Does not work on Hudl A shame because the user interface on the page is quite intuitive and feels really good. However when you try to add a page it crashes and you lose all you have done. In short - Rubbish of the highest order!!

A Google User

Good but... Pretty good app. but WAY too easy to delete a notebook, should have a safety message asking us if we really want to proceed with the action of deleting....just lost a notebook while wanting to rename it. You should fix this!

A Google User

Very good but... Liked it a lot, but the fact that it refuses to work unless I have an internet connection (tried yesterday to take notes on a desert sand dune...) makes it unusable in practice ... so I uninstalled it.

Curt Fuller

Best pen app I've found I'm a long time user of Penultimate on iOS, but am foraying into Android. Nothing else I've found even comes close. The ONLY reason I did not rate it 5 stars is that at least on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 there is no way to rest your palm while writing, which is a bit uncomfortable. This might be an artifact of my device of course, and if so, I'd say it's a 5 star app. Even shares to Evernote...what more could you ask for?

A Google User

changing my mind.... I just got the update (by the way the developer is extremely helpfull) and it's working great!!!! will try for a few days and should be a 5 star!

A Google User

Several usability problems Can't use this offline sometimes because it has to verify license at each startup. When I need it I can't count on being able to get to it. It's accuracy is very disappointing. Trying to influence reviews with a prize is not cool.

A Google User

Annoyed with licence check I already paid for the app, I don't want to not be able to use it in areas where there is no Internet! All tablets don't have 3g and besides what if I don't have 3g activated on my tablet! Dumb concept for paying customers! Makes me realize that pirating it probably would have been a better idea, at least crackers disable the online license check!

A Google User

No no for jelly bean Works great for only one page then it blows Please fix it for the nexus 7

Dave Basener

Pretty terrible I opened the default notebook, tried out some writing and drawing, that went fine. Then I tapped the arrow for a new page and the notebook closed and I can't open it anymore. I assume that is because the app believes that it is already open. I created a new notebook with exactly the same results. The developers claim it is based on the look and feel of Penultimate, which I have on my iPad, <snark> and I can confirm that Penultimate lacks this feature </snark>. I can't see a way to get a refund, maybe by uninstalling it, but at $2.00 I will probably keep it and hope for a fix. I wish Evernote would get off of its collective butt and put Penultimate out for Android. Have an ASUS TF201 on latest Jellybean.

A Google User

Nice app I had this app previously and was looking forward to being able to incorporate pictures. Unfortunately, when I choose a photo it won't add it to the page. It seems that once I create a journal...after a few days i am unable to open it. If I tap it or long press it, it still won't open!! Samsung Stratosphere.

Chase Browning

Not fully functional after jelly bean upgrade Really great app, but the multiple page option crashes after the jelly bean upgrade on my Asus transformer infinity tablet. I had to comment here on this issue as there is no apparent contact option with the developer, another down side. Beyond that, the app is terrific, especially for Evernote users. Unfortunately, . I will need multiple page options, so I will likely have to find another app for awhile.......

Cameron A

Nexus 7 BEWARE Running Jelly Bean on a Nexus 7 doesn't work, namely the new page feature. You can use it if you only want one page per notebook.

John Kelly

DON'T BUY!! Like many others I've read since buying, the app does not allow you to have multiple pages as advertised. If you try, the file crashes and won't reopen ever again. Sent a note to developer but have not heard back.

Aaron Chubb

Crap. Good concept, but doesn't work well on my Nexus7. I can only make one page per note book. If I try to Add a page it locks the note book and renders it unusable. Have to delete it and start over. Not happy. Waiting on response from email.

A Google User

Very nice! Have Samsung 7.7...noticed hardly any fact none at all. Only complaint is that the text from audio is crystal sharp UNTIL you select Done...then is bold and blurry (using default settings). Pls fix. Highly recommend.

Austin May

Very good It is amazing to be able to write things down with ease, and not get disorganized with messy papers shoved in a binder

A Google User

Good but... Great app and very stylish. Happy to see it has organizer templates, which us a big selling point. Also works great for HTC flyer and pen. But, would be great to have a setting to turn off hand input, as my hand smudges the side of my page. Or, use it in landscape mode. Also, some if the ink colors smudge as well, leaving "invisible" tracks (like light blue or dark purpe). Would pay ore for the app if these were fixed. great work on it so far!

A Google User

Nexus 7 Widget does not update to last note. Can not add pages to notebook and if you attempt to it crashes. Then you need to delete the notebook and create another to make it work right again.

James Fairgrieve

Poor Show More or less useless to me as it won't work unless there's an active net connection, for verification of licence I believe. Fine and dandy on a phone, or 3G enabled tablet, but on a wifi only Nexus 7, it's usefulness nose dives. The really galling thing is, all it would have taken to stop me wasting my money would have been one extra sentence in the description. Deleting it now cause it's just a waste of space. They have my money though, so a win / lose situation. One star only cause I couldn't award none.

A Google User

Awesome app... it is an awesome app and easy to use. Wish I could take a photo in app and would like to be able to create my own backgrounds...maybe in a future update

A Google User

Fantastic For anyone, like myself, who uses a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and who has tried unsuccessfully to find a hand writing program that works, honestly this is the program you have been looking for. Every previous program I found responded so slowly to my finger or stylus movements that I went brain dead before I could catch the notes that I was trying to take. this program writes clearly and quickly. When I have used the voice activated note taker, I was pleased to find out when I completed a phrase that I had about 10 options to choose from and all I had to do was tap the one that was correct. A splendid value in my opinion for the price of a $1.49.

Ted Mackereth

Great for physics Use this app almost everyday for taking down formulas and diagrams quickly and easily, great app!

william ratcliff

I wish I had never installed it! I wish I had never installed it! I started taking notes in it and the experience was poor. One problem is that the strokes are not smooth. Also, I couldn't find an obvious undo. But, the worst is that I can't even open the notebooks that I created. I have penultimate for the iPhone and my only complaint is that they don't have an Android version. Playing on their name with such a shoddy product is shameful. I'm happy to pay for a good app. I wish this one was even mediocre!

A Google User

Nice looking, but laggy The biggest problem I have with this app is lag and accuracy, which can vary from negligible to very noticeable. If I write slowly my writing is captured ‘acceptably’, but when I write at normal speed the app can’t keep up. Sometimes the lag is really bad, sometimes not so noticeable. But even at its best the responsiveness to finger/stylus movement is still about 4 to 5 times slower than it should be. Honestly, milliseconds count here. I appreciate new features like the widget and gallery/Picasa import, but not at the expense of core mission-critical features like responsiveness and accuracy. Until this improves, and effective palm rejection is added, this app is un-useable.

A Google User

Unsatisfied College Student I bought this app under the impression that it would be the answer to all my paperless needs. I was wrong. Real paper does not lag. My tablet is very nice, with a quad-core processor and good enough specs to run this kind of software. I even bought an expensive tablet in my search for the best paperless solution. Nothing helps this app. Maybe in later updates the lag will go away, but for now it is horrendous. The app's home screen in poorly designed because most of the text is cut in half and unreadable. NO REFUND EITHER. This review is not meant to be "hate mail" or "offensive", but only to serve as a warning for others. If you would like to spend your money on this, not my business. But I found it was not worth the money. I am a college student learning about software engineering especially in applications, and this company did NOT necessarily think this app through. Hope this app was helpful.

A Google User

Fed up with it asking to check license Every now and then it will not run, if i am not connected to internet. If this was on phone it would be fine, but on wifi only tablet this is awkward. On train went to use it and it would not run because it wanted to check license over internet. A great app totally spoiled by this repetitive license checking restriction. Remove this stupid restriction and it would be worthy.

Steven Brown

Phone Doesn't work well on a phone. Out never claimed to, but for me out was a waste of money.

A Google User

Great app Works well..the one thing I would like to see add is shapes. I can't draw, other than that great app.

A Google User

Slow response There are a few glitches that make this app frustrating. Slow response makes handwriting ugly. Pen line size will randomly change. After the last update huge blotches will appear covering text I have written. It has potential and is convenient, but I'm getting frustrated with it. Update 1/22/15 this app refuses to work for me now. I can create & open new books, but turning the page & closing the books corrupts them so they can't be opened again. This problem has persisted for months now. Xoom tablet.

Karissima Walker

Glitchy After I save a note, can't open the notebook. Can't add more than one page to any notebook. Not all options show up and cannot scroll to see the hidden options because the font is so large and no scroll is provided. Very disappointing. I want a refund.

A Google User

update for JB support this app is terrible in Nexus 7 running Android 4.1.1 doesn't allow the creation of new pages and half of the functions don't work. So users of the latest Android version we paid for nothing... It is also incredible that the app need internet connection for start, really useful for the users. Great developer, hope you will back to work and solve this mess

Steven Brodson

Downvoted for inability to use when offline Great app -- I have used it to take notes in business meetings quite a bit. I'm giving it the bad review, however, because it uses Google's license validation and doesn't allow me to open it unless I'm connected to wireless. I use a Galaxy Tab 2 7" with only a wi-fi connection. When I'm visiting a customer, I don't always have the ability to connect to WiFi. Today was the second occasion when I was locked out. I will be de-installing and refusing to use this application unless this problem is fixed.

Christopher Wilson

Not close to pen ultimate.... I bought a Nexus 7 just this week with the intent to use this for taking notes and reading cases for my MBA. One classmate uses penultimate to integrate notes tables and pictures of the chalk boards... Unfortunately this is not close to the same program. The notes screen does not follow your writing, you cannot zoom, and you can only add photos in thumbnail size.... I will be testing out other programs. One great note taking tool is the ad on it jot pro pen!!!! It's awesome!!!

A Google User

It doesn't work I downloaded it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. It became unresponsive after I added a second notebook. It's crap.

A Google User

Worst note app Wasted money on this app. Crashes when you change books. To make things worse I can't open my notes.

Justin Somermeyer

My review I think PenSupremacy is amazing app. The response from pen gestures is great and spot on. The button layout is easy to understand and the ability to share with email and Evernote makes it worth the money. The only drawback that I have with the application is the ability to switch to landscape mode when taking or drawing within the app. I could be looking over a setting. Not a deal breaker. Over all great app worth the couple of bucks. 5 stars. Nexus 7 With a tab fat tip styles.

A Google User

Great forms, buggy, features missing Please file a complaint with Google. The app authors are artificially inflating the apps ratings by giving away free stuff. Major waist of my time and yours. App blurs when I haven't activated that feature. Also dog slow. Also doesn't zoom or navigate on the page. Do like the backgrounds. Some of these could really be useful. To bad the app is in such poor shape. Hardware: 1st Gen Motorola Xoom.

A Google User

Extremely Buggy App Several bugs where you lose all that is written in a notebook due to said notebook refusing to open. I have requested a refund to no avail. Stay away from this app, lecture notes is infinitely better.

Пользователь Google

Like a paper notebook One of the best handwriting application on the market. Best for using with stylus on devices like galaxy note.

A Google User

Epic Fail!!! Nexus 7 The next page button crashes the app. The include background button does nothing; when you close and open the book the background resets to default. There are no cover options for notebooks. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP unless all of these things get fixed.

Kai Ponte

Good when it works... I bought this app after seeing a few people use their tables as a writing tool. (Those tables were made by Apple, however.) It worked okay at home. However, I was at a meeting yesterday and wanted to jot some notes down. Unfortunately, the app would not load, as it - for some unfathomable reason - needed to check the licence before loading. Of course, I am usually in a location without WiFi and therefore had to resort to a pad and paper. Need to make the licensing static and not rely on an internet connection every time this loads.

Ogaba Agu

Very good, but. . . I use the Galaxy Note 8. The inking is great, interface clean, and productivity papers. The pages flip too, rather than scroll. But then the shortcomings: imported pictures are not resizable so you cant put your logo on a page you are mailing out. No undo feature, so if you accidentally ink your imported picture or any part of the document, you are out of luck. You can't mix colours. For eg, you can't get blue-black or brown. All colours come in their native form. 4 stars for encouragement.

A Google User

Almost good The idea for this app is great, but it only performs half the tasks it promises to do. I have trouble opening certain notebooks after writing in them and I can not change the page in any of my notebooks. If both of these were to be corrected I would give this app 5 stars without a doubt.

Leonard Hatred

Cant create new pages in notebooks Ok, basic note taking is fine, its not Penultimate but perfectly serviceable. The showstopper bug is that you cannot create new pages in a notebook. Once you attempt to do so the notebook can no longer be opened and you have lost all information contained. I've emailed the dev.

A Google User

Buggy on Nexus 7 At first glance it has some great features for what I need in a notebook app. Problem is that it is way too buggy to use. I can't open notebooks after a bug closes them, which happens just about every time I try to do something in a notebook. This renders this app completely useless.

A Google User

Deleted work Previous update fixed problem with deleted notes, but now with this latest update I can't open mi existing notebooks. All or part of some pages get deleted at random. turning pages is difficult sometimes. Needs indication of number of pages in notebooks. This app would be acceptable if data were not deleted.

A Google User

Disappointed I am really frustrated with this ap because I like it a lot, yet much of the time I need to take notes where there is no Internet connection. If it can't check the license, it renders itself useless. Too bad that such a valuable tool goes to waste for fear of losing a nickel.

A Google User

Can't adding the page First i look this app is really like penultimate.. but when i buy it... it's worthless, because i cannot adding the page and sometime i cannot open my notebook.. Please fix the bugs then i give you 5 stars.

Matthew Poole

Licence Check Makes it Almost Useless - Even When Paid For Having paid for this app, I discovered that I could not use it when there is no internet connection for its licence check. This meant I could not use it on an aeroplane with my tablet in flight mode - so couldn't read and update meeting notes. How can the developers possibly think that is good experience? Will now be looking for an alternative that will work offline. DO NOT BUY if offline access is important to you. Could have been pretty good had it not been for this major flaw.

Brian Benton

New Pages in Notes Break Notebooks on Nexus 7 I was excited for this app. It was exactly what I was looking for. I bought it. Used it. Loved it. I was using it on my Nexus 7. The fonts for the headings at the top didn't fit well. The very bottom of each word is shaved off. I didn't really care because I could still read what they were. The killer for this app and why I am rating it a 1 star is because every time I try to make a new page on a note, or go to the thumbnails to see all of the pages in a note it closes the note and I can no longer open that note. I lost my notes that I made in the app. It works just fine if I only make one page notes. I have emailed the developer and hope to hear from them soon. I am not expecting much sense there hasn't been an update to the app in some time. I'm moving on to other note apps. I would like to get my money back unless the app is fixed.

Nana Collins

Really Bad service Hopefully it works with my nexus 7 now. Does NOT WORK WITH NEXUS 7 and they have REFUSED to fix it. WHY WHY WHY WHY Stop selling it if you don't INTEND to fix the problem or AT LEAST RESPOND WITH SOMETHING. It's been over a year and still no respond whether it will be fixed or NOT

Michael Costello

No recent updates makes this a bad purchase Apklng doesn't appear to have updated this app in over a year. With all the changes to Android since Honeycomb, this is an all around bad purchase. Comparing it to Penultimate is outright lying.

A Google User

Spot On! Saweeet! This is exactly why I bought a 10" tablet... Going paperless with my fieldwork. Keep the updates coming. Would love to see variable size text boxes & fonts. Would also like basic image editor. For now though, it's perfect.

A Google User

Good but not the best Without an undo option I can't undo accidental lines over text. The eraser erases everything whereas undo would remove only the most recent writing actions. Unless I missed something and there is an undo option hidden somewhere? I prefer FreeNote although that currently has some missing features as well such as save to pdf.

Michael Matute

FAILS on Nexus7, no support from developer I paid for this app as a substitute to Penultimate which is not yet offered on Android. On my Nexus7, The app crashes when you tap to move forward a page in a notebook. It also freezes the notebook so it cannot be reopened and causes your note to be trapped. You also cannot export the note to Evernote as it will export only the shell but not note contents. I wrote the developer's email, wrote him on Google+ as well, and no response to my request for support after 3 days. I now use Evernote's Skitch instead. It is not the same as PenSupremacy, but it works.

James Thomack

Doesn't work on Nexus 7 Per other reviews, I cannot open notebooks once they've been saved. Apparently there's been no response to this issue being reported. Too bad, because it looks like a decent app otherwise.

A Google User

It won't let me open my notebooks... Basically useless if you have a rubber tip stylus, since it has too much drag. Microfiber styluses work best. It won't let me open my notebooks after just writing in them no matter how many times I select the notebook. What's the point of having the notes if you can't see them?

A Google User

Improving all the time Great developer feedback. Worked hard to solve issue with Galaxy Note. One last bug to go. Dev has emailed me an apk to test so I'm confident it will be solved and I'll be ticking the 5th star.

A Google User

Don't if you are on a nexus 7 Would've been a great app if it wasn't for the fact that you are not able to open the notebook after going for a second page. Would love to rate the app higher if this issue was fixed. Also a proper landscape mode would be nice.

Jared Wright

The app that we have all been waiting for This app simply doesn't work at all as soon as I leave a note book I can not reopen it and I am forced to create a new one and then the same thing happens again. This makes the app completely useless. DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!!!!! This app feels like a scam I found it when I was looking for penultimate by Evernote but it looks like they don't have an android app yet.

A Google User

Promising but not yet functional For me it was very disappointing to see that one can not open notebooks, add pages, or change orientation. It actually quits the application when I change the orientation. When the bugs are fixed, I think it will be a nice application.

A Google User

Fatally flawed for me As this needs an Internet connection to run it makes it totally useless for me. If you always can guarantee that where ever you may have inspiration strike you also have a connection on your tablet then get it, else avoid.

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