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7 Apr
Penguin Diner 2

Posted by BigWig in Arcade | April 7, 2015 | 117 Comments

Apk file size: 15.0 MB

​The #1 web SMASH HIT game - Penguin Diner 2 is finally here - on MOBILE and it's 100% FREE!

Penny the penguin returns to Antarctica to serve up a feast! Help Penny run her diner and serve some very hungry penguins. Download NOW to get the WHOLE GAME for FREE!

- Play through 4 exciting diners
- Get LOADS of cool upgrades in the shop
- Get awesome themed diner party packs
- Have fun dressing Penny up in adorable uniforms
- Follow a delightful comic-style storyline of Penny's adventure
- Meet the cutest-ever inhabitants of the Antarctic!

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Whats new

    - added achievements
    - added an option to remove ads

BigWig part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update April 7, 2015. Google play rating is 88.7661. Current verison is 1.1.2. Actual size 15.0 MB.

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Eliza Doodman

Arugh I was having fun until it paused on a stupid advert and now it won't load back onto the game I am furious. Sort it out now you little fakers because its not on for you to be also making us pay to stop the advert. Get a grip.

Erica Currin

Game is cool I have bought everything there is to buy, so now it's getting kinda boring...likes what's the point of making money when there is nothing more to buy?

Meli Krupp

Its great, except... I love this game; I used to play it on the computer all the time. The problems I am having with the app version are Penny is kind of slow, and there are ads WHILE THE GAME IS RUNNING! I dont mind the video ads between levels but there is a distracting ad covering the cafe's windows DURING the level!

majduleen Lala

Its way too hard to play Way too much hard !guys make it a little bit simple

Olivia D'ovidio

Yupp Beat this game, and the first. Wow, but I wish there was more furniture or stuff you can buy! Please? If you do then that means you listen to your customers.

Katie Jordan

I really love this game!! I really wish a third one would come out. More levels too. I beat the first one and this one. Why not a third? With more fun entertainment items (for show) and levels. I hope a third one is made :) Other than the adds that keep popping up and playing its an amazing app.

Narinder Jeet Kaur

Penguin Diner 2 It is the best game ever I have seen.

Arjun Vinod

Wo! The most addictive game i used to play on computer.. happy to get it on tab..!

Julie Kincheloe

Awsome!!!! Its like dinner dash but way cooler soooo many more power ups. If you dont like games where you have to be quick this is not your game.

Stacy Washburn

I hate the game The game is so slow! It also has so many adds! Fix it if you wish but I am throwing this game behind!

aakanksha goyal

Too loyelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Please download it the best game ever I have played I m playing it from 4 yrs and now I am 11 years old

Swit Kristin Aubrey Antolin

#TheBetterGameTheBetterYouPlay :3 Great App! Hope theres more season there. More suites, party themes, chefs, decorations, and some items c: This game makes you busy ever! I've addicted once and i finished it all. Then, i rate it :) . Next, i Thank you for this app! Thats all. No problem. No bug. BUT the Ads is ok to me ^_^ hurhurhur.

hani badar

Penguin Dinner 2 This game is soooooooooo good the penguins come to eat food we can make the shop looks more beautiful and nice we can also change the place so play it now and have fun

Desteny Sanchez

it is so fun It is fun that I waste the charge on my phone playing it

Annija Smalina

Love I really liked this game, and now it's on phones too. Thank you

Mohamed Mohamed

Ok at first but not so good now .I think I'll stick to diner dash it is much more reliable.

Rableen Kaur

Lovelyyyy? It's one of the best games I have played yet. It's so much addictive that I completed it in just 3 days!

Ellie Swift

AMAZING This game is fun and you can play it on phone,tablet, computer and more PLAY THIS GAME NOW! But PLEASE get rid of the ads the game is boring with them well you have to wait intill its finishedto see what uour bank is so please take out the ads PLEASE! !!!!!!!

Rashmita Parajuli

Love this game always I love this game a lot but at last it's being slow and lots of add... need more improvements...please...

Ahmed Aboulaban

CANT PASS DAY 2 Help me guys I cant pass day 2 what should I do

i Stephanie

Classic. A touch laggy but its still awesome.

Joel Geralao

Stars Its okay, but How do I get stars?? When I complete my day.

Patty Hiller

It's hard to play

urvija srivastava

Amazing game! Need more things to buy..

Fitri Viona

hate this game too muccchhhhh offff adds..

berita chokaa

Omgggg? ? ? Speachles this game is amaising

Urav Mehta

Very good game it is cool game

Zamani Azly

stupid ads stuck at ads every single time.. uninstall immediately

Amber Kirkland

Brilliant game!!

karely varela

Call a docter Caause this game is stuck me

Easha Ahmed

Great I loved the game also there is other version of the game to

Stephanie Fosness

Lag Please fix the lag!

Ram Almanzor

I loved it

Shona Kochar

Ooopsss it is lovely till now....loved it

Tarren Smith

Awesome Awesome awesome ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Somia Mukhtat

End really quickly First of all it is the best. But it really end quickly. I have ended it 3 times now its a really boring

Cornelio Sabiduria

LOVE THE GAME But I have completed this game 3 times so plus add more levels

Nathalie Espinoza

Always play it I always play it even if I finished it. That's how much I love this game.

Lisana Reis

Best game ever!! Played this since I was little. So to have it mobile is awesome!

Ana Telidze

I love this game

Nandini Mittal

Love it ! Iam so damn addicted to this game .. I started playing it 2 years back and till now iam in love with this .. I got so addicted that i end up playing late at midnight n couldn't think about anything else but how to score more n unlock the remaining stuff ! And now this app made my way too easier to play throughout .. /#

yasmeen faheem

Cool but........ It has addicted me but ......... It has tooo many ads in between .if it can be manage it is the best game ever

Doaa Emad

love i LOVE that game i always used to play it on pc but now that i can install it iam so happy bc its so addictive and fun. xx

Isaac Pereira

Screw it The second day is too hard. It was first 25 and now 75$?! That is bullshit

Ana Pashai Darian

I love this dinner game but I wish there we're more stuff to buy from the catalog

Rianna Baker

Add More Levels I've beat the game 3 times and I just got bored of it I wish u can just make the game with many more levels so it will never end.

Emma Bright

Best game ever I have been playing this game ever since I was born. Give it 5 stars!

Khadija Firdaus

AWESOME I used to play this game on PC before and also penguin diner 1, i love both of 'em . And I am so glad it's on android now.

Zeina Hossam

It is soo brilliant it needs someone who has a fast hand and mind.

v c Abbigeri

Adds!!!!! Hate em!! If der we're no adds I would rate it 5...for free game :p

Rafay Azeem

Best game ever Oh so good game ever found just download it and play it

Mero Wallace

Need to fix The penguin can't keep up, I have to click on the food 3 or 4 times before it picks it up. When more guests comes in she moves really slow. I can't advance to the next level , becuz she moves too slow. I'm tired of this!! Please fix or I will delete it.

Snigdha Behara

Liked it I am adicted. Its a very cool game

Kelley Shaw

THE BEST!!! HINT FOR NO ADS: Turn on airplane mode, this game doesn't need wifi so it still works. There won't be a little ad at the top at all, and 30 second ads won't play in between levels. #lifehack you're welcome. This game is soooo fun, if you don't install, you're crazy. :) I used to play it on computer, but it wouldn't save, but now it's a GREAT app and works perfectly. ☆☆☆☆☆

Delight Stackhouse

Bug fixes The game is cool but it glitches too much which affects your game performance.

Jordan Van Dyke

Omg yes! I used to waste so much time in school playing this game!

Hairudin Rusdi

I played this online but now Its super fun

Elizabeth O'Neill

Awsome! I have been looking for this game for ages and I found it! Horray!

ana masoe

Loved this game 5-6 years ago, played it everyday on the PC and clocked it every single day so it was awesome to find out that I could play it on my phone and that it was free but now that im older i clock the game in like half an hour so it gets boring really fast especially when i have so much money and have nothing to buy cos ive already bought everything.

Aaryahi Kawle

Love this game This game was my childhood game. I haven't played it yet on my tab though. I hope all songs, sound effects, and everything else is same as the web version. I played this when I was 3. I'm 10 now. Hopefully after 7 years everything is the same. I still remember that cute sound the penguins made when entering and exiting. I still remember the instructions and the whole game. Oh, and those super ice skates Penny wore. My fave upgrade.

Christy Harris

Game is great, but it's not working as a mobile app I used to play this game on PC and I was happy to see it available for Android, but it's just not working. I spend most of the time waiting for the game to catch up. I have a nexus 10 with a lot of free space. Other games work fine. This game is the only one I have problems with. It's just slow and laggy and I have a sad because I really loved this game on PC. Oh well, I am uninstalling.


So slooowww The game is amazing and ive been playing it for years but it's soooo slow and lagging during the middle of the day and constant adverts I need to turn my Wi-Fi off to play.

Ronald Donald

Great game to play to pass the time. I played this game a looong time ago and I loved it! Now that this game is on mobile, my love has been rekindled. The game is quite fun and addicting, hard to put the phone down. The only thing that gives me a /slight/ issue is when there are 5+ parties the game lags. Very minor thing and it isn't lagging bad, just kind of slows down.

Arshed Rafiq

Everything is perfect ? but at the last stop whale bay It was impossible to clear the 10th day. It should be easy but overall the game deserve 5 stars.

cindy malik

Eliza doodman is a stupid freak because this game is the best and she can't be the boss because she is the stupid and brainless

Kimmy Lee

Amazing!!!! I love it. It is awesome. The outfits are really cute. Try it cause you will love!!! I know I do. ♥¤♥

Yui Hoshimiya

Ads I used to play this on my laptop be4 this came out the mobile phones...i know thats how this type of games get profits as there is no diamonds special items or super powers thingy so yah i kind of understand but really......its really frusrating to see ads every time like on the top of ur screen n after a game just try your best to cut down on the ads ok

Noxx Aeterna

Lag lover Loving the lag! And when you add in unskippable 30-second advertisements after every single level, it creates the perfect mix of the most frustrating game I've ever downloaded. Not a good, challenging frustrated...a frustration arising from the fact that the game lags so hard that it nearly costs you your timed challenges. It takes so long for the penguin to move around...there is no point in the faster skates because the game is too busy lagging. Used to be a good game before their precious ads

Mirjam Tullus

Great game but laggy I had this glitch where one penguin was stuck, he was leaving but was just standing still and he just took up a tablespace, meanwhile, two other penguins were stuck reading their menu and got mad and everything (meanwhile still reading the menu) and they wouldn't leave either. It was also slow. I have played this game on browser and it is an amazing game but just the glitches! Ughh!


A Marvelous One! Seriously I have never seen a better game as such. So cool time management!!

Rachel Mckeown

Addicted I love this game so much. It is so fun. I would've given it 5 starts but the game isn't long anough, i have just finished it and now there are no more levels to play?

Aditi Phirke

Wanna slap sum1.. got an headache playing this crap... Fix ur irritating slow motion thing... I can hardly play faster.. its so ridiculous!

Shakeel Ahmad

Liked it I really liked it but the customers get angry really quickly

aurora jarrell

I love it, but I press the penguin customers and sometimes it doesn't register that I pressed them. I don't want to lose a customer because they didn't get seated

Riley Fear-Szabo

It was fun but ... I beat the game already!!! I downloaded it last NIGHT !! I bought everything there is to buy already ... Cool game only if you wanna play it for a lil bit.

Pratham Raghav

Loved this game I m now downloading this game but years before i have played it on my computer online.i love this game very much...

Ain Zahira Abz

I think it is good.. But it is very hard to earn more money. You should know how to do it

Bronwyn Foley

Absolutely love this game, so easy to get addicted, amazing!

nikki sanders

ADS There is too many ads!after every level is done u get an ad!every time!please fix that and I will give u a 5 star.please fix it!

Alyssa Ferriggi

Love it Been playing this game for years now and when I found it on app for my phone I immediately downloaded it.

Annie Wang

I love this game so much I was finding this game but I only play this at my computer and now it's here I like this one so much

Mel B

No Challenge This is for kids 6 and under and that maybe to high 'I love a good time management game but this is not. Its repetitive' nothing chnages'once u upgrade everything and go to. A new restaurant it all stays the same very boring. But the age range I suggested is all this is good for. Like the characters

Ashnelly Gonzalez

Great I found this game 5 years back . Nice to know there's an app ?

Abbey Roberts

Awwso glad you made it for mobile was on computer i loved it so much cant wait to see a difference :)

ElOhEl M

Omooo I loved playing this game when I was a kid XD now I can finally play it on my phone! Yosh! XD

Joanna Song

Food not picked up. Penguin has issues picking up orders even when order is clicked on several times.


Classic flash game... But. Ive played this game on my laptop and its a fun game, then i think to myself, this could be easier if i play it on my tab. And somehow the game slows down (i have no problem playing 3d games including penguin diner 3D) i mean its a 2D game! It got worst when it got crowded. The ads with animation playing at the top during gameplay is the culprit, i always hated that kind of ads. Theres nothing new to the game, i was hoping for a new mode.

Keira Lake

Love it Best game ever nothing is bad about it I'm gonna be honest this is a realy good game but it's really quick that isn't a bad thing at all I finish it in a hour but I used to play it all the time on kizi so I had lots of experience with the game but you should defiantly get the game because of how good it is

Judy Moody

(Lost Everything ) I loved it but first it was laggy and then I bought everything and then when I finished the game I had to start at the beginning again I wasted my time to get everything and know I lost the wow JUST WOW am so angry and then plus I have lots of money and this happened there is nothing to buy add more things hated it I would give it 0 if there is no stars well be better

Monica Monteverde

Love it I love this game, it reminds me of when i was little and use to play it on the computer, the only thing that would make it even more awesome is if you could add more stuff to buy in the shop, i already bought everything there so its getting kind of boring

Sneha Jayakumar

Really awsm game I just ?ed playing this game ......we won't feel bored while playing and it's super challenging game .....I just loved playing this game

Tiana Sombito

Addicted to this I love it this is wonderful,???

Gauri Rasali

Best game played! Loved it no in app purchase the best part of it.... I cud play it for hrs making battery low for hrs. I wished there were more level of it. I curious for 3 now....

Erica White

ITS SO EASY! I got everything and I passed every level without messing up I only messed up once or 2 more times?

Myles Montealegre

Loved it I love this game its so cool rifht guys it super fun thts why its so so fun and i love so much

Avery Engstrom

too hard... it's way too difficult to get the right combination of restaurant items and penguin groups. I've tried the same level at least 20 times and it's literally impossible to beat it, I even did the calculations on it. a game like this shouldn't be so difficult to beat

Pushpa Kaushik

This is a wonderful game ever in the world Thats why o love it again repeat it . Love it a lot. Thanks for making , this kind of game . Loved it

Rhaynne Santiago

It's ok It's ok but there's to many ads but its a good game theres a lot of choice in the store like it but too many add every level there's ads...

Patrick Lim Guo An

Not hard enough! The game was so fun and ez but the upgrades was so cheap then I left with so much money. I hope u can make the upgrades more expensive or make more new upgrades. Thanks!

Fatima Zehra

I luv it 2 much...... Its more great then dinner dash or any other game.....I played penguin dinner 1 and finished game ever....I am so happy.There are no words for this brilliant game. Now I have only one request please make game PENGUIN DINNER 3,4,5 AND 6......................LOVÈEEEEE ITTTTTTT,just mad for this game

tejal malde

Good game, too many ads I guess it has so many adds because it's free but it does distract from the game. Used to play this on my laptop and love the mobile version more tho, still a great game!!

Lucy Ramos

Its Decent.. I use to love to play this game on my computer. Im so glad its a mobile game now too but i wish there were less ads and that there were more things you could buy from the catalog.

Rachel Mckeown

Addicted I love this game so much. It is so fun. I would've given it 5 starts but the game isn't long anough, i have just finished it and now there are no more levels to play?

TheShootingStar sm

Ok first things first.... It wouldn't go sometimes when I pressed it and one of the commercials got stuck so I can't playy it anymore without starting over ugh. I hope this app works better for you.

Reyhan Kaygisiz

More fun on computer Its so laggy and the items are too small. 9/10 times you click a food item to bring to a table and move on to click the table to realize penny never even touched the food, just brushed past the counter om her way to the customers. Very frustrating. The ad experience is also very overwhelming. If you still want to play, despite it all, i reccommend shelling out the extra cash to remove them.

Catherine S

I really like this game but Its very laggy... I dont know if its because of the adverts or what but it's lagging a lot.

Kaylyn Bowden

Not good I loved this game very much until I finished the whole thing I loved it so I did it again but it doesn't give you the money you had before and you don't get to go back to that and it had 15 stars and 15,000 dollars it made me so mad since there was no going back I immediately uninstalled this game

Julie M

I cant even play whoeva made this game needs to wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wat idiot made this game I got the app and then every time I wanted to play it goes back to all the apps this game is stupid I prefer the penguin number 1 because I COULD ACTULLY PLAY IT

Peaceful Maluhia

I am stunned! I usually play diner games on my laptop but it doesn't give me the full game. Now that this game does I am happy because it's one game that will last forever.

Kayla Ortiz

Glad the game is free It's great that the game is free. It's kind of boring not a lot of menu selection and its very touch sensitive. It doesn't give many choices for decorating you just have to get what they have. Cute game just kind of boring.

Michael Holmes

Its good but When I did the 2nd map I got 74 instead of 75 can you make it so the first one if you dont get 54 you if you get the ten part of the number you win the day

Olivia Bennett

Pretty good! This game is very fun and I like that you don't need WiFi! Only problem I have is after every round,there's a 30 second add ...

CoolGamer4556 Aj Loves Ya

Good....but I bought everything and then it started getting boring and kinda bad I'm sorry but can you do a little better like Dragon city?

Unconditional Love

Ads are ridiculous!!! Other than that great game just lighten up on the ads please..

Deepali Mawasi

Love th game... But the ads are annoying What the f.. Do i have to pay to remove the ads.. Ads during playing... Ads after completing the day... Ads ads ads ads everywhere... i dont want to play this game... It was better on pc

Moj Nalog

One game breaking bug! When I play Whale Bay Day 10, I can't get to $460. I can only get to $371 and I've tried everything. Please fix this. I think there isn't enough penguins. Add more.

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