Download Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach apk p2.13.0 free for Android smartphone

4 Sep
Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

Posted by Pacer Health in Health & Fitness | Sept. 4, 2016 | 263 Comments

Apk file size: 10.0 MB

"Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach" syncs steps and calories with MyFitnessPal

How it works:
-Just download and open. Our app tracks your steps for you as long as your phone is with you
-Check all your history from the 'Trends' Tab
-Support and encourage friends from the 'Groups' Tab
-Track your weight from the 'Me' tab

Some tips to ensure accuracy:
1. Visit "Pedometer Preferences" and adjust Pedometer mode if the step counter is not accurately recording your steps
2. If you use cleaning tools, add our app to the "ignore" list so that the step counter doesn't get shut down
3. Everyone is different, so be sure to adjust the step counter sensitivity if needed

Important Note:
Some phones simply cannot count steps if the screen is off or locked. We do our best to ensure that we support as many phones as possible, but if you do encounter this problem and the above steps don't work, it might be a limitation of your device. Drop us a message at our support e-mail, and we'll do our best to help.

Get Started Right Away for Free
-No wristband or other hardware required. Our pedometer works entirely from your phone with no additional setup
-No website login, just download for free and start tracking your exercise right away

Track All Your Fitness Activity
-Built-in pedometer tracks your steps all day long whether your phone is in your hand, in your pocket, in your jacket, on an armband or in your purse
-Records steps, calories, distance and active time whether you enjoy walking, jogging or running
-Give your exercise a boost by using GPS to track your outdoor running, walking and biking on a map
-Great companion for Quantified Self

Lose Weight & Get Fit
-Track your weight and BMI over time and correlate changes with your activity and other vitals
-Perfect companion to MyFitnessPal. Pacer syncs all your activity data to MyFitnessPal to create the ultimate weight loss tool
-Activity tracking works great as a complement to any diet

Stay Motivated with Family & Friends
-Create walking groups with your friends and family to compare daily steps in real-time
-Connect with friends trying to lose wait or get fit and keep each other accountable

Create Healthy Habits
-One-tap tools for building daily healthy habits and achieving goals

Other Key Features:
-The easiest to use pedometer for any phone
-Accurate activity tracking and step counting
-Weight and BMI tracking
-Beautiful trend displays for your steps, calories and weight
-Auto-sync your steps and calories to your MyFitnessPal account

Pacer Pedometer is totally free to use. Before you go out and spend your money on an expensive device like a Fitbit, try Pacer first!

Whats new

    Hey all you Pacers! Lots of good stuff in this update:
    1. Accuracy and battery optimizations
    2. Now you can add notes and pictures when you check-in. Share your notes with other Pacers or choose private mode, it's up to you.
    3. All groups will now receive a link to a weekly data report. Check out your group chats to try it out!
    Much more coming soon!

Pacer Health part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Sept. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 90.1816. Current verison is p2.13.0. Actual size 10.0 MB.

Download pedometer-2.apk 10.0 MB



What the...? Before the update it was OK, just OK... now it got worse. It tracks my steps somewhat OK, but for only one hour of waking it gave me 32 hours of active time and also almost 1800 calories burned?! This is screwing up my data with MFP. Fix this or I'll find another steps app. BTW, I've always used it at 2 in sensitivity, even today.

Vibs --

Great if it has start and stop time It should pauae automatically in night and start every morning

Jeffrey Hughes

Again, won't connect to my fitness pal. Tried many times throughout the day.

Melinda Pfeifer

Okay This is okay, it would be great but keeps zeroing itself out. I could be close to my goal....than go back to zero. Very frustrating.

Miranda H

Love this app! Great app support! My phone's system was acting up and pacer stopped working. Customer service was awesome in helping me find the problem! Thanks Mike! Love this app works great with myfitness pal. it's helping me with my weight loss goals best app I've found.

Allison Mahrle

It doesn't track

Frankie Desmangles

Its very good I love this app.

Isoult Tibby-Cattistock

Ok Won't connect to my fitness pal.

arjocel lapinid

Rate It's nice accurate and simple

David Sevillano

Very good, I like it.

Dan Dreelin

Nice app Works well and imports seamlessly into my fitness pal.

Kimberly Pfleiderer

This works exactly like my pedometer. I love how handy it is.

Stella Battle

Love this app.

Kenneth Fickas

Work just like it is described

Cristina Vega

It works

Gretchen Meldrum

Great app one of the most accurate. Still won't sync to my fitness pal though both apps have been updated. If that worked it would be perfect

Glenda Taylor

Very good and accurate I love it

Jan L

Day 1 down a million to go. So far so good I hope it stays that way. Its pretty accurate as long as I'm not handling my phone while the pedometer isn't paused. I'm so grateful that it calculates calories burned. I wish it had a journal so I can track caloric intake. That way I wouldn't need a separate app.

Martin Toper

Pretty good Works well normally. Syncs well with my fitness. Riding motorcycle does mess up the step count, though. Normally excellent

Michele Robertson

Steps Only problem I have had is the step count. When I pause it in the vehicle it will restart and count steps. But other than that I have found that it is pretty accurate.

herb manick

**** PROBLEMS FIXED ***** I like this app a lot but only gave it 3 stars because no matter what I did, it would not sync to myfitness pal, which I use everyday. Had problems with it on my Nexus 6. Shame, other than that. The app is great. ***UPDATE*** pacer contacted me and advised to uninstall and reinstall Myfitness Pal app to make sure I have the latest version on my phone (which I believe it should be 4.0.2 as of 5/6/15). That fixed all sync problems. 5 stars now! Yay! Thanks Pacer!

Michael Brown

Great app, very accurate and intuitive. Love to use it in combination with myfitnesspal. If you sync them your burnt calories will show up there as well. Very cool feature.

Julie Boltwood

Good but... I can't get it to connect with mfp, which was the point of me choosing this app. However I still like the fact I can leave it on in the background, it doesn't need gps on and is easy to use. If I can get it connected to mfp I'll upgrade my rating!


Like it I would love it but still having issues with syncing to myfitnesspal. I have uninstall and re- install myfitnesspal app twice after I installed Pacer. Still nothing. Any other suggests?

Chen Jiang

Great improvement in the battery department! The previous version drained about 15% after 12 hours of usage. The latest version drains 5% after about 10 hours of usage, which is very much usable now, just mildly higher compared to other pedometer apps. This is shaping to be one of the best pedometer app I have tried so far with great UI and accuracy in steps tracking. I still hope improvements can be made to the battery consumption as other pedometer only shows up in Android battery usage page after a full 20 hours running with around 4% consumption. Once they can bring it down another 25% to 40% this app will be perfect for me. The developers are responsive and the latest update helped a lot. Thank you.

Tiffany Nguyen

Not connecting to MyFitnessPal The app seems to run well. Uses up my battery a bit faster but that's to be expected with an app that runs in the background day and night. Unfortunately I have not been able to sync Pacer to MyFitnessPal which is why I got the app to begin with. When I go into Pacer Preferences and click "Sync to MyFitnessPal" it shows the MyFitnessPal header and says connecting to the server and then nothing happens. Its a shame. I hope it gets fixed.

Michael Tanel

Calories seem off... App generally works great on my S5 but I'm noticing my calorie count is way high. 6600 steps, 3 miles and it's recorded 1000+ calories? I'm a big boy but that's almost an implied insult! LOL Suggestions?

Michael Satcher

So far so good This app works as stated. I like the convenience of the ability to sync with myfitnesspal. I also enjoy it telling how many calories you have burned. These features were missing from previous apps I have tried.

Katie Caruso

It's a cool app. Not sure how accurate, but I believe pretty darn close.

Fabiola Teran

Love it! I was bummed walk logger wouldn't sync with fitness pal..But this is the next best!!! Love the app it's easy and always easy to see! Would love to see a widget!

Sarah Murphy

Syncing to MyFitnessPal The only reason I downloaded this app is bc it's supposed to sync with mfp. And it wont. If they fix this problem I will change my rating.

Melanie Wilson

Great app but I really like this app. It's really accurate. I would've given it 5 stars but my phone died when I was using it and when I turned it back on all the work I had done before it died wasn't saved. It was like I hadn't done anything at all because it was all deleted. If you can fix this problem that would be great.

David Cooley

Help get my sugar under control Its real now tht am having to walk a lot now. It keeps up with my calories also witch is good

Gabie Crabill

So far so good Hasn't weirded out on me like another pedometer app i was using. Its been counting my steps everyday so far.

Nick And Lisa Aguilera

Not accurate It started getting much more accurate with the update but for some reason is not doing well today. I've done at least 1000 steps (yes I counted) and its barely registered 500. Sensitivity is at maximum!

Megan Anderson

Pretty effective I mostly use it when I exercise and it is super effective in motivating me to do better and go a little father.

Kevin Wells

Works great Accurate and does not drain my battery while working great with myfitness. I 've tried other apps but this one works the best and is the only one I kept.

Shayla Muskoski

Wanted it to track how much water I drank. Glass by glass. It only has a check in that you drank water that day. No option to check in for each glass of water you drink... Not a big deal. Just kinda lame.

Alexander Kuzminsky

interface issue Deleted after interface was translated. I didnt ask for such bad translate, i prefer to use english. Russian interface is horrible.

Alex Grishanin

Awesome Very good app. Beautiful design and great functionality.

Priscilla Smith

Works Somewhat The steps aren't always accurate, but it's nice that it works with ur phone screen off and it gives you a target everyday. Just set the sensitivity up higher to get a more accurate result.

Tandalaya Howard

So blessed The only problem is when your battery die and you can't count your steps until you charge up again

Bell Herb

A good phone app My fit bit broke and I was devastated. Nothing has worked for me besides using that, and I had lost ten pounds in the first month. This app pairs with Myfittness pal and works just the same. My only complaint would be trying to see weight loss progress via a chart & finding ways to keep my phone on me.

Vince C

Frustrating This app would rate more stars if it wouldn't lock up and stop working so damned much. The widged simply shows "Loading....." I have to reboot my Galaxy S4 at least 3x daily because it stops working in conjunction with Samsung's S-Health pedometer and the counts are not congruent which causes me to have to add the difference manually to Pacer. Not at all ok with this. I hope at some point theee is a fix so i can concentrate on other things rather than on when this app will stop working.

Jolene Thomas

Pretty cool Its on my phone and this morning i walked in the pool with my phone held above water. It made me push myself. Im so out of shape i cant walk on regular street. Live the water. Thanks fir making this. Jodi

Rob Cowell

Great pedometer Only as good as the phone it is loaded on and how sensitive it can read the movements. It would be nice if it had a setting which could 'learn' your gait to give a more accurate reading. Otherwise, simple and effective app.

Fadia Sabri

finally, I have been regretting upgrading my phone to lollipop because the new Samsung S Health sucks. But this program does all what S Health used to do before Samsung decided to ruin it (maybe it can do more, I'm still trying it) but as a first review: LOVE IT. Thanks to the developers, I've been searching and searching for over 3 months now and as I was losing hope I found you. Thanks you made my day ^^ Edit: it would be even better if you add more "Input Exercises" like Zumba, Dancing ...etc

King Sir Lance

Synchronizes with myfitness pal... Synchronizes with myfitness pal like all of these apps should. I am very pleased that it keeps track with all of my steps and updates itself. I never need to interact with the app directly unless I want to keep up with my jog. So worth it.

April Russell

Thought I liked it In 15 minutes it says I've walked 2000 steps and that is horribly inaccurate. If I change the sensitivity down it doesn't pick up anything

Larry Rasmussen

The pedometer works! The Pedometer works great but it does pick up other movements as steps. For my needs it's accurate enough.

Jein Lai

Hopeful I like where this app is going & hopeful step counts & sync will improve.. good luck & thanks! *for anyone having Pacer stopping issues, try maintaining your phones memory: reboot ph or run an app like 'All - In - One toolbox' to clean clutter. *Much improved as app 'learned?' my movements. Do wish I could run on my watch though ;-)

Kimberly Daniels

It's so easy!! I love this app! My phone is always with me so it keeps up with my every move. As a waitress I didn't realize how much walking I did plus the extra I walked on my own. Also lets me adjust my exercise for the day added to walking. Add GPS fitness to it and you have a walking log also that will sync and keep up how your doing each time you walk!

az dcb

Azdcb Creates personal challenge to get more steps than the day before. Tried them all. Pacer is great

Barb Nagy

My phone's always in my pocket anyway. Easy way to keep track of my steps. Getting out of my chair a little more at work too.

Melisa Underwood

I love it syncs with My Fitness app! Both working together keeps me on track and I don't have to deal with the aggravation of dealing with several separate apps. It runs in my background so I don't have to remember to turn it on.

Ariel Lee

Fairly accurate It seemed to count a minor car ride, but otherwise works pretty well

Lindsey Bogacz

I don't know how accurate this is, but at least it reminds me to get up off my butt and move.

Lee Viz

Issue with goals Ive been walking for about fifteen minutes and my timer only says fuve which messes up my goals to do sixty minutes of walking a day.

Chrysoula Brison-Holtzhauer

Great Tool My phone goes with me everywhere, so it's great to look at Pacer at end of the day to see my mobility progress. It also syncs with MyFitness Pal!

Juan hernandez

Pedometer Its good although I have noticed it will get confused sometimes & increase the # of steps when your driving

Heather Brewington

Great companion for my diet Use this in conjunction with My fitness pal. I have lost 35 lbs in 4 months.

lucky singleton

My daily workout This is an awesome app, it keeps a close and accurate account of my exercises and calories. I like knowing that I can see my progress over time and goals being achieved weekly, this is encouraging, I feel great and seeing the progress is an awesome thing.

Thecareerdiva W.

So far so good I like it. But trying to get steps to match to my S Health app

Nguyễn Bá Lập

Can replace Samsung health! Better start itself when power on and keep run continuosly.

Caroline Dickson

Map? Yes but have to rem to stop Thank you, i tried the pinpoint button, and start, made a map, but i forgot to click finish, it didnt realise it was tracking the car journey, maybe uses gps, so it thought i had burnt more cals. Google fit automatically just measured the walk not the car journey, i dont need to start and finish google fit. Pacer has advantage of interface with mfp and map, but i like the way google doesnt have to be started and stopped and xperia stamina (looks after battery) complains about pacer. Hope this helps

Mike Dotson

Works well, matches close with the other pedometer I have on my phone. Links up with myfitnesspal which is nice.

Nia Bacchus

I love the app but I have a small phone and the whole page does not show up

Jack Menendez

Great app works with myfitnesspal Use it to maintain and lose weight by knowing how many calories i burn via pacer

MaryCa R

Works well I have used several different pedometer apps. This one is the easiest, most simple, accurate one. Love.

julie landfair

I'm lovin' this Pacer app It keeps me moving. Love It!

stephanie rescendiz

The pedometer feel unaccurate to me but it could just be my phone

Meridith Elsbernd

Connects to my fitness pal It works well enough and connects to my fitness pal fairly well. Good enough for me!

Joe Richardson

So far it's been great. On second day. I noticed that the time hasn't really moved. I know I walked more then it said. But glad it keeps track of calories, steps, distance, and time.

Theresa Lemmer

Luv the app! Only wish I can tweak/update count for when I forget to carry phone or when on charger

victoria williams

Cool Does what I need it to do... I feel like it could be more accurate I pause my a lot because simple shakes count as steps sometimes.

Vicky Cody

Love it Glad I downloaded this. I can track how much I've waljed an kbow how much I need to go

Betty Tunnat

Does not count steps accurately on the Samsung Galaxy My husband has the iPhone 6 plus we walked the same distance and he had 3x the amount of steps as me! I have the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

David Urban

Update caused phone to black out many time, this was once a good app

Amanda Bruno

Great app! This app works wonderfully for me, personally. Sensitivity is easy to set, syncs well with MyFitnessPal, is more accurate than the pedometer/health app that came with my phone - all the while not being covered in ads. An awesome app - thank you!!!

Lourdes Goodson

Wonderful app So accurate and doesn't slow down your phone and is a wonderful app for keeping track of your steps if you are trying to lose weight. :-)

Achmed Balasubas

Easy to use but it seems like it only measure distance which also assumes that i am walking which in fact i am driving. Did I miss something on the settings side? Easy to use, but find it not accurate. Must off the app if you are driving or taking any sort of transportation, or else you will lost track of you actual records

Michelle M.

Love this thing It started out as a curiosity... how much did I actually walk at work? Finding out just how much I actually walked has turned from curiosity to almost a need to know. I can be proud if how much I did on any particular day and it keeps track of my weight! Unfortunately I wasn't able to transfer my account from one phone to another so I lost a lot of walk history and weight numbers which was very disappointing to me, but otherwise this app is pretty darn good.

Ronisha Cruickshank

Definitely a Motivator! I am finding reasons to walk to get my count up. It's a wonderful way to be more mindful of your movements. Paired with My Fitness Pal, I think I have a winning combination for help with my lifestyle change.

Ian v

Good App Works pretty well but I am sure a little inaccurate on the light side as I have counted steps over longer distances and this app is always a little short.

Shanon Sellers

Thanks a bunch I really love this app. Makes it so easy to track the distance you've gone in the day. I love how it syncs to MyFitness Pal. Sometimes it messes up but thats okay. The GPS is a fun addition as well.

S hefner

Unsatisfied I know it is not "fair" but i love this app for iOS Apple. So, i installed it here (Samsung Galaxy J2). Although i enjoy the features as well as the GUI, it does not accurately count steps. I have tested it using multiple variables - location, stride length, speed, gait strength, etc. It just will not count correctly. Sorry but this is a no. I would love to know if the accuracy improves. I would be willing to try it again.

Patrick Dick

Stopped working Stopped counting as of day 2 even though applet was switched on and sensitivity at the middle level

Lana Redmond

It's an app! I downloaded this to entertain a child. It seems to hang around in the back and tells me things every now and again. It's interesting to know my daily steps, though I'm unsure of its accuracy or how many is a good amount! 5 stars!


Great Good to keep up my daily steps etc. Easy to use and seems accurate

valerie kennedy

Walking This is a great app it helped me know how many steps I took,I would try to walk 10.000 steps every day trying to lose weight ,the amazing thing about app is even when u think it's. Off its. Still counting your steps .

Jerry Maine

Very helpful This app is great. It tells what you need to know to track your steps, etc for weight loss. Download it.

Phil Whitfield

Does what it says I see folks going on about accuracy but for a free app it's doing a fine job. Do I take my phone absolutely everywhere? No. Would a wearable device be better? Yes. But without coughing up the readies I have no complaints and it encourages me to walk more :)

Sherri Rowland

Great app I enjoy this app a lot especially since I can sync it with my diet diary and gives me extra calories to eat just for all the walking I do at work, which I didn't realize that I did. I would recommend it. No issues so far. Been using it for about two months now.

Dhaval Roy

Motivating Seems a bit off the mark. It keeps counting even when you have stopped. I always subtract about 200 steps each day before congratulating myself. But, it's quite motivating. And I have been walking a lot more since I installed the app.

Peter Weir

Keeps failing to store steps I have noticed that sometimes the application doesn't store the daily step count which is a bit irritating especially when you know that you have done a lot of steps that day

Viraj Rathod

Accurate The steps they show meet our expectation. An app you can rely upon, I'd say.

oyebimpe omotosho

Good. Links with my fitness pal It does what it supposed to do. What I particularly like is the fact that it links with myfitness pal

Nathan Zalman

Another essential In the last month Pacer has become an important member of my healthcare team, monitoring my activity during the day, and giving me the incentive I need to keep moving. The integration with MyFitnessPal has been a plus. I'd like to see integration with Diabetes:M as well somewhere down the line.

Fawsiya Mohamed

Good app When you are holding your phone in your hand the step counter doesn't track steps, but apart from that does what it says

Richard Purvis

Looks good. Too many notifications. I've disabled some. If I had more then two days to test before it asked me to rate - it may have been a 5. I'll be back to revise.

Kodi Carver

Pacer It's better then the other apps I've tried. I like it because it syncs to my fitness pal.

Feraas Khatib

Inaccurate & Drains Battery I'm trying to find a pedometer app the syncs with myfitnesspal and is simple and free and Pacer seems to have all that covered but using it on my Galaxy S6 Active in any mode (even using the built in step counter which is the most battery saving) causes huge battery drain of somewhere around 30% over the day. Also steps are being missed a lot when using the built in step counter but it works fine in S Health.

Dave George

Not too bad Would give it 5 stars if you could link it to Facebook so others can monitor your progress. Thinking of going back to the Samsung App as it daily steps ETC are linked and shared with Facebook friends

David Ackerman

Great app. I challenge myself. And this keeps track, I'm averaging 5 miles a day Pacer is that incentive.

Neil Fox

Very good pedometer I only use this for counting steps. Even works during circuits in the gym :)

Birkir A. Barkarson

Works Fairly light weight, seems to track in par with Google's app but also integrates with Fitness Tracker.

Irene Margitich

Minor tweaks in settings and pacer is even with MFP. So convenient to have built in exercise adjustments!

Mary Ann Novella

Pacer App Helps keep me on target with my personal fitness goals. Seeing the number of steps I took is a positive reinforcement.

Julian Cresswell

Pacer Very accurate app and can be linked to my fitness pal for free, which is a bonus.

Alexios Alexiou

Just started using it on my Sony Z1 compact and appears to work OK so far. Today I used the GPS track option (which is also great) but it did not add these steps to my total (it just shows it as a separate exercise) which is dissapointing.

Cheyenne Neeley

Awesome pedometer!!!!! It tells how many calories I've burned, the distance I walked, and how many steps I've taken. The full version is cheap too! Great app!

Renee Abbott

Five miles It feels like I walked 5 miles today so it must be fairly accurate.

greg maddox

Great free pedometer This is a great way to keep up with your activity level. I love the way it changed levels like a speedometer telling you your levels of activity. Only drawback was the calorie count. I don't feel it was very accurate.

R Wright

Love this keep my phone on while I work to see how far I walk during my shift.

Janelle Vernall

Excellent Love it very accurate steps and even works when your phone is locked amazing

pam ingram

Easy to use. Started a walking routine and needed to know how many miles I was walking etc.

Aely Ramirez

Love it it can tell me when i have walk more then other days and when i did not

Carmelo Gamiddo

Kills you battery This app has an enormous appetite and will quickly drain your battery. Enjoyed it for a while but had to remove it, it would drain my battery in no time.

Lisa Bryant

It works! Met my expectations and needs. Love that it syncs to my fitness pal.

Beth Young

Very simple to use Great app! Very useful in helping keep track of daily/weekly/long term goals.

Denise Murray

Loses Information When I use the GPS tracker it 'loses' the information so its not saved and does not count my steps while using GPS which renders it's daily averages of distance,steps calories etc useless. If this was fixed this would be a great app.

Arsenal Barua

It's alright but when I try to upgrade it's says invalid card as I use a debit card.... The debit card option simply doesn't works

Tim Mathews

Incredibly intrusive After installing, I began setting it up. With practically every input I got the nag screen to upgrade. In less than 2 minutes I got the nag screen 5 times!!! Even if it's a great App, the nags are so overdone that I'm deleting it.

Zippy F

VERY HAPPY NOW!!! I did an Uninstal because steps were off by thousands, but after trying others I tried this one again and saw that I had not set my step length accurately..reason for wrong output.. NOW IT IS VERY ACCURATE...the "grass WAS NOT greener..."..This is a GOOD app!

mona kashyap

Earlier it was ok. But now it has stopped counting my steps. Today i have walked 2 miles approximately. And it says i have taken 0 steps. Fix it. I will give 5 stars.

Autumn Yaj

Doesn't count accurately Counted more steps than what I was actually doing. And doesn't count one step at a time.

Kamesia Wilkerson

Perfect!!! Love the easy use of the App. Perfect in helping me count my steps towards weight loss...

William Spangler

Keeps me moving As a person with limited mobility it challenges me to do as well if not better than the last day and I am able to share with others.

Belinda Shaffer

RN Beli I downloaded this app to try and get an idea of how many steps I take at work in a clinic. I really enjoyed checking throughout my day and wanted to watch my #s grow!

Lev Lafayette

Better products available Eats through battery power, extremely inaccurate recording of activity, poor interface, intrusive push marketing, and so on. You're better off with a less supposedly feature rich application which works better.

Jim T

Does what it says, doesn't drain my battery It keeps track of steps and is easy on my phone battery. It can link with other programs like my fitness pal too.

Arshanti Jan

GR8 APP Wonderful! It actually counts your steps and has lots of helpful settings. Definitely a 5 star app.

emoji star

Omg I ♡♡ this app This app made me lose 150 calories in a day!! I was so excited that I told my friends to download it and they did and they lost 200 calories in a day more then me download now don't resist

Gary Walton

Very Easy I love this application, it's easy to use and very accurate

Deep Shergill

Not working when display turned off It is very good app but when i turn off my display with lock button then it does not count steps.......please improve it

Frank Arce

Pedometer and beyond. This app is great at keeping you on a schedule. There is lots of data and goal settings that it keeps you going. It has helped me lose weight.

Nik N

Inconsistent readings All I have to do is wear different shoes, or different pants. For example I will be walking an hour at about 3mph (my usual) and it will show reading a mile. What am I? All a sudden I'm transformed into a tortoise? GPS likes to freeze and lock up for no apparent reason and all and data is loss.

Paramita B

Like the tracking and reports Works well with MyFitnesspal. Constant notification/status in my status bar keeps me focused on getting in a minimum number of steps wach day.

T Reynolds

Motivating! Easy, accurate and motivating.

Stephanie Cleaver

Im a nurse thought id see how many steps i walk on a 12hr shift. Quite a few it would seem! Good app

Mary Warren

Walking It works great for keeping up with my steps. Helps me try to out do the day before.

Lora-Leah Andersen

Works well for a free app I am happy with the app, I would not pay for it. Yet as a free counter it works well, am meets my current needs.

Evan Intoit

Crap... how do i exit this app .. Why there is no option to close the app?

vinod kumar

Good app needs to be full free version and add panic button with mobile numbers so that it may help female or older people if anything health problem occurs during walk they can text using your app to their friends and family...and imp is app is DRAINING MY MOB BATTERY daily it consumes 30-40% of battery

Christabel McGlone

LG G5 Cool app. Very easy to use. Only thing I would like to change is for the time to be adjusted according to your current time zone. I believe its only in EST. I'm on the west coast so my day/steps are broken up.

Herb48 Herb48

VERY ADDICTIVE Best app ever.In 1month i lost 8lbs.Went from 216 to 208 goal 196 to 200.Work on beating my step counts everyday and did it on 4-12-16. Hit a high of 6.4 miles.I LOVE IT

Michael Smith

Unique Health app Gives a daily log of your steps taken, and allows gps tracking of your runs/walks. For a fee, you can even get weight loss coaching. Very good app.

Mewi Chan

Fun Tracker Great app, reasonably accurate, with lots of features. Also love that it works with MyFitnessPal to give you a good overview of your overall physical wellbeing. Looking forward to even more steps tomorrow!!

Kire Mac

Pretty decent. Works well with My Fitness Pal app and calculating the steps and taking the calories burned and plugging that into my fitness pal app so I can keep track easier with my calorie intake as well.. with this pedometer type tracker. It seems to work pretty well so far.

Ellen McEvoy

Decent step counter other features poor The step counting is great and the fact it runs and shows you the count on lock screen great. Unfortunately the coach is only got upgrade and I can't load my profile or connect to groups. Annoying as this was specially requested for a group challenge.

MeChelle Martin

Great help, if accurate I was wary that the step count may not be correct. Aside from that, I enjoy the app.

Zippy F

VERY HAPPY NOW!!! I did an Uninstal because steps were off by thousands, but after trying others I tried this one again and saw that I had not set my step length accurately..reason for wrong output.. NOW IT IS VERY ACCURATE...the "grass WAS NOT greener..."..This is a GOOD app!

Lucille DeFrank

Great app A ridiculously great app sometimes just has to be simple to receive five stars. I have used several other step counters and all the bells and whistles were lost on me period at the end of the day how many steps did I take? This app starts automatically every day at midnight. That in of itself makes it extremely valuable. And it's free!

Jens Heinemann

Just works I love it as it always works. I always carry my phone,so it always counts. Also have a fit bit, but that does not work as good. Needs to be charged, stops counting, basically rubbish. Still using it though. However this app beats it hands down.

Shengy En

Excellent! Have not encounter any problems with this app, though I wish I do carry my phone with me all the time I actually don't but overall great app!

Adrian Fuentes

Pacer keeps the steps I do like my Samsungs step counter better. This one came with the LG. Still keeps track, shows goals, and displays graphs. I just like the history, comparisons, and ease of finding record breaking walks better on other apps. . . .still though this does a great job too.

Colima Wilson

Love it Make sure you put in your age weight height it gave me a 24 inches per step which was exactly right. It tells your steps how much of a mile you've done and how many calories you've burned, plus it keeps track of all you've done. I'd say it's excellent!!!


Good App So far so good. Only thing is one day I paused the activity and the next day I set the GPS to track how many miles and steps i walked. When I was done, I realized that it didn't track how many miles or steps I took because I forgot to unpause it. Ok, so now I know.

Pramod shanker Soni

Very helpful...i wish it could be refreshed to zero again. Very useful for all fitness freak and those who want to keep track the distance they walk or run...kudos. Dr.Pramod Shanker Soni Bhopal india

Eloise Latimer

Love the updates Love it when I get updated saying I have reached my goal. You don't realise how far you walk in a day untill you get this app.

Tara Kirk

Wonderful app (: very pleased with how accurate and helpful it is!

Nicole Reid

Great app! I love pacer. It syncs with my food tracker and is reminding me to keep my steps up. Only issue is when I forgot to carry my phone with me.

Rohan Karande

Accurate and easy Very accurate and easy to use app. Works in the pocket, in bag, in hand so usability issues to complain about. The only problem I have consistently faced is with the GPS tracker for walks and runs - takes way too long to sync with satellite and hangs big time. Probably something to fix but I can live without it in free version.

Michele Wescoat-Larsen

Super helpful I really like it. I had major knee surgeries. It's very easy to use. It helps me to keep track of my being able to walk again. It's great to see how far I walk daily. Great motivator.

Mark Hrycko

super application words that describe find any others never fulfilled their promises this one does

Tara Garland

It's Ok but... This app seemed awesome but it pauses all the time so you can't get an accurate read unless you hold it in your hand and constantly unpause it!!! If it wasn't for that I would love it...

Shirondale Kelley

Extremely Accurate I love the accuracy, data gathering and integration with MyFitnesspal. I only wish that it offered more analytics. It has to be consuming (or able to consume) a huge amount of data. Get silly and serious team. SILLY SERIOUS.

Vikas Thakur

Nice Its quite cool. U can easily calculate d calories u burnt while performing different activities and by means of dis u meet different goals n u would always be trying to achieve dat goals.

Sabrina Alam

Too sensitive If I just shake my phone alot the steps start counting

Ree Na Famy

Very nice app After uninstalling it for some time, i decided to install it again and it works well. The only problem is when riding the car, I can't pause it.

Janeice Martin

Decent pedometer Works well, not perfectly accurate but it gets the job done

Debra Meeks

Steps I love this app. It keeps up with my steps and let me know how many calories I've burned as well. Simple to download and doesn't take up that much space. It make you want to do 10000 steps.

Jan Fitch

Worked great for a while. Today pedometer isn't budging. This is a terrible app. Works so inconsistently it is useless. Get Noom

Stuart Long

Great little app Great step tracker, I don't use to full potential but recognises when I'm on public transport so no changing settings x

Jesus Martinez

Awesome just one flaw. Need to pause it every time you get on car pr else it would run your number up like crazy!!!

Joseph Ravu

Chews battery life On my Xperia z1c, it goes through the battery like no-ones business, even after using the recommended settings.

Amanda Tate

Very accurate I love this app. It is very accurate and keeps me motivated!

David van Gelder

Accurate count and not cluttered, easy to use and syncs with fitnesspal. All around very satisfied. Good work, and great app.

kathy maul

Great app!! I have tried a few step apps, this one was the easiest to use and understand!! Love it!!!

Donna Jane

Great Step Counter Works well and I can see my progress on screen straight away without having to open the app.

samantha warner

Amazing I love the fact you can set when to start and stop counting steps. The only reason its not 5 stars is bc to get some of the things you have to buy it.

Virginie LGB

One month trial? Think the app is OK, for what I've tried... Could you add a trial period? Say a month? Or even a week, it's enough to see if it's good! I don't wanna spend money and be disappointed... // UI is brilliant though. Very nice designs, and super user friendly! Seems pretty accurate too.

Ludka Kalinova

Pacer Just started using it a short while ago and so far I'm very satisfied. UPDATE: I have moved from HTC M7 where it worked perfectly to Huawei P8Lite and it doesn't count the steps correctly. I carry both phones on me and have huge differences even though the set-up is identical. Please advise or fix it.

Katherine Ray

Not consistent! I have had to uninstall numerous times. When my phone is sitting still it will jump 1000 steps occasionally and no way to edit the false steps or the lack of steps being counted. Now it is just not counting steps right. I am done with it for now.

Jenny l

Very well made app I can't believe how good this app is so organize and used friendly. Look clean and bright and got all sorts of options !

Jessica Lauren

Works I tried to fake steps to see if it would but it doesn't. It also counts when I'm using my phone and walking so that's cool. Wish they didn't push their subscription service so hard but I don't blame them.

Kelly C

Works well with my fitness pal I used to always guess my walks when entering it into my fitness pal. This takes the guesswork out of it! It does lose count between Android and iPhone..

Loz Duddridge

Not good Nobody carries their phone around 24/7. I text and play on my phone sat down anyway, so its not a great idea. And if you don't want to exercise but try to show off about it then to get more steps just shake your phone continuously. It's not very clever. But when it asked me for feedback and I said it was bad it was polite. I know it's just an app, but at least it was something. :-!

Dani Tucker

Who needs a fitbit? I love that this is free and it does the same as a fitbit or fitbug - well it does as much as I want either of them to do. It graphs my progress and I link it to fitness pal ( another free app) and it all works perfectly. Food diaries, weight loss, steps taken and advice if you want it.

Christine Hartnett

Money It will count MOST of your steps but if you want to use the weight loss part you will have to pay

Alex Ellison

Good but it has a huge issue More accurate than my wrist pedometer but it always comes unpaused. I always end up racking hundreds of steps on the bus or heading to the bathroom, or simply moving my phone. It's gotten way too annoying to monitor the app every second. I wish you guys would have an option to freely turn off steps or something

Rajesh Mandal

Good app but not best Why because it increase the number of counts or steps when u r in non-moving position... Please correct that bug otherwise the app is veru good except this bug..

Alessandra Pasqua

Very good, lots of useful features. only a little too pushy if you don't want it to be active all the time. Would definitely recommend

Michael Gornall

Good app Had fitbit app on my HTC One m8 for over a year. They have just made improvements that my phone won't support any more. I looked around for a replacement and found this one. Very pleased so far as it gives me the same information as the fitbit app. Seems to work well too.

April Hebert

I find this app very helpful, I'm a little cunfused on how to use it but it tells me how far I've walked and for how long and calories burned I love this app Very helpful and just love what this app can do for you

Maria Stylianou

Good app Decent app just at times dosent pick up your steps and if you turn the sensativity up to much it classes slight movement as steps. Other than that it's good

Angad Singh

I just downloaded it and got it's secret Totally useless app bounce or shake your phone you will instantly loose 30 40 calories hehe 0 stars

Bart Kurz

Can't pause counting The app seems to count the steps quite accurate. The only problem is that you can't pause to counting so it counts whenever you move your phone or on public transport. That ruins the final counting value!

Akshay Mahajan

Needs Improvement I have purchased the app. There are many features which need improvement. I am not able to setup my target weight. App sets is automatically . At one place it says u are 88 percentile and another place it says 85 percentile. Average day also it says different at 2 places. Also i should be able to see maximum in each Goal category . Worst part in inactive customer care . I have sent email but bo reply even to a paid user like me is disgusting.

Dawnya Miller

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach I love being able to see how many steps I take in a day. Of course it only works when I have my cell on me with a charged battery. Sometimes I don't have a pocket to put my phone in to help count my steps. But when I do it is awesome knowing I am on track or off.

allison kelsey

Like it so much I subscribed Intuitive interface and good mix of essential features. Premium tiers offer training programs that take your fitness to the next level. The only thing missing is integration with food database.

Wirt Wolff

Can't edit /delete goals. :-( No waist size or body fat, so tried misc kludges. Weight type ended up converting to kg if value of 38. So no problem, right? Delete the goal or reset data. Nooo, you can't. No reply from support. ** Good thing is steps are very accurate, and simple goals like weigh in or more water track easily** but this app is really only a pedometer, not a fitness app.

Alexis Washington

Great app I like this app because I don't have to have my phone in my hand all the time in order to get an accurate count. I can go to the mall and leave my phone in my purse or pocket and still get a great count.

Rebecca Shireman

Perfect I have been using this for a few months now and love it!. It not only shows you how many steps you have taken, it also shows the calories you have burned and the distance you have walked. My only complaint would be that when I drive, even on the highest sensitivity setting, it will add steps so I just turn it off then back on when I'm not driving.

Alastair Murray

very accurate, still easy to use as simple, or as complex, as you need, a very good app, and very accurate, unlike most its very consistent , wish it had elliptical and rowing !!

Mukesh Gupta

Weird Initially the app gives accurate readings but after a few days it starts miscalculating steps and not record readings at all. I have moto X play n it is nt frequently restarting and not recording steps like it did wen it was freshly installled. Seems like it is sick. If d prob is fixed, it is worth a 5*

Eric Spery

Timezone Bug I originally gave this app a 5 star review that I'm now modifying. I was very pleased with its performance initially and became a paid subscriber to the service. A week later, I did some traveling for business. I was shocked to find that there's a timezone bug that resets your step count so that the morning after I had a 15,000 step day, my step count said: 0. Frustrating to say the least. I've spoken with customer support and have hope that they'll fix the bug, otherwise my travel makes this app unusable.

Sussi Egneus

No problem with this app Found this app user friendly and consistent and liked that I could change the sensitivity settings to suit my activity and my steps. Only inaccuracy is of course not having my phone on me at all times but that's my choice.

Neysha Tunis

Awesome!! I love this app it is amazing. It tells me everything I need 2 know like how many calories I burned. It also gives u a virtual coach and a dieting plan depending on how much u weigh. I love it!!!!??????

Allysa Cole

I have it set to use the built in Android step counter. Sometimes this works, but most of the time it doesn't. Today it was tracking 1000 steps when my phone was showing 6.6k. When I logged into the app I paused and unpaused it and Pacer caught up to the step count. Then when I reopened the app after a phone restart it is sticking to the 1000 steps. I don't understand how when it is told to sync with S Health that the numbers are completely different. The only benefit is that this app will sync to MyFitnessPal, except with the accuracy of the app this is rarely an accurate representation of my daily activity. It also absolutely eats my battery, even when set on the most battery saving mode.

Faye Gunn

It stopped tracking It stopped tracking my steps and I don't know why. I tried everything to get it started again. So Uninstalled

Lisa Young

Easy to use, but not accorate on alot of things Been using since April I have lost 24 pounds, but this app says I gained 4 pounds. It has its flaws. Nice to see how many steps you take and a somewhat ok read on calories burned, but would not use as a serious tool for weight lost or other. Boils down to you want to lose weight an get your life back you'll get out an do so. I'm only able to be more active on nice days. But this had nothing to do with my 24 pound weight lose. Food for thought.

Gene Poon

Inconsistent, not reliable, no support. Inaccurate mileages in GPS tracking mode, compared to other GPS programs. Step counter spontaneously resets to zero. Also it doesn't track steps properly at unpredictable times. On a walk of over four miles, Pacer counted 271 steps. Finally, three feedback messages reporting problems have resulted in zero responses by the developer of the app, only a canned acmnowledgement of receiving the message. I'm giving it another few days but unnstallation and finding another app may be the best course of action.

Michael Allen

App won't do as it says Gives you a option to track steps from your phones tracker so s health for Samsung and it does nothing... might need to take that option out if you can use it

Vickie Heindel

It definitely helps me keep my activity level up and not want to be so lazy. When I've seen I haven't walked as much as I should I push myself to walk more. I even have my husband using the app. My teenage son would love it if he could get the app on his Windows phone. Getting healthier and losing weight feels great! Thanks for being me improve my life.

David Riehl

Better than another pedometer app I have! This pedometer app is just great. It's pretty much everything I want out of a step counting app. Although granted, it doesn't record every step but it's still pretty accurate. The other pedometer app (WalkLogger), doesn't update my steps right away. As compared to this, this even let's you know your step count 24/7 by always being in your notification shade. All in all, just a great app. Update: it seems to over-count steps. I have a couple pedometer apps on my phone, and they are much lower than this one.

Jack Dender, M D

Fabulous free pedometer Easy and intuitive to utilize. Appears accurate and very useful. Extremely helpful. No problems so far.

Carolyn Pereira

Cool :) Only had the app about a week now but I think I like it so far. Love the GPS workouts. The step tracking is cool too except as a mom I try not to have my phone on my person all day so my step counts are definitely off... spent all day yesterday wrangling 3 kids all over grocery stores and up and downs stairs in my house and only took "145 steps" haha

Sarah Kasper

Good so far I've had some bad experiences with this kind of app but I've been using this for a couple days now and have no issues so 5 stars for now

Malcolm Palmer

Not pleased at all. Can't figure out how to turn it off

Serena Briles

Every step counts I have not been using this app long but really like it. Ill link it to my fitness pal for a complete picture. But as a stand alone pedometer its very nice. I was using a different app because my lifehealth at work connected with it; I'm tracking my steps for points. But that app dropped hundreds of steps a day.. Really frustrating.. This app was a way to save my sanity. Very accurate and easy to use.


Good App... better than other in the que! I was doing things already, but now i can track it :), this , app comes handy to track your failures to reach goals and to overcome them. I would love to see more detailed 'in the gym' or 'workout' feature also, breakdown of this goals into smaller specific strength or gym goals within.

Jessica Butler

Amazing I totally love this app its helpful in letting me know how many steps I've taken I've met or exceeded the 10k steps a day goal. Its also amazing that I'm able to see that calories burned and set other goals such as drinking water no soda only thing I'd change is the ability to create my own goals dunno if that's a paid option or not but it'd be neat since I stay motivated to get up and walk. I keep having to bump my goal higher and higher.

Awesome I love this! I paid for the premium version and it's money well spent. It accurately tracks steps, much better than even one of the step counters for the wrist, and much more economical. You can also add exercise and other activity, and it tracks calories burned daily and weekly. It's been one of the most useful tools for me to get motivated and excited about my increased activity and accompanying weight loss. I've already recommended it to others, and will continue to do so.

Bhavya Bhatia

Great way to keep fit I'm not really a fitness freak. But I do like to walk and keeping track of how much I've walked in a day is a great way to motivate myself to push limits. However because you have to keep your phone in your hand or your pocket for it to track steps I'm always worried that I'll keep my phone somewhere and just forget about it. Not a fault with the app but it's just that I'm a really forgetful person.

Bulldog Boardwalk

Love it but... I love this app and have been using it for a while. Its very accurate and motivates me to do better. There are so many uses for this and things you can do such as set goals and such. However I have just found my first and only problem which is if you take the battery out of your phone ie LG g5 battery swap you lose all of your steps which is very upsetting. I gave it 4 stars only because if that. My LG health app didnt lose anything. I hope they can find a fix for this

Brenda Kovalcik

Does just what I need! Solid working little app. No problems. Accurate once you find the best settings on your phone. Newer version remains accurate. So far, the only draw back I've encountered is when changing to a different phone... No matter what I do, I end up with a new user ID and lose all my history.

Mary Misko

Current information correct This gives correct data, I had gone through 3 different apps before finding this. It was quite difficult finding correct information converting steps to calories. My doctor told me about My Fitness Pal to keep my diary so I could lose weight. Love, love. Update: It hasn't been a week & today it failed to record my workout. GGRR

Stephanie Worden

Very interesting It's kind of interesting to me to finally get an idea of just how many steps I take in a day. I've heard of people setting a goal for 10000 steps in a day and I never realized how close I actually came to that on my own. The app is also very easy to use nothing too complicated just turn it on and start walking around.

Erin Grady

So helpful I have tried a few other apps, but Pacer is the best one by leaps and bounds. Adding goals, as simple as Drink More Water or No Soda, are a first step toward higher ones. I'm not in good shape, and this allowed me to start with 3K steps a day. I'm closing on 5K now, so it works. Great app to have!

Bishnu Charan Dash

Better than average. All other aspects of this application are very good except the accuracy of distance. The same length of walk gives different counts on different days. GPS exercise also does not give accurate result. Also often step count comes down if mobile phone is in sleep mode.

Martin Evans

Really easy to use, no effect on battery life Works really week, totaling my steps every day. Smart enough to tell the difference between driving on a bumpy road vs. Walking. Also, doors not seem to affect my battery life. Great app!

Tajh Aashil

Pacer knows best Pretty accurate feature. I had to fool around with it before I started my actual tracking, but seems on point for the most part. I haven't been running, only walking. Doesn't seem to sync too well with my fitness pal, but that's fine with me. I don't like the coaching ads.

Maggie Treslove

Fantastic app, has helped me to change the way i think & see food in a different light. I've lost nearly 3 kilos in weight, I'm proud of myself for changing my life. I would recommend this app to everyone, my advice is.. never give up on YOURSELF & be proud of YOURSELF, peace out peps

Liz V

Either didn't work, or have to pay I inputted my info and got a "plan" yet it didn't load. It just kept trying and trying, yet never happened. You also have to pay for all of the actual workout plans, and the free ones don't work. I just got the thing and it said I had done 30 minutes of workout, then it refused to let me do anymore workouts. I like the pedometer, yet I'm still being generous with two stars.

Deepak Tillu

Unable to create Grops I was about to give 4 or 5 star but when I tried to form a group it's not allowing me to do it. I tried many times creating a single group but it's just taking details n always asks me to put an icon for group. But when I select an icon it just exits and opens the home page. Kindly fix this. Also give an option in notifications to "Pause and Start" the running activity which application shows on home screen of the app.

Thammarsat Visuttarrom

Application perfromance This is the best one in my opinion. A lot of function that you can use in this application such as coach function for running plan. The function also help you know the way to improve running effectively. Step counting is one thing that I really like. It can count your step nearly with your real step that you walk or run in each day. Some functions, you have pay money but I can say you will feel like you have coach with you all time to help you improve running perfromance and reduce you weight. Very nice app

Ahimsa Toronto

I've given up on MisFit, FitBit and Garmin Connect. This "Pacer" Pedometer beats them up, AND syncs with myfitnesspal. Well done! It is a battery guzzler, but there are settings in the Options dialogue to adjust this to conserve. I ran into a small problem with the Coach, contacted Pacer, and they resolved it quickly! In the tech world, I expect glitches - but I did not expect to have this so thoroughly and enthusiastically solved so quickly. The Coach is going to be a big help now. Quite simply put, they are the BEST.

Jessica Steel

The best there is Wanted to get a pedometer but too costly. Then I checked out Google play and saw this app. Way better than pedometer and tracks daily fitness level. I love it. Wish I got the premium version for free. Sigh!

Fred Fred

Miles Adding Up - Weight Dropping Off Benn using three months. Walking average 5 miles per day. Only takes 90 minutes. Lost 2 stone. Totally pleased with app. It's becoming a good mate! 4 stones to go!

shawna hathaway

Great app I like this app. It does what it supposed to do and then some. If you are looking for a easy fun way to track weight loss, steps, workouts ect.. This is the one? I just started with it and love it already

Jan Little

Great App This is a really good app. Didn't realise just how lazy i was until i started using it. I have never had any inspiration before and this gives me it. yesterdays total is displayed so was determined to beat it today and no doubt i will be the same tomorrow. Sould soon be fitter.

S Wakely

Good app - but I suspect it measures generously! I walk ... alot! This little app is great for distance covered, steps taken and calories used. I do wonder though whether it may be a little generous in measuring how far I walk. If not, then I'm fitter than I thought!

Kayleigh Doyle

Good app but annoying ads I have enjoyed using this app so far and I like how it links to My Fitness Pal and connects to other apps such as Strava and Garmin. It is very easy to use and is in the background of my phone unless I choose otherwise. The premium features adverts are very annoying which is why it's only 4 star and not 5.

Benjamin cusden

I love it! It's opened up a whole different attitude to keeping fit. I started off just being curious as to how much i walked in a day - now I'm making sure i dont miss a day walking. Accurate and with great weight loss and health advice. I've lost weight and feel a whole lot fitter.

Derek Thomas

Good at first Good at first but now the my coach part seems broken. It hangs and claims there's an error connecting to the server and after I uninstalled and reinstalled the app now it hangs at "Calculating your plan". Don't buy. Broken app.

Vk. rao

Smartphone - GIONEE Marathon M5 Extremely accurate to Any Treadmill in terms of kilometres, Time, calories .. it's only 100/- inr... Per month.. OMG.. Sooo accurate, so awesome, I even left my personal training with my coach, it keeps me reminding of how many calories to b burnt, what to eat, how much time do I sleep.. That computerized coach which keeps on telling what to do next..

René Van Wyk

Great app It helped me to get into a fitness regimen again. I also forced my teenager son to download it when he started to sleep all day. He now uses it to count his steps while practicing basketball and he needs to make his target every day. Works glitch-free on my Galaxy Grand 2, unlike other apps which crash often.

Susan Banyai

Failed to save activities Dear Pacer, you suck! Time and time again failed to record and save my activities (and yes, I did press the right buttons!) then my "personal trainer" was slacking me off for being lazy and not achieving my goals - WHAAATT!!! Don't install this if you're serious about weight loss!

Pat Brown

Lost motivaton to use this app Have uninstalled. Became discouraged after reinstalling app due to a phone manufacture reset had to be done. Then to find out that I needed to setup a manual backup of data after creating an email account. There are no instructions or prompts that a backing should be done. Thought setting up an account created an automatic cloud backup. Lost all my hard work and data since June! ??

Matt Wanko

Good pedometer app Great app! Pretty accurate for my runs and walks. I've been having an issue though when sometimes I use the GPS mapping feature, the app crashes and doesn't record my run.

Lexee Boo

One of the best step tracking apps This app is extremely useful and helpful, it's only $19.99 for a year if you decide to pay for a coach. The coach gives you extremely good advice. It makes me check the app everyday because I like learning new things for weight loss. I recommend this app even if you don't pay the $19.99 for the year. It's still a good step tracking app.

Donna Jansen

Not great The app itself is good nothing wrong with. My problem comes when it syncs to the MyFitnessPall app. It often doesn't sync well what leads into showing less steps then I've taken. Or doesn't show the calories burned with it. Even though it does show it in the app itself.

Hayleigh Roberts

Motivation found Fab little app. Linked with myfitnesspal to give me that little bit more of a boost I've been looking for with this weight loss.


It does exactly what I was looking for, for free It counts every step per step, how many calories you've burned, and how many miles you have walked. Just what I was looking for.

Adam Goodrich

Even has a map of where you've walked Love this app more than Google Fit. Update 09/19/16...the GPS tracking functionality of this app has gone sour in the past update. It will track me for a little bit and then just stop tracking me completely. Recently walked 5 miles and opened up the app to finish the tracking and saw it counted 5 miles and then crashed and now the app has no recollection of that 5 mile walk at all. Now dissapointed in the app.

Christa L

Giving it another try Records only 1/4 of my steps. To make matters worse, they demand excessive permissions, so if you'd prefer to not be "public like a frog," keep looking.

TheHappyDoctor is Online

Star Date 91K17 || Data Entry 310 I was on patrol as normal when I received a notification on my personal public data module, or better known as PPDM, and I couldn't believe my eyes.. I had reached over 10,000 Jules in what felt like mere moments. I had thought to myself. This can't be, I must be losing my mind. But a PPDM never lies, so I must be going crazy I thought.. so I continued my patrol until I noticed something out in the distance.. I said out loud to myself, if Captain Xander finds me wandering off my post again he will...

Sg H

Battery chewer Loving this app it keeps track of so much. But because its constantly going it is chewing my battery then while its on chage its not tracking my steps witch is what i wanted it for.

Problem in update Nice software but new update is very bab for updating data in groups. Very slow almost not working.

Sushil Gupta

Broken my myth I was taking 12 rounds of a park considering 300 m. But when I compared with this, I came to know I was assuming wrong. Step count is 95℅ accurate so I assume distance should b correct.

Mark Lynch

Not perfect but the best I've found Decent app although the step and distance count is not particularly accurate. It's better than most other apps though.

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