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14 Feb

Posted by Database Consultants Australia in Transportation | Feb. 14, 2016 | 105 Comments

Apk file size: 4.8 MB

The PayStay App provides a simple method to pay for your parking via your smart phone. Where data is available PayStay has the added benefit of being able to show parking locations with real-time availability.

After registration you can use the PayStay mobile app like an advanced parking meter in your hand.

It couldn't be easier. Say goodbye to coins, paying more than you have to and the stress of rushing around to top up your meter.

All fees are deducted from the credit card that is linked to your PayStay Account.

Registration is quick and easy. So sign up to PayStay for hassle-free parking payments.

Whats new

    Parking Location search with real-time availability information for the City of Gold Coast.
    Updated User Interface.
    Internal bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Database Consultants Australia part of our Transportation and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Feb. 14, 2016. Google play rating is 56.4143. Current verison is Actual size 4.8 MB.

Download paystay.apk 4.8 MB


Niall Quigley

RUBBISH! Worked perfectly fine during registration. Failed and hung when I tryed to select parking zone. Basically wasted 10 mins registering and still had to put coins in meter. My credit card was charged though and had to email customer service for a refund after waiting 15 minutes to speak to them. Basically spent an hour to get nowhere with it.


Clunky and over complicated Incredibly difficult to activate, with incredible amount of identification required just to park. Melbourne city council please note competitor products to see how this should be done! (Paybyphone which is excellent!)

Tim Farley

Not practical After lengthy setup, it does not allow a vehicle registration to be attached to more than one user. If a husband and wife (or other combination) use the same car, only one user can have that car saved on the app. Effectively only one of us can use the app to pay for parking. Not practical or reflective of real life situations, and highly frustrating.

Russell Noakes

Poorly thought out business rules After a lengthy process to set it up, I find that it doesn't permit our vehicle (which we both own) to be recorded for each of us. This is very short sighted in these days when many people share cars; and not just a couple. So now that my wife has registered the car with the app for when she takes the car, I am not able to use the app for when I take the car. So, contrary to the pitch, I would still have to use coins, and put up with over-payments and the stress of rushing around to top up my meter. The app has to be given the lowest rating until this business rule is changed.

Yavuz Batmaz

Good start Needs improvements for more stars: 1. Put QR codes at parking zones 2. Replace complex password with a PIN 3. Allow same rego on multiple accounts

Cameron Murphy

Charged 10 bucks twice When I signed up I was charged 10 bucks twice when I was only expecting to be charged once. There's nowhere to see my account balance or previous parking sessions


Over complicated and expensive What's this top up balance rubbish? Plus charging for notifications? Seriously? no thanks.


Good but... Would have rated higher but cannot add shared vehicle to account - Rego already in system.


Not going to use it. I started the registration and stoped when I saw the top up amount that we can't remove! This app is designed to always keep some money int he account that you can't take back when you stop using it (Can't find any information about it). I understand you charged only when you stop to park, so you need to be sure that we can pay. But you should have another mode allowing us to put the time that we want from the beginning with the price associated and charge it!

Hayley B

Register same car to multiple accounts! Does what it needs to, however, would like to be able to register the same car to two accounts. I drove my Mum's car to uni yesterday and couldn't use the app to pay for parking because she already has the registration number linked to her own account.

Kenny Cheong

Works perfectly! I sign up a long time ago and it did seem quite inefficient, but since then the app has worked well for me now I only pay for what I use! It even stops by itself when the parking period for payment ends. Credit cards are always my preferred payment method, so thanks for making the app. The app though can be improved as it seems very limited.

Jonatan Åstrand

Could be better It's ok. But that you have to enable auto top up is crap. And then you when you want to make sure they aren't over charging you, guess what? No transaction history and no balance info. Fix it asap!!

Andre Dowding

Crashed continuously Couldn't get past registration

Stafford Austin

Great idea but terrible administration Love the idea but I got over charged for parking and making me jump through hops for a refund.

Stjepan Nikolic

Where is Pay balance? How can I tell how much you charged me. This is fundamental thing you should have in your application. How can I control the balance level and threshold from the app! Don't tell me that I have to call 1300 number and pay you extra money! Will I be refunded if I decide to cancel this "membership"?

Kris Martin

Really good idea, poor execution Can't see account balance or transaction history! That is the most basic thing that this app should do other than letting you park. Good start, but how am I supposed to pass on my parking to my boss who pays when i have no idea how much it cost?!

Kris Gerhard

Little problems I like the app, it makes parking so much easier. It would be good to get hourly parking reminders though, I have forgot to log out a couple of times and had to pay for parking 2 hours after I left the spot!

Scott Webb

Horrible and stole my money So many things wrong with it, it even took money from my account twice instead of once which means I now need to waste even more time getting a refund. Parking fee: $2.50 - Total cost to me: $20. Pathetic

joe Panetta

Awsome- best thing scince sliced bread

Abdur Howlader

Good initiative but have lots of room for improvement I like the idea of smartphone based parking payment. But the app lacks following basic features you would expect from an app like this : 1. Show balance 2. Parking / transaction history 3. Reminder.. There is absolutely no reason why some one needs to subscribe to sms reminder after installing an app which can do the same.

Ceri Ross

Failure First day of use and I get a $50 parking ticket - thanks paystay

Claudiu Captari

Too much time to register Don't need to spend 15 minutes when I need to quickly park to register. Make the registration process simpler

Jason Madelin

Room for improvement Does the job well. Easy to use. Just need to be able to view transaction history and account balance

Trevor Banerjee

Love it! Took all the hassle our of buying a ticket, finding change etc.

Bernard Herrok

Rubbish Password needs to be so complicated you will probably forget it. It's just PARKING!

Gary Smith

Can't register Stuck at password, won't accept no matter what is entered

Midget Fart

I frequently park in the cbd so I find this app quite useful. It only charges the amount that I stay and not the full duration which is very handy to my wallet. So far I have used this 5 or 6 times and no ticket (thankfully). If I do get one, you'll be hearing from me. :p

Meredith Bell

Doesn't work - kept saying error on my registration even though it was the correct numbers.

Anton Chan

Minimum balance unfair! Unfair how a minimum balance is automatically "topped up" on my account once I reach less than a specified positive balance. ($5 automatically topped up when I have $3 in my account) I think alot more people will be more willing and happy to use this app if this was taken off! Should not be forced to pay or top up untill we are actually parking! Unfair!

Christian Biggins

What a ginormous piece of crap Both times I've used it, I've stood beside the road frantically punching info into my phone for what seems like an eternity. The first time was semi successful, added my car, added my credit card, added money to the 'meter' Second time, no such love. Couldn't reset my password because there isn't a 'forgotten password' link (huh?) then apparently I can only have one car! I couldnt add another vehicle... or motorist. The app feels like a proof of concept. There is *no way* this should be on the market. I'm so angry at being forced to use something that shouldn't even be considered an alpha release. I'll just have to make sure I have change on me, because this app stinks.

Bernard Cheok

Doesn't work & alot of hidden charges Not only the app does not work after scanning the Qcode, the hidden charges such as administrator, SMS, credit card and "other" fees that were not transparent in their Term of Use. what a dodgy app! I'm uninstalling this app can canceling my account now!

Indika Perera

Unreasonable min balance condition Cannot opt out from the options to auto-top up (min $5) when the "account balance" hits a minimum (min $5). I only wanted to pay for one instance, not to open some "account" so had to resort to paying by cash. I have used other pay-by-phone apps and all have beed good except for this. Admins, please spare your responses and if you could; just advocate to get the above options / business model changed as it is fundamentally flawed. (And yes, it is just an / my opinion and opinions do matter) Thanks!

Sam Moon

Steals your money This app overcharges by using a minimum account balance system which essentially takes your money whenever your credit gets low. I wanted to pay for $6 worth of parking, however I was forced to pay the minimum $10 for credit, and then forced to refill with another $10 once my credit fell below $5, the minimum allowed credit. Essentially it cost me $20 for what would have cost $6 if I had used cash. On top of this there are no finance or transaction details whatsoever included in the app. WORST APP EVER!!

Meester Bleu

This app represents everything sick in the human soul. I missed a crucial medical appointment as I stood, confounded, anxiety riddled ... staring at rows of open car spaces. I parked ... finally some luck. But why wasn't anyone else using these open spots? Why were so many car ports open? I wandered to the ticket kiosk. A slap dash sticker with rows of numbers and websites on it ... an app? I looked around at all the numbers. Car port, car park zone, load letter error ... oh no. It wasn't my lucky day. In actuality, hundreds of cars were AVOIDING these spots.

Chris Yuan

Can't check balance or txns?! This app doesn't even allow u to check your account balance or recent transactions?? A shocking & major design flaw in my books!

Vikar Ghory

Basic functionality Very basic functionality. Registration took some time, password validation was done after credit card details were entered and have to enter these again. Would be good to have parking history. Top Up history, favourite parking spots. Other features like nearby parking places based on location.

Jake Dalozzo

Paybyphone does it better Can't edit vehichle registration poor effort if you ask me my mum could make a better app

Edmund Kemsley

Minimum $10 starting credit? No thank you!

Ken Tran

Elegantly Simple Very quick and easy to use.

awana fuqya

trash doesn't even work, piece of crap

holly eastwood

Not happy I used this service because I had no change to pay for parking. I then couldn't register for parking through Pay Stay because my husband had already registered with his details for our car. I then got a parking fine because I couldn't even pay for parking all together because of the flawed system.

Clinton Eidelman

Works a treat, thank you!

Mohammad Othman

Simple, solid, effective I use this app daily and it is excellent, very easy to use and does exactly what it says it does - allows you to park in PayStay registered parking spots with very little fuss. Since I've had this app I no longer have to worry about having enough coins in the car and auto top-up straight to my card is very convenient!

Emily McConnell

Wouldn't let me pay to park! Clunky and difficult to use. Also encountered an error - app would not let me pay for parking, it said there were no restrictions at that time. There were restrictions. I phoned to report the error / manually register I was parking. Phone rang out and I left a message (it was Saturday 10am). They called back 2 hours later and when I reported the error they said it was my problem that the system wouldn't let me park. Thankfully I didn't receive a fine..

Paul Bush

Absolute rip off Every time I've used this I've been charged a flat $10 regardless of the hourly rate. The app will tell me the amount I should have been charged based on the time I'm there but my credit card will be debited $10. Never using this again. I'll make sure I have coins

Michael Pearce

Terrible way to pay for parking. If you don't have a bunch of coins on you, you have to download this app and give them a tonne of personal information, create an account and link a credit card with an auto balance top up just to park for half an hour somewhere... Awful.

Amir Ansari

Awful user experience After spending 5 min signing up I then get told my car is registered. And then it doesn't let me go back to the startout to try and log in. I'm now stuck and can't use the app.

Gabriel Brady

Tell me when spots will be free... Should be able to see when spaces are due to become available in a given parking zone. Would really help me decide whether I'll take the car or not or if I'll drive around in circles waiting for a park. No reason it can't be done. You've got all the data! It's just a matter of beuarcracy and building the feature.

Paul Aldrich

Awful The low threshold top up feature (that cannot be altered) is effectively stealing my money. How can I stop this?

David Madden

Got stuck with no coins Works well paid via app via credit card thanks!

Stephen Grace-Ware

Rubbish app Way to many questions to register, and actually could not even register the password rules were way to complicated and I could not get it to work.

Emily Wilson

So easy :) So convenient that i never have to worry about finding coins for parking finally! i know I'm always covered and I can leave my car quickly. Just wish this app was available in more council areas...

Christopher Rupert

Just dreadful, charged twice

Htain Lin Tha

It works great Really handy to save the hassle of finding paymachine, easy and simple payment menthod is used. Highly recommended for those who wants to avoid fines.

William Ung

Ergh amateur hour. Terrible app. Only good for once off parking, unable to adjust or edit new detials of driver or vehicle. Navigation is rubbish. Terrible effort. Poor. Amateur.

kellyanne Can

Melbourne city council go back to other app Melbourne used to use a better pay as you park app that would only take out money as you parked. Now, I still have $13 on my account six months after last using the app. It is also more clunky to use than the other app they were using. Don't know why they changed to this one as it certainly isn't better for the user.


Avoid You will get a parking infringement using this app. As it runs off your phones time and unless you have it set to the parking inspectors time on their machines they will book you and avoid taping on for a second payment if your a few minutes away it doesn't go through in time to stop 2nd infringement and gold coast council and the people who run this app will not help when you call.. and wait on hold forever.

Wilson Ngo

Please add confirmation when changing vehicles Really needs a notification when confirming that the correct vehicle is parked. Will help to reduce human error.

Simone Michelle

*** APP REQUEST *** Can you please add the charged amount to the transaction history on the app. I downloaded the app so I don't have to use the website. Would be great, thanks

Mark Bloom

Almost a useful app. But between forced auto top up (potentially forgivable) and a 27c "fee" on IN-APP NOTIFICATIONS, it's just a way to score some extra money on top of your parking fee.

Rebecca Sanders

DONT FALL FOR THE TRAP Forced auto top up... But not accepted outside of the CBD!!!! This means you pay $20 to keep the account open. It's costing you not saving you. TAKE AWAY AUTO TOP UP AND ONLY CHARGE WHAT WE USE.

Dwayne Hoy

Steer clear Didn't complete sign up. The Fields for the registration form do not have the correct input types (apart from password fields). If you can't get something that simple correct, how am I to presume your credit card and storage backend is PCI compliant. The whole sign up process looks and feels very amateurish, honestly you guys need a decent designer. I personally suggest people avoid this app until either PayPal is offered or a proper cc gateway like Stripe is used.

Kris Gerhard

Needs extra features I like the app, it makes parking so much easier. It would be good to get optional extra parking reminders though, I have forgot to log out a couple of times and had to pay for parking 2 hours after I left the spot!

vijay alapati

Nice, but can't pay minimum, no option to select hours Need improvements

Raghunadh Ganti

Very good app it's removed my trips to bank to get coins.

Teh Shadowman

Does what it should Not sure why people are complaining. You make an account and pay for parking on a pre pay basis. If you put the wrong rego in or overstay and get booked then that's not an app problem. You can't make calls on a prepaid phone if you have no credit can you?

Kylie Soegaard

Needs to have a warning not to close app until transaction has been processed. I closed it after hitting 'start parking' this week without realising the transaction had not gone through....came back to a parking fine :-(.

Abdus Salam Atif

Great app for parking without change

Andrew Clements

Works ok but Now wants additional reason given...too sneaky. .Time to delete the app.

Warren Suen

Rubbish app, easier to use the website

A Google User

Understand the law! Don't blame the app for your fines, as once the time limit on the sign expires, you must move your car to another space, not top up again.

Bryan Leaw

Parking fine because PayStay didn't top up parking I parked at 6.30pm on Bourke St and King St which is 2P on Friday until 8.30pm. I pressed start on the PayStay app and it said it was paid until 7.30pm. I came back at 9pm and I find i received a parking fine at 8pm. I thought the whole premise of the app was to press Start and it would keep topping up as long as you didn't press Stop. It clearly deducted money from my account as I have a charge on my bank account. I expect reimbursement for the $76 parking fine I now have to pay. Very unhappy.

Scooby DooA

Ridiculously long sign up process. And you can't even get 2,3 cars to pay for under your account. Though, not even get a ticket for using this app.

Jude Agar

BS!!! This is the most ridiculous system ever. You suck!

Daisy Quiambao

Got a parking fine even though I came back 2 hours and 20 mins before the parking was to expire according to the app info. Also, was charged more than double the amount. 80 cents per hour multiplied by 6 hours does not equal to $10!

Joshua Beardshall

Still needs something This app would be perfect from a workplace point of view of it had an invoice function available. I recently had to park somewhere for work but am unable to see how much it cost or to give an invoice to work for it...

Derek D

Ok for regular users Lengthy sign up, works on account balance not pay as you go, easier to paywave at machine if casual parker.

Nick Brain

Good concept, but you can't take money from people's accounts without asking for their permission. If someone forgets to press stop, you will keep taking money out, until the persons account is empty.

Hayden Jones

A great idea but needs some work The interface is a bit clunky, but it's a great concept and a useful app. One thing which would be great to see is an ability to view your parking history.

Sue Taylor

Won't Install New update won't install on my android htc m9. Uninstalled completely and now it won't install at all!

Jorge Avendaño

All good so far Been using it since a week or so. Nice and simple interface.

Paul Camilleri

Just a few tips The app itself works fine... It does the job it's supposed to do. But the sign up process is ridiculously complicated, there's no guest payment option, you have to sign up. It takes a bit under 10 min to do. Which if you're running late is unacceptable. Then my favourite sneaky practice was the $10 minimum top up at sign up. The runner up sneaky practice is the 29 cent sms charge for a reminder. If you'll use it regularly this app is probably worthwhile but for occasional users I don't recommend this.

Joe Tanna

Hate it I dont like being held ransom by council to use this app. Meters around St leanards have no Credit card options only coins smells fishy and not good way to win customers to your service. I now choose not to come to this area or support businesses in this area due to the poor parking meter options i am sure i cant be the only one feeling this way.

Yan-Ting Choong

Frustrating Couldn't add another vehicle or top up money because I couldn't log in. Couldn't log in because password retrieval process does not work properly. Couldn't use this app further so I've uninstalled it. It's a shame because if it was better designed, it would have made life easier.

Lisa Overton

Dreadful UX Does not seem to take user context into account in set up. UX is not intuitive and payment set up cumbersome. No PayPal means you have to pull out your credit card whilst standing in the street next to a parking meter and enter all billing info on phone keyboard (form seems to be set up for desktop). Also, QR code or OCR scan would be more practical than entering meter numbers manually.

Ange Leggas

Will not install I've used this app before but since my LG G4 updated to Android 6.0 it no longer installs giving me an error code of 505. Have tried all of the trouble shooting steps but to no avail. Shame as I really need this app to work.

Hamid Mokhtar

While this app can be very useful and peace of mind, it does not work properly. You can slect a vehicle to start parking. I logged on to my account in the app and I can see all of my details and my car plate number in my account. You can enter Zone number in the app but the dropdown list does not open to select a vehicle so that you can proceed to Start parking! I hope they resolve this issue and spend some time to design a reliable app.

Kaley Chu

Poor app. Other council app is better Too complicated to register. Force you to top up not pay as you go. Need to press stop, of you forget will keep charging you.

Adam K

Easy To Use Saved me so many times when I forgot to carry coins and all you do is click to start and stop parking. Bye bye meters!

Robert Grannetia

Great app Not sure what all the complaints are about. People seem to be blaming the app for their own stupidity. It requires money to be deposited which is used as required. Never been charged for SMS yet... All up, great app!

Casey Snyder

Great system They charge at the end, not the beginning so you only pay for what you actually use... Fantastic!!

Megan Saddington

Makes parking SO much easier! Love this app. I no longer have to look for small change, and the bonus is parking works out cheaper because I pay for the amount of time I actually park, rather than putting the minimum change needed for the physical meter.

eM C

Works fine Haven't had issues so far, however I'm an infrequent user: averaging once a month. Not sure why the overall rating is so low.

Andrew Godde

Does the job. Happy to use.

Jerad Secic

Great About time we don't need coins to pay for parking... one suggestion is to add an alarm to ring some time before parking expires otherwise works good

Nathan McCoy

Got ticket. Got a parking ticket when I was using the app to pay for my parking space. I was still paying for the parking space when I went into the Southport City Council chambers to dispute it. Have not heard anything about the dispute in three weeks. Do not use the app, use change or card.


Dont work Im not givn u parking fiends my cc suck my schrapnel kents and ya app dobt werk hope ur motherboard rerupts the encryptions

Stephen Farquhar

You need to maintain a digital wallet... Other app-based parking systems in Melbourne only charge you for the time you choose to pay for. When you use these guys you are giving them permission to automatically charge your credit card to top up a digital wallet, and maintain a minimum balance i.e your money in their bank, until you use it. Disappointed.

Thomas Gibbs

Just another scam Uses credit card details to store 10 dollars on an account? I don't need you to hold my money for me.

Gökhan Özkan

Convenient app Even if it charges beforehand it also saves you from paying more. I went to city today and I was going to get a ticket for half an hour. Then I saw the app's sign there and installed. My job finished in less than 10 mins and I got charged less than 1 dolar. That's great! Thank you!

Bart Keys

Needs (optional) expiring parking alert.

Michael Lippiello

Great app, does what it says. Customer service very helpful.

David Cooper

App device access Why does this app need to access the device ID, call history and photos? For a simple parking app that appears to be way over what's required

Craig Lambie

UX is terrible, gave up Recently tried to use this app, how frustrating, I couldn't get registered as it took too long, paid with coins instead, much faster. Where is SSO. Where is simple UX like best practice in this market. Passport parking is sooo simple.

Kevin Boontarak

Love it Easy, quick and fair

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