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6 Mar
Pathogen - Strategy Board Game

Posted by Gameblyr in Strategy | March 6, 2014 | 54 Comments

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"Pathogen's simple-yet-addictive gameplay is augmented by a terrific presentation, with visuals that make it feel like you're playing on a computer from a 1980s sci-fi film."

"A portable game of elegant strategy"

"...It feels like a classic game updated, but it's a whole new animal. There's an extensive single-player mode, multiplayer, and a level editor to make your own boards — much more than $2.99 should get you."

"I’d definitely say Pathogen is an absolute steal at $2.99 in the app store."

"Part of me wants to hate Pathogen, just so I can continue my unremitting crusade against the drab joylessness of abstracts. But I can't do it: the game's just too enchanting."
8/10 PocketGamer Silver Award Winner

"4/5 Stars" -

"Inject this deeply immersive turn-based strategy game into your entertainment routine to give your and even a few friends’ brains a fun challenge."

“Replay value is outstanding, as the multiple difficulty levels in the lengthy single-player campaign and the multiplayer options will give you plenty of challenge. The map editor is icing on the cake."

“A stylish strategic affair... there’s sure to be a tactical battle between you and your foes, whether it’s via same-screen multiplayer or online through its matchmaking service."-MacLife

"Pathogen is out now and will scratch that 'military takeover / virus eradication' itch that befalls the best of us."

Pathogen is an award-winning single and multiplayer strategy board game for mobile and tablet devices developed by Birnam Wood Games.

Designed with the classic board game experience in mind, Pathogen brings mechanics and play styles of classics like Chess and Go to a whole new level.

Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival – Indium Game Contest Winner

MassDIGI Games Challenge – Best Online Game

Pathogen Features:

•Unique art and strategic gameplay inspired by the way viruses spread through the human body
•Extensive Single Player Campaign
•Local and Online Multiplayer (2-4 players)
•Many play modes and map styles, with a robust map editor to create and share your own
•Easy to Play, Hard to Master: intuitive visual mechanics make Pathogen simple for anyone to pick up and play, while higher difficulty settings and deeper player vs. player strategic options offer challenges for experienced strategy gamers.

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Louise McFarland

Very good Overall, it's great, I really enjoyed getting to the end playing single player mode, but the online play is disappointing. I have tried many times and just can't seem to get anyone to play past one move even if the random match works at all.

Dave Mulligan

Very slow to start It takes ages to start on a HTC one. Loads of splash screens and a welcome message. I don't need to see that crap every time I open the app! It's not the '90s


Good strategy, but.. Love the deceptively simple mechanics, but unfortunately the bigger games get so tiny that I can't accurately input commands on my phone. And despite what other reviews said, there doesn't seem to be a zoom button anywhere. Will give 5 stars when this is fixed.

Gunnar Kaltenberger

Worth your dollar! Pretty awesome. It's one of the few abstract art strategy games I can find and it is well polished. If I had to say there was one thing bad about it, I wish you could disable quick tips.

Arthur Cole

Interesting One of those games you buy and play once in a while that doesn't bother you with continued investments. 99¢ is a great price. Even if you don't play it often you won't regret picking it up. Like a boardgame you buy for a rainy day.

Ralph Hebb

Very well done This is a very polished, satisfying game. I only wish I still had it after updating to Android 5. :( Trying to reinstall results in "Unknown error", -505

Zsolt Kocsi

Good game, needs serious improvements Nice idea with great single player levels, multiplayer (up to 4 players) and level editor. However, the overall UX is really poor. It kills battery. There are achievements, but no Google integration. Really slow and unresponsive UI, multiple splash screens you have to watch every time, and if you switch to another app mid-game, chances are your game is lost and you'll have to start it all over. No crosshair to help you place your moves on mobile screens, so it's relatively easy to misplace a move. Undo is buggy, it can permanently undo a timed level effect (erosion, zone capture, etc.), so the game is broken from there on. It could easily be a five star game, but the UX kills it all.

Todd Yates

Great Brilliant game, simple to learn but complex to master. Gameplay is strategic but fairly fast-paced and the multple game modes really mix thing up and keep it interesting. Resolution issues are now fixed which is good, but the Zoom button gets in the way a bit.

Kartik Jain

Addictive and creative The good: Very addictive game and creats the urge to master it. I really liked the game. Local player mode allowing 4 players to play on the same mobile is amazing. The bad: There is no ability to play online multiplayer with friends. Game does random match which is a big letdown. Another problem is cells are small and are sometimes tough to touch with hands and there is no ability to zoom. Game also does not sometimes recognizes the touch probably because of small size of cells. Works great with stylus.

Benjamin Whitchurch

Do you enjoy slightly OCD inducing fun? The game is awesomely fun. There is weird clipping of text at parts on my Nexus 5, and it drives me a little crazy. it seems like the app isn't scaling completely right. The gameplay is really enjoyable though, so I'll continue to monitor the app. Edit: After the latest update, it appears that the app is scaled correctly for the Nexus 5 and looks great!

Olli Männistö

Eats battery Nice game. Too bad it stays on the background playing music and eating your battery! Also there is no zoom so larger maps are fairly tiny on 5.7" screen

J.T. Oldroyd

Super awesome! But improve. It is pretty hard to tell the difference between the cells and I have a huge phone. Can't imagine having to play on an iphone. Maybe make the cell slightly different colors or shapes. Also it should have a zoom in function.

Devin Andersson

Awesome! This is a very nice and very addictive game. It poses a challenge even after I've played a lot, but I can still beat even the harder levels by being clever and having some luck.

Ben Kennedy

Fun original title. Great value. Would do better with Play Games achievement and multi-player integration, or asynchronous multi-player. The musical transformations are weirdly peaceful, the AI is a good challenge. The game would also probably run more smoothly if animations were faster. Is it not coded natively?

Tanner Matthews

Awesome I love pathogen! I give it 5 stars very fun games only problem I have is when I'm playing on my phone and I zoom, I can't highlight/select the square when zoomed. Otherwise, very fun critical thinking strategy game for anyone to enjoy

Michael Wendt

Rather enjoying this one Very well-made game, and well-presented. Easy to medium to hard AI progresses well, and the variety of game boards and complications is very nice. Only quibble is that sometimes the game ends telling you that you lost when it's not entirely clear you would have. Subsequent versions should include some kind of explicit evaluation when the program ends the game, in addition to the stats presented. Still, a very nice game.

Khurram Liaqat

Great concept The game is excellent, with brilliant presentation. However, at times this is let down by menus that are sluggish to load, and an unresponsive undo button.


Good stuff Clean, clear visual style and addictive gameplay. Well worth the asking price. Music and SE can get a tad irritating but mercifully they can be turned down completely.

Jimmy Doubek

Really awesome While it is frustrating, this game is very engaging and really fun to play.

Michael Frei

Tutorial rivaling Farcry: Blood Dragon Stuck on level five. Wouldn't be so difficult if I didn't have to fight off the tutorial popups after every move. Would be nice if I could disable those.

Steven Roder

Addicting board games rock :D Love this board game plz make more like this I'd so buy them they rock and are addicting :D

Deep Blue

Deserves more downloads The only thing missing (for me anyway) is immersion for 4.4. Make this happen please

Nickolas Hook

Great game - Ok app Great balance of fun and infuriating. AI difficulty progresses nicely from games you can win by luck, to where you have to learn and use various strategic maneuvers that you have to learn as you play.

Samuel Hayes

Wish it had Google Play Games! Excellent game play! Can't wait to play local multiplayer with my girlfriend.

Bruno Brant

I'm astonished I love board / tabletop games. This is an incredible realization of a board game over a mobile device. It's actually VERY fun to play with friends, easy to pickup but with complex strategies.


Won't install I have already paid for the game but every time a try to install it it just says insufficient storage, even after I uninstalled several large apps and then tried to install again but the same thing keeps happening, please fix or at least refund

Diehr Wolf

Fun and addicting Othello-like game. Very enjoyable, recommended if you like games you can quit out of without consequence.

Ionut Enuica

Addictive, challenging and great fun in multiplayer Good game, the last star is missing only because of a the way the game dispalys on my phone, the lower and upper rows are partialy obstructed.

Andrei Lupsa

Good game but... 12 hours of stay awake and 30% of battery is not good. Fix battery problem and I'll give it 5 stars.

Gregory Waggoner

Awesome game. Changelog please. Please include a changelog in the Play Store description when you update. Thanks.

Steven Darlow

Great game Excellent. Although screen times out to quick.

Burak Bağdatlı

OK game with bad Android UI element design Every time I hit the back button, I get thrown out of the game. That bottom bar is entirely unnecessary on Android. It serves as a back button space. This is a supremely lazy port from iOS. Also, the animations are very slow.

Steven Rudenko

Okay, but Initial version of zoom controls was much better then it is now.

Austin Brooks

Challenging! Fun and challenging. I wish the multiplayer would allow me to choose who to play online. And the music glitches from time to time. Still a fun game.

Patrick Thompson

A fun, challenging game. The game is now scaled correctly. I do wish it used immersive mode so the back, home, recent buttons didn't distract me. Otherwise, it's great.

Amzi Torres-Justiniano

Great game, but cuts boarders on smaller 7 inch tablets I'm really loving the game. Its kindnof like a Go/Othello crossover. However I own a 7 inch tablet and the board cuts a bit on the bottom when playing. It's still playable on the smaller levels.

Simon Hall

Chess, drafts, othello, go... I liked this game - if you are good at chess you'll be good at this. Sadly, I'm not very good at chess...

Vincent LaCour

Great game The concept for this game is deceptively simple at first, there's a ton of complexity and strategy that goes into playing it, it's one of the few multi player games that's actually worth passing around and playing with others in person

Maximillion Frommelt

Wow! There are many games out there that "try to challenge your mind" but this game cuts the cake. Its use of simplistic ideals yet complicated structure turn this game into a constant war. Well worth the money!

Meredith Bailey

Great, but broke I really enjoy this game and am disappointed that the latest Android OS update eliminated this app from my phone. I have attempted to reinstall it, but just get "error -505."

Shane Leonard

Single player ok, no real online play. This game is okay for a single player experience. As someone who was specifically searching for multiplayer strategy games, it is highly disappointing and I'm sad I had to spend money to find out that online multiplayer is seemingly nonexistant. The matchmaking picks a player for you and then there is no turn timer so I've never found a game where a player makes their move. It seems like with "ranked" play, it would be common sense, but it simply isn't, and you end up eternally waiting for your opponent.

Mason Phillips

Doesn't fit screen The game is too large for the screen and I can't see a row of the board. Please fix this and I'll give 5 stars.

Parker Ma

Really fun strategy Game Online is kind of lacking because not n any people play this game so its hard to get into a game where someone will actually play against you but overall reallu good and fun game

Calum Davidson

Love strategy? Love Pathogen! What an elegant and enjoyably addictive game! Why have so few of us heard about it? Please give us more levels!

Chris Tynan

Nice little strategy game :-) Loving this game a lot! Playing on an Xperia Z2, the zoom button inexplicably covers the bottom of the board but little interface niggles can't take away from a satisfying game.

davedavedave y

Really good game, but online multiplayer doesn't work, and a little buggy, and please please please make a pc version

Oscar Morones

Excellent Strategy Game I love this game, but it has a few problems. There should be a rename and a delete button for custom maps. The y axis has 2 more squares than the x axis, which makes it hard to make it symmetrical.We should choose the size of our maps rather then choosing custom sizes. There should also be a catalog to view and download others peoples' maps.


Strange bug Long time user of the game, however it now starts to randomly show the win screen on custom local gameplay, very upsetting as it was perfect before! I hope it's changed quickly

Quacks of Fire

best game on mobile seriously a fantastic game no adds kinda slow on galaxy s3 wish ot had more maps and stuff but awesome none the less had it on ipad too even better there with its big screen and dedicated processor

Nate Haley

Fantastic Game Great game. Music stays playing in the backrou d when im at my home screen. Also wish there was a save button so I could come back later. Runs a little slow, but that's probably my phone.

Ladislav Matula

Great gameplay! All sounds are somehow noisy at the fade out. Back button shouldn't exit the game. Undo is terrible slow.

Beau Johnson

Multiplayer is an endless backstab Just got to the highest level of game piece before making it solid? Some one is going to nuke it. I guarantee it. Great idea, but would like to limit some of the game pieces or change the respawn rate for the pieces.

Joris Enzerink

Fun game But you'll really need to speed up the thinking of the computer opponents. Now it's horrible to play the levels with multiple opponents.

Khaled Allen

Thought provoking game I love this game. The concept is unique and innovative and it forces you to think. You can't just get big without thinking about vulnerability that comes from scaling. Also beautiful

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