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30 Nov
Path of Exile Skill Tree

Posted by Face Brain Productions in Entertainment | Nov. 30, 2013 | 67 Comments

Apk file size: 10.0 MB

**Updated version supports build saving both publicly and privately**

This is an unofficial companion app for Path of Exile, the free to play dark fantasy ARPG from Grinding Gear Games. This app allows you to build characters in the passive skill tree and view the accumulated stats that your build gives your character. You can then export your build with the same url mechanism used on the game's website.

If you like this app, or would like it to be better, please follow the project on twitter @POESkillTreeApp and let us know what device you are using and if it works for you. Also let us know what features you'd like to see in future releases.

Whats new

    Major Update Includes
    - More updates coming soon
    - Search Nodes
    - Search for Scion builds
    - Scion Class now available
    - Save over loaded build instead of making a new one every time
    - Refresh skill tree if out of date
    - Private Build Saving
    - Public Build Saving and Sharing
    - Pinch Zoom
    - Overhauled UI
    - Numerous Big Fixes

Face Brain Productions part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Nov. 30, 2013. Google play rating is 80.8636. Current verison is ver4rev95. Actual size 10.0 MB.

Download path-of-exile-skill-tree.apk 10.0 MB


Michael Salas

Ads and UI suggestions Obviously, you need to add a premium version or IAP to get rid of the ads. Many would be willing to pay for that. But in addition, the UI could use some work. The lack of separation of color or border with the actual tree area and description area makes the app harder to use, and look less polished. Perhaps make that area have a slight transparency? That would make it feel less cramped, too. It needs a settings menu and could do well with a navigation drawer since moving around causes accidents.


Got an issue on Galaxy S5 All the nodes are lit up , like they are all selected. It sucks and its ruining the whole app.

Sabe Jones

Nice but very buggy Previously I posted a review saying it was impossible to save builds. Turns out I was mistaken! It's only every once in a while that buttons like Save Build (which is inexplicably placed on the Stats tab) or Load disappear, rendering them unusable until you restart the app. Sometimes the skill tree will freeze, refusing to pan; restart the app. Accidentally unselected a node because there's no easy way to check its text without toggling it? You might not be able to put it back, better restart the app. So much potential here, but needs work!

Brendan Kelly

Great!! I think it's a great way to see a build before the time is spent and wasted time. What ever the case may be. Skill gems and supports not working..wasted points..ect . also love the stats tab find it very hlpful :) thanks

Steve Lasswell

Loved it until it became obsolete Since the developer website and email isn't functional, hopefully he sees this: 1. Will you be updating the app to reflect the new tree? The devs have released a new json file with the changes on the PoE general forums. 2. Is it possible to have a node clicked automatically choose the shortest path to itself and select all nodes between? 3. I accidentally select nodes while simply scrolling around the tree often. Can you make node selection happen on tap only?

Wojciech Kozlowski

Useful and functional I'm a big fan of Path of Exile, and it's nice to have a PoE skill tree app to play around with in my spare time. It works as advertised, and I like having access to a stats page to review my build. I would suggest a few improvements: 1) make the background darker and selected lines thicker to make the tree easier to see; 2) add/move the Save Build button to the Skill Tree page; 3) make the default save option Private (not Public), and have the app remember your previous selection.

Nishant Bhupal

very informative and accurate I love the way you guys have allowed people to view each others skill sets .. it is really helpful... even the ads are not annoying.. kudos

Jeff Delliquadri

5 stars till ads. I really like this app. It has, as a beginner in PoE, allowed me to learn and experiment with builds. However, I'm really not happy with the ads. I will not be using this or recommending it until there is an option to remove them. I would absolutely be willing to purchase an ad free or donation version, but the ads need to go.

John Garside

Helpful Great start. A couple more useful user interface options would be great like opening the menu at anytime.

A Google User

Great app Add something other than a blank screen for when you load the app without an SD card installed. Confirm then close the app would be nice.

jack foster

Great It's great. I almost never get adds. I love poe and I can make my shadows with a plan. Great for people who work well with a plan. Just add a settings menu and add whatever you think could be useful in it and I'll come back to add a star

lewis davies

Love it This app has everything I need so now when I discuss with my clan what build I should use for the bloodline league I can jot it down and be prepared!

Christopher Zeh

Awesome job! Can't live without this app! Super help to see the tree for my build without having to minimize the game.

Lee Watters

I like it Thanks to this app I don't have to go crazy finding out how to set up my standard character after to new season started.

Terry Nguyen

Pretty good I like being able to look at the passive tree while not on the computer and this app fulfills that. Aside from some curve pathway being a straight line visually, it is great. Although, I notice that the search node function only looks at the node's name, not its actual attribute, which can be detrimental when planning build.

Samuel Hawarden

Blank screen on startup Loading bar sticks at start. Leaving and returning gives blank screen. Killing, clearing cache, clearing data or reinstalling the app does nothing. Randomly works next time I try.

Alex Snyder

Awesome :D Runs awesomely. no bugs, no crashes. Fully functional, love it :D. If I could offer a suggestion then I'd say that it would rock to be able to see total health/mana/es/etc including level and stat (strength, intelligence, dex) bonuses :)

Nathaniel Major

Used to be Great, Now Can't Even Open It Worked really well until about 1-2 months ago. Now crashes on startup, randomly works after trying to load like 20 times. Please fix this guys - I believe in you. Until then, the app is unusable. OS: Gingerbread, firmware 2.3.5, kernel

Tony Wags

Would be nice If the public builds would load...sorta the only reason why I would keep the app.

Tor Gunnar Mikalsen

Update of skill tree Can we get an update with the new skilltree that was released on the 14 Aug?

cabal bringer

Nice tools Please improve the search function to able to search their stars description instead of the nodes name only

Jason Lawrence

Search function Would be better if you could search the words in the node description as well and sometimes I paste a URL and nothing happens, but it sure beats using the android browsers by a lot!!!!!

Zia Anulla

Has lots of potential I am definitely a fan of this app, but it would be nice to be able to add skill gems and gear buffs. If that's already involved.. Well, then make it desire to figure out? xD

tom Harris

Suddenly doesn't work anymore Suddenly, the app just goes to a black screen. Was a 5 star app yesterday. Today its broke.

João Vítor Assmann

Can't load public builds For some reason when I try to load a build, it doesn't do anything, the skill tree remains like no node was selected.

Jared Lund

Needs updated Great app but still missing info for the 1.0.3 update. Without that it is impossible to build my new character.

jamie Mclean

Needs some additions Fantastic just needs item creator to add in equipment and gems. This would allow for the calculation of damage armour resistance life calculations. As items are such an important part of this game.

Yongshen Loh

Very good app with some flaws Overall is great but sometimes I can't use this app due to the bug when loading the app (it's very frustating!). Fix it and I'll give 5 stars.

Binh Le

Please update to 1.3 tree I have been a fan to this app and rooting for new 1.3 tree. Please make it happen :)

Jacob Ciresoli

Pretty good Fits my needs, perfection wasn't expected or received. There is a glitch that occurs frequently where un allocating a point will make it impossible to reallocate it until you unallocate any point connected to it.

Ben Grieme

Helpful. Needs a couple things. Needs a way to save public builds to your phone so you don't have to find and load the build each time. Also could use a button to lock the tree so you don't accidentally add or remove points.

Reven Dela Torre

Running fine It's running fine now. Could use some UI improvement, but definitely worth downloading.

HaoBo Chen

Not too bad Quite good sometime a little unresponsive, could do with an update to 1.1.0d...

Philip Lu

Excellent However it's outdated. Please update for the love!

bart hans

Good idea Search seems to not working on S4.

Dylan Newberry

Works very well Only thing is that it's really easy to accidentally click a point while moving the tree around. But if you are careful there are no worries.

Carl C

I love it Takes a little time to load but no complaints otherwise. Plz update to forsaken masters patch 1.20!!!

Raww z

Nice but Please can you grey out the nodes that are not selected?? I know you can see path mapped out but only make the nice highlight if you have taken that node. 5 stars if you do Thanks :-)

Pedro Arizmendi

Outdated The app doesn't have the latest patch changes in the passive tree.

Alex Fredendall

Could be more user friendly, fine app Shows a place i can save my build, isn't clear how to save it

Sith Bl

Superb Best thing for poe funs

Tim Johnson

Doesn't launch. When I launch it, the loading bar doesn't make it past the very beginning. Love the concept but mine ain't working.

Wasama Doja

Serious Problem Loading Hey guys this App is great but the problem is that it stopped loading.. just stuck on the Initialising screen... I have uninstalled a few times, but it just has stopped working. Would have been a 5 star otherwise. This is the best app for PoE Skill tree by far..... when it works

Shawn Knight

Won't even load Every time I launch the app it says initializing then the app crashes. If I could find a way to make the thing work I might rate it higher. lol

Elie Masri

Not loading I had this game on my old laggy small memorie phone and it was working now i bought a better awseome samsung grand 2 phone and it ain't loading i wish u could help me plz i really liked it and as a new player i would love to plan me skill tree and make it more op

Riker Weimer

Doesn't work on galaxy g4 This. I'm rooted, so that might be the issue, so not 1 star. It used to work, but now that awakening has been released it locks up on the initialization screen. Will give more stars if fixed.

jamie Mclean

New skill tree has crashed this app The awaking skill tree will not load. Will change review if fixed

Fantastico Ultimato

does not work app won't get past initialising screen. left it there for at least 5 minutes, nothing. using an lg g2

Diego Mesquita

Didn't initialise This app doesn't work on my ZenFone 5.

Aaron Rosenbury

Saving builds is not too obvious, but it's a great app.

Kristis mal

It got stuck on "initializing" during the first launch. Using Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Tu Tran

No longer working due to latest Path of Exile skill tree.

Binh Le

Please update to 2.0 tree I have been a fan to this app and rooting for new 2.0 tree. Please make it happen :)

Guillaume Racicot

Can't use app The app hangs at the initializing screen. Nothing happen even after a very long time. Nexus 5, Android 6.0.1.

Goku Nimbus

Why is this app still here? It hasnt been updated in a long time.

Kyle Lewis

Great app but... Love it but if I spec all the way to the starting point of another class it won't let me break free of that hub again. Like as a ranger I'm stuck with the first skill of a duelist because it won't let me deselect it.

twiz ٜ

Near perfect The only thing keeping this from 5 stars is that search does not search node text, only node names. Sadly, last update was over a year ago.

ice Domingo

crasssshing from 5 to 1 star. it keeps on crashing on start up .if not afyer im done with my build and startinv to save it will effin crash. wew. 5 stars again. no choice

Adam Larson

Still needs work It's on its way to being a great app but even in its current state it's great no problems selecting skills I could see the skill descriptions using a bit of an update make it more like double click to select but 1 click to have the description come up in a bubble vs blocking the screen

Timothy Richter

Load doesnt work The app is great but i can only make trees cant load public trees which is a shame for me not knowing much about this game i need as much help as i can get.


App doesnt work Im currently using a samsung galaxy s4 active and the loading bar isnt moving. Would give 5 stars if it worked :)

Tyler Van Nostrand

This was a great app! However a recent update made it stop working for me. Otherwise it would be 5 stars

Damieon Vella-Zarb

Initializing... App loads up, says "Initializing", and just stays there. After leaving it alone for literally hours, it makes no progress.

DrakeGaming Z

Doesn't Work I downloaded this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S and it just stays on the initializing screen and doesn't load. Will rate higher if this gets fixed.

Brett Larson

Stopped working for me a couple of days ago Otherwise, great app for the poers out there.

Seth Wheeler

Ran great until installed new phone. Since the release of 2.0 and switching to using an LG Optimus L90, the app installs, opens and sits on the "Initializing" screen and never progresses. Love the app, just wish it would load :(

James Semesky

Just what I wanted The only thing I would like to see added is the ability to copy and paste build urls into the calculator. Thanks!

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