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8 Sep
Party in my Dorm

Posted by A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd. in Casual | Sept. 8, 2016 | 262 Comments

Apk file size: 24.0 MB

Play with all your cool friends in the best college game ever. Join a club and find a party, or just chill and chat with cool girls and boys. You can be whoever you want as long as you like to have fun!

Collect gifts and get 100s of different avatars! You can get a hipster, a surfer, a girl, a boy, and many more!

Upgrade your dorm and get new roommates. Every dance off, every hipster prank, every fight gets you closer to being the most cool and popular person in college. You can even start a relationship and find a boyfriend or girlfriend.

✓ Rent out dorm rooms and add to your crew.
✓ Challenge other students to dance offs and hipster pranks.
✓ Prank, fight and eavesdrop on other students!
✓ Choose from a variety of avatars like Bro, Club Girl and Hipster.
✓ Join forces with others to form cool clubs and participate in club wars and parties!
✓ Chat with your club, campus chat, messaging chat and forum.
✓ Send hilarious gifts to other players.
✓ Start a relationship with your online soulmate! Find a great boyfriend or girlfriend!

Are You Ready for College?

This is an ONLINE game only! Tablet users must be connected to WiFi in order to play.

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A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd. part of our Casual and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Sept. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 74.4351. Current verison is 3.12. Actual size 24.0 MB.

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Lien Aquino

I cant log in my account my cellphone always get crash and i always install pimd and log in my account but this time it said that i use many attempts and disabled my account from logging in . i hope you can help me and i really really need your help i spend many months playing this .

Carl Marasigan

Starting to like it.. Ok I really love the hunts everyweek it makes the game more interesting.. And Then For my next wish is that Please make us earn EC easier Please because many of the other players are hacking your game which make this unfair to others below 20kcs they say.. I hope you would accept my request I know you can do it ATA ? Thats all fir now please please please.

John Conser

A trip down dorm lane OK, while there's plenty of whackjobs that also enjoy this online game, I'd be the first to admit I'm one of them. If you've played on PSN or Xbox Live, BEWARE!!! Yes, hotheads and other peevish types abound, but the experience of playing this on your own is what I value over listening to pesky people. Nevertheless, upgrading your dorm mates is guilty addictive fun, so do that more than anything else and you can't go wrong;-)

Wilfrido Lora Jauregui

Great Ec's difficult to get dorms pretty expensive jobs a lil to hard please add 20% more money from atacks jobs parts and ADD COMPOUND INTEREST TO THE BANK also BIRTHDAY you can either put in a real or fake but you cant change u it just the date she month not year don't complain on being Attacked after blocking because that way you could block anyone attacking you and that seems too op

Noer Rochmah

Drama queen This game deserve to get 500 star,. But there is one thing that make me a bit annoyed.. that is the drama... there are too many drama.. in club, in pimd relationship ???. Fix this up ata team, and i will give you 500 star

Muhd Qarin

18+ game This game requires an 18 legal age to play and we cant say nasty words in the game ? FUCK this were 18+ not kids stupid ass fuck

Pulkit Kumar

Recovering problem I logged in using google account. Now when i reinstalled dis app, i am nt getting option for recovering my account through google account...

Nokita Boyd

ADDICTIVELY AWESOME! Honestly great game! Been playing for years n like all apps there's been ups n downs but they r constantly upgrading and finding ways to improve PIMD life. I found this app as a great way to talk to ppl around the world and become friends with so many. I would definitely recommend this game to others!

Dolgh Ziggler fan

Boo Please let me get in silenced tomorrow it was just a joke when I said I was sub that was #3 please I didnt mean it.

Jeane Domaoa

Place For Perverts Uninstalled. Many perverts asking personal infos and asking for rp (roleplay). People get dumber and dumber these days. But I love the hunts and parties.

Sheen Salazar

not that good but awesome The game is cool and nice BUT.....The mods are inactive nowadays. And pervs invading the campus. Ecs are hard to find tho. And hope you ATA make more hunts and new cool avatars. Nice game. Hwaiting~!

Rosiella ShadowsHeart

I love it and am new player There a lot of idiotic people on there they think low grade strength and etc is the strongest and so they come at and they fail I find it quite funny and amusing my name on there is RosiellaShadowsHeart

Danielle Divjak

Awesome... but I really really love the game but please please please make it so that you can get ec more

Jesse Buzzanco

This soft ware sucks This site is nothing but cyber bullies all of them ever software makers and cyber bullies

Emma Recamara

Great game! I have a lots of friend in this game, thank you!

Celloid A

The bank I don't see any interest added

Kiki Smith

Best game Its cool or whatever...

Son Goku

Sex It doesn't have sex?i mean like fuck a girl

Sean Carter

This game is ok Could get more money an make joining a club easier but it's cool

Theresa Laird

Party in my dorm I love this game

ms drea

Hunts I liked this game. I earn friends. But i had problem with every hunt. Also with the drops. But this is awesome game.

Natasha Gamao

EC please gave us 10% free ec

Randall Andrews

It's a fun casual game Can get a bit overwhelming at times. It's also kind of glichy

Ashton loves bananas and I love Ashton 5sos

I actually made new friends for being who I am exupt for some people cough* hiding-in-plain-sight * cough

Veronica Molina

DONT GET IT People ask so many ?

Eboy Adolfo

Love it It brings back good memories in high school

Nicki Rodriguez

Pimd It should allow any age players

Ingrid Vazquez

Nice A lot of clubs

Wally Cortez

I love this I met someone and getting married soon I love you Kayla marie

sumit mishra

?? Using it from a years ago

Aliyah Hutchinson

Nice App Its a nice app.

Dollyana Mohd Jaafar

Love it!!!!!! Hey download it guys..this is the best app ever!! ^*^

spring rayne

I like it but. It isn't opening ! I was on the app for an hour or 2 last night, even put some money into it... now it won't open... wtf.

Grigory Fast

Just awesome Very cool game

Carl Marasigan

One Little Request Its Very Cool but I just want to ask that if you make the drops of items 20% more then I think there will be more players would buy cat because its gains 20% more so they can have another one key.. Just saying.. Overall I like it its fine.. Soon I may give 5 stars

Nicole Chan

All aspects of game It promotes online dating in description for those that are 13 and older, while they ask for "dirty rp" which references sexting. It also only promotes parties, and does not promote wars like they used to. Party after party gets boring and monotonous.

Alexis Fearn

Fix the game I got 3 strikes and because of that, got silenced forever on my old phone. I didn't play on that phone for at least 5 months. I'm trying to clear my account and reset it so I can make another account. I'm tried and tried but it keeps saying that I'm silenced. ATA should make it so when you get silenced and come back after a certain amount of time and reset on an old device, you can make an entire new account.

A Google User

Awesome I played the game like a week and I have 200kcs because of my best ,awesome pup that I grow but the worst of the game was too many using roleplay bad things

Sophia Missy

I used to love ATA just don't care about players. They made it harder to get a cat drop just because they want people buying them instead with REAL money. They tell us off for playful inappropriate behavior when the whole app is perverted thanks to ATA. Its a good app for making friends though. If ATA listens to players and puts out wars with hunts then I am pretty sure they would be back to 4stars.

Pha Xiong

It can be fun, sexually disturbing,annoying, and at times very stressful I personally don't think kids should play. It's only fun if you find a way to upgrade and if you are patient. Also it costs money.... some people can be rude... people can deceive anyone on here.... and you have to be active to really get to know the game.

Promise Dahal

Total Disappointment I had 4 stars for this game when I started and loved it 3 years ago. I'm changing my rating to absolute zero(well if it would let me so just 1 lol). Game is an online dating app pretty much like an a gaming extension of tinder. Events are a complete drag and it's getting annoying. Recent rule change to make it 13+ from 17+ is absolute disaster. Devs keep ignoring players requests and keep pushing out annoying stuff one after another.

Manny Sandoval

Just dirty and trashy Young kids playing this game grown men seeking nothing but lust their reasons for playing are all dirty and explicit the people giving threats over dumb stuff while other people have crazy insane problems creeping me out so much is wrong with this developers don't even know whats up with this app be careful don't talk to anyone just play avoid the crazies and nasty people

Katisha Jackson

I love this game lol : ) It's like you can be another person a skinnier more popular person I think everybody will like this game try it its really fun

Rohan Bhatia

Money sucking geeks ATA is just trying to earn a lot of money from us, b2b hunts, changes on ul pattern(so more ppl would buy cats and dns). This game is not fun anymore

Dan Rawr

Unfriendly Players Played the game for 7 days, at first it's pretty enjoyable but once you have to join clubs or battle to get further the game honestly turns quite nasty. I was asked to sexually role play, blackmailed into sending money and threatened with hourly attacks unless I 'reset' the game - basically losing any progress. I've never played such an unfriendly game. Maybe the game makers should take a look at what they're encouraging here.

A Google User

Support is good It does seem like they are trying to hard with new events every week, but if you have problems with the app the support is great at trying to help you. There are a large amount of players who only do the socailizeing part of the game and the relationship button aids that, but whatever I'm still addicted to it but its less fun from when I started playing.

Rachel Brown

Shame on PIMD Raise the age requirement to 17+ again we don't need 13 year olds on here trying to rp (role playing) and increase the cat and kini drops

Levi Curtis

Once rated this game a 5.. The greed is real (;

Caryn Woo

CANNOT play I just play for this game for 2month. Today I try to open it to play it say TRY again and I try again for 10 times but it cannot in. What the problem and in had upgrade if please fix it

Skye W

Inappropriate behavior Why are you letting people say mean and inappropriate sexual words. If they have cursing words you should have a thing to keep them from posting it. I'm only ten years old. I would call the cops on them all. They need to stop talking that way. I just downloaded the dang game and I already see inappropriate sexual harassment in words. They telling people to lick their butt and dating. Just nasty crap! (。ŏ_ŏ) (º ロ º๑) (´⊙ω⊙`) \( ö )/ ⊙_⊙ :-( :O. !

Wilfrido Lora Jauregui

Great Ec's difficult to get dorms pretty expensive jobs a lil to hard please add 20% more money from atacks jobs parts and ADD COMPOUND INTEREST TO THE BANK also BIRTHDAY you can either put in a real or fake but you cant change u it just the date she month not year don't complain on being Attacked after blocking because that way you could block anyone attacking you and that seems too op

Mister Smile

Teen seriously? This is a M 18+ rated game. Any adult reading these. Don't let your children play it trust me a lot of immature and pedo people around.


13+ More people are able to play, as long as they get a parent's consent. If people doesn't want children to be playing, then why are they playing. Games can't please everybody's need.

Shaqwan Fincher

Fun. Fun. This game is fun. Only thing is you cannot change their clothes

Megha Anand

Stupid silencing option..... fix it n delete the silencing thing make the addictive players go wonky

Brandon Saxe

Needs reason for silenced Im getting sick of seeing someone say something that isnt against the terms and get silenced could you please add reason for silence like "inappropriate status"

Saurav Nair

Interface I think it's time for a change in the interface as the game lags a lot.. And also friends list should be better organized!

Alex G

Turning into s*** The devs haven't listened to the community once but still pretend to care. Game is now uninstalled wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Taylor Jones

Needs to give us more!!!!! This game is alright.... but it needs to give us more of those diamond shaped things. When I started it didn't give me anything but only 3 doctor notes... I want to change my ID but I can't bc I don't have any of those diamond shape things!!!! Should really work that problem out!!!!!

Doug Boyd

Moderation and Support try to take the place of parents ATA seems to think they should moderate on a 13+ level on a 17+ game. This is simply not true. If you want to moderate at the 13+ level, mark the game as such and then do it. Do not warn people ahead of time about "sexual content" with an age restriction of 17+ and proceed to moderate for the 13 year olds whose parents either don't care or understand the risks. If ATA was consistent about sticking to a standard, I might have a better opinion of them.

Stephanie Dodson

Could be better I have two devices and cannot sign into my account on my phone


Love it The company cares for there players and they try there best to satisfy your needs as a customer. With that said, its a awesome game as long as you follow TOU

Lakiah Larabee

Amaze This game is really fun if u don't like it then u need to get a new game

Naina Dasan

It's good Works well.. Only they need to make the chat free

Brianna Hoyte

Love it I like this game you could chat to e.t.d means emergency to dorm

Kyleigh Rogers

I GOT PERMANENTLY SILENCED I love the game but I got un-rightfully silenced and I wish there was a way to make another account but you can't (they need to make a way to log out too) if I get unsilenced 5 stars

Mime Divina

Why?! 13year olds are allowed to play?! Seriously?! Why would you allow minors to play this game? Even with a parent's consent (which they'll probably fake)it's still so wrong. you're just encouraging minors to play this "adult" game. that's an extreme level of greedy-ness.

Konadu Owusu

I love this game, my daughter seems to like it too.

Shanae Douglas

Yea its cool No bugz yet but yea it great

Arianna LaPorte

This game is awesome just exspore a lot and do jobs a lot you'll do just fine

Nehemiah Salone

Loved it I love it, but the only thing is that its expensive trying to send a date request which is a rip off.

kris telle

pay to win basis if you cant buy their items youll never gonna achieve lcbc

Moses J

I like it It has a good style plus u can talk to friends

Jade Jade

Boring There's nothing to do. Just like movie star planet but worse.

Mohammed Alam

Lovin it I really like it however to have better characters you must use real money! Not cool dude, not cool

Navin Ramrup

Prices too high The prices are too high! My club can't even run cats because everyone thinks it's too expensive! Their doing solo cc, not cool!

Rampster 27

Please don't waste your time This game is about a cookie cutter as it can get. There is no customisation whatsoever, there is over priced in game currency, the game is boring and the community is cancer. I hate you Madison for making me get this game

Manpartap Singh

Not worth it You will waste your time and money & "0" to developer for creating such a game.

James Brewster

Fun game to meet new friends, not really for a KaWer as Parties are insanely hard to complete, not worth spending money on.

Daniel Burns

Devs can't figure out how to get payouts and rewards right. After the valentine's day hunt I got awarded something only for them to take it away because of an "error"... if you make a mistake then own up to it and don't take things from us for your incompetence. Just get better devs.

Tristen Tanner

They support racism They allow vulgar use of racist vocabulary but discriminate and silence the user of profane language, condider this the last penny I spend on you

M. Hanzla

Greedy devs Worst game ever. I wish i can give this game 0 star or -999999999 stars. Game had a fun but after cc n pp art party all fun gone now its all about money n greediness not fun for free players I suggest don't download it anymore the greedy devs steal all the fun or game been playing for 2 years now going to quit. N now see their rating is going down yayyyyyyy!

mariah calleja

Amazing This game is great you can chat ,have a boyfriend ,work ,go on dates with boyfriend and more i love this game this is the best game

Migs Mogs

Party in my dorm username in pimd is keith222 if u do it I will rate this 5 star and I will be active on the game thanks

Aliesha Hamrick

Great game! This game is something I can see myself keeping on my phone for years! I often change the games I play and never really dedicate myself to one for an extended period of time but this one I love! Once you get the hang of it it's deffinetly a daily player (I play for hours). There are some down sides like any game but they are easily ignored if you are an active player and work towards your goals!

Wira Manurung

Buggy After i updated the app, i cant purchase the daily special deals. It says im not logged into my google account but im able to purchase the other things like ec's or notes on the store. Fix it please

Jennifer Henriquez

Good, but... The concept of the game is interesting. When I started playing, I noticed right off the back that this game is a pick and choose. There is no variety. No variety on how I wanted my character to look or my dorm. You would expect to be in college and to make these kinds of choice. For the online portion. I liked how you can get together with other people, either in a friendship and/or in a club and you all can move up together. I also liked the local chat. Got to interact with a lot of people.

Jadeline Hernandez

Okay Somebody send me a pic of his d***. Other people are fine though.

Mahala Ruiz

Love it Best game ever meeting new people is awesome best game ever


There's Always a Problem! I'm clearly signed into my Google play account but when I try and purchase a deal it says I'm not. I'm missing out on good deals over an error on the creators part, fix your game! ?

Spadley Jean Baptiste

oh gosh This game would have been really fun if the writings wasn't so small i have to keep on squinting in order for me to be able to read some of the writings that is in there. PLEASE PLEASE FIX IT!


Eh It's okay. Wish there was more to it, a little cheaper, and maybe more customizable. And that you could delete your account.Hunts suck. Not as good as it use to be. Love the new update though

janaalecza deleon

I really love it but I love this game. Super. But please give me back my account. I made my account strong and I save a lot of money and other stuff there so please please have mercy on me ??? PLEASE ATA. ???

Nox Mid

It cool It quite fine, but I was a liitle confused at first how to play it but awesome game.

Lance Brunette

well its pervy. if u want creature rp or want to find an online mother/father or sibling this is the place for you otherwise i would move on


Error It's really fun but it won't finalize my purchases. I bought the starter pack and it didn't give me anything so I clicked it again and this message popped up. "Pending purchase already in progress (response :7:Item already owned)" Please help.

Erica Ortiz

Its cool The only thing that I don't like about it is the fact that it takes long to get in a relationship

Alison Rosado

Love the game but Please be original in avatars! ?. ?Make time to draw and let the imagination fly. Those lunars ones are ugly!!! The valentine oned too..

Christian Martiv Bauso

A minor problem & a request. The ads always say that there is an error. Please fix. As for the request, can you please make an avatar for engineers? It would be cool since you made one for math fanatics. Thanks.

little bluesky

consume a lot of data. why recently after updated the latest version.. it consume so much of data. 1day about 250MB above. playing time less than 1.30hour a day.

Paige Rodriquez

So cool You can meet a lot of new people

Baldwin Attah

The best game I have ever played I won't talk too much just try playing and you will love it TRUST ME.

Jason Naillon

Constantly evolving To stay in business a game has to constantly evolve, so props to Ata for staying ahead of the game in that sense. I've been playing 3.5 years n lcbc a few accounts. each time you ultimately get what you put into it. You want social bam its there, you want to see the world burn bam its there too via farming. Its free to play with option to spend to speed up upgrades. Name a game that doesn't have that as an option though even console games are steering that direction. The important thing is to have fun

Victoria Clem

Love it I love this game and how you can meet real people

Rucha Naik

Great game The game is awesome except the prices are ridiculously high. I mean 8m just for a date?

morgan erkard

Great gateway to meet people I am having a lot of fun using this first real game I ever downloaded.

Joan Laxa

the app won't open now. I can't play like this!

Ann Lim

Addicted Been playing for more than a year i really like collecting avi from hunts

chris diehl

Fair Im so upset at this app because I started a alt and put real life money on it and now I can't access it do to they say I have been silence and have not been silence in like 4 months..please fix this for better rating

clark kent

Best game ever Needs to be offline game but great game

Ky Elliot

Evey name I typed in it would say this username is taken I'm done with this game!!!!

Deanna Young

This game is awesome woooo hoooo yeah??

Thomas Lusby

cool but 1 thing You should make it so we can turn in cash for extra credits

Elizabeth Cosham

ABSOLUTELY AM CRAZY ABOUT THIS Okay it is really great except I think you need a bit TOO many Extra Credits for things if you could just cut it down and make getting them easier I would do everything I can to make people love it.

Dillon Bailey

Pros and Cons Pros: Good for chatting with good people but con you are almost always going to meet ur weirdo creeps you name it. Addictive at first and than gets boring with parties after parties WC is full of rs askers,banners,and what not. Beware before installing it get to start OK and then bam 200kcs your money earning is not enough not to upgrade as quick as you would like other way is cat. Not a free game need to pay to advance unless ur here to rp or chat that's as free as gets. In game currency is joke.

M. Hanzla

Greedy devs Worst game ever. I wish i can give this game 0 star or -999999999 stars. Game had a fun but after cc n pp art party all fun gone now its all about money n greediness not fun for free players I suggest don't download it anymore the greedy devs steal all the fun or game been playing for 2 years now going to quit. N now see their rating is going down yayyyyyyy!

Dimitry Dimitry

♛Great Game♕ Who ever came up with this game did a great job because this game doesn't let you get bored. It give you a reason to keep on playing... bottom line is if your not playing this game you're missing out.

A Google User

... When ever I set up the game and I choose my character it loads then takes me back to the choose you style! :(

Gurpreet Singh

Not that good Just theres a Need of the new rs gifts and good discounts for Asian either lesser the cat kini ec costs or something else cuz it's too expensive especially acc. to Indian currency.& also feedbacks replies are very rare like 1 of 100


50/50 There are days that I love this game and days I wish my sister never told me about it.

A Google User

BORING its the same thing over and over again for years.The game also becomming greedy making the gifts too much so u have to use real money wouldnt recommend this game

Ashley Thompson

Love it! Addicted I love this game 3 years an addict lol but its so fun

remmwell lou Mamhot

Awesome Game!!! Im new to this game and i am loving it already I have found new friends to chat with and even experience to talk people from other country . cool social game.

Gerson Torres

LITERAL underage kids asking to RP, spin wheel RIGGED to win nothing but extremely little cash n crap items, mods abusin power. u would hv more fun at a real casino

Jose Monzon

Fun game! I've been looking to play games on my phone. Tired of just mostly using it for social media. This is addicting, fun and pretty to look at.

Adiraj Singh

Worst moderators ever! Got silenced when the other party was more guilty! Idc if its 1 day or 1 week! Unfair is unfair!

Girlgamer Mellisa

Very Addicting! I cant stop playing with it it just gets boring when night time because theres lesser dudes but yet LOVE IT

BreAzia Bishop

Bre This game is awesome....I luv it so much...especially when you get to text.

Courtrie Nicholson

Rpg It's a great game advise little kids not play this game was made for 17 and up and also this game is not a dating site so if ur looking for that please play something else

A Google User

Like it Love this game !!! Just started playing again after two years and its still an addictive game.

Mcrinsey Gulane

Remote Call:500 Server Error Whats the meaning of that??? Remote call:500 Server Error ... and I cant open it now please fix this

Charlotte Teng

Ok I dont really get the game and do we have to be a certain age to play this game cause some guy sent me a request and i accepted but he said he was nineteen which is nine years older than me so do we have to be like 15 or something to play this game???

Jill Sllen

I Love This game You can actually text people on this game

kaunaine mandlik

Unfair ata Good game and very addictive but ata only favours the people who buy stuff and not the hardworking people

Madison York

This game is amazing!!!! It is a good way to chat but I think there should be a way to sand picks I love playing this game I'll never delete it hope u enjoy just press the install button yaaaaay!! I LOVE this game so addicting tho?

athena morrein

Love this game Follow me and be my friend. Athenabeatrice is my name

Sierra Trimble

Ok I like I am just not in love with it is a time passer for me when I am bored?

Rome Simon

Allows minors to be victims of online Rape and millions of pedophile's use this as a way to get your kids. Needs to be reported to Authorities

Rosetta Blake

It's ok It's a game where you live under the fear of being farmed. It's fun but being threatened to be farmed is not. I advise against it but play at your own risk

Martin Harder

love it LOVE IT oh yeah totally lol I'm lolgirl122glowing friend me I'm new but no boys I'm telling u ick they r .....well u get the picture

Monique Mahinay

Spinner Why I always got cash in the spinner? Tsk. Give some extra credits. Tsk.

Alixx Sheriff

Too many kids Plz set it back to 17+

Clarence Chavez

Booo! Can't revive my other account

Rehan Ansari

Liked it. You should update the game so we can share images to the person we are chatting with. PLEASE DO.

A Google User

Ok Do u have to be age limited

Deepanshu Gupta

Improve chats Chating options shud b improved

friska trisha

Spinner Why is it always cash cash and cash??

Silas Sanchez

Love it Because I have a great friends well were more than friends we do "stuff" together at times

Boss Lane

Love it I love it so much great graphics and people thank you?

Tazar jordon

angery Didn't get my rewards for this hunt I did and it costs me a lot of tokens I'm not impressed as well cuz I have mailed u a couple of times about it


Addicted I've been playing this game since Nov 2014, and I really do love PIMD. I remember starting out and it was very challenging, but people were very friendly and helpful and helped me get to 100kcs fairly quickly. I have noticed that it's gotten way easier for newer members to reach their mcs goals, which I think is awesome! It was very hard to reach 1mcs for me, and I've seen people reach that goal in less than a month. There are a few negatives (TONS OF PERVS IN WC) but the overall pros outweigh the cons.

Psy Duck

Surprisingly pleasing game play When I was told to download this, I had my doubts. This is exactly like Mafia wars for anyone who's played, but better the community is very helpful and will help boost new players. I highly recommend


Add the option to delete an account Scary, perverted fkd up men in private chat rooms, guys please don't download this game. Its dangerous if you don't know what your doing, you also don't know the real people who are behind the screen. Its support system sucks and it has major faults. Also met a lot of young girls under 12 using this app when it says for 16+ please DON'T GET THIS GAME

The Snyders

Loved it for a little over a year and then stupid people who want tie complain and be a pain and yell at you for having a life other than gaming ruined it. I will be deleting


Shit support team Devs sticks on their thing that they r secure. But if just someone knows your mail id. U can be hacked directly in their server without hacking your mailids.. n support team wont listen anything even u give proofs.. so never purchase anything from inapp purchase. They cant even keep your privacy?

Chris Green

Stop! Look! Listen! Stop complaining about spending money. Every game costs money. Look at forums for information. Listen you nubs no means no. Flooding wc with rp requests won't help you.

A Google User

It's addictive - Youre gonna be tempted to spend money - and somewhere in between 5kcs to 300kcs you'll be like, what's the point of this game...and also, you'll have trouble someway to upgrade - You'll feel worse at 10mcs to 15 about the pointlessness - Great game in general - Makes you feel guilty with life somehow


Great Game,Its So amazing beenpalying doe years now whenever i uninstall this game i re istall it just in few hours,this game is addicitve,But i have one problem,the update is cool but when you dont ignor or accept the player it just show on the top its so annoying,Ps for those who is saying that you should use real money to be like the vet players well theres a way that yoy will not use real money to upgrade

Stephon Inman

This game is eh I've been playing 3 years and the game has went from great to bleh too many ads and too many dumb hunts it's repetitive and seriously boring it's not worth playing anymore. There aren't any wars anymore just hunts and wasting money for things that aren't really worth it. Ata has really failed it's loyal players.

Scott Lachapelle

Misleading extremely costly I've played this game for quite some time now (approx 2 years) . What you don't get told before spending tons of money ($1000's) is that some one will hit your character and demand you to drop most of what you worked for so you have to start all over again. Should have the gambling site warning for the potential money you can lose. Support does nothing to follow their own rules and help. Extremely disappointed should of bought a new car with the money wasted on this game..........

Douglas Boyd

Good Social Game However, support is unwilling to ever admit a mistake. They will justify a punishment for reasons that are borderline at worst if they were wrong in the first place. Alternatively they will pull reasons out of nowhere to justify not correcting their mistake. There is little reason to ever spend money on this game.

Blueturtle Stone

Boring Tap tap game,no avatar that moves around,just buttons that are pushed. I could easily become #1 in this game but then why bother playing it?

Adiraj Singh

Nice game but... Hate the fact that you cant unlink device when a stupid and i mean stupid mod silences you! And i cant switch to my main!i am infurious! Fix and i will rate 5 stars!

Salwa Ahmed

STUPIDEST GAME EVER I didnt even want to give it any stars this is the most stupid game ever . They get you silenced for nothing . Whoever made this game is stupid

Mayo Faramita

I hope this game gets BANNED and shutdown!! Sexual harassment through pm by old freaky married men, bully, idiotic lifeless people, arrogant vip n mods who abuse their fake fame& power, think they are superior in game life in fact theyre only lifeless freaks without future in rl cuz they taptap this game for every second.

Ruben Dehart

I love this game But there a huge bug now whats going on i cant send message in campus or club chat this is the first time this had happen please fix


Don't download! 3 Years Vet if you're thinking of joining, don't do it. This game sucks. You won't become big or catch up to the vet players unless you spend at least $1000. I'm done playing this crap.

Kelsey Jimenez

TRADING FEATURE You should create a trading feature ? So that no one would get scammed.. One of the reasons that people quit here is because they get scammed and the things thay where scammed is the things they worked hard for ?

James Brewster

Fun game to meet new friends, not really for a KaWer as Parties are insanely hard to complete, not worth spending money on.

sandra milosevic

Few things I Dont Know What U Did To This Game But Its Totaly Ruined...Spinner Is The Worse Thing In Game....Hunts R Disaster Avatars Look Like A Kid Drawed Them.....Give Back Old Hunts N Wars And Make Spinner Easier To Get Smthin Better And Maybe Ill Give U More Stars

Mason Couffer

Time consumimg Fun app and very time consuming. Its just a little confusing.

Nic_ nakss

Please READ Hi!! I have a suggestion, can you add something that can change the emaik of your ATA account? Cause I really wanna change it because the email of it was my brother's and he just gave it to me.. Can you? Thanks

darryl morrison

Disgusting game I hate it cause adds keep coming up and it distracts you from the game and i hate it NOW DONT GET THIS DISGUSTING GAME ON ANY ELECTRONICS I HATE IT AND YOU WOULD TO

Ryan Ong

Addictive Awesome app love this game this game allows u to mingle and its a good way to waste time the characters and all are beautiful

Darwin Leo

Its a addicted game ever Goodgame for spend real cash in it?but hope the ecs and dns more cheaper plz.thanks

ash brumpton

There's a bug where I get a notification and I click on it, it won't disappear so they keeping piling up and makes it hard to keep track of my notifications

M. Hanzla

Greedy devs Worst game ever. I wish i can give this game 0 star or -999999999 stars. Game had a fun but after cc n pp art party all fun gone now its all about money n greediness not fun for free players I suggest don't download it anymore the greedy devs steal all the fun or game been playing for 2 years now going to quit. N now see their rating is going down yayyyyyyy!

Shelby Whitlock

Its fun but Need more things to do Like upgrading rooms and changing clothes.

Alexis Gage

Great Gameplay I've had the game for couple years now and I'll never be bored. I love it to pieces. Very great :) recommended to anyone :)

Çheyanne Bailey

Vary dirty I hate this game it is to dirty guys on here want to do dirty things to me and wanna send me dirty pics and for me to send dirty pics. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.

aaron micko

Horrendous Customer Support This is a legitimately good game, but when something bugs don't expect any help. Thats what happened to me. The games prize spinner twice awarded me a pizza bikini(rare, valuable item),but didn't give me it. When I approached customer support they demanded screenshot proof before they'd help, which by then was impossible. They've guaranteed that while I enjoy playing this game, I will never give them a cent of my money. Ill need those pizza bikinis before I change my stance or my rating.

Jeane Domaoa

Epic Failure Hunts todays are boring and the avatars are ugly. Devs became greedy and they want you to spend money for them.

Madison Stanhope

Silenced People getting silenced or banned for stupid things lately club owner got banned for going in and out of too many accounts plz fix creators

Enrico Ray Esquivias

Greedy developers ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY! Don't install it. You'll eventually get addicted to it and use real money to purchase ecs. I played it for almost 6 months and purchased a lot using cash. They banned my account for selfish reasons. Its just so unfair. I wasted a lot of money &time. -_- very dissapointing.

baby terrado

OTHER OPTIONS Put some other options to link accounts to another phone. Like twitter or gmail accounts. Or the linked facebook account can remove and link another one. Please considerate. Thank you.


Player Community Uninstalled this. I don't mind the routinary game design. But it came boring because players become overly possessive of other characters or tutors. And the community just hate on each other.

A Google User

Its going to the crapper. The perverts are terrible, support team doesnt care about the players, greedy and money hungry Apes, new in-game rules make using the game's features almost impossible without being permanently banned. Its going downhill, just like the rest of ATA's games.

Jerry Thompson

Kicked me out So rumor has it I'm underage but I'm not I would love to come back extremely fun I have about 700+ friends. can I comeback then I will rate 5 star 100,000,000 stars if I could let me come back for 5 star p.s. im NOT under age plz let me back I LOVE THIS AMAZING GAME plz let me back for 5 stars and a very positive comment cause I'm not underage I'm tnt101

apaul aquino

Messed up friendlist The new update messed up the alphabetically arranged is better before where the online friends are at the top..please fix it thanks

Emily Akuoko

Loved it Its so easy to learn.. But not so easy that you get bored. Its really cool and a nice way to meet new people

Nicki H.

I love it ?✋ There are a few weirdos on here, And I'm a little young. But i don't play to talk to people ? I play, cause I just love the game xD

Nick Liu

WARNING: This is a Social Game It's a fairly monotonous game consisting of these events called hunts where you gather items for your showcase which you can gift or hang onto. Contrary to its appearance, this isn't a kid's game. It is a college themed game with a lot of reference to pop culture. A lot of players come here to look for a date but there is more to this game than that. It also has a war and battle aspect to shake things up. But you will stay here for the drama and people mostly. If you're alone, it isn't as fun.

Navin Ramrup

Useful update Nice update. Now if you Apes listen to feedback you'll know that we want a way to pick how much gifts we can send at one time. Even a 10x button is good enough!

gavin suhan

Puppu My pup lady boss is awesome :-)

Sandy Hommes

Party in my dorm it's the best game ever

Salad Pie

Pokemon Hunt Hi ATA ✋ Make a Pokemon Hunt Please ... ?

Pratham J

FANTASTIC GAME..!! Awesome game i hv eva play..!!! PIMD & COC this both games r addictive..Nyc wrk PIMD team...!! PEACE...?✌

Glory Days

I'm so addicted. I can't stop playing it. It's hurting my non-existent socal life.

Neil Foley

PvP based game HA I think not The devs for this game claim this to be a pvp game when all they do is do what they can to make the players not do wars or anything pvp related maybe if they would bring back something like iwars or some kind of war that's run by the creators like they do in other games that they make it

Aaron Rose

I like the game, please help I connected my fb to my account but it won't let me log in as me when I sign in using Facebook, my original account name is strongiris and I have put effort into my account so I'd prefer to keep everything as I have some limited time items,please help


This game has turned to crap and they don't care about the majority's opinions they just ignore us. Grant has ran this game so far downhill people who have been playing for years quit cause it sucks so bad now. Edit: if we email you all you say is some generic thing like we're sorry you feel that way but this is the way it is, you don't care to hear our opinions

Kenzie Williams

Was good until I've been playing since about 2013 and it was good but slowly declined from fun. Now it's all about who can put the most money into hunts to get avis while we all pointlessly Upgrade. Tell me how is it fair that a noob at 2 million stats can make the same drops as someone lcbc

Athien Feio

It's okay It's nice so far, I downloaded the game like 4 days ago and it's cool... You can kill time... The most interesting thing is the fact that you can meet new people

Michelle Lenise

Game changer Ive been playing for 3 years and have decided its time to say goodbye. The best part of the game was the wars and ata took it away, then they implemented hunts, you cant go a week in the game without having to hunt for bullshit. Ata needs to fire prince grant and hire someone who cares about the people who give them jobs- the players. The game also now allows children to play and of course they rp.

Mal DjBril

Creativity needed The avis are being recycled. The hunts seem to be all the same, and the game has bullies. Crazy how ppl get behind a keyboard and lose themselves. High level ppl picking on smaller ones. Forcing ppl to drop stats just so they can continue to play the game. Just sad.

Zeta Faustino

Getting boring I've been playing this game for almost 5 years and now it's getting boring. I wish it's still the same back in 2011-2012

rhai mujeres

Fix it pls i love this game it kills boredome chatting in cc while partying.. meeting weird and nice people? BUT.. I dont know what happen it just enable to delete wall messages and i hate my messy wall right now!?? fix it plllsssss... Still.. You guys didnt fix this issue .. Pls i want to throw some cleaners on my wall now!!?

jill wall

Party in my dorm This game was a lot of fun ...system wars and such then a player got hit so he returned hits and it became a strip farm war and OK stupid reason that they start a sfw but OK so club 1 on 1 well when this well known club was perceived as losing they recruited other clubs to help now its 3-4 against 1. The fact that the ATA IGNORES this type of cyber bullying is outrageous. You contact ...they ignore. Yes they want more and more money they get from these bullying clubs. Let's see if a campaign will end it.

Kyndle Dixon

Vile Vile asf U see in world chat ads seeking sexual rp or worse nonstop U see ppl seeking kik contact asking nude pic trades for nude pics on kik it's ridiculous U see ppl seeking gay rp, bi,doms, mother rp, daddy's seeking girls with daddy issues,ppl seeking brother or sister rp it's vile thing is devs are well aware but don't care it used to be 17+ rating game it's not a dating site or a hoe site the devs turned around and dropped rating to 13+ with parental consent how disgusting!!!

Shizzo, Bro

What a joke for a game. These people are a joke they cant take a joke their the most stuck up people, dont recommend this trash game, if your looking to have fun or play around download another game not this bs game with retarded develolers. I get banned for joking around?! I thought this game was +17? We still get offended by a harmless little joke at +17? What a joke these people are. Support doesnt do anything they just tell you how sorry their trash game is. The developers are a bunch of little girls acting like sissys.

Naive Barnes

Loved it This game is very addictive. You can meet new people and it's also challenging. It teaches us that you really have to work hard to be able to achieve or get what you want and not quitting.

sam val

Cyber Bullying Shame on ATA for creating an environment that allows bullying. People have spent so much money on this game only to be uninspired to play due to certain clubs who like to make people drops stats (aka lose real money) The game is poorly regulated and the environment has gotten to the point where it is full of negativity and fosters negativity with other players. ATA, I promise you, if you dont regulate and stop the bullying, u will lose a lot of money. I play games to relax, not feel anger.

Lizzie Perez

Cyber bullying This game promotes cyber bullying and it should stop. ATA tells you to contact with issues and provide evidence, but when you do that they don't help. People waste their real money in a game that should be fun and not filled with people who like to threaten others to change their ign or drop stats. We provide ss of these threats and bullying for what, so that ATA can silence them for a few weeks or months or permanently. That doesn't change the fact that they can always make a new account. PAY ATTENTION ATA

Keshun Robinson

The game is cool I've played the game for awhile and I still like the feeling of meeting new people on the game. The avatars are really good and the clubs are in the hands of the owner I love that.

Matt Karsch

Average at best 2 stars game, removal of ec transfer , the rp is easiest subject to learn while gameplay is another story, cats/kini ruins the hardworking working ppl effects. hunts has gone from collecting several different items to repetitive potds, if you think upgrading is going save you it won't there are tons are bullies/pervs on this game isn't even funny. Hes the jist. Either be with serious players spending tons of cash to ug and get great tut bonus get snobbed by bigger or free player get nowhere

Derek Brown

This app is stupid. There are way too many underaged people on here. It's basically just a sexting app, so parents, beware! There's also a lot of jerks and the mods are a bunch of idiots. Don't waste your time with this!

Dj Shaffer

Can I have them back? Hey I have a good friend on this. I'm not gonna see or talk to him every again in a couple days. I was planning on keeping our PM messages to remember him. But the auto delete took some away and I was wondering if I could have them back. This is not a complaint. I just want my PM messages back if you can please. If not I understand. But I would really appreciate it if you could. Contact me if you need my info. Thanks again.

Saichi Ness

Its fine And then there goes this thing that loads, having these failed job things, and nasty online users, they cannot be reported but block user only, weird. Its laggy on my phone and useless

Rahul Thakur

Tech Tree Error Could not read in built tech tree error.

A. Mulatto

Ehh I've been playing for two years and I used to really love this game. It seems like every user is asking to put new jobs in for the last year but our requests get ignored. Our emails get ignored and the back to back to back to back hunts arent really fun anymore. Now everything is about money on pimd. I missed when the owners actually cared about the overall players. Instead of an hunt where you have to collect 25,000 to get good rewards do a scavenger hunt to create good stat items and good avis.

Brittany Johnson

I loved it but y doesn't it work on my new phone Y isn't it working on my Samsung phone ughhhh it said connection failed please try again can u plz help me BCUZ I really wanna play

Cookie Baby

Horrible I updated it and it won't let me or anyone else delete posts on there wall please fix it

John Downey

I wish you could get free avatars There are too many avatars that I like but cost to much Diamonds and You have to give diamonds to change your name but other wise I love it

Rosetta Blake

It's bull There's cyber bullying, the creaters don't pay mind to the complaints, it's only fun when you pay with real money, and the spinner is rigged to give nothing but cash. Don't bother if you don't have real money to spend. Truly actually used to be fun

BabyJess _15

Love this game Played it for 2 years, it's my main app besides social media but I always play PIMD first.

Mashup Jaxx

Creators Making Game Worst Themselves Already Crap hunts and now Removal of ECs transfer option.Thanks lol..I am not gonna spend single penny on this game from now..!!Height of Greediness?Gonna uninstall soon..

Gabriel Alvarado

I miss how it used to be I couldn't remember my old acct info and haven't played in 3 years. This game was awesome then and still is....but it's changed alot since then. Some for the bad some for the good. All in all its an addicting and hard to put down. Find yourself a club you get along with and meet fantastic people.

Er. Pijush Debbarma

This is intended for real money user only. ATA changed it for revenue purpose now. Previously it was very addictive but now it's not. ?? Rewards are non giftable, this game is not enjoyable anymore. Spinner items are just for showcase. Only cash & munions are available. Hopeless game. Damit


Nice but.. Ugh, I have a love hate relationship with this game. It's great, addictive even, but I've had many issues, the biggest one being the some of the damn ads stop randomly and force me out of the app. Please get new ads or fix this issue.

rasyidah bolhassan

My most favourite game I'm addicted to it.It's just that vip avis are really hard to get.give lower stats players some chance to get few vip avis

Jake Strauss

Not what it used to be This game used to be the best game avaliable, now with all the new updates it's not half as good as what it was. Personally I think it started going down hill once they changed the avatars and made them a little more humanized rather than cartoony

Kensley Phillips

I've been playing this game for years and absolutely love it! It started this year when the app keeps crashing. Sometimes I can't download because of an error 961. Please fix so I can rate 5.

Rosetta Blake

Ugh don't bother. There's cyber bullying, the creaters don't pay mind to the complaints, it's only fun when you pay with real money, and the spinner is rigged to give nothing but cash. Don't bother if you don't have real money to spend. It's filled with perverts constantly asking for role play. Truly actually used to be fun.

ohoh melody

Crap Getting crappier each update. Poor costumer service. Devs doesn't care about the community. Money eating monkeys. Devs creating useless features. Lags a lot because of messy gift locker!

Victor Vasquez

Ata is the issue They do not listen to the players (customers). They are running the game straight into the ground. They are driven by taking your money and are allowing pre-teens to be sexual with no consequences

Mihlali Ngcunukana

I love It's fun, but my app keeps freezing, and crashing... update: when I try to buy the starter pack it keeps on saying "already waiting on purchase" and I don't even know what that means

Caroline Z

This game sucks ass ATA is just money hungry and don't pay attention to the feedback nor complaints the spinning wheel is just bullshit hungry ass people just want money don't even bother

Rosie Bump

I am overly addicted I really really love this game...I am addicted and I have only been playing for a few years

Hassan Qureshi

New update has issues This should be ad free game worst update on android its lags and eventually crashes should do something about it soon... I ll update my rating as soon as bugs are removed.

Roxy Delos Santos

LOST ACCOUNT!!! I did a hard reset to my tablet but I later realize I didn't link my alt to fb or ata so now I can't log back in to AngelaVictoireBledin I also sent an email from my main Ruika and no response yet. I hope I'd get a hold of my alt again. Thanks!

Chase Clemson

Updates I really don't live the updates but it makes the game better to many hunts tho

Ryan Ong

Addictive Awesome app love this game this game allows u to mingle and its a good way to waste time the characters and all are beautiful

Tsolaye Tuesimi

Nice Its so frustrating and annoying how I always get money in the spinner and other people gets cats ??

wang huixuan

Why did I get expelled? I did not do anything wrong,what do you mean I got expelled?

Darth Frey

Help! I purchased 10 extra credit. Got the receipt.. But didn't receive it.. There was an error when I purchased it.

Hunt in my dorm Back to back crap hunts that you need real money to get any where dont waste your life here go else where

Shantelle Brito

Invalid Request I can open the app but the main page will not open whatsoever. And comes up as retry. Invalid request.


It was working intell NOW All of the sudden the game keeps saying invalid response from server wtf is that supposed to mean?

Stephanie Plue

Doesn't work It keeps saying invalid server idk y but I used to love the app

Maree Desmond

Invalid response from server Wtf but other wise very addicting . MUST HAVE GAME?

Ryan Franks

More Addictive Than It Should Be Thought it was just a time waster but it turned out to be pretty good.


Great game ? ? ? I have been playing this game for past 1 year i just stopped using it like 2 month .... now I can't open my profile please help ... i don't wanna restart everything again please help

Antonio Vialpando

Fix It's okay except it bugs a lot, can't open world chat or parties because app bugs and force closes, fix it and get 5 stars

A Google User

With all these updates why hasn't the alphabetically arranged friends lists not fixed yet?

Ke'Amber S

Bullshit I have to watch a video 3-6 times before I'm able to get 20 coins vs on the first watch.

Tiffany Stephens

Boring It's stupid you don't do anything fix it please do a Dance club to dance and dots to hold girls and kiss them

sekigan white black

Getting invalid response when trying to play The game just stopped working and says invalid server response ( or something similer) please help

Kawaii Chan

It's a good game but.... I love the game but I Don't know how to reset my whole account for the game and start it over tell me how to do this please and I will give you 5 stars thanks please let me know love your game though

Edryniel Sison

Seriously??? Too many perverts and rude players specially the high stats ppl

samuel homer

My avatar is not show like my medals too

Kaitlin Purcell

Ughhh I love it but hate it because it wont let me back in the app and nobody does anything to the scammers who scammed me

Jason Hopwood

Boring Dont download, its so boring and there is nothing at all to do on the game.

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