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23 Mar

Posted by Parkmobile International (Australia) in Travel & Local | March 23, 2016 | 102 Comments

Apk file size: 3.7 MB

Parkmobile provides a new and better way to pay for parking using your mobile phone. The Parkmobile Android app allows you to instantly start and stop parking transactions so you only pay for the time you've parked.

Starting and stopping your parking transactions takes just a few seconds. If you're driving a different car to the one you registered, no problem, you can quickly and easily change the licence number and activate your parking session. You can also choose to receive a range of sms text messages, such as a reminder 15 minutes prior to your parking session expiring.

We provide secure online access to all your parking data so you'll always have access to your parking history. You can change your account settings, print reports and export your transactions to Excel for expense reimbursements.

You'll soon find Parkmobile in parking lots, on city streets, at airports, stadiums and just about anywhere else you park. Registering with us is free and you're under no obligation to use Parkmobile. It takes less than 2 minutes to join.

We take the stress out of parking. No more searching for coins, no more worries about dysfunctional parking meters. Whether you use our mobile app or call our automated voice prompt service, Parkmobile is here to make your day just that little bit easier.

Find out more about Parkmobile and when we will be in a suburb near you by visiting our website.

Whats new

    There’s now a cost breakdown for each parking session so you know what you’re paying for.

Parkmobile International (Australia) part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update March 23, 2016. Google play rating is 57.1179. Current verison is ParkMobile. Actual size 3.7 MB.

Download parkmobile.apk 3.7 MB

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Scott Cerato

Crap Got fined when app didnt want to accept payment , parking Machine also out pf order . Now have a fine , need to send accounts out before being fined like eastlink . Mornington peninsula shire are scabs

Todd McKeown

Useless Excellent use of Google maps to not show zones. And also provide no other way to find a zone number. I think 1 star is being generous.

Terry Tremethick

not real good I used this app and it failed to print tickets on the machine and I had to call the local government to avoid a fine as did many in my city. When I noticed that we finally did not have to display tickets, I tried installing it. Downloaded it from the internet and then tried to run it. It said it had no internet connection and could not connect. What is the point? This is meant to make life easier not have me chase people down to get support.

Clare Tanner

Not working I can't even login now. It was working (albeit not the best app) but stopped and now has a message saying can't connect to the internet. So I login through the Web browser. Come on guys, sort it out

Lyndal Burke

The worse app have book my car park in a few times and got fined twice. Rang customer service to fix this and still not fixed. Today parked my car got out of work and another fine.

Matt Hocking

Buggy Looks ok, yet to use it for parking but crashed within minutes of being installed whilst in parking map view

Peter Thornton

Functional but crashes consistently

Angela Clayton

Will not let me sign up

Braedon Vickers

Can't log in anymore I haven't been able to log in for two days. The app says it "... can't reach the parking system." Trying to send an email to support though the app crashes it.

A Google User

Very Dodgy Parkmobile are not a reputable operator. They duck and dodge when it comes to issuing refunds for overcharges caused by their instructions. Not being able to amend a parking session necessitated ending one and commencing a new one and being charged for both at 3 times the rate it should have been. When queried it's not their problem nor their responsibility as they are "just there to collect the money" in their own words. The app itself is severely limited in respect to being able to amend a parking session and/or accept a charge levied. Very concerned that you can't remove your payment details from their system nor cancel your account with them. Most unsatisfactory which is a shame as the concept is good.

Mo Al

Got charged twice on several occasions It's good and saves time and hassle of getting coins but I had issues were I got charged twice fir the same day it even charged me on public holiday when didn't even open the program. Uninstalled.

Nick Di Marino

Too many bugs Too many details required when registering as a new user. Gave errors when entering valid details. Gave up in the end.

Daniel Diack

Double charged regularly Very convenient but the billing is outrageous once tripple charged on the same day app will be removed

A Google User

Latest Version (2.1.3) works well! Got the chance to use the new version (2.1.3 released Sept 5) over the weekend... the good news for Samsung Galaxy users is that it seems to be working fine now! I use a Galaxy S2... and was able to start a session, view a current session and end a session without any crashes or issues :) Well done to the devs for listening to the users and getting this fixed up! Love some of the new features too, like saving a parking zone as a favourite...


Won't install on Galaxy S4 Claims it was "unable to install on usb or sd card". Usb? Wtf? Plenty of free space on sd card.

Ben Knill

cost me $115 fine rubbish. crashes when trying to change licence plate, and got me clamped. do not use.

Neil Willman

Terrible Caused an unjustified parking fine, you can be readily trapped in long term car parks by this app. Don't use it

A Google User

Very Handy Save time and no need of coins!

Stephen White

It works I've never had any real issues with this app and it is certainly convenient, but it really needs a persistent notification when a parking zone is active to show status without opening the app.

Marcus Powrie

30mins is only option in 2P area Good concept but poorly executed.

Michael Brosnahan

Great app. Easy way to park Could rate it higher if the app had less Australia specific configuration. Also geolocation of carry parks using GPS would be helpful.

Paul Schofield

How much Doesn't display anywhere how much the parking cost. Probably won't use it again.

Joelene Davies

Great app. Works well

Darren Moore

Never works Always times out or crashes. Dont bother.

A Google User

Buggy Crashes every time I use it. Overall it eventually works, but have had times where it crashes before I can end a session every time I go to do it. End up having to do it from the web instead of the app. Great idea, but not sure I can rely on this.

A Google User

T-T It just keep crushing.....have to stop parking from computer

A Google User

Buggy Since the update it has become much buggier. Continually states "Communication failure". It's a bit concerning as it makes you wonder whether the transaction processed successfully or not. The UI is much nicer though.

A Google User

New version is a vast improvement Very functional and useful app. No more crashes. Better looks and better usability. Use this everyday and i think its great. "Communication failures" happen frequently though. Customizable notifications and customizable automatic start and stop times for sessions would be great additions.

A Google User

Update far better Very helpful, means I don't have to carry coins or display a ticket and only charges for the time I use. Has become far more stable and looks better because of the latest update.

A Google User

Saves a lot of mucking around. As advertised, lets you pay for your parking without having to mess about with money, meters or tickets. Quite crashy though. Almost always crashes on initial launch. Needs a data wipe to improve, but not totally solve the issue.

A Google User

Reserve judgement Errors when trying to change password. It shoul remember parking zones. How about using GPS to list the local park zones?

A Google User

Great idea. Needs work This app such an easy way to pay for parking, but could do with some work - it looks like a proof of concept at best. It needs to remember previously used parking zones or better yet just use GPS to figure it out. A transaction history would also be good.

A Google User

Alice - Samsung Galaxy S3 Used to LOVE this app, since the update it won't let me login. VERY glad I no longer need this daily as I would be completely stuffed. Please fix and I will be happy to rate highly, it is a great app but whatever upgrade you did stuffed it up completely.

A Google User

very unreliable lots of crashes and errors. app crash at register page. crash at first load. better use coins for the officer check on spot.

A Google User

Crash much? Will ad stars for less crashes on start up. Pretty ugly app but functional and does what it says. Would be cool if it had a notification system after a predefined time.

A Google User

OK Irritating time outs in use. Needs to be fixed. Sloppy programming.

A Google User

Crashes a lot Does its job but crashes every time it is restarted from cache

A Google User

Like it. Great app. Please stop it crashing when it first loads.

A Google User

Awesome app!

Luke Boyd

Worst App You pay for parking but then still get a fine for not paying because the app doesnt talk back to the pay machine. Even when i rang the SDRO the person didnt even know there was an app for paying for parking. If you arr going to have an app make it work!!

Rinch Anderson

Great way to pay I can pay your parking from my desk, give me a call

Benny BSquare

Why SMS not notifcations? This is rubbish. The same app on Apple uses notifcations to say when the parking expires but here you charge for an sms?! It's disappointing when companies insist on ripping people off rather providing value for money on the parking costs.

Andrea Acton

Great app So convenient in canberra.although they did take away the 'extend' for 30 min parks which is a pain

Joseph Lee

Used this app and received a fine anyway... How do the parking inspectors know to check Parkmobile app to see if payment has been made? I disputed it, providing receipt for payment as evidence. I was let off the fine, but they insisted that their judgement was correct and the fine was issued correctly, and they were being lenient. That's utter BS, I don't see how the fine was justified if I paid using this app. FIX THE PROBLEM otherwise no one will ever use it.

Jay Cronan

Updates are utter crap Since the update this app just crashes. It used to be really good.

Andrew wong

Not working after uodate Not working after update please fix

Glenn Beaumaris

Update today is a disaster. App opens and immediately crashes. Please fix asap.

Genevieve Parkinson

Gen There has been 2 occassions now where I have been certain that the transaction has been completed and thought nothing more of it and have come out to parking fines on my car. When checking the app to see why is hadn't gone through, it had skipped back a few steps. Not something id recommend to friends

Joshua O

Before last big update was awesome, however latest update has introduced a number of issues. The UI is clunky and slow. Some of the screens are not very intuitive and are not very clear if you have actually started the parking meter or not. In addition to this on two seperate occasions I have had an account locked out for "Not paying". Money was taken from the associated account in both cases and despite what the app says there is no option to pay (As its already been paid). Customer support for the app is not helpful in resolving this issue and merely re-iterates what the app incorrectly states. Whilst far more annoying to carry cash and pay using coins, given the app's current state I recommend cash being the best option until the issues are resolved

Michael McCallum

Polls server nonstop. First app I have seen out of hundreds that had to poll in the foreground every 10 minutes. Very Disappointed. Uninstalled.

Markus Mannheim

So useful A long overdue service in Canberra. Only gripe: it'd be nice to be able to purchase parking for more precise periods of time, but I think that's set by government regulation (it's not the developer's fault).

David Smith

The app works for its purpose but the GUI could be set up a bit cleaner and more useable.

Heather Moore

Don't go there They take your money but can't log in to app and no way to contact them or get funds back. Beware!!!!

Scott Tyo

????? App tries to charge me $12 when the machine in the lot charges $3? Don't bother.

F Thongbai

Works well Easy to use and works well.

Susan Handisides

Used to be fantastic. Now doesn't work properly. I did what I usually do the other day but instead of getting the early bird rate it defaulted to being from 8.45am to 10am. I had thought it was 10pm. Arrived back to a ticket which I need to sort out. Had another go today and still only set till 10am. Couldn't find where to change it so cancelled parking and got ticket out of the machine.

Jill Ingram

I loved this app until the recent update. Now I can't even access it. I have changed my password and pin to no avail. I have emailed the company but not had a proper response. I can access the program via my computer but that is not very helpful when I want to actually park! Please fix these issues and answer your emails properly. An automated email promising a response in 24 hours is only good if you follow through. It has now been 10 days. My hubby is also having the same issues and for a longer period. He uses an iPhone and I am on Android. At least the problem is consistent across platforms! And I hope someone actually reads these reviews. Would have given 5 stars before the update but have to score low now. Not happy Jan!! :(

Tony Lin

Update is not user friendly and now charges sms charges greater than cost The developers (get a decent qualified Systems Analyst with experience in usability design) really need to learn what usability and accessibility is. Whoever convinced you that making it more complicated and more expensive to use needs to be sacked. In regards to cost, charging 25 cents per sms is a blatant money grab and way above standard, let alone volume sms cost, which is absolutely ridiculous and a blatant slap in the face to those who use the service (which will be a dwindling number after this).

Liz Gemes

Thieves! It randomly started parking me at a location I wasn't at and charged me full day parking. Week later still no reply from Parkmobile. No other way to contact them besides web enquiry. Given did not start app parking, charged full day parking that I was not at, and no reply to refund request, they are thieves.

Chris Day

Constant background updates Not sure if it's tracking movement, but if you don't force close it then you will get notification bar messages saying "updating parking regions" multiple times an hour.

Michael Monck

Rubbish after update Used to be simple. Now it's clunky and slow. It'd be quicker for me to go to a shop, ask for change, walk back to the meter, insert coins, print ticket and display it on my dashboard. Parkmobile - making the simple complex. It also keeps popping up in the status bar as though it is tracking you. Seems shady.

Cody Chu

Insufficient information The cost is not showing in the history. I cant tell how long i parked for if i use *park again* because there are so many of them in my history. It only let me select the hours i want to park once and thats it. Please update your app to allow me to select the hours i want to choose.

Brent Goldspring

Ugh ? This update was a step in the wrong direction. It's all wrong. Charging 25c for an SMS now? Parking history doesn't show date? Require entering my CCV? The whole point of the app is to not need my card handy and so I can quickly pay for parking while I'm walking to the office and not fumble with my wallet.

Eneasz & Emma

Bring back the old version It's convenient but a bit clunky. The old version was better.

Ben Hinton

Shonky So much shonkiness. Where to begin. Surely this update has a secret agenda to force people back to using coins -the app is terrible. Also, stop tracking my location every 10 minutes. Make sure you force stop this app when not using it.

Gilly Bean

Massive fail parkmobile or RingGo or whoever you are I used to recommend this app to everyone, but now I will warn everyone not to use it. They have ruined a great app, completely unusable. There will be a lot of angry local councils who have rolled out this technology.

Jilska Payoe

Doesn't work well Used to be easy to use and very quick,now it doesn't load properly, charges you extra for sms messages and I can't seem to access the early bird rate. Probably won't be using it in future!

Kevin Ho

Where is Honda? How did you miss Honda as a make of a car in the latest update?

Jim Parker

I was charged 45 cents for SMS. How do I cancel SMSs?

Phill Wansink

Used to get app notifications when parking was about to expire, now you have to pay for a text message..

David Cannon

Great app Works brilliantly

Ameel Beesony

Updated to rip people off Terrible update to rip people off! (1) forces you to pay minimum one hour instead of less. (2) charges me 25c more than street meter per hour. Wtf. Wow just got worse! (3) They're now charging for sms. Not using this app ever again.I'm going back to using coins. Well done ruining this app

Tal Avrahami

New update is terrible What a stupid update. It gets rid of your sign in credentials when you update and then removes the ability to sign in with email. I had to go onto the website to log in and create a pin to replace my existing password. Then I had to re-enter my car details but they don't have a complete list of car makes (no honda). So apparently I drive an Abarth now. Does anyone even know what that is? I'm sure it is more popular than a Honda. Lastly, the process to pay for parking just got me complicated. Poor effort.

Tracey Rice

Awful update No longer user friendly. Not easy to navigate on mobile. Concerned that card details were incorrect and charging slightly more than the daily rate. The history provides no dates or time. So I am looking at an active session. Cannot tell if it is on the right day. The confirmation email sent today is incorrect as it tells me a day session is for yesterday. I have no way to confirm on the App I have booked for today. Having a summary of time and date booked would be good.

Scott Makin

Thieves. Turn off SMS notifications. Terrible update. I mean really terrible. The worst thing is the default setting to send SMS updates for your parking sessions that cost you money. Absolutely disgraceful. Your app used to be good. Now it looks awful, has lost all my sign in information, I have to enter my security code every time I park and you started adding on sneaky charges through the back door.

Youn Y

New update is so poorly done You must put your cc security code all the time and the app will charge you for any reminder msg. So badly updated

Dion Vodanovich

Give me back the old version The last version was much better. UI looks outdated the old version was better. My accounts are no longer linked, go to park in the morning and rather than expiring in 12 hours like before they always want to expire at 10am. Got two emails saying park was expired and I was charged so hopefully they haven't charged me twice.

Justin Deutsch

Just Functional The now version has lost very useful features, such named cars rather than number plates and aliases for parking locations.

James Lewis

Terrible This app sucks now - UI is worse, takes more steps to pay than before. Gaudier colours and more expensive. Shining example of ruining a good app.

Jacqueline Spaile

Greedy Either the worst app or the parking companies the developers deal with are showing their true colours. Not all parking meters work with the code on their sticker and most often when I pay for 9 hours of parking it immediately says I have 8.5 hours remaining - great maths there guys. Also there is no difference with the cost of paying 5 hours or 9 hours. Basically it's just a money grabbing app and is in line with the scummy parking companies who overcharge for nothing but their own greed.

Simon Hallgath-Jolly

Doesn't work It won't accept my details or let me reset my password. Galaxy S7 edge.

Pierre Biagio

Parkmobile Easy to use. Beats waiting in the queue to get a pay and show ticket

Kevin McIsaac

Quick and simple Mostly great, but this morning I had to reset my PIN. The website took forever and ever.

Glenn Boreham

Easy and convenient Easy and convenient though would like to see an ' all day ticket' option for those places where its an option

Peter Bignell

Easy to use

Chris Rigter

Newer version removed features Favourites missing, can't see tariff when selecting how long to park.

Hassan Hijazi

Time gain! Great app, very useful. It crashes sometimes but restarts ok.

Emily Teding van Berkhout

Good, mostly Online you can choose not to pay for a reminder text. It would be good if you can do that on the app

Kiriel Papillon

Bad defaults have cost me $100 Australian number plates have exactly six numbers /letters. This app fails to enforce this and because I had accidentally only 5 of the 6 figures of my number plate in it, I got a parking fine even though I had paid for my parking. Poor design. It also won't let you change the details for your car for many hours after you finish a parking session so if you make an error you can't fix it.

Zachary Bermanseder

Works great I have had no problems using this app, it did crash once but that's not a big deal. I drive multiple vehicles and park in a variety of different parks. Will always choose ParkMobile over a regular ticket machine.

John Rappai

Handy Saves me time by not having to line up.

Mal S

Absolute Junk! App says the banks declined all THREE of my Credit Cards, but I could pay at the meter no issues with the first card I used. The app is garbage and a total waste of time.

Larry Herron

Rips you off You are better of paying at the paystation in the carpark the app charges more for less parking time.

Caroline Specker

Easy Easy to use

Alicia Martyn

Can't change rego via except direct email! Absolutely useless that you can't change your rego on your current session without directly emailing the company! The app errors, the website errors and the number your company says to text isn't even a valid number in Australia! But love how u put the disclaimer that it's not your fault if I get booked while I wait for a manual service to fix such a critical factor!

Rachel Appleby

Parkmobile Very handy once set up. Crashes occasionally

Chris Bailie

Longer than 1 day It would be nice to pay for longer than 1 day. Instead we have to go to the shop front or buy online from the govt.

Easy and convenient App is well set out. Repeat parking is 2-3 steps. Super quick. No issues after a few weeks of use.

Simon Woods

A great app Easy to use and manage the application for multi cars and payments.

Kelly W

Quick and easy Fast to set up an account, fast to load and pay, and reliable

Amanda Phillips

So much better than coins

Rebecca Monahan

It's easy to use

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