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8 Sep
Paranormal House Escape

Posted by Amphibius Developers in Action | Sept. 8, 2015 | 90 Comments

Apk file size: 45.0 MB

We need your help once again. This job is no simple task, the danger is real.
There have been reports of unusual activity coming from a home located deep in the country.
After being alerted to a mysterious disappearance and death in the area,
we decided to research this house..

Do you have what it takes to face the supernatural, the undead, and worse?

↗ Incredible graphics with detailed scenes and objects!
↗ Stunning new sound effects guaranteed to cause a scare!
↗ Hidden objects, locks & keys and more challenges await!
↗ Many items to collect, combine and solve puzzles with!
↗ Multiple puzzles to solve and challenges to complete.
↗ A dark adventure full of chills and thrills that will have you battle the supernatural and beyond.
↗ Easy and fun to play!
↗ it’s FREE!
↗ Ghosts!

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Amphibius Developers part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 8, 2015. Google play rating is 70.4611. Current verison is 1.02. Actual size 45.0 MB.

Download paranormal-house-escape.apk 45.0 MB


Vonetta Medlock

Disappointed I had to reset the game multiple times, because it was thrown off after my tablet went into hibernation, which prevented me from using the different game pieces to move forward in the game. Then, just screwing around out of boredom and frustration, I started entering random numbers to one of the safes AND ENDED UP OPENING IT by pure dumb luck and got the specific keys needed to escape the house and win the game. Just maddening, the whole experience.

Nick Takeda

Always enjoy your game, but can't help noticing the deterioration. More frequent freeze, bugs and so on... Hope you will come back to the original quality.

Moha Hebshi

Where are my safed tools..gone. you have been always my best game publisher .so what happened now

Taylor Soufiane

Sorry.. This sucks! This has the hallmark of a great game but.. It's crap! Too many glitches and constant ad pop ups make it totally unplayable.. Sorry guys, I know you are trying hard but... ?

Justin Phillips

Easy I would give 5 stars but ads are like every 2 seconds

Connor Hernandez

Help!!!!! Its a cool story line but the game needs to be fixed because it keeps getting stuck!!!!!!!!! Please fix quick I really like this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shirley Tyson

Paranormal house escape Keep having to reset it over and over again because the game keeps shutting down.

Stephanie Bonilla

Amazing Another amazing game, but needs to be fixed. Everytime i save where i left off and try resuming its missing all the things i already found.

beatrice mueller

I don't have the problem with your other games but this one freezes and crashes. Have to restart my tablet every time. Unplayable. Can you fix it please ?

arhianne felipe

i like the graphics and but i hate when i played and in a moment it'll always automatically closed pls fix it

Ashley Cheramy

Good Stuck... maybe a hint button?

Catherine Surio

What's the Ouija word


Good game and challenging

Peter Deighan

Brill as ususual exc game completely stuck though ?

Tasia Walker

Blah! Keeps freezing then exiting out

Amy Coonce

This games sucks

Evija Zubova

Unplayable. Crashes after a minute or so without saving any progress. A real shame, since I found your other games enjoyable.

felicia segovia

PLEASE FIX Huge fan, but the ad that pops up everytime you click resets the whole game.

Selena Vega

Stupid I don't eve b want to give it 1 star

Ali Laher

Too short, finished playing in 1 hour.

Joseph Rankins

Can't play There are so many pop up ads that it makes the game impossible to play

hoftwi hoftwi

Great game but too short.

P Wiggles

ph not bad


Non stop glitches Collect things then check ur inventory and nothing! Complete the puzzle and would not progress! Uninstalling!

Ashley Weber

Ok i like it But it keeps crashing then i lose everything i had and i can't find what i already had there not in its places wtf FIX IT THEN ILL RATE 5 ?

Erin vinen

The ads are driving me nuts if you accidentally press one and go back to the game all the stuff you collected is gone and you have to reset the game very disappointed need an ad free option!

Krystal Bock

Help Started good but can't finish it and I really want to but I have passed the second game if anyone ever finished it I would like to know :/

shruti bosamia

The game is bakwaas Mental how many advertisment you give nonsense how many time I restart it again and again the ad is coming my gosh ! First delete all advertising then more popularity you will have everyone will give you 5 stars and very nice comments pls do this work as fast you can ok

xolelwa majola

Awesome Love this game absolutely challenges your brain skills

Richard Chandler

Pop Up Ad Game... Ad then pop up another ad. Cant even enjoy the game. Looks good then few minutes later Im ready to uninstall. Its a shame cuz good graphics but Ads make u say WTF!

Robert Vega

It had potential but the game stopped and when I restarted I lost all my items and had to start from the beginning to redo everything. Uninstalled before giving it a second chance. Booooo.

Jenna Doran

Stuck I can't get any further and there's no tips or anything.. iv been trying for days now so think maybe there's a glitch.

Danielle Oconnor

Horrible. There's way to many ads which interfere with the game. And when you go to exit the ad you end up going to the site only to come back and have to start all over again because you lost all your clues and objects.

Jeese Acosta

Waste of time Seemed good at first but no story lines small glitches annoying pop up adv every minute

sweet sunny

i made the puzzle i want to correct that but it doesnt resets.u have to start the whole thing again.n i dont have useless time to waste on this i m unistalling

Sarah hale

Hate it for now How do you play it I don't understand. I thought it be a good game to play but the ads are in my way I can't click on anything.

Gleb Freeman

Puzzle doesn't work There's a puzzle on the table in the second floor. The moment i touch any of the piece it falls off the board and i have to reset the whole game. Please fix that bug it's impossible to beat the game because of it. And about the popups to all of you lamers: turn off your Wi-Fi - yes it's that simple

joe baker

This was ok.. Some of the items are really hard to tell what they are and the combine option isn't exactly obvious. Still, good graphics and fun game.

Nina Madison

I'm not sure if this game is for kids Will I get scared if I play this game at night time?

Alison Fleury

Would like game more if it didn't crash and lose all my stuff!

Rochelle Campbell

Confusing No idea how to play game...theres no info on what to do. .HELP PLEEZ

Angela Ransom


Steve Mcclarence

Nearly finished then bugs 2 sinkplugs and 2 ,s , stop the adds could not get the safe to open in piano room

emerson tzul

Dont know the code Please if anyone know the code for openig the boxe give to me

yolanda berry

It is virtually impossible to finish this game with all the pop ups!!!!!!!!! Really frustrating, since it seems like a really fun game!!!

Roxy Rincon

Ad These ads r driving me crazy? so u need to fix it plz I would greatly appreciate it?

Madison Erickson

It looks OK and kinda creepy though It's ok

Angi Barr

Hmmmm Challenging..didn't get any ads. As I always take off the wifi before I start.

Pinky Doo

Stupid pop up ads keep taking me off the game.

Will Arroyo

Stupid game Pop ups every minute and if you accidentally click on them u lose everything u found so far

Rihab Gapr

So stupid lags Really what can i call this it' very stupid glitch it saves what u sloved but not what you got

tammie Goodley

No stars This games need to go back to the drawing board.

Vibhuti Gakhar

Very good This game is interesting that I feel all the things are going on with me only

Hannah Holmquist

Super hard and long winded might reinstall when I'm feeling smarter

Mamosa Cecilia

Please help me,how is this game played?I can't find the menu of the game?

Marie Lee

This game had a wiji board on here to thanks unstalling.

rajeev maharjan

Game stop all times fix it guys

Angeline Showers

Will not work

Rickieda Howard

Bad To many pop ups and glitches

Janesse Loch Ness

Really fun, nice graphics

Manju Vashist

I Hate it Some things doesn't work

Cemeish Woods

? I've had to restart this game a few times but only because it kept force closing, this would be a good game if I can still see the items I collected smh. I can't enjoy a game that continues to stop.

Kate T

Crashes, steals inventory. Actually seems like a decent game but crashes. It steals your stuff but remembers you have collected it, so you can't go back and start again.

Brandy Ballash

Effing frustrated Anytime you either leave the game or switch to a different app for more than a couple mins all of your items disappear and you have to start from the beginning.

Hannah Noel

.-. Glitching.. Crashing.. Loss of data.. I cant do anything. I can take care of the ads by discarding wifi but besides that I cant do anything .-.


Stupid This game sucked. To many adds. Game booted off. Came back at same spot in game but all my inventory was gone.

Dani Criswell

Blaeh I don't get the point. Nothing happened. What was the point of that game. I was looking for a Supernatural game and found that!!??

Sasikumar EdappuHa

Don't read the fake reviews if you need it just download it

Hansen Valendy

So many Adv Please can you fix to remove all adv

Danny L

Too many ads and no clues where to look or what for.

Ikaa Bahari

All good but.. Why it always crushing and stopped itself ? I lost all my inventory , and then when i open it back , the things are not in place anymore ?? I wanna keep playing but it crash all over repeatedly . so i need to restart the game . why ? Please i just wanna play the game . why is it so cruel to me . im innocent . please help fix this , i play another game from this same developer and it is good . why when it come to this game , it crash like this . please help

Dorian Anreiter

Works perfectly and is fun Great game, and it was free. It looks really good and the puzzles are challenging without being illogical. I had no issues running it on Galaxy s6edge plus with 5.1.1. I shall be looking at other games by the development.

Lou Donkin

Was enjoyin but i accidentally pressed exit game, i went 2 cont, thinkin all wud b lost n was back to where i was!?..real plzd..til i saw everything id collected in my inventory was gone..i went bck to re collect items n they werent there so i had 2 quit..Unfortunately iv uninstalled bcos of this as i dint wanna restart game in case this happened again further on, il keep a lookout 2 see if problems hav been fixed tho as i saw a couple of others had similar probs,id b happy 2giv 5* if this is sorted.?

A Google User

Good It's really nice guys.....


The screen crashes out and erases my inventory when I continue where I last left off. The problem is the arrows of the next room overloading and force quitting erasing everything as if you started a new game, but with the items missing. Spam from the zombie game in the beginning overloads the system which force clicks out which erases all your inventory when you click back into continuing the game. Please fix this bug because I love the music and the puzzles and the game has potential to be a 5 star rating game or at least I will. You worked really hard on this game, and I am greatful.

Chrisina Vancleave

Way too many ad pop ups I would enjoy this game so much more if I didn't get a stupid ad pop up every 30 seconds. I except them for "free" games but seriously can't t explore a room with at least two pop-ups. No kind of direction or clues no hints no nothing. I give up after a couple hours and a hundred stupid ads that keep causing game interruption.

Rebecca Franklin

P.h.e This game needs some work....badly. whenever I hit an add by mistake I go back to the game and everything I found is gone from my inventory. I searched the house for them and they are no where to be found. It's hard to click on things to pick them up. Amphibious devolopers are usually really great games, hut this one definitely needs some work. Please, cause I wanna play again, but when the game is fixed. Thx

Donald Eldridge Sr

Rigth from the start you cant use game options because their hide by game adds.popups every thirty seconds. Thats just the tip of the problems.

Rosanna Christopher

What is this? The ads are in the worst place ever. Your trying to search the room and then all the sudden an ad pops up while you're tapping the screen. You get taken out of the game and when you get back in all your clues are gone and you can't get them back. Uninstall!

Timothy Serivitelli

Stinks bad app Every time you pause or leave you loose all your inventory wtf!!? If i could give it zero i would

Ashley Weber

Ok i like it But it keeps crashing then i lose everything i had and i can't find what i already had there not in its places wtf FIX IT THEN ILL RATE 5 ?

Mamta Dayal

I hate it I want to give it 0 star but the feature was not their~~

Roxy Rincon

Ad These ads r driving me crazy? so u need to fix it plz I would greatly appreciate it?

Karen Davison

Just dwn loaded Everything in my invertory keeps dissappear ing when i leave the game and i have to restart the game over each time i think i will love this game . I will cange the rating when bug is fixed.

Kamar Dandan

SUCKS! Every time i get out of that game,my inventory things disappear,and the ads are annoying,fix it and I'll RATE 5!!

Dani Voyse

Not even worth one star, absolutely rubbish. Worse game I have ever played.

Jennifer Martinez

It sucks when you accidentally press on an add it erases everything you gathered.... so you have to start the game all overs again in order to get them back... then the cycle starts over.

Darkdaxter VersionZ

3 There was one part i couldn't get. After that, the puzzles were actually decent. Still kind of boring. Warning, your inventory is glitched. You need to complete this in one go.

Olivia Leung

Might be a great game but needs work. Interesting, creepy music, good graphics, puzzles are easy. Does not save. You will lose your inventory and it becomes unsolvable unless you reset game.

Mariana S. M.

Not a game; rather a walking ad.. It has so many ads, that game is unplayable. Too bad, because it's great game once you play it, but the ads get the worst of it.

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