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25 Jan

Posted by 4inch in Adventure | Jan. 25, 2015 | 82 Comments

Apk file size: 113.0 MB

Paramon is a multiplayer CCG game about monster combat and training.
In this game, the player is put in the shoes of a newbie trainer on a journey to be the greatest monsters trainer of all.
Now, create your ultimate team with amazing monsters and step on the dangerous but exciting journey!


★★★More than two hundred of monsters waiting to be captured!!!
★★★Automated combat scenes with beautiful music and visual effects!!!
★★★Dazzling skills and combos!!!
★★★Daily Boss fights to win things like senior pet hatchers!!!
★★★Fusion Mechanism to level up your combat pets faster!!!
★★★Fun and challenging stages with unique designs!!!
★★★Daily events and contests to earn awesome rewards!!!

Whats new

    -------LATEST EVENTS-------
    ★★★Daily Recharge Event★★★
    Recharge to get abundant rewards including Nutrition Egg and Gemini or Xacraken egg every day!
    ★★★Newly added monster eggs★★★
    S Capricorn(Constellation) and S Shinobi
    ★★★Dragon Tear Event★★★
    You will be able to exchange Dragon Tears for monster eggs after the maintenance is done!
    ★Weekend Bonus★
    Your pets get 50% extra EXP when conquering stages on weekends.
    ★AP Charms★
    During this event, your AP increase one point per minute.
    ★Double EXP★

4inch part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 25, 2015. Google play rating is 72.1572. Current verison is 1.0.27. Actual size 113.0 MB.

Download paramon.apk 113.0 MB


Stacy Floyd

Looove it! When i first started playing it was great, but then peeps deserted my fav server and didn't come prime gash is a ripoff you crap eggs and makes you waste money on more or buying skills

Trista Anderson

Buyer beware - security risk! This is a fun game, HOWEVER, I gave it a low rating b/c I got hacked and my credit card # was stolen and used...a lot! It ended up costing me nearly $500 which I never got back. I contacted 4inch with this issue but they were absolutely no help. It's sad a good game can be ruined by such LOUSY costumer service. They weren't concerned at all and did nothing to help. Please, BEWARE! You may enjoy the game but it's not worth losing your hard earned $. Do not download this game, it's just not worth it!

Miguel Lavanderos

I got the 0mb update issue and had lost on my crystal foundation but I learned u don't just erase the fangun u have to go in your internal memory to delete the I guess auto update appss too or it will reload same prob. I did get a response so my stars will go up for now

Joseph Obsioma

Stupid Game (NOW) I have played this game since the beginning, and I have to admit that I was addicted to it like most people would at first. But now many people have left due to the fact that the admins and creators of this game have become very money hungry. Not only that, but you guys keep adding new pets that can only be obtained by paying 300$ at least, if you want it to be perfect. I'm sorry to be telling you the harsh truth but unfortunately you have not listened to our pleads to make the game better. 1 year left...

Uncivil Revolt

Fix for love You guys need to fix the 0Mb problem, I played the game a few months ago and loved it. Now I redownloaded it, and all I get is the 0Mb problem, wether I'm on WiFi. Fix this and I'll love you forever!

Kalo Reeder

Very lame Creators are ignorant and act as if they don't have paying players with issues. Never fixed anything on the game. Retards.

Michael Moen

Doesnt work This is rubish it doesnt work at all have tried all the fixes and still nothing and have lost a couple of game accounts due to reseting my phone its a complete waist of time

Danasia Brown

Can't play Anymore I love this game I've playing for a year now I can't even get to the login screen ever since the last update.Can u like fix that ?

Mike Mitchell

Cant get on the game that 0mb file wont let me get pass the opening screen. I see im not the only person with this problem. Can you fix this please?

sean Qwincey

I love this game It's amazing but ever since I downloaded it again. It keeps crashing

Eli Harding

Mad I deleted the game and redownloaded it. Telling me to download a pack and then tells me it fails. Kicks me out. Fix it then ill give it more stars

justin Large

Doesn't even work I loved this game it was really well done but now it can't even open due to a 0mb download if it can get fixed I'll rate higher but until then fix the app

Nicolas Alvarez

I love this game I played this game a while back and I just recently re downloaded it and it won't let me play cause of the 0mb file.please fix this so I can play again

jm arroyo

Paramon 0MB update wont let me pass it Why i cant update it recently it 0MB i trying update but failed all time i played paramon all day along now not working updating??? Please help me fix it i will give five stars for fix this..


Played this for more than a year Edit: reinstalled twice and it won't work../ I hate how i have to uninstall it and re-install it, just to be able to play again after it wouldn't update, it kept showing 0mb. I'm gonna be upset if it makes me start over after how far i got..

Ray Flay

Thursdays updates This is really a great game hands down the most fun i have had with my phone and tablet... Here is the problem. Why does it have to update in wifi only? You lose players every thursday. I travel for work so i have to wait till i get home on sat. to update.

Francisco Lavanderos

Won't load even after suppose fix that's stupid I'd like the option to not update or to chose when and if I want to update in order to play

Josh bramlett

Fix the 0mb plz I used to be able to play just fine. Now i cant even log in because the 0mb issues.

Jon Orourke

Log in The game will not work on my galaxy note 4 it has this o mb download that force closes the game

ye xiong

fix the 0mb screen....always get the same egg when gashaphon prime no.1 egg..dont get any new pet...

John Shirley

Every time I try to play it says there is a problem then shuts the app.

Lee Negus

Great game bit has issues Paramon is a great game but unfortunately it crashes a lot. Still worth playing if you have patience.

Timothy Swann

Complete crap The game itself is fun. But unless you pay alot of money, you won't get far. Customer service is completely useless and the developers do not care whatsoever about the players. Their only concern is how much money they can get out of your pocket. The events are crappy and the developers don't take anything the players say into consideration. I guess money is more important than your fan base.

Daniel Dragoste

Update I absolutely love this game. Nor am I able to even get to the login screen. Please help. Also the warlord of maricon never allows me to do anything.

David Betz

0 mb update? Won't download non existent update, game forces closed,... come on people, take it off if it ain't working

Dennis Deevvries

When will they make this game playible I start game says it needs an update 0 mb i cli k ok then says update failed exit game

Dominic Inman

Please fix Please fick update isnt downloading love the game would love to continue to play plze update an fix asap

Matthew Semmler

Can't tell about it. Won't open So far this game is crap won't orb fix the update. Downloaded the game then it states that there is a update of less then 0mgb fails to download and then exits the game

Brackcer master

Update When i downloaded it it doesn't work please fix.and.i will reconsider

Amanda Grays

can't login on any devices been playing since last year. unable to login on any devices for over a month now.

Nuri Olverson

Cant get on it Whenever It says update it just makes me close it

Moua Vang

Paramon Unable to play right after paid it. Say 0 mb update and i asked and tried and none helped so here I'm telling everyone. I had lots of plus paramons and lots of crystals in the game over 20k.

Aater umer

Update After every update gets stucks on loading reinstall it 0mb fix that gets stuck on server selection no server.

Christopher Eatmon

Wtf I cant even open the app without it asking me to download a stupid 0mb update. When I click download it always fails and makes me exit. Deleted the worthless garbage...

Shane Lawrie

Never works!!!!!!!! Great game when it works, but hasnt now for weeks....

Ilie Rares

It won't even open First,what means OMB?When I open it appears ,,the update pack is OMB .do you wish to install it?"When I click yes,it won't download and open

Travis Smith

Won't Update! Let me start by saying I love this game. It has been about 2-3 weeks now after one of the maintenance, when I open app it says it needs an update of 0mb. And then kicks me out of game. I have un-installed and re-installed several times. Moved it from phone to SD card and back, nothing works. I have spent a lot of money on in game purchases, and now I can't even play the game....PLEASE FIX! Samsung galaxy s4

Mine Creed

Pay to Win This game is your classic pay to win game and from what I've seen they don't care about customer service or security for those who did pay on this pile of junk

Austin Bowen

This sucks If u purchase 1 thing it won't stop automatically doing it I'm 14 and this game skewed me over and I want all my money back and I will give 5 stars 1000 times!!!

Эмир Саидов

Круто Admins this is kool game thank you

Михаил Перлин

Super Very good game! But, add Russian language, please! :)

Вячеслав Беседин

Great timekiller game! Pretty nice game! Some hard from start without any donate, but anyway thanks 4inch for great game. Hope too see many new pets in future updates.

David Gonzales

Booo! Land on a cry pack sent proof and got told I'm not a VIP when I'm VIP3 Idk why they can't give me my item

Ethan Burke

This game doesn't work It said there was an update of 0mb so o cannot do anything I click okay download fails if I press exit it closes the game

Miguel Lavanderos

Paramon Even though the game sometimes messes up the support from 4inch is very helpful I get in touch through FB and they seem very eager to help

saints row beast

Won't update I use to play this game for hours but I just got my new phone and now it just won't update I tried everything I'll give 5 stars again if this can be fixed because I love this game

Natasha Kyte-Gold

Server list Updating my review from October of 2014. Its May 2015, I just downloaded again after months away. I am getting the 0 MB update. How am I supposed to play now? Help would be appreciated.

Sound Pizza

0MB,MONEY HUNGARY PEOPLE. Every time I start the game, it shows that the update is 0MB and after I so called "download the update, it exits and It keeps showing the same thing. And everyone who made this game are becoming money hungry And force us to pay a lot of money! Fix all out these problems and I will reconsider playing this game.

Michael Wilson

Paramon I can't even update the game when it asks me to update it. Please fix it if you want a 5 star rating.

Kristin Howard

Issues Downloading I've been trying to redownload this game 3 times and every time I go to play it it says Update failed and I have to exit. So much for trying to play it again.

Gamaliel Segovia

Problem I downloaded the game and it says there is a 0mb pack to download whenever i accept it says it failed plz fix

Brit L

0mb update If you fix this, I'll re rate the app, but please tell me how to fix the update problem!!!

Gajeel Dragneel


Jordan Thompson

Good game when the servers are actually up and you are not crashing every fight. I would recommend it to a friend if they would stand behind their word instead of just saying they will tranfer your issue to correct department and never get back to you.

Jamaul Miller

Update Pack It asks if I want to download the 0mb update pack. I press okay and it FAILED instantly over and over again

Michael Wilson

Update pack I can't even update the game when it asks me to update it. It asks me to update the 0mb pack and it constantly says that the update has failed. Please fix it if you want a 5 star rating. PLEASE REPLY NOW.

kenji hanwinata

Update pack I've been play that game and i love that game.but,you've made me hate that game because of the update pack.i've installed the update pack but something pop out on my screen and it said i've not install the update pack... i hope you fix the problem quickly

BENdrowned TheGlitch

Can't Play Now.. I loved this game a lot when I could play... it was a while ago when there was a main but it tried to patch yet it said there was 0MB... I left it like that and recently tried to Uninstall then reinstall the game but it has the same issue... I'm just mad because it was so addictive I even spent money but now I can't even patch and play?... I thought the game had died and was taken off but it's still here and there seems to of been newer reviews and updates so I'm pretty angry...

joel griego

Wtf is wrong with you Guess you won't answer me 4 inch I have exactly 62 friends that play this games and I'm gonna have them uninstall it and rate you a 1 star until you fix this 0 GB pack error

Staffon Peralta

Still loving it addiction at its finest for a pocket monster app I still love this game playing since day one. After new update I got my daily 3 stars and 300 crystals but it's not showing up in my inventory

Yoite Kiddo

New update bug.. & dont even bother to download this game It says 0MB update and then crash really. .? Hey plz fix this bug and let the fans of your game play again. ? I given up on this game ..

Brandon Hubbard

Update package Keeps having an update pack with 0 MB and wont let me download. Have uninstalled over and over again and it keeps doing the same thing.

Andres Sanfelici

I miss this game........ I loved this game. I put money into this game and i loved playing it to the fullest but i took a break after playing any game too much. But now the second pop up update wont download and kicks me out. I really want to play this game again.

Emily M

When I had first downloaded this game on my previous phone, I had loved it. I played it every day until one day, it erased everything and POOF! I was back at square one with no rhyme or reason. So, I figured with my new phone, I'd give it another shot. It is, however, sadly disappointing. I can not even open the app. I realize that there may be an error right now with an update, but it is rather annoying and super frustrating that I can't give the game another chance.

Mikey Knutson

Awesome with side effects This game is great I love it anyways haha. Great people on wasteland server that's where I'm at the name is Frostyy, but after that server maintenance it constantly crashes and is so utterly annoying. If you guys can fix it I'll bump it up to 5 stars because I really enjoy playing the game. EDIT: what happened to this game I can't even update to play it fix it and I'll put the review back up

Gary M

This game has gone to crap. It used to be amazing but after abusive people in chat, all the bugs that they refuse to fix, the missing crystal from purchases they refused to reimburse, the lack of and/or slow response from the developers, and the developers completely ignoring what the gamers want it has become worthless and tiresome to play. Aside from that they guarantee you have to spend roughly $300 a week just to get the new pet in perfect condition simply so you can continue to be fighting for top 20. Don't download it. 0/0 stars

saints row beast

Won't update I use to play this game for hours but I just got my new phone and now it just won't update I tried everything I'll give 5 stars again if this can be fixed because I love this game

Anthony Walker

Won't update Love this game but won't update and can no longer play, would really like this fixed so I can continue playing

pat D

What is going on? I had a nexus 4 and game worked now, then I upgraded to nexus 5 and now the game tells me update pack is 0mb and that download failed!!! Grr... What do I do?

Gary Simpson

Latest update fails. Tried your workaround to the 0mb update, and now, it says there's a 138mb update. It downloads, but the installation fails. Has been almost 2 weeks now.

daniel corvey

0mb fix Anyone having 0 mb issues go to system files folder and search for fangcun.... Delete all folders with that name . Game started right up for me after that. Hope it helps... Ps I did not discover this I found a video on YouTube. But it did work for me.

Scott George

Can't install Had it on my old phone and loved it, now it wont open on my android phone saying it needs an update of 0mb and closes as soon as I say ok to download

Heinz Alit

Error It said the update pack is OMB and whenever I press ok it says update download failed. I'll put more stars when I get in-game.

Choas Moo

Is it Fixed Yet? Is the Game Fixed Yet it's Been a Year Now, it was a Cool Game I and I'm pretty sure a lot of others are curious to know will u ever fix it

Shadugon- The Blocky Shadow Warrior

No!!!! How can you do this!! I'm sorry I loved this game trully but you made a terrible mistake!!!! At first this game was like advanced pokemon but because of that one update!!! That on update!!!! Why would you make the 0mb patch!!! This game was great but now I can't even play it because of you!! Every time I install this game and get on it says update failed!!! My internet is fine ok!!! FIX THIS OR YOU WILL NOT HERE FROM ME AGAIN!!!!

Jack Mccaul

It keeps crashing and won't let me play. 4inch can you please fix the 0 mb glitch It wont let me play the game

james blanchard

Doesn't update It downloads then says has to update after I open but when I click OK it instantly says download failed and closes.

Absol Plays Games

WHATS GOING ON?!?!?! I can't install the update pack, I made room and everything, it keeps failing and each time I can it crashes

Aljhon Bobe

Info Hey guys how about you go to the 4inch site if you want to answer your questions ^^V i love this game and i have no problem when i playing this game and it's easy to fix 0mb update and i got migrate they help me ^^V ... The more information you have the more it's easy to help you ASAP ^^V i keep playing this game i have no problem about thoose people ^^V

Ben Baty

Crap Havent been able to play for ages just crashes on start up wasted my money. never again

Pika player

WTF It keeps asking me to install an update pack that's 0mb and when I click okay it says download fails and the app forces me to shut it down. Please fix

Maverick Tobin

Update wont work Well this game is awesome but since the update it says download failed even when i have space i have samsung glalaxy tab 3 so please fix it this game is awesome

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