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25 Dec
Paperless-Draw, sketch, tablet

Posted by Early Melon in Media & Video | Dec. 25, 2013 | 45 Comments

Apk file size: 26.0 MB

"Painting has never been so easy, the ink engine is fantastic, lines are looking smooth, the feeling is amazing"

This is a Drawing application that let you sketch and paint with water colors, feather, pencil, brushes...
The engine is Really Fast ! There is No delay between the touch and the following line.

The engine is customizable, you have all the control over the drawing line, which means : Size, Opacity, Smoothing and Thickness Factor.

A selection of 6 drawing tools let you do just what you want.

Drawing, painting, coloring, sketching, writing, all these are possible with Paperless.
You can save your works and classify them in books and pages with a super simple drag/drop & add/remove navigation.

New layers feature is now set. 3 layers are available and ready to use. Toggle visibility and adjust Layer Opacity. It's preserve the transparency on each layer.

You can zoom in & out and drag with two fingers to navigate inside your drawing.

With the brush tools you can paint by using simple brush, blurry brush or even watercolor.

You can adjust the size, the opacity, the thickness according to the speed and even the smoothness of the curve.

The ink pen allow you to hand write, take notes, with a smooth ink design.
Fill an area with the selected color in one touch with the paint bucket.

The undo and redo let you go back and forth in the history of your action. You can go back up to 15 steps in the history.

Choose your color according to the hue/saturation/brightness, a history of the last 6 colors can be picked and a nice selection of brightness variances is available.

The color picker let you pick any color on the screen.

You can save your drawing into the gallery as a photo.

You can also import picture from your photo gallery such as your photo or a drawing that you saved earlier.

You can share your works on Facebook.

A selection of backgrounds/textures is available.

WARNING : You should not work with USB storage connected, because it blocks the save from the application, this may result in a loss of your drawing !


- Full canvas, use all the screen space (designed for tablets use)
- 6 drawing tools
- Feather ink
- Painting brush : basic, blur, dirt...
- WaterColor Brush
- Pencil Brush
- Special ink pen for writing
- Eraser tool
- Paint bucket tool
- Color picker tool
- Preview for all tools
- Two finger zoom & drag
- Dynamic thickness
- Dynamic smoothing
- Control the thickness according to the speed
- Control the smoothness of your line's curve
- Control the size of the brush
- Control the opacity
- Choose any color with hue/saturation/brightness
- History of 5 last colors
- Selection of 6 color variances
- 15 undo redo
- 12 backgrounds
- Share on Facebook
- Save to your gallery
- Save as PNG with transparency in storage
- Import any picture from your gallery

Whats new

    - Fixed bug with zoom and unwanted strokes
    - Changed the current first layer to the top one

Early Melon part of our Media & Video and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 25, 2013. Google play rating is 75.7031. Current verison is 1.1.7. Actual size 26.0 MB.

Download paperless-draw-sketch-tablet.apk 26.0 MB


michael alexander

WTHEY? I'll do the 'cons' first so you don't waste your money: Book naming doesn't work - can't save your writing or drawings - author tries to discourage people from writing bad reviews - can't choose all tools present - can't choose all patterns displayed - no pro version available. PRO'S: really cool idea - partially developed idea - allows you to practice (but not save your work). SUGGESTIONS: buy Sketchbook Mobile instead or a free drawings/paint app - don't waste your time or money on this app. 5 stars if...

Josh Gooderham

Not bad Closest thing to iOS's Paper. Would like to see better resolution on strokes. They're very segmented. And I guess you're coming from iOS but here in android land the back button is kind of a big deal. It should back you out a step in the UI, but your app just exits when you press back. At the very least catch this and throw up a dialog. I'm constantly exciting your app for no reason.

Wenceslao Villanueva Jr.

It's Like Paper 53 I have been looking for an app that functions like a moleskin notebook and this is the best I've found. I would give 5 stars if orientation worked, my case holds my tablet "upside down" while laying flat. There really isn't an excuse for that. Also, the Android "back" button exits the app instead of going back out to the current notebook or to the home screen. It really should conform to what the button does most all of Android and apps. Edit: After using the app for a bit, I am annoyed that the two finger scroll gesture actually "paints" a dot where the first finger touched. If you try to "undo" this, it undoes the dot and the other last action you did. Also naming books is very inelegant. I seriously would pay much more for this app if these issues were addressed since I haven't found anything like it on the Play store.

Heana Shakil

Pretty sh*t Thought this was going to be a good app but its actually pretty sh*t and boring I would rather draw with a ink pen and paper instead of using this stupid app. Got bored of the tools too quickly and it wasnt worth the money.

Michelle Redacted

Great but needs work This is a close fit to Paper53, but needs to sort out some things if it intends to make it on this market. Naming journals doesn't work, the final saved picture resolution is low and has artifacts, and it limits you to three layers that can't be rearranged. Jeremie, please listen to your customer base, this is a good app but it can be better. Don't leave this great idea undeveloped.

Michael Plaja

Great, but not flawless. Color palette and tools are only mm from home, back and multitask button, accidently hitting those closes the app and deletes any unsaved progress. When in the options menu you can't see the top or bottom of the image making it cumbersome to use the undo tool for those areas. Color matching tool doesnt work for all brushes and stroke forms. I use a Nexus 10 Tablet.

Wonder Sar

Needs work, Enormous Potential I've done some lovely work on this app, a simple yet effective set of tools, however it has one very frustrating flaw, there's no auto save & hitting the back button on my Galaxy Note by accident exits the program, all work since my last save is lost. It feels silly to be using my device upside down to prevent accidents & frequent manual saving is distracting to my work flow. Also, can you fix the bug where the Book Name reverts back to default? I've got a half dozen books all called Book Name!

Maja Obucina

I'd happily pay for a better premium version I love the uncluttered look&feel but the UX is very clunky and unstable

A Google User

Like The Progression, But Needs Custom Canvases. I was very excited to see that I could finally use this very nice painting application on my smartphone, an HTC Rezound running ICS 4.0.3. It had previously just been for Android tablets. But I'm happy to say that it works very well on my phone. I give it 4 stars because I believe that the app still desperately needs the option of allowing the user to set the canvas size and resolution. The low resolution causes artifacts. Most serious painting apps allow HD canvas sizes, i.e. 2048x1536 and above.

dan slavin

Nice so far... ...but app quits when I press the menu button. I was trying to see if there was a way to set the app for "stylus only" for us galaxy note users...

Ys Vry

Great drawing app Great drawing app other reviewers made me think this app wouldnt work, but i tried it on 2 diffrent tablets and all works fine , naming books, saving pics, and even the speed of the tools is fine, it even has draw thickness related to drawingspeed, a must have to be able to put some feeling into your drawings, i missed in many other drawing apps. Well done to the dev. Update namingbbooks doesn't work after restart my new book was given the default name too. Probably easy to fix just check were the name str

Joel Romp

This is a good app, just good I downloaded this app expecting it to be like Paper, or Sketchbook Pro but it is not. I love the UI, the tools are layed out great. The only things I would change is the ability to have more than 3 layers, and the ability to change the resolution for the picture. This is supposed to be a drawing app why am I limited to my tablets screen resolution? Also for some reason the strokes on the screen are not as smooth as I hoped, there are times where it skips, I have a Tegra 3 processor it shouldn't be lagging like this. Plus the UI doesn't rotate with the screen, it keeps me locked in landscape mode. My final issue is the sensitivity, even tho my stylus seems to lag on the app, it always picks up my fingertips when I zoom in and out and I constantly get dots everywhere drives me nuts so that is why it is getting a 3, I can create some great art on it, but its very limited compared to any other app for the price range.

Sherri Dalton

Love this app It's hard to find a good drawing app for Android. It seems like Apple has us beat. However, with well designed drawing applications like Paperless, Android is starting to show promise. I have the Note 10.1 and it needs to have good apps like this to be a success. I have a suggestion for layers that maybe make the order movable.

Terry Chipperfield

I Very nice app A very well put together app with great customer support to match. Two requests... It would be great if you were able to move pages and insert blank page at given points not just at the end, this would make it five stars. Exporting an entire book would be great, preferably to pdf and other choices but even export whole book to library would be better than nothing.

Naddy Renji

Room for further improvement I enjoy this app, fits its purpose. I'd give it a higher rating if dev could fix issues, e.g. zooming in and out leaves little black dots on the drawing; importing images from gallery crops the photos in half (maybe allow portrait orientation or insert a rotate/resize image button?); and accidentally pressing the 'back' button on my phone exits the app - bad move if I forgot to save (perhaps a prompt would be useful: "Are you sure you wanna quit?"). Good luck!

Saachi Singh

Pretty terrible It's very simple: if you pay for an app on Android, it needs to be head and shoulders above all the free apps available out there. Paperless is frustrating to use- the quality and variety of tools just isn't there. For a good sketching and painting experience try Autodesk Sketchbook Express for tablets and the free version of Artflow or even Infinite Painter. They're all free and all better than this app.

stefen Heiff

Nice toolset This is a nice raster drawing program. I would have like to have a user-defined paper sized instead of relying on the phone's native resolution. It limits the drawing size and quality by a lot. Importing image also works great.

Dan Grimm

Amazing! Fluid, responsive ink. Would love to see better support for layers (move them up or down and clear them).

Meghan Herr

Nice but... Any time I open a pic in a book l made, it now deletes it automatically. I don't know why or how, but I do know that it is very irritating.

Marius James

Would love S-pen pressure support That's my main issue with this app and why I rarely use it. Otherwise I love the way the ink/learner pen brush strokes so cleanly. Spen gets this app a 4 or 5 from me.

Yadi Royster

Great possibilies but too many bugs. Save files but gone when I try retrieve. Also have access to only 2 brush style, features are locked. Book titles default back. You are on the right track, but better testing that features work would serve well. Fix, I would use an recommend.

Micah Ganske

Good start This is a good start but there needs to be pen-only support for active Styluses and more pressure sensitivity for the pencil tool. I can't zoom without making unwanted marks. The ability to have pressure affect opacity as well as size would help a lot and being able to to flip through pages would be awesome.

Genevieve Maher

Ok This app would be a lot better if it had a typing option

Arturo Arredondo

ZOOM SUCKS!!! Work on differentiating a zoom and a stroke/color fill! It's so annoying! Don't spend the money until they fix it. Waste of time

David .H

Good, but basic!... Good, but basic. Needs more features like layer manipulation & more than just 3! layers. This app was last updated in 2013, so you can see how outdated this app is now...

donald lawrence

No blending If there was a way to blend, this app would be perfect. But with no blender, this app doesnt stand out much from the rest

Luke Gackle

Great Theres only one thing I'd like to see, that is auto save, I've accidentally hit the home button a few times and my work is lost : /


Problematic Pretty good... but when I import pictures, only half of the image is available, this is the main reason for me downloading this so quite disappointed, also when I try to got the menu to twek the preferences the app quits. Could this be fixed please.

gerard stewart

Guestbook idea Awesome App - so much potential. I would love a camera button to take instant post stamp size photos. This would make a great guest book idea. When's the next update?

Amy Capen

Cannot save! I purchased this app, created a book and made some sketches. I went back into the app to access them and they're gone. Book and all. It's like I never used it. Extremely disappointed! Spend a little more on sketchbook pro and save yourself some time and energy.

Pauline Dowell

this may actually be a game incorrectly categorized. the game being "can i save my drawing"? screen shuts off: drawing GONE! check a text: drawing GONE! rotate screen: drawing GONE! get a phone call: drawing GONE! samsung note 2. waste of $1.99.

Lezlie Lenz

Sketchbook on my phone Like how this works on my kindle fire. Now trying it out on my droid razor.

Javin Kuznia

Great but On my galaxy tab 3 it keeps exiting

Kevin Rivera

Looking outdated A lot smoother since last update

Graeeme Lamb

Poor waste of money When importing a picture you cant reduce to see the picture.

Hus Sam

No updates at all? It's been over a year..are you gonna improve this app or not

Adela Bautista

Money back I want my money back give it back this thing is shitles

James Bloomfield

(STIIIILLLL)(STILL)(Still) Waiting For Development I just lost a piece of work again, could you please add multitasking features and maybe perhaps a plethora of other requests that have been mentioned by loyal customers. Thanks. Will be keeping this in the back of my app drawer incase one day you do perhaps develop it. UPDATE: I deleted this a long time ago.

Shyann LaFay

Sucks I wouldn't have spent money on this if I had known it was so bad

Kim Comeaux

Please fix back button This is a great program except that every time you hit the back button, it exits without warning, deleting any unsaved work. I hardly use it now, because it just got too aggrevating. Please fix

Jasmine Nicoll

Amazing Had no props at all with this app well done creators your in my top 3 apps ever

Robert Edelman

Paperless is a rip-off This is a low-function almost silly drawing program that is only superficially similar to Paper 53. Don't waste your time. Sketchbook, Artrage, and Corel Painter are full function and very good.


Cant save ! Wasting money , if u close out suddenly.... u cant come back to ur work , sooooooo disturbing , no enough brushes

A Google User

The BEST drawing app This is so precise and actually improves the drawing. Download this and give it ago. I used almost every ios drawing app and downloaded most of the Android ones but nothing comes close to this! Well done guys. Keep improving. It adds specs to the drawing when you zoom in and out. Can this be fixed. Thanks -- Edit originally reviewed 2012 - now in 2016 still the best drawing app going. Not improved much since early days so revamp is welcome.

James Bloomfield

(STIIIILLLL)(STILL)(Still) Waiting For Development I just lost a piece of work again, could you please add multitasking features and maybe perhaps a plethora of other requests that have been mentioned by loyal customers. Thanks. Will be keeping this in the back of my app drawer incase one day you do perhaps develop it. UPDATE: I deleted this a long time ago.

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