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30 Jul
Overlays - Float Everywhere

Posted by Lior Iluz in Productivity | July 30, 2016 | 84 Comments

Apk file size: 3.4 MB

Overlays is an advanced multitasking/multi window tool that floats your widgets everywhere.
Try it, it'll float your boat!

Video Tutorials -

Add your Overlays to profiles and control them in multiple ways:
1. Application - show your profiles only when a specific application is running.
2. Events* - trigger your profiles on event occurrence, for example - automatically float your music player widget when you plug your headset.
3. Home button - long press your Home button to toggle a profile.
4. Shortcuts - add Overlays profiles' shortcuts to your home launcher to spare some room!
5. Sidebar - swipe the left or right side of your screen to reveal our sidebar and toggle your profiles.
6. Always On - If you wish to float a profile everywhere and all the time, just set it to Always On (tap its row to toggle).

* 9 Events are currently supported - Incoming and Outgoing call, WiFi and Bluetooth state, Device docked, Headset plugged, USB connected, AC plugged and Airplane mode.

What are Overlays?
Basically, everything that floats. Your widgets, shortcuts and our in-app unique overlays (Battery, Weather, Clock, Missed calls and Unread messages.
Overlays Pro: Browser, Camera, Dialer & Contacts, Flashlight and Calculator).
- Long press any overlay, anywhere, to enter edit mode, where you'll be able to move, delete, re-size and configure the overlay.
- Set a different size and position for each overlay per screen orientation, portrait and landscape.
- Change any overlay's background color, visibility and other settings.
- Show the overlay only in required orientation.

Overlays tries to maximise automation and to allow you full control.
In order to do so, some permissions are required.
Please follow the link and read why we need each permission.

Overlays Pro
Ready for more features and want to support further development? Please consider Overlays Pro.

Help and Information
Need help to getting started? Want to share a cool use you found for Overlays? Join our Google+ community at
- Video Tutorials -

- Chinese - Thanks to NyaChan (
- Japanese - Thanks to Yudai Kai.
- Overlays is partially translated to Hebrew, Russian, German, French, Italian and Spanish. If you wish to help us, please contact us at [email protected] .

Whats new

    Please contact me at [email protected] for any question or bug.
    * [Overlays Pro:New] - Control Overlays using Android Broadcasts. Tutorial:
    * [Overlays Pro:New] - Hide Browser address area.
    * [Changed] - Upped max icon size.

Lior Iluz part of our Productivity and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 30, 2016. Google play rating is 80.0721. Current verison is 2.5.5. Actual size 3.4 MB.

Download overlays-float-everywhere.apk 3.4 MB


Lorenzo Juarez

Brings widgets to a whole new level! I rarely used widgets before but now with this app, it has totally given them a whole NEW MEANING! I love it on Google Maps for music especially!

Jay Trodglen

F,n Awesome I have been looking for something like this. I'm going to test it some more. It is a nice addition to my phone. I use my GPS all day while working and it is a real pain to have to switch screens to forward pass a song, but now my mp3 is right there./04/13/2015 Purchased thank you to the developers who designed this app nice job.

Jonathan Campbell

Brilliant! This turned my Note into a multitasking Beast! Also, a big thanks to the devs for their excellent troubleshooting response. Kisses, hugs, and belly rubs!

Max Dice

Awesome idea but not so great This is app would be so good if it worked properly, on galaxy note 4 it takes too long to show up or sometimes doesn't even at all, please try to fix it as I love this app , for now its just slow and not stable enough

Gabrielle Barlow

Having issues. When swiping sidebar does not show up,after updating.

Peter Andro

Perfect 27 Aug 2014: Very nice and I like the way you can see in real time the effect of resizing. The minimize is hidden under the status bar and thus invisible. Five star when fixed. Developer very responsive, this is a big plus too. 9 Jan: Not sure what I meant back then but working perfectly now. Five stars.

Jiju Balakrishnan

Java learning is better than this It looks like some programming & took me a while to understand the concept, but when I learned I got excited and interested, but I cannot see overlays on application launch or triggering an event, for example I set radio launch on plugging headset:not working :-(. All l can do is to create overlays on homescreen by setting the global profile always on. Inbuilt widget does the same, then why I need this!?

bhaarathi I

Must fr screen brightness... I got d one I wanted Awesome

Chris Attard

((Great App)) Feature I would like to see to drag all widgets at the same time if they are snap together.

R Williams

Good but Need to be able to change bg image and create own buttons. Looks like older versions on YouTube had image options but not the version I paid for.

Ross Feldman

Yes!!!! Exactly what I was looking for to overlay my Podcast player over my GPS app

Amr Taha

Overlays for the win Great and unique for android customization. Love it

Chris Francis

User Beware I have this application installed and does what it says but it also does screw my wifi with bluetooth connection. ->Everytime I use my wifi and stream music via bluetooth my wifi hangs / stops. I did try this with several test with the same result. I have uninstalled this app but the damage has been done. Hope the developer will help me to return back my wifi + bluetooth to the original state where I can use them both at the same time without wifi hang.

Jerom Ducay

Amazing. Brilliant! Widget(s) anytime, anywhere.

Andrew Kang

Really useful if you are creative enough I love this app. Ive been evolving my uses as I've found interesting ways to customize my ui and use apps. My only gripe is I can't get the swipe area to register. Do I need to start and stop within the zone? Does it have to be precise and swipe the entire area I designated?

Mahak Naz

Okay Wish it would be movable like the iphone widget

Consensual Rape

not so good. I only wanted this app to show the time when im playing games, however when i start up a certain game the clock shows for a second then disappears. Is there a way to make 'always ' actually always on? not just until you open an app.

Shahril Ridzwan

Great app, but needs more improvements this app is great as it enable users to create and personalize their own overlays screen to their liking. however, i am looking forward to more improvements, such as ability to change the icon of any widgets/shortcuts created with any icon packs, adding background image on created overlays screen, and improvements on smoothness of the app itself, because sometimes there is still a slight lag upon initiating an overlays screen, even when it is already set to appear 1 second upon initiation

Arasada Shanthi

Good app worth to get it Application is not working I have created global to.... i to buy pro but setting little bit difficult can team help me i application I select clean master and in global over lay whether but when I open clean master the weather overlay is not appearing

Luca Gentile

More from your Android This app makes your Android more powerful and practical. Please add automaton features (start automatically app with overlays)

keith twombley

Would love to control the z- ordering of overlays. I have an app with a gray background and a widget with a transparent background. Being able to float a dummy widget behind would make the text readable.

Charlie Brown

Won't work I made Pandora a global but when I attach it to Waze it doesn't open

Koroman Koro

Wish to add time option ( active from 3:00 to 17:00 for example )

Chris Locke

Nice Didn't have what I was looking for. I need to overlay a dummy with a transparent picture instead of a color Incredibly fast response from dev. Thanks

L.j. Lee

Does a great job and it has Tasker integration which is awesome.

Michael Dour

Cool The best app to trick out your gizmo, and fantastic support from the developer, bravo!

Michael Bornstein

Great app I have a g2 and bought the pro version. This is a great clever app to give you access to things like widgets on an overlay to the open app. Saves a lot of time. My only problem is that I use the slider to trigger the overlay and I have to push the overlay button 4 or 5 times before it works. Very frustrating. Not sure if it is my phone or the app but the button sensitivity on the sidebar needs to be increased. I currently have it on maximum sensitivity but still no luck.

Bhushan Dandekar

Nice App Really a Nice App, but if apps can be opened directly then it will be more beneficial

Jeff B.

Great app and support Recently got a new LG G3 which had issues with setting up Overlays. Emailed the dev only one time and he replied back asking if I was interested in testing a fix. I'm now able to use Overlays again! Must have app!

Brandon Horwath

Can't remove notifications It's okay. But, can't remove notifications from status bar. App once had clean look, now gone and lost :-( now my dropdown menu looks junky and undesirable.

Lloyd Richards

Fantastic Overlays is actually how the whole UI ideas in computing started out way back in my Amiga, Atari ST and Apple Macintosh days..

anon amous

Problem solved This app is very versatile and solved a very annoying issue I had trying to get my car set up just the way I wanted it.Sure Ill find other uses for it soon.Ta very much

carlos lozano

Does what it says Fantastic for reading all my feeds while multitasking, or for writing notes, the possibilities are endless! I would love to be able to lock widgets so I can't accidentally delete, the setting may exist somewhere, additionally, if widgets could snap to each other and if I could have a default starting position and if the widgets would move out of the keyboard's way automatically, it would be perfect!


This app is just fantastic! I've basically created my own driving mode screen. Using widget shortcuts, I was able to get easy/quick access to my music player, podcast player and quick settings (power toggles app). The possibilities are endless, give this app a try. Support the talented Dev. by getting the pro version. Widget shortcuts are small icons that can be shown over any app, once touched they expand to a larger widget, which you can interact with. Placement of icons are customizable & size.

T.M. Wrath

Great app and great dev This is a powerful app so much can be done with it when tasker us involved the Dev is amazing when it comes to response with issues and is all ears when it comes to the community went pro and joined the beta amazing app my eyes are filly open to anymore applications from this dev

R Antonio Herrera

Makes widgets on home screen obsolete I've used overlays for years now and cannot imagine going to my home screen just to look at a rooted widget. Everything in android is about dynamic usage... Overlays gives this to you and more... A top three must have app!

Kirk Rios

Question I like the idea of an overlay. What I need is an overlay stopwatch does the pro version have a stopwatch option? Or can it make an overlay of other app stopwatch? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :-) so far seems like a cool app. If/when I get a reply ill likely download pro version and give a stronger review. Have a great day app developers. In Reply to the developers thanks for your timely response :-) ill be downloading pro shortly and ill give a more in depth review shortly

Joy Smith

I use to help my daughter. Pro user. My 4 year old loves mobile games, however even kids games come packed with inappropriate banner ads, many with no paid option, that she often clicks by accident and she is too young to avoid this or return to game alone. The overlay in certain apps protects her from viewing or being able to unintentionally click without preventing the devs ad from being downloaded. As for any "per click" revenue lost Id find anyone using this revenue model in an app for young kids very immoral to child & advertiser anyway.

Ramsay Zaki

Is there any way to change the Z Order of an overlay? For example, I want to create a Dummy Overlay to block out the background and then place 2 shortcut overlays on top of the dummy overlay. However, whenever I do this, the Dummy Overlay is always on top and covers up the icons of the shortcut overlays. Update: I found a way to do it by creating two separate profiles. Would still be nice to do it within one profile, though.

Shelly Middleton

Love this app! This allows me to place a time widget over whatever I'm watching. VERY useful!

Patrick Egan

Used for driving Iuse this app to overlay music controls during navigation. I created google maps icon from media libary. On maps i added player widget. With this app i can sefely control music while driving. This app can replace multiple

Lavin Zhang

Widgets on lock screen are back! Super excited with the new update that allowed overlays on stock lock screen (requires pro version). Works great with zooper widget to get the most customizable information on your lock screen (something Samsung chose to remove in their updates).

Chris Attard

((Great App)) Feature I would like to see to drag all widgets at the same time if they are snap together.

Amr Taha

Overlays for the win Great and unique for android customization. Love it

Jim H

Me likey. Really cool app. Genius idea to allow transparent layered widgets. Especially how you can toggle them on and off with one click of the shortcut. This is basically multi tasking for any app when you think about it. Also to make it fluid and responsive is impressive. 5* A+ etc.

Troy Prado

Great !! I love this app. I use it with tasker..makes it even more powerful. Easily goes from custom configurations to another.

Rasik Aryal

Really enjoy the app. Probably my most used app. Please add one feature: Tap outside the widgets area to minimize the overlay.

Rio Wong

App icon can be shrinked only visually but the tapping icon size is still big

Sam Cyanide

Can't do what I want Can't overlay an image semitransparently (or at all)

Eddy Elloitt

0 star Not easy

Benny Bottema

Custom widget groups for non-rooted phones I used Overlays to create a custom Overlays dialog of multiple widgets, triggerable as shortcut and dismissable by clicking the buttons in the widgets, clicking the outside space using an Overlays dummy or pressing the Back key which, monitored by AutoInput, triggers Tasker to dismiss the Overlays dialog through the included Tasker plugin. Works pretty well, including z-ordering.

Nicolae Iosif

Because not working widgets withkut money

Isaac Bowling

Excellent! I love this user friendly programmer, easy to use, very clear cut. 2 suggestions: add a start function for when the home button is pressed and the second is to add a feature to stop an overlay profile when entering a chosen program. I highly recommend this program for a nice custom functionality and look and definitely worth the money!

shane hurley

Where's your competition In a class all by itself and as handy a tool as one can get. Programmable pop ups. Again I would like to see a Tasker plugin for it to increase it's programmability to if this then run overlay that.

Mr. KiA

Confused I love the app but I don't really know how to trigger the overlay sometimes it just shows up if I get luck please help

Sergio Najera

Different Widget in Overlays. The Google Play Music Widget seems to be missing the Thumb Up / Thumb Down icon that's there when I use the widget on the home screen. Which is the main reason I wanted to use Overlays. Any possible fix or workaround?

Chris Attard

((Great App)) Feature I would like to see to drag/move all widgets at the same time if they are snaped together.

Johnny Gates

Bugs? "Required memory is too high for overlays please retry or contact us." Is what it says

Chris Ferrall

I use this all the time, particularly for the one-touch access to my media apps, and also to have my dictionaries and camera apps han-DEE. Developer responds quickly and helpfully. (Changing the floating 'android' icon is easy.) Definitely recommend.

Steven Dubrosky

Why does this app try to continuously connect to the internet in both foreground and background operation ?

Mitri Daniels

No background photo I've tried to figure it out maybe I'm just missing it but my only gripe is that when setting up app specific overlays we can't set a picture up to set it up to. Basically setting up things blindly and going and adjusting as necessary. Otherwise app is great.

Garrett Loughran

Great app! Really digging the app but curious how to control layers. I want a simple background with a shortcut. The shortcut icon keeps going behind the background.

Jay Neal

Good app, great developer It works great, I had a minor odd issue but the developer was fast to respond and try to fix it. Ultimately it's up and running. Thanks again.

Char Fox

Love it but confused The tutorial shows the profiles with icons attached to the profile instead of the android icon but I can't find a way to do this. It also mentions an overlay widget but I can't find it in my widgets.

Balian Marcelo

must have app!

Minekloc Gaming

What about text on dummy? Eg. Dummy on all screen with text: I'm charging, stop bothering me you nolife!

Ezra Taylor

Hmmph, hmmph. (Nod) Very cool app, One I have come to love. I will be buying the pro version soon. One thing I do not like... Events... What is the event? Can I skip setting an event and just set up an overlay profile? I find I have to change the event, The profile, and sometimes other stuff to customize a overlay. I just want to be able to create an overlay... Choose the widgets, apps, and stuff... and save. The events should be optional. Great app tho, Will buy very soon. (Waiting on google play rewards) xD

Edgar Favila

Android magic!! This app can turn ANY widget into a floating app. It's magical! I was specifically looking for a counter app with floating functionality. Not one app I searched for offered that. With this app I simply downloaded a counter off the play store, installed this app, and I now have what I was looking for! An awesome utility! Already downloaded pro for added functionality!

Luiz Afonso

Using together with `Swipe Home Button`, I can get my widgets at any time better / more customizable than `Edge Screen`.

Rani Korkise

I've created an application profile but sometimes the overlays don't come on. Or if they're on and I quit the app, they stay on. Or just randomly throughout the daily use, the overlays just turn on very randomly even though the application hasn't been started since theast reboot... One more thing, why make an application blacklist filter only when making a whitelist filter is just as important?

A Google User

Best app of its kind Dev team also very helpful and responsive to feedback :)

John Slater

Useful and easy to use. I'm a long time user and wouldn't be without this app. Great stuff. Handy for automating, saving screen space and simplifying life in general.

Prafulla Gulhane

Solved screen overlay setting problems in Samsung j7

Mirwais Amiri

Simply Amazing

A Google User

SUCH A WEIRD FREAKING APP!!! The concept sounds alright, make a widget of apps you might need to access at any time. But it essentially COVERS YOU ENTIRE SCREEN. You can't see ANYTHING. i tried to mess with the settings, to make the tiles smaller and more opaque, but nothing worked. This made my phone (kyocera rise, android 4.0.4) COMPLETELY UNUSABLE WHILE IT WAS ACTIVATED.

Edgar Favila

Android magic!! This app can turn ANY widget into a floating app. It's magical! I was specifically looking for a counter app with floating functionality. Not one app I searched for offered that. With this app I simply downloaded a counting app from the play store, installed this app, and I now have what I was looking for! An awesome utility! Already downloaded pro for added functionality!

viorel eftimie

Sometimes it works This app is great at what it does... but most of the time it doesn't work. Uninstalled.

Matt Herrmann

Amazing! Animations are broken on LG V10 though...


Works perfectly for me. Did what I needed it to do.

Justin Guiao

Very useful app for power users I can understand the love it/hate it range of reviews. The settings UI probably is complicated and confusing to the average user, but I love all the features. Finally something to use my phone's 4GB of ram! Maybe the app should tell users to watch the tutorial videos on first launch. Bought pro version to support devs.

Kapilan Mahalingam

It's a nice app. But it's functionally useless without the upgrade, as it isn't really possible to close overlays without an explicit shortcut. Say you have a message widget which shows previews of messages in your inbox. When you click on it to open the full app, the widget doesn't close, so you have the message widget blocking the main app. Best you can do is create another shortcut to close it, adding further touches and clutter.

Sinki Hui

Only work for 10min Use this as temporarily fix for my Asus zenfone2 screen flickering. The overlay on work for 10min. This app let me down.

Norman Browne

Unsure of a neat multitasking app? Try this free app, basic free version features, without any nag-ware or advertising! 25OCT16: I was looking at complementing Nova Launcher, and couldn't find many floating window apps. Then I came across this. If you're new to customisation, there's a small learning curve. But for power users this app will be a great addition to your stash. Development is active and not abandoned like many others out there. Did I mention there are no annoying popups or intrusive advertising? Worth trying, after 5 minutes, I'll definitely be purchasing this app to unlock the all features available.

John Brown

Biggest bunch of bullshit ever seen in my life stupid I hate it

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