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30 Aug
Overcraft 2

Posted by GameABC Studio in Action | Aug. 30, 2016 | 171 Comments

Apk file size: 20.0 MB

World Craft 2 is a sandbox games. It can gives you a feeling of total freedom.

You can produce wooden cabin, castles, and even cities.

Further more, sky city, urban underground can be achieved either!

You can also go mining,hunting or fighting in survival mode .

It support wifi game and on line game.

You can call your friends come up with you to craft and explore!


->Variety of blocks:Bookshelf, brick, chest, clay, dirt, grass, furnace, glass, stone,dirt, grass,
->Chest, clay, furnace, glass, stone
->Lava, water, tree, colorfull wools,doors,stairs,bookshelf
->Wide variety of animals: sheep,deer,chicken,fish,cow,steer,wolf,rat
->Tools: axe pickaxe shovel torch
->Redstone circuits
->Multiplayer mode
->Mini map
->Trade NPC

Whats new

    ----> New map : plain and valley
    ----> Faster and more robust

GameABC Studio part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 30, 2016. Google play rating is 66.6372. Current verison is 3.4. Actual size 20.0 MB.

Download overcraft-2.apk 20.0 MB


Matski Barbon

PLEASE ADD MOBS (Animals) Can you please add mobs like sheep,pig,cow,spider, and also zombies and skeletons (so that night will be scary) Also naturally, zombies and skeletons burn in day. I’ll give 5 stars if did that all.

Chloe Eldridge

Love it, I suggest getting it !!! Good game but it's a bit slow so hope you sort that out because it is a really good game xx


Love it I love it just the way it is please dont add mobs its the only game i love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Mas Broer

What! I have install it but when it is loading it went black and kick me out of the game!!

Crystal Triggs


Hayley Mccoy

I love it so much link Minecraft

Akul Anuj

Love it You can go on third person

Kellen Coleman

Over craft It. Sucks!!!!! Know. Why. It. Says. That. It full. But. Its. Not. Showing. Anything?!!!!!!

lethal gaming

Update Add mine carts , boats , and more different kind of wood and blocks , make the eye sight way better cus write now its really bad plz update anf fix bugs

The incredible stampycat

No minecrafts Can you add minecrafts and rail that work plz

Cesar Zendejas

I like Steve so instilling;)

Jason Denson II

Good Please add mobs and mods please

Susan Stewart

Awesomest game ever. Made!!!!

Jonz Calcita

Good Pleas add an emerald set and emerald sword

Liam Sorensen

Good but You have used the minetest logo from the pc game. But it is good the rendering could have some work done and entity management could better setup as well as

Emma Lass

Everyone says it is a good game

Julio C Barrios

Sucks When i open it closes

Joan Lamigo

This game is so cool This game is so cool a cannot bare to delete it

Drake Tan

Love it I like it butt why do we have sword without any monsters or animals

Lauren Lambdin

Please solve me issue:.( I want to play it properly, but whenever I try, everything is either white, or everything is either black....on all the GameABC Studio games minecraft games:.( please help.....I want to enjoy the game properly, very, VERY badly

Greg Bralley

Overcraft 2 When I tried to get up on the land and build something it dropped me in the water and it wouldn't let me get to the land and when I tried it turned black so ya know what I'm not even going to think about downloading it again so I'll just give it 1 star now!!!!

Aubre Pickard

FREEZE Every time I get out of the inventory my game freezes and I can't do anything but scroll through the hotbar! Fix it!

blaine harrell

Dumb and Dumber Stupid it won't even start wen I log in bam in my face force close its so retarded who ever made this is a retard along with that game and its coping vannila minecraft so ur a stupid develapor with a stupid game that won't load..........STUPID everything

Angelea Rocco

Won't open Every time I open one of YOUR apps it don't work the screen just stays black for a minute and then take me back to the home screen I never had any problems like this with ANY of my games until just now. No wonder why people say the things they do! Please fix

Jimmy Morsinl

This game is soo cool Its like minecraft i even more like it if it has servers but i dont know how to craft hehe :p


At first I thought it was great but then 3-4dayz later it(now)it keeps saying that 'world craft 2 has stop working.' Please fix. If fixed I will give it 5 stars.

Pam Barton

Love it:) Its just like vinila mine craft!I would give you 5 stars if you make it stop lagging its bothering me so much!:)

Sayuri Mizutani

Its i little bit horrible Every time i open something like furnace chest and craftin table i cant get out pls fix the creator

melissa cullen

won't work every time I try to play it goes to the home screen but I think it will be a good game plz fix Thx

Samantha Grenier

i liked it but i wish there could be more stuff like creepers and different kinds of tnt instead of just one kind

Maya Barbosa

Fun Fun to come home from a long day if school and just having fun and playing also using your imagination.

Renda Roberson

Okay It glitches a lot,but it still is good game. Add animals and villagers. And the controls sometimes aren't there. Please fix it.

Matthew Hughett

Hate it It won't work even on my table it does not work it say it has stop ya should fix it and if the game don't work why put it on playstore fix it

Mugiwara Luffy

Love it When u open your invetory are you see have a x there you press the x

Zechary Tsang

Pretty good game but it would be way more fun if there were animals and mobs!

Dawn Deason

The game was good Until today u made the moving around keys waaaay smaller who do u think has fingers that small?!? Stop trying 2 change things that don't need changing in the first place. FIX THIS AND ILL GIVE A 5 STAR RATING oh and the delete/hit button doesn't work u guys r horribly stupid

giraffe girl

I will try my best to open this in samsung galaxy tab 3

Bailey Maguire

Love it but Love it but lags so much that it crashes all the time if fixed I will rate it 10,000 stars?????

jake forsyth

i like world craft 2 because it is my awesome game ever

Evelyn Thomas

Good game but it should have a fire extinguisher for the lava

Rein Lipang

Hated it Why this game does work in my samsung tab 3

David Webber

When I open imvitory it crashes When I opened my imvitory my screen frozed plz fix it

Steven Ronces

Really bad Whenever I try to play , the screen turns black

C Harper

Overcraft 2 How do you play this game?

نهلة شحرور

I wish Well I do like it but I wish there was skin changing

Ashley Sargent

Love the game U need to put in anamles

Steven Stather

Ads!!! So many ads rapidly

kent andrew Saturinas

Ihate it Hate it dont download it its the worse

Jul Penguin

Its OK but it crashes

Rowena Cordova

Have a funny world

Jessica Jessica Knowles

Amazing Best game because it has servers

Chuntavis Vonsvard

I love it I have't have it

Saif Kaso

Jst like real minecraft when you turn off creative mod and eligible damage it becomes real minecraft but no mobs

Manuel Reyes

I wish they had zombies in it but it's ok.

shahida begum

Its ok bt I could play it on my ipad bt i accedently deleted it on my ipad. now when ever it loads it brings me back on the home can u pls fix it? :-)

Nelson Coronado

Nice game but Some recipes dont show the ingredients like the stick most things need stiks but i cant craft sticks

Mya Holloman

Pretty Good Sometimes it crashes,and lags. Can you also have emerald tools and armor and lucky blocks

Dusty Tripp

Confusing I don't understand this game one bit, can't tame wolves, animals/mobs are weird and only ones who want to kill me or get away as i kill them move. Not installing this game again anytime soon. :/

Johanna B

ADSi THE ADS ARE CRASHING THE GAME AND RESTARTING AT THE MENU and it wont let me into the place sky lands and it wont let me change my name and yeah.

concetta yebouet

Good I like the animals but...... After a wile, it freezes and starts acting silly then, goes to homescreen. Is their any way to fix this??? ANY WAY?????

Loreta Fong

It use to be fun but something happened and now i cant plY on servers and the graphics suck

Dwanda Simmons

I love it so much for its new mods for minecraft I never seen these mods in my life. My name is kiana dwandas daughter

kids go s Kids

I hate these game What is up with the fishing and I can't move.

Marina Reyes

Amazing It has stuff that they don't have in minecraft pe

Erick Ramirez

FIX THIS STUPID BUG I can't make a crafting table,door,wooden pick,sticks

Katie Voepel

Love it Good game. I can not tame a wolf. Get it to do that and I will give it 5 stars.

John Smith

It's ok but.... The game takes a long time to load fix the game plz

Norma Castro

World craft 2 I realy loved this game

Ariel Dennis

AWESOME The only thing that I am playing right now is the best one yet. and that is this game!!!!!!!

Jacob c. Case

Alright does what I need It doesn't show your build if you are far out

Rabiatul Mahmud

Why lm can app you guys Hello you can help me what to join me name princess celestia why can app yo guys ple fix this xoxo

Norma Brodbeck

Awesome game but sometimes you join on the online server you can't see anything please fix that and please fix so everybody could have different skins

Alisondra Peacock

It's a fake Ugh...this game is soooo boring and the seceitivity is TOO MUCH there wS a nother person in the game and I guess he/she dosent like it either because they where like chatting BAD THINGS ABOUT THE GAME!!!!!!!!

Iffah Zuhairah Bte Rosli

Ad bug Seriously the ads popping out at the side is annoying i cant even fly or click the inventory n the ad doesnt go away it just stays there?? is there any way to turn off the ad completely???

Summer Robinson

OK didn't work at frist

Woody Allen

Ok Umm good but you cant really be on multiplayer

Payton Dittrich

Love it It's like a worldcraft upgrade lol!

nepeta leijon

Its ok buuuuuuut... Nah i cant even play it is it good is it bad pls tell meeeeeeh the suspeeeeeeense

Jahleya Mason

WERE'S THE HORSE ok I know it day horse. are added but were are they?!?!?!

Arshad Iqbal

Best game ever It is cool because I have a player playing with me

Kentrez McClendon

In your next update, could you add some rocket blasters

Deshawn Lynch

Worldcraft I don't know about it just got game

Faith Parrish

Freaking sucks I played and it wont go on wifi it stops so i report it

Brandy O'Neil

Awesome games I'll give it 1'000 stars

Alexis Thejaycat

What the 2 widgets appeared and all I see is blue

Kyndall Fuller Mc.bride

Come on I am so not keeping this it is so stupid I liked 1 better

Emily Russell

RUBBISH Can't even load the game up plz fix this

Kim Smouse

It let me It let me download it. Thank god

Bernie Borja

World craft Im gonna try this game...this game is so verry nice

amira adly

They dont even open the internet game

Kayla Harper

Can't play When I click on create the game stops fix it NOW

Victoria Porter

Love the game! It has animals, multiplayer, AND ITS JUST LIKE MINECRAFT! Keep up the good work!

blah blah Blah Blah

Question Do you tame and spawn animals I play on my PS 3

Wolf Black2523

It looks fun but... Alright here's the problem. Every time that I click on the icon never it's loading it'll get only less than a quarter there and then my game crash it will send me back to my phone's main screen please fix this this game looks like a really good game I really want to play it thank you plus I love to your previous game thanks.

Jphed Grupe

Boring No no I'm not playing this game what a stupid game

girl crafter

Idk Imma try it the pic look good i guess

Stormtrooper BB8

The only thing I don't like is there are no mine carts so for the new update I hope that there is mine carts

Tanaya Lallchand

Dose not work I can only go on it for 5mins until it goes off

Maria Dsouza

The screen blue The screen turned blue when I opened it next day

Phebe Bates

It fine

pancakeman 123

Ilke it but its really laggy

Olivia Smith

Love it It's awesome get it

noe frayle

Good Awesome

Dayle Sorrell

Sucks Why is it so short

safreena Loxwood

Love it but ... Love the game still getting used to it but it won't let me sleep if eny one knows how pleas tell me

Equestria Girl21

LOVE IT But you can make some mods to this something like minecraft comes alive I'm looking for BUT still I ? it

Lucas Kilgore

Good concept, poor execution. Game was not very fluid, it lags a lot. It's a fun game if it didn't take so long to get food.

talloo Haribo

Sad! I don't like monsters! I'm only 9

Diana Petkiewich

I have to do with the new game I hate the game because I was wondering if you have a BLACK scene.!?

Cesar Lopez

Won't let ya delete the game Why won't it let you delete the stupid game

Bowser Wright

Overcraft2 Its OK same as XBox 360 game .

Ares Roberts

Can't craft a few items Can someone plz tell me how the traders work??

Alexis Martin

Okay But... Has saddles for no reason it has nothing to ride

Sesar Isaac Sanchez

Stupidest game I ever played you cant go to people

Erika Sorto

This game is so cool It like Minecraft but better and free

Stephen Barrow

hate it it keeps saying it has stopped I can't even get in the game

Olgierd Gadaszewski

So dark When it gets night it is soooooooooooooooooo dark I can't see??????????

Ray Julius Morgia

Not good When I play it will gone

Johanna B

ADS THE ADS ARE CRASHING THE GAME AND RESTARTING AT THE MENU and it wont let me into the place sky lands and it wont let me change my name and yeah.

Shelia Baker

It's OK When i get on the game it crashes me and my phone gets powered off and can u.add skins please

amber gonzalez

Love it Worldcraft is a great game but it sometimes gets even more awsome than it needs to be aloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot and I LOVE that sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much other people who have it LOVE it to????????????

Anika Proctor

Loved it This game is amazing if was a mincraft person with a tablet this would be my game too Bab I don't have a Xbox live that would be amazing I could play mincraft but keep up the good work????

taco animations cailoo gets groded season 1

Stupidest minecraft ever It's so boring I agrre with the person that said it's boring it's slow it not minecraft what kind of skins are those make a YouTube channel and I will rate five stars if you make it faster ?hate it so bad minecraft POCKET EDITION AND SURVIVALCRAFT IS AWESOME NOT SLOW CRAFT

Stormtrooper BB8

The only thing I don't like is there are no mine carts so for the new update I hope that there is mine carts and I hope you are able to make a world that is flat tire is no mine carts and boats no tnt and minecart and you can't invite your friends

Chloe Cipollone

Okay It doesn't have the stuff in the pictures... I'd give 5 if it was better.

Kawaii Panda

SOOO bad... Lags so much and tiny little color specks everywhere and so slow and extremely confusing it lags soooooooooooooooooo muuuuch

Youxia Lei Cruz

Has potential... Nice! No scary things! EVER in Solo mode. The animals are annoying though...But... I can't ever clean the Cache from my phone or my World disappears forever and won't reload! Please fix. I love the Lava (needs to be animated like the water is) and Water Source blocks. Needs more furniture like tables, chairs, couch, coffee table, t.v., nightstand, houseplants, mirror, cabinets, microwave, stove, fridge, sink, toilet, shower head, etc. I'll send screenshots of what I improvised with...

Juliet Looms

good Good but the multi player dosent work and can u add a flat world ?and the only animals I've seen are horses cows chicken and sheep is ther more animals like in the picture?

Jazmin Grigsby

Great game but...... I absolutely adore this game but can you make it so you can spawn animals, name them and have them as pets? And can you also make it so that you can play survival in a world you made in creative?

Evan Gaming

Multiplayer I Love Multiplayer it's awsome. But how does someone join me? I want my friend to join me

bunny girl

I KNOW WHO THE CREATOR IS!! His face is on the vidoe on the top!! When I saw it I was wondering if he was his helper or the real him!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! BETTER THAN EVER!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥

Azyyati Sofiyya

Just nice Best Game. But, All an items was in my gallery?!?!

dajah thomas

I like it but it needs a little update

Rajneesh Sharma

Update please Please ad tnt to it and dispencer

Kyla Malone

It's ok The ad blocks the thing so I can't get food

Baleigh Laughard

I'd rate it Five buttt............ Whenever I change my name it doesn't save and by that I mean it doesn't save the settings

Gianna Card

Minecraft games It is okay .

lavafire the creepypasta

It wont even let me do online play! Aka multiplayer When i try to do this so called online play, it just sends me back to the menu or it crashes! F I X T H I S

Csilla Nagy

Horrible Please don't download its horrible

Borna Dumicic

Boring I hate it it is soooooo boring.

Christian E

Sucks I think it sucks

Dakoda Muckey

So glitchy don't get it

Payton Morgan

Love it Awesome

Will Polk

Fun Loved it!

Nathaniel Albarran

Its cool Its like minecraft but it has diforent grafics and itts cooóooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darci Radtka

?? I hate it is boring. I can't even place a block down

Riley Wilkins

YOU Can DIE On this game it is so beautiful and coooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Driver #22cdccMiku

....... Laggs all the time. Glitches I Spectate while flying. I can't open my inventory and can't see anything while in fast moving mode! Please fix this....And can't change my name....

Moises Alamilla

This game is cool This is a awesome game. This game is like Minecraft

dog's rule


Rapper SnowMan

Dose'nt let me play When i get on the game it turns turns black then then takes me off the game

XxSuper SamurottxX

... Same as my buildcraft review...

Jose Marie Bernabe

Its ok When. Im building a house or anything and i suddendly prese the exit botton and i come again to the world and it kicks me out but its ok? so dont say its horrible or bad

Logan House

It kicks me out. Everytime I log in, it kicks me out the second I log in. So plz fix this glitch, or I'll rate it 1 star. I wish we could rate 0 stars.

Derek Payne

Awesome This is the best game I have on my phone I'm so glad I downloaded this game trust me u will like it if u don't that's urs lost

Ana Jao

So cool This is so cool because theres so much stuff and you can also pretend that theres a peaple

Loved it at first sight I like how there's a bunch of caves that other people made

Watch Out

Dead What is the point of that game?

Tai'Zhan Sebille

Boring It is slow

David Miller

It's ok No redstone I want redstone

Funshine Bear

LOVE IT Is it two plyaer

IE Guest

It's awesome

Merveille Ntetani

Worst game ever I do not recommend you to play this it is the worst game ever created It doesn't even let you do anything waste of time ?????

Gisele Newman

Love it U can do any thing u want but I wish it had different colored glass that should be able to in the updates new blocks or back grounds

I LOVE IT !!!!! GIVE IT A 5/5 IT IS GRATE But when you press flat it achaly I sent flat it there's trees all over the place

Yo dude this is so cool you should actually make them change their skin but still like it or should I say love it Try movies now I mean more

Grace De Villa

Its fun Its really cool but it would be better if u can spawn animals because it would make it better also can u add more stuff like a tv or a table.

White n1nja /games

It's stupid I wish there was no stars I went to refresh and it just froze over craft more like slover craft arrrrrrrgggg??????

Randall Keesling

Crappy Pop up after pop up and when u try to take out a block it builds more when u have a pick fork

Marcello Wijang Winaswan

Hatedit Because if I open the apps and I'm going to my world and it loading and the page is dark I aggre whit slow minecraft

Aphmau Shipping Fanfictions

I LOVE IT Thanks to this i can play a game like minecraft without having to buy a Google play card and paying the actual game

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