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22 Aug
Mine World

Posted by GameABC Studio in Action | Aug. 22, 2016 | 190 Comments

Apk file size: 20.0 MB

Mine World is a sandbox games. It can gives you a feeling of total freedom.

You can produce wooden cabin, castles, and even cities.

Further more, sky city, urban underground can be achieved either!

You can also go mining,hunting or fighting in survival mode .

It support wifi game and on line game.You can call your friends come up with you to craft and explore!


->Variety of blocks
->Bookshelf, brick, chest, clay, dirt, grass, furnace, glass, stone,
->Lava, water, tree, colorfull wools,doors,stairs
->Lovely animals
->Tools: axe pickaxe shovel torch
->Redstone circuits
->Multiplayer mode
->Mini map

Whats new

    1. New map: plain and valley
    2. Brand new UI
    3. New animal
    4. Robust and Faster

GameABC Studio part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 22, 2016. Google play rating is 66.6396. Current verison is 3.3. Actual size 20.0 MB.

Download overcraft.apk 20.0 MB


Troy Such


Corey Chadwick

I LOVE IT Why are up swearing for. I'm a kid and why u playing kid game but I love this game

Nathaniel Williams

Great!! Just pls make another

Melissa Walker

Awesomeness Just like minecraft but different

Cyril Kruzier Alba

Beach O my god thiers a skeleton

Jennifer Rhymer

Omg love it Im using my mom's google and I love mine craft and tell that dude to wash their mouth with soap!

Laura Win

Awesome kids game This game is awesome I loooooooooove it

Gaming Thebest

It's ok... I like it but you should add ne2 tutorials every update

Bryan Rc

OMG This is like real minecraft

Inga M

CAN'T PLAY THE GAME The part I don't like is WHEN I CANT PLAY THE GAME! Please fix it.

Holliis Warren

Awsoms Best game ever its like minecraft but better

Kris Pasterski

Awsome Im 8 dont swear please anyway i love the game!!!*

Isabel Chelsea Price

Loved it Awsome a bit laggy when you turn but I forget sometimes that I'm playing a minecraft cover but as I said I really enjoyed this game and I really hopyou get it, and it's free I know what your thinking how could a deal like this be so great but belive my it's awsome please get it!!!!!

Ava Magill

Don't bother All they did is copy vanilla minecraft if u don't like minecraft don't get it its buggy though I can't even make a world I keeps saying not able to join come again like wtf

Teresa Clabo

Please add music that would be really great its creepy how quiet it is I get too creeped out to go in the main area of my house I always think herobrines stalking me I can never go there it creeps me the F*** out so please add music and can you give us a setting to increase or decrease the render distance its tiny I'm in a room in my house I go to almost any wall and boom the opposite wall is out of my render distance an my house is very small oh also you have a typo radstone block really and U NEVER UPDATE GET OF YOUR LAZY A** AND DO SOME CODING U HAVE ALOT OF WORK TO DO BUT OTHER WISE ITS ASWSOME JUST ADD MINE CARTS AND BOOM ITS ALMOST LIKE MINECRAFT and u NEED TO ADD ENIMES MAKE SURE THEY HAVE A HIT BOX OTHER WISE WE CANT KILL EM

Angel Noble

Best app ever!!!! I love this app a whole lot. I love how if u feel threatened by another player then u can report them. One thing I don't like is how u can't teleport to people like u can on planet of cubes. Besides that this app is the best thing ever.

reyes loredo

Hated Every time I try to open it. It turn's black then take me back to home screen please fix it

Shelby Kwan

Hate it I can't even load the world one's I loaded in it takes me back to home screen..I will rate zero if I could...don't bother downloading...go fix it and I will rate 5/5....:(=

Amparo Gastelum Ontiveros

Won't let me play I bearly got it know,and it keeps saying it has stoped.please fix.if you dont I'll rate lower.if you do I'll rate higher

Jenn Tonak

Overcraft Ugh!! This game is HORRIBLE! I say don't download.the world keeps glitching and the screen shows random blocks in the sky that are invisible and suddenly, WHOOSH! They appear. And if I didn't say it already, THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE! DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!! I'd rate it 0***** if I could.

Dr S.W.A.T

Its no nice game I sand break tree and I came now ??

Maria Lopez

L like this game l like this game but it says over craft has report and my phone always works and people where saying mean stuff and am not blaming if your blaming this game its because your phone its not working and if your its broke that means you are no longer to play so don't blame this game because that who made this game it takes days to make this game and making everything and so don't blame them they made the game not you

Ernest Bissell

Good but All the chunks won't load fast enough this is not a older version dont listen to the lies it crashes way to much also fix the lag the 5 stars but until you fix it 3 so fix it or else i will be mad.please change it back!

Chhoum Sreymom

If you guys hate it check out worldcraft 2 u can put down the redstone and there is the delayer

Arianna Kimbrough

If I could I would Each time I try to open it the screen is black and then it logs out... don't even bother downloading the dumb app

Jaylen Brocks

I hate this game a It wont work when I open the game everything is black then it takes me back to my home screen plz fix NOW!

Camila Feliz Reyes

I hate it I try to play it but it send me back to my home page. Dont bother playing it.

Julian Eduard Alvarado

package was signed correctly I rated 1star because it saying PWSC :(

Adrianne Nicole Tolentino

LOVE IT COZ GOT THE FREE MINECRAFT. There an armors, piston and redstones and more. Thank you Game abc studio for making this app. #LIKE IT

Jenelle Lawrence

I DONT UNDER STAND Why is very body mad because it is a copy of mine craft. Mine craft costs money and this game does not.You should be happy that someone mad a version of mine craft for free!!!!!

David Frunza

Will you guys please fix this game for android 4.0! All the blocks are all just dark when I dig or walk or go anywhere, so please fix that and then I will rate this game with 5 stars!

Zejah Betonio

WHY!!!!! Each time i tapped the app, it went into black screen and went back into my home screen. This is so stupid. I should be in bad mood today but i'm not coz i'm eating burger today. Its so yummy. But, i'm slightly on bad mood. I am so uninstalling this.

laila flores

F**k you I tried three times but it doesnt work it just put me out of the game(maybe its a private game).

Dorka Jimenez

Please fix it Every time I Tap the app it send me back to the screen,I love this game so fix it

Lloyd Garmadon

Thanks Its the best game ever but please make bug fix update again and update of volcano?

Sisley Lei

Add animals and mine cart Needs. A minecart to go with the tracks....Overall really good, !

Stacy Waldroup

You need to add animals Add dyed leather armor and music and multitools and dual wield swords and I found a bug when you open creative inventory your character mines all of a sudden and add skins please

Lindy Dolotina

Plz add some animals plz I love it but you need to add some animals and some minecart plz

zowie kilworth

Linked it alittle Mite be good better for loosers

Saher Maqsood

Cool? Its sooo good if some one say bad thing about this game than I will beat him ? because this game is fun if this game is hanging its your problem OK soo be cool? and can some one tell me how to make bes or how to change our skin please

abir rose

Add minecart and creatures and skins Gave four ★ because of this plz add the above. overall game is awesome, and also add some skins like brb king

Dustin Imus

Constantly crashes and I have andriod and the game won't show me the whole screen.

Aaron Neal

Cant join multiplayer I want to talk to Mcgrace as milo

Gooma Asamoa

Horrible The game is not at all what is looks like in the pictures and I like the regular Worldcraft better

Suhair Aldoori

Dont work! Please fix the gliches and lags because everytime i glich or lag it send me to home screen please fix it!!! ps if you dont do your job from what im saying your no longer a 5 stars i puttin a 3 stars do your job NOW!!! Or im ganna pick 1 star

Eva Maida

The game keeps crashing every time I try to file in my seed, please fix this.

Jasmine Noland

Won't let me go on the game and it keep saying that the game has stopped whats up with that!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missy Armstrong

I just like minecraft!!!!! This works on next book and I phone 5 and any tablets made by RCN

Tina Simpson

ok but you need to add animals

Victoria Griffiths

Rubbish I'm not allowed to put my address on it

Rachel Silva

FUN But thers no mobs

Gage Ferguson

Mine craft Dis is not as good as DA porn right all u bros outthere

Doris Sibayan

Omg!!! Oohhh!! So many playersgoing to my world you should go to!!!!!!

Dakota Bailey

Love it the game is just like Minecraft

Shauna Davies

Love it So fun no crashing or anything

Colleen Follette

COOL It is so like minecraft

Dania Dj

Im with the haters It wont let me play it..the screen goes black and im back to my homescreen i never got Play

Breanna Roberts

TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! This game sucks I mean come on we asked for minecraft and this is what we get, it just wasted my data no trees no animals and when you try to get on a server it doesn't let you!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IT IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!

Aaron Smith

This is a awesome game I like it World craft is better then Minecraft I like it a lot you can make any thing you want its triple fun

arvo l

Another bad rip off of Minecraft. What the hell? Totally terrible. "Free Minecraft" does not exist. Everyone who gave this a good rating has bad taste in video games.

Troy Jordan

World craft This is better than mine craft in my perspective because you get fishing rods boats and animals to. Also mincraft doesn't Evan have boats nor fishing rods

Ikeoluwa Bamgbade

Whyyyy The Internet game is not working and I deleted it and got back and I did it again and I press the play button and that worked but not that BAD GAME??

golden creeper

Hate this game? Then get EXPLORE it's mine craft but with skin packs already in it!

xXgamingXx Tyler

Graphics same as minecraft The graphics look awsome just like minecraft thx for making it online too i give you five stars thx make a worldcraft 3

Durga Devi

This game is awesome But it lags when I move it side please fix this problem in next update I will give 5 stars and one more it also always stucks . if this problem is fixed we no need to buy Minecraft for money it lags soooooooooooooo bad

Derpy Dashie

Sucks balls U have to tame a stupid sheep, cant kill anything and there are no resources around at all except dirt sand and water . DONT DOWNLOAD AT ALL!!!!

Abi Ajja

I loved it But Pls Give more Trees Jungle And Add minecart power rail and

Yecenia Hernandez

TERRIBLE... This game is so TERRIBLE so whoever made this game.They suck..HATE this game so much.Dont buy this game please people.REFUND FOR WHOEVER MADE THIS GAME

Shilah Love

Amazing This is amazing you can get it for free and its fun your kid would love it ok

Laja Khadka

Hate it more I haven't even played this game because it sends me to the home screen fix it

Danna Aguilera

Very Bad The game sucks it's slow it's too can't get in my home and this was the worst game I ever played I won't recommend to people if you want 5☆☆☆☆☆ make it better ?

Daniel Grady

BTW If you didn't like this game try kidblock. I know it isn't as good as minecraft but if ur looking for a free versoin then what do you expect.

Lissette Perez

HEADS UP!!!!! what's the matter with the game whenever I explore the world its sooooooo small and no skins HATE IT

lana baca

Umm... It will not work. I get on I can't move I can't do anything. It never loads.

SiameseKitty cat

THIS GAME IS THE WORST I cant play online cant change my skin way to many ads

Mollie Beardsmore

There are no trees what happend? With out trees you cant make pretty much everything! The world is very slow with loading in! Dont get this game!!!

Zach Malestrom

This is how good the game is I haven't even played it and. I am already rating a 5

Ariana Fernandez

Love this game You get to play the game isd of looking at the idvis they give you for minecraft

Toni Kisek

In this game, you can only pick flovers and kill animals. It's boring!

Digna Ottaviano

My world I love it try im sure you would like it!! ;-)

Rebecca Alforque

this game is better than minecraft there is no signs but i spawned a dungeon master in quick start but my npcs destroyed it and i don't even build a house or any shelter

Sephora Mullins

Cmon haters its a game Really if people like it or not it doesn't matter so don't hurt anybodys feelings

Kai Jackson

?nice maybe hats a up are ui are what ever I guess it's ok

Yolanda Scott

DO NOT GET??? This game is very will not open,the screen goes blank,and then,multiplayer doesn't work.????

talkys lots

I would give it 5 stars but the ad covers the page. GET THE AD OUT OF THE WAY

libra brewer

I love it Piston,button,pressure plates, lever wow even better than Minecraft pe

Marquise Brooks

Just like minecraft Awesome game! It is just like minecraft pocket edition!

Jethro Alejandrino

It Suck I hate it! It won't even open. I'm just using my brother's account by the way. But still it sucks! Wven though I can open it, it's still bad. I hope that I don't need to rate it anymore, I hope I cuold just write a comment! >:(

Megan Brookes

Defiantly a 5 star!!! Don't listen to any rubbish rates because it's the best minecraft game in the world . You can get cats, bunny's, bees, all sorts of monsters , and different coulered sheep!

Hailey Rogers

My opion u shouldnt get it It mite be doing it to your phone but here is some help if not phone then otheir thing if u have glithches deletw it and im just saying pepole should get but on the otheir hand i think it great and fun pls fix it keeps kicking me off

Jess Ferris

Love it but How do you join peoples worlds or get them to join yours please someone answer me and help me in the game i'm player01

Zara Choudhury

Man this sucks. This sucks this sucks this sucks! I've only got 1thing to say about it ......THIIIIIIIIS SUUUUUUUUCKS!

Mary Nguyen

Wow I ade crazy things call TNT MODLES

Dhilegdys Garcia

Woohoo!!! Loved it Im con3ct with Fabiana Woohoo!!!

Anime Fan Club

HOW TO JOIN? Everything is okay, buy i cannot join with my fren! Idk how to! Can someone pls help me?

Astreed Rodas

It is awesome my kids loved it because it just like minecraft

LAURIS Bagdons

Fix the bug When I go to sleep in the game then when I wake up my mobile phone turns off the game please fix this problem

Paulette Amos

It is great

marrie jane chiong

it very amazing love it

naqina noor

LOVE IT!!!!! its so awesome!!!

Abigail Sullivan

Do not get it! This game is so stupidly the worst game I have ever played

tianna clark

so fun this game is so fun because some dume. people say this is so boring but if you crude give it a chance it will be so fun me and my sister was like it so boring to but if you can keep on playing it will turn out fun she was like omg and i was like omg to. play this game it is it is not like Minecraft ok it is not like it i have a friends to that have it and they say this is not similar to Minecraft.o.k.

Amy Parr

DO NOT DOWN LOAD THIS GAME This game is so BAD!!!! I went on it and it just went back to the home screen

Leticia Madge

World Craft It would be a better game if u could see where everything is

Piper Marchant

Does not work Does not open the game.???

Tonya Woodworth

Good Ok i like it cause its like MC but can u have different skins or at least be able to use premade skins?

Jamie Settle

Awesome Sauce This thing is amazing

jacky lei

I love it it is almost like the normal pocket edition mincraft

ashley robichaux

I soooooo confused It doesn't have any persons only little crechers

Madeline Fraser

It's OK I guess.... It keeps lagging and sighing me out fix it please

Vincent Quintero

to many adds and to slow whenwver i tap something a add shows up and the game is to slow

Erik Ronaldo

FIX It keeps taking me back to the home screen

stewart Kidd

It will not open Wtf i get it an now it will not open wow

Winonah Ellis

OK It is like minecraft but i like the online action

akita neru

No other Where all? -_-

TheDragonGamerG XY

FANTASTIC It fun and cool but there are so much GUEST

emz 010579

It look like minecraft It's amazing it looks like Minecraft but the graphics is cool

Shelly Hafner

Wow Love it soo good I like the monsters and the sheering sheep

taniyah stewart

Stupid game This is the worst game ever that it is stupid

Astrid Emanuels

Speed Very laggy. Don't download. Just uninstalling.

Jonathan Macias

bad can't do anything in there

Karl Gellado


Mary Martínez

Love it so much

Annika K


Ikenna Oguanuo

Fun and the best online game

Verity Havenhand

Amazing Graphics. Awsome

Jakeline Delgadillo

Love it Its amazing

Julliana Laus

Great and Awesome Game But it always stop... I Cant even build just one building.. Pls. Fix becauae I really wanna play this normally.. Its almost like my dream because its like minecraft I'm a total fan of minecraft pls. Fix this I swear I will give 5 stars if fixed please read this.

josephina gonzalez

Ok It's like Minecraft but I can't find any trees to start crafting?otherwise great game

Queen Elsa Of Arendelle

Defiantly a 5 star!!! Don't listen to any rubbish rates because it's the best minecraft game in the world . You can get cats, bunny's, bees, all sorts of monsters , and different coulered sheep!

Meow Kid1395

Not Working When I started I thought finally I can play with others... Well that didn't happen because it kept on saying connection timed out. Really? I have a new tablet a perfect WI-FI box and this happens? Fix it ok

Makayla B

Awful! Can't even change my skin, limited items, and multiplayer doesn't work!? Please FIX THIS!

Melanie Martinez

So cool and addictive Its like minecraft but a lil bit better the graphics and the game is cool

Christian Rivera

I love it but it has railroad but no railcarts. So can you please put railcarts.

Jadis Goyeau

It's OK I think it's OK but when I'm on fast mode and I'm walking it glitches and I have to stay on slow mode the whole time which is really annoying.

A Google User

Same game as the one I have. I have a different game that is literary the same and mine is better so I'm going back to the other game.

Janeria Dulin

OMG!!!!!! This game is freaking AWESOME!!!! SO, I saw I the inventory box, and there are kittens, computers, rats, bees and so much more!!!! YOU NEED TO GET THIS GAME!!!!

Javier Neaves

Omg nice game Bruh every ones hating ur game its the best when I play its purfect u should banned the haters

Bertrand Sy

This is the most AWESOME!! Game ever Epic laptop and tap and hold killing

ahmad shafie

Adventure Time do like Well aware that one of your okay okay okay okay okay9

Dan Fan

Huh :( "cry" "sobbing" I see my friend play it in he iPad and now I'm play in my iPad but it can't download it why why "crying" :(. It also broken like all people say right right?

Rozana Ramdat

Awsome This just like minecraft pocket edition but beter and FREE. U can habe magic lasos and cool bugs. Fasinating ???????????????

Jamon Terry

fix it when I tap the game it say the game stop if you fix it I we'll give you more Star's

A Google User

Okay Its a nock off of minecraft pe but its okay

Kimberly Giles Aguliar

Its like minecraft But has few stuff thats not

anony mous 222

It wont work On my htc it wont work it crashes when i open game

Janela Faith

Why? Why I'm join in other game but is not working!?

limpfall 12

A some Cool the best

Amari Thomas

I can't go on line it sucks

K Raja

This is not like minecraft It's not bad

Victoria Mcguinness

It doesn't work The loading is finish but every thing is blue

Bringitguys beastmode

Sucked please make trees everywhere??????????

Grechen Vicente

I can't even It is so bad I can't even

cookie party

Love it I love it and I would put a sixth star if there was and the reason why is I want railroad carts

Nurin Insyirah

HATE I hate that game I always hate it

Breanna Clifford/ward

Cool Play with my cus I do

Christian Anzaldua

Love I love this game ?

Gail Wade

I loved it its so fun

CareynJon Yergerman

This game is aosom This game is aosom


Loved it Awesome

Aurora Reesie

Take Cover I love this game almost like minecraft but cooler well not really but cool!! Awesome air cooler 2 very cool I love this game so badly it's just cool cuckoo cuckoo awesome bro MLG face! Check out my channel Aurora Reese's my favorite YouTubers KSI CSC Chad gamer Sally green Audrey RadioJH and also more. Sorry I'm using a microphone!!!!!!! Oh nevermind you say it for it cuz you could only pick up flowers so sorry it's boring as and my brother is a very f****** stupid

xIcey The 2ndx3

How do you make a stuff It's great but I'm having a problem him do you make stuff I know how to get to it but I can't make the stuff that needs more than 2 or more different items like a pickaxe I don't know how to put the stuff in two or three different boxes on the crafting box with the ... But yeah can I have some help?!


Ummm Dont get your hopes up with this game it's lagging all the time and the multiplayer doesn't dont waste your time nor storage.

Valorie Faye Legaspi

Similar to minecraft I loooooove it LOL so cool because you can fly slowly end faster so cool things

sherry-lynn Huggins

Hate When I play no ppl play, it's all about playing together.So please ppl play. Thx!.lol

Nadia Areej

Its is amazing but I have a problem with which person i am playing

Exited! Me and my friend Jacob are trying to find a online friend game and I hope this is it!

Payton Lachance

What a rip off Every time I join I crash I'm defeating this

Trayc Davis

It won't let me play I didn't play it yet because I press one and nothing happens plz fix

Ella Pocknall

Love it! Best savable mine craft ever avalible on the tablet apart from the origanal

My dream This is are the biggest dream house ,my dream world and everything i dont have is caming true.....

Joanna Villanueva

Thx i dont like it i love it but... I dont see no players in a silerver but i still like it.if thar is players it is 5 stars but if not i give this 4 stars so plz be players now plz plz plz :( :(????????

Makayla's Minigames

Awesome!!!:-D Its just like mine craft but a little bit off but I still love it!!! ;-)

Addrianne Valente

BORING This is very let me see obviously,BORING

Hennitta Mursalim

Best I like the girl ot NPC,I like the trader,I like the kittens,I like the animals,I like the blocks,I LIKE EVERYTHING!!?

Brandon Scott

Hey is this a cool game I think I whould play it

Michael Ware

I was playing with my cousin and it won't let me move

Hannah Guo

Where is the online player? I found it but i can not play

hero gaming and more

It's OK it's good but it looks like it's ripping off minecraft

Shyann Surgeon

Keeps glitching Annoying

khaty dj

Loved it!!! This is the best game ever!!!!?

Syed Quadri

amazing it does not have ads and it is so easy to play and fun to play

Ruth Layan

Not good enough

Maddie Barker

Omg Loved it

happy cookie

Geart Hello if you like killer this a good game. If your not a big killing fan you can create and mode animals.i love Minecraft cats so that's part of the reason I rated 5 stares

Randall Keesling

I love the game but Game ads are typically popping up and of course bugs me not that great with being bugged by pop ups

Khari Montgomery

I like the game but I like the game but it always messing up like the odds of you messing up my brother's phone me my brother my sister was just playing the game and it messed up my brother's phone it made my brother's phone cut off and it won't come on no more and the game is always messing up you need to delete the ads delete the ads make sure the ads don't come on anymore it's annoying when the ads come on the game is good but the ads is killing it the ads is killing it the game is the game is starting to become annoying

Bradley Nall Nall

It wont let me play every time I try playing it it crashes Every time i try playing it it crashes & need to fix it

Jolene Gorman

Its great but not the best I like mine craft but i rather on the xbox at my friends house its way better and it keeps stopping on me

Skye Cobb

Hate it Every time I mash open it goes to a black screen then it asks if I want to reopen it?

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