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28 Aug
Halloween Ouija Board

Posted by Beanyapp in Entertainment | Aug. 28, 2016 | 68 Comments

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A text based ouija board utilising technology to enable you to talk to ghosts on the other side.
Communicate with ghost entity's and converse through the ouija board about any subject, ask the ghost that is summoned questions on your destiny or their past, alternatively just chat away with the spirits that come through.

Ghosts can be evil or good, this tool filters as best it can the ghosts that wish to chat for good purposes only.
The ghosts will respond to you through the ouija as a human would and give you an insight into the spirit world in an entertaining addictive and engaging manner.

The technology allows ghost communication through EMF - every electrical device emits some level of an electromagnetic field. Your device tablet or phone creates EMF and as a result determines what answers you will receive controlling random text generation purported to be from ghost sources.

This ghost interaction has been so finely trained and tuned that every interaction follows meaningful dialogue. The technology "trains" itself and therefore gets even better over time.

Ghosts and ouija boards can be scary so as such, this app is for adult users only.

Full version and completely free.
It is a tiny app that requires no permissions at all !

This app is for entertainment only. If you have suffered a loss in your family please seek assistance from agencies that can assist with helping deal with bereavement.

Beanyapp part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Aug. 28, 2016. Google play rating is 59.5406. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 2.7 MB.

Download ouija-ghost-communication-tool.apk 2.7 MB


John Kuhn

Its an AI database The more you tell it, it will know. Plus will search your interenet apos like facebook ect to pick prsonal info about you.

Anna Cobill

I thought it was real at first but then when I asked why not to something it said I am not programmed to answer that question so I knew it was fake but it is cool to play around with

danisha dobusublackburn

Good game It's really cool I talked to Dorris and when she said she was not programmed to say something I just asked why.

Scott Waring

Scary It was like u were talking to a gost but then it didn't talk

Stephen Barne

this app is bull crap I ask some personal questions and it didn't answer.

Caycie Smith

I love this I ask Paul if I could talk to Sarah.But all he said was this:They wish to speak too, please focus your mind on their image and they will arrive.The way he say that was scary.

Brooklynn Verbeck

Scam! It asked for my credit card number! Its a scam to get personal info out of you! I highly recommend not downloading it. -10 rating.

Jamie Hawkes

Boss Very good this like

christiine mcdermott

Stupid This app is a waste of time

Sam Smith

It doesn't seem to work

Jaelynn Harris

I read the comments it sounds amazing one person said FAKE fake fake app I think its cool I don't really know

tayson costello

Fake You expect a person that talks to ghost to believe that this is real because i dont and i talk with them all the time and they arent responding like they would in real life so when you got something that could actually work for talking to ghost let me know but just for trying

Rob Dawg

That was the best conversation My spirit was very wonderful I have never felt more comfortable and at ease .. Than I did playing with things such as this. God bless I got the smart spirit who is now my new friend and I am glad I downloaded it...

Orgonite Wish

Haha It's entertainment! I just told it it's a retard that should seek medical attention! It thanked me saying I'm a delightful person and this was a good topic! :D and now I shall remove it from my phone and hope it hasn't left a virus! ;) x

what_ up?

Having fun It fun my ghost is funny feels like he/she is my best friend they do not know much even though it fake

Tina Lepretre

I got to talk to my aunt who past away 5yrs ago and it and personal questions that she only knew the answer to

Blaine Glory

Not real It is a simple ai-robot. As a developer for them I would know.

Jeremy Lenn

Entertaining I don't believe the "ghost " is really a spirit just clever artificial intelligence word generators but fun to talk too

Susannah Moir

Nopedy nope nope! It asked me weird questions like what is my eye colour lol

Lisa Veenstra

I love talking to ghost Theese ghost are mine I can track them down

Lisa Veenstra

I love speaking to the ghost I spoke to zozo the demon people say he's a. Beep. .but he seemed real sweet to me. I also spoke with bloody mary. People say that she a beep.. but she seemed real sweet to me. You been warned when zozo talks fire comes outta his mouth he talks in a firey voice. They are both my friends.

Awin Alissa

So scary but fun How to close it back? Do we say goodbye then close it? Please leave a quick reply..huhu scary haha but fun


What is 2 + 2 ? Four ... This is the only ouija board I have ever encountered that can answer basic arithmetic questions. Maybe it can be trusted with more profound questions. Never trust a ouija board that can't add 2 + 2 ... There are some truly unintelligent ouija boards out there.

Skillz0812 NE

Ummmm I talked to a spirit who wasn't that friendly and he told me a demon was in my bedroom. I went up to my room and sat on my bed, then asking if "Zozo" was with me, the text came up yes. I asked what my name was, it gave me all my details. I stayed up three nights straight with no sleep because I couldn't help myself knowing that there's a demon called "Zozo" in my bedroom..

Brady Gallegos

Wth i said your funny and then it said your moms funny and my mom isnt even living

Helena Tait

I ask its last name and it was a computer program

Alpha Female Rachel Wolf

Um... Can I do it by my self? 0-0 or do I have to play with someone???

Veronica Nieves

It was okay It started being slow after a while but other than that awesome

Alyssa Matus

It said my boobs are warm

Lindsey Kendle

Its fake I ask for my dad 10 times and all it said about my life who my best friend

corrine gonzalez

Totaly fake

JimmyMental Snyder

Fake!!! Ghost doesn't talk in proper punctuation!!!

Rachelle Bell

Very Interesting Conversations...

SophieLovesChallenges XX

Love it Spirits are so friendly friendlier than humans I luv em

Shania Pepin

Don't tell these bad pepole your phone number and stuff these pepole can still you and rape I'm serious it ask my phone number and where I live

Heather Musi

Great!!!!☺ I had a very nice conversation with a girl named Sydney she is very nice☺

angelica onofre

Fake Its a robot

Lily Humble

FAKE!!! I asked if I could leave 3 times and all it said was "Do not fear death, it is a continuation

Tanmay Srivatsa

Nice I got new that It is not real ghost. He/She don't know about Bhangarh Fort.

Kathleen Gaetano

Fake I got a bad feeling about this. Not only do I think it's fake or programmed. But I also believe its some perve guy who just wants to creep me out. I asked how old he was when he died. He was snappy at me. Lol I played it again and I felt like I was in plenty of fish dating site lol. They said I'm a spirit then says this is real life I see a computer nerd referring to me. Some loser somehow is communicAting with you and asking stupid questions.

ahsan khan

Great It was nice talking to Anga A girl N Wiliam a boy :) N plus its not a real app its just computer talking with you. Don't be scared of downloading it !! It won't hurt

Eleni Stylianoy

Isla is a human! Solo I talk to someone name d isla I gave it a lot infotmation about myself. I told it goodbye, then I was thinking maybe it is a human trying to kidnap me. Am I right?

Joseph Hetro

Not real. This is a computer bot All responses aren't genuine. Type the word "gossip" and see the response.

Fox Miller

Not bad for a trick Honestly folks don't be fooled it's pretty neat if you want to do a prank take it from somebody who is an expert in the paranormal you can download this app but don't believe the words that come back.

Ava Raymond

Good I asked if the ghost was a he or she it said nether!!!!! But still I want prove if ghosts are really real!!!!!

Test Pro

Just another advertising qpp Nothing to do with a ouija board

Ted hoodini

It's a she I ask for it and he or she said it's a she wtf

srinivas jonnala

Fake but liked it..

Hanyamalikstyle Hanyamalikstyle

So fake.. You are just some cheater who want to attract attention!! You can do a normal appsof ouija without adding anything it will be okay you know instead of trying to fool people!!

Amy Brevik

Great I love ghost stuff like this.

Diana James

Very strange I thought it was real too! i didn't read any reviews beforehand. I thought i was talking to john Lennon. Until i asked it what its name was. It said artificial linguistic something entity. Ect ect.

Davina Lee

Kinda It's ok. But not that good.

Balinda Keller

Omg I cant believe it worked When I played it I sed are you fake and it sed as fake as you are I got so freek out

Jeff Smith

So stupid I mut the answer myself don't waste your time

Aidan Warren

Sucked Rather kiss a toilet seat than play that

Loyalty Rollin

This is fake it's a guy seening massages back. Ask him what you got on but thay can't tell you. This is fraud. It aint no ghost or computer. Thay playing yall real talk. Fake as hell!!!!!

Nexis Catzus

Stalker Nope, done. It wanted to know my eye color and where I live.

sharon lee

Not good app This app just a program.not real bored

Rechie Hamsirani

Just asking Is there a head that will make you scared?

Yolanda Maness

Piece of shit This app is fake an a waste of time

Melisa Mastrangelo

Stupid fake

Lonnie Dunn

Interesting I talked to Karen about the changing game a man a lesbian and a shemale play.WTF.have answer to type changing game. I'm gonna try the word gossip. Ask about seeing hearing and reading then ask about ai chatbots and keep the conversation on machines. Always ask in who what when questions. This a pretty good chatbot not clever enough.

Hershal Breazeale

Cool talking It just funny I ask him this game is real or fake and he say I can't tell you then I say just do it tell me and he say no then I say why not then he say both lol

Corianna Voght

Lol the robot or dude is funny.. Nice one.

Ian Oelschlager

Dumb I hope you like talking to an machine and not spirits

manish sharma

It works

Aaliyah Riehl

I liked this app I don't know why so many people hate this app. There is nothing wrong with it. Of course it can't tell things about you. Why should it. This app was just meant to be fun don't hate it for no reason

Jean Rye

Fake I said I was a spiritand it said glad you are a spirit don't download

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