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16 Feb
OU Brainwave

Posted by The Open University in Educational | Feb. 16, 2015 | 34 Comments

Apk file size: 6.3 MB

Brainwave is a free, research focused psychology app from The Open University and Reed.

We’ve taken five tasks from the world of psychology research and turned them into quick, fun, mobile phone/tablet games.

Each game is designed to test a different facet of cognitive ability:

- Super snap (Working memory)
- Track (Split attention)
- React (Vigilance)
- Spin (Spatial processing)
- Hotspot (Learning)

By playing the games, you will build up a profile of your performance across the day—your ‘Brainwave’—charting how your cognitive performance varies across the day and finally answering whether you are actually a ‘morning’ or ‘evening’ person.

Your scores will also be anonymised and uploaded to the research team at The Open University.

Here, they will be combined with scores from all the other users of the app in order to research how circadian rhythms and time-of-day affects cognitive performance

To see whether you are a morning or evening person, download the app now!

Whats new

    Addresses instability issues.

The Open University part of our Educational and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Feb. 16, 2015. Google play rating is 54.5055. Current verison is 1.0.3. Actual size 6.3 MB.

Download ou-brainwave.apk 6.3 MB


Michael Crofton-Atkins

Dubious. The spacial rotation game sometimes displays the pattern rotated in more than one possible angle of rotation, but doesn't say pick 90°, 180°, 270°. So picking the right one is down to luck. The rolling ball game needs a calibration feature; it's horribly imprecise. Mood is a big factor and this game tends to annoy me, than please me.

Myra Soeharjono

Great overall - effective, simple design. Only trouble is the rolling ball game: doesn't perfectly respond to movement. Otherwise great app to help you re-focus when you're feeling a little sluggish and contributes to research.

Maggie Jones

Poor design I was told to expect a certain game but got the same game 5 times in a row! Which was boring to say the least. At the end it had recorded that I'd only played two games and then said not enough data for a score! Useless app.

Malcolm Fewtrell

Option to turn sound off? The games are OK, and I'm sure they run better on more modern devices (using RAZRi). There is no option to turn the sound off, and the link between the general device tones volume seems to no longer work after this update.

Amy Doom

Does not work Games will not load.

Sean Goodman

Does not work on Samsung note 10.1 tablet After pressing start game, the app pauses for a moment and then screen goes blank. It the reverts to where you provide details of mood and waking up time etc.

Helen Blankley

Having issues Can't select dots on the game follow properly

annette gardiner

Ou brainwave It's fun, and keeps me entertained


Good idea....... Bad execution! The time is day slant is cool but the games and bugs need work.

James Whitehouse

Good but spoiled by bad game mechanics. Doesnt account for odd sleep schedules. Asked me how long i'd slept for at 5am when I was just going to bed. Presumably this will lead to bad data. The hotspot game is broken. It doesn't react well. The ball can be on the hotspot (once actually in the centre) and still say you failed. The ball lights in the general area of the spot but not actually on the spot.

Paul Mabbs

Couple of issues The hidden area puzzle doesn't react to movement correctly (I'd say miscalibrated device, except other apps read it right) and it's not interested in 11pm to 4am, which is when I'm most creative. Apparently night owls aren't interesting. :(

Yngve Rogstadkjaernet

Crashes a lot The app crashes a lot and will jump back out of games for no apparent reason. Great app but needs some wrinkles ironed out.

Liz Howard

Great theory, needs fixes There's no exit button, have to manually swipe from open apps list on Samsung S5. The hot spot game pinger lags behind the dot. The super snap game is sometimes wrong (and I've checked this with other people!) I think it's if you answer too quickly, there's a lag in its memory. Doesn't let you shut down mid game (if the phone rings and I come out of it I get a bad score, which seriously skews the results!). Fun games though and would be interesting results... if they were correct.

Jirka Konietzny

Really cool Forget candy crush, farmville or whatever those games are called. With brainwave you not only play fun games, you also help researchers and you can find out whether you're a morning or evening person. Really cool, in other words! 5 stars!

dPHender son

Good idea, but needs work. No tests to account for creativity or planning. How the hotspot test accounts for learning new things seems ineffable. The track game is impossible - on my phone at least. And since the scoring encourages guessing, the results are nearly random - bad test. And all of the tests occasionally score incorrectly, so that's frustrating. No exit button and it notifies for a new session even while I'm in the midst of taking one.

Effing Offoff

Not supported on Samsung tablets? Installs okay but as soon as games starts it crashes. Hopefully it'll be supported soon!

Marlon Kirkham

Good app Like this, works fine on Sony Xperia Z. Make sure you complete your tests each time otherwise the time chosen will be when you started. In other words, if you start at 7 am, but complete at 2pm, it will record a 7am reading.

Geoffrey Newman

Great idea but Unfortunately the roller ball does not work on my htc one. Also the one where you have you have to pick second item match occasionally keeps picking items even when i havenot touched it. Would be great if the app had a contact email so they could get this info direct. Great fan of OU but......

Nigel Hunt

Needs attention Good idea but hopeless for those of us who are colourblind. Come on- red green colourblindness is the most common. Don't expect us to be able to handle the differentiation of the two!

Andy Boura

Good idea but a bit buggy Hotspot! game is broken on Samsung G4

Tim Bourne

Rubbish! It simply does not work. The games never start, and it loops back to the start of session.

Bri S

Brilliant app well worth downloading

Andrew McDermott

Interesting, but a couple of games are slighlty buggy on my Galaxy S4 Had some trouble with the hotspot/ball rolling game - even when I had the ball over the correct spot and the colour had changed, it didnt recognise it as in the area when coming to an end, even though the ball was clearly in the circle when the time ended and the overlay appeared. Also had some trouble with the control mechanism - a couple of times when clicking the circles in the reaction / focus test, a totally different circle was highlighted, as if I had pressed it, and therefore marking the response as incorrect. Hopefully these minor bugs can be corrected.

Philip Hawkins

I am colour blind and colour definition was often too poor to be able to identify the objects.

Lorna Reddington

Does not work Loved the idea but it just does not work.

lee Jones

Great idea badly executed The game mechanics are clunky and irresponsive, this will lead to inaccurate results.

Barbara Millington

doesn't work! It wouldn't work! When I clicked on a game it kept reverting to the screen asking about my current mood and hours of sleep!

Tiff Whiff

The Hotspot Ball game is utterly useless.

Ting Ting Chan

Bugged The app is very bugged. Very. Example one: the tilt your device game - sometimes the ball would roll off the edge of the screen and completely disappear, to be never seen again. Example two: when it successfuly searches for a new game, after allowing the user to press "begin" the screen immediately switches back to the tilt your phone to find the hidden spot game. Until these bugs are fixes, I can only give it a 1/5 no matter how much potential the app has.

David Allen

Faulty Doesn't work on my tablet (locks up) or on my phone (can't select items). Wasted my time

Odd Sheep-Out

Nice idea but badly done The idea is absolutely nice. But the app freezes very often. And frequently, when a game was already chosen taping start, restarts the game roulette choosing another game. In the rolling game the balls reaction on being on target seriously lags. Aside from that serious quality problems, it seems to lack 24 hour support essential for real night owls being awake around midnight. And the evaluation graph is hard to read with just some pictures of the sun/moon instead of an accurate, say hourly, time scale.

Arcturus Bootes

Doesn't work I'm sure the app is great and a lot of fun to use, but it simply crashes on my Asus tablet before any game can be loaded. Additionally, the form with questions about mood and hours of sleep gets duplicated after the crash. Will be happy to try it again once it's fixed.

Megan Pimley

Stupid!!!!!!! Stupid!! I tried two games they didn't even make sense. Waste of time don't get it!!!

Al Tar

Horrible The ball game is a total disgrace. This app is designed for a rotary disc telephone, it doesn't use any of the sensors in a smartphone.

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