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20 Apr

Posted by ga2mer in Entertainment | April 20, 2015 | 104 Comments

Apk file size: 7.6 MB

Android client for, view profiles and download beatmaps for osu!droid.
This is not game, it's client for site

Whats new

    - Skins
    - Redesign
    - Optimization
    - Minor changes
    - Widget

ga2mer part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 20, 2015. Google play rating is 57.8356. Current verison is 2.8. Actual size 7.6 MB.

Download osu-client.apk 7.6 MB



New features are broken Any time i try to open the skins menu, it crashes instantly, the widget fails to load player stats, and its much more u stable. Heres a tip, dont release the app until the features are at least functional

Steven Sobremesana

Can't do anything Am I the only one who have this problem? I definitely can't do anything. If I tap one of the menu at the left eg. Beatmaps, Skin, Stream it crashes. I can't even search anyone. I tried this in 3 different devices with different internet connections just to make sure if the problem is my phone or my net and yet same problems occur.

Jake Fleming

Good app for stats But I can't seem to be able to search for user profiles. It simply displays no results whenever I search a player's name. Edit: its fixed!!

Orin Kenny

Amazing update Guys! The new skins feature is amazing, and finally gives osu!droid more personality and the ability to easily make it like my PC client. Thank you so much!

Kendall Harley

Good, but... Every skin I download fails to unzip, please fix as soon as possible

Haryanto duwi

Useless app I can't downloads beatmap,can search only. Please fix it. Dont download this application guys

Davis Bolt

All the songs I downloaded are only 20 seconds long


yea I can search my IGN yasssss

Tohka Yatogami

I Love it! Keep doing it Guys! Thid helps me, it makes my download easier! Please fix it ASAP if there is problems , i support this app!

Lucy Heartfelia anime

Perfect I cannot find anything wrong with osu! It is so Awesome

richie stephan

Just a client Very nice way to find beatmaps. No problems. Just remember to clear osu!droid cache and save in right folder.

Phillip Stewart

Never works . Doesn't detect any songs even when i freshly download them and can't get songs in app. Dissatisfied.

Christopher Davies

Can't tell I cant tell how good it is becuz every time I press browse beat maps it freezes

Young Kim

The beatmaps Almost none of them work.

Punks Vaughndell

SUCKS This osu!client app sucks it can't even play the games and the songs are like 5 seconds long, PLEASE PEOPLE DONT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!

James Cummins

Won't work on s3 Crashes after asking for nickname, had to hard reboot my phone cause I couldn't even exit the screen it froze on.

Benjamin Gonzalez

Nice The percentage on the level seems to not work.


Cannot dl song, stuck at search beatmap page :-(

- Levant Veils -

Nice One step closer to full osu! Very nice app

Aeromn Agojo

Need mania Add mania please ! :(

Bruno Wayrynen

Wow! Great improvments, now it looks just beautiful! Can you please add country ranking?

Frenciel Anggi

confusing i have download a song but when i open osu!droid there's still no songs!! i dont really understand this app. so its just seeing others profile and songs and download it without any purpose?!

Ellis Davis

Not working App crashes all the time

Maksim Suboc

It works well, thanks for great work.

Jacob Valdez

Thanks! Helps with PC OSU! aswell, thanks! And the OSU!droid Format for song downloads isnt user friendly, this app helps alot!

Richard Wiltshire

Eh? I'm guessing the website will show me how to get downloads to work right? Because for now I'm like Wtf? X.x

Natasha Middleton

I dont know... I search up beat maps but they never show up on the list which is a bit disappointing.

Austin Evesson

Bull Doesnt show any downloads at all. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

Msdomokun 01

DO NOT DOWNLOAD! It's pretty obvious that it doesnt work. Just look at the reviews (most of them, 5 stars but doesnt even have a comment) . For short Its fake and it doesnt work and its just a waste of time. =_=

Kaye Denise

sigh it crashes everytime i choose a beatmap to download it sigh

quentin pastore

So close I love osu, and this is as close as It gets on android sadly this isn't close at all, can't play songs even keep trying to port this and I appreciate him for trying, but he fell short.

Alexius Panglima

Dafuq? It freezes every goddamned time when I go to the search beatmaps

Đýłæň Ģãřŕəţť

I can't even play!! I have a note 2 and it keeps saying error...

Rashaun Campbell

LAMEEE but still 5 stars :3

Justin Calvero

every time i download beatmaps it doesnt download but the game is good !

Богдан Игнатьев

Good app for osu!droid Developers, can you change download to only soundtrack and difficulty levels. It would be great. Because osu!droid can't read videos, skins e.t.c. Thank you.

kieran prenter

Crashes The app crashes very often for no purpose. It's not when I run specific tasks as I've managed to download beatmaps. It seems if I'm on the menu too long then it will crash but the only when I'm on it. Becomes a problem as I have to make my browsing fast and know what I want to get it quickly before the app crashes and closes. If this problem gets fixed then the app will be good as the downloads work well with no problems.

ai'sha claire monso

crashes everytime and it freezes my phone .. dont have a choice but to restart my phone ..

Cody Taylor

Needs work The profile viewer works great but all the other features cause it to crash.

Clayton Pornwizard-Irwin

Fails after download After downloading a beatmap the client crashes

Lilangel AJ

Search Problems Everything worked fine. I didn't crash, I could look up profiles, and the download was quick and easy. BUT when I tried to search beatmaos nothing showed up.

Manot Simpson

Very useful! Very fast, makes it very simple and super easy to download beatmaps for osu! droid and taiko(not that it's likely that osu! droid will actually work with any beatmaps). I especially love the widget that allows you to see a players' rank at a glance instead of searching up the username in the app itself. However I would love to see it display things like pp and accuracy. Still the app does what it is mainly intended for, I love it!

Kyung-ah Kim

Uh. -_- When I search beatmaps for Vocaloid, nothing appears. It crashes also. F this.

Tracy Jordan

Fix it. Won't load for some reason. I can see the search tool but then it crashes.

Bayu Setiawan

Still have a bug This app crash when finished downloading beatmap, please fix it,

Destinie Niemann

I want to download beatmaps! I like that this would make looking up profiles that much easier, but I really want to download beatmaps as the other Downloader doesn't work.

Oterann Minato

suddenly stop When I use it, it's almmost always like " Unfortunately, Osu!client has stop". And sometime when I almost done downloading sth, THis happen. sigh

dark creatures

Sucks Whenever i go into the search beatmaps to look for new ones the search doesnt work

kory howard

It worked before This app used to work for me before, but now I can't find beat maps, if I could find and download beat maps I would rate it 5 stars.

Emperor Snuffy

Beatmaps You can't search any beatmaps. The search doesn't work.

Cage Antonio

Can't search F this man, IT DOES NOT WORK

Freakinz Nightmare

Login You should let us login to out own OSU account and lat us compare with other players

Ethereal Moon

No Beatmaps??? Everything else is working fine but when it comes to downloading beatmaps nothing shows up :/

Sarah Rahmania Hanif

Not working Waiting and waiting to download the beatmap, but it shows nothing. I'm not even sure whether the search button is function properly or not.

latio many

Glitches from me britches It's OK when it works, but usually doesn't work

Idella Montague

It would be nice if there was a list of users when the app starts up, so you don't have to spend so long looking up this user for this song before having to type their name into the search bar. And when I do go to search for beatmaps, by the way, I type in the names of songs I know should be on there, with the right filters, but NOTHING SHOWS UP. Not even a "No Results Found" notification.

Joe Wilson

Broke osudroid After downloading a song whenever i opened osudroid it crashes waste of time

Anna F. Baio

Uugh None of the OSU! Related games work AT ALL. The login system is bugged and k can't download any freaking songs. Waste of time.

Chelsey Teo

Nothing come out! When I go to the beatmap, nothing go out and the skins too. Only the stream and user is working.

Arvids Kokorits

Near useless No beatmaps ever appear with or without search terms.

OtakuZZZ Leedle

Pls fix Osu! Droid :( It crashes when its loading my beatmaps :(

emma squiciarino

Does not work.

Nicholas Iroth

Perfect!! Works perfectly!! No crash, no program stopped unexpectdly and unzip + downloader have no issues ^^

Reyhan Devara

Not working Keep loading but wont load beatmaps

Benediktus aprianto

Why i Cant Search For beat map :V

Otaku Senpai

Beatmaps doesn't appear User search is okay but when I Search Beatmaps doesn't appear

Mary Hagle

;-; I understand that it's a work in progress but the beatmaps won't even load for me. If you could fix it that'd be great

Bryson Dogget

Can't even search beatmaps I try and try, but it won't even search.

Tamarik Tukhikyan

Fix it please!! I Cannot find anything

Ridwan Arifin

Crash, crash, and crash. Every times caching beatmaps always close programs

The ViceAdmiral

Pointless Now The other functions seem to work ok, but you can't search for a single beatmap. Nothing shows up at all.

Esme Parris

nothing is working! not a single feature on this app is working!!!

Christian Anonymous

Broke I can't search for beatmaps. Doesn't work.

Sean Frame

Doesn't work No beatmaps show up when searching for them

Vania Lalita

Shit app So bad! Dont download this app! I cant download any song at all!

Tadhg Wilson

Doesn't work The search feature just doesn't work and the stream section isn't even streaming osu! This software I bet it can be good but it just isn't


Nothing worked No matter what I tried, no music would show up if I looked for it.

NekoChii Kawaii

Search PROBLEMS Everything IS fine EXCEPT when I search up beatmaps NOTHING pops out!

DemonX Musher

Please For GOD sake Open search beatmap , nothing showed . Just white screen . Please FIX THIS

Kitty Clusters

It won't let me play or look up anything.

Ice Fortune

Searching does not work I even put in haru modoki which you guys have in a picture and it doesn't even show up.

ethan Daniel

Can't search When I try to search beatmaps nothing happens plz fix and this will easily get alot better ratings

Alejandro Amorós

Search beatmaps doesnt work No songs for me to download. Cant play osu. Help please


Bug Everything works but i cant search anything notthing show but i can use stream like normal...pls fix :(

Fhalen Jr.17

Don't work if i search the beatmaps it's not found the searching

Dyosang Riza

Problem. I can search but when I entered a word on beatmaps, it won't load :/ Please. Help.

Hatsune Miku

Hep? I don't know how To download beatmaps.

Hopi Keleti

Help How does it work it keeps giving a blank screen and when i try to look for something it doesn't give me anything

Faye Cuyos

I can't even search When I try searching nothing comes up. Please fix.

Jason Shim

Ok, what the hell? It crashes when i try to select "search beatmap".... You've got to be kidding... right?

Chereese Durry

Why Searching for beatmaps worked, now when I search nothing shows up.


Search problems The user search works but the beat map search does not.

toby kidd

I can't get any maps at all so this app is useless

scott konkel

Does anything for this game work? I see its been a year since the last update. Is this game dead? The app won't connect to the server and your app doesn't show any beatmaps for download. THANK GOODNESS I CAN FIND OUT WHO'S STREAMING OSU THOUGH! Lol everything related to Osu Droid is a joke.

Mikaru Sweet Demon

Work in progress? Every time in every device I download it it shows up nothing.....


It doesn't work When I try to search or even find beatmaps nothing shows up its so annoying it's a pain in the butt I am getting rid of it it also does nothing

Andrew Vinter

Entirely useless, nothing shows up. Don't waste your time.

Miguel Chacon

Idk what's wrong. No matter what i do nothing loads and it keeps crashing. Just bad.

latiomany Googlekeepsannyingmeaboutalastname

Glitches from me britches It's OK when it works, but usually doesn't work

Harry Alfaro

Sucks ass... I really wanted to play the game(I know this ain't the game,I just wanted to download some fcking beatmaps)This looks fun since I watched my brother play it...Thought I would have a chance of playing it but no...

Hõpə Múełłəŕ

Ugh! When I try to search for some beatmaps, theres none there! IT ALWAYS SAYS "CANNOT CONNECT TO THE SERVER"!

Kim C

Won't Search Beatmaps every other search function works quickly and efficiently, but it won't search for a single beatmap

Johan Stander

Useless You can't download beatmaps, thats literally the only reason I needed this app

Mystic Fox9

i press search and it didnt work i try One punch man "Hero" it keeps on blank page

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