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16 Jun
Original 100 Balls

Posted by Accidental Empire Entertainment in Casual | June 16, 2016 | 149 Comments

Apk file size: 18.0 MB

100 Balls is the latest greatest and most addictive mobile game enjoyed by 4 million+ fans!

Open the lids with your tap and fill the passing cups with a variety of balls to reach higher scores! Be wary though, the longer you manage to keep up, the harder and faster it gets!

* Solid and fun physics!
* Simple yet enjoyable gameplay, just a single tap!
* Never boring, find out a brand new cup or a ball further you reach in the game!
* Beat everyone's highscores! Now with Google Play Game Services online worldwide Leaderboards!
* Includes multiple languages (English, Turkish, Russian), more on the way!
* Improve your sense of timing and reflexes

Please feel free to contact us through our contact e-mail and through your reviews, we value your input! You can also like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter, the links are in the game!

Whats new

    Thank you for your continued support and for enjoying our game!
    This version brings;
    + The cups show how much score is added per each filling now. The labels are colored based on the ball types that enter the cup
    + New background graphics
    + New better quality font for all the text in the game
    + Slightly smaller binary size
    * Fixed the missing alphabet characters in the translations
    * Removed 5 unused app permissions

Accidental Empire Entertainment part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 16, 2016. Google play rating is 78.9894. Current verison is 3.4. Actual size 18.0 MB.

Download original-100-balls.apk 18.0 MB


Jeanelle Reyes

Fun It is fun more then anygames.? . More than mincraft I hate mincraft only in tablet. I like more better Xbox and iPad

Kimberly Duarte

So fun I love the way it get faster and when you don't fill a cup it removes it and makes it a challenge but anyone loves a good challenge

Matt Stoddard

IN GAME ADS!!! I would of rated this game higher but I paid the $1.85 for the game and there are still ads at the bottom of the screen! Whats up with that? If I am paying to remove ads, why are there still ads?? You need to remove ALL the ads!! Anyone out there thinking about buying it to remove the ads, dont waste your money. If they remove ALL ads, I will come back onnand editnmy review as well as givenit 5 stars.

Quentin Keith

Two problems First there are way to many ads and I'm not paying money to get them off and then the math is terrible otherwise it's a good game

R Adams

I want my money back!!!!!!! Got the game and really liked it, so I removed the ads. Later in the day I came back on and played it on my phone and the ads were there!!!!!!

Misia Sawula

I absolutely love this, I fully endorse it. It's like tots amazballs

Monika Komorska

Real fun Its really fun and addicting, its just the ads that are a bit annoying especialy the ones on the bottom of the page. Great game otherwise tough.

Jade Casey

I love it its amazing like it does test your skills and yeah I love it I have nothing bad to say about this its fun

Jay Bradley

Ads and smoothness I have a Galaxy S5, this game it way too laggy. It acts like I have a Galaxy Nexus. The iOS version is better. Ads to, and then it all kept crashing down from there.

Daniel Sadler

It's good, or whatever ? Now down to business. There is a nuclear explosive under your house's foundations. You must disable it before it goes off at midnight TONIGHT! The problem, however, stems from the fact that the bomb is rigged up to the ground, any disturbance will detonate it. You must neutralize the ammount of force across the whole foundation to avoid detonation; your whole country is in YOUR hands. Also buy me some lube, thanks.

sophie alcock

Class Played on my friends ipad loved it so I downloaded it on my tablet and phone and now can't leave it ♥

Mackenzie Watson

Cool. It'd cool and addicting. I add suggest it for many ADHD people like me.

Jenique Spann

I played it on my mom's phone and I just had to download it if it works you guys(and gals) get 6STARS!!!

Mikayla B

... At first I thought this game had no point, and it was boring. I still decided to play a few rounds because I was bored. Now I'm addicted to this game its great! Just one problem, my mom doesn't let me buy games/anything on apps, so I can't remove the ads. I am just suggesting to not have the ad banners at the bottom of the screen, or at least let them show up less frequently.

Bobbie Stokes

Great app I found out about this app, downloaded it and it turned out to be a really fun game

Alin Cordunianu

Cool And for guys that are saying "only adds"try closing your internet while playing games

Leo Roche

Make sure your balls dont endup in there!

Alanie Hall

Alaniehall I love this game so much

Kimberly Jackson

How do you geet past the level 27

Robin Oswald

Like the game but the distracting flashing adds at the bottom make it imposible to concentrate on playing...not paying $1.85 to get rid of them.

Mikayla Reeves

Get Its sooooo addicting and fun!

Sean Connolly

Fun This is a challenging but very fun game you should really get it

Maggie Jones

Fun but.... This game is really fun but how do you move to the next level.

Raven Cary

Awesome Sauce This game is amazing! But you need to get rid of the ads, I'm not paying money to remove them. Buy otherwise very addicting and fun!

Shabana K

great!! Its's so good

Cora Kernan

Great Simply a great game - no complaints

Francesca Ford

Best game I've played in ages This game is soooo addicting! I could sit here and play it all day!! ? ?

Juliana Palomino

Cool I love the game

Big Baby Lampley

Awesome This game is so awesome u should try it its awesome amazing cool

Anthony Salcedo

Hard but in a good way! This game is extremely fun and exiting!

david haran

1090 balls I think it is quite good

Benjamin Rees

100 balls Takes ages to download

Krystal Hernandez

100balls This game is like my favorite game ever

Josh Kang

Perfect This game was what i was finding

Jasmine Martina

Good but lags

Tara Fitzpatrick

Instructions There is a lot to like about this game, only one thing :it would be helpful to have some instructions or a tutorial. Overall, it is worth the install!:-)

kannappan muthu

...... Very good game.

Paul Townsend

100 balls It is amazing and addictive

Ola El-badawy

It is amazing but need high control and good expectation

nicole barahona

Adds I hate the adds Get ride of the adds and I will give u five stars

Landon McReynolds

Addicting! Thank you so much this is the most addicting game I had ever played. Keep making games like this.

Roxy Jeanel

Two Thumbs up to this games. I and my little daughter like it soo much.

Zahir Myrick-Brown

I love it It is so good evenbode can love it

Jacob Cass

Hate it Stupid too many ads and when i puase the cups still move and you lose whats the point in pausing the game if your still playing please fix

Dhruv C

Hi Good game but too many ads

Will Allen

Every time I pause it, it keeps going. I lose all of my cups.

Mark Newman

Boring One level set up only

Leon Rountree

Amazing Loved it even my mum likes it and she doesn't like any video games!!!??

Nita Dave

better While playing the game it seems to be easy but it is not so.

Sarah Akerley

Best game Love it it is a good game

Riko Holz

Blissful Perfect for everyone, 5-105. It is the PERFECT game.

Alyssa Jonee

I hated it This was a fun game until ads. FIX THE ADS PLEASE.

Mary Dillard


Brady Duncan

Is this normal When I was playing, the first balls that fall were stuck there until I lost some. Then they would drop. I would like to know why, and I have a screen shot of the glitch.

Khaled Hasan

AAAAAAAADS I know ads are important but not sooooooo much...uninstalling only after few hours....more tym spent on waiting for ads to finish than the game itself

Sammi May

Entertaining I play this game so much. I'm my spare time this is all I play.

Mark J

Good idea but boring. Adverts +++++ Kind of fun for 5 mins but not interesting enough to watch endless adverts and avoid popups

Flora Prenga

Sooo good It hard so that's y its so fun

Saucy Fluff Ball

Adverts intrusive Never mind the amount of permissions the app wants... Uninstalled

ducks r awesome

Its so gooood. Me and my friend had this awesome comp and it was so intense.

Harry Bennett

EPIC?? I am amazed by the balls gliding down this game is EPIC

Alice Osborne

Omg So many adverts .advert after advert fix it or I will uninstall

Kate Ransom

Still ads I paid to get rid of ads n i still get ads...FIX THIS PLEASE

Nadeem Nawaz

So good It's so adictive and fun

Master Gamer1

A fantastic game! It is super fun and challenging! A must play! ? /?

Neha Garodia

It really a gud game

Re Ana Green

Good Its addicting yet boring

Catherine Turbeville

Unicorns Turtles are cool

Eva House

Really addictively good ? It may not have amazing graphics but sure u know that before u download it from the images provided, its great, really addictive, I find myself going back time after time to beat my last score, always wanting to get more, simple and strategic, well done ???

Niehaad Dawod

Awesome Okay,so there is no point of the game but it is addictive and really,really awesome 1 of the best games I know and I know a lot of really good games. If you didn't play this game you are missing out on so much!!??

Derek Keir

Awsome I giving it five stars but when i run out of balls the game freezes

Dylan Ellison

Bs ? I think not... Its been downloaded 1mil times on android and enjoyed by a colective 2mil

Ebony Madden

If you dislike If you dislike this game you WRONG! Loved it is an awesome game ok

Justin burrell

Don't get it I don't get why people like this game so much. All you do is put balls in a cup. It's the same thing every time. Needs more to the game!

Henderson Torres

HATE IT At first I liked it but now since I played it is not really good

Amber Spence

Always love it I always see myself re-downloading this game . So much fun!

Chris Starchok

It's ok It's a fun game the first level or two. After that it's pretty impossible. Timing has to be 100 percent perfect.

Jaylen Cummins

In love Most addicting game ever, please update though

ion Charge

EPIC This game is amazing, I will always play it

Dylan Peacock

3 stars It is a good game just not my type of game

Robert Marchetti

Bullshit Ir has 1 million downloads but it's enjoyed by over 2 million fans somethings wrong here

David Young

Its confusing but fun The title says it all

Zane Bates

Zane bates It is way better then number 2 it is horbel

Jeremiah Davis

Enjoyed it Seen it in my "similar" section. Tried it. It's definitely fun

jay sto.

Very fun game! Kind of challenging in a way.

Adam Flammino

Good game, bad advertising Game is fun, but overrun with deceptive advertising. I'd go with a different version if you don't have adblock

Steven Shoemaker

Love it This is the best ball game I ever played and I always play it. Plus its fun

Winterbottom Taylor

Interesting... It's quite good, I have to say. It's definitely recommended to those who are PATIENT and love a challenge!

Iain Colvill

Good game But the ads ruin it. Need to find a happy medium

Avery Thomas

Amazing This game is very addictive while relaxing, and challenging. I enjoy it very much?

Kate Ransom

Still ads Such a data hog for a simple game...have to uninstall


Great game Its a great time killer and people saying too many adds there are only adds when the game is over

Nawaaz Fujas

Awesome game!

Bill Albert

Dumb Hated it

Sophie Robinson

Alright Good game but I would recommend something to aim for. After playing for about 5 minutes I'm getting bored. Even if some things became more challenging the higher the lever. The cups getting smaller for example. Other than that it's a really nice good game ?

Lex Carter-Goodyear

This is AMAZING I love this game! Great way to pass time. Keep up the great work!?

Ubaldo Leal

Brain Relaxer This game makes my brain relax. This game is awesome!!!!!

mary thomson

Original balls You think it's a piece of pie but you do have to keep your mind on the game

Damodara Jyostna

Good Nice game,and its addictive. I give it a thumbs up.

Rizwan Younis

Awesom This game is awesome u should try it out

Unicorn lover

Its great! I like it because you have to have quick actions and it's fun! Also they should add more levels! That's all I have to say!

Nicolas Chan

Simple and good The game is very simple. You can learn the basics in a blink of an eye. However, to master the game, it can be quite challenging and this is a good game you must try.

جميله العبادي

Its fine Its fine but they put too many random gray screens

Gem Gabriella

THIS APP IS CHALLENGING When its time to play it is really fun but it does get boring S0METIMES

Rachel Hopperdietzel

30 second ads every time you end a game which can get annoying after awhile /:

mined blown

Amazin This game is awsome and so edicting

Robert Irving

Great game Should add in some sort of multiplier ball every so often would make it goid to get big scores make it feel more rewarding for us playing so often

Mlg gamer/funny advice

ORIGINAL Make more gamemodes like side

ej jayne

Love it but would like some challenges

l3r atr

Wooowww it s a veryyy woowww appo

Manjot Arora

Amzing game I play this everyday and enjoy it . Keep up the great work

Kawaii Dracula

Amazing!!!!! This game is so good i dont think there is anything to complain about!!! I really enjoy it!!!!!!

Croydon Porretta

Really fun and satifying game


Very Challenging Great game. Very simple but simple games are usually the best,..

Natalie Skinner

What a good game

Junaid Shaik

Waste app!!!! Many adds are disturbing.....

Baylee Creamer

Love it!! Really addictive and very simple☺!

Matthew Cumming

Crap more adds then play time. Deleted within 5 minutes

skylottie 123

Loving I love this app sooooooo much


Very addicted

Mairead Hasson

Thanks for this game

m saeed

loved it its a great game. but in needs to e a bit adventerous

Ranjith Kumar

Why u need access to so many things like phone data Why do u need access to media, photos, contacts of phone ??

Emmanuel Vesely

Its simple I like another option for game

Betty Lowrie

Amazing Addictive!! Fun! Go and try it!???

Alexis Machicek

Cool J I love it. This game is amazing

madiha salih

Paid for app. Why do I have to watch an ad for 30secs I can still see a video. Why? Refund please

Eric Martin

Why ruin a good game with so many ads? I'm not clicking out of an ad and then being forced to watch a 30 second advert between each game. Also, why would this game ask permission to access contacts and make an manage phone call. Would not recommend.

Kaitlyn Vaughan

Ok Im just doing this so it'll get off my case can we just consider the name 100 balls

Troy Johnson

Bummer This could be better. U just put balls in cups.... Yeah?

Jack Hughes

Awsome I like this app because it has some cool features to the game play :)


No internet When I'm in a car journey or something I can play this game

Ava Gunn-Bruce

Great app it can have some mess ups but you should totally get the app

Jack The Game Freak!!

OK I like how hard it is to find this game

Chyna Wright

Amazing! This is a really good game me and my friend are literally adicted to it lol

Tamara Fetzer

Great timing trainer Really fun and challenging too many ads that require you to flip tablet to landscape weird! Annoying ads too long makes u want to delete fun app which is what I am doing now!

Dec Camp

This isn't very exciting This game always comes up with ads in the middle of the game and it gets annoying...

Joshua Bell

Uuuur I played it for 5 minutes ... then got bored.

Jared Oliver

Fun, but you don't need to know my call history or my storage info.

Daisy Wells

LOVE IT!!!!!!!! It's fun

Khushi Shah

It's a good one. I liked playing it

Lachlan Kliem

Fun, but hard This game is addicting, though it is hard. But that's just me, and my reflexes

Muzzamil Siddiq

Levels Please add more levels in this game

Jessica Hinds

Such a great application.

Jai Kumar

This is a nice game But it takes too much of time to down load

Raju ansari

Wonderful Is this useful

Preston Ostas

Fun but............... It lags a lot

So fun It makes the time go by faster

It sucks

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