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8 Jun

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Get the latest Oregon news, weather, sports, jobs and entertainment info on your Android device with The Oregonian.

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    We’ve heard your feedback, and we're happy to present the largest revision yet. This version of the app has the following features and fixes:
    • Greater reliability.
    • Improved loading time.
    • Enhanced sharing.
    • Improved Push Notifications - Notifications will now take you right into the correct story.
    • Improved video playback.
    • Improved menu.
    • and Much more…
    Thanks for your feedback, and please keep it coming. We hope you enjoy the app, and more improvements are yet to come. part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update June 8, 2016. Google play rating is 59.1364. Current verison is v3.6.2edda1d3. Actual size 7.3 MB.

Download oregonlive-com.apk 7.3 MB


Rand Klemp

Ugh It's slower to open than molasses on a cold day, freezes more often than a deer in headlights, and requires.more tricks than a professional on 82nd Ave.

Julio Brown

Notification settings are ignored Even if notifications are disabled, this app will still pop up with them

Siggy Torfason

I usually like this app but lately when I click on a story it wont load. I wait and wait and nothing.

Michael Blankenship

Run! Run aeay as fast as you can!! When first looking at downloading this app, I read myriad poor reviews; 2.3 out of 5.0 was it's 'score'. However, I only use reviews as a guide, ultimatly deciding for myself if it works with my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 as I wish and expect it to. Quite frankky, I almost passed due to the low approval score, as it's personally the lowest score I've seen yet. That being said, I downloaded and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. Note the past tense use of 'work'. After using/exploring your app, I moved

Harry Chase

Before its time but keep trying Still needs lots of work. Freezes, very slow. I will try again after the next upgrade. Want to have access to local news when the paper is not delivered but this is too much bother.

Ben Nelson

Keeps getting worse somehow I don't know who is designing this, but it's just plain awful. Takes about a minute to open while completely freezing up your device, then is dreadfully slow once you get in it. Please fix it for the love of all that is good!

Cliff VanDyke

Notifications keep turning on I keep turning off notifications. Oregon Live keeps turning them back on. The notifications woke me up this morning for the last time. I've uninstalled the app.

Michael Prager

PLEASE FIX THE NOTIFICATIONS The app works fine for me on an LG G3, but the notifications are BROKEN. I have the ALL turned OFF, yet this keeps buzzing me about SPORTS events. I DON'T CARE ABOUT SPORTS. Why don't they fix this stupid thing?

John Shideler

Ads outrank content... The paper's turned into a worthless folder full of ads and the app's trying to outdo it. The non working notification control's annoying as well. Kinda tacky...

Chris P

Disabling notifications doesn't stop it On top of all the other issues with this app, I've turned off notifications but I just had a SPORTS story pop up as a "Breaking News" notification.

Bob Heath

doesn't work at all All I get is the migration page that says it is already installed.

Odie Oskarsson

Stop with the sportsball push notifications I have notifications turned off yet I still recieve timbers and duck alerts, please stop.

Ryan Nakano

Notifications keep turning on I keep turning the notifications off but it turns back on. I'm unistalling until that is fixed. They said it was fixed once before but that was untrue.

Alexandra Blodget

Please fix push notifications I had to uninstall because I get notifications even though it's turned off.

Becky H

Love the app, HATE all the push notifications of breaking sports, etc. HELP sick of notifications that won't turn off.

Kevin Haas

Notifications can't be disabled Even after disabling notifications you still get annoying traffic alerts & breaking news alerts. The notifications toggle needs to be fixed.

Tom Chewerda

Please fix notifications. I have them turned off on my Galaxy 5 but keep getting them. Push notifications at 6am when i don't want them are annoying.

Mike Keller

Notifications Notifications are off but I keep getting push notifications. Uninstalled.

Chris Lyons

SLOW New version is terrible. So slow and usually stops working.

Tony Norris

Crap This is the slowest news app on the planet. I keep hoping they will fix it. I give a try or two whenever a new update comes out. But no its still pathetic. I also get the paper delivered. They are raising the price on that in March. I will likely be dropping my subscriptions completely if this keeps up.

Chris Rawson

Worse than the website.. which is also terrible I couldn't get the comment function to work. In addition...there are ads within this app. Why not offer a version that allows ad free use? It is no easier to use nor better than the website. I am wondering why this app needs access to my multimedia files and to read my incoming calls? Time to uninstall!

Don Weston

Worse than worthless The other 1 star ratings sum it up better than I can. Don't waste your time until they fix it, which will be half past never. Bring back the old app. I'm uninstalling it. . . tired of waiting for fix.

Steve Foucher

Nothing but problems since revamp. Does like a boot loop on splash screen. Only way to stop it is to hold home, and hope I'm quick enough to hit task manager then end task....uninstalled, use to be my favorite app until these new updates.

Eugenia S

Stories of choice Is there a way to personalize the story choices on the home page? The over-abundance of nothing but sports coverage (especially college) is obnoxious.

Todd Hussey

This app is the worst The app is very slow (60-90 seconds) to load stories on initial opening. It Force Closes almost every time you use the app. It freezes up when you scroll through stories. But, you have no real choice, it's nearly the only game in town.

Adam Gray

Used to be ok, even good. Now it crashes more than half the time time I open it, and if it doesn't it's laggy and near unusable . I just don't understand why it's so bad now. Someone is getting money for this right?

Keelan Cleary

Worked great until a few weeks ago It used to be great but now I can only load the app if I first go into settings and delete all cache and local data for the app. Otherwise it just sits on the slash page.

Andy Whaples

Why have you not fixed this yet? So many problems since upgrading to the new app. Its terribly slow to respond, refuses to refresh at times, and crashes routinely.... That was what I said a month ago, and nothing seems to have been fixed yet. What a debacle.

Benjamin Kerensa

Crashes and lack of quality This is the only news app I know that doesn't support playing videos in app and crashes constantly. Seriously the app is worse than their website. They really must have the worst technology team around.

Mike Dollowitch

Rarely loads stories If it does load, it takes a long time. Usually just crashes since last update.

Sandy Poston

What happened? AWFUL! SLOW!! Someone doesn't know what they're doing. Please bring back the old app. I like sports but come on!

Kathrine White

Terrible app. Takes multiple times to even get the app to open or respond.

Fgoogal NoSignUp

great app, awful state, you've been warned

Mike Murphy

Annoying notifications I get one more notification its uninstalled forever.

Peter Wood

Won't go past the flash screen

Martin Henneke

New update The recent update ruined what was once a great app.

Steve Lund

Recent update is terrible Slow to load if it even does. Big step backwards in this update. Enough said.

Rich Watkins

Can't Open I get a hung add for seeing the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders on my S4. No Bueno. Won't open...

Jeffrey Harbaugh

So slow This app is painfully slow since the major update, and now crashes a lot. In need of a bug fix.

Aaron Gray

Its pretty terrible. Get with it already.

Tiffany Herpst

S-L-O-W This app takes a long time to open... The stories also take forever. I'm removing this app.

Spud Wegener

Doesn't open Usually won't open and glacially slow when it does.

Sokom Khem

Improved performance After I removed and reinstalled the performance improves on my LG 2. It is now acceptable. We'll see how long the improvement lasts.

Richard Hill

SLOW Very slow to open, so rarely use this app. Disappointing.

Julio Brown

Stop sending sports scores to my phone! I don't give a shi% about the Ducks or any other team, so please stop sending this "breaking news" to my phone.

Graham Rankin

Slow Very slow to load compared to other news sites. Frequently shows "no articles found" when clicking on link.

Josh Weir

Stop the annoying notifications. I don't want to get an obnoxious notification every time the stupid Oregon Ducks order a pizza. But THE NOTIFICATIONS KEEP COMING EVEN AFTER I TURNED OFF THE NOTIFICATIONS!! This is way too annoying and not worth putting up with for your tabloid news. Uninstall.

Siggy Torfason

I want to post some stories to Facebook and every time I try it opens a new window then blinks in between that window and another that looks like it's trying to open. This goes on and on and I can't stop it by backing out of it, I have to override the app and shut it down from the outside. Please fix this, it's very annoying. Thanks!

Todd Hussey

This app is the worst The app is very slow (60-90 seconds) to load stories on initial opening. It Force Closes almost every time you use the app. It freezes up when you scroll through stories. But, you have no real choice, it's nearly the only game in town.

John Shideler

Ads outrank content... The paper's turned into a worthless folder full of ads and the app's trying to outdo it. Extremely long load times that lock up the device are unacceptable. Pathetic. 5 years of failing reviews prove that the developers really don't care...

Odie Oskarsson

Embarrassing Any professional news organization would be ashamed and embarrassed to be affiliated with this app. Amateur and inferior

Tim Derby

Horrible If you can get past the slow loading, and you are lucky enough to have it not crash, you can read breaking news stories about what Marcus Mariota had for breakfast or why we should praise Intel Execs and local politicitians.

Keith Orr

The slowest loading app ever. Much easier to read OLive using web browser on my smartphone.

Sam Ko

The slowest app Very slow launch, refresh, and display stories. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Jacob Adams

Slow to respond Poorly designed. The app is very slow to respond.

A Google User

Annoying notifications I turn off the notifications, but still they come. For stupid things, like football games. If it's for the coming of the Big Earthquake, okay, but not for the latest sports scores. Why won't they turn off? Uninstalling.

Susan Stella

Worst app EVER Takes forever to load, always has issues.

Mitchell Hidalgo Nice

Reinstall regularly... It's a bit slow but works overall. Unfortunately it seems to bog down and have issues after awhile. Reinstalling seems to fix it if you have problems. Devs need to pay attention to this... or hire me to do a better job. Lol

Mark Medina

Push notification Can't disable push notifications, so I deleted the app. It won't be missed.

James Munson

Poor performance. This seems to be an older app. Their actual mobile website works much better.

nick F

Can't turn off notifications This app tells me when any little thing happens despite having notifications turned off. Worthless

Beth McCamish

Stop the notifications! I want to like this app but I have the notifications selected to off and I still get notifications! Stop it!

Phillip James

Awful! It usually just tells me that there are "no articles." This is by far the worst news app I've come across and makes it extremely difficult to read local news stories. It's slow, it crashes, and it just makes me sad.

Sokom Khem

Improved performance After I removed and reinstalled the performance improves on my LG 2. It is now acceptable. We'll see how long the improvement lasts.

Inna Dinavahi

I like it but The share on twitter button doesn't do anything. Share on facebook is even worse, it makes my phone go crazy. Please fix.

Richard Westberg

Slow, buggy Just reinstalled and still No Articles Found. This really the best you can do?

Robert Anderson

Does notifications even when unselected. Even when notifications are turned off in the settings they still pop up. Will be deleting from phone.... very disappointed on what could be a decent app.

Patrick Bolan

Useful but slow Really slow compared to other news apps. Don't like all the notifications.

Brian Sanborn

Slow! Painfully slow. I ran this app on my wife's IPad, and it was fast and smooth. Obviously they don't care about their Android customers.

A Google User

Slower than molasses in Alaska outdoors in January since upgrade. Improve load speed before other enhancements.

Tom Lohkamp

Not reliable Very slow and buggy. Frequently crashed.

Rich Siegel

No longer terrible The latest version is significantly faster than before. I'm not saying it's fast but instead of being infuriatingly slow it is now merely annoyingly slow. It also features the same clunky layout as always.

Brian Sanborn

Much Improved I rated the old version and now that they have updated the app, it works so much better. Works fast and smooth. Painfully slow. I ran this app on my wife's IPad, and it was fast and smooth. Obviously they don't care about their Android customers.

Norm Cimon

Could be better This one is mundane, with an interface that is somewhat clunky. It does have a lot of the content from the news desk, but it could be better organized and displayed.

Steve Foucher

Better late than never So glad you finally updated this. Can't stand the other news apps so much I just dealt with the old buggy version of this one.

Sokom Khem

Improved performance The app is performing much quicker than it had been in the last few weeks, I like the fact that I can get to articles quickly so I could enjoy reading about my favorite teams. Go Ducks, Timbers and Blazers.

Doug Wicks

Not able improvement New version loads faster. Headlines still lean towards national enquirer, tho ...


Finally, got it right You have finally got a version that works and loads right. I was so frustrated with the last version I quit using it

Good clean app with minimal advertising Aside from the app consistently losing my preferences, it works great. I like that it's easy to move between story and comments on said story. Solid B

Mike Dollowitch

Huge improvement Seems to run well now. No issues so far.

Miron Vislocky

It does what's expected of it. Loads very slow. Otherwise works good

David Jones

Meh Slow and still crashes on my Note 4.

Norman Bohms

Oregonian review This app works much better now. The articles are very good, I enjoy reading oregonlive!

James McKeehan

So much better than old one, still not much content as compared to other sites

L A Calkins

New & Improved Quick, easy access to top stories. Functions much better on android than previous version.

trey compton

Works Hey it gives me the news what more should I ask of it

Robert Short

Improved load time App opens within a few seconds, which is a dramatic improvement from the past.

Warren Smith

I live in Eastern Oregon. This App is the best way to find out what is going on in the state.

Frank Peters

Large app, how come? Fav local news app, but why is it a GB?

Stephen Hamilton

Bleak and slow to load

K Le

I like the latest update The speed is vastly improved. Thanks

Robin Whitsitt

I read this app daily I love it it's better then the news on tv

Dave Harrison

Good Great content, can be slow performing.

Rebecca Friesen

Faster So much better now that it loads faster!

Curt Arthur

Solid Easy to find what you want EXCEPT outdoors

Ray Hughes

Local Flavor of Portland,.... Reflective of the heart beat of Portland.

Tim Ebel

Finally reasonable load time!

cameron murphy

It works So that is good

Mark McKellar

Good news Very informative

Terri Smithling

It's great

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