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4 Sep
Opal Travel

Posted by Transport for NSW in Travel & Local | Sept. 4, 2016 | 147 Comments

Apk file size: 3.9 MB

Make travelling on public transport even easier with the only official Opal app: Opal Travel.

Features include:

• Top up on the go
• Option to set auto top up
• Check your balance, history and Weekly Travel Reward progress
• Trip planner with fare estimates
• Find nearby Opal retailers
• See public transport service disruptions
• Works with registered and unregistered Opal cards
• Plus, if you have a compatible NFC-enabled Android device, you can also scan your Opal card to check your balance, last tap details and Weekly Travel Reward progress.

Please note:

1) Opal card scanning may not work on all mobile devices.

2) Opal Travel is made to be used with Adult, Child/Youth, Concession and Senior/Pensioner Opal cards only and is not compatible with Android devices that have been ‘rooted’ by the user (i.e. where a user has gained root access to sub-systems).

3) By installing Opal Travel you acknowledge and accept the Opal Travel App Terms of Use and agree to receive those terms of use and any amendments to them electronically via Google Play or your mobile device. You acknowledge that Transport for NSW will not send you a paper copy. For more information visit

Whats new

    • bug fixes

Transport for NSW part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 68.9769. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 3.9 MB.

Download opal-travel.apk 3.9 MB


Brett Williamson

Its a start. Its ok but has told me a few times to catch the wrong line number. I.e. it told me to catch the T3 Bankstown line from Redfern to Loftus!

vi dinh

decent, shows the wrong platforms at times.

Aaron Wilson

O.k. for rates, but generally useless without real time map updates. Don't understand why Sydney transit won't have real time updates for their own app. Maybe the same reason they don't supply these updates for Google Maps. In the end you need to use a paid/freemium third party app instead.

Mel Jester

Consistently wrong. The fares can be incorrect by as much as $3, and NEVER! trust the timing they are ALWAYS! wrong. Great job by the Govt & ShittyFail, nice to see your inadequacies remain unaltered across the board.

JD Davison

Works, could be improved... NFC support to use phones instead of Opal cards, Multiple traveler options (adult + 2 children etc.), ability to incorporate Opal caps (using Opal log in or card reading).

Oscar Yuen

SImple app for a complex ticketing system If only Sydney would get its act together and have a public transport fare structure that is as simple as this app. Single mode of transport fares? Really? Meanwhile, it's handy to determine the cost of a fare with this app. Does what it says. Zero integration to be able to check your card balance. In summary, it's about as useful as Transport for NSW - barely passable.

michael toulson

Great application for the samsung galaxy s4 wonderful application real time update just letting support for nfc enabled devices attack on and off

Neil Forsyth

A good start, but much more can be done It's great to see this app released, a long time after they decommissioned the old official Transport Info 131500 app. I like that it shows the cost of each alternative journey, so you can more easily factor cost into your decision of which route to take to your destination. However, it is otherwise quite basic... It doesn't seem to update with live data to factor in late running vehicles. It doesn't remember favourite or recently used stops/journeys. It only displays 24hr times (no option for 12hr am/pm). There are no maps. It doesn't follow Google's Material Design guidelines. This is a good start, but there's a long way to go to make this app more robust and convenient.

Duane McAlpine

Needs More... Needs to show opal use history, How much we've been spending etc, also would be handy if it used the nfc so we don't require our cards

Paul Cabrelle

A good start Now you've built the basic app it's time to enable the NFC function and let it take over the physical card function. Benefit to us all in having to carry around another piece of plastic. Do this and I will happily rate 5 *

Sean Williams

Limited but a start We are decades behind the world but hopefully can soon lead. NFC to scan card into phone. Plus scan your card to get status of credit. No need for $120 for your cards for a family would be nice.

nevetsg g

definitely a good start, change to 1 star Managed to eat 33% of my battery today. Someone needs to check the code. For a Government app I am impressed. Needs a way to save trips; or even just use a history for the destination searches could be better. Once that is in place then Tripview's only trump card is offline access.

M Gunawan

good to check fares and transport options. it's driving me nuts that it exits the app when I hit back, instead of going back to the list! took a few times to get used to "do not hit back". and it doesn't save history.. please save history or frequent travels!! rooted s4 mini 4.4.2 stock.

MJ Krivansky

Improvement required As I frequently use public transport this app is great to show approximate fares and times, would benefit from Being upgraded to also incorporate real time transport location like it does on tripview app, also being able to manage your opal account would have its advantages. Major room for improvement here and the possibility to really expand it to become the ultimate opal transport app for all users if made compact without losing features

sophie miller

Pretty good The app is pretty good although could be improved with nfc, history of searches and favourite routes

Andrew Chau

Basic app, just like Sydney public transport Good to use as a means of estimating price and finding a route to get from A to B. But just like public transport in Sydney, it lacks any real feature you'd expect. Saved Favorites? Nope. Remembers last search? Nada. Map integration? Nup. There's also a quirk where if you switch apps, say to Google maps to figure out where a stop is, it'll lose your search, and you'll have to input all the fields again. The public transport nsw website offers a lot more functionality.

paul watson

Why no balance? I've not tried it out yet but just looks like a tailored route app. That's nice but I'd like no Opal balance / integrated. I might change my mind once I've had a play.

Adrian Mariani

Almost perfect Unlike other apps, this one allows you to put in your location and destination. It was also free. The only thing I would add is the ability to top up your opal account. Add the that and its a fifth star.

Rob Starreveld

Its Good but needs work The app has a twin. It is generally very good but it needs an Opal Card top up part added in rather than redirecting people to their online site.

Hafiz Shafruddin

It can't search POI like Google maps. I would have to find the name of the place/station from Google maps and then copy it into this app.

KayOhh Do

Nice app. Would like to see some more features... Pro: - Nice interface - Easy to use. Con: - no option to save the planned trip/s for offline viewing. I would love to see this feature. It'll be good for places where there's bad internet reception and you want to quickly check the routes to places.

Andrew Baloglow

No real time transport updates Only useful to check prices and rough guide to where you need to go. Live times non existent, and quite often gets the platform number wrong.

Luke Mcmahon

Opal customer service is a joke I called four times wasted over an hour trying to transfer my old opal card balance to my new card. To even give you one star is generous. Another thing when you call it says your wait will be 1 minute 30 seconds later it says 10 minutes. When you finally get through they hang up on you or mute you not satisfied at all.

Jack Ford

Tap on/off phone The should be a tab in the application that allows you to tap on and off using your device. It would save the hassle of getting your opal card out as most would have phone in hand. Also great application works perfectly.


Great App for Trip Planning I'm a big fan of this app! So useful for planning trips, especially in places i havent been before. I will agree it does redirect you for things like stop sequences and if you select the map option, but overall a very good app! I mean it could be tweaked slightly but i'm still a big fan!

Ramoel Shemonov

From here to there Awesome app. Easy to use, very informative and I love that scan option to check your balance and trip info....what would be cool though, when selecting the trip and you get the drop down info of the trip. If you could also view the planned stops in that trip. Other than that, an awesome app. Keep it up!!

dot storm

Useless Having spent alot of time recently using excellent public transport apps in various European cities, it just blows my mind how useless the Opal app is. Won't let me plan journey from Gladesville to Austinmer: "route does not exist." ie can't combine bus and train. Dumb.

Benjamin Hoese

Rubbish People are staring at me while I punch my phone and yell at it 'cause the useless app can't even lead me to the next bus stop, let alone home. Police are chasing me and I'm yelling "It's your fault, you designed this useless app". Government money well spent.

Maria Kay

Really good If only we can read all the info in the app and not have to go to the website! Make the app full functioning like the website please ??

Ja Darko

Would be even better if we can have cards to see on app without scanning them every time. It shows times and locations as well as retailers for cards top up. Excellent.

Timothy Cole

Log in account on app?? Why can we not do this through the app.. Let us log in through the app so we can make a top up and view trips.. Then it would be perfect

Jamie Nelson

If you're like me and have that nagging voice in your head doubting if you actually tapped on or not a minute or two before your train is due in, and find yourself doing he mad rush to the thing to check before waiting the few seconds you need to wait so you can reverse the tap you just reversed, then get run back to the platform before you miss your train *again*, then this app perfect for you! Now if I can only find an app to tell me if I remembered to lock my door...

Sean Williams

Limited but a start. We are decades behind the world but hopefully can soon lead. NFC to scan card into phone. Plus scan your card to get status of credit. No need for $120 for your cards for a family would be nice.

Jayen Jayen

Wish I could scan my card without starting the app Pretty sure the Android intents make this possible

Frank An

Epic fail Unfinished product...1. I have to tap again if switch tabs. 2. Click account tab prompts me to open a page by chrome. Looks like 0.0.1-rc1

Boomer Gernerfelslump

Rubbish. Simply doesnt work. I entered where i was starting from and my destinatiin. Stupid app just sits there looking at me with no results.....waste of time.

Edward Moh

It can check your opal card balance! With NFC, you can scan your opal card with your phone to check balances, and monitor your weekly trips.

Steve Watson

Does not provide accurate travel information The Opal app told me that my train departs at 9:24, when it does not in fact depart until 9:45. Timetables are freely available and readily accessible to apps like this. How an official transport app can not have accurate times is below feeble. Do not use it.

Josh Lemon

Rubbish This app doesn't even let you view you're Opal account without opening another web browser

Paul Geo

Does not work on my phone Useless app if a simple thing like planning my trip does not work. NFC works and it can divert me to the web site, but why the need to divert why can't it just be done in the app??? For a government app you would think they could've managed a decent app experience. I award this app a big C for Crap. Very close to getting an F for [email protected]'d

Shenese Dawson

It should be able to show me my balance without having to go to Google crome

Joel Aq

Could be better The login stuff should be done in app not in a web browser

Jingtao Li

NFC scanning shocked me It's just amazing

Russ JB

Good app, if a little basic Good app. Just need a few more feature to really make it great. Save common trips, lookup bus timetables and routes mainly.

Darrell Cunneen

It's free, it allows me to see what time I tapped on or off, it tells me how many paid trips I have made. It's free so you can't lose.

Jeannette Grsgn

Not really up to date A lot of actual connections aren't shown within this app. Furthermore, no refresh button to update time for inquiry

Sam Hascott

Scan doesn't work The can function does not work on my Nexus 5X

Alex Kane

Not great To look at your account it take you to it through your web browser (making the app more useless). Tried to use the other day and it said the bus I wanted would arrive at my stop but it turns out that bus never came to my stop. Very fustrating.

Anil Gulati

Doesn't work with Opal card Did end to end trip planning but if you want live news, delays and real time data try Trip View. Doesn't actually give access to Opal card balance or allow top ups. You need to go to the web site for that.

Shaun Lambert

Needs a lot of work, would be great to see more functionally brought to bear by associating a card/account with the app like more usage history etc. Account needs to be viewable in the app not in an external browser, that's just lazy development. NFC is cool though! Trip Planner also doesn't work offline

Nalaka Dissanayake

Really nice app Love the scanning feature to get the opal balance!

Jenny Pham

Need to be able to login with the app without using Chrome/Internet

Evintcar Otsego

excellent app.. very easy to use and provide detail info, just like the web version.. now i can remove tripview..


Buses never arrive on the time out says!

akshaj govilkar

Help me please.. Why doesnt it have opal school?

Brianna Coulter

No ability to pay by phone NFC Until this app enables you to use your phone instead if the opal card itself to pay it's pathetic.

Joshua Simpson

Works Was surprised when i opened app it scanned my card via nfc showing quick details on spend. Directions could be better

Mark Griffiths

It should calculate rewards It also doesn't calculate multimode travel or support syncing saved trips to other devices.

Boni Imad

Why not sing in It's showing account option and when you click it send send you to browser to sign in. Why why why

Alex L

I may be using it wrong but is there a way to select preferred method of transport? If there is then please let me know and this would probably become a 5 out of 5. The app seems to assume I want to go by train. Can I tell it I prefer to see Ferries and Buses instead for example?

Victor & Wilson Wang

NFC balance check is a great feature

Charles Frank

NFC Scanning makes the app much more useful, perfect addition.

Dusan Berjanovic

It does well what was designed for. Now, we need actual card on the phone, so we don't need to carry a card at all . That would be more beneficial than reading the card for the status...

Cenon Del Rosario

Again another city fail Why do you have to go to the website to display account details and activity? You take so much money from the public and again very poor service, fail!

Andrey Vakarin

Great app actually works Excellent app, works great. Will offer travel options based on time rather than direction of travel. Only glitch when it constantly sends me to web site at random every few seconds and when I make selections. Fix this and get 5 stars.

Loki McCorquodale

useless if your phone is rooted, used to be a fantastic app but now the devs have backflipped and screwed over root users for no good reason :(

James Khoury

I do not like the update. It wants me to unlock my opal account to see my balance now! I do not want to talk on the phone to have to fix this. Every other place can handle this kind of issue so why is my opal account so backwards?

Kenneth McLeod

Consistently unreliable Use Google Maps if you want reliable Sydney public transport info. I've been stranded on a city bus stop late at night too many times waiting for a bus that hasn't appeared. Opal Travel is consistently unreliable and often gets present location wrong. Don't waste your time with it.

Adam Reece

No longer works on rooted phones Until a couple of weeks ago I used this app every week, and would have rated it four stars for decent functionality with some enhancements warranted. Now the app developers have decided to discriminate against anyone who has enhanced the functionality of their device by accessing root directories. How this affects the app developers is not explained. Frustrating and disappointing.

terrance murphy

Works perfectly Update is working perfectly. As well as the NFC. Other people having problems is their phone that's screwed or they're on drugs. Samsung Galaxy S5

Peter Knight

No rooted phones for no reason Barely useful app that still accesses web pages. Was using only for NFC scanning. Every other feature useless or done better by other apps.

vi dinh

New update forces me to log into my account which means I have to unlock my account cos i forgot my password from ages ago and I cbf calling up. I just wanted an app that showed my train times and could check my balance :/

Taan Sukkar

Great App Don't know what others are whining about. The app works perfectly. The NFC works perfectly. Does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Samson Jabin

The New Update is Great ! Loved the new update 2.0, its way better than the old one. But I do have suggestions for the new app in terms of UI design and features.

Annabel Zhao

Terrible I forgot my opal username and i tried to find it in my email inbox, but i couldn't find it and you can't create a new account. Would rate 0 if i could.

keith thai

Doesn't work on rooted devices Screw this app. We'll find a work around. Exploit motivation increased!

See-Ye Tan

Cant scan my card anymore! With this latest update I now cannot scan my Opal card anymore to get instant reading eventhough I have made sure my NFC function is turned on. I used to be able to scan it with the previous version before this latest update. My phone is Samsung Note 3.

M Ruutu

Old version was better to use Yes, this may have more features but the old version was better to use: it opened to the trip planner, retained the last planned trip on the screen, and had a way quicker interface when searching for destinations. The new UI is fancier but provides no added value when the usability otherwise has taken a step back.


Nice App, Great features Latest update is awesome. All the missing features were added.

Marco Cirignano

Wow !! Finally a worth using app for me and my family Opal cards. Now we can manage our accounts etc..

Ivan Grbac

Useless on rooted phone My bank apps, Medicare, Paypal, eBay, etc. all work fine on my phone. Maybe time to update the developers and not give us BS security reasons as a pathetic excuse.

joanna hingston

Doesn't work since my android phone had an update. Says my phone is rooted when it isn't. Worked great before last update

Allan Guatlo

Nightmare update Won't let me use it due to root phone check after update. My phone is not even rooted. Rated using BeTouch2.

Dan Yoo

More nfc the better (still true) Its been quite a bit of time since this app was first released but my reciew from then is still relevant, Great clean layout and useful integration of NFC, maybe allow using phone in place of card whilst logged on in the app? The UI is almost there too, you only now have to implement the card data themselves to be transmitted via nfc

Graeme Daley

Dissatisfied user The new app is so much more complicated and less intuitive compared to the old app. It may be true there are more functions available like topping up but it is far too 'not user' friendly. For example the trip planner function is a major step backwards from the very useful older trip planner. The old adage applies "If it's not broken don't fix it" They suee "fixed" the app and sure broke it.

Robert Nicholson

Love it. It doesn't work on a rooted phone?? When my phone is rooted I buy a new one.

Elena Bartos

Finally found an app that works for me Works well. Can see all my cards & activity. Haven't tried planning feature or NFC yet but will.

Bradley Eaton

Went from great to terrible in one uodate Previous version of this app was great. Easy to use and the trip planner was simple. This upset makes it hard to see you're saved trips, especially if you have more than 2 options. Clearly this update was not customer tested.

Peter Humphries

Opal Travel It was working but now not work because it says I,m rooted?????

Daniel Williamson

Non Rooted Phones Can't use with a rooted phone for no reason what so ever. Its ridiculous.

hussam nooh

Why not root at least have alternative choice if this app not working any more with rooted devices

Jimi Sprout

Plus one minus one Having the inbuilt login (without having to go to the site) is perfect. But now the trip planner is unnecessarily buried in bloated UI things. Cmon, this app is so close ...

Anthony Ly

Finally... Thanks for the material design. Worthy of an update. Some further suggestions would be to include the platform numbers, trackwork etc. like what tripview does right into the trip planner.

Warren Williams

Lesser online TOP UP value needed for infrequent users Why is online topup value a minimum $40 for adults and $20 for kids? Doesn't make sense for infrequent users of public transport to have such a high top up value. Opal machine's at station can take minimum $10 for adult and $5 for child).....why is these lower top up values not available online? Please take this on board for future updates as it not only makes things easier for everyone but saves time + congestion at station platforms

jepher villapaz

Needs more improvement for Trip Planner feature. After comparison with Trip View app, it has different result (not accurate) for routes that involves train and bus transfer.

Kushal N T

Can't u guys just add an offline map of the Sydney Metro/Transit for quick reference...bus maps can be added later

Andrew Harvey

Doesn't work if you have root access

Satvik Sharma

Rooted phones There is literally no reason for this unless you're scared of someone breaking and exploiting your app, which is a rubbish reason to disable functionality.

Stewart Connor

Newest version doesn't work on rooted phones. Wasn't even that good of an app before that, as I could get more accurate information on train and bus times using Google Maps.

Hendrik Hasselaar

The latest update breaks compatibility with rooted devices. The previous iteration of this application was only useful for quickly ascertaining balance left on card, it was more than useless for anything else.

Abdur Rahim

Latest update is nicer than earlier one The latest updated version is far better than before. One suggestion: PLEASE add lesser value in auto top up or recharge as not everyone is an avid public transport user here. AU$10 Should be nicer then AU$20.

Software Flash

Useless Banks allow their apps to be used on rooted phones, why not opal?

David Brown

A great update! The new version is great and delivers the 'native' functionality many people have been asking for, particularly the ability to access your profile within the app itself, rather than simply being re-directed to log-in to the Opal website. All of my family's Opal cards are linked to my profile and I can see their card balance and top them up if they are low with only a couple of taps.

Alex Aumann

I like it because I can quickly see what my balance is, and how many rides until I'll get to the cap. It's good for the basics-- balance, rides until you've met your cap, and topping up. Want better directions? Use google maps or TripGo. Want to do more than the app can provide? Use the "big" Opal website. It does have the advantage over other apps that it's not screen scraping from the Opal website. Those apps get to scrape your personal info. This one (because it's through TfNSW) should be more careful with your personal data.

Tzu-Lun Wong

Blocks rooted phone There's probably a security flaw in the application which can compremise the Opal system significantly in some way if they're blocking rooted phone entirely. If the damage is only to the specific user who has the phone rooted, then a simple warning at start of app would be suffice since the lose would be minimal for Opal. Whoever wrote the app need to consider taking a security course.

Chris Clayton

Needed work like everything Opal... Now ferked us over if our phone is rooted... If it's your security then fix your app. If it's my security then it's my problem... You really are a bunch of [email protected]..

Ricardo Nolde

Rooted phones are out Silly decision; I won't give up having a superior ROM only to use this app. With several phone makers becoming custom ROM friendly, I don't see how this restriction can be useful.

john ascunce

Not working Brand new phone app kept saying that phone rooted ( android 6.1) platform loaded OK but unable to use it Other opal platforms cost money and probably have same issues

Neil Phillips

Rooted! My bank works just fine with this phone's firmware.. maybe you need a better security architect?

David Kok

Now doesnt work on rooted phones Absolutely ridiculous. I have several old phones I've breathed life into by rooting them and using custom ROMs for my kids. This app used to work fine, but now my kids cannot check their opal balance or work out a trip because the devs have disabled the app on rooted phones. Crap. Absolute crap. Stupid decision.

Paul Hunter

Works as per description. Best get the Tfnsw app as you know that your data and money should be secure.

Natalia Chernova

No rooted device support? Why? Security?? All my bank apps work just fine. Could you please either explain what security threat you address or remove this stupid restriction.

David Barker

Useless Brand new android pad that this app thinks is rooted. Absolutely piece of crap.

Tania T

Update disaster The app used to be pretty good. Main gripe was that to top up I had to go to the web rather than doing it via the app. Now my card isn't recognised (it's registered by another user... Err, yeah that's me!) Keeps looking for connection when I'm on full strength. Kinda useless now

Stefan Adelbert

Can't even try it Can't even try it on my device since it's rooted. Pity.

James Ray

Doesn't work, apparently my phone is rooted. I haven't accessed subsystems, so I don't know why I can't use the app. I got my phone second hand.

James Ross-Gowan

Root users can't use it for "security reasons?" How does this make sense? This is security theater. All it does is access your Opal account, which you can do from a web browser on a rooted phone anyway. If you really think rooted phones are a security issue, you don't know much about computer security. Btw, I fixed it by removing /system/bin/su and /system/xbin/su and changing the build tags from 'test-keys' to 'release-keys', which any root user can do over ADB. So much for "security."

Drew Costello

Galaxy S7 edge I don't use this app much but when I do it works fine. I would suggest changing the refresh action from a swipe to a virtual button in recent activity.

alina walter

Didn't work Keeps telling me there is a problem with my data connection... My browser has no issue connecting to the opal website though. So must be the app.

The_ Qwerty

Decent app This app is good for interacting with your Opal card and account. It doesn't work on rooted devices but there is a workaround if you use SuperSU. Just disable superuser and re-enable when finished.

All good except one thing Like how convenient it is to use the app. Only gripe is that you have to tap the scan card option before you scan it. It would be great if you could scan from the main app screen.

Noitnem Retsim

Takes too long for funds to reach card. It takes too long for funds to reach the card. all other services are instant these days. if you get stuck with low funds at a train station you better hope you brought a good book while you wait for the funds to reach your card. Not surprised the government is famous for the half arsed approach to everything.

Trent Smith

Most works fine But had issues with bus trips. Showed all the wrong bus numbers and showed opposite direction buses. Cremorne/Nth Sydney area

Joel Mathews

It's a good way to check balance I wish that the developers would take advantage of the NFC on Android. It would be great if you could use your phone as a Opal card.

Peter Chan

Gap for improvement The overall app functionality is great, but would be tops if we could use our phones NFC function to tap on and off for commute.

Jake Dispo

Rubbish security update hahahah I like how you have blocked rooted devices from using the app coz of "security reasons" yet rooted devices can still access it through web browser rubbish update

matthew anderson

Don't work App says don't support rooted phone when my phone is not rooted please fix

David Morris

Best way into trip planner Its trip planner is as good as the Transport NSW website and includes ferries. Can't say that for most other Sydney trip planner apps.

Paul C

Pathetic. Waste of time app that consistently is unavailable when needed.

Peter S

Put it on Android Pay please I want the card on Android pay

Julius Malkiewicz

No root allowed. Why?

Nathan Houison

No root? Seriously? You're paid to provide a service. Now provide it!

Darren Wong

Very useful Travellers from Canada. Found it very handy to navigate transit using this app.

Awesome I love this app. It shows everything you want to see. I will stick with this app.

Paul Foster

Why disable on rooted phones?

Mark Page

Does what's required Better than other freebies

Nathan Lewin

Not too bad

Robert Palmer

Broken and pathetic Not working on rooted devices which show a fundumental failure to understand the concept. All PCs have this level of user access and control. This does not reduce the level of security. Many people root to install additional security software, like firewalls, fill critical gaps in device security. ..

Jacob Goodridge

Root and Value Seriously, the minimum top up is ridiculous. It's not even possible to view what trips I've taken on my school opal card. Why do you have a 'no root' thing. A lot of people have rooted phones and can't use the app. Some people's phones come up with the message, and they are not even rooted!

Ivan Grbac

Useless on rooted phone Don't bother for rooted phones. My bank apps, Medicare, Paypal, eBay, etc. all work fine on my phone. Maybe time to update the developers and not give us BS security reasons as a pathetic excuse. When will the option of zero stars become available?

Natalia Chernova

No rooted device support? Why? Security?? All my bank apps work just fine. If there is a security threat that you address imposing this stupid restriction, it means your application *is* vulnerable to it and has a serious security flaw. Because I am able to run it, just more effort, and not worth it.

Laurence Presland

Not on a rooted phone. Are you kidding me? "For security reasons" more like bureaucratic reasons. Absolutely disgraceful. If banking apps like PayPal allow rooted phones, why the hell don't you. I have never seen an app that denies access to rooted phones.

Mike Patton

Nerfed Douche bags for stopping this app from working if you have a rooted phone. Some of us need rooted phones for various reasons and some come rooted by default! Root won't let anyone scam Opal - you are dreaming.

Matthew Davis

Complete failure - does literally nothing Recently the devs changed it so that the app will refuse to work if your phone is rooted. They cite 'security reasons', for an app with read only access to your card. What lunacy motivated such deliberate dysfunctionality?

Will Jarman

Remove account lockouts Please remove the account lock system and instead send password resets to our e-mail or phone. Other than that the app is slowly improving, hope to see the ability to use your phone for Opal.

George Retsos

Train times are off! How can the official app have incorrect train times? Trains are 5 minutes ahead of schedule, which can make a big difference. Unreliable thus uninstalled.

John Newman

Amazing would opal again This app got me pregnant then aborted it for free. Give it try check out my google+ account for more tips tricks and easter eggs to public transportation

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