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12 May
Airtime Player

Posted by Global Eagle Entertainment in Entertainment | May 12, 2016 | 148 Comments

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Airtime Player is a video player application that allows passengers to watch digitally-protected videos during their flight.
The application is required to watch content streamed from the airline’s Entertainment Portal.

Whats new

    - Improved video playback stability
    - Improved resume playback functionality
    - Fixed minor bugs

Global Eagle Entertainment part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update May 12, 2016. Google play rating is 43.9869. Current verison is Actual size 883.0 KB.

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John Z

Don't waste your time with this app Where do I begin? I installed the app. I then tried to use it by clicking on the button that said something like "Access Portal". All I got was the error message from Verizon that said that the website could not be found. I immediately uninstalled the app.

Ron H

Simply doesn't work. I literally repair software and hardware issues with smart phones for a living. I know the issue is that this program simply does not work with the Droid Turbo that is running KitKat. I have multiple friends and coworkers that have android devices that also just don't work. Needs serious compatibility improvements.

Eenee Ferrano

trash wasted flight time Never worked and tested on several flights for my Samsung 4 tablet . My ancient tiny iTouch worked fine. Others with Samsung were also unsuccessful.

StarrBuck Long

Got to have this + dolphin browser to work After reading all the reviews and doing my research, the dolphin browser worked like a charm! Firefox didn't (because I tried that first) it seems this app is a gateway into the offered materials but a proper format is needed. Save yourself a headache and download dolphin browser in conjunction with this app. Worked for all my android devices.

David Rader

Free TV mostly works Using OnBoard version 1.3.22 on Android version 5.0.1 with Opera browser version 28.0.1764 on HTC One (4.17 and SDK 6.55). OnBoard is a firewall/proxy server which limits the routing of data packets on the aircraft WiFi. It uses the default browser to display the videos and subscription choices. After reading SO MANY reviews of non-functional OnBoard, I was reluctant but willing to experiment with the free TV channels on a recent SW Airlines flight. Was very impressed with the image quality. Watched NHL playoffs and baseball. Very clear and detailed picture quality. Rare packet drops and pixilation. Biggest negative is the channel selector which constantly skipped over channels of interest. Basically jumped to the beginning or end of the set. Very frustrating to get the scroll to stop to show channels in the middle of the set. Also, very limited set of channels - NY City broadcast channels, NBC properties, MLB, a couple I didn't recognize. Couldn't watch any basketball. Not good enough to take a risk on paid services.

Scott Freeman

Tricky to install on Android After a couple of iterations I finally got everything installed on my nexus 7. Flash seemed to be the trickiest. The app worked fine but the TV offerings were not very appealing to me.

Michael M

This actually worked really well finally!! This hasn't worked on my android fire a year or more but it actually worked today!!! Used chrome browser, in case that helps others to get it to work.

Kimberly Doty

terrible waste of time.spent most of the flight trouble shooting it and then it still didn't work. paid the extra 8 bucks for WiFi to navigate getting this free service to work.

Roger Takacs

Why? Use Dolphin for a chance at success, now there's a menu over half the screen that won't go away.

Chris Parsons

Didn't work at all Followed the directions and got nothing but a black box, I've tried on several flights over the year. Stop using flash for streaming video you fools!

Ed B

Did not work Downloaded to see if it worked better then the old version of flash and it did not. I went to adobes website and downloaded the flash app for android. They no longer support it, but they do have the last version available if you search the archives. I have it working on a samsung galaxy note 4 and it works perfect.

Matthew Wood

An an amazing amount of fail The creators of this app should be recognized by guiness world records for containing the most amount of fail in one app: there is sound, but no video. You have to navigate in a web browser which then opens the video on the app, maybe. This thing is so clumsy that it could star in an urgent care commercial. Even if it did work well the selection of content is extremely limited, especially for childrens programming.

Branden Strickland

Trash Chrome, Firefox, dolphin, flash, opening the link that should open the player and even trying to extract a streaming URL in vain... Priceless... No wait... Useless

Rebecca Verbus

Couldn't get it to work I downloaded the app on my droid tablet. Wouldn't work. Works fine on my iphone

Matt Grondin

Requires Flash (FYI , which is not supported any longer on Android) Where do I being with this piece of **** product. 1) It requires flash to run -- which they don't really tell you up front 2) Flash isn't available via the google play store anymore -- so WTF are you supposed to do? I'm a techie and I'm having problems getting flash on my tablet 3) you can't "test" that the product works unless you are on a flight --- again WTF ?? Hello -- I want to make sure it works BEFORE I get on my flight That all said, after an hour of fighting with it.. while in mid-air, I might add --- I finally did get it to work. And yes, I wrote Southwest a nasty message about this piece of *** product.

Deborah Okon

Worked great! This app works great on my htc evo 4G LTE. I did download the Dolphin Browser as someone else suggested but I don't think it was really needed. Put your device in airplane mode and then connect to the Southwest Wi-Fi, click on this app and it will open in your browser.It was great to be able to listen to music and watch free tv while flying on Southwest. The only problem was that it drained battery very very very very very fast!

Adam Fleming

Welp... I couldn't get the movie I payed for to work. I guess I'm just going to pirate the movie when I get home. I mean, I did pay for it after all...

Monique Hawk

online tv Could not connect. The airline staff even tried to do it and it would not work

Michael Bottomly

Doesn't work at all The southwest entertainment is obviously designed for iPhone, not android. Does not work at all.

Wesley Kerr

Doesn't work on Android It works great on my iPad, but it doesn't work at all on my Android (Droid Maxx). That's just a comparability issue that can and should be fixed!

Matt W

Crashes on Google Nexus Attempted several selections on recent flight. App consistently crashes whenever I hit the play button.

Christina Caldwell

Does not work Does not work. I tried every browser and still no luck.

Tim Blakeslee

Doesn't work on nexus 5 I've tried everything to make this app work. Not worth my time anymore. Uninstalled

Bs Yarg

No stereo Bluetooth access! I purchased a movie $5 and got only the left side of my headset audio, the audio was also outta sync with movie with a definite lag. I want my $5 back!

suzan smith

No problems Works like a charm everytime on my Galaxy Tab. One touch access to onboard wifi.

Martin G

Fine Works for me under firefox, with flash player

Y Tang

"Your device does not support digitally protected content" What does it support if it cannot work on Nexus 6.

Thomas Steele

Worthless Tried installing before my flight and it looked like it would be OK. Got on the flight and could not get app to work, could not get flash to load, etc. Put my nexus 7 away and used my ipad for the last hour of my flight.

Joseph Pignataro

Can't stay connected to WiFi sucks

Matt Herrmann

Don't Bother Don't waste your time until Southwest fixes it to work with common Android setups.

Vincent Bortone

Couldn't get it to work

Bill Ashcraft

Finally works Have to use the dolphin browser but it finally worked on my HTC android.

Rob Santoro

Ridiculous Spent 40 minutes downloading apps, trouble shooting and pulling my hair out. Southwest, next time don't waste your time emailing me the promise of free TV when all you gave me was a headache.

Eric Denney

FOR S5 ACTIVE AND GALAXY TAB 4 Well it actually works for me now on both devices. I have to start with Onboard Player app that takes me to the STOCK Internet app NOT Firefox or any other 3rd party app. You might need to go into settings then delete the default apps setting that normally takes you to a different Internet app. After that I just sign in to A-list preferred and I'm able to watch TV or listen to beats music. Not sure what I did different but it works. Good luck.

Clifton Murray

Works fine on Southwest Worked great on S4, G2,and nexus 7. Browser was chrome. Just download and watch free TV during flight.

David Walker

It's garbage!! It won't even work on the plane as described

Tavia Collins

Ok Well it takes forever to load

Marin Rands

Never worked Don't waste your time

Derek Ross

Worthless. Doesn't work on Lollipop.

Kimberly Burgess

Horrible program, wasted $10 on the same film on two different Android Devices that met the criteria. My OnePlus One phone running Android 5.0.2 and my Droid Maxx phone running Android 4.4.4 both meet the criteria, both installed the app, both paid for the same film, and both gave me an error stating "Sorry! Your device does not support digitally-protected video playback." Both devices are stock, both have their bootloaders locked, and both phones meet the criteria listed to run this app and service. Both could not run the service, not even to watch the extra TV shows. The wifi free TV worked great, but nothing that required the Onboard Player to work could work.

Todd Lefever

Worked Flawlessly Downloaded this on my Nexus 7 so that I could watch television on my Southwest flights. It worked as described in both directions with no hiccups. Used with Chrome browser.

Austin Steele

Terrible This is absolutely the most useless app. Downloaded it multiple times and the Southwest page is still telling me I need to have the app to watch certain shows. Can't do anything with it.

Josh Van Kirk

Doesn't work Dont waste your time unless you have an iphone

Kathryn Y

Worked great for SW airlines wireless So grateful bc it kept me busy entire flight! Combined with Dolphin browser.

Danny Ocean

Come on SW Why can't your software team come up with something else? This app is a piece of crap. Can't even put the app on my laptop, and it crashes on my Note 4. However I do aee alot of people with Apple stuff who seems to be working ok. Guess SW hates android and Window products.

John Mingus

Doesn't work Good thing it was free. Paid for SW Air WiFi this evening during a flight and when I tried to watch a movie I received an error saying it could not read this video format. Waisted $$ & time.

Andy Grondahl

Doesn't work I was able to buy my movie no problem but I'm never going to get to watch it. I keto getting the message my movie has ended but I never saw it. I've tried everything. Hate this app and would rate 0 stars if I could.

David Dwork

Just works. I used this on a galaxy s5, galaxy tab 2, and galaxy tab 4 and all worked flawlessly.

Jasmine Dave

Ok You need a samsung galaxy or an lg90 but when you watch a movie or a show its a little laggy

Rosemary Robinson

Didn't work Note 5- video wouldn't play even though the sound would start. Tried several times unsuccessfully. Glad I was trying to watch complimentary movie and didn't pay for one.

snoopy Condor

Does not work Don't even waste your time on this POS

Orry Hill

Crapware Would not play any of the TV series. Southwest is such a great airline, however, it is sad they would provide such a pathetic product as a perk. If you can't make it work, why embarrass yourself by providing it.

S Brad Dozier

awful. don't get sucked in. took my money fast enough but kept giving error to play movie. no tech support on flight....AWFUL!!!!

Lowrey Keller

Worked for me But all the shows were crap so I read a magazine lul

Andrea Ace

Did not work Don't waste your time.

Jake Rouse

Didn't work Kept getting an error, it's too bad planes don't let you use data yet.

Jeremy Hoel

Not happy in full screen on marshmallow Worked great on 5.1.1, on 6 seems to lock up and crash going full screen. Nexus 7 2013

Keely Ritchie

Finally works! Been trying to get this to work for years! Finally got the free Southwest TV to work. Thanks!

Ryan MacArthur

Not compatible with nexus 6p Doesnt work at all with nexus 6p running marshmallow.

Robert Simandl

Flaky Works great on nexus 6 phone but displays "unsupported video format" error message when trying on a nexus 9 tablet (on the same plane within minutes of each other)!

Seth Clark

Does not work

Clinton Wasylishen

Garbage Paid money for sound and no video

Howard Polack

Instant Crash Nexus 6.......must read!!!! If you use Rotation software such as Ultimate Rotation Control, you must force stop it or uninstall it. You will get an instant crash if not.

David Carrington

Didn't work on phone Samsung S3. The chrome website said I needed to install the app. The app said I needed to go through the portal on the website. It was an endless circle. But the website worked just fine on my Samsung Chromebook.

Joel Loukus

Crashed on nexus, buggy on fire, worked on apple Bought a movie to watch on flight on my fire. The stream failed after ten minutes and had to be restarted. Wasnt smart enough to resume where playback had left off. Scrubbed forward in film, but then the navigation wouldn't go away and was forced to watch the film cropped. Got another film on return flight, tried my nexus that time. Just crashed instead of playing. No built in way to return the film I payed for. Kindly passenger repurchased the film I wanted to watch and loaned me their IPhone.

Austin Steffens

Take this off the store. This is the absolute biggest rip off. The app let me purchase a $5 movie on a flight before telling me that my device (a new Note 5) does not support video streaming of digitally-protected content. I'll go through PayPal and demand my $5 back, and this app is bit dust.

JD Martin

Literally useless This is, without a doubt, the most useless app I've ever seen. It checks to make sure you are on a southwest WiFi network and redirects you to your browser. That's it. I would give it zero stars if I could.

Heather Robbins Hall

Doesnt wirk on Android I used two phones and two different Samsung tablets. None of tgem worked! Website said download app, and app said try website! They advertise free wifi, which is not true. This is a joke!!!

Emily Thornhill

Samsung galaxy Tab 3 I have never been able to get this to work on a flight. Not sure what I'm doing wrong

Lindsay Forepaugh

Was working...not anymore I've used this app for nearly a year and after the "fix" I can only watch live TV but no recorded shows. Ugh!

Jarret Kuhfahl

Charged without compatability Was quick to let me buy the movie, to bad the app wont work on my Note Edge.. at least the guy comped me a drink!

Brandon Hornberg

Works fine for me I have an s3 abd gave used this on southwest flights a handful of times and it works like a dream!

Benaaz Russell

Not good Only some recorded shows work but none of the live shows work. That's for my iphone, nothing works on other devices.

Ashley Fisher

Samsung Galaxy Pro 12 App wouldn't work on my device. It just says, "unfortunately, the application isn't working." Paid $5 for a movie and couldn't watch. Really disappointing.

Jennifer Turner

Horrible Horrible Horrible I downloaded this app because the movies you purchase from southwest airlines requires it. I paid the $5 for a movie to entertain my 6 yr old. The app wouldn't work at all!!!!

daniel post

Works now...changed from 1 star Finally

Kade Merritt

Won't play on Galaxy s6 edge Galaxy S6 edge won't support digitally supported video playback.

Andrew McIntosh

Paid 5 dollars won't allow me to stream like everyone else.

Mark Jardine

By far the stupidest app I've ever downloaded.

Selena Timbro

Won't download on LG tab

John Muro

Garbage. Tried multiple phones and still didn't work.

Jacquie Baumgartner

Airtime Player does not work. Downloaded for use on Southwest flight. I don't understand why Apple products can use the entertainment on SW Airlines but the Androids are left hanging! This app definitely does not work.

Rakesh Patel

Doesn't work. Crashes View protected content....what a joke

Scott Accetta

Doesn't work! It says "device doesn't support protected video playback".....real nice after buying a Southwest movie

Jason Verrett

THIS APP IS WORTHLESS. Southwest airlines wasted my time and money for movies i couldn't watch.

Jessica Ott

This is the biggest joke I've ever seen. Big miss Southwest Airlines, big miss. And zero help to get this fixed right. I'd rather pay more for the movie than go through all this BS. Terribly disappointing after a long trip and just wanted to digress and enjoy a flick.

Robert Simandl

Works great on nexus 6 phone but displays "unsupported video format" error message when trying on a nexus 9 tablet (on the same plane within minutes of each other)! Sent an email about this to developer's address shown at the bottom of this page. It immediately got returned as "undeliverable, not a valid email address."

Dan B.

It Worked! Took a SW flight from dca to msy on 4.20.16. The app worked as described w/o issues throughout the entire flight. The bugs must have been fixed. Using a Google Nexus 6p.

Paul Elia

Did not work for me Latest Firefox on Android, no luck.

Richard W Canestraro Jr

Wasted Money Paid to watch movie. SOUTHWEST. 5$ LATER ERROR. Fix or dump the idea Airtime!

Trayce Madre

Droids cant access the app Wasted my momey buying a movie and cant watch it

Chinmay Aladangady

Does not play movies Running Android 6.0.1 in Nexus 6, does not play movies. DO NOT BUY MOVIES ON FLIGHT IF YOU HAVE THIS PHONE!

Chris Austin

Awful Paid $5 for a movie and it won't work on a new completely updated Android

Stephanie Haechrel

Didnt work on android tablet

Cheryl Hickey

Awesome Works really awesome

Jack Leonard

Junk - adopt standard tools If you need a special app you are doing it wrong

Sarah Spencer

Worked fine I have a galaxy S5 and was worried about this app after reading the reviews. However, I had no problems watching tv programs on 2 different southwest flights. I accessed the material using the internet browser. The only minor isdue I had was that my phone didn't do well with full screen mode and the screen would shut off after a few seconds.

Orval Sifontes

Does not work That simple. Once in flight it said that was not compatible with the Southwest video system and to download the "latest version". This on a Galaxy tab

A Google User

Broken believe the reviews. On my Southwest flight neither me nor any of my friends, all with different devices, could get this app to work. Just plain broken and bad. ?

Stephen Jennings

Not Compatible? This is an S7! This is the latest Android out! If it's not compatible with this, what is it compatible with?


Peice of crap Didn't work on galaxy s5 after paying money to use it in a southwest flight. You'd think a company like southwest wouldn't partner with a garbage app like this.

David Smith

Don't use it on Droid Turbo 2 Got the message "this device does not allow playback of digitally protected video"

Angel Vazquez

Did not work dont even bother Tried it out and the app doesnt work at all but the southwest airlines site worked for yhe free live tv

Michael Villalobos

Does not work with latest Android or S7 Do not waste your time with this app. The S7 is not new and the company cannot even come out with a compatible app.

Christina Tellifson

Doesn't Work Once in air, wouldn't allow me to view movies. Watching TV was fine, but that's it.

Ken Curtis

App does not work on southwest Airlines this is not the app to use for renting Movies! Terrible...

Betty Cornett

This app didn't work on Southwest Airplane. Did your people even test this app? I tried it on my galaxy note tablet to watch a movie, but no luck...didn't try it on my galaxy note 3 tho.....I'm removing it.

Ellison Balanga

Does not work Not even with brand new phone and updated Android OS.

scott ball

Simply does not work. I would expect southwest to partner with a better solution

Paul Pierce

Airtime Agree with negative ratings. Android up to date, paid to use W O R T HL E S S. don't do it. SWA offer us a workable APP

William Fletcher

Doesn't work Downloaded the app after a flight f9r next flight, check for the most recent version before not recognized from the chrome browser on samsung s6

Thomas Boyd

Says not compatible every time I go to watch a movie made me waste 5 dollars on a movie I won't be able to watch.

Tim Pinkerton

Nice added feature. Like the app worked well inflight. Need more documentry content.

Diane Tanner

Couldn't use with s7 Please update to support Samsung s7. Would love to use and re-rate higher

Daniel Frehner

Worthless It's pretty rare that an app doesn't work on my phone, S5, but it was completely unresponsive. So much for the "free entertainment" on my flight.

Jenna Lussier

Not compatible Android Turbo said it wasn't even installed. Couldn't play movies. Fine no addl money for SW. Uninstalled.

Chris Vind

Doesn't work Downloaded on GS7 and says my device is not supported. Terrible product.

Mark Taylor

This app does not work on SWA Same comments as others. Worthless!

F. Fernandez

Did not work with LG G5

Johnny Williams

Broken App used to work, now it don't anymore on Southwest Airlines...

Kiley Morgan

Isn't compatible with my phone? I have a Samsung s7, and apparently this app isn't compatible with my phone and wouldn't work in-flight. Super annoying. I'm uninstalling it now.

Dwayne Middleton

No Issues After reading all the negative reviews I wasn't expecting the app to work. As a backup, I paid for and downloaded a movie onto my device. The purchase was not needed the app worked great. I jumped in and out of several TV shows at no extra cost during the flight. There's also an option to purchase movies.

Suriyaprakash Soundrapandian

S7 Edge not supported The app provider should list the approved list of devices. Not supporting the best selling phone is really bad and there is no mention about that.

Cathy Aylstock

In 2014, I gave one star because I was unable get it to work on Samsung Tab3. Fast forward to 2016 and it worked! Only froze once during a 1.5 hour flight.

M. Merritt

All of the negative reviews are wrong The app is essentially a plugin. It is needed to watch the shows from the SWA portal - you don't use the app to watch the shows. I used it on my flight and it worked just fine.

Dan Crowley

Worked fined 7 July 16 with galaxy Tab S2 on Southwest

Heather Yarbrough

Fails to work on Southwest Air. Requires widevine website plug in which downloads and does nothing. Continues to say device does not support protected video playback. New galaxy tab A with android 5.0

Rog H.

Costs money to use. Couldn't get it to work. Once I got it working, I discovered it was going to charge $5 to watch a movie. Other charges varied based on type of feature. I didn't read reviews before install, no big surprise it's gotten so many poor reviews.

Tim Murphy

Does not work

Anthony robbins

Does not work!!!!

TopaZ Games

Kinda worked So over all a great app but a few bug here and there but it's amazing for a short flight

Derek Dunning

App work awesome Glad to have the app when I was on the plane. Worked with no issue on my Samsung Galaxy S6. Ty for creating an awesome app.

D.L. Bitner

Works! No matter what others say this app works fine on Southwest. I use it everytime. I've flown this year on SW 10 times so far and works each time. Would have given 5 stars, but it hangs up on shows but picks back up, not sure if it's the airplanes connection.

Bart Hoolehan

Galaxy S7 Movies do not work This app works for watching the free TV shows on SWA Flights, but it did not work for me on the $5 movies...which is odd, because my S3 worked perfect for the $5 movies. Both the S3 and S7 claimed to "not support movies" when I ran the test, however the S3 worked just fine. It's odd when an older phone works better.

Hooman Rabieh

It works. Flew on July 28th/2016. Installed the app and the first time I launched the app, it said that my Samsung Galaxy S7 was not supported. I didn't think much of it. Saw all the negative reviews and assumed it wasn't going to work. When I was on the plane, I launched the app and it worked flawlessly. In fact I was surprised how well the video played back. TV shows are free but the videos cost.. and for a 1 hour flight it was just perfect.

Ashley Day

Droid Turbo 2 not compatible Doesn't work for my phone which is new. I made sure everything was up to date, which it was and it still didn't work. I paid for a $5 movie that I couldn't even see. Needless to say I'm very disappointed and angry.

Justin Spagnuolo

Useless Totally non-responsive with galaxy tab s running android 5.0. Doesn't even say 'incompatible'. Just sits there spinning forever. I'm sure if you have one of the compatible devices, it'll work fine like some people say but in my opinion this should work on ALL android and apple devices, especially mainstream brands like samsung. Seriously southwest, ditch this worthless app and find a better partner.

Jacob Gregory

Can't Watch Anything! Worthless app. Can not watch movies on Chrome or Firefox.

Kirk Korver

Half works I was able to install this app from the App Store no problem. Using this app, I was able to watch all of the free content on the Southwest flight. However, on the protected content. I was not able to watch any of it. Southwest really should look at improving this app.

Karen Weaver

Didn't work? Wasted a lot of time trying to get it working so I could watch a movie on my flight. My phone is new, I downloaded the new version of the app and even paid for WiFi access. No luck.

Chad Hankins

Doesn't work! Southwest is losing a ton of money because they can't get their app to be compatible with devices. Not smart. Flying jet blue next time


Won't play Keeps saying my device is not compatible with airtime. Then say I need 6.0 or larger, my Samsung Tablet is 6.2. Confused!

Doug Lloyd

Won't work This app doesn't work on my Galaxy S7. Weird that it seems to be geared toward old phones rather than new technology.

dallas Jackson

Doesn't work It says access portal and I click it and nothing happens let's work on it and maybe I'll read download it

Samsung S7 not supported This app is outdated. Check the other 1000+ 1 star reviews

Erik Lindberg

Worthless Doesn't work on newer Android on Southwest flights regardless of how expensive the tablet is.


It works-just couldn't get it to STOP to change programs! Tried it once so far, it works. Only did tv, not movies. Here's how...Access wifi portal THROUGH airtime app. Choose your show, you'll get the "requires airtime player"pop up. Scroll down, press "play" (i didn't even close the dialogue box). One thing interesting & VERY useful, before you attempt to start your paid-for movie, the app actually gives you a "test" button to verify whether video/audio even plays on your device, so i don't know why these dumbasses are paying for something they haven't tested!

Matt Barre

Doesn't work on Nexus 6p Doesn't work on Nexus 6p. Latest build as of 8-17-2016. Does work on Samsung s4 and iPad 2.

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