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28 Apr
Oddly Enough: Pied Piper

Posted by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. in Puzzle | April 28, 2014 | 97 Comments

Apk file size: 246.0 MB

The legend of the Pied Piper has a twist you never saw coming! Travel into the story you know so well, and discover the truth instead of the children's tale! The mayor refused to pay the Piper after ridding the city of the rats, so the Piper got his revenge by kidnapping all the children of the town! Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime, as you hunt down the Piper and the lost children!

- 35 lavish locations
- 16 original mini-games
- Interactive characters full of personality
- Tons of hidden objects to find
- Easy to learn tutorial to get you started

Alawar Entertainment, Inc. part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 28, 2014. Google play rating is 81.3351. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 246.0 MB.

Download oddly-enough-pied-piper.apk 246.0 MB


Drew Jovi

Like game but only problem seems to be is that you have to reload due to losing inventories all the time, please fix inventory issue and ID give 5 stars

Rob Frazier

Really really bad Terrible i love alawar games what happened im sorry i bought this game rip off im uninstalling

Rosalind Johnson

Little slow to respond and jumpy Like the game, started playing it on a desk top computer no problems. But on my tablet it's slow to respond have to tap items and places several times before it responds. Moving objects are jerky and jumpy. Wasn't for this I would actually give it a 5 star rating.

Melissa Gury

Good Idea, But..... even if it's for children - there are just too many shortcuts. Okay, most of us players are not developers or designers - but we can tell when things are (what?) cheesy. It just feels like "Rin" didn't spend the time or money to present a good game. No guide or map. None of the fun stuff. It's slow and clunky. Okay, it's pretty and cute, but that's about it. This is to Empress & Snow Queen what bubble gum is to beluga caviar. When will Alawar realize that the pop-up ads overload our machines, cause constant crashes and make customers so angry that we don't even bother checking their games anymore?

Dani Neuenschwander

I am a HUGE fan of Alawar hidden objects games, however, this one is my least favorite thus far. I do not have a count as to how many of the Alawar games I have purchased to date, I do know its alot, however, this one I am calling a loss because I am uninstalling it. There are WAY TOO MANY ads. Each time you enter a new area an add pops up and then you have to click on continue to keep playing...its very distracting and irratating. Sorry Alawar I normally give your games 5 stars this one is getting 2. If you get rid of all the pop ups I will come back and finish the game and hopefully change my 2 to a 5. The story line is great. Just too many pop ups.

Liz Bastyr

Wanted to enjoy it The game started out fine, but it let me get to the tower without a needed item. I was unable to backtrack, so I'm stuck at the end of a game without a chance of finishing it.

Colin Bewley

Oddly enough, average. Lots of potential,not enough testing. First, get more than 5-8 seconds of that maddeningly repetitive music. Second, work on touch controls. Locality and lag are bad. Hard to enjoy a game that moves at 1/10 the speed of what my mind does, and my mind is ssllooww. Overall ,just not impressive.

kat king

Stupid Adds!!!!! I paid for the full game, doesn't that mean that I should get it add free? So annoying and stupid, it really distracts from the story and means that I no longer want to play

Christine Griffiths

wtf did I pay for? Ad's even though I've paid? That pop up every two minutes so I now have to keep hitting continue to carry on game play. I'm refunding

Millie L

Buggy Game can be unresponsive when you point to an item or location, which as often as it occurs is dropping my rating - along with lack-lustre story.

Stephanie Amos

Good but pop ups annoying Annoyed that I paid for the full game and every area I go to, I get another pop up. Then I have to keep hitting continue. It makes me not want to play the game. This is why I didn't give it a full 5 stars.

Holly Spencer

The game graphics and difficulty are awesome! More games, please. Hans Christian Anderson would be a great source for stories......

Tasha Walker

o.m.g great but when you buy the game all these ads start to pop up please fix or i want my money back

Jayme Plummer-Bowden

WONT WORK AT ALL Every time I open it, it only get as far as the screen before you click play, then it closes, EVERY SINGLE TIME. And I paid for the full game too so im mad.

Tissue Tee

Major problems I just bought this game and from the beginning there have been nothing but problems. The constant adds popping up as you play. Is there a way to stop that? I thought that when you buy a game the adds are supposed to stop!?? Also, there must be a bug in this game because I had to download it twice and still it kept shutting down as I play. I wouldn't recommend you get this game. I have a new galaxy tab device and it still isn't working well.

Susan Hilliard

I generally love alawar games but after paying for the full game multiple ads popped up every time I made a play.Otherwise its great fun graphics are great.please fix those ad pop ups they ruin a game you pay for!

david arnett

Constant add pop up I paid for the game with an ad that pops up! Fine! But the fact that 90 percent of the time I walk in and out of places the add pops up AND to make worse I have to hit continue because it's in a pause screen! Absolutely uncalled for! I played scary Park and loved it, now I never wanna play a game by this company again!

Rosalyn Bailey

Oddly Enough: Pied Piper I like the game a lot, but I don't like the interruptions for other sites to buy games, etc. I get that it's a way for the companies to get their products out to consumers, but it's still annoying...

shane rippin

Game runs to slow on Google nexus 4. A bug means that I frequently lose the inventory and as a final p*ss take there are adverts in a game I already paid for.

Angila Mahan

Terrible I only rate games after I buy the full version & finish. This one could be so much better. It's laggy, hard to use items, hard to pan through ho scenes & inventory. It seems unfinished...

Mark Olson

Cannot play this Opens then crashes. 2 reports sent over 7 attempts to play. Refunded.

San Nguyen

I didn't pay to get ads. For a paid game, there is an outrageous amount of ads. I can't go a full thirty seconds before getting a pop up. This is ridiculous. I am so disappointed, because the rest of Alawar's games are great. If I could give zero stars, you know exactly what I would do.

Katt Gryves

DO NOT BUY Please DON'T WASTE ur money on this horrible game! Every time u make a move, an ad pops up then u get rid of the ad but then the menu screen pops up and u have to hit Continue. This happens WITH EVERY MOVE! I'd give negative stars if I could

Laura Williams

Adds? Wtf is with adds in the paid version every 5 sec? Please fix makes the game unplayable

Summer Bauer

OK This game is ok but why so many adds especially when I paid for the game. Not cool!

Candi Ali

liz between scenes took a lil too long but it was fun

Sande Kilmer

This is not the best Alawar game. Hard to navigate and the HO is certainly not up my alley!!! Will uninstall as soon as I FINALLY get to the end. I

Cena Kneubehl

Nice game but the constant ads really suck. Would of just played the free version if I had known.

Heather Austin

Ok game The problem that I have is that adds keep popping up every few seconds and then you have to push continue game in the menu highly annoying

Nickie Brough

Laggy and poor Have played a few alawar games this is the worst by far total waste of money it's short there's no story to follow it lags all the time don't waste your money


Too many ads Too many ads and I even payed for the it should have no ads if I payed for it!

Layla Thompson

Waste of money, doesn't load properly, keeps freezing

sandie Williams

Super slow Wish there was a trial version as wasted money on a very poor game. Lagged constantly and navigating inventory and map was very slow. Puzzles weren't very puzzling

Tracey DePaul

Why ads in a paid version?. They interrupt game play, and often the task just prior to the pop up needs to be redone after the ad. This coupled with laggy game play creates one big disappointment from what is usually my favorite developer

Sharon Ruddock

Good game short compared to some but very enjoyable

hope dale

Blaaa Not very well designed and I don't know why I expected a plot but i did and was disappointed.

Ulanda Mixon

What Popups for a paid game really.

Janette Diez

The adds The adds popping up every 2 seconds made the game annoying. I finished the game in less than a day...

Josep Viñals

Bad bad bad.. lag, stylus not working, not a good game..

Jaycee Armstrong

Ads Everytime I move I get an ad not good when I payed for the game, please fix

Jeanette White

Don't buy There are too many bugs. I can't get the shears out of the mold because the Gnomes hat has disappeared. 2 points are for the graphics.

Luke Jenkins

Bad & Buggy Item menu keeps disappearing, which means a whole new restart to get it back. Also knife has gone from it, so can't use to cut cheese after the bag of hay... Hint keeps directing me to it but no knife anymore. Given up!

J Mo

FAIRLY AVERAGE! The good thing about this game was it was free, the ads were a bit of a pest but not overly intrusive. The storyline was good, the graphics were good and the range of puzzles were well thought out. The massive problem was every time you complete a mini game or even some minor tasks your inventory disappears, there are 2 way to get it back; you can either press the hint button, or if that fails to work then you have to quit and then reopen the game. You have to watch however, because sometimes you lose items from the inventory which you can sometimes go back and try again, but you do sometimes have to start all over again.

Heather Alice

I really love this game but... I had extremely high hopes to play this game. I played it a lot on my computer. When I found it on the google play store, I was excited. The first problem: all of the bugs. Second problem: too many ads. It was ridiculous how much they popped up. Third problem: kept freezing. Very disappointed.

Arvin Jennifer

Maddeningly insensitive controls and constant lags/hanging make it quite a frustrating game. So is difficulty scrolling through mini game instructions, which meant I had to skip some. Plus side is the minimal object descriptions as clues, which is more similar to escape games. Frustrating at first, but ended up making it more challenging, and prolonging what would otherwise be a shorter game. So ok with that.

Susan Matthews

Zero to Not too Bad The first time I installed the game, I bought it & it locked up, so I got a refund. I decided to give it another chance, but I DID NOT pay for it. The ads were completely & majorly annoying. Really!!? Everytime I hit something. Absolutely unnecessary & ridiculous. It further makes me NOT want to install any of the games the ads recommend. I did muddle through however, & despite the avalanche of headache ads, the game was cute & not too difficult.

Melinda King

I didn't experience the same glitches! I haven't had any issues or bugs, like so many others. I'm pretty far into the game, also. As far as the ads, just turn off WiFi. There's a slight delay and sometimes I've had to hit the object more than once, but I've had that happen with gamesI paid a lot more for. So overall, so far I've been one of the lucky few, I guess! Just hoping it stays that way.

Nona Mizuta

Great game!!! I loved this game....not too easy but not too difficult either. As for other comments about lost inventory and ad pop ups: to avoid ads, simply disable your phone's data (airplane mode) and the inventory isn't actually lost - it's merely hidden....just touch the inventory bag and the left bottom and the inventory items will show again.

Laura Turner

So many ads! Cannot make 2 moves without an ad popping up in between.

Debra Scott

Lots pop ups, but its free... so cant complain. Just needs patience.. really enjoyed the game. Good story. Def worth the play..

Mark Barrett

Good game Lots of game time. Plenty of stuff to do. The puzzles are interesting enough to keep the player engaged. At times it's a little glitchy though and the ads can be a little aggressive too. But if you don't mind all that, I'd say download it and have some fun.

Jennifer LaFord

DONE AND DISAPPOINTED! !! I'm disgusted. Never have I EVER played a game with that many ads! ! 8 ads in the first 30 seconds of playing! Not to mention the inventory bar keeps disappearing. Don't waste your time. ..

Mandy Harvey

The Pied Piper Love the cartoon graphics,storyline is quite engrossing always leaves you wanting to know what's gonna happen next.Can't put it down,keep thinking 'I'll just do a little bit more' not to easy right level to make one think.I would recommend anyone to have a peek,well worth the money.Thanx alawar, well done,please do more like this.

Janice McCarty

Fun I like that you really have to think about every move. It's not over in 5 min.

Pauline Burns

Only 3 star as not as good as some of your other games. Good point is that you can play the whole thing for free.

Janet McMahon

Ads & continue button are overused & very annoying. Can be difficult to pick things up.

Ryki Wulff

Disappointed Wouldn't let me pick up the key in first scene so could not even play...

Sandie Russell

Hated all the ads but the game was really fun. Liked the skip on some of the more time consuming puzzles. Great job.

Emma Chase

Really disapointed Play a lot of these games and usually alawar are great but this game was a flop. Bad storyline, bad graphics and way too short. Sorry I wasted my money

Julie Taylor

Ads are terrible! Nice graphics. I like the game, and I would give it 5 stars but the ads are ridiculous. Every time you do something an ad pops up. I understand they are to help keep the game free but they shouldn't pop with every tap you make to play the game.

Ran S

The whole game, not just an intro:) The ads were annoying, but there were a lot all at once, and then none for a while, so it was okay. Fairly easy, nice pictures, finished it in under two hours. froze at one point, but was fine when I restarted it.

Danielle French

How can I get anything done... How are we supposed to get anything done in the game when every screen there is an ad and it pauses the game. I'm not saying go ad free but do you really have to show one each time the screen changes!

melanie sherfey

Too Many ADS!!!!! This game would be amazing if not for the ads popping up literally every 30 seconds if you fix this issue I will come back and give it 5 stars and edit my review I have tried finding a version I could buy to make it ad free but there isn't one worse part is normally I LOVE Alawars HO games I just finished the snark busters and weird park series and they were awesome no complaints so I was disappointed when the ads started popping up in this game making game play almost impossible very unhappy please fix

Yusef Moor

Game gave me an Headache! Facts I understand every game has pop up ads. This game on the other hand has thee most pop up ads. So stupid, it has pop up ads every time I went to a different room, every time! Sometimes two pop up ads, then the game automatically pauses. So now after the 2 ads after I leave a room. I have to hit continue to unpause the game. SO STUPID. THE CREATOR OF THIS PARTICULAR GAME IS STUPID. DUMMY. Wish I could've rated this game a Zero, because it's wack

Brittany Lantz

Glitch I cant get off the roof and my chimney sweeper, which I used, is gone but the game isn't registering my action... It also kicks me off when I enter/exit an area... Please fix this...

Mark Jones

Terrible To many bugs and it lags, absolutely to many ads , It's a big distraction .

Eleanor Manegre

Alawar games are the BEST but Google play inserts so many ads that it is unplayable. Very disappointed. Is there any way to stop them..

terra smith

Please fix ads and inventory issue Whoever wrote that there were too many ads, wasn't kidding!!!! Would be a great game to play if it weren't for them and the ads causing a glitch with the game where it makes the inventory bar disappear for a few min causing the game to be unplayable. Even if u tap where the inventory bar is it just causes you to go back to the previous area. Wouldn't mind the ads if it were spaced every 10 minutes or so or when you complete a stage or something but every few seconds. uninstalling

Erin Ketterer

Every time an ad pops up, my items disappear and I have to force shut down the game and restart it to get the items back. Too bad for the bugs. I don't even really mind the ads popping up if it didn't screw up the game every time.

Faith Vaslev

It's an ok game The game is interesting and the difficulty level is perfect. But there are some big issues... Way too many ads and the game is quite slow. Although it seems to be getting a little bit better as the game progresses. I'll give it more stars if the kinks go away

Amber Funderburgh-Arnold

Don't download!! I have NEVER been bombarded by more ads than in this game!! EVERY SINGLE THING YOU CLICK POPS UP AN ADVERTISEMENT! Adding advertising to free games is one thing (like every new area you unlock or after maybe 15 minutes?) but in the 12 minutes I actually started the game to when I couldn't stand it anymore there was over 20 ads!?! That is beyond any reasonable amount! Shame on you guys for allowing this and I will NOT BE SUPPORTING YOUR GAMES ANYMORE BY BUYING THEM! You have lost a good customer who buys at least 5 H.O.G's a paycheck. :( Your competitors will be quite pleased at your shameless act.

Sara Pitts

Played for about 10 minutes but the amount of pop up adds was unbearable. I spent more time closing ads than actually playing. Uninstalling now.

angela herebia

Annoying The game itself is really good. However the adds that pop up every 30 to 60 seconds is ridiculous. I play a lot of games and understand you have to have some adds but can honestly say I've never came across a game with this many. Excessive doesn't even cover it.

Angela Catt

Too many ads Can't collect items because ads pop up in the middle of the game. It's ridiculous

Jo Davies

Enjoyable free game I liked this game: original story line, nice & easy to see graphics & good mini tasks to complete as well as good hidden object games. It kept me happily engaged whenever I had time to play & felt longer than most other games. Also, it was great to play the entire game without being asked to pay to continue. All it asks is for a rating, which I am happy to do. Thanks very much. PS. Just had to add that l was predominantly rooting for the Piper rather than the mayor who afterall reneged on the deal struck.


Good game, too many ads I thought the game was very well done and had an awesome story as well as artwork. I would of given it 5 stars if it didn't pop up an ad every time the screen changed. It became really frustrating because some times you could get 3 or 4 ads in a 30 second span when switching from area to area. I get that free games are free because of the ads but this was overkill.

Karen Myers

Great game Game was pretty good, really liked the quality of the graphics how ever the pop up ads were too extreme!! Don't mind pop ups & understand why they R needed but every time U leave a location or did any action there was a pop up! That was just a bit too much & very disappointing.

Slimmy Slim

Best game with classic story!! This was the most beautiful and well put together game I've ever played. The story line is a classic children's tale which makes it a plus! The puzzles were easy and made complete sense. I liked the option to skip puzzles (like the Ouija board. I wouldn't touch one of them in real life or in a fake game like this.) Truly free and wish it didn't end. :-)

Lacee-Anne Orriss

Good game but too many ads I love this kind of game, and this one has good artwork and a decent storyline, but the amount of ads is just ridiculous. Every time you move to a different location or exit a close up view in a location, another ad is popping up, and then you have to hit continue just to get back into playing after you close the ad. I hope the game is good enough to make the hassle worth it.

Sara McKee

Im usually the first to mock people complaining about Too many ads. But wow. too many ads. It looked nice but every screen transition ever was a popup. I couldn't even try it. I'd give it a Better rating if I had the option to purchase ad free as it truly was interesting.

Jax M

Great game Full game. Very fun. Just get through the first few minutes of a ton of ads, and they will slow down and even stop for long periods of time. Don't let the ads in the beginning of play stop you from enjoying a good game!

Gwen Gutierrez

A Zero If I Could! I wonder if the creators ever play their own game???? If they don't they need to. Every 5 seconds literally there is an add that pops up. After every ad you "x" out of it asks if you want to continue!! Omg enough! I don't mind advertisements but this is extreme. Uninstalled and I won't download games from this game company again!

Patrick L

Ad Spam Frenzy - Unplayable Wow. Literally every screen change opens with a popup advertisement. I played the game for 10 minutes, 8 of which were spent waiting for ads to load and closing them. I have no opinion on the actual game as I could not enjoy it...unless the game is closing ads in which case it's horrible.

Arkeela Mitchell

Tooooo many ads Started to play the game and uninstalled it after the first 5 mins of playing. The game seems as if it has the potential to be a great game but I can't play it because there is literally an ad every 5-10 seconds. Very annoying!!!

Xangø - san

Thanks for exp Just wanna say that was a great game with a little story very sympathic. The best for me is that I've never played a game before this one which is completely free. No need to pay to play and finish the game. So thank you very for for this great experience

Elizabeth Rosales

Liz It's would have been a great game if I didn't have to constantly exit out of apps and hit the continue button all the time. It's really irritating. Couldn't play game right. Everthing u did or went to find clues or areas constantly with apps and continue button.

Adam Lark

Too any ads! I would normally give this game a 5 star review because alawar makes great games and this seems like no exception. The downfall is the ads pop up every few seconds and I can't play the game effectively.

Nathan Myers

To many adds and bad touch sensitivity Way to many adds, new add every time you change an area and the touch sensitivity is horrible, have to tap on the same object multiple times to pick it up. Could have been so much better.

Shaly Ramirez

Engaging game... I actually enjoyed playing this game for the five minutes I played, I had to Uninstall it as the ads that kept popping up throughout the game were super annoying! Right in the middle of playing and ad pops up! I missed valuable clues because the ads pop up when something is being said or pointed out. Please get rid of the ads and I'll definitely reinstall it.

Susan Sheppard

Really disappointing after the great Edgar Allen Poe's game from you guys. The ads are RIDICULOUS. CRAZY. Glitches meant items disappeared and I could couldn't get ahead. Didn't like that the hidden objects were shadows, either. Wish I wouldn't have wasted all that data.

Danielle Swensen

Ads I like this game, but really! I can barely play it because every stinkin' time I change or 'walk' out of a scene, an ad pops up. It's so frustrating. I don't mind some ads, but this is ridiculous!

Kellye McDonald

Ads Way incredibly too many ads. Having to x out or back out of ads, then hit continue, sometimes more than once every time you changed areas is just annoying. Uninstalled after exiting caused me to lose my entire inventory. Game definitely needs updated.


I had high hopes but was disappointed It was a very nice game to play until it started to bug out. The wheel wouldn't attach to the cart, no matter how I clicked it even if that was clearly what needed to be done. After reinstalling the game, my items disappeared after closing it which made me unable to progress towards the part where I left off.

Sherma Khan

After reading the reviews. I ws excited to play it.. bt wen i downloaded it.. it worked well for sm minutes.. bt thn items were disappeared.. i quit the game nd again started it.. the items were there.. bt thn again after a minute or 2 they were disappeared... plzz fix this bug!!

Penny Harper

Too many ads! This might be a fun game. I don't know. You can't play it! An ad pops up literally every 30 seconds and covers the entire screen! I can handle a few ads - unobtrusive ones. The ads in this game are obnoxious and there are far too many!

Sinclair Lovely

Too many adds Every time I move between locatiions, an ad pops up. Can you say excessive? Otherwise I would give 5 stars

Michele Johnson

Could have been so much better I know the devs have to make some profit, but this is ridiculous! Every move triggers an ad...then you have to hit the "continue" button. Utter nonsense! Shame...looked like a fun game. Wouldn't even consider buying it.

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