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18 Aug
Ocean Craft Multiplayer Free

Posted by StephenAllen in Role Playing | Aug. 18, 2015 | 111 Comments

Apk file size: 46.0 MB

Craft, battle and build underwater as a sea creature online with players around the world!
Beautiful 3D map environments, Marine, Atlantis, Castle, FishBowl, Tribute, City, Lighthouse and Graveyard
Team up to complete quests and battle enemy Piranha and Sharks for shiny experience coins.
Be unique, customise and dress up your characters skin, trail colour and perk.
Role play and chat safely in game on this cross platform multiplayer, play with friends on almost any device!

- Full version differences -
Extra characters, Dolphin, Shark, Starfish, Oyster, Jellyfish, Goldfish, Eel, Squid and Orca Killer whale
Five more maps and map options, Fishbowl, Tribute, City, Lighthouse and Graveyard
Less adverts
Chat input limit increased
Secondary bonus perk option
Can see more names on scoreboard
Helps support servers and the developer

Created and run by one person, thanks for playing and supporting me! ^_^ - Steve the Developer.

Cheaters / Hackers will be banned from all my games, you have been warned !

- Version 2.1 -
Fixed where games said connecting to developer and not players name
Fixed Quest 2 sometimes saying to complete quest 2
Chat background button, switch alpha and brightness to see chat text better
Updated censor and inputs

- Version 2.0 -
3 new maps, City, Lighthouse and Graveyard
3 new characters, Orca killer whale, Squid and Eel
Quests added, for exp coin rewards, in Captains Log book
New chat added, chat, name colours, and commands
New chest features, hide inside it from players and enemies
Higher texture resolution and quality
Underwater fog effect added for realism
Heal your character from menu with new Heal button
Player limit increased to 32
Offline mode added, if no internet or old version, you can still play
New objects in old maps, and adjustments
You only lose 25% exp when defeated
Removed anti aliasing (high graphics)
GUI layout and font size adjustments
Dropped coins stay for longer
Enemies slower
Shark does less damage, appears more often
Huge optimisations throughout
Auto ban if cheating added
Enemies and object amounts adjusted
App doesn’t close if you minimise it
Light wave ripple on floors added (caustics)
Animation speeds adjusted
Sword, Trident does more damage was 10, now 15
Controller or touch screen controls
Name and rank always shows in-game
Terms section added
Quality adjustments
Improved version control, server connecting and backup features
Retry connection button added
Censors improved, developer can mute players now too
Ads updated, show less or not at all on paid versions
Fixed a perk glitch
Host Game button text changes if lots of empty games
Pink coral texture more pinky
How to make craft page added in log book
Fish trail gui speed fix
Small wait when taking damage to prevent rapid deaths
Graphics saving delay added
Trails smoother
Connection symbol in game list
Possible pickup glitches fixed
And lots more!

Whats new

    Fixed where games said connecting to developer and not players name
    Fixed Quest 2 sometimes saying to complete quest 2
    Chat background button, switch alpha and brightness to see chat text better
    Updated censor and inputs
    Created and run by one person, thanks for playing and supporting me! ^_^ - Steve the Developer.

StephenAllen part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 18, 2015. Google play rating is 70.7261. Current verison is 2.1. Actual size 46.0 MB.

Download ocean-craft-multiplayer-free.apk 46.0 MB


Olive Luminarias

Stop saying this game is bad. You didnt know the game yet, play it more so you will know how, its not terrible it doesnt sucks, maybe you suck saying terrible stuffs infront of this game, stephen worked hard for this and thats all you will say? Its terrible? The joy stick doesnt works? Why dont you check on options and change it, and thats rude, the owner of this game talks dont think ilhe just leaves his game i supported him, so stop being rude, and what if you made a game and they all said its terrible and it sucked? How dare you said terrible on this game, this game rocks, it doesnt sucks, i was addicted tonthis last time then i found another game so my other game was getting boring so i played this game again, i wanted ti play this cause only few people plays this last time it was many but now il play ths everyday, hiw about you guys try? And im the first one on the scores, zoe , there is a game named Wolf online ^__^

Simon Flack

TERRIBLE! It lagged so much! The joystick didn't even work and the controls were so hard!!! Why on earth was there a tutorial? There should've been an instruction list. And when I made a sword there was NO sword there to kill the piranha. How was a little kid meant to know what to do when the tutorial instructions were so confusing?? I was confused ALOT and my 4 year old son wanted to play but he can't read what to do so he was really upset by that. Make this better or I will delete the game from my apps. ?

cheryl york

Plz can you call it animal craft Can you call it animal craft we what to have all animals even dinosaurs can you make like we can save worlds too because I am board making houses over aging when we make are world.

Kaitlyn Hernandez

Must Read I press the app and it takes me to the app and once it goes to the app it bouces me right back to home screen make a better one plz.

Riego Kabigtinh

The coolest Yikes too many locked characters could you make the jellyfish free?? And I will 5 ☆ it again

Family Kilian

Nice Stephen Allen I'd like to be the other sea animals plz tell me what date the new version is,plzzz!?:-D

Marion Brainard

PLZ REPLY AND FIX When I try to open it it brings me back to homepage, I don't have a galaxy or whatever I do has a droid though...

Stevie Large

Please read I downloaded it and when I pressed open it wouldn't let me get in it just bounced me back to home thks happened also with a a game called r aptors online so please tell me why I can't get in or fix PLEASE

Toui Sriharath

PLZ MAKE PLZ ^_^ Plz make a game called animal craft multiplayer, put for the full version lions, eagles, big snakes, and for the animals in the sea for full version octopus, squid, stingrays also for the free version for both do small snakes, birds, cats, dogs, horses, wolves, bugs, for free version sea animals:fish, sharks, seals, jelly fish, shrimp and whales :) plz reply fast. Plz plz plz

samantha schultz

Ok, I've learned how to move, craft, ect., and now I love it! You make the best games! Btw, im sorry if im bothering you, but I simply can't wait until raptor rpg's update! And I was wondering, is raptor rpg close to its update? I can't go without a day without checking if it has its update XD Thats how good your games are! :)

rep sugar

Argh It won't work on my new phone

Makayah Webb

LOVE IT Also please make dolphin free.Also game rocks and nice graphics!

Ashley Back

Its OK?! The controls are killing me I don't even know what or were I'm going its like if your trying to make the user mad when there playing this game I can't even learn the controls!

Rawan Mohamed

Wow Wowowowowoow the first one is good please make this full version

Jaylee Wilson

New ideas: Um I know some people might have already but I think you should be able to have baby's with other players

Craig Bennett

Make a bird craft mutiplayer Hey Allen please make a bird craft mulyiplayer and there can there be no full version cause my dad will just say no.

Lauren Norcliffe

Awesome The thing i hate is that full version costs

Nate Weber

Really fun I think you should make a scuba diver character and really really fun :) and you should make a no high tide option

Faye Bates

Bad game its sooo bad ppl just kick u out of the game i just get it???

Jessica Milia

Luv it!!!!!!:D Awesome update, Steve! I love this game much more now that I can play as a seal!^_^ what else have you got in store for us in the future?:3

Autumn H

Swampy great! But i have some add-ons. How bout snails, jellyfish, and eels. Please make singleplayer. And last add more things to make like blanket, bow, arrows, helmet, chestplate, spikes, and others. Other than that, great game. Oh, and please respond.

Rumiana Ivanova

Good but... The game is cool but it's controls are hard.

luis baques

Help How do you go on the twister map?

Ashlyn Walters

How do i get rid of the trail? And can we choose gender to have baby fish?

zoe the latias eon pokemon

I really would like to have a app called wolfs online Its working again:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Arinah Jusni

Fun It's a fun game but is just a bit hard to control

Victoria Aguayo

Dear shephen allen The bug is when I'm in the chat I can't type anything and it happens for 30 secs and then I can type again

Kirstin Prager

YOU MUST READ THIS When I touch it,it takes me back to my home sceen

aaya hachry

Love it Love the game and please make three or four slots instead of two and also make

Maria Vega

My son said that someone said a bad word it was the a word and he said another person said the S word and she does not respect others he said it was toothless

Alex Guzman

Plzzz Plzzz make it free for android


Great game Can you pls add a thing that is just like local mutiplayer by using bluetooth, beacuase it is so laggy if you play world wide with bad internet. I would I apprecite it. ^_^

Frank Marin

How do you chat? I really want answer players questions like "Can I help build your house?" I will give 5 stars if you respond!

Paola Palomares Paola Palomarez

Can you put the shark in free place Becuase i love it if is in free the shark in the app samsung free if you put in free the shark i give you 5 stars

Luis Baques

Good but... How do you get the dot map?

Vonn Domingo05

My house is hardcore My friend plz donate to building a base

Katrina Higginbotham

Worst game I can't get off of the torritual

Eva Kl

Very good You are god thank you!)

Daniel Joseph Lamparas

Great game Pls update this game cause that would be great

Nana L

Love It I love this game , but if only you could make it not cost any money. Oh please that would be wonderful. Its not fair that I cant be a squid too. If you do that all be wonderful. Also I want to go to fish bowl instaed of visiting other people.

Aiden Phillips

Don't join developer he banned me for no reason

Troy Dalton

Games seems OK But the controls need work.

Jayden M

Great but There are some people that hog all the food, like when you are low on energy, people come and eat everything!!!! So you end up with nothing, so I am asking if you can get rid of energy bar, so we don't have to worry about energy.

Anastasia Jimenez

The best I love minecraft for me it is number one ocean craft is second :-) :-) :-)!!!

Kaylee Marie

I like it but I want an orca and a gold fish badly please make orca and gold fish AND dolphin free for my sister and I PLEASE OH PLEASE ADD GOLDFISH AND ORCA AND DOLPHIN PLEASE oh and the sea horse is very funny

Layla Thornton

:-\ It makes me feel like I've been spinning a lot I don't feel that good when I play this dumb game

Issack Cuartas

Please make the dolphin and orca free than I'll rate it five stars PLEASE DO IT do the update ok then I'll rate it 5 stars if you do that Im your biggest fan please please make the dolphin and orca free I been so angry because you didn't make it free my mother won't let me buy any game so please make them free PLEASE PLEASE make the dolphin and Orca free. Also remove ads there is a big bug when i play the game every minute i play the game it takes me back to the main menu. Fix these problems i love♡your games I LOVE RAPTORS ONLINE

Darina Allen

I like it Its better then most other free ocean games. But, well, its not the best ?. The controls are confusing and the items, like wood and coral are just scattered randomly. I'm not really impressed, sorry. I like the idea though, so if you can improve it that would be great! ??

Aidan Knighton

The best game you will ever find and the other game stephan made are great to but this ones my fav To every one that say its terriabl its no you just uave to play it for a while to get used to the contral this game is one of the best game i have ever found i love it and you all saying its terribal make me angry and stephan proplay dosent like you saying that either so just play it and you will figure it out when i started playing it i didnt understand the contrals then i played it more and it was easy to do so you just have to play the game and you dont have to have an instruction manual to play

Kaily Greenwell

Please read this This happens on all of your games to me.k have a HP tablet.when I get on multiplayer I will play for about 30 min to an hour then everyone stops talking.I look and everyone is frozen.even the predators!!!! I wanted to see what was wrong so I got my brother to download and his did fine.we got on multiplayer together and he tried to kill me and said I was invisible(not in chat) so I looked at him and tried to kill l him he was frozen.I went to a predator and it did not move.please fix this on all of your multiplayer games.thx

Boba Storr

I keep coming off the game Christopher is right I keep coming of fix it or else I'll keep one ★ and I want the full version to be free Stephen you just want money I want it to be free you want kids wasting money on the full version that's why I play minecraft games a lot I was so happy for the new update but the animals we're locked and only in the full version fix it .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・and are u trying to say my phone is weak stupid allen

Laura Irvine

Stuped as your GF (or BF) I can't get into the game, the starting (intro) is to hard!!!!! AND WHO YOU MUTED IS RIGHT!!!!! I LOVES RAPTORS ONLINE, THEN YOU MAKE A CRAPPY GAME!!

Nevaeh Silva

Can at least have some free fish to play cuz I do realy want to be a orca make two free fish players the orca and the shark pls and thank u :)

Patricia Townsend

More fish please :'( I really want the or a and the jelly fish because its a better habitat for them and I like to play as one can you make a update :.....(

A Google User

Stephenallen my friend I can play raptor online plz make my ipad can dly raptor online version i love the game plzzz???

Hope Pilon

Awesome love it I love this game but plz make it that all the characters are free cause I wanna play as the gold fish and dolphin ok so I pretty much wanna play as all of them so plz make them all free thx

Mansour eftekhari

Played for hours ... looks good but Free version is bad why pay for a little fish game ??? plus you can't control it's really bad don't install it might look good BUT NO

Ana Ayala

BEST GAME EVAH THIS IS THE FUNNIEST GAME keep up the good work and after a few weeks im not muted anymore and PLEASE ADD A RAG DOLL BUTTON IN NEXT UPDATE I LOVE RAGDOLLING! thank you :3 for making a wonderful game but poeple keep stealing stuff from the fort i make ;-;. It is sad that its not the full version tho but "making games cost a lot of money"

Kayla Zell

Can't get past tutorial I have NO CLUE of what's its telling me to do. It says "choose an empty inventory slot and drop two items so they touch, swim into them" what!? I have no idea what that means!

Cecelia Little

I don't like it to much Well let's start with the fact that the sword from the tutorial did not appear it's hard to control and it's boring in the tutorial

Deborah Robart

Make the full version FREE... Then I'll rate it five stars. My mom won't buy the full version of the game. :'( I have hill cliff, raptor rpg, raptor online, and this one. I love your games. So please make the full version of the game FREE! >:.(

Briana Brannon

please PlEaSe PLEASE Please let us get this full version for free I love it and it deserves none stop stars unfortunately I can't do that but I really want to have the full game for free cause I love the details, animals and how you can change your color PLEASE I BEG YOU

Yvonna White

Maybe? I like it but some times it doesn't let me play the game if you fix it I will rate five stars.

Bob Stafford

It's more than okay, but not amzing It is okay, but I am pretty bored of all the animals already add more like a whale, or Megalodon. Also, I want to dress up your animal in different clothes and use coins u get from missions to buy them. More maps, like animals, maps are getting boring. Add new ones, like SeaWorld tank or somthing creative like that. Ask me for more ideas if u want to make an update. I'll check everyday. Thanks.

Makraykray 123

Omg There are so many animals, you can customize and role play all you want!...but to make this better you should click the animal then a but should pop up say male or female? Males have a mate button and females can only Lay eggs

Paula Rogers

Yay! Awesome game I used to have this before but I had to get a new device because my other one broke but its ok also I noticed the app picture with all the fish has been updated since I last played. Great job creator(s) I'm sorry but I don't know if your a company or 1 person. (Sorry if this is too long of a comment)

Tracy Hogan

Awsome You should really add a mosasaur when people reach level 100

Ruby Herbstreit

I...I died at the start I was looking forward to this game, but I died as soon as I got on. What rubbish

Ludivis Driggs

GRRR i Cant Craft The Page And The Metal Thing In The Toturial Its Killing me! ?????

Jason Dunlop

More creatures Game is the best game made by Stephen Allen but you need to add about 3 or more free creatures

Clara Soriano

3 stars until u add 3stars until u add orcas dolphins and all the sea creatures in the full version add this or have this end up like liuda begging for money add orcas dolphins now

Margo Trouli

Mmmm? Its OK but I rate four stars because I won't so much to get the other animals free please if you do my wish reall I rate 5 stars please I ??????? it!!!!!???????????? please everyone will rate five stars and the game will be the best of it hosted!!!!!!!!!!!??right????right????? ? ?❗❗❗❗please don't ? the delfins ?them!!!!!!!!!

luis baques

Idea Make that players get there own coins and that others cant

Aislynn Mahama

The controls are f*cked up It seems like a decent game, but I can't stand the controls. They're just really annoying and confusing to me

The Jaguar

Awesome Its awesome but you should be able to have the dolphin in the free version

Confetty Pie

Pleez add beluga whales their 2 cute to miss I love underwater graphics they're so tropicaly relaxing to see beauty in natures creations of the sea

Falakiko Taulanga

Everything is free I hope soon all cretures will be free .

She'ree Burback

To Kaylee Marie (: Well she did it :)

sam Smith

How do you even play it anyway?!

Gabrielle Faulks

Great game but needs more animals not in full version

Madison Hannaford

Love playing I love it and one day I was building my house and every body helped me and it looked amazing. Every body please get it is amazing I play it every day and never get Fed up with it at all. And it won't let me have a full version ???????????????????????????

benjamin kong

Single player please A single player would be great,please then i will rent 5 stars:-)

Ceridwen Cochran

Deserves higher rating This game is awesome! I will admit I would like the rest too be free but this is one of his ONLY buy games! Stephen Allen has done so many amazing games! He deserves this small amount of money he's asking for.


Fun Yeah I had to watch video to get past tutorial but in all reality this is a really fun game when u get the controlles right it's like the best game ever so what I did was put my friend on the phone wile playing and it was like a whole new game! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!☆☆☆☆☆ p.s put the jelly fish for free thx

Youdon't NeedtoKnow

SAD!! I can't make the lesson thingy work when I put the page,the coral,and the metal the craft thing doesn't apperar. When I get this fixed or u get this fixed I will rate 5/5

A Google User

Stephenallen my friend I can play raptor online plz make my ipad can dly raptor online version i love the game plzzz???

Julie Bridges

I love dragons online and ocean craft so much don't forget hill cliff horse

Caleb Allen

Love it but... I love the game I love all your games but please make the orca free I realy like orcas and the goldfish pls I don't have money

Maxie Millian

This is nice But the shark,orca and dolphin is not free can you make it free.

Heather Rainey

How to play I just don't know how to go on 2 player

Peta Kidd

I cant get full version of the game!!! I want to be a dolphone but I cant!!!! :/ -_-

Diana Sayadyan

Cool game Can u ll add the dolphin in not full virsion plz?!

ninja wolf

Awesome Amazing, even though you have to buy the full version, it's the only game that needs a purchase. The dev doesn't want money he wants happy gamers, but he does need money for something so don't judge.

Priya Pai

I like it but there are three condition which I want in the update 1. Make all fish free so in the rank which we reach it get lock. 2.I want to see the 100 top player score. 3. Make weapon so it is already there in fish mouth. This three things I want to be done.


Like but Give me orca I just want a orca and I'll rate five stars

Komodo Girl

Cool Cool but can you make the dolphin free? Please I cant pay it my mum won't let me pay so plz make the dophin free and I'll rate u 5 stars :-)

Anya Jofelle Liggayu

Love it but... I want a hammer shark and dolphin and piranha plz add i really diying for it

Gretchen Reichart

love it but please make it so you can play as all the fish

Roblox monsters

Kyle from the drive thru Klye:omg I'm on you. Robot:no kyle b. Vv. Kyle: I'm on YouTube. Robot:no Kyle ur not on YouTube *angry louf* Kyle:I'm on YouTube hi YouTube bye

Soulless Springlock

Disappointed If I were you, I wouldn't put that stuff on the FREE VERSION! I mean that's just false advertising. The only reason I downloaded this is because maybe I wanted to be an orca whale or a jellyfish. I've always liked raptor rpg more.

Whisp 9

I can remember the days where dev servers were full... But now there empty.. Rarely you'll see more than 2 players on the game... Please do a nice big update to get the servers nice and full again... What's the point of crafting on the game if you can't show it to anyone?

Julio Garcia

Great but There should be a jump out of water action when you are at surface, and can you make it so you can get one non free animal (choose able) at rank 10 on non full version ocean craft? Please make a cat version of this. :)

Darina Allen

I like it Its better then most other free ocean games. But, well, its not the best ?. The controls are confusing and the items, like wood and coral are just scattered randomly. I'm not really impressed, sorry. I like the idea though, so if you can improve it that would be great! ??

Suicide Sadie

Problems, Thoughts, and Ideas It could be better. The full version is way better. So, please make the full version free. The full version has way more stuff. Most people can't pay for full versions of games. I don't have a credit card, I can't get the full version.

Mansour eftekhari

Played for hours ... looks good but Free version is bad why pay for a little fish game ??? plus you can't control it's really bad don't install it might look good BUT NO

vivian tobias

Can you put more Can you put more please OK the first one is dino-sea reptile add: liopelodon-(huge lizard with flippers) and pliesaurus- (a huge lizard with flippers and long neck) and itichosaurus- a medium shark with 4 big flippers and and face like long mouth and snot and eyes are cute that's all you add only for free version and full version

Nicole Ling

So hard to control! It's so hard to control, but i really really love it! It can change you to SOME fish. But you need to buy full version to unlock all of the fish. it can eat, chat and even have alantis sword. Come on, it's MULTIPLAYER! You people really really need to download this game! Hurry up! And download it!

Steven Universe Wolf

worst game ever would give 0 stars if possible

Merzyful Kid

Good but There is a problem that it auto mattically quits me off a game

Madison h

Love playing I love it and one day I was building my house and every body helped me and it looked amazing. Every body please get it is amazing I play it every day and never get Fed up with it at all. And it won't let me have a full version ???????????????????????????

Larissa Wilson

One question How come on every device I have for this game when i go to host a game it says only a small amount of players can join your server and your internet is weak even when i have rlly strong connection plz reply as soon as possible and tell me

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