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18 Aug
Ocean Craft Multiplayer

Posted by StephenAllen in Simulation | Aug. 18, 2015 | 41 Comments

Apk file size: 46.0 MB

Craft, battle and build underwater as a sea creature online with players around the world!
Beautiful 3D map environments, Marine, Atlantis, Castle, FishBowl, Tribute, City, Lighthouse and Graveyard
Team up to complete quests and battle enemy Piranha and Sharks for shiny experience coins.
Be unique, customise and dress up your characters skin, trail colour and perk.
Role play and chat safely in game on this cross platform multiplayer, play with friends on almost any device!

- Full version differences -
Extra characters, Dolphin, Shark, Starfish, Oyster, Jellyfish, Goldfish, Eel, Squid and Orca Killer whale
Five more maps and map options, Fishbowl, Tribute, City, Lighthouse and Graveyard
Less adverts
Chat input limit increased
Secondary bonus perk option
Can see more names on scoreboard
Helps support servers and the developer

Created and run by one person, thanks for playing and supporting me! ^_^ - Steve the Developer.

Cheaters / Hackers will be banned from all my games, you have been warned !

- Version 2.1 -
Fixed where games said connecting to developer and not players name
Fixed Quest 2 sometimes saying to complete quest 2
Chat background button, switch alpha and brightness to see chat text better
Updated censor and inputs

- Version 2.0 -
3 new maps, City, Lighthouse and Graveyard
3 new characters, Orca killer whale, Squid and Eel
Quests added, for exp coin rewards, in Captains Log book
New chat added, chat, name colours, and commands
New chest features, hide inside it from players and enemies
Higher texture resolution and quality
Underwater fog effect added for realism
Heal your character from menu with new Heal button
Player limit increased to 32
Offline mode added, if no internet or old version, you can still play
New objects in old maps, and adjustments
You only lose 25% exp when defeated
Removed anti aliasing (high graphics)
GUI layout and font size adjustments
Dropped coins stay for longer
Enemies slower
Shark does less damage, appears more often
Huge optimisations throughout
Auto ban if cheating added
Enemies and object amounts adjusted
App doesn’t close if you minimise it
Light wave ripple on floors added (caustics)
Animation speeds adjusted
Sword, Trident does more damage was 10, now 15
Controller or touch screen controls
Name and rank always shows in-game
Terms section added
Quality adjustments
Improved version control, server connecting and backup features
Retry connection button added
Censors improved, developer can mute players now too
Ads updated, show less or not at all on paid versions
Fixed a perk glitch
Host Game button text changes if lots of empty games
Pink coral texture more pinky
How to make craft page added in log book
Fish trail gui speed fix
Small wait when taking damage to prevent rapid deaths
Graphics saving delay added
Trails smoother
Connection symbol in game list
Possible pickup glitches fixed
And lots more!

Whats new

    Fixed where games said connecting to developer and not players name
    Fixed Quest 2 sometimes saying to complete quest 2
    Chat background button, switch alpha and brightness to see chat text better
    Updated censor and inputs
    Created and run by one person, thanks for playing and supporting me! ^_^ - Steve the Developer.

StephenAllen part of our Simulation and have average installs from 500 to 1000. Last Update Aug. 18, 2015. Google play rating is 85.7143. Current verison is 2.1. Actual size 46.0 MB.

Download ocean-craft-multiplayer.apk 46.0 MB


T0xicGaming 597

I love the ocean When I found this game I had regrets but this is amazing! so I bought their game and please add more enemies and add genders to the game also add more craftable items like a long sword with iron + iron L and keep on updating the game I love the potential it has ;)

Kennan Mandaka

Add more enemy please :) Because me and my friend think if we make this game we can make new enemies.but its cool thank you to make this game.I LIKE IT SO MUCH

Ashlyn Walters

Can you add choose gender and can you have fish babys with others plz to make it more realistic ^_^

Alicia Phillips

One more carector Please add a frog to the game I love frogs and make one that's pink with black big dots

tracy moore

good game Best Ocean Game EVER! Please add more animals and predators

Benny Essex

I like it but update it please Please add the whale to te creatures you can be and make the creatures actual sizes

aasi grimes

Add a eel and blowfish

Berlynnthecyberwolf :3

My game is going great ^_^ Hi Allen how are you doing cause im doing great. Any new updates? Because im looking forward to new skins boss fights ans more. Mabye you can add a whale to the game and be a giant whale! And add the size to the shark and dolphin. Turn down the size of the seahorse ,clownfish and paranah thats all i could say at least do 1 update at a time on thd comments it will go well

paul simmons

Love the game But you should add an eel character that would make it better

Courtney Teer

Best This is the best rpg game on tablets its just like minecraft

Animation Addict

Nooooo I can't play this game either plz plz plz! Bring it back to other devices right when I play it exits bring it back to droid razor maxima plz I live ur games so mush and I wish to play them plz plz plz bring them back I can't even play raptors online plz it was so sad when I found out so plz add it back I beg ur most graceful mercy tell me if u get this plz tell me

Maria Mackenzie

Help I have a Samsung phone I wanna play your games but they keep crashing please fix and ill rate 5 stars

Gage Messer

Suggestions Maybe you can have like a pet and also plz make it where you can lay eggs and they hatch and follow you and also sleeping.

Ian Wireman

Good Love it great game but please add more recipes and maps

Nikolai Rosenbaum

A little song Best game ever best game ever, your great at games and we all love you!

Madison VanBeest

Awesome It really has very good details on the fish/mammals. And I love other games made by this same person.:-)

tracy moore

When do next update come out I love the game. I was just asking when the next update come :-)

Norman A

New fish Add grouper,cowfish,and the flying fish and their abitalies.

Charles Layne

I have an idea Ad hills and make items more rare at the bottom of the maps

Heino Venter

Love it I love it but I need freinds

Jordyn Cross

Love it It has gold fish, shark, jellyfish, dolphin, sea turtle, seal, tuna, star fish, prinaha, clam, sting ray, and a few more I think!

Nikolai Rosenbaum

Plz add Genders and baby fish and eggs,eels, whales, octopi, angler fish( as an enemy too), and add an orca please add these, the game is good now, but please?

Alma Mozqueda

love it! and can u make a wolf game that's multifplayer too where we can have our fur brown,black,grey,white and more colors and plz can u have it so we can make fur patterns.


Plz make it so u can jump out of the water :D also I agree. I think u should add a fisherman and an aquarium

ahmad hezril

Best underwater game ever!! Please add this new feature to the game please its about mating with other players and you can choose your gender too and make it that you can put this box that will mark around your territory so that you and your mate only can build in it and it will be there until if the map is restarted or another map is chosen please add this and I will rate 5 cause it will make it more realistic to the game

Craig Bennett

Hey will u add this Will u add fisherman that fish u outa the water and take u to a aquariam and all the other players get a notification that u or someone else has been caught or something plz add ?

Brenda Suling

Seariously? Orca eaten by Piranha? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!

Caitlin Mathern

I love this game

Crystal Lee

Ill rate 5 stars if download work!

DinoBri 10

Best game ever!! I love the game but in the developer world there is a lot of swearing and the people are DOVEWING, Gepard, FLARE×WOLF, IVYBLAZE, augustin, FireWing fish kings dad, squidy cat, and ingirid was trying to trap my friend. Also mostly just all the people were swearing in developer only in January 18th. Please do something about this and thank you if you did. Also thank you for making this game!!☺ Also I love the orca's!!☺ And the swearing people are usally in the developer worlds. Peace!

sail the ship sAil tHE shIP

i love it you should add an aquarium map, otherwise its a very fun game!

Madeline Meintzinger

Lol I know this has nothing to do with this game but on your other game dragons online someone named dark ice is being reel mean to me and saying im a stupid kid and a stupid pack leader she/he evean cursed at me!! Pls kick her/him off FOREVER!!! :(

Yvonna White

So cool but There is people on this game that cuss please make it so people can't cuss and I will rate 5 stars!

Rebecca Graham

Its the best

shauna booth

RUBBISH DONT INSTALL IT HORRIBLE no affence this is one of your rubbishest game I have played I am disappointed and disturbed by it make it better and get rid of the tutorial plz I love the rest of your game please Wright back to me if not I will be very upset and never install one of your games again we'll some of the so talk back sorry though I got a refund

GlItChYStArWoLf The Gamer

Great! I have an idea, like many are asking. I know its hard to code in, and make the models, but maybe in a while you could add a person that tries to catch you at night with a net, and if you get caught, you get taken to an aquarium, and it will show a notification for some people. But i love the game anyway! I only had a couple bucks in playstore money, and i couldn't transfer anymore, so when I was this game, I was like, 'OMG GOT TO GET THIS!'

Xenomorph Queen

Fix When I join a server nothing is in it! And when it shows players their name says loading and its just very frustrating that there's a boring empty server. Plz fix if you do I'll rate five star.

Alpha Cebrus

PLZ MAKE!!! Plz make a wolf one!!!plz I would pay!!!


I wanna be able to be single player >: ( if you do that I'll go 5 star though : D also people took apart my house could you make territory's so only the people you chose can move stuff in it? Everyone should be able to put stuff in it but not steal ur stuff! PLS PLS PLS PLS

Craig Bennett

Hey will u add this Will u add fisherman that fish u outa the water and take u to a aquariam and all the other players get a notification that u or someone else has been caught or something plz add ?

Heather Jones

So Fun!!!!! I love this game so much!!!! Make more games please! ;)

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