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14 Jul
Ocarina of Time

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Play the ocarina and all the famous songs from ‘The Legend of Zelda’ on your Android device.

Ocarina of Time is often considered to be one of the greatest video games of all time, and over a decade after its initial release, it still possesses the highest average score of all professional video game reviews for all video games. The game reveals the genesis of the fantasy-land of Hyrule, the origin of the Triforce, and the tale of the first exploits of Princess Zelda and the heroic adventurer Link.

Link is given the Fairy Ocarina near the beginning of the game, which is later replaced by the Ocarina of Time, given to him by Princess Zelda. Throughout the game, Link learns twelve melodies that allow him to solve various puzzles and teleport to previously visited locations in the game.

The button layout of the Nintendo 64 controller resembles the holes of the ocarinas in the game, and players must learn to play several songs to complete the game. All songs are played using the five notes available on an ocarina.

The melodies and notes are played with the "C" and "A" buttons on the Nintendo 64 controller which have been adapted for this game app. Experience this in your mobile right now! Invite friends and challenge them to play, share on social media and have fun!

Whats new

    - Added new Challenge game mode
    - Added new Memory game mode
    - Added high definition songs
    - Added ocarina songs from Majora's Mask
    - Fixed bugs about sound issues
    - Improvements on UI

Action Mobile part of our Music and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 14, 2015. Google play rating is 85.5139. Current verison is 1.9. Actual size 7.1 MB.

Download ocarina-of-time.apk 7.1 MB


squantoscout the epic

It needs a few things It would be nice to be able to hold notes longer, and it should recognize a song without selecting it from a list. Add those and I'll give it five stars

Holly C

Awesome app so much nostalgia!! Really great app the sounds are perfect! so much nostalgia! All it needs is the pitch able to change and it will be perfect! Really great app if you are a zelda fan you need this in your life!

Dillon Hockett

Nostalgia bomb I find myself liking this app quite a bit, but I suspect got my enjoyment is through a high degree of nostalgia. If you would like to listen to and re-learn all the songs you knew when you were a kid, this is totally the thing to do it. And it's free, so I'm not bitchin.

Chris Mullins

Brings back memory Like the N64 game going through dungeons and castles in the end killing gandorf loved these type of games well done.

Freya Hill

Obsessive This is by far my favorite legend of Zelda app. I installed it today and I have already learned all the tunes!

Kian Caisley

Good app As a zelda fan boy I think this app is great but if you could hold notes longer I would give five star

Branden Turincio

Pretty good I like this app a lot since i love playing the Zelda game series, just wish that the songs would play longer and had a more HD touch to it. Other than that i love this app.

Shane McMahan

Legend of Zelda meets Simon Says Remember Ocarina of Time? Ocarina mini games are what you'll think of when you're playing this. The game mode is fairly entertaining being that it's simply Simon Says on an Ocarina. It's not a bad game to play if you have nothing else to do. Makes me think of the good ol' days.

Atisuto Chibi

Sound cloud be better I really love this app. The game is like playing simon ocarina style while I get to replay old songs from OoT and MM. Problem is that the sound quality from the playback isn't very good. Somewhat choppy. But this certainly overtakes the other ocarina app.

Nickaholic Gaming

Review Great app! I have a suggestion too, You could add different instruments like the wind waker, or the spirit flute.

kjell nystrand

A few things Love it. Would like to see that i could play the songs without finding them on the list..the list should be for assistance if you dont remember a song not a must if you want to play a song. Would also like if notes would last a bit longer when you press them. When you hold a note it should last for atleast 1 sec longer. But thats not important

robert bashore

My dad would have loved this app My dad loved Zelda he died almost 3 yrs ago. Even up to the last moments of his life he played Zelda at the age of 77 n beat them all. He would loved the app n it would have made his day having it. It's a cool app!

Megs Bossilla

Great little ap! I wish learning to play the real ocarina was this easy! This app evokes all the childhood nostalgia of Ocarina of time and Majora's mask. Great app!

Dioggo Borrayo

Its great It sounds just like the game and it has major as mask songs I didn't now some songs from major as mask I never played the game I can wait to get it for the 3ds !

Britney Castro

Loved it! It felt good to play the Ocarina and it did for others too. I enjoyed the game and I learned all the songs today. I feel closer to the nostalgic past of LOZ

Ann Proctor

Cool I loved it! It makes me so much happy the music is so soothing

Jordy Ortiz

Ocarina of time brings back memories You guys should make legend of Zelda ocarina of time full version for free because that is my favorite game and I will rate it too.

Ryan Johnson

Awesome This is a wonderful tribute! Love the mimc game! It would be nice to hold notes tho..

Epoch C

Great! Some of the music tunes sound like they were recorded from someones TV but its still a blast to play.

Ange Skinner

Best game Eva! When they're not making legend of Zelda games just play this game to remind yourself of the adventures that you had.

Invisable Ewok

It's alright, not the best Would be better if you could sustain notes longer when you play your own songs, but otherwise not bad. I like the mimic game from Ocarina of Time. Well done.

Terminator 850

Great but I wish you remembered it like in majora's mask occorina of time and others when you do 10/5 but for now 2 1/2

Brian Lee

It's great, but could use improvement. I agree with squantoscout the epic, it would be worth 5 stars if you could hold the notes for as long as you hold the button.

Jennifer Fitzgerald

welp fun app with a Simon like game feature, similar to the frogs in OoT but it also features push notifications I cannot disable. would give another star if no notifications

Izumi Sena

Awesome Now I know the songs to Ocarina of Time. ( had only and still continuing on Twilight Princess. )

Zachary Wright

Heh Was ok U NEED TO BE ABLE TO HOLD NOTES! Otherwise i would`ve rated it 5 stars

Kris Espinoza

Learn new songs I played the game before but never past the game

Michael Quinney

Great I've been waiting for an app like this. If it were able to recognize songs without selecting them and not making us have to choose the song again after we mess up I would rate 5 stars.

Zachary Belouchi

Well done Yes I really liked it 4.5 if I could because the ads there's one almost after every song but other than that amazing songs also if it wouldn't say you learned every time that would be awesome


Ocarina of time Love it For those N64 Zelda fans this is the app for you. It has amazing audio and it is a great way to remember those Zelda songs we have come to love. Now it just needs a WIND WAKER MODE...... (hint hint)

Thor Kent

OK Its ok but i think it could be better with the sound and the way they put the arrows in the song lists

will wilson

Omfg ;-; I almost cried! So many memories. I wish I still had OOT! God I'd give just about anything to have my old copy :'(

Fluffy Kitty ;3

BEST ZELDA APP EVER!!! I was not born in the 1900's, but I still love zelda, this app made me so happy to have☺??????????????

Nick Stong

I think this app should have a setting called make your own song. that way people will have a blast playing with this app.

David Durrell

Good Its a great app, but it lags when you play faster. Please fix that? Also please let us hold notes. Add more games too like guess the correct song. Overall though its a great app. UPDATE: can you please add like a recording so we can hear the songs without playing them over and over again? Thanks.

Christine Kovic

Good BUT..... I learnt all the songs, but then what?..... nothing, that's what! I Was expecting to be able to just press the triforce emblem to hear them without having to play them all over again. OR maybe an unlock so I can play, record and save my own ocarina hit parade, or even unlock some other nice ocarina songs. This nice little app has the potential to be quite cool and lots of fun, and the tunes are well reproduced. It works well, but a bit more effort please devs, so I can give you all five stars :)

Vicente Pasillas

Ocarina of Time This app is pretty cool. You can learn the songs yourself and play them back.

Shycord 864

It should add more instruments like the deku pipes or the zora guitar and be able to select a song with out looking for the song it self

Adam Felix

Bring back memories If you played Zelda you need this app great it is free and who cam turn down free

Maria Michel

Willing 2 pay Super easy my brother n l played Zelda all the time sadly as someone who played the game before u need more songs I willing to pay up to $5 for the app with lot more songs and I make it rule not 2 but this is totally different

Florence Lauer

Love this app Some songslike the song of healing arent long enough or not representative, and it would be nice if it recognised the songs without having to click on the title, and to hold the notes. With that, the app would be perfect I really like it, its niceto learn allthe songs and to play them:) its a good throwback to important zelda songs

Andrew Womble

Nothing Objectively Wrong With It This app is exactly what it says on the tin. You can play the ocarina of time, and it sounds just like it did in the games. Holding your phone horizontally, you see the ocarina, upside down with the mouthpiece pointed towards you. The four wholes on the right are mapped to the C-Buttons, just like in the game, with the A button mapped to the right most button on from the left half. On the bottom left half of the screen, you have two options, to either "Play Game" and "Play Zelda Songs". Clicking "Play Game" puts you through a Simon Says sort of game with the Ocarina. Failing will sometimes show you an ad. The "Play Zelda Songs" button shows you a list of ocarina songs both from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. After clicking, you are to play each song correctly or fail. Failing may show you an ad. If you fail the song, you have to go back and re-select the song to play. Successfully finish a song, and you get a green circle with a check mark to the right of the song. There is no reward or acknowledgement for having completed all the songs. All in all, a relatively harmless app to earn 'Action Mobile' some quick ad money from content they didn't create.

Kris Storbeck

Simple but great! Has ads but are somewhat subtle. If i could hold notes down or even alter the pitch (like when u used the analog while hitting notes in the n64 game) then this would be perfect.

Brodinhhh Fields

Decent I think this was decent app, but needs. pitch changing and the notes should always be there for every song when you try and play them

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