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1 Mar

Posted by Barış Demirdelen in Entertainment | March 1, 2016 | 61 Comments

Apk file size: 19.0 MB

Godot is finally here!
Mr Justice can once again shout Gotcha!
There should be no more lag while pressing buttons!

Let me know what you want next in the reviews.
Take That!!

Now with more sounds!

Objection! The definitive app for objecting!

Have you ever wanted to "Slam" your desk and shout out "Objection!"?

This app lets you to do so! Anywhere and everywhere at full volume!

What you can shout:

- Objection!
- Hold It!
- Take That!
- Gotcha!

Also you can slam the desk almost at the speed of sound!

Download and Object to Everything for Free!

Whats new

    Godot is finally here!
    Mr Justice can once again shout Gotcha!
    There should be no more lag while pressing buttons!
    Let me know what you want next in the reviews.
    Take That!!

Barış Demirdelen part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update March 1, 2016. Google play rating is 80.7005. Current verison is 1.0.5. Actual size 19.0 MB.

Download objection.apk 19.0 MB


T2 Kuroko

This is EPIC! This does EXACTLY what it's supposed to do! Not only that, but it's free and this contains absolutely no ads! It also has 0 in-application purchases! Ah, Phoenix Wright (although, this uses Apollo's voice clips) and his objections. Mainly the objections. However, if you decide to make an update, I hope it adds more voice options. Also, just so anybody reading this knows... Creeper Man was wrong about this containing spoilers. This application has no spoilers in any way, shape, or form. I mean, unless seeing part of a main character from a video game counts as a spoiler.

Griffin Harris

Could use more I'd like to see more sound files, from all the prosecutors. Phoenix, Payne, Edgeworth, ect.

Waquar Hussain

It won't work any time I open it it sends me back out

Creeper Man

Really cool! Just excellent for ace attorney fans like me! NOTE: App contains spoilers but I finished them all anyway. Voices I What Wanted: Horace Knightley, Simon Keyes, Quercus Alba, Jacques Portsman, Blaise Debeste, Sebastian Debeste, Calisto Yew, Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Manfred von karma, Franziska von karma, Mia Fey, Winston Payne, Simon Blackquill. Oh by the way its only Apollo Justice! But still good!

Khalid Al-Juwhari

Does exactly what it says on the tin The voice clips are Apollo Justice's

Ariana Fairbanks

It's a bit slow. Also, some more characters would be nice.

I'm Really Shulking It!

Wtf Everytiem I press a button it crashed

Jose lee

AWESOME Works perfectly

Daniel Ruiz

OBJECTION! This is a 6-star app Next level of this app is obviously M. Von Karma-voiced objection!

Aaron Rekt

Aw yiss It's a great app, I would personally love more voices but it works exactly as advertised!

James Spencer

Amazing Description of the app says it all

Javian Huntsberry

Ace attorney Really cool

Shuaige Leh

Bullshit It's not even a game..

Miles Edgeworth

Objection!! Why only Apollo Justice? Can you do more voices like me and the other defence and prosecuting attorneys?

NightMedia Slideshow

And more attorney

Fedor Chukharev

Hilarious! Awesome app!

Hunter Eno

OBJECTION! Objection! (Slams hands on table and then points at haters.) Can the prosecution explain it's reasoning on hating this app. It consist of epic lines. Why the hate? (Courtroom gets loud and judge slams mallet on desk.) I rest my case. Haters: Objection! This app is stupid cuz it says only stuff like objection! Me: You hate that huh? Well.,. THAN WHY DID YOU JUST YELL OBJECTION?! (Ace Attorney music plays and I slam my hands again and point) Haters: Uh, uh, uh.... AHHHH! Judge: With this I proclaim NOT GUILTY

Cho Copper

Good Does what it says, had fun with it.

Mikolaj Janiszewski

Awsome Its hilerous to play around with

Kelvin Castro

Wonderuful but It does what it's suppose to and I love the idea but maybe try to find a clearer audio with less noise in the background. If you have adobe aftereffects or premier you might be able to enhance the audio. Cheers!

Goku Wheelier

Fun Fun to mess with others

Creeder Lazery

FUNNY AND OBJECTIONABLE Why don't you try this app if you like slam the table and say objection this app will do it for you!

Jordan Winkles

It is very awesome

jared vanorden

Love it but. I love this app just I don't have the gottcha sound but besides that I've been waiting to scream objection

Ron Knows All

Hell yeah This is awesome!! I recommend getting this because of the satisfaction you'll have when you show off to your friends :3

Dustin Ramage

Objection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This app is so great. I'm a big fan of the games so I just had to get this so I can proudly say Objection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank Huerta

“-ake that" For Pheonix and Apollo, the “take that!" is just “-ake that!". Its fine for Edgeworth and Fey, but Wright and Justice need that ‘t' emphasis in “take that!". You can't hear the actual ‘t'. Please fix. Also, can you add the “Cornered"-s for all of them? Thanks.


Perfect Re-Enactment I've loved Phoenix Wright since I was 10, and I always wanted to be like him. Now I can!

Thankss Google

A bit of a delay, but otherwise perfect!

IA Aria

Don't see gotcha

Heath Alexander

Why not Why not have this?

CherryPvP Gaming

what about not so fast?

Saad Mohiuddin

Great! It'd be perfect if you could add Objection or Investigation Cornered soundtracks that played immediately after you press Objection! That'd be cool and it'd give you the whole Phoenix Wright feeling. Also, could you add Payne and Godot as well? Thanks

P Yaaj

Awesome app! Now I can finally object anything without getting a penalty. XD

John Cuyo

Crash If I try to tap on any button, the app crashes. Please help.

Akashiya Moka

Missing sound! Gotcha! is no more. Please fix this!

Toni Jurković

Won't work When I hit any button it just freezes and exits.

Uki Ses

Would have loved to see the words pop out instead of seeing the menu. I mean when you show the phone to people so you can have a word bubble. Just saying. XD

Uki Ses

(Edit) Would have loved to see the words pop out instead of seeing the menu. I mean when you show the phone to people so you can have a word bubble. Just saying. XD Sorry, I should have been more clearer. I meant that the "objection" is smaller, while you see the menu. A full screen mode would be good. Unless there is one, whoops. ._.

tom guilliams

Awesome Love this, but is there a way to download the sounds as like a notification my mgs is getting old time for something new would love to have "Objection!" As my notification.

Threemusketeers Ace Arguer

Just what I was looking for. I downloaded the previous versions but now that godot and "gotcha" are finally here, this app deserves 5 stars

Jeremin Lee

Cool App Maybe you could Add Miles Edgeworth's Eureka? That would be cool

The 8 Bit Era

Your a man of honor I absolutely LOVE this app it's perfect also could you fit in the prosecutors it would make this the app even more awesome thx or making this app reply to you reply:yes von karma would fit in this as it would only be logical that von karma would be here since godot is here too thx for replying

Tristan Clement

Huh? Should specify as a soundboard and needs an uninstall option

Judy Finley

It works fine but... Where are the von karmas?

Gabriel Schlegel

You Forgot HER! Athena Cykes! Cmon! I wanna shout objection as her, too! :-)

Audrey Holder

Best Phoenix Wright broad I have found yet.

God of Games

Exellent! I love it! Please make a soundtrack of Objection theme, Witness testimony and Cornered! Please consider it.

Sef Robin

Love it Would be better with the Von Karmas and "EUREKA" with Edgeworth from investigations

Lito Monreal

Awesome!!! Totally Objection!!!!

Ryan H

It's fun. I think it's amazing, but I would love if there was an extras tab for people with 1 voice clip. (Payne, von Karmas, Investigations characters, etc.) Also if Edgeworth got Eureka, and of you could figure out how to get Layton sound clips, that would be amazing.

Dorian Saignren

Nice idea but not working Crashes every time I open it

Austin Blazer

A few problems I just want there to be more people and I want Edgeworth to be able to shout Eureka!

Stefan Manolov

Bad Sound Sound quality of the samples need an improvement.

Gabriel Manack

New soundclips? This app is pretty cool, but maybe you should update it with the Dual Destinies sound clips.


Great! It's an amazing app. But i did notice that with the "Take that!" starts on the E. Which makes is sound like "Eka That!"

Jacob S

Amazing. At first I thought this was a fun little app, but when I saw the "coffee" option under Godot this became ten times better.

Rose Tran

Other than the attorneys. It could have the other lawyers as well and maybe their theme songs, if possible

Ismael Barcenas

Fun It's fun but I'd imagine the novelty wears off pretty quickly

Conor Williamson

Guess what This is from a really good game and I suggest journey play it

Jonah M

Love PW. :D Awesome, very well made app! :D

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