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11 Jul
Nuclear War. Simulator.

Posted by andrew.brusentsov in Entertainment | July 11, 2014 | 73 Comments

Apk file size: 4.4 MB

Experience the power of nuclear weapons. Discover the consequences of nuclear war.

This is a simple simulation of the nuclear war. You will feel the spirit of the Apocalypse. Atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb were invented a long time ago. Since that time Humanity is on the brink of disaster.

The simulator will allow you to start a nuclear war and see how humanity is dying from radiation after a series of nuclear explosions. You will enter the nuclear launch code and you will start a global nuclear war.

* The app contains images of real explosions of nuclear bombs
* The application is translated into 7 languages

andrew.brusentsov part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 11, 2014. Google play rating is 74.53. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 4.4 MB.

Download nuclear-war-simulator.apk 4.4 MB


Richard Rodriguez

Cute When it asked me to log into that I can't remember what it's called the Google thing I was actually thinking this is an actual game and I thought this is actually kind of funny just yeah.... If you're looking for a serious game don't get this if you're just bored and want something to do why not

Oliver Niesewand

Extraordinarily immersive gameplay but let down by micropurchases Although this game captured many of the strategic nuances of more slimline modern missile forces, it is still heavily influenced by the RAND thinktank doctrine, likely for gameplay reasons. This game taxes your phone and your brain to the max for exciting fast-based strategy gameplay with immersive and believable graphics. The MIRV capabilities of the TOPOL-M are exaggerated but that's a small point. But ethically, should nuclear war be so much fun? PS.I made it to lvl 11 - beat that!

David Hunter

Absolute crap It took roughly 5 minutes for this game to install due to my shoddy internet connection, the "game" took maybe a minute to complete and all it does is make you type in a launch code, show you maybe 5 explosions, then it scrolls messages on the screen telling you how many people died and whatnot. Its the worst game I've ever had the displeasure to play, I'm uninstalling as soon as I exit from the market. If I could give 0 stars I would.

Courier 6

Awesome Awesome I love nuclear related stuff! Have you guys tried the fallout games?

Gabriel Adams

Garbage All you had to do was type in a simple code and see five explosions waste of space

conner thompson

Good for leveling up your Google plus When I started playing thus game I was level 13 in Google games. Then there were achievements that give tons of xp . After playing I'm now level 15. Yay ????????

Malachi Thomas

Awesome Works perfectly and I would want to do this in real life too my enemies JK no really

Chris Cooke

Fell asleep during nuclear war So boring i fell asleep while blowing up the world

moshe parfait

Score It' so exciting! but you should to upgrade graphic in apps.

Angel Alcala

Savage I love nukes......and obsidian this game is savage? dis app is super savage

Thomas Prettyman

Nuclear war simulator Good game, enjoyed the experience

Ken Sepeti

If you want to level up on Google games then this is just the thing.

brian oliver

Pretty good It makes you think....... P.S. made it to Google play level 12. P.S.S. I think more apps need extremely high experience rewards

Joan Romig

Bombs awaaayyy I think ima terrorist, I find it exciting nd fun to bomb countries from my couch lol haha. Booooom!!!!!!!

Allen Braden

Cool It would be better if you made a map of destruction.

Brian Garlick

Short It's ok just wish it was more interactive

Lisa Doherty

nuclear war simulatour awsome game love it

Cody McCarthur

Good I liked it but it was short... I was hoping it was more interactive. Like you could choose where the missiles would go. What effect they would cause, like radiation and mutation. You know, like Fallout.

Travis Reed

Good game I love the game but if allowed to pinpoint exactly where the nukes go I give 5 star.

Daniel Daire-Smith

Stupid The four pictures you see are the entire "game". Waste of time

Jochen Lapinig

Best It levels you up very fast!

Sha bamz

Get it I love how it feels like I just blew up the world..then it gives touching ending

Alfredo Martinez

Awsome It's cool

KC Poston

It's great because it could really happen

Caleb Woodard

I like nuke and I think there are cool when they don't kill us

Angel Cordero

Awesome This is awesome i just installed it and its just awesome

Dan Rogers

Its great Its pretty good except for the part where you can decide if u want to share if the war should involve nuclear weapons in wars in google+ and facebook. Don't install if you don't have a facebook or google+ account.

Chemical Ali007

What was that? It is neither a game nor a program is nothing !

Tyler Coleman

Nope Absolute rubbish and I am not even from England.

Kieran Lennox

I like it It was short and gets the point across

Iain Baxter

I would have given zero if I could

Abdiel Velez

Nukessssss Love it some of my school got pranked

Emanl Aerton

they tried... is Google going to ruin Samsung?

michael kinsey

Sucks All you do is put in 123 and then bam! It shows you pictures of bombs going off and then freezes your tablet everytime might as well watch that on youtube

Doug Fitzpatrick

Wow! And it's free! I laughed, I cried, . especially when all those children... I can't go on. . Please , give peace a chance if you play this game!

Christopher MacMillan

Just gifs Stupid. Enter a 3 digit code to "launch"...then it's just gifs of explosions. What a waste. I can't believe Google allowed this to be registered for trophies.

Jude Angelo

realistic yeah realistic.. now i have idea on what's the nuclear war

Mike Odell

Nuke war sim Really?!? Push a button and it gives you a few stats? Stupidest app ever!!!!!!!!

Rioter nix

Eh not much to do in it but gives so much xp

Peter Asnes

BOOORING!!!!!! All u do is just watch the same thing over over over over and over this is not even a GAME.

Andy Haman

0 if I could Just wow all you do is type in 123 and watch like 5 minutes of boring slow video WARNING IF YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN THIS YET DO NOT I mean seriously just don't

pennieandsteve lee

HORRIBLE ? My Son had gotten his heart broken..? ... And cried ? his eye,s out! he was scared to death after downloading this game! Thinking it would be fun! This shouldn't be..rated E for everyone! Adults only!!!! Know I'm holding my baby..? crying over what he has just seen!

Mert Gürgenyatağı

Absolutely fantastic. I loved it. I loved the humour, I loved the originality, I loved the realism. I loved this 'simulation'.

James Munro

Love it Even though it's not a game so to speak it does raise a serious question is nuclear war possible? Now I know what your thinking that will never happen everyone's to scared to launch well news flash that may change with countries such as china north Korea usa and Russia with there nuclear payloads it is possible that a nuclear war may happen now to those of you who are to naive to believe me there is no hope for you if a nuclear winter ever occurs.

Caezer Jeter

ExCellentE I'd Say that's more realistic than u could get. HaHa Its Only The End Of The World. But it does need more city's displaying tho.

Isaiah Pero

This is by far the worst thing I've ever seen in the Google Play store, and I even seen an app called The Stevie Wonder Simulator that just shows a black screen the whole time. This nuclear simulator app is even worst then that. I think it gave me cancer. If I could give 0 stars, I would.

Mark Rogers

SPYWARE??? When installing this app says it does not need any special permissions, but when you run it, it wants to know all of your contacts etc.... WHY??? This is supposed to be a simulator not a social networking app! UNINSTALLED.

Mitch Ubiteb

Cool game A bit more longer would have been nice though

Catherine Barron

Needs more interaction This app is mediocre because it needs to have more user interactions besides typing in a three digit code. I want to steer the bomb and have a target to aim for. I don't see how this is called a 'game'. This is a work in progress.

chris Rivera

Worst game ever I'm a 12 year old boy who loves violent games and this game only took me a minute to play the game and it's absolutely no fun, very boring.

Mark Pritchard

See those three screens advertising the game ? That's the entirety of the game. God awful waste of time - even if it is free.

Ja'Quaylon McDonald

Good idea Wish it was more interactive, its more of a i just got a f on my homrwork i stayed up all night working on kind of game, you just press a button and done

ruslana sakhno

Boo it's so bad.all you do is press 123 then you see nuclear bomb photo shops

Michael Huston

YUS I loved it I felt like I could destroy the world with the touch of three numbers

Haskol .M

Terrible, not even a game Downloaded it. did what it said. Was disappointed by the 5 clips of a nuke going off. Deleted it. Made this review.

Chris Backley

Video highlights only You enter a launch code then get to listen to air raid sirens and watch film clips of nuclear explosions.

Praveen Max

Fun Although its a very short game

mom there's a bike in the house

Wow when I saw this I didn't want to nuke Isis any more this doesn't mean I support them it means that u won't kill thousands of people that r innocent

Jesse Finney

Stupid First of all what is this crap we watch a vid then it says how many dead second of all no one is big of a dumbass to kill 1.3billion people

the gaming creeper killer

Cool It so cool it makes you feel like you just made war foreal

Patrick Daniels

I've always wanted to expidite the nuclear holocaust, this game makes that dream feel like it could be a reality 11/10 thumbs up. A tour de force. "Some men just want to watch the world burn" -Abraham Lincoln

Noah Matlik

Why? Step 1: enter 123 and click launch, step 2: watch REAL NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS, this game is darker than others like it, and it probably took 2 minutes to create, this game isn't even a game, it requires no skill.

Roborav D

Nuclear Shite ? Gotta be one one of the worst games on the play store. The music is so cheesy it's laughable.

pennieandsteve lee

HORRIBLE ? My Son had gotten his heart broken..? ... And cried ? his eye,s out! he was scared to death after downloading this game! Thinking it would be fun! This shouldn't be..rated E for everyone! Adults only!!!! Know I'm holding my baby..? crying over what he has just seen!

Coletyn Boyd

Wtf? Gives some facts and shows some bombs going off. Then gives you like 60000 xp on your Google game thing. Literally touched the screen 4 times during the entire sim.

Dly R

RoadWarrior Z71 I love this app! Lot's of fun, but at the same time it also allows me to voice my opinion on the possibility of a nuclear attack.

Robbie& Kya

WTF who would play this crappy game it lasts 2 minutes and drove me to the brink of suicide who cares about this i want a refund give me my 2 minutes that i wasted on this sorry excuse of a game back take this worthless game off here u commie

conner thompson

Good for leveling up your Google plus When I started playing thus game I was level 13 in Google games. Then there were achievements that give tons of xp . After playing I'm now level 15. Yay ????????

Carlton Bentwood

Game is complete crap One of the worst games I have ever played. All you do is type in a code, watch a couple expulsions and read a couple short messages about what the expulsions did.

debbie oconnor

Un Called for do you know how many people would die from a nuclear war that's cruel

Pablo Tho有

Cool! It's a cool game!But please take off that annoying sound when I am done launching the missles

Chase Oyler

Needs more stuff It should have location names and more of a real life threatening feeling to it.

ron pol

Wtf? Complete waste of time. Plus it tries to force you to vote on f/b or google.

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