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22 Jun
NovelEnd - Harry Potter

Posted by Ann Degagne in Trivia | June 22, 2014 | 71 Comments

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A quiz app with the challenging mini game of Quidditch. Can you escape the fast moving bludgers and find the disappearing snitch?

• Answer tricky or simple questions.

• Choose your house and customize your background

• Unique animations for the heads of houses.

• Got it wrong? Beat the mini game to be able to continue.

• Made it to questions 10? 20? 30? Beat the mini game to make it further! See if you can make it to the end.

• Randomized questions so you never know which one is coming next!

• Earn house points for right answers and Quidditch games won.

• Most important: rate, comment, and ENJOY!

Make sure to follow NovelEnd on Facebook. (Like, comment, post question ideas, they may make it into the app's next update!)

Disclaimer: All content is original. This includes any artwork, music and sound effects. If any issues arise please contact me so I can clear up any issues. Please enjoy this free quiz game and its mini game.

Whats new

    - Little fixes that were missed in the last update.

Ann Degagne part of our Trivia and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 22, 2014. Google play rating is 72.8806. Current verison is 1.0.2. Actual size 17.0 MB.

Download novelend-harry-potter.apk 17.0 MB


Wally West

It great The questions help me keep up with my harry potter memory but some questions i cant get cuz i am just getting into page 216 on order of pheonix. The quidditch is also easy because you can just go in circles

Wiston Xuereb

As I open the game, nothing but the house banners are appearing, only black in the back ground, and after I select my house and the mentor appears, I can't click on anything to continue on in the game. It just freezes.


Good This is such an adorable game of Harry Potter, since I'm a huge fan of HP. I would to suggest to you more ideas for this game, such as more challenging questions and more mini activities? Um,these ideas would be great for the game and more and more might play. I'm not saying this game is a horrible HP game in fact its great but it just needs a bit more. Please write back :-)

Payton Houck

I think there should be more mini games things but if you get the question wrong they are at random and the player should have a choice if they want to do a bonus level

Deanna Webster

Lots of fun! So much fun! The witch thing frustrated me though, I usually don't even have a chance. Maybe my phone It's lashing. I don't know, but the one time that I won it I didn't even know how. I didn't see a snitch and it lasted only a split second.

Jessica Greene

Okay Simple game that I'm guessing was made by a fan. Repetitive questions and the Quidditch game is kinda bullshit (I die before I can even move), but the questions are good ones and the idea is nice. Has potential.

Ellen D

Needs more questions The quidditch is annoying at first but it gets easier. The questions get too repetitive, some answers are wrong. Edit: If you're intending to ask if Greyback purposely turned Lupin into a werewolf, the question should be reworded. As it is, it seems as if it is asking if Lupin's father is responsible for angering Greyback and provoking the attack. According to HBP, he is. Lupin states "My father had offended him." He then explains Greyback plans his attacks. Therefore, Greyback attacked Remus as revenge.

Melissa Gonzalez

Fun Finally there is a game that is practically correct. Im a huge harry potter fan and love the quiz but sometimes i can avoid the bludgers and sometimes i can not so if they were slowed down and picked up speed everytime u answer the amount of correct questions that would be cool :)

Said Hussein

A querry on the accuracy of the question. Harry realises the sorting hat alters his choice of words for his song in his 4th year and not his fifth year which is the first sorting ceremony since his own. Though ingenious the way you avoided any research on the questions which narrowed opportunities to engage in malpractice.


The quiz itself is good but the Quidditch, as soon as I even touch Harry, having not even dragged him yet, the bludgers come flying at me. There is no chance to move before I've lost, so I can't really progress!

Alastair Dargie

Good game I love that it is only based on the book but there is a question that asks what year harry learns that the sorting hat changes its song and the choices are 3rd 5th and 6th year but the actual answer is his 4th year as its the first sorting he goes to since his own

Mary Howren

Please Could you add if you want to do the movie or the books and what year(s) you want to do.If you add this,I will rate 5 stars.Nice game by the way.

Shubham Rathore

Yep Good work!!! But more questions needed I love this game questions are tricky if u just have seen movie I read only books so just add more questions and make quidditch of 7vs7... I will give 5 stars....

Jae Young Kim

Love it! This is really awesome. It's really fun, and challenging. It makes your brain think about Harry Potter really deeply. I love Harry Potter! :D


Awesome!! Just please make more questions Awesome, but the game gets boring after repeating all the questions... Also Harry potter found out that the sorting hat changes its song every year in his fourth year, not fifth.

Anna Newkirk

The Quiz is nice, but is it necessary to restart? Also, bludgers don't necceseraly knock you off the first time they bump into you... its impossible to continue do to that.

James Lillis

Laaaaaame I've been a Harry potter fan for ages and this game is stupid . You answer the same questions over and over. No challenge and no fun. Even for free it's not worth it.

yuniya ivanova

ATROCIOUS Boring and redundant. Some features are incomprehensible. Why do you have to choose the house if the choice does not affect the kind of questions you get. The "game" is terrible: u pull Harry in an arbitrary direction and see him hit by bludgers, then start the quiz over. Should be pulled from the market!

Maisie Rider

Great This is an amazing game and so cute too. However I felt like the questions were often repeated and the quidditch game is really difficult! This is really good though because the questions are more challenging than most of the other quizzes I've seen.

Krystal Rivera

Nice idea; flawed game The quidditch lvl doesnt work. You less than a second after you start the game is over. You really have little control over winning or losing. It gets annoying really quickly. Nice idea, love the design, fix he quidditch.

Ayu ra

Loved it! Everything is great! The best is the Quidditch challenge. I want a House Cup for the winning house. Can't wait till the next update.

Safaa Sayeed

Answer doubts The game asked me, "Remus' father was responsible for Greyback attacking him. True or false?" I answered, "True" because Remus tells Harry that Mr. Lupin had angered Greyback the same day that Remus got bitten. I think there are a few things like this in the quiz. Please check the questions! Also, in the movie Neville gives Harry the Gillyweed, but in the book Dobby gives it. Dont put both names in, they are both typically right.

Corey Jepson

Remus lupin revealed that his fTher had offended greyback on page 335 of the half blood prince in the chapter a very frosty christmas

Claudia Randomness

Very fun! This game was quite fun, and although questions do repeat, there are still new ones around in there. The illustrations are very nice, too. I adore all things Harry Potter, and this has immediately jumped to be my favorite app! <3

Miss Bonds

SLOW THE SNITCH DOWN. Questions are wonderful.

Jessica Bennett

Ohh It won't load on my phone :(

Amor Corquette

Really fun but the quidditch game is annoying because the second I move I get hit and have to start again

Grace Williams

There is just 1 question wrong Harry realizes that the sorting hat changes its song in hiss 4th year not his 5

Casey Emery

It would be better if you had more questions.

Kyla C

I really liked the quiz part but the challenges with the bludgers are just to fast.

Jessica Dawn

Philosopher's Stone?!?!?! How is possible to mess up the name of the first book? It is the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone!!!! Fix that!

attack on titan Lovers

Nice It was cool the first quiddich mtch and so is the game!

Kayla Kiskaden

Great Absolutely love it it's cute and awesome!

Sandy Crawford

Fun Great way to keep all the hp facts wish there were other mini game.

A Google User

Ok My screen keeps fuzzing up then freezes my whole device, then I have to turn my whole device off and then on again. Please tell me why this is happening, then fix it. Other than that, good game.

Paige Adkins

Pretty good Its pretty fun only down side is the quidditch game and I catch the snitch but it says I didnt

Faith Martin

Excellent! I love HP, and as I grow older, I don't want the memories to die away! I loved this app!

Elenor T

Love it Need more questions though

callum robb

Ok I suppose It's ok funish I guess kinda annoying when avoiding bludgers

Courtney Sharman

Cute & fun I like this game so far. Though the bludgers are a bit insanely fast!

Марина Проценко

Pleeease! Please make a russian version :c

Dmitry Belozertsev

Good:-) I where like Harry Potter!!!

Оксик Комарова

Good Good game, still I don't understand how you can win the quidditch level. It seems to be impossible)) and dear developer, please feel free to contact me if you need any help with the translation the game to Russian language ?

Violet Thurtle

Great Good for when your bored maybe more mini games though,?.

Sarasu d/o P. Vellasamy

Awsome!! As I am a hard core Harry Potter fan..i just love games which is.related to Harry Potter..but not.much Harry Potter games r being created..and this is one of.the best!!!The images of the house leaders are really cute!And I love the music it just gives that Hogwarts.feeling!!The Questions help me.regain some of the things I forgot..but maybe the game can be more.challenging...and other then the quidditch game u can create other games also!!but ovarall I just love!!

Shaine Jenkins

Impossible To dodge the bludgers in the mini game I get hit as soon as it starts ..

Badger Family

I love the game! I had it before, but I broke my tablet. Had to get this one. I am a big harry potter fan. I've lost count of how many times I read the series.

Davis Bigelow

Great Could use some new questions and some more mini activities

Master Chief

Not my favorite It is ok! Sometimes the question says I get it wrong when I know I get it right [I know my books]

Fiona Newcomb-Hicks

Meh! Lovely look, cute, well designed, good questions, (sometimes, however, it doesn't take the answer you touch but a wrong one!) bloody annoying quiddich thing that doesn't respond and boots you back to the start! Tedious after a while, got bored and uninstalled it.


Too many bugs I kept getting the "wrong" answer despite the fact I'm definitely selecting the correct one. Such as, 'wand, cloak, stone' for the three Deathly Hallows. The game ecen gave me tge correctvanswer and it was exactly the same as tge one i picked! Once this happened on three separate occasions, combined with the impossible Quidditch, I gave the app up as a bad job and uninstalled it. Infuriating.

Aidan Collins

First you are the one who should be takeing the quizes Harry potter and the philoposers stone or whatver I sent a real Harry potter book its the sorseres stone but other than that its good

Kimberly Perez

?harry potter I use to think harry potter was boring but it was what I wanted in a chapter book ????

Preethi M.p

Harry potter game I just loved it. it was just way beyond .i was'nt able to remember quite a few things but being updated with facts related to the Harry Potter series gives me immense pleasure .great to be on with it buddies !i will never let go off this game; love gryffindor!

Kylee Vestal

Very fun. It's fun to play. I have had this for 5 minutes and I am really impressed!!! #awesome!XD

Gareth Clark

Fun My problem is ive come across numerous incorrect facts like: we only met this character in the Prisnor of Azkaban- Sirius Black and the one where it asks which book does harry relize the sorting hat changes it's songs every year, it's the fourth which I just read and it doesn't have a e ight answer I tried them all!

Breanna Sison

Novel end It is so dumb and when you fly on the broom, you can never get the snitch

Susana Waqanidrola

LUV IT ! U know I'm a humongous fan of harry potter

Emily Little

Cool, but... It's great, but i'd prefer it if you had some more mini games and new questions! It yeah, and the first book is the PHILOSOPHERS STONE to all those calling it the Sorcerers Stone!

daisy wright

Like the game ? The characters are so cool! But it gets annoying that you have to do the quittich game a lot....

Justine Thomas

eh it won't even load for my child Erin she was crying

Ruby Iles

Quite fun This is a great quiz but now have done it a few times and am getting the same questions over and over again.

Chaminda Ranaweera

Good Need more questions . and some are wrong , and quidditch is much easier for me now , maybe more mini games ( like classes , fights ) will make it more interesting . I also like to see the other characters in that cartoon versions if you can ( I will give you five stars) .bye !!!!!

Almira Muro

Love it! But... I love love looove this game specially I'm a big HP fan. But just 30 questions? Come on. There are more interesting questions of HP than those. Giving more challenges and obstacles can be nice ?

Alaa Saeed

It needs more mini games The game is amazing and questions are good but it needs more mini games and more different questions but I loved the game add more mini games and I will give the game 5 stars.

Clayton Paige

Needs more work Limited number of questions. Catching the snotch part is very confusing. The buts are small on my phone. I was having troubling not pressing the one I wanted. The next question button is very small. I had to be dead on to press. I like the idea, just needs more work.

Bethany Downey

Removed immediately I thought this would be fun. I like the idea of being able to play quidditch if you miss a question to be able to go on. I hate that you have to play after every 10 questions though. And what's worse than that, some of the questions are wrong. It was installed on my phone less than 15 minutes.

Platinum Dragon1812

awesome!!! This is awesome. It has good graphics and the mini game is fun. The only bad thing about it is that it gives spoilers for people who didn't finish the series. You should add something that only gives you the questions of the books or movies you selected.

sexy beastmode

As good as the final book (cursed child) Loved it I'm a super duper big Harry Potter fan all the questions we're a little easy though but I love the mini game and the questions are very creative so I rate like a wand chosses it's wizard but I'm the wand and the apps a wizard I chosses it and it makes me useful by explaining different parts in the book to muggles who just started the series though most watch the movies first

Samuel Burese

No correct options :( One question asked in "which year did harry realise that the sorting hat sings a different song every year?" The answer is in his FOURTH YEAR but the only options are 3rd, 5th & 6th! PLS FIX.

DarkSunlight _101

What This is so difficult. I have to play an impossible "quidditch" game to continue the questions?

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