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6 Dec
Nono Logix

Posted by ooblada in Puzzle | Dec. 6, 2013 | 61 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

“At the crossroads between Sudoku and Minesweeper, here is a great game of logic and thinking that will make you have a good time.” -

“At last, a slick & smart nonogram puzzler, 5 stars!”

Play Nono Logix, the NEW grid-based puzzle game, and join millions of Nonogram fans around the world. It is so ZEN and fun to play, it's like candy for your mind!
How to play? Find colored squares hidden in the grids by crossing numeric hints for each row and column. Easy and tricky at the same time!

Nono Logix offers the best game experience of all puzzle games known as Picross, Nonogram, Griddler, Hanjie, Paint by Numbers...
● a CLEAR and SIMPLE user interface
● a FINE-TUNED touch interaction
● 100 free puzzles

Whats new

    • New packs
    • New packs
    • Indication of completed grids
    • Improved button feedback
    • Fixed sound issues

ooblada part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Dec. 6, 2013. Google play rating is 82.7091. Current verison is 1.5. Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download nono-logix.apk 11.0 MB


Kyle Fernald

Great but expensive I love the game, addictive, simple, but very clever. The problem I have with it is you either have to unlock a bunch of level packs or pay $12 for the whole thing. A bit expensive for a simple game.

Maggie Hinz

Addicting! If I can rate apps by how messy my house is, this deserves a five. Must. Stop. Playing. Must. Clean. House. I only wish that instead of marking mistakes permanently, there was an undo button & an option to verify my choices. My big fingers and tiny little phone end up causing "mistakes" that are really just from a lack of touchscreen grace.

Aditya Sharma

Time killer! Great, level of difficulty makes you come back to this app everyday. But costs too much to unlock additional levels? and one more thing icon colour is green not orange!

Timothy Reeves

Love it! Wish there were more levels though. The cleanest version of this game I've seen on the marketplace. Very intuitive, and lots of levels. Criticisms: Limited levels without purchase. I wish I could just unlock all levels by playing. I'd happily see an advert every 5 games or so if it meant free levels. Wishlist: An "undo" button. So many times I've accidentally marked a row red when I meant to make it with Xs. An undo button would be brilliant!

Kamil Deen

Battery monster The game is very interesting - lots of fun, plenty of new packs, and enough variation to keep you interested for a while. Two negatives: the boxes on the advanced puzzles are pretty small on my Nexus 4 such that I often hit the wrong box by mistake. There is plenty of real estate on the sides, I don't know why they made it so small. Second, this is a battery consumer. Last night I looked at the battery stats because I was recharging my phone twice as often as normal, and I found this game accounted for 47% of my battery usage! Incredible - just because it runs something int he background. So I force shut-down the app and use it only when I need.

Faith Prince

Fun & Challenging Love nonograms! Sometimes difficult with the small boxes and no way to zoom in Also wished I saw more where it creates a picture...

Jessica Kimmey

Would be good if... First off, I love the simple clean interface. Unfortunately, that's the only feature I like. The game comes with too few level packs in too few difficulty levels, and it costs far too much to unlock them all. On top of that, the puzzles themselves aren't even pictures! They're just random jumbles of pixels! I'd say "update and I'll give 5 stars", but honestly this game would need quite an overhaul for me to be satisfied with it. 3 stars for the impeccable interface but nil else.

Sherri Franklin

Great game but costly I LOVE this game. It's addictive to say the least. It a wonderful balance of challenge and do-ability. My only complaints are the costs and the back and forth levels. Each pack costs $1.07, which is not a lot until you realize how many packs there are too buy. Secondly, when you open a new pack, the first puzzles are extremely easy. If I just finished a pack to the end, where the puzzles are more difficult, its a bit annoying to go back to simple puzzles. Especially when I paid another $1.07 to get it.

Nathanael Betz

Looks good It's a very good looking game. Bit of a shame that the pictures are just random squares. Should also keep the screen awake.

John Murray

Overall it's great Plenty of additional packs available and well designed. However, it uses an extreme amount of battery, way more than it should. It seems like everything is running on the main thread and causing the app to keep the CPU awake constantly while running. A dark theme would be a great addition as well, since the full white background is very bright when trying to play at night.

Kristen Flood

Eh.. Works nice despite huge battery drain. The puzzles are somewhat challenging but really bland.

Samantha Burns

Too much money! Great game! Upsetting that in order to play beyond the fourth level you have to pay $1.07...or to unlock all levels it's more than $12. Too much for this game. Would pay $ 0.99 for entire app. Will give 5* rating and buy game if price becomes reasonable

Stella Li

No pictures Not a bad interface. However, the 55+ puzzles I've completed so far do not result in pictures, only randomly placed blocks.

Orion Lamothe

Random? Are there any real pictures that come from this? Or are they just randomly placed blocks on each level. The game is great though.

Christina Easley

Sad Super fun and sleek looking but there's only access to a few packs. Everything else you have to purchase. Bummer.


Great BUT... Great game except for the price of all the rest of the packs! 12+ US dollars is super steep for any full game... I would gladly pay 3 or 4 bucks for the full game. But bravo to the developers.

Anne McC

Great time stretcher Gently works the brain with a slow increase in difficulty. I've a feeling that there will be a stage where to move higher I'll be asked to give $$ to play more. Hope not.

Sam Hurley

Great game It's a great game. It would be 5 stars if it weren't for the fact that it runs in the background after closing it and runs the battery down.

David Owens

Fun but my battery holds a charge longer while watching YouTube videos than it does while playing this small game.

Mateja Ogrizek

Free for just a little while Just love it, once you get past the beginners level (first impression)...there is a quite small amout of free games, and those arent really difficult..such a shame

Shilpa J

Too small boxes The boxes are too small, there is plenty of real estate at the sides you can use. Why doesn't this have play games integration? Would be great to compare scores with friends!

John Härgestam

Challenging puzzler with great UI Finally one that doesn't create pictures. It's a greater challenge when you can't count on symmetry :-)

Kevin Lee

Nothing special Nonogram and picross are two different things. The puzzles don't form any pictures so its pointless showing us the end result.

Emad Yehya

Great game, but extra packs ruin it I went their the entire game really quickly (in one sitting at my grandmother's), and I loved the logic part of the game, but I'm not paying 12$ for 2 (or even 3) times the size of the app. 12$ is NOT worth 6 extra hours of game time ...

Vegard Sørlie

Cleanest nonogram app Should add more levels, as the 25 packs went by pretty fast.

dya ballikl

Why play this when you can play Griddlers Plus? This game is functionally the same as Griddlers Plus. It is aesthetically more pleasing and the control is snappier, especially when using a pen. But without the themes and pictures to solve that Griddlers uses, this game seems entirely pointless.

Tom Willson

Good game but way over priced This is why I hate free to play games. You get a free taste then they want 10 times the money off a party to play app.

William Ashton

Awesome, but not. I loved this game. Being a long-time griddlers fan I enjoyed seeing a mobile version done well. But then I got to puzzle 14-16 and lost all confidence in the system. It has two solutions. If that doesn't bother you, this is an awesome pick. But that takes away my vote. Sorry. :/

Lorenzo Di Folco

From 5 to 3 Really the beginning! But too easy. 20 seconds for beginner, 2 minutes for expert pack :/ why don't you upload harder grids (30x30)?

Bananthahally Vijay

My favorite game! I have been playing Nonogram on my Windows phone for some time and had been wishing I could do so on Android as well. One lucky evening I found this on the play store and installed it right away. I have finished the first 28 levels and am going to go on. A great exerciser for the brain.

Kat Riley

Great, but... I wish the solutions were actual pictures, and not just random.

folkert jansen

Meh The design is good however... These puzzles are way to easy, it gets only interesting after 20x20. Also due to this "sleek" interface, it is quite slow... I still prefer "Logic Sketck 2", which I still haven't finished after half a year..

Charlene Weatherbee

Brain game Played all free games,now am busy beating my scores

Brian Lindersmith

Highly Addictive I'm not one to post comments or rate applications, but if you enjoy playing minesweeper you will

Tracy Pritchard

Great gamep It keeps me up if without getting oring.

Noam Tamim

Nice but expensive After 4 free packs, every additional pack is one dollar. Such pack provides no more than one hour of play time.

Indrajit Rajtilak

Amazing!! Don't underestimate the game after the first few levels. It gets really tricky in a bit!

Jason Swinehammer

Great Game.....but.... Like I said...Great Game....but it keeps freezing on my Samsung Galaxy 3. Happened 3 times in 2 hours. Otherwise I would give 5 stars.

Fernanda Caramico

Pretty cool! It's a little awkward once you're on the begining, but it's awesome when you really get the game

Артём Туприков

Too easy Free packs are too easy.

Daria Krest

Great Great design, light and friendly.

Stelian Muscan

Works great with Nexus 5 This has the best design/control out there ... Unfortunately I will uninstall it ... Way too expensive.

Cherise Clarke

Simply the best Nono Logix is so good that each time I finish all of the free packs I erase my game data and restart. It's too bad the extra packs cost so much, otherwise I'd buy them all. None of the other nonogram apps are as aesthetically pleasing and user friendly as this one. If you like deductive puzzles, I fully recommend this game.

donna krogdahl

I liked the puzzle and especially the option to cross out squares but have finished the free puzzles and refuse to pay for more so am uninstalling. When you have more free ones let me know

zach rapp

Great! Pretty good, great interface and look. Doesn't seem to get very hard though. And the level packs are too expensive. $12 to unlock all the levels?! WAY too expensive.

Ann Stewart-Baker

AWESOME Great fun. I can get lost in this game for hours. Buy it. Enjoy!

Alex Harms

In app purchase took money, didn't work I love this game. I happily paid $12 for all the levels, but the upgrade didn't work. So far, no reply to my email. A few days later: no response, so no money back. You know what? I actually love this game so much that I bought a single level (again) and will probably buy more, and so end up paying twice. Sheesh.

Sabrina Wagner

Awesome but can you restore purchases? I bought all the packs on my previous phone but when that broke I got a new one. Installed this on both my tablet and my new phone and I have to buy the packs AGAIN and it's expensive. I love this game but it's not worth it to have to buy the same things again just to play it again. Is there a way to restore purchases?

Ellen Welsh

Great thinking game using logic. Hope I never run out of levels I've run out of levels? Is there a way to relock the grids and play again? Or do I have to pay again?

Gonzalo Jara

Battery drain! Be careful, this game will drain your battery, even after you have stopped playing. You need to manually force close the app. It's a fun game, very addictive, but it's a little expensive to buy the additional packs

Aditya Sharma

Time killer! Great, level of difficulty makes you come back to this app everyday. But costs too much to unlock additional levels? and one more thing icon colour is green not orange!

Roberto A. Lineros

Nice game but it drains the battery I noticed that after to close it, it still remains running and consuming the battery! This should be a kind of bug! I have to force to stop each time in order to save the battery!!

Mark Prior

Decent, but random. It's certainly a well designed little game, but I don't like doing these sorts of puzzles against the clock, and it's disappointing that the puzzles are just random blocks rather than building up into a picture like most others of this type.

Daniel Mendoza

Good but expensive This game is great but the level packs are very expensive. Also, this game DESTROYS battery life for some reason, it seems to stay open on the background.

Cate Hemphill

Wish it had landscape Super fun game, but wish you could rotate. My fingers are too big and I end up clicking squares I wasn't aiming for

Harun Sentosa

This is great, but sadly... Not all the content is free, but it has entertained me thus far I guess, so it's worth it.

Paulius Štutas

Addictive! Can't stop playing. Some classic puzzles are so much better on touchscreen than paper. Would be nice to have a hint or two during the gameplay

Aseel Barghouti

Love issue though Love this game..simple yet hard, and actually needs lots of thinking. However, I would like it if we could look at the board after winning, before moving on to the next level.

Caroline Horton

Great game Challenging game but can I resist the temptation to buy the add on packs abd this keep the game free? Definitely!

Niket Vora

Please increase the size of single box It is highly difficult to play the game with tiny boxes. The size of a single box is so small that while clicking a particular box, adjacent boxes are getting selected resulting in a forced error. Plus the game is expensive. Cannot play after pack 4!


Nice little teaser Just the right mix of frustration and reward. Easy to pick up and set down. What's not to like?

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