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8 Jun

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Get the latest New Jersey news, weather, sports, jobs and entertainment info on your Android device with The Star-Ledger and eleven other leading newspapers across the state.

The app is produced in alliance with The Star-Ledger, The Times of Trenton, The Jersey Journal, South Jersey Times, Hunterdon County Democrat, The Messenger-Gazette, The Warren Reporter, Independent Press, Suburban News and the Cranford Chronicle.

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Whats new

    We’ve heard your feedback, and we're happy to present the largest revision yet. This version of the app has the following features and fixes:
    • Greater reliability.
    • Improved loading time.
    • Enhanced sharing.
    • Improved Push Notifications - Notifications will now take you right into the correct story.
    • Improved video playback.
    • Improved menu.
    • and Much more…
    Thanks for your feedback, and please keep it coming. We hope you enjoy the app, and more improvements are yet to come. part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 8, 2016. Google play rating is 65.7764. Current verison is v3.6.2edda1d3. Actual size 7.2 MB.

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A Google User

Crashes constantly This app crashes almost daily. It seems to worst with each update. I would not recommend.

Donna Halayko

Takes forever to open The app takes multiple tries before it opens. It used to be great. What happened?

Frank Ferlazzo

Still junk! Too bad. Used to be great. Even with a new android tablet, it doesn't work!! Not worth the aggravation of trying to use it anymore. Since it's taken so long, I guess they really don't want to fix it! Or maybe they don't want us to use it!!! Hmmm!

gerard di popolo

It's ok It's works fine for me... except once you click on an article the picture never matches the story.

cecelia a

*sigh* I like this app when it works... which is rare. Just got an update so I had hope... wrong! Now the app won't even open! If you're going to "update" an app and "perform bug fixes" please do so...

Jim Kensek

Used to be good Use to love this app but advertising is always in the way. Takes too long to open. What a shame. Very slow Uninstalled. This app stinks now. Go get a professional app instead like eyewitness news 7

Jason Giblin

Crash would mean it worked once Buggy junk wish there was a better way to get nj news, still junk barely even loads now for shame did Chris Christy eat the developers. Uninstalled

Gene McTiernan

Don't update! OK, do you let your kids work on this app for a school project?? There are dozens of apps that do the exact same thing, only they work! This continues to get worse with every update!

Rhh Hrr

Still lousy with 325 update Just as slow as before, ugh! Slow, cumbersome, and why do you need my identity to tell me your latest Christie insult

T TGinty

Crashes App crashes and too pop-up ads. App needs an update on the worst way!


Worst app One of the worse apps I've experienced. Takes long time to load. Crashes constantly. Poorly developed.

Michaele Casey

Very slow loading, inconsistent performance, and overall the update has caused more issues then it resolved.

Joe Joseph

Does not work

GEORGE Roselle

Takes forever to open and then crashes almost immediately. Not worth the effort.

Jeffrey McBride

Slowest app. Ever App. Freezes up all the time or don't work. Slow as hell. I can read the paper faster then this app. Loads.

Taxey Driver

Worst app I have on my phone This app takes so long to load up you tend to think it's frozen. Then when you select a link it just hangs with no indication it's going to load and then zoner or later it loads.

Amanda Allen

Barely Works Used to be ok, now you can't even use it.

Thomas Altomare

Slooooow App takes forever to open. Trying to use it once it opens is even worse. Too aggravating to use, waiting for an update to fix.

Amy Marshall

Good but needs work Every time the app updates it won't work. I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling to go on it now with the new updates it just turns my screen black and literally takes 10 minutes to open. I used to check it all the time and now its a big problem

Dwayne Johnson

Keeps freezing and force stopping

bob Barrett

This app sucks. Takes forever to load. Crashes every other day. Pathetic. If you can't get it right, please stop making apps.

Robert DeMarco

Always crashes I agree with all other users. It's great when it works, but not very often. Each update has been worse. Please fix it.

Rich Mcgoldrick

Bad app. Causes phone to crash.

Anthony Maldonado

Constantly crashing down and slow

Heath S.

Junk! Wtf......still a POS app. Forced closed every time and slow to many people are going to have to rate this low before you fix it?

Doug Noel

Doesn't work on lollipop Recently upgraded to the latest version of Android for my phone and now this app won't enen open, it starts to load and then closes. None of the other apps on my phone do this. I've sent error reports every time it has closed and still nothing seems to have been done to fix this issue.

lisa aron

Bad bad bad As slow as molasses on a cold day. It winds up freezing and needing to close. The old version, though not as pretty, was way more functional. The developers should check out the 6abc app -- works the way a news app should.

Steve L

Slow as slow could be Slow as anything. Freezes constantly, I mean constantly. Just give us the old app back, this is just garbage. An embarrassment to even release it in this condition.

Gina Bucciero

Use to love it... until they updated it. .... it takes forever to load....the screen stays black. ... then it takes forever just to click into an article. ... & I use to be able to share the stories I wanted to on Facebook. ...and there is not even an option there for FB..... they need to correct the problems :(

Doug Ensel

Nope I'm not going to keep an unusable app that now gives me notifications I didn't ask for. It's ok guys, it's 2015. Nobody uses smartphones anymore.

Jennifer Allen

Poor user experience Slowest performing app I have. Use of phone's back button takes u to home page instead of where you were. Sadly, it stinks. Layout decent though.

Edward Kim

Ads are too big Recently the ads have become half the screen with no option to close nor minimize. Pretty annoying. Enough for me to uninstall. You guys were fine before and now you went nuts. Good job!*******update on 3/5/15****** now the app sucks even more. takes forever to load the app then takes forever to load each article. even then some of the pics are shot. uninstalling. wth.

Steph Swords

Speed issues The app has slowed so horribly in the past few months, it got unbearable. I found that if I uninstalled and reinstalled the app it fixed that problem, at least for now

Mel P.

SLOW! If you've ever wanted a slow loading app for your smartphone this is the one you've been waiting for.

Christopher Gordon

What happened? Way too Slow! This app has been taking way too long to load for a while now. How does this go on for this long without a fix?

Matt Infante

Kills battery Why does it keep using my GPS? Draining battery like crazy. Uninstall

Paul Walsh

Very Very Very slow.... Undeniably the slowest app I have ever used. So much for a "reliable news source". If it's real news, I'll find it on 6abc.

Steve Van Saun

Very buggy Constantly crashes, fails to load, and too many ads!

Alex Romero

Website so much better than app..takes forever to load..uninstalled

Rich Bartolucci

Turtles Move Faster Slowest app that I have on my phone. Load time takes forever, then slow to display articles and navigate through sections.

Desiree P

Sucks Just sits there with a black screen, I'm guessing because of a full page ad being "forced" upon us. Extremely slow to even open and then I get a random article that I never even clicked on once the app has settled in and fully opened.


So stupid This app sucks! It takes forever to download and they not fixing the issue. Uninstalled

Scott Smith

Don't download Go back to the old format. This app sucks now. Too long to load and then the links don't work.

Rigby Reardon

This app SUCKS! Worthless! Horrible writing! Load time sucks! Constantly crashes! Sucks that I have to keep to get my Jersey news! LAME!

JD Atkinson

Slow Used to be ok but with each update it gets slower and slower.So slow it's painfull!

Sharnee Williams

Awesome Glitches when it comes to sharing stories with fb

Pat O'Melia

Worse app I have I'd delete it if I didn't need the info for work, pure garbage app. Crashes all the time!

Chris DeWire

Bad Crashes often.. Takes so long to load.. Thus has been going on for long time.. It's about time it gets fixed

Mr Mike Provolone

The political news is horrible Lies and slander

Fred L

Slow,crashing, going to website

Gary Grant

It became slow and difficult to load on my galaxy s5, and I was ready to give up with it. As a last resort I uninstalled it, an then reinstalled it. PROBLEM FIXED. Love it again!

Ray Delia

Horrible since update, very slow and keeps shutting down, it helps if you uninstall and install again. That works for a month or so then it turns to crap again. Good app

David Leonardi

So slow and crappy This app has potential but it takes entirely too much time to open it makes it not worth even using it



Sam Cervantes

SOOOO Slow Takes so long to load. Once you click on the app, the screen goes completely blank for at least 10 seconds. You think it crashed but it's just the app loading. Then when the app finally loads, it takes another 10 seconds to update. The issue can't be my phone because all my other apps load almost instantly. It's Allsop not an issue with my service because I have friends who use other wireless services and they have the.The only reason I still use this app is because I like to be informed of the local news.

Frank Ferlazzo

It simply does not work!!! Why can't the developers get this to work??? Worst App out there!! Still junk! Too bad. Used to be great. Even with a new android tablet, it doesn't work!! Not worth the aggravation of trying to use it anymore. Since it's taken so long, I guess they really don't want to fix it! Or maybe they don't want us to use it!!! Hmmm! I try to use it once in a while but have to close it! Shame on the developers for allowing such poor performance!

Rich Bartolucci

The application development team should feel ashamed after releasing this garbage Load time takes forever, then slow to display articles and navigate through sections. Took 45 seconds just to get to the main page upon application startup! Same result on other phones too, this application is a total embarrassment and should be removed from the app store until the development team finally decides to address the problems. I don't understand how it maintains a 3-star rating when every review rates as 1 star complaining about how bad it is?!?!

Kelly B

Needs a fix asap The app goes completely dark, takes 30 seconds or more to load and forget reading articles!!! They take a minute or more to load.

Scott Smith

Don't download Go back to the old format. This app sucks now. Too long to load and then the links don't work. Update: Nov.'15. Still sucks, and they obviously don't care.

Jack Phillips

Slow crashes often Facebook connection hangs. No reason for this. Poor design. Still very bad. 10/10/15. Need to hire better developers.

Brett Dzadik

Sharing is not working When you share to Facebook this app crashes and have to uninstall the app. Not good!

A Google User

Black screen of death Buggy, laggy, and a horrible support team for this app. Perform well when working but deleting untill a fix for the problems happen.

Jossi Schwebel

Crashes constantly The interface is very easy to navigate and this would actually be a solid newsapp if it didn't constantly freeze or crash.

Danielle Ferguson

Sooo much better I haven't had the app crash in me in a long time and it loads instantly again. I do wish more general news was available. Local news by county is great woth lots of articles, home screen news is a tiny but disappointing. Thank you for the fixes!!

derrick sweat

Slow to load stories This app can be good if it stops crashing and it's faster to open up.

Nicholas Lawlor

Takes too long to load absolutely everything...not worth the aggravation

Eric Marto

Takes forever to load Every time I open the app on my galaxy s4 a black screen comes up and it takes so long for the app to open. Please fix this problem because you are the best app for up to date NJ news!

Amy Mulhearn

Please fix this app! I love the content, but my god, so slow to load, so slow to open articles, screen goes black and articles don't open, wrong articles open, why is it so difficult to fix this issue! I'd give it five stars if it wasn't soooooo slow.

Linda Best

So slow...very disappointed Takes a really long time to load then when it finally does the stories are still from the last time you loaded the app. The stories take just as much time to refresh and only some will actually load to read. I'm very disappointed with the quality of this app.

Ray Stolz

Poor Performing App!!! I should only give this app 1 star but I gave it 2 for the fact that it does provide good local news. This app is so slow to load up, it feels like pure torture while you wait! Waiting for an improvement or a replacement for this app.

Brian Wolfe

Not much better than junk! SLOW....Freezes up...Come on already, Fix the thing!

Joanne Dagostino

Worst app ever Seriously can't be taking this long to figure out how to speed it up?

Darren Tremmel

This app sucks Crashes and does not open 99% of the time. The 1% it does open after a very long time, it crashes after a story or two. Sucks that I can't get local news on my phone.

Chris Munley

Laggy Load times for every navigation action are slow. Sometimes articles won't load. Solid content is betrayed by an app that runs at glacial speeds.


Slower than a snail!!! My grandparents moves faster than this app.

Mark Sugarman

Slow Takes forever to load. Worst news app on my phone

DeJuan Battle

Disappointing The app will fail when trying to share to facebook, twitter, txt etc. I dont know if its some sort of bug or what but it is very disappointing because i use this app very often and i like to share the stories with friends and associates. Please fix this problem quickly as there has not been an update to correct this issue since 2014. When i didnt work then it was repaired, now the app has many problems and needs to be corrected as soon as possible. It stalls, freezes, and wont allow to share stories!!!

Sandy Moncur

This app is terrible. Stalls freezes.....locks up....junk. uninstalling now. And its not my phone because every other app works fine

William J. Bittner, III

Awful Clunky app featuring Democratic/leftist commentary thinly disguised as news. Great app if you don't mind running intrusive apps that look 5 years dated and being treated like an idiot while being spoon-fed propaganda.

Larry Pishioneri

Garbage. Seems better now... Seems better now (6/16). Locks my phone for 3 minutes while loading. Who programmed this crap? Uninstall, reinstall every 2 weeks. Sad you can't fix this. Again, June 11th it seems better...

Colleen Russell

So much better!!!! Before this update, I avoided using the app. Most of the articles wouldn't load and/or it would freeze my phone. It's a 100% better now.

Edith Battles

Edy_may After all my complaints about the previous app this one is 100% better. Thanks for the great work you did on this app!

Jennifer Spitz

Much improved The app functions much better since the update. It used to be slow and clunky and now it loads much quicker.

thomas cassel

Slow to load This app has good content but is excruciatingly slow when it loads.

John Zimmer

Great News App! Good news stories, easy to read and to use, and a convenient source of information tailored to NJ residents! Fast, no it!

Penny Wolf

Tells me what I need to know Tells me local stuff but crashes every couple of hours

Liza Davis

Use it daily! My main source of NJ and regional news. Sometimes a little slow because of all the ads, but that is understandable. You have to pay the bills!

Jeff M

Much better App. Is much better since update. Took you long enough to correct it.

Sue Swezeny

Super easy Have never had a problem with my Samsung. Ads are hiding in plain sight and do not intrude. Great job giving me all I need.

jake1230 Jr

Garbage App Freezes all the time and doesn't load

christine philips

New and improved There has been a lot of improvement in the last few months with this app. Its much easier and quicker to navigate than it was before .

Abdul-Sumad Baheeth

It's slow to open and constantly crash es

John D'agostino

Keeps me aware of what's going on in new jersey Brief description of what's going on ivarious sections of new Jersey way to keep in touch with where I used to work

Sean Chapman

Great New App Keeping the people of NJ informed and updates on relevant news

Joseph Bajzath

Great app It's a local news app that works. What's not to like?

Trent Givens

Current Rating Works, but could be more stable on Android.

Tom Kochanski

Much more reliable The site is quicker and does not crash nearly as much.

Sean Devine

Much faster Used to be very slow. Much better recently.

Natisha Giles

Horrible Very Slow App


Clunky Works when it wants too

Ceitmom Lanko

Works well Keeps me updated on my home state

Bob Banka

Finally!! This version loads much quicker than it has in the past... great variety of stories

Joseph Barish

Keeps me up to Date Great app, covers NJ pretty well

Phil Magloire

Reliable app It keeps me aware of what is going on in the state. Great reliable app.?

E Dbl-U

Better App Does not get stuck as much anymore. Nice improvement.

Dai Bay Goh Zhao

Very informative.....keeps me up to date on NJ related news!

steve schwartz

Review Very informative news wish more bergen county

Andrea White

The news information is always up to date and reliable

I am impressed very good

Joe Ciampoli

Nj News Quick and precise

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