Download NissanConnect℠ EV apk 4.0.2 free for Android smartphone

1 Apr
NissanConnect℠ EV

Posted by Nissan North America, Inc. in Lifestyle | April 1, 2016 | 123 Comments

Apk file size: 2.8 MB

The NissanConnect℠ EV app (formally CARWINGS) is designed to help you manage your vehicle and control many frequently used features directly from your Android phone.

Nissan LEAF owners with an active NissanConnect℠ EV subscription can control their vehicle through the app.

The app also provides a demo mode for Nissan LEAF enthusiasts to experience the features.

With the NissanConnect℠ EV Android app, you can:

-Check state of battery charge
-Start charging
-Check when battery charge will complete
-See estimated driving range
-Turn on or off the climate control system

Visit for more information about NissanConnect℠ EV and activating your subscription.

Whats new

    ~ Bug Fixes

Nissan North America, Inc. part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update April 1, 2016. Google play rating is 49.8246. Current verison is 4.0.2. Actual size 2.8 MB.

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A Google User

New Update Colors are Poor Please change back to old color scheme or give option for different skins. This version is low contrast and wastes battery due to too much white. There is more to life than adhering to corporate visual identity rules. Full disclosure-I am a Nissan employee

Steve Ward

I miss the exit button Please bring it back...if you wanted to be clever you could make the car picture the right color since you have that data somewhere already.

Allen Liang

Bring back the old version this version needs a better color scheme. Did someone forget this app in the washing machine? Liked the old version better when it had color. It had graphical information. Our phones are not LCD Display clock displays... They have color. Saw the updated notification and it looks like something I made in my first programing class. What happened?

David Rees

The latest update is washed out in color, specifically making the "working" spinner is very hard to see. Also, after the car's status is updated, the screen doesn't update, you have to switch tabs back and forth to see the latest data. The app could be much better, things like signing on take forever as well as getting status updates. For things that take a while, it'd be nice if the phone would notify you when the request went through if it can't be sped up.

Tommy Thompson

Updated Since the update when the update is pressed within app; I have to manually change to another tab to get mileage to update. The old version did this automatically.

Ian Aniszewski

Auto update ain't working! When I sat up this new version the icon at the bottom left does its spinny thing but then the charge display does NOT update. You gotta fix that pronto.

Christopher Paolini

Embarrassing This app is terrible, it just barely does the minimum. Terrible show of support to their customers and for their electric car brand.

Nathan Waters

Old version better Was a great app. New version is mediocre. Color scheme is more difficult to see. Also, doesn't automatically update the status page once the status is updated. You have to leave the main page and return to it.

Linda Bulthuis

For the most part, this app was fine. I hate the current lack of color. It hurts my eyes! I love having the app.

Chris Wakeham

Needs a lot of work Nissan Given Carlos Ghosn is serious about electric cars this app is pathetic. It hasn't changed (other than color) since I got my Leaf in Jan 2011. Functionality is very basic and the UX clunky.

Matthew Johnson

Not impressed with the update Nissan New colors are bland, no text notifications with Galaxy s5. This app should at least work with the most popular 4 or 5 phones on the market. It doesnt.

A Google User

Great app. Just got an update. Makes leaf even more awesome!

Omar Martin

Old version worked better The new version of the app doesn't work as well as the old version. the updates don't work well and in my opinion the old version looked better. This app would also be more useful if you cold lock and unlock the doors too.

Gary Chew

Updated Old version looked better and exit option removed...ho-hum!

Raja Uppal

Useless piece of %#$%@

Vladimir Grishchenko

Same app, new sucky colors Hate the new color scheme, please change it back.

David McKinley

can't find my car tells me there's no vehicles associated with my account, but i added my vehicle in the owner's portal days ago. looks like it would be a pretty sweet app, but i can't use it.

Ron Proctor

AC control lets me down when I need it most. AC options depend on what the app "thinks" the car is doing. Give me "AC On" and "AC Off" buttons at all times.

Paul Gallas

Has Potential, but, falls short What it does: * see the charge of the battery - useful if I'm at a Walgreens or something. * turns on climate control. What it doesn't do (and should) * program GPS * allow me to select what climate features to activate (temp, seat heat, steering wheel heat) * voice control * find charging stations along a planned route. * set radio stations and a plethora of options that you find in a smart car that should and could be controllable by an app.

Luis Concepcion

Unable to verify my car... I registered online and added the car yet it doesn't show. Please fix! Update - Ever since, I was contacted by Nissan and was told that thus was due to me having the S Nissan Leaf model...this model doesn't have the navigation this app doesn't work. Don't give five stars because they need to add functionality to ask for S model so you don't waste time downloading the app. Nissan is a great company!

Brian Gudauskas

App need work, love the car The app design is definitely not the best. Love the Leaf and its capabilities, but the app is missing some obvious functions and requires more touches than necessary. I hope rumors of Nissan closing 3rd party access are not true because they really need help in development.

Miles Erickson

Serious usability issues By default, this app prominently features outdated SoC and range information. It requires the user to: (1) Open the app and look at completely outdated and misleading information. (2) Switch to the Update tab. (3) Tap OK to request an update. (4) Wait 15 seconds for the app to request an update. (5) Tap OK to acknowledge that the update has been requested. (6) Wait 15 more seconds, or longer, for the update to complete. (7) Tap OK to acknowledge that the update has been received. (8) View the updated SoC/range info. Eight steps instead of one. Usability fail.

Patrick Pang

Never able to verify my car I got the Leaf around 1 month ago and I entered the VIN to the Nissan web site. The site knows about my car but when I tried to login using the app, it keeps saying there are no car associated to my account. I am not able to use any function at all

Roger Brown

Leaf's servers are not reliable and neither is the weak 2g AT&T signal. It has been over a year since they last updated it and it never works. Most times I'll get "no response from server" or "Please try your request again, problem detected communicating with the vehicle". The vehicle is outside and is not near any tall buildings yet it can't pick up a signal or the request gets lost along the way. Really disappointing. I was told they use 2g AT&T signal to send the commands which is very weak to say the least. They really need to step up to 3g. Getting a charging update doesn't even work. The fact they say it can take up to 5 minutes for your command to reach the car is sad. Tesla is able to send/receive commands instantly (how it should be). You also should be able to specify what temperature you want as well as unlock/lock the car using the app. This feels like 10 year old technology to me. The texting/email notifications have never worked. Get with the times Nissan and hire a real app developer. It wouldn't cost that much to develop one as it's a pretty simple program. Also, I'm on a nexus 5 with lollipop if that helps.

Michael Munsey

Would it really be that difficult? Would it really be that difficult to tell buyers none of the apps work if you don't get the navigation package? Maybe before they sign the dotted line?

Sean Mayes

A little more work can go a long ways Compared to other EV apps, this is by far the worst. For example, other EV apps monitor tire pressure, have more timing control over charging, gps location of their car! And can identify which charging station your car is plugged into. These are just some of the other features. Other EV apps are also more seemless to work with. The interface of this app is not great. Come on Nissan, do better

Thom Thomas

Sloppy UI, Fluff, Little Function [Update: reinstalled the app 2014-12-18 - still a worthless POS. No call can fix.] The app design is bad. Major UX issues. Even then, it'd be okay if the app actually did something worth while. There is no detailed reporting, can't schedule repeated climate control jobs, no interface w/ the address book. We know every morning at 8:30am that the car, plugged in, needs to start warming up (or cooling down) the interior for our morning commute ... Why must I have to remember to schedule it every goddamn day?

Scott M. Rosenberg

Frequent crashes and timeouts The sole reason for my one-star rating is that this app crashes about 50% of the time that I use it. The stack trace shows that it's some kind of network communication error which fails in the background at unpredictable times. If not for the crashes it would get 2 stars. Mostly because if I'm lucky enough that it doesn't crash, it will often time out while either waiting for the vehicle's status or turning climate control on. About 33% of the time I turn the climate control on (assuming that it doesn't crash) I never receive a confirmation that the climate control request has been processed. In that case, about half the time it will have actually turned the climate control on. If not for either of the above issues, I'd rate this app 3 stars. Here's why: 1) The visual design is terrible. Not only is it ugly, but it doesn't fit to my screen properly. 2) Not nearly enough control (IMO) or information. 3) Bad functional design. Under the charge tab I have the option to start charging whether or not it's plugged in or already in the process of charging. That's just silly. * I'm using an HTC One with stock Android 4.2.2.

Sam Crutsinger

Could use some more control. It would be nice to be able to set a temperature instead of just turn on the climate control system. It doesn't show estimated recharge time properly on my Droid Razr. The numbers go outside the yellow boxes so the bottom half of the numbers are black on black. This should also have a GPS locator option.

Clint Law

Seriously bad copy of an iPhone app From the horrid design and non-conformity with Google's guidelines it's apparent Nissan did little more than a 10 minute port of an iPhone app. It doesn't fill the whole screen, settings are non-intuitive, and the interface is clumsy. If you want the status and HVAC functions using the web interface or alternative apps are a much better choice.

Sam Su

Seems lacking in key features I have been using this with a 2013 leaf and I wish the app had a start stop option for charging, percentage display instead of guessed miles and bars. The app does connect well and is quite useful to check state of charge. However these upgrades to the interface would be great.

Daniel Gaydos

Good control of the LEAF. This app reliably controls climate control, charging, and charge timers. There is a delay while the command goes from the phone to the car, but this is usually less than 30 seconds. EDIT: after looking at the other reviews I think I should note that I'm always getting good cell reception, which may contribute to the app being more reliable for me than for some.

John Ellis

Only Works With SV/SL, Not S Model One thing that was unclear from the site was that this does NOT work with the S models, only SV and SL. Given how the cars are riding on AT&T 2G and that network only has about 1 year left in it, this may not be a big deal as the service may go dark eventually anyway. Looks like a nifty app, but the SV/SL designation needs to be more explicit.

Lori Hobbs

Leaf review Just bought this car. Nice app but just wish that you can access the charging stations on this app on my phone as well instead of just on your GPS. Is that possible?

Steven Fellows

This app is horrible. It would seem that the team Nissan tapped to create this app had as much experience and passion for software as the typical Nissan salesman has for electric cars. Hint: It's not very much. Everything you want to accomplish starting with viewing your current charge requires several clicks and takes about a minute of time for several "updates". Imagine opening the camera app on your phone to take a fun snapshot of your kids. You then have to select three or four different buttons and wait 60 seconds for an update that then allows you to take a photo. That is what it is like to use this app. Unacceptable user experience that makes a trip to the DMV seem intuitive and friendly. Nissan somehow managed to take the feeling you get from filling out your tax paperwork on April 15th and translate that into an app experience.

Tina Robinson

App crashes every use I have a Nexus 4 with KitKat. I bought my Leaf a few days avgo, and I every time I use the app, it force closes. Every single time. I don't find the app smooth to begin with, but I'll need more time with the car and the app (working) to fully evaluate.

Heath Washburn

Barely useful Doesn't connect half the time. No push notifications. Text alerts don't work either.

Rick Green

Works great, but needs more features Update Suggestions I sent to Nissan: 1. Please add quick charging icon(time) to the section called "time to charge completion" Currently only trickle charge and normal charge are available. 2. Please add the Nissan LEAF EV support email address to the APP. 3. Please add a link to the Nissan LEAF facebook page to the APP. 4. Please add the percentage of charge remaining to the APP. 5. If possible, please add a display for the current battery conditions(temperature).

Atul Sharma

Stupid junk application ! It just keeps on saying no vehicle associated with this account, it doesn't see that I have the vehicle added to owners portal. And its so poorly instructed how to fix this problem or who to notify and what is customer service contact information etc.

Stace Karussos

Ok It works fine when the server is up. Really wish it had a stop charge option.

George Mumford

Good, but needs some fixes It mostly functions as it should. The status does not update till I change tabs and return. I would like to see the percentage of charge and not the estimated range.

Steve Jordan

Competently adequate This app has never had the ability to stop the charging remotely, and if keeping the SOC under 80 percent is as important as Nissan says, it really needs it. Prefer the dark color scheme so I don't have to be blinded when looking at it in a dark room. Selecting the color scheme could be a toggle in the settings. I love my Leaf, but often use another app to do remote charging.

Emily Claire

Won't update It worked fine for over a year, and now it will only report the same false data. Whenever I update, I always have 58 miles of range and 8 hours to charge... Fix it.

Matthew Johnson

Not impressed with the update Nissan Since April 29 update, CLIMATE CONTROL FUNCTIONALITY GONE. Uninstalled and re-installed app like Nissan rep said to do, did NOT fix problem.New colors are bland, no text notifications with Galaxy s5. Even updates either dont work or take FOREVER. Great update Nissan, smh :( Ever heard of if its not broke dont fix it?? This app should at least work with the most popular 2 or 3 phones on the market. It doesnt.

Aart Bik

Please fix the now missing home refresh on update. Like the app!

Brad Taylor

Functions, but needs less load screens It's improve visually since I last reviewed it. The main problem now is the loading. It doesn't let you do anything till it's done loading all information. I don't need my battery status to load before going to climate controls, but it makes you wait. I shouldn't need to wait for it to receive it's current climate status to send a signal to turn it on. Please allow me to send the climate turn on signal without finishing received signals in a true asynchronous manner.

Mats Oberg

Worse than old version I had an older version from two years ago and it worked great. I wad asked to update and I got this. First of all I had to log back in with the new version and had to find my login info. That is ok, but now I have to logout and k g back in again about every other time I use it. It claims that I have to register it from my car, buy that is already done. When I log out and log back in again it works fine.

Andrew Tayler

Its not showing me correct information about my car. Says my driving range is 0 miles with a full charge? It is crazy slow like others have said and I get tired of looking at a spinner. I wish I could just view what the other menues are but you have to wait for the spinner to load each time. I really liked the old app now that I have used this latest version.

Jeffrey Naumann

Unreliable I like the idea of the app and it was great before the merging. Over the last month I've noticed the majority of the time I can't update, login, or even have the app working. Idk what's going on behind the curtain but until it's working right just keep it simple. I want an app I can trust not waste 2 minutes loading just to tell log me out some how.

Ai Ri

For all those who are unable to sign in...(which is basically everyone) It turns out that Nissan just deactivated the app recently (2/24/16) because a security researcher found a way to hack into the the leaf by using the app. If you search up Nissan Leaf app deactivated in the news, you'll see it. Let's hope Nissan fix this as soon as possible.

Brian Kocherhans

I love the general idea and functionality for this app but I've had some issues with it. First of all it takes really long to get updates from the car. I would like some sort of regular interval updates. Secondly I often go back to the app to find that it has crashed while running in the background. That needs to get fixed.

Randall Fontenot

Did y'all replace this app? I'm trying to make this app work for my dad and no matter if I try to login or press demo a pop up appears saying,"this service can not be provided. Please try it again or contact NISSAN". Ive uninstalled and then re installed the app but its still giving issues.

Dmitry Makovey

Doesn't connect with car After going through somewhat awkward process of registration etc., after my vehicle declared that it had successfully connected to nissan - this app shows no vehicle stats. This app is a gimmic in it's current state. I like some ideas, but implementation is horrible.

Paul Rogers

Horrible Had earlier version from 2 years ago and was satisfied. New version crashes frequently. Cannot find update vehicle status. Have to go through login screen every time app starts even though checked keep me logged in & remember me. Step backwards.


Why screw up a good thing Had to get connect EV after nissan killed my leaf program and it takes almost 2 minutes longer to get any communications from the car now. Thanks Nissan ... good grief Charlie Brown

Janice Johnson

I first voted this horrible until I figured out how to use it. It's now working just fine. Except it says it's sending the response to my email....WHY? The old one just sent it right back to the phone so you know it's working. I don't want to have to go open my email. Yet and still I never got any updates to my email ...SMH. Not as user friendly as the old one, so I will give it 4 stars. Nissan you made it slightly user friendly before (it really wasn't that user friendly on the previous version but you got used to it. This version is also not that user friendly)...please go back to the drawing board with the user in mind. I do like the new summary page. So at first blush I found it horrible, but after a little tinkering I'm finding it actually pretty nice. I will update this review in a weeks time...stay tuned...

Dan Thach

WTH? What's a horrible GUI. How do you refresh the information. How is it possible that this application passed QA? Just give me back my old version.

Rich Yu

Update: Has stopped working altogether. Stuck on login screen where it asks to select a country, but displays a blank screen for me to choose from! Ridiculous.... Completely worthless app. Lipstick on a pig (but that would be insulting to pigs, which are very intelligent!)

Will Marler

I hate this app so, so much. But I need the functionality. What a crummy combo. The latency between logging in & entering any actions is so maddeningly high that the magic of "I can turn on my car's climate control from my phone" is completely lost. Add to that, the one functionality I want more than anything (the ability to remotely stop charging) is not part of the backend API or capabilities of the car (one or both of those, I think). Sigh. The interface also totally sucks. The graphics aren't compelling, the data display is boring and non-customizable (I have a red Leaf; how about letting me pick an image of RED leaf, instead of the white one?), and I just think to myself "programmers did this. There was no UX designer consulted." And the new interface is a step down from the original one, with no functional improvements. I could raise the rating if Nissan could fix their authentication latency (please, for the love of all that's good and holy do this), and took the time to make the interface beautiful.

Mir Islam

The new update few weeks back broke the app completely. When worked it was good. Lots of information on driving history is now accessible on the new version which was not possible in the old one. But, and a big but is this version extremely slow. Not sure if the backend has become slower or the app. But overall experience has gone from usable to extremely poor. I was using the old version on regular basis to check on charging status. Now, it takes a minute for the app to just login and show the main screen. Who got that much time? Nissan please fix it. On the flip side I like the driving history addition.

Jason Grout

The app is great when it works, unfortunately that usually isn't the case... I love the cost calculations and the detailed information provided within it and the menus are straight forward. Unfortunately, the app is almost unusable due to its unreliability. I've found that 80-90% of the time I have to force close the app before running it. Also it seems to get an update on every screen, which makes the simplest task take forever. I've found that third party apps work much more reliably and quickly, even though most of them fail a good portion of the time due to the changes to the API.

Matthew Johnson

Not impressed with the update Nissan UPDATE: now believe it or not, this app is even worse. Apparently Nissan has GIVEN UP ON ITS EV CUSTOMER SUPPORT. The app stopped working altogether. I uninstalled an attempted to reinstall it. Now it wont even let you select a country to set up the app. TOTAL FAIL NISSAN. BTW, why are all the chargers at Nissan dealerships in South Florida either broken or torn out? Giving up on EVs?? Really happy I bought a Leaf. Smh

Timothy Alper

A bad app got worse I swear the development team is trying to build the most user-hostile app possible. Prepare to watch spinners for ever and not be able to use the UI while they're spinning! Sometimes the app works eventually, but sometimes it silently doesn't, even when other apps are using the network just fine.

Scott Osterloh

Last update sucks Doesn't think I have a user account unless I force it to restart, then takes a long time to login and communicate with the vehicle.

Don H

Stopped working I liked it and used it every day. Then it just stopped working. Uninstalled and reinstalled but the country will NOT load and the program will not sign in. Very sad. Hoping this will be fixed soon.

Patrick Garnett

Remote start rarely works It used to work better until the app got updated. Now the climate control will rarely turn on remotely.

Moe Pitman

Broken This app used to work, but was slow. Then it failed to connect for a three day period, and I was advised to reinstall the app. After reinstallation, the app won't allow a login without selecting a country, but the country selection page comes up blank. So, it's now a complete waste of effort, impossible to use. Would rate zero stars if I could.

Paul Christofanelli

App is glacially slow and unreliable. Driving stats reported are way off. The UI design is not bad, but it's clearly not functioning properly. Climate control is implied to be on after the car is tuned off. No way noted to STOP charging remotely. Lots of good ideas here, but execution is lacking.

Shelby Perkins

Ugh It took so much effort and time to get this app working. I genuinely do not like this change or update. It took three to four phone conversatios, resetting my vehicles pin and password and lots of headaches to get this working. I've had my LEAF for a year and never had an issue with the previous app. I hope it is all worked out at this point. Terrible experience.

Brian George

My user name and password on the website does not work for the app. They're telling me the Nexus 6P is not an approved device. Is there a fix for this?

Brian Knotts

Update fixed With the latest two app updates they've fixed the issues I was having. Now car updates and instructions are working. I like that historical car wings data is now available in the app.

Kevin Delka

Previous version at least worked This thing is problematic at best and junk at worst

A Google User

PASSWORD AND LOGIN STILL DOES NOT WORK App still refuses to accept correct ID/Password despite using the same password as the online web portal. Its been months and IT IS STILL NOT FIXED. PLEASE FIX THIS BROKEN APP. THE OLD APP WORKED THIS DOES NOT. Nexus 5x running marshmellow

Derrick Allred

So slow to update Needs to have legend for what the little red bar means in your battery bars. I have one little red bar in two cells I take it? What does it mean?!

Bruce Warner

It's improving. The initial refresh icon was too small to see. Now you know where it is and can actually press it. The info is accurate and the ability to schedule charging and get status is perfection.

Calvin Lou

Sloooooooow Too slow. After staring st the spinning wheel for a minute I was told the service is not available. Has this app really passed UAT?

Andrew Rondeau

Doesn't work at all Can't sign in. Won't let me select the country. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Later reset the application and now it keeps telling me my password is wrong.

Greg Ferreri

Horrible UI The developers of this app must have set out to inflict as much pain as possible to LEAF owners. Maybe they're secretly climate change deniers or something. I'll give it 2 stars because occasionally, if I decide to sit through minutes of 'please wait' spinners, I'll eventually be able to turn climate control on. Maybe. But maybe not, because half the time it doesn't turn on even when the app says the request was sent. Nissan needs to go back to the drawing board on this on. Maybe hire a real UI designer.

Tom Culbertson

The old one worked. This one doesn't Thanks for the improvement. The leaf looks like an economy car, but costs the same as a luxury car. Why are we treated like economy customers?

Patrick McGinnis

Now worthless Just delete it, never refreshes. I want the old Carwings back.

Steve Fradley

It barely works When it works, it seems pretty cool. However it takes WAY too long to do anything and wait for a response. The app crashes probably 30% of the time. When it doesn't crash, it sometimes just decided to log me out partially, so I have to click sign out and then sign back in. Just got the car two days ago. If this is the future of car tech, you can keep it.

Jeff Bakle

Better Improvements were slow coming, but the improvements are solid. More intuitive layout would be helpful. Get you customers involved in the process.

Susan xxx

does not work with 2012 leaf !

Denece Clayborne

Stops working constantly The app will work for a week then stop

Khurram Faizan

Updated. Still slow. Still Sucks!! Where is the refresh button? Can someone please tell me? I can't find it! So frustrating!!! Update: oh my God. Worst update ever. Wish I could give it 0 stars. The update button is literally invisible and now everything takes forever. Nissan should be embarrassed. This is what they have after 5 years of Leaf production? This is the kind of customer treatment that forces one to switch brands.

Earl Daniels

Barely working Nissan has re-enabled this system after unexpectedly shut it off. It is *way* too slow to move through the screens. I understand it takes a while to communicate with the car, but why make us wait? The car has great technology that works well, but this part is bad.

Braydon Richards

Working again Much faster than before. Thanks! Please don't break it again

Assiya Morris

Yeah!!! You fix it!!!! I'm so happy this app now working!!!! Now I'm excited to start use it!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

A Google User

I love turning on climate control remotely. I love seeing state of charge. I appreciate the improvements that have been made to this app which address many of my early wishes. I still wish I could see where the car is on a map. I would also like a notification the moment it is unplugged in case someone else is unplugging it.

Don H

I use this every day. I liked it and used it every day. It stopped working. But finally it's working again. I am soon happy.

Raymond Durk

Much better It took 4 years but the app finally got updated. If they can keep it updated with useful features I'm sure the 2.5 rating will go away.

Omar Dorsey

It's working again Finally I can stop using the 3rd party app

Murray Reed

Works fine Better than third party apps

Larry Hanson

Love my Leaf, but hate this horrific app. I guess great car makers don't make very good software. Go figure. Requires me to select a country on initial login, but gives me no country to select. Pretty useless without login. Get some real software developers and testers working on this thing!

peter Gabriel

Mine doesn't work at all. I can't even log in . It wants me to choose country and when try to gives me a blank screen insted of list with countries.

Lesley Beeman

Log in Tried to log in. Said I must "Select a country." I tap the "Country" icon and go to a blank screen. I select nothing, since there's nothing to select, and then am not allowed to log in, because I haven't selected a country. Catch 22?

Adam W

Service Cannot Be Provided As of about five days ago. Nissan. Who is the retard behind this app? And the car timer for that matter! Why cannot we simply say l, okay car, ALWAYS charge to 80% EVERY time I plug it in WHEN I plug it in. It is either push the override and charge to 100 or wait for the timer to do the 80 tomorrow. Also, CHAdeMO is great, but take a look at Utah. How the hell is a northern utah driver supposed to go...... ANYWHERE!

Allen Liang

Service is buggy It was fine when it first came out. Now the app won't even load, I can't sign in anymore just to find out Nissan took down this app because it could get hacked. Well no $he1t Nissan! My app crashed when the service was up and since then my climate control turns on every time I charge my car.

Gaurang Mehta

Unable to login The app doesn't come up with the list of countries and hence won't let me login.

Rosa Cortez

BAD I cannot even sign in. It keeps asking me for country, but the country's list is empty.

Gerald New

EPIC FAIL...I WANT MY OLD CARWINGS Wow Nissan! This is horrible. I've recently leased my 2nd Leaf SL. Both are $39,000 cars. My first leaf CarWings worked GREAT! Featureless, but it worked. I can't get past (Choose Country). Suggestion, download and Use LeafSpy Pro. Maybe hire that guy and let him build it for you. I love my Leaf Spy Pro.

Jeffrey Naumann

App malfunctioning Hasn't let me log on for the two weeks. After uninstalling and reinstalling it now won't let me select my country and therefore still can't log in. It would be cool if I could get this fixed and maybe a way to report bugs in the future, without having to log in.

Curtis Hansen

Can't choose Country Wish I could sign up. I'm very disappointed in Nissan!!

Damian Smith

Doesn't work Login page says Country must be selected. But the button goes to an empty screen. Since there is nothing to select it can't log in. Boo-hiss!

Wilson Yu

Can't log in. It keeps asking me to select "country", but when I click country, the screen is blank with no options. The old car wings app worked a lot better.

Jay Oswald

Samsung Galaxy S6edge I like my Leaf but compared to the app for my Volt this is almost the worst case scenario. Fail in every way. No remote, no map location, slow it it works at all. About as intuitive as the infotainment system. If you don't expect to much it almost delivers.

Thomas McGuire

Barebones Limited features; slow; dated visual styling (3-dot menu button that does nothing). Most annoyingly, you may need close the app altogether before reopening it, otherwise you're logged out (Issue, and workaround, reported - response indicates no fix planned).

Darrin Roush

Lame Necessary but a serious PITA at times. Super slow and sometimes won't even update with current car status

Robert McCarthy

Great app if it worked This app has been updated after Nissan had disabled for month. They did not notify their customers. Our Nissan dealer was also not told about this. The app is up and running now, but it is still as slow as molasses. It often cannot connect.

Polly Debbie Bramlage

Worthless I think this app has worked for 1 month out of the last year I've owned two of these cars. They used it as a great selling point but it doesn't matter when it NEVER works.

Reony Tonneyck

It works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't. Crashes in the background too often. Server loading speed is way too slow to be convenient. Really needs a UI/UX overhaul too. Nissan, please take this more seriously and hire better designers and developers.

Terry Parks

I have only one question for Nissan. Why so many negative comments here? One word of advise Nissan, Your customers are talking, I suggest you listen.

Tim Norton

Where is the refresh button? The app works, but is hampered by the fact that it is very hard to find the refresh button....look for the line that gives the date and time of the last refresh...the TINY left most character is a refresh thought it was just decoration, didn't you? -. UPDATE 07-01-16 - They made the refresh button bigger! But now it regularly and randomly stops working. Use your phone to "stop" the app, the start it again. Get it together, Nissan!

Jonathan Kacprowicz

Does the job... Barely Too slow for an app in the year 2016. Always have to kill and restart the app to get in.

Michael Sedler

Doesn't work anymore Following update says my session has expired and need to log in again. I have uninstalled a number of times.

Dan Edwards

Nice polish, and it works. Perfect as a starting point. Not as functional as other apps, but it is simple and easy to use and very polished. This is a great starting point for anyone with a Nissan Leaf and EV Connect.

Darrin Roush

Crashes constantly. Nissan can do better than this!

Quisla Alexander

Slow if it works at all. This app needs a massive overhaul desperately!

Patrick Garnett

Remote start rarely works It used to work better until the app got updated. Now the climate control will rarely turn on remotely.

Carlos Ortigoza

It works great tonight I can check my leaf charge time remaining and charge completion. It gets the job done quickly on 4g.


SLOW AND CRASH OFTEN A much slower version than previous app. And crashes all the time. It's the "un-improve" application. Nissan, you should ask for your money back from the company developed this new app!

Bruce Warner

Update to 4.0.1 is a complete fail. There are no country selections available and consequently no ability to login. It's improving. The initial refresh icon was too small to see. Now you know where it is and can actually press it. The info is accurate and the ability to schedule charging and get status is perfection.

Exe Sr

Can't even log in Select a country. . I would if there was a listing for a country. So, I can't even log in via the app. . Not surprising since the nissan ev support team I spoke with was worthless. EX she said the website wasn't even a nissan site, then after drawing a picture for her, she said oh yeah it is. Anyways let's hope the code written in the leaf is better than the code here and better than the ev support team.

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