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11 May
Ninja ZET

Posted by Jusapp in Role Playing | May 11, 2016 | 79 Comments

Apk file size: 91.0 MB

Ninja ZET is a traditional Ninja-theme RPG which available in multiple platforms. In Ninja ZET, player can level up and customize his own character with skills, armor and gears. There is also a Guardian system for player to fuse and evolve their guardians! "Collect all 7 Goshinki and learn the ultimate Jutsu and bring peace to the world." That's the lesson of Legendary ZET give us. So let's join in Ninja ZET world and experience the exciting adventure! No matter you want to be Naruto, Samurai, or other Anime character!! Just build your own avatar!! Experience the exciting adventure with your character and hunt for the mysterious Goshinki!

- Multi-platforms game progress synchronized
- Guardian the pet system with fusion and evolve functions
- Customize your ninja with headpiece, weapons, outfits and even Ninjutsu!
- Build a unique Ninja team
- Team up with 2 Ninjas and 3 Guardians on battle
- Various Ninjutsu elements of your choice
- Tama and Weapon upgrade
- Daily missions
- Achievements
- Exciting in-game events
- Regular updates

Upcoming features:
- Arena for multi-player battle
- Advanced stats feature
- And much more!!!

Whats new

    v5.0 Major Updates:
    1. Action Point (AP) system removed
    AP system removed. This means players can move up to 3 grids before performing attack actions and will not be able to move after performing any attack actions.
    2. Introduction of free lottery
    Every 3 hours, players could enjoy a free lottery;
    Every 36 hours, players can enjoy a premium lottery!! For FREE!!
    3.Performance upgrade on mobile version
    4.Fixed Facebook friend icon display bug
    5. Minor bug fixes

Jusapp part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 11, 2016. Google play rating is 83.1735. Current verison is 5.0.3. Actual size 91.0 MB.

Download ninja-zet.apk 91.0 MB


malik woffard

It's cool but... It keeps growing in my data space later I wont have any more space and ill have to delete it... That sucks a good dill...

Crockk eTT

Tired Ok I'm fuckin sick an tired of being disconnected at the end of every quest, don't even get to finish then u got to restart the whole quest. Secret wuju spirit freezing the game. An gold disappearing after selling PvP tokens. The drop chances need to be higher for pets an upgrade mats like seirei. Jade prices are ridiculous. Hope these issues get fixed by next patch. . . .have fun.

Ishmael Chester

Please I would rate this a 5 star but y'all don't have this game for every phone because now I got a windows phone and I miss this game but can't play it can u please set that game for windows phone 8 please :'(

Roelby Gomez

Stop jer king of each other and fix the game We live in a world that is advancing every day and you guys mean to tell me you can't make this game available to windows 8. You sure love to get the money but no work for it

jenida napigkit

Please Make the mini kyuubi the first essence to evolve into king mini kyuubi.I would rate five stars

Jared Foster

Game says it needs an update. I will more than likely rate 5 if the issue is fixed or I'm told how to.

Prasanna Gyawali

Update please Crashes on android 5.0 lollipop, I tried in not HTC one m8 and nexus 7 plz fix

Fareezad Akatsuki

Network Error >>CHAR-62081 I try to Evolve Kyubi Kitsune into Grand Kyubi Kitsune but it say 'You game is out is synchornization with the server,please restart your game.

Lost Grave

Good stuff Solid tactical battles, excellent character customization and loads of skills to aquire make this game completely worthwhile. The few complaints I have aren't necessary to list as they don't detract from the game. Play it

Mark Aiken

Great I like the little characters and how you pick it moves.

Nay Head

Lil quah Should have more guardians fighting with you.

tom durdan

For Ishmael chester If you can't get this game see if you like ninja saga and all of you to

justin linn

Robbed This game would be better if you would receive what you payed for in the game

Khairul Shaffiq Masri

The gamestory is nice But there are to many problem..u should fix it.i beg u

quinterrious franklin

Note 3 Won't even open on an note 3 brand new

Tamekia Garrett

But When the news pop up, I go to my SQ and don't see it

Just Sasuga

Refund I just buy the starter pack and the game crash when I log back I dont get the stuff

Monica Ovalle

Lost money I bought the welcome bonus and never got anything for it

Aisyah Ibrahim

Load After update I can't open the app.I can but is Always loading 0% never 100%

Priyansu K.C.

Love it It's awesome . I have been playing for 2 months and it's very good . Definitely should give it a try

jz Fish

Not bad but it gets boring

Stephen McGill

One problem loot hard to get

Robert Nerio

Disconnected..!! Plss..fix it i really like this game but its keep disconnect in every quest i done..!!

diogo costa

It is very different

Antoine Kimble

Great game but how do u get the akatsuki uniform and pain face

Jason Ooi

Suck I thought this game was fun. So I bought the welcome pack. Guess what? I got nothing after purchase... Fix it pls.

Krisnayana Amritha

problem lost 200000 gold after upgrading soul harvast to the max then the server says out of sync after refresh the skill not upgraded and lost the gold

Hou Chen

Please read this.It will help you. Its so hard to get jade because we only get jade X3 and not only that but please drop the luck thing where you need to go over and over again to get an item besides gold.

Jorge Guajardo

this game is pretty good.. My friend ID is 101406193 friend request me lol ohh and I'm not able to friend request other players.. What's you with that??

Werner Barkhuysen

Love it so far just the quests for special is way to difficult

Ahdrian Midgett

Loved it I loved this game but please make jades a little easier to get my id is 101590 030

Akio Mieo

= DISPOINTED = same quest... add more pliss,and June is over but when clan system release??? :-[

Eries Jerdin

./. I spend money for this but nothing added

Craig Rickards

Didn't receive in game purchase Bought the beginner pack and never received the items even though I got charged TWO times.. Emailed the devs 2 times and no response. Bad customer service


I can't play. I'm on Galaxy S5 and when I open the app it says "Context 3D not available." I would enjoy playing it but the app is preventing me.

Martin Plaza

Dont install this. Fuck it! When i almost done with this game when suddenly the game went off. Fuck! Who created this? I will kill you.

Ootosuki Suki

Alright but... Can you make getting gear easier I'm at level 34 and I still have the gear I started with I'll give you 5 stars if ya' do

Ootosuki Kazuma

Great but... I wish there was an easier way to get heads, weapons, and clothes

Universal Bullet

Played it before I played it before on my phone I uninstalled it now I want it back and its saying wrong render mode or missing data

Robert Jones

Wont open needs to be fixed

remix history

Awsome Fix the space growing thing its keeps growing in my storage

Timothy Smith

Its a cool game but its not let me play anymore

Abhinav Subedi

Help My game automatically closes in the middle of battles before I get to complete my quest and so I am forced to play it all over again...and again many times. It happens in long quests and sometimes in arena. Please fix it or tell me how I can fix it.

Anthony Reynolds

I love. But the freezing and closing!!! This game would deserve thirty seven stars if it didn't either freeze on you or close the game out on you out of nowhere. Please fix this because I truly do love this game and I haven't even had it long and it's blowing my mind. Xoxo

Matt Joshua De Guzman

Ninja zet Awesome game

Nick Griem

Would love to play it For some reason even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app whenever I try to run it all I get is a small message in a tiny red box telling me it might not be compatible with my device I'm using a galaxy s6 if that makes a difference

Ronald Williams

Awesome, but something's missing This game is the bomb! I love this game like heaven. If u people love naruto, jutsus, and upgrading your skills than boy oh boy this is the game for you! The only thing that's missing is the sharingan. It'd be allot better if u added it to the game. Other than that I love this game, and I can just play it all day!

Devan Madison

The Game and idea behind it is AMAZING But i am growing tired of 85% of my boss battles crashing me.The Boss Battle with the red haired girl and the Scroll Special quest crash after around 2 turns.most other boss matches progress towards crashing the longer i stay.And some games i even get no lag.Please fix and update if possible,this is the only app game i have put money into,over all good work.

Jesus Araujo

I was loving it But updated my Samsung tablet 2 and now cant play it say missing context3D,and renson or missing device support

Malik P

No matter how many times I do a mission ornarena I don't get the exact item I need/want. Other than that cool game

joy pineda

Please repair! I get stuck!. So stupid! I give 5 star if you repair this game. Please!

Yvin Alcoseba

Not supported It says 'content3d not playin on my s90 lollipop version..please fix!


Lovin it This is one of my favorite rp games in the world and i've played a lot of rp.

Jake Blah

Problem Everytime i upgrade aquatic dragonizer it say err char-6-2435 or something like that. Says im out of sync with the server... only happens when i upgrade the move...

Derrek Benham

Doesn't work Start up the game and goes black and says context 3d not supported... neat

A Google User

Nice game but.... I enjoy and love ninja games and I'm a fan of ninja cartoon and movies like naruto and ninja assassin but I have a problem on this game. When I always enter the quest and starting to do the quest and when I'm reach the last stage(BOSS) my character or the boss is always stop moving and the result I need to close the game/app to reset the stage. Please.... Fix it. Thanks.

Zackre Swann

It dint work I have a Samsung galaxy s6 active and it doesn't work so please fix it

Shakeisha Thomas

Shakeisha Thomas I love this game is the best game ever is like heaven I know you want to kiss all day but you're welcome to come to 14 almost 3 almost the street that you're looking for 3500 5000 million 3500 500 million to million hi 900 love this game I pay all that money all the money LP 2 million to 6 million 2500000 thousand dollars thank you goodbye

Shadow Star

I like it but.... Its a great game! Just better graphics and adding friends easier,rather than posting on fcebook

Josh Washington

Best game ever This game is cool but the only thing missing is the sharingan but besides that I love it

Andrew Westberry

Please move it along. Can you please move it along with the Xmas stuff it has been there for 10 months.

Lynn Naylor

Bull crap device not compatible Obviously my device is compatible, using note 4, if this game can't run on that, obviously not worth downloading or wasting time on it

Haku Yuki

Not Supported No longer works on nexus 7.

Scrooge Mcduck

Thank you developers This game is a godsend to any who want a mobile naruto style game. The combat is great, there is lots of moves and gear, and progress is quick and doesn't force you to grind for ex. You know a mobile game is good when you don't feel forced to spend money to further your character. Also the energy system is fair. 10/10 keep being great :)

aaron cobb

Start making more updates and stuff... Make more events, more scrolls and way more

bruce wayne

Empty market No update market is basically empty and can't really spend much gold. Else I would have rated with 5 stars because it's a very good game.

Asjley Devin Cox

Ninjazet I love how they fight and upgrade

Kooper Sevilla

how to change the skill

Riey Diey

Something goes wrong There is something wrong with AI. After on and then off it, then walks the ninja, it ends there without using skills.

Samael Jones

..... Some how I lost 70k I had 86k logged off, went back on and me money got lower... :l

aaron cobb

101 468 226 101 696 559 is my friends. Make a new event called kakashi`s tryout

Darrion Robinson

Please udate it and the market

Toby Kohambo

Great game and all.....but The game is cool...but seriously these guys are lazy just two items!add atleast 100 items or something and 200 jade for each stupid clothing is waste,i'm not gonna waste 400 jade in total for two things!But the goodside is,awesome jutsu's and i am such a big fan of Naruto but where's Kurama,and rasengans,and the sharingan and mangekyou sharingan but though the best game i ever played

Dmitri Eddy

It's okay Concept is really cool, I like that you can build your own ninja and the tactical fighting is great. However the formatting is garbage. And they clearly didnt spend much time with the dialogue because the grammar/dialect is god awful. Not to mention they NEVER update. It's April, and the game is still designed with Christmas trees and holiday specific items. Also the 'Market' has literally two items. Both of which you need 'Jade' to buy. Gold is practically pointless.

steven senior

I lost my money When I am back to my game, I lost my money from 338K back to 235K.the money that I got from selling all my item now just gone:"(

clajz candido

Cant load Why cant load after stage clear and victory ?

Levi Kurek

Really happy with the update. FINALLY

The Normans

WONT WORK Okay I would love to play this game. If it would work! Every time I try to play it a little red box appears that says its missing device support or I have it on the wrong render mode. I have a moto x two BTW.

Keven Borrell

Love this game fix lag tho Fix the lag please & let us have the decision to choose a clan

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