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25 Sep
NFC TagInfo

Posted by NFC Research Lab in Tools | Sept. 25, 2014 | 62 Comments

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Read detailed information from NFC tags and contactless smartcards!

Have you ever wondered if you unknowingly carry RFID or NFC-enabled cards in your wallet? Use NFC TagInfo with your NFC-enabled Android device to find them and to check what information they carry.

The NFC TagInfo application reads meta information and data from contactless RFID and NFC transponders. It is an ideal tool for anyone who is curious about the information stored on their Near Field Communication tags.

The analysis tool is a must-have for NFC application developers on the Android platform. NFC TagInfo demonstrates the tag-reading capabilities of the Android API. Developers may use this tool to inspect and verify the information on their NFC and RFID tags.

Main features:
* Read & visualize basic meta information on the tag
* Read & visualize NDEF message data
* Read & visualize raw data (in hexadecimal, ASCII and UTF-8 text encoding)
* Read & visualize access conditions
* Read & visualize electronic passport (eMRTD)
* Save tag information to files

Supported NDEF records:
* Text Record
* URI Record
* Smartposter Record
* Generic Control Record
* Signature Record
* NFC Geo Record
* Android Application Record
* other records (basic support)

Supported tags for reading raw data and access conditions:
* NFC Forum Type 1
* NFC Forum Type 2 / MIFARE Ultralight (EV1) / NTAG
* NFC Forum Type 3 / FeliCa Lite
* my-d(TM) NFC / my-d(TM) move
* MIFARE Classic
* FeliCa
* ISO/IEC 15693 (only limited support)
* NFC Barcode

Additional MIFARE Classic support:
* View MIFARE application directory
* View value blocks
* Try authentication with typical authentication keys
* You can setup your own authentication keys
* In advanced mode: support for individual authentication keys per sector
* In advanced mode: load & save keyset as XML-file

Additional MIFARE DESFire support:
* Display data from Clipper cards
* Display data from NORTIC cards
* Display data from ORCA cards

ISO/IEC 14443 + ISO/IEC 7816-4 support:
* Detect ePassport application

ePassport support:
* View basic identity card data
* View photo (JPEG2000 support using PassportImageDecoder service)
* View raw data files
* Tested with Austrian/Belgian/Dutch/UK/US passports
* Certain passports (e.g. US passport booklet) can only be read while they are opened
* In advanced mode: load & save keyset as XML-file

While we test our app prior to releases, there might still be some errors that cause unexpected behavior and functional interruptions. If you happen to find such misbehavior please help us by providing a so-called "crash report". You can also file bug reports or feature requests using our issue tracker:

Privacy Policy
* NFC TagInfo does not store data retrieved from tags on persistent memory without explicit user consent.
* NFC TagInfo does not transmit data retrieved from tags across the Internet.

Whats new

    * Support for NXP NTAG 213/215/216 tags
    * Limited support for NXP NTAG I2C
    * Improved support for Thinfilm/Kovio NFC Barcode tags (if platform supports them)
    * Improved support and major bug-fixes for reading NXP MIFARE Ultralight EV1 and NTAG tags
    * Improved support for reading NXP MIFARE Ultralight C tags
    * Improved support and major bug-fixes for reading electronic passports (eMRTD)
    * Major bug-fixes and stability improvements

NFC Research Lab part of our Tools and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 25, 2014. Google play rating is 77.9225. Current verison is 1.12a. Actual size 387.0 KB.

Download nfc-taginfo.apk 387.0 KB


Tom Wennerström

5 stars. Ok, I did not remember changing phone since last time. Apparently, the Nexus 5 have no hw-support for mifare classic. (What happend? It used to work, but now it just say that my device don't support mifare classic. (Nexus 5))

Dee Minor

Doesn't work on the latest US passport I got my new passport today and wanted to read the info, and check to see if the "only works when it is opened" claim is true. Either my Passport is broke from the US government, my Nexus 4 isn't working right with NFC on Lollipop, or this app isn't able to read the newest US passports. Bummer. Now I have to wrap the entire thing in a tinfoil hat...

Tim Driver

Works Great Reads and displays tag info like a charm. Test deleted and it really did delete. I reinstalled it and it's now a keeper.

Christopher Woods

Does exactly what it says And does it well. Huge level of detail about scanned tags - a very useful tool for people who use NFC!

Ricky Hubiere

Does not work on htc one m8 App is responsive to all functions EXCEPT its primary one, to initiate a scan. Upon trying to uninstall, phone crashes and reboots.

A Google User

Can read passports Awesome app! It can even read my biometric passport, with PICTURE :D

Colin Leitner

Lots of info But could you maybe combine it into a more unified screen instead of pressing buttons to look at little bits? And when listing the read/write, or the ASCII, the byte # is not nessesary, or please make 2 columns, as it is distracting.

Lorenzo Dematté

"The" NFC inspection app The only reliable app to inspect tags. We use it a lot, to understand why some tags we have work, and others don't. This app is the yardstick: if it can read it, you can use the tag with Android. If not.. use another tag!

einar rosenberg

They are the breakthrough NFC tag reader This is definitely the best of breed app for tag reading and being an NFC veteran for over a decade, the statement says a lot.

Merijn Bellekom

Do not install!! App works as advertised, but once installed it will crash & reboot my phone when I try to uninstall it. I can't remove it!

Eugene K

Great tool Shows pretty much all the information on any NFC card. I was able to read HEX codes off of a NFC subway pass. Big props for being a truly free app with no ads or paid features.

Michael Kean

Impossible to remove This didn't play well with another NFC app so I decided to uninstall it. Half an hour later and I am still trying to uninstall it. Seems to be a common problem.

Martyn Walker

Didn't work now ever time I try to uninstall reboots phone and stays on!

Marts Monsale

Now it's forever in my phone! Cannot uninstall it

arman yaraee

WORKS Need a way to open saved files though

Stefan Radu

Don't install it It restarts your phone when you want to uninstall it.

Jim Smith

Cant uninstall I try to uninstall this and it just reboots the phone. Whats that all about?

Vlad Lapadatescu

No longer works on rooted devices

Sajedul Karim

Very Nice Application Can read all tags

Adam Kroupa

What I have the same problem as +Merijn Bellekom ... When I try to uninstall this app it automatically reboots the phone so I can't get rid of it.... edit: after it rebooted my phone I didn'T run it and uninstalled it right away and it works. changed my rating from 1 start to 2, once this bug is squashed I will rate it appropriately :3

Paul Dhillon

Blocks other nfc apps

Sankalp Jain

Nice Showed me at least some info where some famous tools failed to.

Avamander Salamander

Could improve a bit Please get rid of the Eclair buttons. This app needs a small facelift. Also display that the tag has encrypted content without the need to go to a submenu. It should be on the main screen.

Pierre Gérard

Great tool Support a great range of protocol. This app is also reliable and let you save tag as xml.

Anandamoy Sen

Versatile tool Easy to use and gets the job done.

Jesus Eduardo Fernandez Vega

The best one i could find, easy to use for everyone who doesn't know every rf id protocol

Jody Florian

Works for me Does what it says on the tin. Ideal for developers

Andrew Merrell

Good app Does what it's supposed to. Small file size.

Matthew Bright

The absolute best.

Ig Saturation

Works as described Factory Nexus 7 16GB, installed without a problems, reads 3 recent issued US passport booklets. Haven't succeeded in reading passport cards. This app and another won't read the US passport book if the book is kept shut even if opened to 90 degrees. I'm not sure if more sensitive readers will do better. The only way it worked was if the book was opened near flat opened so the long axis of the book was parallel that of the Nexus, and oriented in one direction, turning it upside down, sideways, or partial contact resulted in no reading. The Tag info say the passport now uses standard 256 bit RSA encryption compared to what is often discussed on the web as being weaker lesser bit encryption.

Bengt Gördén

To all of you wining about this apps not working Take a good look at what chip you have in your mobile. On S4 Samsung have replaced the chip (NXP PN544) with a Broadcom chip that is NFC complaint. MIFARE-chip, like PN544 is NOT NFC-complaint. This is a great program. Judge the app, not the phone.

Philip Pemberton

Reads just about everything This is a really useful app, and well worth having for anyone working with NFC chips. There's a trick to reading UK passports: place the passport on a table with the front cover facing down and the spine to the left (you should be looking at the back cover). Place your phone on the back cover, with the top of the phone (the speaker) centred along the bottom edge of the passport. Wait a minute or so for NFC TagInfo to read it. This worked for me with my Nexus 4.

Keith Smith

Russian metro. An update on the user who mentioned the app not working with a Russian metro card: I just tried this app with a Moscow Troika metro card on a Nexus 4. NFC TagInfo identified the card as using the Mifare Classic 4k protocol with the message "Mifare Classic is not supported on your device!" A quick search confirms that this is a hardware limitation. Seems like the App is working great, and it correctly called out the protocol as unsupported.

Jack Catal

Lights up Skylanders This app lets me light up Skylanders using my phone. Neat little party trick; does exactly what I need it to.

Jon-Michael McMasters

App is great! My tag is not. If the new NFC tag I just got in the mail isn't being detected by this app (or other NFC apps), what does that mean? Do I have a bad tag? Is there some sort of way I'm supposed to turn the tag on?

Mike Blow

Doesn't seem to read UK passports Detects my passport's chip but gives an authentication error, even though the access keys are set up. Seems to work okay with other types of chips.

Sam Mee

Doesn't work? Tried with Russian metro and I get nothing coming up

Scott Povey

No menu button on S5 Good app but I can't get into settings as there is no physical button on the phone and nothing on the screen

Pavel Kosenkov

Thx Very helpfull app for NFC development. Thnx very much.

Станислав Мерзляков

Works! The only app for development and just fun purposes.Works good.shows not only info, but read/write rights

Алексей Тертышный

Awesome! Please, add write hex-data to cards function.

Sergey Bolshakov

Can't download application. Can't download application. Progress just stop on 100% and norhing happed.

Пользователь Google

Bug I Can't set 01/04/YYYY in sccess keys setings

Пользователь Google

more access keys need for bio passport, example. mine, my wife, etc =) and in other kind of - apps is good!

Marco Simone Zuppone

This version works well for my UK & Italian passport This version works like a charm with my UK and Italian passport! Remember to turn off the autostart feature or the application will kick in every time it detects a NFC / RFID tag.

Valentin Konovalov

1.09c still eats battery From the permissions list: PREVENT DEVICE FROM SLEEPING Allows the app to prevent the device from going to sleep.

John Catoera

AVOID THIS APPLICATION. Cannot uninstall application crashes my phine evrytime I tried to uninstall.

Paige Mobley

What am I doing wrong? It won't do anything. (Galaxy S4 - Lollipop 5.0.1) I have NFC and Android Beam turned on. It would be nice if there were instructions, FAQs or a help file somewhere. My US passport card is 5 years old and has RFID. My US passport book is brand new. It won't respond to either.

Greg Way

Not credit cards Looks good but not a cc reader

Bill Martin

Does not work on Nexus 6

Antoni F

Works but menu button? There is no menu button in newer androids so can't get into options of this app

James Young

Having never used the NFC function of either my N5 or N9 I became quite frustrated when I could not get them to communicate with each other, with the help of this app reading my passport I discovered that the NFC antenna in the N9 is in the upper right hand corner. Now I can send things between the 2.

Vicky Sofyan

Didn't work on Xperia Z3 Compact

Dieter Huelskamp

Do not remove tag, This may take up to a minute ... and it took forever

Tom Hauser

Didn't scan anything. Almost like my nfc is broken, but works just fine with other apps.

Gert Palok

Crashes Crashes when scanning

Anon User

Travel Card Thank god. I had washed my opal card (mifare classic 1k) and thought i totalled it. (Uninstalled this due to using nfc pro tools) but instead, i installed again, tapped my card and was pleased to see it wasn't destroyed. Thanks dudes!

ali par.

Garbage app. Crashes my phone when I try to uninstall

Chris Awad

I can't seem to get this to read my US passport on Android 5.0 (Nexus 6). I get Authentication error. Warning processing: State of non-volatile memory has changed / No information given. The MRTD keys are correct. I was able to get it working with an older phone though, although the NFC is weak.

The newer system

Nice job I can read any acess permission on the card. Awesome.

Brandon John

Perfect for those developing NFC devices.

Chittananda Kulatilake

Good app. Very helpful to check to Mifare/DESfire cards

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