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25 Apr
NFC Ring Unlock

Posted by McLear Ltd in Lifestyle | April 25, 2016 | 71 Comments

Apk file size: 2.4 MB

Unlock your Phone or Tablet by holding your NFC Ring on your Phones NFC Sweet Spot. NFC Ring Unlock can be used in conjunction with other lock screens.

This app is for NFC Ring customers only, an unlock code is required on first run. We're working towards opening this up to everyone and ultimately having NFC Unlock in Android Core.

This is beta software, please help us make the software by reporting bugs as soon as you find them!

For Common Questions, Answers and other reference please see the wiki:

Please file any problems/bugs/issues in our bug tracker:

Whats new

    Fix Wizard so it shows and re-enforce compulsory PIN pass
    Remove registration and verification requirement
    Make unlock way more stable
    Make Registration process clearer
    Bugfix enable/disable widget
    Don't show latest changes on start
    Bugfix password type on GMail Input
    Require mandatory PIN
    Provide Startup Wizard
    Provide Tasker Plugin Support (Unlock with Wifi)
    Support Android L
    Allow for Widgets on Lockscreen

McLear Ltd part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update April 25, 2016. Google play rating is 63.6267. Current verison is 1.7.3. Actual size 2.4 MB.

Download nfc-ring-unlock.apk 2.4 MB

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Jeff Threatt

Different, Better This thing makes getting into my phone unusual. Anything that makes a casual thief have to think about what he has stolen, it seems to me, adds a bit more security. Of course, anyone who knows what he is doing and gains physical access to a device will be able to crack it sooner or later, but anything that makes it harder is better.

Gregory Kieffer

Wasted Useless app, full of bugs. This company cannot be trusted, I would not let the security of my phone in their hands! Shame on you John and others! I backed your project and you turned my money into waste

Rafael Luft

Works fine, minor bugs, UI not clear enough Locks and unlocks pretty well! Has some trouble recognizing the ring on about 1/40 uses. Should be able to set vibration on all the time, the little chime is annoying. Also had trouble with the timers, had them all deactivated, unfortunately.

Andy Carrick

Hmmmm It works, kinda, but a simple reboot bypasses the lock screen for a short time that added to the fact that you can still open the notification bar makes this the most unsecured security screen ever. Avoid!

Xavier Vargas

Nice update, one major flaw I don't know how to get rid of the helper icon in the top right, it is too much of an eye sore to people who don't need it in the first place. Would be nice to adjust widget positioning as well, put some flavor in your lockscreen would ya?

andrew longmire

Great No issues on my Z1. Ring works well even with hard case backplate fitted to phone.

Eddie Dover

Only works on first use If you need to install this on a new phone, you're going to have a bad time. Stick to third party apps. Also with the new version it seems you're also unable to reset your password. Yay for DRM on a unlocking app?

Helen Allien Poe

It's works! Guys, it's really works! Not very clean and stable yet, but I so like it.

Pontus Welin

Works but needs work There are some issues that need to be fixed. But it works.

tony tyler

I live my ring and this app is great o center you figure it out

Brian Walling

Great Update I always had trouble with this app and stuck to the developer's paid app. The latest update makes it easy to use with all my bugs squashed.

Saim Khan

Mostly Great! Apart from a few things this app has a rather bright future! Would recommend.

Mark Philpott

Much improved Compared to early iterations an order of magnitude better. Looking forward to it being built into Lollipop ? tho! :)

Alex Sullivan

Safe as houses After familiarizing yourself with the app it becomes very easy to use. Paired it with tasker and we are winner.

Aron Z

Do not buy! Could not even get passed the first step. Cannot enter pin because number pad does not have the enter key. :(

joseph butler

I like this app Best protection cause in order to get passed me and my screen u have to know which ring and take it from me.

Shawn S

Impossible to uninstall The most basic features of this app seem to work. But it's complicated to set up, conflicts with the built in lock screens (unless you disable them, but this isn't really clear) and will NOT uninstall. My ring stopped working so I disabled this app and just set up a PIN. However if I type a wrong pin, this screen takes over and asks for the ring. EVEN IF IT'S DISABLED. It also doesn't work with Google's two factor authentication.

Michael Mosier

Buggy Great idea, horrible ui. If it correctly allowed phone calls through and timers to be turned off without unlocking I'd have used it anyway. I ended up disabling it and going back to the normal lock screen, but it randomly activates anyway. And when it does it won't recognize my ring. It's happened twice now and I can't even uninstall it because my phone says it has administrator privileges. I can't imagine it being much worse.

Adam Rowlandson

Difficult to set up and ultimately useless! Interface is clunky and difficult to understand or use. Detects and writes to my ring just fine, but will not unlock with it. The app also didn't ask for access to my google account before enabling security, so I basically can't use my phone because I can't unlock it. Great...

Nikita Filippov

Good idea, very unstable The app either works or doesn't and when it doesn't, it makes you login with gmail without actually hiding the password... Devs, please make it more reliable, it would really help a lot

Rich Vincent-Spall

Best NFC use case yet Really convenient hw/sw lock system. Not foolproof to set up but pretty solid. Option for disabling the notification drawer while locked would be nice. Disabling system NFC sounds would improve user experience greatly.

Sean L

Convenient and useful, but security issues need to be addressed. Great app to go with a great product (NFC Ring) but there is a bypass exploit that still needs to be fixed (devs are aware). Also, it would be very nice to be able to turn off the "Scan Ring" message as well as the picture of the ring on the lockscreen, so a would-be attacker would not be informed that a ring/nfc is needed to unlock. Otherwise, it's great...keep up the good work.

rene de paula jr

a nightmare! although the idea of unlocking my phone with a ring seemed useful and convenient, the app is a nightmare: configuration is obscure, results are unpredictable and even when it works it's frustating and not practical. don't waste your time as I did. by the way: don't expect much simpathy from the team, they seem to be quite defensive.

Dead Space

Horrible on Nexus 5 Yrmv, but I find that the app crashes after a few uses, requiring a restart of the phone. Often crashes when using as screen unlock resulting in being unable to access your phone. Ring itself is randomly not detected in same hot spot that detection is generally detected in. Shipment of said ring took nearly 2 months and a LOT of complaining with maximum frustration and little/pathetic responses from company. I would highly discourage anyone considering buying a ring and using this software.

Scott Etherington

not very impressed ive always considered myself pretty savy when its comes to new technology but this has left me completely baffled. The apps themselves are so complicated dont even think about trying without following the quick start guide however even when i do i get stuck at the adding my new nfc tag as a key because no matter what i do neither of my phones detect my alpha ring at all. reviews using lg g2 and the nexus 5 however the spare tag that shipped with the ring actually worked straight away, so it seems its possible a faulty ring

joe menta

App works ring doesnt The app works great with all other tags. The ring won't scan in same place twice. Told support who pointed me to the forum. There they recommend using alpha ring for GS4. Ask Simon from support 3 times about switching with NO reply.....GS4 is one of the widest used phones surely it should work as they show.....but NO it doesn't.....

Pek Zhe Hua

Great idea. But more can be done Calls picking and hanging needs nfc unlock which doesnt makes sense. Secure but useless if it gets in the way of daily usage

Eli Grey

Still lacks pattern backup option Update: I submitted this review back when this app first came out and it's still not fixed. When I don't have my NFC ring on me, I really need to be able to set a pattern backup for unlocking. I won't be using the ring/app until then as it's just too much effort until then.

Seth L

Still dysfunctional Despite being fully updated, the nfc lockscreen still activates on a bad pin input even though it is turned off.

Richard Schaffer

Doesn't work Won't variety my account to let me use it

Ryan Clawson

Works but needs improvement It works just fine for me. The lock screen needs some improvement. I would like to be able to tell time via the screen. It would be really awesome if we could still see our widgets.

Anthony D'Amico

Still can't register Why can I still not register my ring, I'm now getting an email saying that I never got my ring. What's the deal with this app

Anthony Chinappi

Crashes on startup I'm running the android L developer preview so I didn't expect the app to run flawlessly, but it crashes as soon as I try to launch it. Due to it crashing I haven't actually had a chance to use the app, but I'm looking forward to future updates when I might be able to use it and can update my review.

TJ Giere

Needs a clock. Please put a clock on the lock screen... I don't have a Wear device yet ? Other than that, easy to install and use, great app!

Krister Svanlund

Trying it out Still trying it out. Seems to be working nicely so far, can't unlock the phone without the ring since the google authentication stuff doesn't work tho. Still waiting for all the issues to be ironed out.

Alex Moran

Two step unlock What's the point of the ring if I still have to manually unlock the phone. Due to VPN connections active on the phone I do not have the option of disabling the android lock screen.

Barrie McNaught

Wonderful Works perfectly, any issues are quickly resolved over on the forum including step by step instructions to set up.

Sephiroth Egret

My code Stop working I've uninstalled and reinstated. No good still.

shiva das

Doesn't work it is asking me to register but whenever I am trying to register it is giving me a red cross..... and hence nothing works.....

kellen hopwood

Cool idea poor execution The app is a good idea but it has several major flaws: breaks often, is incompatible with android native security, and has less customization not to mention it's Myriad of security flaws. It's potentially usable if you want to prevent your a child from getting in but don't expect it to stop anyone with even a passing knowledge of android, restarting will give a 30 second window of before the app boots, and it can't be Uninstalled after being installed, this app is very high risk low reward.

FazZ Khedoo

What have i done ? Feels like I'm using an App from early Android Gingerbread days or a dumb iPhone ? Bad Ui, horrible layout, unfriendly English and crashes often for me ? Will re-review (here) after more attempts and reconfiguration, but currently feels so wrong and very disappointing ? / Device: LG G4 with Marshmallow

Drew McKinney

Crap app Ring registered but cannot verify because app says invalid username or password. Even after password reset. Just use the built in smart lock, this app is crap.

Maz Bot

Works well enough It would be nice if it has a setting to disable the built in lock seeing Google removed "none"

michael pinto

Subpar Good concept but really lacking in finish and polish.. Crashes quite often on my g4. Wallpaper changing is basic (only option is to stretch pics to fit) . No notifications. Keypad for putting in pin code is sluggish and still holo.. Would be better if I could use nfc unlock side by side with the stock lockscreen

chris law

Can't login Having registered my email and password on the control app this app asked for them but says they are invalid. Very frustrating as this app would be brilliant

Takeshi Maihailov

An interesting idea The app is a bit new and doesn't perfectly mesh with my phone (OnePlusOne + cm12.1) but it has great potential and it could definitely benefit from an experienced dedicated app locker developer

Chris Ringeisen

Functional. But nothing else. It works. But I would prefer a lockscreen that doesn't show a giant picture of my ring. I want to add existing functionality without calling attention to the additional security. Also update the UI/UX. App still looks like it came out of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Need of a visual update to Android Design Spec.

Ryan Hopper

Security theatre I love my NFC ring, but there are so many previously reviewed problems with this App to be relied upon. Native Android M security settings basically need to be turned off to just use the ring to unlock the device. Meaning you need to basically disable a pin, password, or any other built in login method in Android first. Then set up your ring as your login means. As stated before, if the phone is restarted, the OS boots core functionality first, then 3rd party applications like NFC ring unlock. Dangerous.

Joseph White

Doesn't Work Never recognizes your account info so it never actually works. There is a feedback button in the main app but it doesn't do anything. No answers on the forums. I'll revise if this app ever does anything. UPDATE: The support button didn't work and my forum post was deleted by the administrator (it was professional and not the least bit inappropriate). I might try the app again but at launch the product was unusable because without this app my phone pops things up every time it reads the ring.

Irena Savchenko

So broken and backwards it's painful ? It installs, it configures and if I'm lucky, the ugly lock screen will unlock and hopefully without crashing. Lock Screen Widgets crash every time, so can only use a static image (what year is it?) and the only included alternatives are limited to a pin code or your full online account password and no Knock or Pattern Lock ? / Device: OnePlus One (64Gb)

Cory Zerwas

Wish it integrated better Kinda clunky operation. Sometimes it just crashes and allows anyone to use the phone.

Rayy Gunn

Not working properly Does not work properly, registers ring then says invalid key, also I can't for all that is sacred log in to verify even though I have an account, sorry but it's no good

Joseph Chilcote

Samsung Note Edge App an ring work nicely.

Matthiew Marks

Useless Don't bother with this garbage, use the default Android lockscreen instead. Crashes every time I try to add a widget.

Chris Hollis

Garbage The ring doesn't work, I have tried everything

Luis Cortes

Works like a charm. Must have app.

Shaun FoNtS

Disappointed App doesn't work very well. Sometimes Doesn't allow ring to unlock phone when phone ringing. Facebook chat still works at lock screen. Notifications screen still works.

Paul Reed

App works great! My only problem is I have a hard time trying to remove it. To answer the "if it's so good why take it off?" My answer is I am always looking for the bigger better app. I have yet to find one. Update: would love to see notifications on the lock screen such as missed calls and .

Michael J

I love this app! Yes it won't replace the baked in security of your android device but they tell you that from the get-go...if you upgrade to lollipop you can use your ring as a trusted device in android to bypass your NATIVE lockscreen. Who got that instituted? Oh that's right, the NFCRing crew! I've got this installed to add another layer of security beyond my native lockscreen. Type in my shorter pin from the native lockscreen then this pops up. Helps ADD to security not replace it, plus I can have 2 lockscreen pics ?

Brian Brauner

EVEN DISABLED, I'M LOCKED OUT! Incredible. Buggy inconsistent app. Disabled it. Days later out of the blue I can't get in w/o ring! Can't remove the app. Can't disable it. Can't risk going anywhere w/o the ring, even though I need to return it due to a defect. When wearing it the phone beeps incessantly, guess this ring goes in my pocket...rather put it in the trash.

Kevin Gordon

No security I have this app set as device administrator and have no third party security software running and all built in security disabled. When you boot the phone, it boots unlocked until this app has time to load. Which means a bad doers simply needs to reboot, then they have 10 seconds or so of unrestricted access to the phone before this app loads.


Bad design and not clear No online manual/video explaining how to configure this version of the app.

Erika Murata requests on occasion to unlock while on a call! !!

George DeGennaro

Does the job, could use some polish This app was fairly straightforward in pairing my NFC ring but some of the interfaces, menu choices were unintuitive and being a security application explicit notices and confirmations would be much welcomed

James C

It's ok

Alex D

What a waste!!! Just flushed down the toilet 30 bucks! Junky junk does not work at all! Waste of money!

Jack Probst

Love having this lock option on my phone but sometimes I need to scan the ring more than once to unlock the phone

Hector Quiles

Simple but useful

Irena Savchenko

So broken and backwards it's painful ? It installs, it configures and if I'm lucky, the ugly lock screen will unlock and hopefully without crashing. Lock Screen Widgets crash every time, so can only use a static image (what year is it?) and the only included alternatives are limited to a pin code or your full online account password and no Knock or Pattern Lock ? / Device: OnePlus One (64Gb)

FazZ Khedoo

What have i done ? Feels like I'm using an App from early Android Gingerbread days or a dumb iPhone ? Bad Ui, horrible layout, unfriendly English and crashes often for me ? Will re-review (here) after more attempts and reconfiguration, but currently feels so wrong and very disappointing ? / Device: LG G4 with Marshmallow

Mark Philpott

Much improved Compared to early iterations an order of magnitude better. Looking forward to it being built into Lollipop ? tho! :)

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