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30 Dec
New Airpush Detector

Posted by abRc in Tools | Dec. 30, 2013 | 84 Comments

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New Airpush Detector will detect which application is integrated with Airpush and detailed status like smart wall ads , push icon ads, push ads status. You can click an application to open setting and uninstall that application.

# Important #
This app may find Facebook,ebay,twitter as 'Airpush ad publisher' because these app uses same mechanism as airpush to push notification on your device.

Whats new

    UI related bug fixes
    Improved searching algorithm

abRc part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 30, 2013. Google play rating is 78.4338. Current verison is 2.2.1. Actual size 178.0 KB.

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Victor Cifuentes

The best Absolutely true, I've tried different apps and believe me nothing is better than this one, I have used it for about 5 years and I'm happy with it. Give it a try.

rick fauves

Does what it says. Specifically created for the Air Push Ads, don't worry. For if one has any, this light weighted app shall find and detect it. Itself has a bit of ads in the free version but they are not annoying downside. And the Air Push Ads are the worst of them, so, its job matters.

Filip Petrovic

It detected 2 guilty apps, but.. But I'm still getting annoying popups in Google chrome that direct me to the play store to download some random app.. Any advice?

Rick Savage

Yes it works! My thanks to the developer It detected four nasty aps that have airpush on. I have a no BS policy so goodbye to airpush garabage.

Ron Black

It rocks! It found everything right away. Now I can get on with my life!

Calli Jackson

It works! This was the only app that could identify which app was causing me to get annoying adds, thank you!!!!

Christian Dysthe

Found the ad crap! Tried tons of these but this one was the only one that found the two apps serving ads in my notification area.

Candi Harding

Saved my phone in 15 seconds flat! Amazing I tried 4-5 other apps trying to get rid of the popup ads on my lg optimus pro home screen and they couldn't detect which app was causing them. I downloaded this one, did the scan, and found the culprit RIGHT AWAY! Thank you for such a simple, effective and best of all free app.

Sharon Heery

Great little app just downloaded and it found 3 apps with push add ons and surprisingly they were old apps installed months ago but had just been updated this app is defo staying on my phone if it keeps the adds at bay

Cole Murray

Works great. Other app couldn't find any air push ads. This app found 5.

Rodger K.

The BEST! Can't recommend this app enough tbh. It saved me when I was about to forfeit my warranty and root my phone. When all the other airpush detectors had failed, this app came to my rescue. Was gettin constant pop up ads on my phone home screen...

Sidney Shen

Thank you so much. Airpush Detector identified the one app that was causing my tablet to be riddled with pop-up ads and force-opening the Play store and browser. It was driving me to consider factory-resetting, but one simple scan with AD saved my tablet, while some other "Ad detectors" couldn't find the problem.

Roseann Bork

Worked Great Found two aps right away. Deleted those aps and no more airbrush messages!

Dawn McCallum

Only detected the first time... Ran the scan, uninstalled the offending app and scanned again with no results found. Pop up occurred the next day but app doesn't detect it this time.

william wagner

Great ap! Air push works well, helped me clean up my smartphone

Jeffrey Fosse

Saved my battery when I did have access to a power adapter. Its use kept my battery lasting as expected.

Taylor Costello

Thank you whoever programmed this! You saved my phone, I thought my phone was supposed to pop up adds every time I unlocked it, thought screw Google and android n was bout ready to break this thing n go back to iPhone. Then I found out it was free apps with ad viruses, it took using this app once and no more adds no more frustration no phone doin whatever it wants. Thank you guys so much

Harun Macartay

TWEETER ? ? It founded many apps ..even TWEETER ...I don't know what to do with it. .? Should I delete it ? Any suggestions. .. Thanks

Victor Cifuentes

Defenetely This is by far the best I ever tried, thank you.

Matthew Isbell

Good app has ad banner. Got rid of stupid apps with air push ads. Wish I could disable air push or app usage instead, but this is good.

Gary Dugger

Airpush Detector Good program it cleared up issues on my S3

Sky SeaSun

Thank God! And Thank You! LEADBOLT ANYONE??? Then download this app and only this one...! Wow...I tried so many and THIS one was the only one that worked....iheart radio was the naughty buttmunches that now use Leadbolt airpush! Gone....for good thanks to this AWESOME app, thank you from my happy HEART! HTC1

David Marangio

Got rid of spam ads!!!! Tried so many other apps, tips and tricks. This did it. Thanks too to the at&t tech who turned me on to it.

Paul Donovan

No success Still getting pop ups for play store so what's the point.

Jessica Lebzelter

Job well done Revealed my phone of a hidden, annoying app that was giving crazy almost hourly ads.

Matsuyama kaze

Only 1 that works Tried all others didn't find this one did found over 5 very good detection must have

Randall Ray

Get rid of the Un-Wanted Finds those apps you don't need, the only one I keep is Twitter. App did find a weather app push ad so I uninstalled. Works super fast, a must for our mobile devices.

sch- Wordmobile

Search FINALLY ended... this app found the culprit! I tried several ad blocking apps but this one is elegant in its simplicity. I'm impressed. Had disabled the suspicious app, but still getting ads on my home screen. Now gone!

mark metzger

5 stars. The only app out of many that found what was pushing adds to my home screen.

vance rooks

Awesome Told me what I needed to know in 2 seconds, and that's not an exaggeration!

Jennifer Kaufman

Works! Was getting annoying ads. Tried other similar apps, but this was only one which worked. Deleted offending apps. Now no more ads.

Dennis Thomas

Works great No problems, Great app too to have

Tiffany France

Finally After scanning with many apps couldn't find the culprit this one found it

Joe Hendrick

Nice First time user.. If I find it useful will add another star

Michael Rees

Does the job Brilliant, found that app immediately

EdwaᴚĐ Σℓℛῗς

-_- it has ads on its own app and opts itself out......

A Google User

Excellent Awesome excellent


Download it! It's worked for me many times.

Angela Lail

It detected the reason for the pop ups right off the bat.

Владимир Корнев

Poor detection Found one app with ads. I delete it. After that your app doesn't found any thing. But ad banner still popup.

David Valenzuela

Wow Turns out uber was my problem and that was pre installed already on my phone straight out of Sprint.. Those pop ups where really annoying!!! This app is pretty good 5 stars for you hooray lol

Rob Woollard

Great app! Was getting tonnes of pop ups and killing my data usage. In 3 seconds it identified the offending apps.

Kirk Campbell

10 stars Does exactly what it says. I tried six different Airpush detector apps. The new Airpush platform crashes every other detector about halfway through he scan. This one works perfectly on all my devices. Well done!

Carl Miller

Air Push Detector The application is "Totally" ineffective. ...understand the free cost


It's great! I had an airpush detector installed already, but recently it continues to crash whenever I try to use it. This one is SUPER straight forward and does what it's supposed to. Thank you, abRc, for the magnificent and helpful app! :) :) :)

Shubham Pareek

Nice app Very good app for finding apps which have hidden features of showing unnecessary ads

Kahle Loveless

Worked like a champ Had two apps that were causing push notifications. The app identified them immediately, I deleted them and popups are gone.

Candace Hoffman

When all else failed... I kept getting pop ups when I'd go into my STOCK messaging, downloaded a lookout scanner that didn't do $#!+, couldn't find the culprit. So i kept deleting stuff hoping it would stop. First scan from this bad boy and found out it was walmart! No more pop ups, no mor ad's, no more "you're device may have a virus! Install blah blah blah NOW!". I'm a happy lady ;)

Anthony Perdue

Worked for me Downloaded the app. Two 30 seconds to fix the entire problem.. I had an app called cash for apps that kept letting apps pop up for no reason. Airpush detected it and so I deleted it

Tony Joyner

The best and the fastest app I have ever seen, this new air push , knocks the old one out the box. ( this is the one ) to get, don't take my word for it try for yourself, sit back and watch the results. So fast it'll make your head swim, very accurate. Then willl find apps or unwanted pop ups you didn't ask for, right away, and will let you know who sending them and which app is causing the problem. I love it!!!!.. I still stand by my rating, but it can be annoying when the Play Store send you random apps.

Cathy Hope

How is this supposed to work? I put this on my phone and it's going through the scan but I'm not sure which of my apps are the ones of the problem. I went to the apps that they have listed but I'm not sure which one is the problem. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Dale Lin

Looks good but didn't work I installed it out of desperation. It is easy to use and has a wonderful layout, however the annoying pop up ads are still there as soon as I open my browser.

Ariel Tan

Fast and easy Tried other apps before, couldn't detect any apps but this one immediately detected them and helped me a whole lot.

Ray Leriger

One touch BAM done. Less than five seconds. Got rid of that app. Thank you so very much for your help. THIS APP WORKS!!!

A Fettig

Only one that worked I tried 4 ad blockers and this is the only one that worked. I had a problem with banner ads popping up when I opened certain apps or even when an alarm went off on my phone. Sometimes the ads took me to websites even though I closed the banner ad. Annoying.

Kimberly McGlothlin

Thanks! I kept getting a virus warning when I opened my browser. But the site that was warning me was called "find for fun" I have 2 different anti-virus programs so I know without question I didn't have a virus. I was also constantly being redirect to the play store to down load stupid games that I don't play. Turns out the culprits were EHARMONY and Clash of Kings. The latter was pre installed, thanks Samsung.

Hridāyesh Pāndey

Ad promoter.....not blocker This app has a pop up ad itself while scanning or viewing the results.

Robert Wright

Works Great Found more addons than the other airpush detectors I tried.

Mea Cadwell

It does let me know what apps are pushing the ads. I'd give it 5 stars if it could stop the ads.

Henry Bonneteau

Better than the rest. Unlike others, this one actually found apps. When you hit install it requires no extra permissions, another app wanted to make in-app purchases, so take the time to review the permissions list.

Craig MacLeod

I Am Mac I thought I knew which ap it was, installed this ap to be certain, it showed me the real culprit which I had forgotten that I had installed. This ap works. 5 stars

Beach Ghetto

Compared to a few others, it seems to work.. But didn't solve all of my problems-can't really say that it is capable of that, but still.

Harley RK

Doesn't work Just sits and sound... F-

Kevin Kanzler

I tried another and it detected nothing. This found 3. My concern was the smartwall, and it showed which apps were smart wall, push and a third I forgot. Great app.

Janei Evans

Great! This did exactly what it said it would. Found the guilty app and allowed me to easily uninstall. Thanks, that pop up was driving me crazy!

Martin Doswell

Kettle calling the pot black The app has its own ads! Devious

Marcus Lawson

Only app that worked I downloaded and uninstalled almost 10 other apps and finally got to this one. It found my 2 culprits in 15 seconds. (btw I've never reviewed an app before which shows how deserving this review is)

Clint Richardson

Will some one please write app block or disable airpush infected fones? Air Push inc. Is a US company that is jacking our fones. It could delay a 911 call and cause death. Report to FTC. This needs to be stopped. Their app is not working and won't let you disable. It keeps showing error. App sellers, do not partner with AirPush people will HATE you for it. This defeats what you are trying to accomplish

pam leitterman

Hooray Airpush detector helped me figure out what app was causing ads to show up on my phone before I even started any apps. The culprit was an app that had wall ads on.

Bill Salvey

Great Does what it says..u know i can remember a time when i used to build computers, we had programs like adaware that would find & delete ads from your it seems companies like google ETC are trying like hell to put them back on your system, there should be a law on stuff like that..all it does is annoy u, waste processing power & space plus invades your privacy.

Abdulkahhar Ahmad

Working great,user friendly apps.Nice. Easy to use and really do the jobs.Thank you,deverlops.

Esther Ouellette

Awesome... Well, not quite. Sorry. Another air push detector said all was well & shut down as it started to scan - every time. This one - perfect! All the ads (and their apps!) are gone. Thanks so much! PS Well... I had to install another program - Stopbadapp - that found another 21 intrusive apps. Finally better.

Chris 46

This actually works! ? With Google Play poping up, trying to push on me, I had had enough. I gave this app a try and it detected that my Victoria Secret and Nook app were to blame. I removed them and I haven't had a problem since. I'm so happy!!!!! ?

Rob Stevensonq

Wicked App This app solved a problem I had for 8 mths from the day after I got the phone. It cured the issue in well under 60 seconds after the quick download was complete.

Karl Palm

Fixed pop-up ad problem After trying another air push detector, I read reviews and tried this one. It found the guilty program, and I have not had pop-ups since. THANK YOU!

Vanessa MA

Doesn't work Used the scan feature and uninstalled the supposed culprits that are causing ads to pop up. Ads are still popping up. When I use the scan feature now, nothing is detected but I am still bothered with pop up ads.

Shauna Smith

THANK YOU For two days, everytime I used my phone, a full screen ad would pop up. Couldn't figure out which app was the culprit. Found this app while doing some research and it worked! Was super fast at scanning, detected bad app. I uninstalled the app, no more ads HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU

Justin Truong

It works! Found out it was yelp, fandango and rotoworld that was giving me those freaking annoying push ads thx to this app. A big F. U. to yelp, fandango and rotoworld. Im out.


It found what others missed Great app! ! There were two apps (McDonalds and TuneIn Radio Pro) causing all these ads to appear. This found them were none others did!

Cris B

It works! It helped me to find some annoying hidden junk on my phone. I tried few others before but this one is definitely the best one. Recommending all the way!

Alexandra Bommarito

Play store randomly opening! As soon as I installed it, it found the culprit! I haven't had any more issues and it happened every time I opened browsers or any app. Amazing! Thank you! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Jessica Duty

Worthless This didn't help at all not worth downloading. I did exactly like it said too do and didn't work. Don't waste your time.

Anthony Davies

Great Used other airpush aps and they said my device was "fine", but I was still getting annoying ads every 1minute. This app works and showed me which aps were causing the problem. Thanks.


Great app It was a great help :D...thanks to it, I won my war against airpush ads...if it happens again then I can rely on this to detect it :D

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