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13 Sep
NeuroNation - brain training

Posted by NeuroNation in Education | Sept. 13, 2016 | 239 Comments

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NeuroNation is one of Google's 'Best Apps of 2015'!

More than 6.000.000 members!

Improve your brain effectively with NeuroNations's professional brain games.
Create a personal workout plan for your brain and see the change in your performance.


NeuroNation brain training – constantly increasing your performance:

✓ Strengthen your memory

✓ Improve your attention

✓ Increase your intelligence

✓ Make faster decisions

Track your progress and compare yourself with members and friends.


A recently published study by Freie University Berlin demonstrated the effectiveness of NeuroNation's brain training. All brain games were developed in cooperation with renowned neuroscientists and
are based on state of the art scientific research.
According to scientific studies, what is true for our muscles is also true for our brains: Use it or lose it. Your brain performance in your hands. Train your brain with scientifically developed exercises.

Try it out and let us know!

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NeuroNation part of our Education and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Sept. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 90.0587. Current verison is 2.0.33. Actual size 16.0 MB.

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Stevo Bradley

I'm pretty sure it's working... It does seem to sharpen my mind, I'm definitely making progress. I think I will probably use this app to start my morning with three short exercises everyday for the next year and comment again, but I feel like good things are happening inside my head.

Jesse Cole

Thank You For This Game I had a stroke at 7 months old, and currently unemployed. This game helps in a big way:-))

Edith Hicks

It's fun. I can do it in short spurts when I have time. I can see how it can train your mind to improve if you keep working at it. I'm still using the free program; I haven't forked over any money yet. But if I notice that my brain is getting sharper because it I will be highly likely to spend money on the fee only programs.

Jose Lopez

Is a game and at the same time is a learning app. Is a fun game, of course not just any type of game a learning one and if I had the money I wouldn't mind paying (someday), keep it up devs. The only thing I do ask is if u can put somewhat more free practices, although I barely started I feel like I need more things to train my brain. Ah the rotator one is very tricky for me lolz.

Grant Wallace

Good app, ridiculous pricing plan. Don't really know where app developers are getting off charging so much. This app although free will end up costing a small fortune if you wish to go further than the initial evaluation section. 1 star due to ridiculous costs.

David Nicola

Perfect I can definitely feel an increase in my brains activity when trying to process these problems. It's definitely a brain workout!

Oran Dor

Seems great but misleading The app itself looks great, fun to use and seems to have a value. However, there is not much content to evaluate under the Freemium package. Moreover, there is supposed to be a "free course" which includes 24 exercises to choose from. This comes out to be false as only 5-6 exercises are available to use, and the rest are locked and need to be purchased. With only 5-6 exercises to try, there is not enough content to allow me to evaluate if I want to purchase other exercises or not, and it's a miss.

Alexandra Kuznietsova

Nice Would rate 5 if it accepted my card - all other apps accept it. Few glitches are there too, but overall impression is great. Fun, addictive, and paid content price is acceptable.

Chloe Robinson

Love it I love this app it really trains your brain! I've got my SATs coming up soon , :( , and in the practice maths paper a question just like one of your games came up! The mental maths really helped too ( not that I need it, I'm quite good at maths). This will really help for the actual tests. However, please can you add more free games as I can't spend that much money on a game ( even if it does help for SATs). I would recommend this for any child/student who have tests coming up!

Stefanie Capasso

It doesn't have a way to unlock the other training exercises without paying ... Gets boring doing the same trainings only harder ...

Cinos Ruddertail

Fun, but overpriced It's a good app, but expecting SEK 199 to unlock all the games is just wishful thinking. I'd suggest adopting a more sensible pricing model.

Jad Labban

Very good, but overpriced Honestly this app is just wonderful. I'm having lots of fun with it, but 30 bucks for the whole pack? That's way too much for what you offer. I understand that this needs funding, but sometimes a more reasonable price goes a long way.

jwk ware

But seriously. I can't help thinking maybe it is just some mass conspiracy to detect and record how a certain "kind" of people think, so that the "smart" ones can be recruited into some evil secret organisation. Well at least I'm safe. The bad part of this app is other than few default challenges, you have to pay to unlock more in free play mode.

Dayla Jones

Like it fun and accurate This game provides the ability to learn and have fun. Increasing your memory capacity and allowing knowledge to be stored long term. It give you short sessions of burst of knowledge to help you retain. NeuroNation also gives you the chance to test your skills against friends fam, frienemies and your nemesis!?(beat his(s)\her(s) score(s))???

Steve Butler

Having difficulty with connection I don't actually hate this program, however currently I can't use it. I have an HTC M8 and when I start the program I select new user and can only get up to the fitness test. From there it tells me connection error or it doesn't stop logging in. If the developers fix this I can try it out and give a proper rating.

ahmed omara

Great app I just tried it for few hours and I think it makes a great progress with my way of remembering things and calculate math problems in such a faster way than previous. I totally recommend that app for all

Angela Lenihan

NeuroNation is actually helping my memory as well as quickening my problem solving skills. My only complaint is when purchasing the upgrade for around $20.00 two days ago; I am still having problems downloading the program. I will keep trying for no more than a week to get this taken care of. If there is no solution to the download problem, I will most certainly want a refund and find another app that can help me rebuild the skills I need. BTW, I'm a 48 yo women going back to school in September to finish my AS degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Math and Science. I would like to be a nurse. Hence, quick problem solving and memory.

Patrick Buys

Neuronatiom After a while u don't even think about it you just do it with ease even when the difficulty increases great app 5 out of 5

Richard Towne

Great way to pass some time It's a great little activity on the bus or in an available break - I've felt more focused and alert since starting the program.

Craig Hegel

My favorite game I love it. It challenges me each time I play. Instead of wasting time playing game on my phone I can use that time in a more positive way.

Alberto caceres

Beautiful product I am an LPN. Anyone in the nursing field knows the struggle with getting acclimated to the pharmacologic (read medications) aspect of the job. I can not yet speak for the long term benefits of this product but I can speak for the short term gain that I have noticed. Currently I am using this product everyday for at least a total of 3 hours daily. I have already noticed an increased ability to retain more specific details about individual medications; in completely different classifications. Worth $20.

David Anderson

I'm a logical thinker (slow and deliberate). Greatly enjoy the games yet the timer speed gets me laughing and making mistakes which when I'm timed out gives me double errors. I'd prefer to be told (stop/pause) I've made a mistake and given the chance for a mental reset (major). How do I adjust the difficulty settings? I can't find anything.

Tayon Green

My brain and I salute you NeuroNation This is an amazing and highly relevant app!!!. The exercises are so fluid and keep your brain on its feet looking to solve the next puzzle!!!. It is also all encompassing and addresses several areas of cognition!! If you are looking for a sure fire brain power booster, I cannot recommend this app enough!! Thanks again NeuroNation Team!!!!! Wow! wow! wow!

Shuja Ahmad Khokhar

Really Hate this I have tried more than 10 times to log in but it always give error, CONNECTION ERROR, as I have a very good internet connection which is perfectly working on all other apps... Now, going to uninstall this bullshit!

clara summer

Helpful fun and fast I have the Samsung galaxy 5s and it works like a charm. at first I felt pretty stupid at the level of genius that neuronation originally set me at, but after a while of fun games and brain training, my memory has improved emensly. I love this app, would recommend it to anyone (in fact I have to multiple people today) very impressed. Also thank you for being free

Josh Barretto

Step aside Neil DeGrasse Tyson I downloaded this app by mistake but after two days of using it I've successfully created my own pair of self tying Nike Airs and self drying jacket. I've also compiled a sports almanac of all the winning team and games over the last however many years and find myself questioning the very existence of space of time. I worry this new found proactive intelligence will lead to boredom in life and love but alas, as long as the levels keep coming I'll keep ignoring all the calls from those Saudi phone numbers

George Dinmore

Focus Is Confusing! Even after doing the tutorial, the focus part is confusing as hell to understand. One minute it says focus on the colour, not the word. Then next sentence it says opposite, focus on word not the colour. What the bloody hell do I do on that one? Cos I get it wrong each time due to conflict of those statements it says in tutorials.

Angela Ogden Shapiro

Very Fun and Entertaining Much better than playing games that have absolutely no value. This is fun and Ive had absolutely no problems at all. Very easy to use and understand.

Mandey Mandy

Almost perfect I bought the full version at first day I tried this app. tried all of the exercises everyday. today is my 3rd day using this app and completing all of the exercises after completing the basic. I'm satisfied with the result, and can see some improvement. the only one thing that bothers me is, when the app switching images or changing scene, the timer should be paused. even it is just few miliseconds, it really means alot. Overall is perfect. Thank you.

Bern Philipp

Challenging Brain Fitness App Weird exercises, which I like. Get thrown for a loop once in a while.

Uyen Hoang

Interface is awesome and smooth, simple and engaging, tutorials are easy to understand and there's just enough reward/motivation when doing well. I'm getting smarter - "s-m-r-t".

Vincent Furio

Great brain training Good app. Like the variety of games. A little pricy, but makes your brain work.

Neo Vijay

Love this app Its starts with beginners then gradually difficulty will be increased with different game types.. After certain stage we need to pay for extra game access but its OK for beginners with free version.

Mariano Arguelles

Nice way to keep active I just realized how rusty was my brain after finishing my studies a few years ago. Things that look simple suddenly become a problem, but at the same time there is progress. Nice piece of work.

Robert Gualtieri

Fun and challenging I recently got this app and so far I'm enjoying it. Works fine and haven't had any issues.

KingStormKidd Derf

Great but Sometimes it asks Color : Blue amd there is NO blue on the screen. And then it said I should have picked the pink

afraz aslam

Unique app I tried many other memory boasting applications but none is as effective as this one. It has it's own unique way of training but only problem is that the app stops responding sometimes at startup

Darshan Mangat

Works! I'm a student studying for maths and physics exams, and I've genuinely seen improvements 100 out of 10. I just wish it was cheaper however

Little Lumpy

Really works!! This is an amazing app. Only downside is that you need to buy the full version even though the trial helps brain training.

Joan Martin

Best Math Challenge So Far I was never strong in math and have lost a lot of my ability over the years. I am turning 70 and am concerned about my cognitive skills. This is the third and best brain improvement app I have tried. I will probably buy the advance version once I exhaust the beginner's level.

Andrew Hoffman

For the colorblind Just as others have complained before, there is no "colorblind" mode. When taking a professional iq test I made sure they were aware of the issue, but the test is designed to not handicap someone who is colorblind. This makes the app almost worthless to me, and I would not recommend wasting your time if you are colorblind.

Alexey Volkov

The first flaw is already seen in tutorial Please, don't be monsters and adjust colors for colorblind people! There are 5-10% of us in the world. :)

Helen Lang

Cant play purchased game Hi, I unlocked the focus exercises, but there is no enter button on the maths game. Pleas fix asap or refund me! Galaxy Note 3

Rene Schmidt

Brain refreshing This an amazing way how to improve brain function. I am convinced it works well. The app works great without any issues and the internet version is great as well. Overall five stars. Really well done.

miss ezz

Great My favourite brain training app, definitely works your brain and the games keep my interest more than other apps.

jason haig

Great app So far been loving the tasks, the increase of difficulty in the challenges is really well done.

Andy Taylor

Prepare your mind!! This actually works.. although your head will feel sore after a good workout. I feel more alert and responsive and able to cope better with life's difficulties. Great app :)

cassie rutter

I really think it helps I use this app in my free time or if i have 5 minutes and i really feel like it works. Ill continue to use it and hopefully it has a long term effect on my brain.

Ashley Mckown

Sucks It pointed to orange when it said for the color turquoise. Than pointed to black when it asked for the color blue also pointed to a red spiral with a weird word never heard of it.

Artem Shatillo

Good but not for color blind I like the app, but "color craze" drives me crazy as I'm partially color blind :/

Andreas Bertschi

Certain exercises use too much cpu power and become unplayable. I bought the full game and am disappointed, because some exercises like color maze become unplayable after a certain stage. Then it's all laggy and you cannot press on the correct tile. The only reaction you get is the red alarmclock symbol, that time is running out. Very disappointing because you get lots of errors and so a bad score. Why is there no information about the required hardware? I'm playing on a clean and well running Galaxy S1 (I9000). I'd love to give 5*, but only for smooth gameplay.

Star Willis

Addicting yet confusing ? This is a really good app I'm completely addicted to it it's just that some of the games are really difficult and doesn't really explain properly kind of like the rotator I'm still confused on what I exactly need to do and the one with the math problems but other than that it's a really awesome app awesome job ?

Valeri Tsvetkov

I use the paid version of the app and I think that the it is really good for developing cognitive functions. I've got only two notes: 1. When one starts a course, the progress measurement is not very accurate, because it's based on the results gained in the previous trials of the given exercise. The problem is that if you play the game several times, you are adapting and it's normal to gain a better score. Also the first trials are taken on very low exercise levels, which gives you less points. 2. I think t

Alix Carter

Good training So far so good, no limitations which means I can train in spare times instead of once a day. Difficulty increases so there's always a challenge!


Colorblind I would give this game 5 stars.. But there is no colorblind setting and it's very irritating for me. Please fix this!

Adriana Vega

I like it but I cant sign in on my tablet and my phone. Every time i try to sign in on my phone it says email already taken... Well duh I would love it more if I could play on both

Fizzle Dizzle

Great Brain Training App This app does what it says. But you have fun doing it. I'm picky about what games I play. These games are actually stimulating. It's addicting. Granted you have to pay to unlock other games. But the free ones are still fun and the locked ones are affordable and worth it. This game is one of the best I've played in a long time. I definitely recommend it.

Chelsea Ross

is wat it says I love it, in free version adds don't get the way but I wish there were more games to choose from however the ones I do get keep me coming back every chance I get

Jules Ang

Just the right stuff You guys don't make it seem like you're after the money, unlike some apps out there. member this, member that. -.-

Shanorni Sasha

Ridiculous! Can't even access it after it's downloaded! The screen freezes and says no internet connection found even though there was a clear connection. What a waste of time and data downloading this app. I demand the publisher to take a look at this matter if they are really sincere in doing their job.

Amy Barker

This is a great app! It would be better if i could unlock more levels and games based on points.

bobby goliday

Neutral nation brain training As a first time user and in the first few minutes I really enjoyed it and I can see me continuing with this for while. I'll write again later as i track my progress.

Drew Key

So far so good Don't get ads interrupting your attention, graphics are easy on the eye and the algorithm/difficulty seems to keep adapting according to your progress which helps you continue with confidence. One complaint I do have is the accuracy of the dot connecting exercise may show your pattern as wrong if you try going a bit faster, but then again that could be my phone or chubby finger :D

Rosie Hoenig

Neuro-Nation For me this is not a game it is a real exercise in the form of a game, because I have a cognitive disability and I'm really trying to find ways to improve that because, not having those abilities contributes to my feelings a frustration not being able to remember a lot of things the way I used to kudos to all of you for developing such an important helpful tool for those like myself and for those who just want to keep up and not lose those skills

russ basford

Nice Really like this game. I wanted a brain training game like the one I used to play on my game boy and this is the closest yet!

Brooklee Bernard

Truly Works I'm only training the second time and I've already improved greatly. Definitely recommend this game/brain trainer. I look forward to the exercises because they are entertaining and challenging. Great app overall.

MIchele Walker Webb

I enjoy the games! I had previously given 4 stars, but upgrading to 5. Games fun & addicting. Directions are clear. I like that the app keeps your scores. Rewards you, & challenges you. I will be happy to tell all my friends to use this. My perception has increased! Thank you developers!

andy z. isabelo

Andy Gives me a headache but i guess it's good. It tells me that my brain has been stuck for so long!

J Beale

Great app After just a few short sessions I've found my mental processing noticeably sharper. I find the the moving rotating blocks in one exercise give me a headache though.

Julien Marechal

COLOR BLIND I am color blind so the focus game doesn't work for me. Please fix.

Alice Vanderlund

Please fix soon, would love to try. It won't let me log in after the evalutation (Step 1)... Please fix.

Frank Thomas

Loads of fun Enjoyin the challenges and the brain training. Great for keeoing mental sharpness.

Nataliya Pyatakova

RECOMMENDED Really works! If you are on vacation and need your brain to work when you're back...this is a great app, easy to use and fun to play

Deborah Lewis

Having fun though sometimes I believe they are wrong, not me! JK. Enjoy training while playing games. Makes learning fun! ?

Robert Heatley

What's up with the math section???? You cannot enter your answer on the math section. But the rest of the app is very useful. Please fix this asap and it will be 5 stars

Susan Hutson

This is a fun app. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I bet I am soon

Tasha Wilkins

Exercise for Your Brain The different levels and activities really challenges you to think, focus, problem solve, and to do better than your previous score. There is a major flaw with the tracking/ follow the arrows game. It just doesn't work beyond the tutorial.


Handsome and useful But have to agree that colours need to be adjusted... Turquoise and blue digits look alike, for instance... Magenta and purple... Something with better contrast would be nice, e.g. use white digits on coloured background?

Julie Tattersall

Great game, but... I really enjoy some of the exercises on this brain training game, but there are some exercise that I simply cannot do, as I am severely sight-impaired. I can't read the tutorials on how to do any of the challenges either, so I've literally had to figure things out as I've gone along. I wish there was a version of this application for those that are visually impaired. I love the parts of this app that I can play though. ?

Jenna Parr

Awesome and challenging Have not used it enough to see any results but hopefully it will work

Laith Aburashed

i need the Arabic language pls, because I'm 14 year's old and i can't speak English so good , just little bit. that's will be great if u put, or if there are a arabic language in this app

Leahcim Elah

I can remember I know this program is a winner cause I can remember my default WiFi 10 digit password when other ppl wanna get on...

Ivan Kiwan

I like it This will make your brain hurt, but it also makes you smarter! Before I started exercising my brain with NeuroNation, my IQ was 120. But after one month of training, my IQ is now 150! I also am training every day, more than once a day.

swapnil lonarey

Is everything about colors??? I am color bind. Most of the exercises in this stupid app are about color matching and grouping. I cannot distinguish many of colors which makes my score quite low. My IQ is 141. This hopeless app rates me below average coz my score falls due to imperfect color vision. Try ELEVATE or PEAK for better quality mind training!!!

Melanie Rene

Amazing I love these exercises.. The exercises really make you think, solve and sharpen up your mind.. Thx for such an amazing app! I've recommended it to 16 people and 15 of them are now using it too!!

Gaganpreet Singh

Good for brain Have quite difficult and challenging stuff to train yourself. Liked it

Brandon Mendes

Very helpful Found myself below average doing a luminosity test before getting this. After using this app for around 2 months and did the same test in luminosity and found myself to be amongst 90% of the average. Very useful if used daily.

William Furtwangler

Challenging By comparison, these brain games are more challenging and versatile than others I have tried. After a few days of regular sessions I am aware of the increase in my thinking and processing abilities during normal day to day activities.

EDD Tira

My brain This app is amazing, puch your brain to it's limits, continue working.

Lily Parmenter

Good training app Game's are Great but won't allow me to restore my progress/purchases after rebooting my phone

Dave McAsey

Good recommend Not compared with other apps, installed a couple of weeks ago. This app tests your current level gives you the results so you challenge yourself. Not used the in app purchases and app doesn't force you to either.

Robin Keck

Tutorials are key Compared to Lumosity, this is a bit confusing to start. But once you understand and get into it, it's very interesting.

Angel Lynnette

Awesome Sauce!! It's so fun and addicting and really helps me focus better

Belongs to Matt

I entered the answer, but no button To push afterward. Lame.

Hope Farmer

Great app makes my brain feel like its actually functional

Wesley Cornelius

Nice app. I appreciate the added fact sheets. An all round good time killer with a purpose.

Joseph Rodrigo

Too many ads I really dont want to pay more than i have

André Freitas

Simply amazing! Easy to use, filled with different situations and very user-friendly.

Terry Williams

So far so good Just started using it, and I like it so far. You have to purchase personalized sessions, which I haven't yet. I'll rate again once I do. But overall, good app and exercises.

Beverly Damesworth

Motivates Makes me want to beat my own score

Christopher Kennedy

Notifications? Allow me to specify no notifications.

Manthan mhatre

Superb app I love it... It is effective..... But do trainning every day regularly..... For 30..minutes....

Adil Ahsan

Best Brain Training App in my Opinion I have tried quite a few brain training apps. This one is my favourite one. Very nice app, very good work by the researchers and developers.

Michael colino

Makes you pay Makes you pay after a few games

Benjamin Albers

Lame! The challenges had no way of me entering my answer. I had the answers but no way to enter them.

deloris hall

Exceptional Really makes me think


Real exercise Not completely free, but a very good brain exercise ! I love it.

Ahsan Yasin

Pretty good, Designed such more games, good 4 brain

Ahmed Walaa

perfect i like it . it helped me alot

Vishal Vashishta

Love the app. Kicks your brain

Trish Petty

Very helpful! Great app for keeping my mind and memory active.

Miss Understood

Excellent app sex personal goals and track progress I love it

manoj patnam

Very useful Amazing ways to improve memory, calculative skills...

Matheus Araujo Fernandes

Great It's beautiful and smart. Don't know if it really improves brain activity and memory, but it'd worth the shot

Dwayne Tallmadge

Well done I love it. Very well done!

Akpor Ogheneochuko

Great except for the purchase

Sam Dv

The app gives a good mental workout This app is a good mental workout, but it's a Little vague as to your progress. That's why I rate it a four. If the creators look to other popular competition than, they will see what I mean when I say I'd like to see a detailed progress report. Right now I'm using fitbrain, paid version and using this one as a supplement.

Krisha Narayanan Chitra

Think faster It's a good app.. Have been using it for sometime now. Men's you wanna work harder and harder. And also helps improve concentration if trained continuously

Xero Limits

Fun,Challenging, and Addicting The challenges are very entertaining and become more difficult as you begin to improve. Therefore you won't ever get bored !

Daniel Faensen

Do you actually improve anything but your NeuroNation skills? It's fun and you can see your individual progress. Not so sure if your improvements in the NeuroNation games correlate with improvements in "real life". There are studies demonstrating that they do but personally I cannot confirm that. My memory for names and faces is as bad as a couple of months ago :-)

Lannet Hackler

LG G STYLO Awesome brain training app with a huge variety of fun challenges. Very addictive.

Pan Adam

Gets you out of your comfort zone Great app! Very challenging and at some levels you can actually go crazy. But seriously, wasn't there any better color than turquoise? Makes me confused quite often. Also you could think of some other solution than waiting for games like Form Fever when symbol does not match the category. I am falling a sleep sometimes because of this waiting. Everything else is great! Proud PRO user. BTW: if someone scored more than 2600 in Rotator I want to meet him. And if it's a girl I want to marry her. LoL. Crazy game

Fabian Bača

Quite good, but.. Like a lot of these apps, there is no option for colour blind people to choose better colours or leave out challenges that involve differentiating quite similar colours.... apart from that the app is fun!

The Browns

Adverts! The games are enjoyable but unlocking 'personalised training' seems expensive to me. Also disappointing to see adverts pop up - sign of a cheap app (to me at least), which makes the cost of in app purchases even more perplexing.

farah izzati

Love it! It gets harder and more challenging. And all the more fun! Only one thing I think this game is lacking. I hope that in future this game prepared a schedule on how many hours should we play. Since if we play non stop, we will probably has headaches...

Stephen Kolacz

Hangs/Crashes Daily Would have been 5 stars if it worked consistently. Unfortunately, since I spent money to buy a package, it's reliably stopped responding in the middle of exercising, losing all my test results for that day up to that point, forcing me to start over again, everyday! Very frustrating!! Note, running on a moto droid 2.

Ruben Garza

Wtf Ok so im not sure if other people are experiencing the same thing as i am, but when it asks the color, cyan, red, black, ect. the situation is, it asks, cyan, now there are no cyan shapes, or numbers. So i ckick black, its the closest, and nope, wrong, it said the red one is correct. And again, it asked me, but for purple instead, but no purple, so i click red, its the closet. Nope wrong again, it said the cyan one this time was correct. So wtf is it a bug? Anyone else having the same issue?

cc coop

Samsung Galaxy s4 Very challenging. I have noticed my thinking process is a lot more focused than before I started these brain exercises

deepti varshney

Superb Loved it great to exercise your brain, it's too early to realize the benefits but quite interesting

Kate Eternal

Refreshing, challenging, fun Keeps me entertained and offers a great brain challenges on daily basis. Very clean design and simple, but fullfilled interface. A must!

Alexey Barkanov

Fraud on payments!!! Your offer shows me the price 19.90 PEN, but when i buy it - it is 19.90 EUROS!!!! 4 times more expensive!!!! Redeem and uninstall immediately! !!

Jan Napp

Scam! I paid $13.90 to "unlock" more levels/games. They withdrew the money from my account, but did NOT put any of the paid for levels/games in! The free games are fine- just wish I didn't fall for the scam to pay for additional ones?

Aiman Hans

I sh*t you not At first, I was expecting this app only helps in refreshing your mind during relaxing time. I was never so wrong before, this app actually effing helps in improving my brain. I now can receive new informations at school slightly but noticably better at school

R Fizz

5min a day Great whenever you have 5 min, sit down and train the brain. I've noticed a difference


Nice app It was ok but all of a sudden it unloch a whole 5 levels without passing the test

Mahirah Saffiyyah

I've been playing for a week. It's good but I hate Rotator so much, because it rotate places. Made me accidently press wrong pieces. Mostly will run out of time just to determine where the piece will stop and when should I press it. I think, rotator should categorize under stress management.

Alissa Frisch

BEST BRAIN GAME EVER! FOR FREE! This app is SO fun! It changes pace fast so you don't get bored and the games are so much fun! You can upgrade but it's not necessary.

Faith Song

Addicting It kept me up late on the first day... I don't know if it's making my memory, focus, and intellegence improve, but I do know it's fun, and stays challenging.

Manav Paul

Impressive app Technique use in this app is very effective and helpful but expensive!!

Breezy S

Really Fun but NOT enough games! I loved this app at first. It's great like lumosity and brain games BUT you can only play 5 different games so it gets really boring after awhile. If they add more games I'd rate a 5.

Tammar Al-Sarraf

Good variation of exercises It might freeze and close it self. I have to close other application before starting it. Play it and don't pay attention to the score system, it is not true. I reached level eminence playing the free version. When I baught the game I was downgraded to top of the class.

Natasha-Sheerre Turner

Memory training 2 days in so can't say much but great little app to keep my brain and memory working, wish there was a little sample of thr other training to know if it's worth the purchase price

Elene Chulukhadze

Brain challenger This app actually improves your brain for better knowledge and better memory. It's really good!

Rebeca Resende

Awesome It's really nice how they can make your brain work and challenge you!

Eaux Laurel

Helpful-Memory Has Improved The challenges you pay for are limited. There's a lot of free material but I expected more with paying such a high dollar amount.


challenging and fun with some bugs wish list: (1) ability to turn off an exercise. maybe available after reaching 99% quantile on the highest level with a perfect run (2) rotator game has a bug where levelling down doesn't actually make the game easier; could be wrong by feel like the choices are sized differently from the center.. (3) reflector doesn't give enough time for exercises to level up after level 8 (4) logi ladder last level too easy (5) fix random downgrade from 43 (or 41) to level 21, customer service helped raise it back to 39

deloris hall

Exceptional Really makes me think.I like it but like I said is the game freezes a lot more since I changed phones.plz fix situation.

Abdulla msn

Mind training I like the fact it keeps my brain active in a fun way.

Jonathan Dearth

Great! A well designed game that grows with your skill level. Happy gaming!

Mircea Bordeianu

Math challenge does not accept results. There is no button to submit answer and you write correct answer in the windows and wait untill time expires. Also can't synhronise with my old profile. Idea is briliant but implementation is everything.

Estee Pipicella

Can't stop playing I like it! But you should be able to unlock games with the credits you collect. Not a fan of having to pay and only have a couple of games to play every night.

Tana Goodwin

Games are great but nothing else is The training is varied, fun & I like it, but even after paying to unlock all the games, it still constantly pops up with an ad to unlock all the games. Also, I'm taking the time to rate it right this minute only because it's asked new to twice in 5 minutes. Why offer a remind me later button on rating if you're going to remind every 2 minutes to rate it. Hard to train my brain with constant interruptions.

Michael Blount

Awesome, its perfect to keep my sharp I love expanding and develop myself. And Lol this is much more effective to train my attention intelligence and reaction speed then hopping on subway surfs


Feels dishonest I feel it is a good program except that once you purchase the app for 10+$ you expect that it is unlocked however once you reach a certain level it locks you out if you dont pay for 4 hours at a time lol. so you spend most of your time locked out from progress unless you pay more money which can add up quickly if you have to pay 50 cents each time you want to progress. So in 15 minutes I spent close to 5$ just trying to progress then decided it wasn't worth it, so now I spend 95% of time locked out.

mick juggernaut

Fun but still the same old bull Like all the other "brain games", this is designed to give the illusion that it makes you improve a lot. It starts you off with way too easy games, way below your potential, and increases the complexity incrementally. So your score gets higher as you play. If it allowed you to start with harder games, this illusion would break, and your perceived improvement would be much much smaller. Fun, but I don't like this deception.

Trudy WTSmith

These games are.helping me I'm 62 have AI, Addison's Disease had several mini strokrs


Great However, more time definitely needs to be given to rotator in order to be able to truly view all options, and path finder needs to tell me what I did wrong, or at least give me the option to look at what I did wrong.

Janet Wachira

??? I'm not sure that it does what it says it does but its proper challenging. And it helps knowing you're passing time playing a game that's growing your brain.

Tom Joad

PTSD and Brain Trauma Sufferer I have severe PTSD in addition to brain trauma which has significantly affected my cognition, memory, and mental agility. The exercises within this app are assisting me to rehabilitate my brain. I couldn't be happier with the app ~ it adds more fuel to the fire of recovery. Thank you!!

Shinda Harisu

Nice Being timed and constantly having to do better than before feels a bit stressful. But, I know the app is just challenging my brain to work harder. I enjoy the games. They may increase in difficulty a bit too fast for me, but as long as I don't fear making mistakes, the app always gives me the opportunity to improve. I like it.

Phyllis Dawn Horton

Intriguing This app is intriguing and challenging..And yet at the same time is fun and keeps you thinking...Some of the games can be quite tricky and may take some time to get used to,but overall I really like it and find myself coming back to do it everyday...To keep your mind sharp,I recommend this app

Dequarius Mitchell

Pretty cool app, may not necessarily like the fact that you have to pay for a lot of the content. But I guess I can't complain.

Josh Parnell

Finally, a *real* brain training app. If you're serious about mental capability, this is the app for you. I've tried a LOT of so-called 'brain training' apps, and nearly all of them suffer from the same critical flaw: they try to be fun / relaxing. It doesn't take a genius to realize that you're not going to improve your cognitive abilities without real work. That's where NN gets it right. Every exercise has a difficulty scale that ranges from trivial to virtually-impossible, and the app continues to adjust your difficulty until the exercise is right on the edge of your capabilities, meaning you're being pushed, you're probably making mistakes, but you're not completely failing either. This is exactly the 'zone' in which mental exercise works -- when you're being challenged as much as possible without it being overwhelming. Stick with it, try to do 30 minutes to an hour a day, and you're going to see improvements -- not just in your scores, but in your mental capabilities. Especially for people like me who have problems with focus and short-term memory, this is an invaluable app. Give it a shot.

Sean McConachie

Mixed feelings, initial thoughts. The app feels, like it's antiquated. Which isn't necessary a bad thing, however the profile interface left something to be desired, namely Google+ sign in, smaller more centered text. The games are wonderful, but there is something about the windows and text that irritates me, like it's childish or just designed for older eyes, again not necessarily a bad thing just off putting for me personally.

Bree Jordan

Paid Version?? No in-App purchase. This was my go to app, before I updated. I didn't use it as a game when I was bored. I used it to help me strengthen my math skills. And it worked for me. This was my study tool. So, I'm a bit disappointed that I have to buy in to use it now. I'd much rather support with a paid version. Then I'll change to Five stars! Thank you.

paul mateer

Paul Love this app just brilliant starts to mess with you a bit which is fun! especially like the colour crase activity it really challenges your thinking. I'm pretty convinced that It really works at improving faster thinking and decision making

deloris hall

Exceptional Really makes me think.I like it but like I said is the game freezes a lot more since I changed phones.plz fix situation.I rated y'all before,still with the same problem. you keep asking to rate again.

Tyler M.

Fun and challening The games are very well crafted to not be boring but are still challenging enough to get the juices flowing just more than you think you can...great app!

hanumanth gada

Good Quited smoking, as a side effect I am facing little memory problem, yes I believe it could make to regain my earlier memory. Nice app to work on.. 4 stars because i am satisfied for that extent only.

Amy F

Annoying In summer of three games, a symbol pops up with no explanation and freezes the game.

CJ Bower

It's definitely working Working on developing working, fluid intelligence, and not only are my scores improving immensely here, but I'm also finding that I deal with problems and stress better in real life. I'm also better armed for battles of wits with my girlfriend. This app is great.

Prakyat Hegde

Fantastic Fantastic app.. Very effective which involves great games which are equally addictive.. Hats off to developers

Joe Peroni Iii

Love it! Plan on ugpgrading soon as well. Out of all the memory trainer apps i decided to train with two of them. This is one of them. It will most likely be the main one i use as well.


Promising but.... Looks like it would be good, but im not paying £15 to find out, there are lots of similar things for free

Tan T

Great brain games Really gets my mind going. Some of the games are very challenging, esp when you start leveling up.

Oleg Martos

No rest for that brain Nicely done, but lost some in-app currency due to connection issues

Chen Chiu

I still Can't restore purchases This app does not allow restoring purchases, I'm very unhappy I can't restore a purchase I did

Harry Gold

Almost perfect I like the game a lot. Some great Breaston training. Recently though, it's stayed crashing a lot on my s7 edge.

Jessica Allen

Loved it So fun and addictive, i bought the full game for $20 because i was enjoying myself so much. Makes me feal good

Christie Chandler

Impressive app with great results! The brain training app is excellent is stimulating and challenging. The app increases difficulty as you advance. The variety of games are plentiful, but the number of free games are limited, hence the 4 star rating instead of 5. I highly recommend this app and continue to see advantages of increased memory, focus and concentration.

Jacqueline Liggett

Jacqueline Liggett I really like this app for training my brain....It is fun & challenging at the same time...It took me a minute to figure out how the exercises worked....that was because my brain is so slow to understand..I am hoping that these exercises will improve my brain in all its functions....I use to have an above average to superior intellect but after a total of 40 years of drug & alcohol usage not so....I am lucky I can remember who I am....ha-ha...LOL ? More to come in the future to let u know how it is

Izzy De La Pena

Keeps on crashing This is a really good brain exercise app. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is that it keeps on crashing I need to restart it every time.

Daniel Gomez

So far so good :) So far it's been fun and can't wait to see the results. Super clean app and user experience. This is the first one I've tried like this but so far so good.

Bhumanyu Goyal

Tooooooooo.... Gooooood.... But u have to buy if u want to open all levels..?! As the title suggest only 6 exercise are open and rest of 18 u have to buy...

Nilsa Martinez

Can I learn something new I thought that this was an ordinary but its got me using my noggin for something else & learning again. Bravo

Webster Ilderis

Best On the market. I've tried the other "brain games" and although some are good, they're restricted with set games and micro transactions. This one gives more freedom and the games are pretty effective too.

Laurel P

Great app but... really, you pay for it and then they want you to buy more credits or you can't complete challenges. How is that training my brain? Math I suppose but a little disappointed

Matthew Jr. Fagan

Brain Gym I have used other brain gyms and this is by far the best, most practical as well as the most fun! Worth every penny?

Pammie Gonzalez

Makes you think. If something is easy I don't practice it. I continue to play and try to improve on the hard ones.

Tony Tomkins

The June 20th "update" is by far the worst update I have ever experienced with an app. For me, this app has gone from 4.5 to one star. Where is the "all games" option so I can choose the game I want to play? I'll look at this app again when the next update comes out.

Maryam Khan

Needed this ?

Dyana Decreet

New updated version problems I really enjoyed the old version but I can understand the desire for the newer version, however I have found a couple of problems.. 1.The chain reaction game doesn't work. I input the correct number and it doesn't recognize it 2.The ability to do a tutorial round of the game you are about to play is not available anymore, leaving me guessing as to what I should do for certain games 3.No customer support email to ask my questions instead of leaving a review 4.I really miss the randomized button for the games

Ferikkusu フェリックス

Poor after 2 minutes of pure brain training in hard conditions... I see no change my head is still the same size not a good app in my opinion. 1/10 would download again ?

Josh Carbon

Good brain workout Definitely works! This app gives your brain a boost or in my case a jump start. I see some noticable improvments in my overall intelligence. The only thing i would like to see is more numeracy challenges.

shruthi A

Good brain game After 69th level even though I finished the challenge, it's not going to the next level. It's just got stuck in the same level. Pls fix this issue. Otherwise the brain game is excellent.

john mickey

Training is just making something cognitive, in this case: numeracy and making the best and most correct optional decision to make is just that easier. The geometry of memory has grown and spread into areas I once had trouble in as well. Over all, great app!!

jamie barrow

Fun I am addicted already played it twice and I bought the entire course packages and it was well worth it keep getting better and better. Thanks Devs. Great Job !

Jennifer Billig

Challenging While only a new user, I'm finding after a few days the challenges are getting harder. With that said, I'm finding that each time I work with this, I can get a bit further then I had before.

Lisa Maillot

Love this app! For years I was a slacker and didn't use my brain for any serious thinking or learning. I got tired of that and came to a point in my life where I wanted more, and this app helped me get there. I start and end my day with brain training, because of that my memory and critical thinking has improved. Thanks neuronation ?

Shang Ke

Cannot start up Context 3D not available! Possible reasons, wrong rendermode or missing device support. Please help, I paid for full version.

Utku ünsal

Brilliant game There are numerous games with increasing difficulty that are fun and actually improve your memory, attention, reasoning etc. The games are categorized accordingly. Happy I found it among so many similar looking titles.

richard ottum

Worst working app ever At least is ad free. It exercises my brain via, making me think of how to progress to the next question.


Great! I used to be a Lumosity member, that's however quite expensive. Neuronation is not only cheaper but has also a better training program overall. Not that I don't like Lumosity, but in comparison with Neuronation the games in Neuronation feels more modern and professional. So far, so great!

Brian Tavarez

Amazing I had alot of memory and perception problems, with time and effort. Thus app improved my brain incredibly.

Marcus Appelros

Liars Previous weekend this app said it was the last chance to get a discount, now there was just a discount this weekend "only". Every time the app is opened there are popups and banners about this "exclusive" offer... Even if your targeted audience is people who cannot remember more than one app session they soon will from the memory training, thus your marketing "campaign" is unspeakably devoid of consideration, furthermore it is highly immoral and you ought to be punished for false advertising.

Cathie Wilkerson

Fun, Challenging & Impactful! Using NeuroNation has improved my focus & attention both while playing the games in the app & in my daily life. I am noticing a huge difference after a week & having so much fun using the app. It's terrific!!!

Winter Rowan

I can actually feel myself getting better at this, and I'm discovering that my memory wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was, I just had low confidence in it. One thing I had to complain about was when I was starting a game I had done the day before, it felt like I was suddenly thrown into it, and I quickly missed a few of the instructions. Also, I would like a feature where you input how tired you are at the moment, so it adjusts the difficulty of games that have increased in difficulty.

kostas psyhunterson

Fun but expensive It really has some great tests but to fully unlock it they ask you nearly 30€! WTF why so expensive... I would prefer to put my money on an honest app

Marian Hudec

Very dissapointed with new version! I dont like new design Iam sorry but it looks very technical,unfriendly menus. Who wants competetion with the word? It's intrussive,business trick to support app. An interaction designer should reconsider last update... I finished interaction design recently and this is what told us not to do! We should have a choice of versions. I paid for something else. I want the version of game before last update or money back!

Ramil Gachay

Many things had been changed. No mute. Decreased number of games, no analytics, lost my progress. But design is better. Minus 2 stars. Improve the app and I will return them back.

Tawny Millard

So challenging Im not a card carrying member if MENSA but im pretty smart. This app makes me feel a little dumb and then motivated to kick its ass. Great job developers.


Comprehensive brain training app I lost my progress with the recent update. That's not minus 1 star for you

Challenges grow keeps mind alert Targets area similar to those of dementia therapy. Useful, fun, challenging & I believe it helps slow down the breakdown of brain cells!

John Smith

Horrible update The app is no bad but the recent update is absolutely horrible. Ugly, not intuitive, some useful info is gone etc.

Ivan Munchy

Was better The last big update changed too much.. Would've gived 5 stars to the previous version which was, at least for me, more casual, fun and rewarding

Reed Anuar

It adapts according to our intelligence. It also gives full range free exercise(though not thorough).

Jake Kleine

Sucks if you are color blind!!! All the exercises are colors that are very similar :(

Falmata Dawano

Just right Sleek ui, intuative, nice tutorial, overal its just right and thats what i needed. Worth the 6 month subscription for $18

Marjorie Siffort

Great for the mind Im having problems with memory and this really helps

Maricela Arteaga

It's better than coffee!

H Mohamed Yaz

Thank,, The best in the market

Younes M

Very good Really it is very good

ali zaxo

the best in the world ❤

Lateef Alimi

Very Good

Jayne Stuckey

Lost it! Been using this app for years but the latest update is terrible. No record of previous scores, confusing backgrounds, rubbish navigation. Why fix what isn't broken?

AK Gmeygrlye

Good brain wkout. Enjoy the pace. Really wakes me up during brain-dead times. Using SG5. Edit: uninstalled, too big. Moved to Asus tablet.

Jerzy K

I loved this app until last update... PLEASE BRING BACK THE LAST VERSION! Or make from it two versions of games and give chance to choice! What's wrong? I see the idea but definitely previous version was better or if you prefer definitely different... You should give choice witch version we prefer. Last week I spend 10 pounds for every bonus lvl, where is my money now? Please give me back previous version with every part witch I buy or give me my money back...

Marianna Stefani

Galaxy s6 What the hell happened? In one day everything changed and cannot understand some games and there's no explanation. Plus i spent around $30 for the complete set of training. What happened to that? Happy to give back 5 star once i ll figure it out. Please give us back the last version, this one is really bad. You ve done a great job so far please don't ruin this amazing app

Matthew Wong

EDIT: Finally! You came back with a better design, despite of the fact that I told you not to change the UI, however this new update is user-friendly. You deserve 5 stars, not just because of the UI. You made a great way to motivate us by making a Player-Versus-Player-From-All-Over-The-World mode. And now, I am getting back with this app. Don't mess this up ever again!

Kait H

Don't bother! I've been using this app for years, it used to offer some great unpaid challenges and activities until the september 2016 update. Now it is the same 3 free games EVERY DAY, the backgrounds have changed making it harder to see and more confusing and the app developers have become really pushy about getting you to purchase the app (which is far too expensive). I'm getting rid of it now because for 3 measly games it's not worth the space

Momchil Anachkov

The thing you see in the play store is currently not at all what you're getting. Interface is completely different. The latest update was just ... bad The interface is strictly worse: The settings are gone There's useful stuff missing (like past scores) And the background picture is just a horrible change ... Have it if you want, but have a setting for it and don't force it on people ... Ideally just revert this update. Also... Some fonts have been changed making certain letters smaller and harder to see at a glance which is a HUGE deal in a game like this.

Leprechaun 2

I think its OK..would of rated the app higher but I have a problem with saying the apps free then when you get into it they,or in this case you want money to get the whole apps potential.. Bate and hook

Liliana Ivan

New device???? Hi. I've gotten a 3months subscription about a week ago and my phone has died, replaced it and installed the app, but it said I don't have an account on this new device and there is no way to login to my existing account?????

dhileeban kumaresan

After the last update only the limited/free training is made available to me. What happened to the purchase I already made? The update is bad!!

Axel Ny

strange update, previous version worked fluently on my Galaxy Tab A but now it doesn't.

David Howe

Memobox game Their is a glitch that doesnt add the colors correctly.

Victor Martinez

Effective You can notice the difference the training does when taking on real world tasks. You have sharper memory and better focus.

Wish it was free This is very fun and challenging but limited as you have to purchase the rest of the games.

Vijay Hebbar

The update killed it for me

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