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14 Mar
Network Connections

Posted by Anti Spy Mobile in Tools | March 14, 2016 | 89 Comments

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Powerful tool that displays and monitors (tracks) all inbound and outbound connection from and to your Android device. A low-level connections capture module ensures best performance with a minimal battery usage. Works on NO ROOT phones too.

A must have for every Android aficionado, Network Connections is the perfect addition to the Anti Spy Mobile app that will reveal the 'secrets' of your apps.


- Monitors all internet connections from and to your Android device
- Displays notification when hidden apps are connecting to remote servers
- Displays detailed IP information for each connection - IP address, reverse resolving (PTR), AS number, Abuse RBL data, administrative information, etc.
- Gets detailed info about each app that connects to remote servers and network connections used by it - permissions granted to each captured package and all IP addresses used by it.
- Real-time sort by most active, latest connections or by package name.
- Log and export the captured data.

NOTE: The app is a FREE-Trial and some features (including period of connections capture, export of captured connections (limited to first 10), and number of IP address resolve/information) are limited to certain amount of tries. If you like it and want to used it, please download the Unlock key for it.

Connections Used by The App:
Google IPs - Statistics and Maps
RIPE, ARIN - IP information

Whats new

    - Sent/Recv traffic not shown where not avail.

Anti Spy Mobile part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update March 14, 2016. Google play rating is 84.5809. Current verison is 1.1.2. Actual size 447.0 KB.

Download network-connections.apk 447.0 KB


Nelson Fong

Great Diagnostic Tool I was looking for a tool that helps me to identify which app keeps running in the background, making constant network connections, and keeps my phone awake and draining the battery. This helps me exactly that, and I can identify the app and remove it within 20 min after download. Very useful tool, thanks!

Winston Thao

Great tool if you understand what you need! Had to figure out which app was the culprit to flooding my network with connecting but not properly closing them (Oddly enough, it was Google Chome). Narrowed it down with this wonderful app! :)

Vernon Conway

Had pop ups.... I had random pop ups and couldnt figure out which app was causing it. Got this app, did a live feed (needed to purchase key since the live feed was limited without the key) and it identified the app once the pop up happened again. Cleared the cache and app data, uninstalled/reinstalled it, works perfectly. Its not automated, so if your looking for an app to do everything for you then keep searching. This app does exactly what it says. Very happy to have this app when lookout can't identify the infected app.


TRULY AWESOME Does what it says, very user friendly and a great security feature. I like it a lot so I got the unlock key and am very pleased.

Leonard Hevian

It can be a marvelous tool. But how to know when something is wrong? Everything is about ip numbers . Is there a tutorial to understand well this tool?


The only terrible thing is that it uses Google Maps and not OSM The only bad thing about this app, is that it uses Google Maps and not Open Street Maps (OSM) for showing the connections GEO IP location. Thus preventing you from using the App to filter out Google's privacy invading services in your firewall. Otherwise a worthy 5 star! (Sorry, but I had to put a 1 since that is what you and other people read. I'd be happy to change to 5 once GM is replaced by OSM.)

tablet ferguson

Great tool, but... but it is not showing all connections! I have tried different settings, but not every app is listed.

Greg Lawton

Missing most important metric. Needs to be able to rank traffic by app, aggregating connections - currently a more demanding app can rank below a lighter one if it spreads that demand over multiple addresses.

Muhd Haiqal

Block Connections GREATE APPS!! I have identified some IP that are suspicious and would like to block the session/IP How do i do that?

Kenneth Bellennethon Newton

I know forevermore It is a nice app and thousand download app together low storage

Ryan Radey

EXACTLY What I Was Looking For!!!!!!!!! I wanted to know exactly what apps were downloading all the time in a real time monitor. This App delivers that exactly the way I wanted. Thank You!!!!!!!!

T Brewster

Confusing at best Not useful to me.

Sifu P Goldman

Great product I've been using the free version of this app for a while now and I've never had any problems with the app itself or pop up advertisments. Also, unlike many other apps, they're not pestering you consently to upgrade. This is not only a great app, But a class act as well. As soon as I'm financially sound again I'll be sure to purchase the paid for version at any price. Thank you for this wonderful tool.

James hatten

Still learning how to use it ! Knit it sounds very helpful..

John Doe

Hacker Stopped cold. I used this application and he no longer hijacks, steals, corrupts etc., or works as an employee in the I.T. department or any other posting for his former employer.

Mike Patrick

A MUST HAVE TOOL... This shows me what's connecting to the internet in real time. Also gives me the option to Greenify it. 5 thumbs up...

Nancy Porter

Okay Not rooted but still want to know what apps are sending or receiving data. I'm quite paranoid now after looking at these connections and I want to know what they mean.

Gene F

Not Even... ...A chance to evaluate the app before being reminded and bombarded with upgrade nags. I just uninstalled it.

pman pman

Excellent Easy to use and understand. Immediately find the app that's using your data connection.

Aldreen Dumasig

Extremely helpful tool. It helps you a lot if you know what you're looking for. It shows you the detailed info on what's the current apps that's active and drawing out data anonymously.


Fixed! Thanks for fixes. Bought unlock key.

bamo hasan

best app ever thanks guy perfict app

Pamela Sue Crowley Crowley

Good app to much identity theft in North Platte Nebraska due to scrambled cell phones

Draconis Aeternam Angeli

Hmm I know this is useful somehow. I just don't know how to use it so understanding. Sorry.

Wil Crunkelton

Good app The market really needs more of these types of apps. Good work.

Govind singhhh

Nice app! Great job thanks !

ßob Svk

Good Thanks you work really well

Dayan Russell

Can someone tell me how to utilize this app? I downloaded it. Now what? I'm running live something or others. What am I suppose to be looking for? I found this upon asking how to keep the google play store from opening automatically all the time. It tells me IP addresses and a bunch of stuff I don't understand. Can any one help? Anyone?

Master Hacker

Exactly! Exactly! Kill proprietary backdoors, etc

James brainard jr

Greatest app out there!!! Well worth buying the unlock key. But this app ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slow Huerta

Koo Koo an tulare county worthy

Nena Walker

Great app runs . Works great its a must have

Владимир Монах

SGS*4 Владимир(*) On the Russian, pls!*.

iQSky Kamchatka

Russian, pls. 5 Stars! Very good! :-}

Алексей Репин

the best of the best! really best)

Muhammed Rafeeq K

Great tool for who want to understand what my network doing. who is now using my network I mean app etc. but I cant understand one thing, what is the difference between the paid version and free version. afterall great app for network geeks

Charles Nwaeke

Shows everything I want Used to have Netqin mobile guard years ago while using Symbian OS devices for viewing applications that are using the internet. Great to have it here on Android

Abir Kheddar

so i just find out that i ve been hacked by someone that lives in usa weird shit i ve never been there i don't know anybody that lives there i don't understand why ??????

Michael Wall

Every phone should come with this app This app tells you what you were always too afraid to ask. exactly who your apps are connecting to for how long and where they are located and who they are. I am definitely buying the full version because this app is amazing. good job guys

Travis Rutledge

this is a really helpful app try it out i am sure you will like it

Patti Bills

I cannot find Stop live capture. Looked everywhere.

Shawn Wall

Review live capture How do you review the live capture data?

Steven Porteous

Great tool for logging your devices connections who, where, what

Djs Rock Jones

Got ya This is so helpful

clazh h

Great network app. What benefit purchasing Pro unlock version?

Clinton Bester

App of note Well worth it if you in the it and networking fieĺds

Tomm Gundal

A tad advanced for me right now, useful none the less

Matt B

Great Really useful tool. Had helped me investigate possible malware infection and also caught a few apps that I wasn't using but that were using the network, therefore battery. Thanks for creating and releasing this, great work!

Harry Bremner

looks pretty good have to wait for a capture Having problems with my Data connection being turned on and me not knowing. Deleted Avast battery saver before finding this, seems to have resolved that issue 3 stars for nicely made interface will add more later Keep up the reviews friends I rely on them :) ;)

ray gravitt

Real Insightful Get the free version and run it a while to see all it does because I could never do it justice it; is so good that it it's shocking sometimes. Your droids are looped through military bases and missile sites and intelligence agencies.


A Must Have Tool Extremely useful, identifies and monitors all (system, user and malware) apps that attempt to (or successfully) establish one or more internet connections. Especially good for identifying the culprit (apps and/or malware) that are heavy on internet usage. The "Unlock Key" is worth getting.

D Jennings

Telling me this app have a poor reputation I get a lot of psychology especially from a specific woman on my job. Since giving my new address also a few strangers with extreme mind games. This app ratings tells me good reputation. My phone does experience intrusion and my personal life intrusion from people bent on negativity while trying to drive me crazy. I have no problem with this app. I know it's those individuals whom are very disrespectful, think I'm stupid while trying to cover up their games. If I remove this app than what proof will I have

Christa L

Could be more useful Given the number of connections users hav e to check, couldn't this app generate a screen (or flag) showing the connected IPs for which there IS abuse data?

Andrej Tobola

Support for Android 5 Support for Android 5 Lollipop is not perfect, always 0 B received and sent. Make it compatible, please.

Diane L

Fixed my redirect problem! This app helped me find a really annoying redirect ad/virus problem that one of my apps was causing! My browser opened on its own to the same website all the time & then Google play would open to some random game or app right after. Ad Network scanner by Lock Out, Adblock for android, Ad clean & Malwarebytes all over looked it. But with this app I was able to do a 'Live Capture' & then look at the 'app network log' & see the one using the IP address/website my browser kept re-directing to! Thanks!

Maz Travis

Idk about you So yes, it wonderful to FINALLY KNOW what is running when my phone is in standby, pocket, or anything else. However, what the "F" can I do about it!? NOTHING! It just says what's happening while I'm rendered unable to HANDLE THE PROBLEM. Thanks, I guess....

Androdian DATTA

HMMM IT DOES RETRIEVE I.P. DATA AND LOCATION...BUT... I selected the Amazon App currently running on my device and it took me to some BARBEQUE PIT hole in the wall in Asbury Maryland!.....Saaaay WHAT?!?

Mark Landingham

It does what it's intended to do. I'm glad I found this! Very useful when other anti spy apps are limited. This is a must have!

Creig Smith

Its great I like it very much. But would be better if the connection log showed more info, like bytes sent / received, number of connections, host name. Much of that is in the live connection page.

Clint Wageman

Catches no good scoundrels When ne'er do- wells tamper with my phone... it logs their activity.

Joseph Sikes

Yep Free version, not bad, at all. Paid version is probably even better.

Rajat Malhotra

Not able to see data usage by different apps I have downloaded the paid version of this app but still it doesn't tell me the amount of data used by different apps. The first page of the app always show 0B data sent and 0B data received for different apps. Not able to figure out the problem.

Saeid dehdashti

Great app It comes so handy monitoring background apps traffic usage statistics, so easy to monitor spying apps

Rene De Hoyos

The fast & furious net connection I love this app cause now I have a fast network connection tanks to this free app.

liberate Earth

Top ten utility app Works as described and worth every penny. Among my top ten utility apps.

Jo Slamen

Why does an app that monitors your network need access to my photos, videos and audio as well as external storage? Sounds like spyware to me.

S.M. Moshin Arafat

Like It Really Nice Application.

Zachary Somerset

another 1 for the toolbox awesome, plain & simple with notifications

dwreck h

Really shows you where & who connections are! Very detailed, and getting better!

Craig D

Superb Just like NetStat... Very useful to check open connections for security.

Shahanum Zam

I don't understand how to use this app.

Patchely Newlook

I love it Is the Best

D Jennings

Telling me this app have a poor reputation TMOBILE ARE CYBERTERRORISTS! I get a lot of psychology especially from a specific woman on my job. Since giving my new address also a few strangers with extreme mind games. This app ratings tells me good reputation. My phone does experience intrusion and my personal life intrusion from people bent on negativity while trying to drive me crazy. I have no problem with this app. I know it's those individuals whom are very disrespectful, think I'm stupid while trying to cover up their games. If I remove this app than what proof will I have

Robert Ross

JUST USE IT!!! got the paid version. this app is worth every penny, shows it all.

Francesco Lancellotta

It worked great on Android 4.2 but... Since I moved to an android phone equipped with 5.1 it does not show anymore the amount of transferred data so it is impossible to carry out any effective control.

Clive Bluston

Brilliant app! Especially love the ability to see where the ip is located. A filter to filter out all those that lead to Google would be good . Well done and thanks.

D Jennings

My phone Activities are constantly being repeated Not one day is my peace of mind left alone. I am attempting to improve myself and every effort from others had been to Stress me or steal my Peace of mind, and an unnecessary distractions. The most convenient way has been through my smartphone daily usage. I installed antivirus protection and this app to avoid these mental harassments. Because no one is above the law of smartphone intrusion and spying. I don't need to be told my phone activities. I need them to mind their own business.

Leroy Person

Leroy Person, Jr. Network Connection is an inspiration to monitoring, troubleshooting, and upgrading on an Android. A good stable network is a prize for saving your Android from crashing. Here is laughter, why wasn't the computer hungry? Answer, It just had a byte.

Lee Allen

Not sure? I don't see how this app works at all?? It won't even capture & keep my own in home Wi-Fi when it's within 15 ft. How does one remedy this?? Other than that, I never once seen it capture any hotspots anywhere??

dario mk

Good but limited Sure its free and fully functional, that is within 15 minutes haha

Ed Aus

this is very clever seems very useful. like it so far

Bay Osborn

Great Orsum got to get

L Lou

App is a joke This app is a joke it does do what they say and plus more, especially all the networks that they put running through my phone from its own app. Constantly this app is running more networks on my device when it shouldn't even run any besides the network that is my provider. This just throws more networks on Ur phone for them to access Ur phones data more especially more dependable for who's really behind this app. And I can say it ain't no original developer.

Harry Milanes

Excellent Easy to read and fully transparent. Does exactly what it sets out to and does it well. Geo map is excellent and very effective. It deserves five stars...I would like it if it had the ability to block apps I deem fishy - but perhaps that is asking for a function that does not belong?

Yuming Ma

I am a software engineer. The application displays wrong Why does the app display a functions which wrote by myself didn't use any network packets.Please help me.

Dennis Chiodini

Full power Kick n azz and evening the odds

stonie stonemaker

Network connections Does exactly what it says it does. I paid for the key in hopes the developer will keep up the good work.

Fuad All

not monitor apps network activity

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