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23 Dec
Natural Threat: Ominous Shores

Posted by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. in Puzzle | Dec. 23, 2013 | 112 Comments

Apk file size: 618.0 MB

Your friends have been taken. On a long forgotten island in the Pacific there is an overgrown scientific compound. The experiments here created monsters, and they are all that inhabits this wicked place now. Your intelligence is the only thing that can save you in this gripping hidden object puzzle adventure game, so play smart, or suffer the consequences!

- 32 chilling locations
- Tons of hidden objects to find
- Fun and challenging mini-games
- Unlimited hints

Alawar Entertainment, Inc. part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 23, 2013. Google play rating is 89.4736. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 618.0 MB.

Download natural-threat-ominous-shores.apk 618.0 MB


Sharon Rypel

I used items before the game expected me too and could not adapt to the change. Sorry I spent money on it. Good concept and great graphics but started the game over 3 times and still nothing.

Angie Tjelmeland

Cool Fun mansion door puzzle is really hard but finally figured it out!!!

Paul Balnaves

Good concept and graphics, poor execution in places There's too much moving around which bears no relation to gameplay, particularly in the last chapter. HOS are too easy to exit accidentally. Had to restart because ladder became unavailable - it is possible here to make game uncompletable. Enough in game though to maintain interest.

Susan Truter

Great game! Another amazing game from Alawar! Graphics are great. The sound is just as good. Would like a little more narration but otherwise very nice.

Evelynn Devin

Very frustrating ending This game has one of the most frustrating endings I've ever played. The back and forth required is ridiculous and by the end those gears between scenes end up being obnoxious. If this game had a map feature, so you could skip between scenes, I'd have given it 5 stars. Aside from the back and forth to locations it was an exceptional game with great graphics and a good mixture of interesting puzzles.

Christina Kelley

Glitchy Its ok but its awfully glitchy, there's a lot of back and forth between screens, which isn't very smooth to begin with. Also, I feel like the story line is not very well explained. I'm not very impressed.

vicki highnote

Great game. Story line good, graphics excellent. Too much going back and forth. Waiting for next game.?

Jenny Dunn

Wont let me finish!!!! Someone needs to fix the bug....i paid for this game....I loved playing, and will give 5 stars when I can finally finish it...... It froze towards the end...So DAM FRUSTRATED!!!##

Marci Nebgen

Good game. A good variety of puzzles and HOS. A bit much back and forth, with lengthy load in between, but the good story line and graphics compensate.

Cynthia Johnson

Good I liked it , different storyline was good . just wish it loaded faster and that you didn't have to go back and forth so much . a map would of come in handy so u could of jumped from scene to scene. Other wise I enjoyed the game.

Stephen Cymbal

Buggy I finally got close to the end and it won't let me put the guilded axe on the gargoyle. In fact I have 12 axes in my inventory and none of them work. I have to replay the game agsin to see if the same thing happens. Don't downloadnuntil.they get bugs fixed. I was happy with alawarbut been buggy larely. Definitely got to try big fish games and g5 entertainment.

Cena Kneubehl

Natural Threat: Ominous Shores Am intrigued by the games basic story line. Will report... as I play more... not sure yet.

Naomi Sugimoto

Not saved I experienced it before, but I thought it was fixed. So I installed this game again, but once I quit playing, I have to play from the beginning again and again.

Jaylynn Benglan

Great Most of the games I play are great, had a good storyline, awesome graphics. Look forward to more

Irene P

An easy 5star rating. This is one of the best games I have played. Wonderful color and interesting games.

Julie Purdy

Been playing for days good game need more like this makes your brain work

Sheila Johnson

Good game! Some minor glitches, but good play!

Dot Runde

Natural Threat Great story and the graphics are wonderful....hope there is a sequel.

Andrea Williams

Very good game! As I said above good game. The only annoying thing was towards the end going through all the screens. But that was part of the story line

Marilyn Bouman

Great game Really liked this game. The gears rotating between scenes was a little annoying, but otherwise great. Not too difficult to figure out but challenging enough to keep your interest. Would like more like this one.

Catherine Anderson

Very fun. This was a great little puzzle game. I enjoyed it. It worked great on my Nexus 7.

Dani Neuenschwander

Although I enjoyed the many hidden objects games, and there are many, I found myself losing the storyline because of all the back and forth. I could also do without waiting on the gears in between every move you make. It would be nice to have the map showing you where you need to do things. This is not on my favorite list. Sorry guys just too much back and forth.

Melissa Gury

Fun But Brief. Nice game, certainly not Alawar's best, but okee-dokee. Hidden object adventure games for android are relatively rare, so I tend to appreciate them even if they are not necessarily what I hope for. But, it's not bloody, it's not dilapidated and everyone who disappears is restored - so I approve.

Lisa Toof

4 stars! Good storyline and difficulty level is great. I got stuck playing for hours.

David Swanson

Good game Ha a few glitches but think more due to device as much as application.enjoyed it very much.

Diane Westerfield

Fun Enjoyable horror story and artwork. Doesn't play perfectly on my Nexus 5 and a few translation errors. Plural of knife is knives.

Petra Garcia

Excellent Like any other Alawar game this one has great graphics, good story and very entertaining

Sandy Aiello

It was good, I enjoyed it. Original story. There was a bit of annoying back and forth, but I would recommend this game if you have some time to kill. Thanks Alawar, no glitches!

Christina Kerry

Realy great game. Loved playing it can't wait for the next one. Would have given 5 * but couldn't get sound oh well maybe next time.

Rob Frazier

Best game ever This game has the best puzzles of any game i have played i really hope you have a part 2 will defenlty buy thanks for alot of fun robs mom

Dawn Jackson

Worthy of 5 stars!!!! Enjoyed everything about this game . Great game Alawar!!!

Bex Woodsford

Loved it Great looking locations and a good story

joanne whitear

Ace I have loved all for you games thank you x


Sequel questions Will there be a sequel one of these days on Google play?

clàudia fergusson

To many returns Every time I have to stop this game it always send me backed To the beginning. I would have given more stars but I am Getting tired of starting all over this game I hope you will Fix this problem.

Victoria Miller

Good game Not enough story or interaction. It gets boring..

Sande Kilmer

Natural Threat Love Alawar games but this was a little awkward.

Maritza Martinez

Amazing game! Love the length of the game and storyline.. Keep them coming alawar.. I'll keep buying if they're all this great

Sherrie Couture

Was good! Liked the story and the graphics were great!!

kel doe

Not as good as Alawar's other games. Far too easy, doesn't give player a chance to think, tells you step by step. But good graphics etc.

Analisa Donnelly

Great but needs a map This is a great game, its long so worth the purchase. I would give 5☆ if it had a map, I hate all the back and forth

Debra Bosch

Not bad The ending was irritating because you had to backtrack all over the place. The symbols were weird too.

R Darin

The game is really buggy. Objects have a hard time picking up and the hint button takes forever to charge. Just not a good deal.

Chantell Venter

Great game but.... I had to stop playing and when I started playing again had to start from the very beginning. My progress was lost. Not nice. Please fix.

Ramari Paul

Started the game and got quite a long way through. Paused for two days or so and then when I went to resume and it took me back to beginning. Annoyed. Made sure I played from start to finish so it didn't happen again. The ending takes way too long going back and forth between scenes. Would benefit from having a map so you can jump directly to the place you know you want to go. Otherwise pretty enjoyable game.

Kathy Ruhlman

Started a game then when I went back to play the game a day or two later noticed the game started over why. If you play this game make sure you finish the whole game in one day because it will start you over at the beginning the next time you play. I uninstalled it.

Nadia Wilkins

I enjoyed playing this game! However, the HOS could have done with some more interaction and the travelling backwards and forwards at the end was unnecessary, especially when there is quite a long period of time changing scenes. A map would be advisable to fast travel here and to see where there is an action available. No bonus level! The puzzles were OK, although some were too easy, but all on all it was a nice long game that kept me amused for a few hours.

GiGi W

Pretty good Not the best Alawar game I've played. The storyline was a little weird and the overall look of the game was a little dark so it was hard to see sometimes, so had to use hint just to know where to go next. Not bad, I gave 4 for the effort but was a little disappointed on this one to be honest. Most of your games are fun and interesting, but this one just wasn't that fun.

Nicolle Kelley

Awesome!! A MUST PLAY And NO PAYING to advance forward!!!!!!! And no bugs or issues yay!!! And very long!!! This has been one of my favorite games I've played, I'd say number one to be serious. Other than the fact that there is alot of back n forth which really isn't too bad you just have to pay attention and have a good memory but it makes you think, is very challenging in some areas to figure out what to do with some items, it is a very long game that kept me interested the whole time. I couldn't stop playing!!!! I would love for the developer to make alot more like this!!! I would be hooked to all of them!! :)

Karen Skinner

Awesome! Just what I expect from Alawar's games! Once again, you've made a great game. Thank you! Great graphics & cool storyline. Hidden objects and puzzles that aren't unsolvable, like some puzzles games, but, that doesn't mean it is easy! So much fun! For some reason I had to replay entire sections of the game 3 times before I could get thru. Glitchy on game saves, I imagine. But super awesome game, so 5. Too good to downgrade over something that can be fixed.

Kira DeNardis

Fantastic It's a very good game. Love the hidden object scenes. Would be nice if there was a map that you could find and fast port to different places. Going back and forth is tedious, and frustrating when you don't remember paths well.

Mary Briars

Fix the bugs!!!!!! Spent hours playing the game and when I got near the end was given 12 guilded axes and no shield so I could not finish the game and I can see from previous reviews that this was a problem in 2013 so you still haven't fixed it. A map would have made it easier to move between scenes but I'm not going to try the game again and risk being stuck again.

Lucy Chan

I enjoyed it a lot Only downturn is I found it a bit too easy to solve. But great graphics and good plot. Minigames are nice breaks from the story

Christopher Avalos

Wonderful game I have enjoyed some of your other games but was disappointed when game stopped short and required money. This is a full game and is a nice challenge. Thank you from the many that cant afford to pay. This would be worth paying for yet your company graciously provided it for free.

Sophie Beever

Fix the issues Played the game for a short while, got stuck and the hints told me to use an axe on a chisel...which would have been fine if it recognised the axe at all. Restarted and it glitched at the same point again. Uninstalled it, waste of time!

Beth Little

Ads in a paid game? I paid for the full version and I have ads between every scene break during the first half hour of game play - what is up with that? Game otherwise has no animation, but has interesting story with attractive graphics and reasonably challenging puzzles. Would be worth $.99 - $1.99, but should be free if you have to watch advertising at any time during game play, in my opinion.

Lee-C V

Enjoyable and entertaining. The graphics are good without any glitches or pauses and, unusually, the adverts aren't being a total pain. The scenes load fairly quickly and everything is clear and easy to see which is sometimes a problem with this tablet. The puzzles aren't very difficult but that's OK cause I'm still really enjoying the gameplay and I've no idea how much there is til theend so it's not being too obvious or predictable. I'll be a happy bunny if it's like this for the entire game.

Michelle Hom

Very good, but god the walking back and forth for one item at a time (especially the for the last bit) was just so annoying

Taylor LaCorte

Free Full Game !!!! This game was awesome!! I'm a HUGE fan of Alawar & this was another great game in my opinion!! A lot (most) of these games are try & buy & you get to play a small demo & then get asked to buy the full version (which is completely fine & understandable) ... but that does NOT happen in this game!!!! This is a Full Version game for FREE!!!! A lot of people are saying the game is buggy & blah, blah, blah but I played the entire game on a Samsung Tab 2 and I didn't experience a single problem... This game is a good length (especially considering it's free), has an interesting story line, decent graphics, & overall is pretty fun... I would DEFINITELY recommend playing this game!!!!!

Earla Muir

Natural threat Only at the beginning, but so far it's. For those having problems, don't try to pick them up but just tap them, then tap the place you have an action

Arvin Jennifer

Good game but with bugs Good for a free game but buggy. Story telling not particularly clear. Worst bug was the ladder which forced me to replay game from start (minus 1 star)! Only to find that the last leg was an annoying needless marathon (minus another star). A map would be useful for quick navigation.

Georgina Bradley

Interminably slow Could really use a map/jump to scene function. So very drearily slow to keep moving back and forth (especially towards the end) with load screens whirring away each time (sometimes 10 times in a row - don't hold me to that I nearly fell asleep whilst counting) Good story; although a few inconsistencies. Great scenes. Items a little simplistic to collect and use. Enjoyed the HOS though - normally hate these.

Jessica Perry

Loved it!! Couldn't stop playing! Lots of fun. Only thing I would say is it needed a faster way to travel to different locations. It was rather annoying to constantly hit arrows. Otherwise I loved it

Vivian Pomfret

I really enjoyed the game. And it was free to play till the end. Just need to add a map to move around on, from room to room. And have voices in the game too.

Grace Esplin

Don't care for the ads in the transition screens - I can see having ad pop ups during the free trial, but not the full paid version

mandy roberts

Fun Fun game. Loved the mini games. Huge bonus thats its free! The only downfall is the loading time from scene to scene. Its only a few seconds but your moving often back and forth, it eventually gets quite annoying.

Chintan Patel

Fun game but buggy Got to the end and had to start over because the ladder bugged out and I couldn't get the last crystal flower to progress. Annoying after playing for a few days.

lex 8396

Very good 4a free game. Too many hidden object scenes and annoying delays between every scene but can't complain since it was free. I am a fan of this developer.

Patricia Carroll

Good The game was good but found it very tedious going back & forward to the different scenes to do something, would've been better if there was a way to get there quicker

Mel Jones Cornwell

It was good cause I played the entire game for free not one penny, after all I have spent on other games. I have over 40 games I my phone only 10 are free

Sara St. Jarre

Would have liked more puzzles and maybe a map to use to jump from locations as it took a lot of patience moving 13 scenes at a time just to pick up the next necessary item

May Tam

Buggy Love the graphic and storyline but change the rating when there was no zoom in after opening the glass door. It directly led to the room with skeleton and thus could not find the horn. Restarted but it was all the same.

April Labiste

I just love everything, the graphics, storyline, challenging puzzles and to top it all, solved the mystery for free ? without those annoying ads, how's that for a good, long, free game? love this!!! More please

Melinda King

Very long, nice graphics, no bugs, totally free My only complaint was all the backtracking at the end, but it wasn't that bad, I liked this one a lot. One of my favorites.

Alyx Flatley

Totally free with only ad posters. I highly recommend this game. Excellent graphics despite being too dark in a few places. The hint button helps there. Yes, the no save feature is annoying but it is totally possible to get through this game in one sitting. Just allow yourself a couple hours. That this game can be played all the way through for free is amazing. Thank you for entertaining me with an original story line. Good job. :)

Kayla Duke

I like it but... I liked the game overall and it took me a couple of days to finish it. And thank god the entire game was free i play these alot and cant spend 2.99 or 4.99 just to completely finish the game. The only thing that i think would make this game better is if there was a map that you can go to and from locations so you dont have to keep hitting the back arrow to go ALL the way back to the beginning

Clare Greenslade

Very goog Please keep games like this coming. Free to play without having to pay using the credit scheme. I really don't mind the ads at all but as i said previously with twisted lands game says free but only so far and then you can only continue using the credit scheme which has never ever worked. Please chsnge twisted lands to be ALL FREE using ads instead of us filling our devices with unwanted apps just so we can continue a game.....but it not working anyway and with no option to buy the game its annoying

Suzu Gates McCaig

Alawar Entertainment Games These are the most awesome games I have played yet. I can't get enough of them. Before the week is out, I'll have them all (almost) downloaded. The stories are great and you don't have annoying timers or obnoxious sounds when you click on a wrong item. IT'S JUST GREAT GAMES !!!!

Rosu Catalin

Had potential No map,no voices,no options for difficulty,hard to keep up with the story,clicking on many objects difficult,many times when trying to click on object I clicked the back button by mistake,some objects way too small, cannot create profiles, cannot save to cloud, no achievements and I could go on.On top of all things half way through the game it reset all my progress so I'm forced to start all over.Obviously I will not.Sorry but this game is somewhat disappointing and should not have alawar stamp on it !

Karen Balderstone

Frustrated! PROBLEM FIXED!! I've got quite far in the game and I'm constantly hitting the back arrows accidently which I find really frustrating. I've now got stuck at the gargoyles, the left one accepted the axe but the right one won't plus I've got about 12 of these axes, obviously a glitch but very annoying, please fix then I'll give 5 stars...UPDATE...Problem fixed, smooth game play all the way through so I've given 5 stars

Katherine Morrison

No problems I love games like these and I haven't had an problems with this one. Once you get used to the ad pop ups every time you change scenes it's great!

Sidrah Asad

Bugs! I paused my game & then resumed playing after 6 hours but all my progress was lost so i had to start from the very beginning. Because of which i've lost all interest in the game. I've noticed by the reviews that some other players have also encountered the same problem. And i've also noticed the lack of response & updates from the company. I've played another game developed by this company & it was very good. This one is good too but the glitches make it hard to enjoy the game.

Kay Blake

It's free and takes awhile to complete This game offers much considering it is free, however, it's a step by step plod made easy with limitless hints. Waiting for the cogs to change the scene is irritating, and all the coming and going makes the gameplay interactive map is needed to speed up things and keep the game flowing. Good graphics and storyline, it just loses momentum and, therefore, struggles to hold your interest at times.

Cheryl McGrath

Enjoyable! I really enjoyed this free game! ? I had a little issue with spider being called an insect - they are not. They belong to another class called arachnida. Insects belong to another class called hexapoda but both belong to the same phylum of arthropoda. I also found the predator solution out of order in my game. I enjoyed the graphics as well as the story. I found the hints very user friendly and helpful. I do agree with the other gamers about the endless back and forth. It would not be have bad if it were in the same section but going from one end back to the other end was a bit tiring to almost annoying. The one thing that was absolutely annoying for me was the endless pop-up for Words Crush. Every time you clicked on an arrow to move in a section or go to another area there is that [email protected] pop-up. It was so bad, I very nearly deleted this game. A couple of times (maybe 3 times) would be sufficient to get the message if someone wanted to get that game but please do NOT plague us with that onslaught. You will lose potential customers. This is the ONLY game that has done this while playing.?

Nat H

Game was good but a big bug destroyed everything. At the end, where we were supposed to pick up the ladder again and place it near the lamp post, I accidentally put it back where it originally was and now it doesn't pick up the ladder again.It ruined everything for me !!!!!!

Stephanie Pasco

Excellent A nice long game. Not buggy. Difficult enough to keep you guessing, but not too hard. Very good.

Jo Davies

Enjoyable game Good graphics and story for a free game. Nice and long though I am sure some would criticise the to-&-fro-ing, especially at the end. Perhaps a map would help here so you can reach destinations quickly? No bugs and the hint refilled quickly. My only gripe is that it seemed to end suddenly but for a free game that kept me interested, it's trivial point. Thank you.

Magdalen C

Too many ads. I don't mind ads here and there, but this is over the top. The first cut scene was disturbed by an ad, then the screen went black, then it jumped to the first HOG! Not cool! It's an old game (2014) too, hence no teleport map.

Hanah Dean

One of the best but...... Can't stop. Curious to go on to the next challenge. ?? unfortunately this games does not save the level i hv played. When i exit n want to continue play t next day, the game starts frm t beginning. ALAWAR admin / programmer.. if u can fix this I will continue to play. For now will hv to unistall n try again in a month's time.

Kirsten Lawrence

Great for a free game Enjoyable game, good mix of puzzles, solvable and plenty of hints, map would have been good to skip around but not a major issue, game saved my progress with no issues so maybe that's been fixed going by older reviews complaining about that. Can live with to pop up ads for a free game - they gotta pay the bills some how!

Gregory Foster

Not for me I have played other Alawar games. This must be an older one. No difficulty level adjustment so all objectives highlighted...too easy. Very difficult to get out of ad loop-had to exit game and get back in. Uninstalled after 20 minutes

Maria Gonzalez

Not good For every time you walk in a door, an advertisement pops up and doesn't have a close botton to it. It is an obligation to click on the ad. So you can press the back button and continue to play. I couldn't even continue to play for how annoyed I felt already. Its TRASH!

Amy Simpkin

End was annoying I really loved the game until the end when you have to get the relics to put in the tree... you have to put one in to show you where the next one is and its all the way on the other side of the map and having to navigate through all the scenes was frustrating this game could have greatly benefited from a fast travel map

tatiana tina

Love the game but... My only complain is that in the end you have to go back and forth which is unnecessary. A map would be better rather than that it's a great game and it is free :D ... Hopefully you will have a sequel because in the end of the game im curious what happen of the girl's arm. Thanks you so much alawar

angela herebia

Would have been a great game if it didn't have pop up adds every time you move from one scene to another. To make it worse you have click on the add and then go back to the game bc the add takes up the entire screen. No other way to clear the add

crop ololis

Unplayable So many ads and most of them i have to click on to get rid of them. So i am constantly between the store and the game.. terrible. I have an s6 edge and during the search parts some of the items are beyond the edge so i cant see the unless i use hint. G5 games are 1 million % better

CG Peterson

Warning NO save option I had to completely restart after exiting, there was no save option & it did not save progress. The game also froze and crashed. Unless u have no life & can play this game straight thru, don't bother! Very unhappy.

Karen Mathieson

Unplayable No way to exit ad pop ups without exiting game. Re-enter game and straight back to the ad! No chance to play even a decent sample before deciding whether to purchase a full version. I understand advertising on a free version, I really do, but a little common sense please!

Inna Ginzburg

Absolutely free Good game overall with interesting puzzles. The graphics could be better, as could the story line. However the biggest detractor from the game is the lack of a map. Having to spend Sri much time going from place to place isn't fun. With that in mind the game is free, so thanks for that!

Slimmy Slim

Like the big map but... There's no quick travel in between places and I know we play these to pass time but man, the end of the game puzzles are a complete waste of wasting time! Those 2 are the most ridiculous parts of this game. Otherwise enjoyed the story and puzzles. All the back traveling was a pain.

Evie Thomas

Flawed Lots of back and forth with slow loading between scenes. But a good game if you don't mind the waiting. Then you get to the picture where you have to place flowers. I got the access card stamped with 2 stamps, now the guide keeps sending me back to get more stamps, I have 6 now and it won't direct me on. I cannot find where to use the access card. The guide is flawed.

Jacjac Roberson

Natural Threat: Ominous Shores Good story line, great graphics and well hidden objects. But the try me game pop ups everytime you move from a location in the game is a bumer. Fix the alful number of pop ups or charge for the game.

Kristina Cooke

I can only assume... ...this is an older game from alawar. The constant back and forth without warps was a bit boring, especially at the end. I also would have liked to accumulate the last pieces as I went through the levels. It would have been intriguing not to know what those keys were until the end. That would have also eliminated the back and forth at the end. Otherwise, nice game. Nice graphics. Nice music. Cheers.

Tania Smith

Amazing! Fantastic graphics, story and puzzles. Help is available when needed with hints. I tend to get lost so pressing the hint button shows me where to go without actually using the hint. Very addictive and enjoyable. I'm going to find more like this!

Jan H

For free its ok Can be a bit boring going back an forth this much but the puzzles make you think an on one part stuck, you just have to slow up an really look. So it is an ok game and for free it is worth playing.

Kathryn Lever

Meh The game was good for the most part. My 2 biggest complaints are that you have to move through every scene regardless of whether or not there was a task to perform, it took a lot of unnecessary time. Also, it would never save my progress. Every time I exited the game, I had to start all over again, VERY annoying.

Julie Cochran

Great game but the ad pop-ups ruin it. I'm to the point of deletion and I know I'm almost done. Can't appreciate the beauty of the graphics with ads popping up every move you make

Kathy Eldred

Almost perfect game! Only thing that could have made this better was interactive map. Great mini games. Great story. Things to do made sense. 100% FREE!! A few ads in beginning but stopped about half way Thu. Overall excellent game!

Heather Furby

Great graphics, pretty challenging Not too difficult. Wish there was a map at the got tedious. And would be nice to not have so many automatic hints when clicking on pics. Overall great game.

Carole Bailey

Natural Threat I would love the game. But far to many adverts. Not all of them have an x so you can remove the advert. Im uninstalling the game for the reason. Please could you fix this problem.

Muriel McConnell

Muriel Quite a good long game. Would have givenit a higher rate, but every time you go to a new area a game pops up. Very frustrating

Kristine Keeling

Messed up version. The ads force you to click on them. Which is bearable because the game is fun. What is intolerable is that the game shuts down and resets itself after hours of play. Super disappointed.

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